GH Transcript Thursday 5/20/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/20/21


Episode #14705 ~ Brando comes to Sasha's defense. Laura supports Nikolas' plan. A small victory reconfirms Alexis' decision. TJ reconnects with his father. Dante calls Sam out on her actions.

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 Look familiar? Alexis. Yeah? You look happy. I got it -- my parole. I'm getting out on friday. No. Oh, my god. I'm so happy for you, maggie. My cousin even has a job interview lined up for me.

[ Gasps ] This is so good. All right. Listen to me. If you ever have any problems at all, I want you to -- to call your county employment liaison. You go through the -- the board of corrections. All right? Or -- or you go to the -- the department of -- never mind. We'll talk about that later. What I want to know is, what are you gonna do to celebrate your freedom on your first minute of walking out of this gate? I haven't thought about it yet. Why not? Because first I had to thank the person who made it possible. I appreciate you taking the time to visit. You appreciate me taking the time? Why so formal? Was I? [ Chuckles ] I didn't notice. I just know how busy you are these days. I'm never too busy to visit you. How you doing? Me? I'm -- ah, come on. I'd rather talk about you. Come on. Tell me everything that's new in your life. Well, I put in for a staff position at G.H. Mm. I'm sure they'll jump at the chance to have you. Here's hoping. Yeah. But first, I have to graduate. Graduate? Already? Wow. That's, uh, sooner than I planned. Planned what? Look, tj, I didn't tell you yet because I didn't want you to get your hopes up, but... I've decided to go for my parole. Thank you for coming right over. Yeah, you sounded upset, so we dropped everything. Laura, if this is strictly mother and son, I understand. No, no. It's good that you're here. Please come in. Thank you. Yeah. This, uh... this affects all of us, and we need to stick together. Your message said it was about cyrus. What did he do? He has told me that I have lost a brother and gained an enemy. Should I go out the back? No, I think it's better if he sees you here -- to confront this head-on.

[ Knock on door ] Perfect timing. We have a lot to discuss. Brando, what are you doing here? Brando is part of this. Apparently, you want to know who the father of my baby is. Fine. I'll tell you. Carly: Sasha's pregnant, and brando is the father. So tell me, gladys, how do you think cyrus is gonna react? Not well. And the only one who can save you and your son is me. Brando and sasha? That's impossible. My son has better taste than the face of deception. I don't know where you heard this lie, but -- I heard it from sasha herself. Don't tell me you believe her. I do. I do believe sasha. And you better hope that cyrus doesn't find out that sasha is pregnant with brando's baby. I mean, the best thing would be if cyrus doesn't find out that sasha's pregnant at all. Too late. Cyrus already knows.

Ah! This is a good-looking tire. Mm-hmm. Look at that. Plenty of tread. Ooh. Looks like it had some patchwork done. Mm-hmm. They did a really good job. I would take it for my car, but it wouldn't fit. I-I could actually use a spare. Mm. You're funny. See, the thing is, it's a perfect fit for my car, but you already know that, right, because you're the one who slashed it. Huh?! I slashed your tire?

Tires. There's another one just like it. Ooh. You know what they say about one slashed tire -- that's bad luck. But two... sabotage? Oh, no, no. I think the quote is called "carelessness." Oh, yeah. Yeah, see, the thing is, even with the worst kind of luck, it's impossible to flatten two tires on the same sharp object when the car is parked. No, you're right. That is really bad luck. Yeah. My advice to you -- don't go buying a lottery ticket. Mm. You know what? I don't need to.

