GH Transcript Wednesday 5/19/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/19/21


Episode #14704 ~ Carly arranges a meeting with Gladys. Sonny is sympathetic. Sasha sees her circumstances as a second chance. Cyrus lets Laura know where they stand. Finn worries about Chase's well-being.

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 I'm checking myself out. Against medical advice? If that's what it takes. You can't just leave. Watch me. Your life depends on it. You want to talk about my life? Yes. Okay. Okay. This isn't it. I want out of this bed, out of this room, out of this building -- today. Believe me, chase, I know how you feel -- I don't think you know how I feel. But I will show up for treatments whenever you want me to. I cannot fight this illness here. I just -- I-I can'T. Not without going crazy. You know what? This is ridiculous. What is? Us being here. We could get caught.

[ Groans lightly ] We're not gonna get caught. Our fake ids could get flagged. I mean, hello, jason, you are a fugitive. It's not worth it. In fact, this is the dumbest thing we could do. Come on. Hey, hey. If you're leaving to protect me, don'T. I'm not worried. Do you even know how to worry? But if you're leaving because you don't want to know what's going on with you, then that's your right and we can go.

[ Dramatic music plays ] What do you want? Just a little familial catch-up. I haven't seen you since that unfortunate dinner at wyndemere. Can you fault me for missing my sister? I'm not doing this with you. I'm not. You'll appreciate what I've come to tell you, laura. Okay. Five minutes. And then I call the police. Brando. What are you doing here? Is it true? Are you pregnant? What? Uh -- how did you even hear that? From cyrus. Who heard it from my mother, apparently. So, are you? B-brando, look, I -- we slept together. And ever since, you've been avoiding me, putting me off. So I'm asking you to tell me the truth. Are you pregnant with my child? Thanks for coming by on such short notice. You didn't give me much of a choice. No, I didn'T.

[ Door closes ] You gonna tell me what I'm doing here, or do I have to guess? Turns out we have a problem in front of us. And we can solve it two ways. Now, we can go the pleasant route or the unpleasant route. Which works for you?

[ Exhales deeply ] Hey, man, what the hell? How about that? I come looking for answers, and what do I find? Thing is, what am i gonna do with you?! Mike! Mike, please, wait.

You don't want to get your uniform dirty? You like working here? No, I mean, I don't have any other option. Everything else is closed. Decent pay?

[ Scoffs ] I guess. It depends what you call decent. Yeah, a man's gotta -- gotta do anything he can, right? To earn extra cash. No matter how it comes. I don't know what you're talking -- I'm just trying to connect the dots! Now, why would a guy like you want to hold up the tan-o? Hey, I think you got me confused with somebody else, guy. No, I don't, walter! I know exactly who you are. Come on in. Clearly, he's not listening to me. Maybe you two will have better luck. You're the one who's not listening, Finn. You think I like this? Think I like seeing you in a hospital? I hate every second of it. You know, m-maybe there's a compromise to be had, right? I mean, chase said that he'd come in for treatments. Maybe a -- a monitoring system, daily checkups. Excellent idea. That won't work. Chase is in constant danger of relapse. Hence the check-ins. What if you're unconscious on the floor during those check-ins? Or what if your checkup is in the morning and everything seems fine, but 30 minutes later, you're home and having a seizure? You're just gonna have to be patient with us. You keep saying that. Because that's the reality right now. Okay, are you any closer to figuring out what's wrong with me? Hm? That's what I thought. You can't keep me here like some experiment in a lab. It is sucking the life out of me. I am doing everything in my power to help you. If I could trade places with you right now, I would do it in a heartbeat. I can'T. What is this, the riddle portion of our visit? No riddle. I gave you two options -- pleasant or unpleasant. Okay. I'll play. Let's go with door number one. Great. Good option. I don't know why I'm having to listen to any of this, though. Because I'm about to make you an offer you'd be an idiot to pass up.

[ Laughing ] Such a sweet talker. Look, it's no secret that I want you out of port charles and out of my life. No, you've made that crystal clear. Then consider me a fairy godmother of sorts. I'm willing to set you up in bridgeport in a coffee shop, stationery store -- whatever floats your boat. And I'll subsidize it. You're not serious. I'm very serious. I -- well -- and before you say no... you need to really think about it. If it was you, what would you do? Would you find out if you had the marker for huntington's or would you just... let it be?

[ Sighs ] Before kids, I-I wouldn't want to know. Really? Yeah. I would just go on with my life as normal, and if one day I started to have symptoms, I would just -- I would just deal with it. But now that I'm a dad, I feel like I'd owe it to my kids to find out. Because you could pass it on to them. Yeah. And so, you know, I could monitor myself, and... when it starts to set in, I could make my next decision with my kids in mind. So, pre-children, you could handle the not knowing, every time your hand shook a little, wondering, "is it or isn't it?" You could really live like that? Yeah, I think I could.

[ Sighing ] I don't -- I don't think I can.

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Chuckles ] Uh, are you waiting for me to offer you coffee or a tea? Oh, I'd be waiting a long time. Yeah. It's not gonna happen. Well, at least you're consistent in your rejection. Were you expecting something different? No. Not anymore. Then why are you here, cyrus? Yeah, it -- it was a painful lesson, but if that evening at wyndemere taught me anything, it's that a congenial relationship with you isn't in the cards. Good, then we're on the same page. Finally. Can you imagine the hurt I felt arriving for a family dinner in good faith, only to learn that neither you nor your son did the same? It was all a ruse to keep me occupied so carly corinthos could make a power play and step into Sonny's shoes. It is not in my nature to play games, laura. I thought you knew that about me. When I was asked to be dev's father... you know the first thing that popped into my head? "I'm not a dad." And I knew that because I was always careful. I never wanted to bring a kid into this world and not do right by him or her. When we were together, sasha, I wasn't thinking about anything other than just you and me. Because you're incredible, for a million and one different reasons, but... if we did this, if you are pregnant with my child, I want you to tell me. Please, I need to know. Yes. The baby is yours.

[ Exhales sharply ]

You clearly crave something that you're incapable of attaining -- to be welcomed into my family. 'Cause all I have to do is look at my unconscious daughter to know what family really means to you. You know I hate what happened to lulu. And that may be true. But I also know that you're responsible. So, no, you're never gonna know the love that I share with my children. So you've said. Over and over! Congratulations. You'll never have to say it again. Let me tell you how this is gonna work out. Hey. Hey, Mike. Please. You don't have to do this. I want to. Hey, man. Okay. Take -- take your phone out. Okay. Save this number -- 2-6-7... 5-5-5-0-1-6-8. 0-1-6-8. Let me see it. Okay. Got it right. Next time you get into any kind of trouble or need some cash, call me. I'll help you out. Ever since my mother told me that faison had the disease and that he could have passed it down to me, I've basically been living in a prison of fear. I get it. I actually went to get tested once. In the beginning. But we can just call that a big old u-turn. I, uh...

[ Chuckles ] I walked into the doctor's office and right out. You weren't ready. I couldn't stand to know. So I-I tried to put it behind me and focus on anything and everything else, and... it worked for a while. And then the fear started to creep back in more and more until it eventually just... took over my life. That active work of... trying to push it away and not think about it, it's become all I do. And I know it's only gonna get worse until my life becomes this one big tangled ball of uncertainty. So, you want to know?

[ Exhales forcefully ] I mean... it makes sense, doesn't it?

[ Sighs ] If I find out and I don't have huntington's, then I'm free. And if it is?

[ Exhales deeply ] Uh, that would be really awful. But then I at least can come up with a plan. Carly: You'd get to go home to connecticut and have a nice, comfortable life, one you could never have before because you couldn't afford it. Now, think about it, gladys. No more worrying about bills, whining about your car, or waiting tables to make ends meet. You'd be in control. You'd have a nice, functioning business of your choosing. Hell, if you even stumbled upon a house that you like, I would co-sign the mortgage. Within reason. But only if I get out of dodge. Exactly. No. I'm not going anywhere. Gladys. My son is here, brando -- my pride and joy. And you know what? I got friends here. Like cyrus renault. Among others. You are not running me out of port charles, ms. High-and-mighty. Okay. Okay? Yeah. What I'm hearing is that you're turning down my offer.