[ Laughs ] You... come on. You're giving me a bill? Yeah, you're lucky all I'm getting you to do is pay for the damages. I could have you on obstruction of justice, hindering a police officer, aiding and abetting a fugitive. You know they all carry prison terms, right? You don't want to go back to jail, right? But don't take my word for it. Ask your mom. You know how happy I am for you, right? But, maggie, I didn't do anything. All I did was give you a few pointers on what to say to the parole board. You gave me a lot more than that. You gave me confidence. That was all on you. I was just a sounding board. I guess what I'm saying is, you -- you helped me find my voice. I... that means a lot to me, and I'm really glad that I could be there for you. I know this will sound selfish, so I hope you take it the right way. But if you had to get tossed in the slammer, I'm glad it was here, because if you hadn't, I might not be getting out. I'm sorry. That was way out of line. No. Not at all. Listen, if anyone's been selfish, it's me. Your "uncle cyrus" is drawing battle lines with him on one side and me and everyone I love on the other. Well, have actual shots being fired, or is he just making vague threats like the one he made against avery? Or the one he made against spencer during that disastrous family dinner? Which was the last straw for him. He knows that we created that dinner as a diversion so that carly could get jason out of G.H. He can't possibly hold us responsible for something car-- never mind. I-I forgot we're dealing with a psychopath here, not a reasonable human being. Yes, he is a psychopath with money and resources. And now the gloves are off. Well, we least that's one wedding invitation we won't have to send. Nikolas, you can't be glib about this. He has more of a reason to target you than anybody else. Because I'm your son? Because you're going behind his back to buy pentonville. It was a one-night stand, okay? One and done. Only not quite, since I got this dandy little souvenir. I wasn't asking about the circumstances. No, no, you sent your driver to ask. And if either of you lean on me for any more intimate, personal information, I'm calling the cops and filing a harassment complaint. That won't be necessary. Brando, wait for me in the lobby. Uh -- on second thought, I might be a while, so why don't you take the night off? What are you waiting for? Go.

[ Door closes ] You got your answer. Are you waiting for the gory details? Is it so impossible to believe that I might care about you? Yeah, it's completely impossible. You don't care about me. You don't care that I'm carrying a baby. All you care about is that it's not yours. Well, how could it be? You and i have never been intimate. No! But if I hadn't od'd on the drugs that you gave me, I would have slept with you to get more drugs. That's what you were counting on, right?

[ Sighs ] Who told cyrus that sasha was pregnant? It was a misunderstanding. I overheard sasha in the ladies' room. So you immediately went blabbing to cyrus? No, of course not.

[ Sighs ] I ran into lucy coe, and we couldn't help noticing the connection between mr. Renault and sasha. The way he looked at her. There was this spark. Of course there's a connection. He's a drug dealer, and she's a recovering addict. And she told me about the night sasha went back to his apartment. So, of course, it just -- it made sense. What did you do? I did what any polite, well-brought-up person would do. I congratulated cyrus on becoming a father. And you painted a target right on your son's back.

You know, you haven't been acting like someone who put their old life in the rearview mirror. Is that just what you tell people so you can really just do whatever the hell you want to? What, do you want details on my criminal activity? Yeah, sure. Then I don't have to go and dig it up detective-style. Confessions are good. Saves me some time. Okay, here you go. Exhibit A. This is called a book. Mm-hmm. One which I read to scout until she fell asleep. And then I let danny stay up and listen to the dodgers game. Ew. The dodgers? I-I-- yeah, I know. It's a family scandal, but danny bleeds dodger blue. Mm. So that's it. My confession. Cuff me. I'm confused. What does all that have to do with your activities yesterday afternoon? Everything, dante! This here, my children are my world. Are we clear? Yeah, crystal. You know, I never said you weren't an awesome mom. Great. At least I've got that going for me. So why would you risk all that by slashing my tires so jason can escape? The last time we spoke, you said the whole parole thing was a nonstarter. What changed? I guess I did. I just had to set my pride to the side first. And lucky for me, alexis helped me see that. Alexis? You've seen her? Yeah, she works in the library in the women's facility, and I have privileges there. How is she doing? Taking it in stride. Well, tell her molly and I send our love. I will. Sorry. I interrupted you. How did alexis help you?

[ Scoffs ] How else? She gave me a good swift kick to the backside. Yeah, I've been on the receiving end of one of those myself. Well, alexis convinced me I don't have to pay for a crime I didn't commit. So, cyrus knows about pentonville. He's aware of your plans, yes. He's still trying to protect alexis. Yes, I know. And as admirable as that is, I have to ask -- is that the only reason you want to buy this prison? Your aunt's relentless. It's one of her best qualities. Yeah, I figure if I do get out of here, I can do right by hayden -- nail the person who shot her and thought they got away with it. I am doing this to keep alexis safe and eliminate cyrus' threat. Go ahead. Tell me I'm making a huge mistake. Actually, I'm all for it. Yeah, I think this could be the best thing you ever do with that damn cassadine inheritance you have. I'll admit I haven't always shown my more compassionate side to you. You pawned me off on your driver when I od'd in your apartment, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you didn't want him to take me to the hospital, not with the harbor so close by.

[ Sighs ] The truth is, sasha, I'm -- I'm drawn to you. I didn't realize how much until -- until you found out that I had been with someone else. Just admit it, cyrus. You don't have feelings for me. You just want things that you can't have, like your family. You are a beautiful young woman with questionable judgment.

[ Laughs ] I don't want you to make the same sort of mistake you almost made with me with someone who's not worthy. What makes you think that he wasn't worthy? Oh, my god! Is that why you sicced brando on me? You think I slept with your driver? I had no idea my brando was the father of sasha's baby. In fact, I-I still -- I still don't believe it. You know how these models are with their designer friends and their designer drugs. She's not lying. She's not lying. If sasha says that brando's the father, then brando's the father. And cyrus, if he finds out... okay, you've made your point, carly. You don't need to beat it into the ground. I told you I saw the way mr. Renault looks at sasha. And if he finds out that brando, that his own driver...

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Quietly ] I could kill her... I'm sorry to drop by unannounced. Perfect timing. Look, I came over because I know you care about sasha, and she'S... ma. What are you doing here? Brando, tell me it's not true. Tell me carly made the whole thing up to manipulate me. Please tell me that sasha person isn't carrying your child.

Just out of curiosity, do you have any proof that I actually did something to impede your investigation? Yeah. Security footage from the gas station. No, you don't, because if you did, you would be here with a warrant, not an invoice for a repair. Yeah, but it was worth it to see the look on your face. Great. Now that you had your fun, take your tire and... and what? I don't care. Hang it from a tree and make a swing for -- for rocco out of it. Right. You know, you -- you really did do me a favor. Well, you're welcome, then. You know, I-I was pissed at what you did. I really was, but I realized I-I was on the right trail.

[ Sighs ] Great. Noted. So I was thinking, you know, "jason's hurt, wounded. You know, britt is with him voluntarily. So why not start searching for a location nearby that was tied to britt westbourne somehow?" And, sure enough, there's -- there's a cassadine property, a-a nature preserve, near the gas station. Mm-hmm. And it's got a barn. Mm. Guess what I found in the barn. In a barn? I don't know. Yeah. A cow? A chicken? A moo-moo here, a cluck-cluck there? Better, better. What? I found evidence that jason and britt were there. You know what I think? I'm dying to know what you think. You're bluffing. Because if there was a trail on jason and britt, you would be following it. Mm. Not here, haggling me over the price of a tire. See, the thing is, sam, i did follow that trail... all the way to the canadian border. Did you alert the canadian authorities? Yeah, that's procedure, right? Cbp said there was no sign of them so far, but they were gonna keep an eye out. And there it is. That's what I was looking for. What? That look. What? That look tells me everything I need to know. Okay, dante, I'm not gonna lie. I'm -- I'm not gonna pretend that I'm not happy that jason got away. But you, if you want to build an actual case, you should be looking for the real killer. H-here you go. I think that's what you were looking for. So I'd been to rehab before, and it didn't last. And I was very certain that rehab wouldn't have worked for me this time, either, and I knew that if I didn't make a change, if I didn't do something drastic, that I would never stop drinking. And all the rehab centers in all the world wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference, so... you know, in my pleading guilty, there was -- there was a lot of selfishness. How was that selfish? Because it wasn't just about me being accountable for my actions. I knew that this was the only place that I have any chance of drying out and staying that way. Whatever your reasons, I know I wouldn't be leaving this place if it weren't for you. Then we're even, maggie. Because by you letting me help you, you did something for me. Okay. Wait a minute. All this time you said you -- you were accepting the consequences of your actions. Because I thought I shot hayden barnes, but I didn'T. How did you find out? Hayden herself. But I figured I deserved to be punished anyway. I mean, I did fire a weapon, and someone did get hit, just not by me. I really wish you would have told me sooner. What could you have done? Gotten molly involved.