[ Scoffs ] Which is fine. Just means we do this the unpleasant way. Wow, this... big news, huh? Yeah. Kind of the biggest. Um... l-look, I-I don't -- I don't want to tell you what to do or shove myself in your business or anything. But at the same time, I'd like to support you, sasha. A-and I'd be really happy if I can have a place in my kid's life. So, um... this completely blindsided me. Just like you, I wasn't thinking about anything other than us that night.

[ Inhales deeply ] I should have been more careful. We both should have. I'm the one who told you I was on birth control. And I was, but I hadn't been consistent, and I knew that. So, I don't know exactly how this is gonna play out, but I get what you're saying about wanting to be involved, and I'm totally open to that. Thanks. Um. Because even though this is the last thing I expected, I'M... really glad this happened.

[ Chuckles ] Chase: I-I'm sorry. I know how hard you work, and I-I didn't mean to lash out. It's not like it's your fault that I'm sick. I'm just -- I'm going a little crazy here. Okay? And I don't know how much longer I can take it. As long as it takes. That's easy for you to say. None of this is easy. Alright? But it's the way it has to be. I have options. Yeah. They're options that will get you killed. Well... don't say that, chase. Finn: Listen, I -- I don't know why you would take this risk of having a seizure where you could fall and crack your head. Because living like this isn't living. How do you not see that? I'm doing everything I can. I can't -- I can't just let you go home alone. What if, um... what if chase comes home with me? How great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? I mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what?

What? Yeah, I can't let you do that, michael. No, no, no. I offered, alright? And it's not like we don't have the space. You know, we have at least, what, 10 empty bedrooms, even with everybody staying there. We have a full staff of housekeepers. And, look, you -- you'd have your own privacy and still someone there to knock on the door to check on you, and, well, my grandmother is a-a doctor. One of the best. Yeah. And plus, we have some pretty awesome neighbors. Right down the driveway, in fact. A mom and her little boy. He's a really cute. I think you might like him. Look, it's a -- it's a win-win, chase. Right, uh, willow won't be terrified for you, and you two get to see each other whenever you want. Yeah. What do you say? You seem to be confusing yourself with Sonny.

[ Chuckles ] Now, I may have been afraid of my cousin, but I'm not afraid of his greedy, grasping wife. And even if he was still here, it wouldn't matter, because I'm friends with someone just as powerful, if not more so. Right. You're cyrus-worshiping again. Ugh! Cyrus likes me. He respects me. And he views me as someone he can do business with. Business? Is that what we're calling it? And he likes my son. Cyrus gave brando a job when you people kicked him to the curb. Do you love your son, gladys? Don't you dare question my love for brando. I'm gonna take that as a yes. Of course I love him. I sincerely hope you do. 'Cause you're about three breaths from getting brando killed. You for real, man? If you ever find yourself in a jam or your friend comes back, the one who sent you to the tan-o -- what's his name? I don't know. He never said. Oh! Listen. Is this him? Yeah, that's the guy. Alright, if he comes back around, sniffing around, wanting, you know, a favor or something, it's better that I handle him than you. Yeah, okay. I'm glad I ran into you. Just remember what I said, and... everything's gonna work out fine. Can I go now? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get back to work.

[ Sighs ] What? No, nothing. Nothing. It's just, um... I'm so impressed. Next time elijah calls with dirty work for walter, he... he'll come straight to me. Yeah. It's brilliant. You're brilliant! Thanks. You're welcome.

[ Door opens ] Hello. Hi. I'm dr. Gannon. Nice to meet you. If you wouldn't mind waiting outside while I talk to your wife. Um... I would... like my husband to stay, if that's okay. Of course. So, what's going on? I have been having tremors in my right hand, accompanied by pain and weakness. And when did the tremors start?

[ Inhales deeply ] About five months ago. They started out sporadic but have become more and more frequent. Any underlying medical conditions? Possibly. Um, my father had huntington's disease. And up until now, I've elected not to get tested for it. I see. So you don't know if you have the marker. Mnh-mnh. Do you want to know?

[ Chuckling ] That, doctor, is the question of the day. (Vo) do you push through migraine? (Daughter) mom, a re you ok to play? (Jessica) absolutely. (Vo) imagine if you could prevent a migr aine day... ...before it happens. Take emgality once a month to help... ...prevent migraine days. It cut the number of monthly migraine days by 50% or more for some people. Don't use if allergic to emgality. Allergic reactions, such as itching, rash, hives, and trouble breathing can occur even days after using. Common side effects include injection site reactions. Ask your doctor about emgality today. I've got nothing to eat. Nothing? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

[ Baby cries ] Hold on, I can do something.