[ Sighs ] Actually, now might be the perfect time. Molly's working in the port charles D.A.'S office. We can take steps to uncover who really shot hayden. No, you can't, and you won'T. This is my battle. And I don't want you and molly caught in the middle. Why not? Whoever shot hayden thinks they got away with it, and I need it to stay that way. Word gets around you and molly are looking into it, they might want to stop you. Right. The first step is getting me out of here. After that, don't worry. I'll find out who it was, and I'll make sure that we trade places and they end up right here. So you -- you approve my efforts to privatize pentonville? If it were anyone else, I wouldn'T. But in addition to being able to keep alexis safe, you can also use this as an opportunity to make a contribution to the community as a whole. Well, then it's no wonder cyrus is against it, right? Privatizing pentonville doesn't just have to be about money. It could be about treating the inmates more humanely. You know? You could be a leader in prison reform. And if that earns respect for the cassadine name, that's quite a legacy to leave spencer. Well, yeah, who knew? I'm an altruist. I knew. I didn't, but I like it. Now, listen. This will put you on a collision course with cyrus. Are you prepared to deal with that? You think I got it on with your chauffeur? No wonder you're so defensive.

Did you? As his employer, I may have the right to know. I know that you were away for a long time, but in this millennium, no employer has the right to pry into their employee's private life. It's about far more than that, and you know it. You just can't wrap your head around the idea that I chose someone who wasn't you. You want to know the truth, cyrus? Okay, here it is. I had broken up with michael, and I needed a lift, if you know what I mean. And there he was, mr. Nobody. The right man at the right time. So I fell into bed with him. And just my luck, one time was the charm. You still haven't said who he was. Patience, mr. Renault. I'm saving the best for last. Sasha told me about the baby in confidence, but your mother, the human megaphone, overheard sasha talking about it and went to cyrus to congratulate him on being a father. I swear, brando, I had no idea the baby was yours. How could I? You told me you didn't want kids, that you were careful. In fact, what were you thinking? That's really none of your business. I'm sure that gilmore girl preyed on your weaknesses and that before you knew it -- ma, that is not what happened. Sasha is smart, okay? Not too smart to avoid getting knocked up. Oh, and brave enough to face down cyrus. When he demanded she tell him who the father of the baby is, she didn't give me up, and she never would. Brando. Brando. Cyrus is gonna find out sooner or later that you're the baby's father. And then brando's a goner. And it'll be all my fault.

Yeah, I think we have a disconnect here, sam. You assume that I think jason's guilty. I don'T. I don'T. In fact, with all due respect to the commissioner and her investigators, the odds of jason dumping the murder weapon down the garbage chute in the building where the victim's body was discovered are virtually nonexistent. I know. Add to that the fact that the only eyewitness is Sonny's perpetually resentful cousin, gladys, it's obvious jason was being framed. Then why are you hunting him? You just admitted that you think he's innocent. He's innocent of murdering franco. He's guilty of escaping and all the charges that attach. I'm on the force full time. I don't get to pick and choose what assignments I take. I was ordered to find jason, and that's what I'm gonna do. Good luck with that. I sense you, uh... don't believe that I will have success in finding him. Oh, no. I hear you're an excellent detective. Mm. Yeah, right. Not excellent enough to stop you from slashing my tires. Come on, we're back to that? Almost. I just, uh, wanted to thank you again. For what? I wouldn't be walking around free, let alone carrying this badge if you hadn't stopped me from killing peter and getting me the therapy with kevin. Wow. I am deeply grateful. I...can't believe you actually have a heart. And for what it's worth, I know you would have done the same thing for me. Yeah, I would. Any idea who actually shot hayden barnes?

[ Sighs ] I've given it a lot of thought over the years. You get plenty of time to think in here. And? So far, I've drawn a blank. But if alexis can find a way to get me out of here, I'll be in a better position to figure it out and settle the score. Settle the score how? Don't worry. I'm not looking to get any vengeance. I'll leave justice to the law. I've got way too much to live for. Starting with that graduation.

[ Chuckles ] Promise you'll save me a seat? I I say if somebody has to draw a line in the sand, let it be a cassadine. Oh, make that two cassadines. You're not gonna have to face cyrus alone. No. We are all in this together because I'm sure that he's going to try to find a way to get back at us for what we did with the family dinner at wyndemere, using it as a decoy to help jason get away. Oh, laura, you know, something else happened that night. Sources tell me that cyrus ended up on the losing end of a meeting of the five families. That's what happened? He did mention something about carly trying to pull some sort of a power play? Oh, no, she did more than that. From what I hear, she really handed him his ass. I wish I could have been there to see it. I referred to him as mr. Nobody because I don't know his name. We agreed up front -- no names, no sob stories, no excuses. He wanted what I wanted, and vice versa. So he has no idea you're expecting? How? I don't even have his phone number. What can I say? He had a great body and looked good in the dark. And what if I told you I only want to know his name so I can make sure he lives up to his responsibilities? I would say you are not my father, this is not the 1950s, and no one is responsible for my baby but me. Well, for once, gladys, you speak the truth -- your big mouth could get brando killed. Good god. Of course, there is one person who can stop cyrus. Who's that? Your mother.

[ Sighs ] All right, you win. How can I protect my boy? The only way to ensure brando's safety is to make sure that cyrus is no longer a threat, and that means putting him back in prison, where he belongs. Prison? H-how's my mother supposed to swing that? By getting her to recant her statement, confessing that cyrus paid you to lie about who and what you saw the night franco was murdered.

Okay, now that we got that settled, how much do I owe you? It's -- it's not just a matter of money. If you had pulled that crap with another cop, you'd be in a holding cell right now, and you know it. So you think I took advantage of our prior relationship? Well, now that you mention it... okay, well, if you feel duty-bound to arrest me, go ahead and do it. Um, just know that you're gonna have to probably read scout books every night to get her to sleep. And...I'll probably be cellmates with my mom. Mm. I actually like reading, but it would probably be, you know, monica, 'cause your kids would at the q'S. Or it would be my mother, and she'd be shooting daggers at me while she did it the entire time for putting you away. Well...go, olivia. Bottom line is, I'm willing to call it quits if you stay out of my way. And if you pay for the tires. I wi-- obviously, I will pay for the tires, but I don't have that kind of cash in the house. So will you take a check? Yeah. Yeah. If it bounces, I know where to find you. Ah. What can I do for you, inmate? Interest you in another book or maybe a periodical? Well, I have all the reading material I need. Thanks. But, uh, there is something you can do for me. Name it. Um... I just got a visit from tj. Oh. How are they? How's -- how's molly and tj? Oh, they're great. Molly just graduated from law school. She's just started her job with the D.A. Excellent. And tj's about to graduate from med school. And I told him I'd do my best to be there. Okay. Yeah. You know what he said to me? He called me dad.

[ Chuckles ] So, um...I'm gonna take you up on that offer to get me out of here. Well, I can't say that I'm thrilled to hear that carly has decided to take over Sonny's organization, but I guess with jason being unAvailable, she will do anything she can to protect the family. Let's show cyrus how solid our family is. Let's throw a great wedding. Oh, as much as I love the sentiment, a family fete isn't exactly gonna stop cyrus in his tracks. Well, it'll show him that we have something that he covets but he will never possess. Well, I'm all for symbolic gestures, but we need an actual plan. Have you ever considered that I might want to be part of your life and I might want you to be part of mine? Not for a second. A man can only have so much money, so much real estate, so much... power? Isn't that why you're so desperate to find out who the father of my baby is? Because as long as he remains a mystery, he has power over you. The man who did what you couldn't, the man who got what you couldn't get. Let me tell you about mr. Nobody. He was young, he was great in bed, and he put a new life inside me. In short, he was the opposite of you. We'll talk again, ms. Gilmore. Let's not, mr. Renault. I told the police the truth. Oh, my god. Mom, stop. Just stop. Okay? We all know that jason didn't kill franco. We know he got there after franco was shot. So there is no way that you saw him getting rid of the gun. But i did see it! No, you didn't! You're lying! You made the whole thing up. And the only reason you would do that is because someone paid you to do it. And we all know that someone is cyrus. You want to save brando from cyrus? You tell the truth before it's too late.

We done here? You know, next time you get the urge to go rogue, you should remember you -- you might not get a cop as nice or handsome and charming as I am. There might actually be consequences.

[ Chuckles ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Aren't you forgetting something? Oh, no, that's yours. You paid for it. Enjoy it. No, I don't want it. Here, you take it. See you never, sam. Ah! You are such a wise guy.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Chuckles ] Let me guess. You have more stupid questions for me. Where do we start? From the beginning. All right, now, remember, this parole hearing is not about innocence or guilt -- it's about two things, right? The first thing is your progress inside the wall. The second thing -- and this is important -- they want to see remorse for the crime that you committed, because that way they can trust that you won't do it again when they let you out. So you said that -- I can't in good conscience express remorse for a crime I didn't commit.

[ Sighs, clears throat ] All right. You pled guilty for a crime that you didn't commit. But what about the crime that you did commit? Do you have remorse for that? For pulling the trigger? Yes. For botching the job and not hitting my target? No, I'm glad I missed. Mm. All right, let's look at it this way. What were the circumstances leading up to hayden barnes' shooting? Then we'll see where that takes us. I mean, I'm not just gonna sit by and let cyrus threaten my family. If he wants a war... no, I did not ask you here for a war council. I'm still the mayor. I am committed to fighting cyrus with every legal means at my disposal. Well, nikolas and I, though, we're not exactly model citizens.

[ Breathes deeply ] I didn't hear that. But you're saying, though, that you would prefer it if we didn't do anything outside the rule of law. Yes. Or -- or you're just saying you don't want to know about it, right, if we do. Plausible deniability is most definitely something that we can work with. We might -- we might need to, you know, just to defend ourselves or our family. By the way, mother, that definitely includes you.

[ Sighs ] If the three of us, if we present a united front, and carly continues to hold up the corinthos side of things, well, I think that cyrus is gonna find himself very isolated. A man on an island, so to speak. That could end up being the worst-case scenario. It could make him so desperate that he becomes even more dangerous.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ] Dodged a bullet tonight, didn't you, gilmore? But only for the moment. Let's be real. No amount of avoiding is gonna stop cyrus. And he can't find out about brando. So I'll just have to stay one step ahead of him. I would do anything for brando, I swear. Then why do I sense a "but" coming? If I make an enemy out of cyrus renault, he'll take it out on both of us -- mother and son. There's got to be a better way. Brando, you work for the man. You know what he's capable of. Tell her. Sonny trusted you. So do I. What do we do? Get gladys to recant her statement and implicate cyrus. Once gladys is on record with the police, cyrus will be powerless to stop the investigation, and he will be on his way back to pentonville in no time.

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