 I can't believe you'd let me move in with you. Yeah? Why not? Are you sure everyone would be okay with that? Well, the only person's opinion who matters is my grandmother'S. And given the circumstances, I'm sure she'll agree that this is the best option. I mean, hell, she's letting valentin live with us while we're waiting for brook lynn's baby to be born. So, uh, yeah, you're a major step up.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. I don't want to go against medical advice, so... I'd have to check with my doctor. Oh, really? I mean, you were pretty prepared to go A.M.A. A minute ago. Eh, things change. Mm. I'll tell you what. If dr. Quartermaine is willing to sign off on this, then... so am I. Alright, I'll give her a call right now. Yeah. Let's use my office. I'd like to talk to monica myself.

[ Door closes ] You know, michael stepping up like that after everything that happened... he's truly one of the good ones, isn't he? Yeah. Michael is... remarkable. Okay. Well, let's start with the actual thing that you do have. We'll run a battery of tests on your hand, see what comes up. Then we can decide whether or not you want to be tested for huntington'S. Sound good? Come with me. We'll get you x-rayed. It's okay. I'll be here. Let's review who you've gotten into bed with. Shall we? Cyrus renault is a drug-pushing murderer.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, like Sonny never killed anyone! At least cyrus values my opinion. He's using you, gladys! It's clear as day. He winds you up with a compliment or a glass of wine and off you go regurgitating anything he tells you to say. That's not true. He's a despicable human being, and when he doesn't get what he wants, he resorts to blackmail. Certainly not blackmailing me. No, because he prefers to do that to your son. Do you really think brando works for cyrus because he wants to? He's so far under cyrus' thumb, he's basically a hostage. Because you told cyrus about dev. That's how it works, gladys. Cyrus doesn't trust you with his secrets. He thinks he has leverage over you. Cyrus renault doesn't trust anyone.

[ Chuckles lightly ] I -- I guess we have some things to figure out. I guess we do. First on the list, we need to decide how to protect you from cyrus. Screw cyrus. Screw cyrus. You -- you know he sent me here to sniff out the father? Then he must already suspect that it's you. No, I-I'm done. I'm -- I'm done with his bullying and his threats, all of it. I'm just, I'M... I'm gonna -- I'm gonna quit my job and let the chips fall. I have allies, you know. You think I'm crazy? No. But I... I want you to take a breath, hear me out, and then let me know what you think. Things are about to change. Oh? You've made clear there will be no familial relationship between us, so your children no longer get my protection.

[ Laughs ] Right! Is that what you did for lulu, offer her protection? I'm referring to nikolas. I'll deal with his interference the same way I would any stranger who gets in my way. Are you threatening me? No. I'm not threatening. It's a promise. If nikolas continues his plans to privatize pentonville, I'll have no choice but to... stop him.

[ Chuckles ] Careful what you wish for, laura. You didn't want me for a brother. Now you have me as an enemy.

Stop trying to scare me. You should be scared. You should be very scared because your lie is gonna fall apart.

[ Sighs ] What lie? Are you kidding me, gladys? Jason didn't kill franco. I saw him with -- no, no, no. You saw what cyrus paid you to see. And when the truth comes out and jason goes free, because he will, you're not only gonna be left holding the bag, you're gonna be facing perjury charges. What do you think happens in cyrus' world when someone goes from being an asset to a liability? He will kill you without a second thought. Not to mention he's got a really good reason to kill your kid. You're just jealous because cyrus is good to my boy. Not for long. And I got one name for you -- sasha gilmore. I was in a really messed up place when I met cyrus. We were about to have a flat-out transactional relationship. Sex for drugs. And knowing that about myself, that I could stoop that low, it was horrible. But it wasn't gonna stop me. I would have slept with cyrus that night. And I would have hated myself for it, and it probably would have killed me in the end. Th-that heart attack ended up saving your life. So did the guy who brought me to the hospital. So, that's how I see it, right? A tragic fate that I narrowly avoided. Cyrus? In his view, I was the perfect trophy. His property. You think he's willing to let that property go? To share it? To allow it to have its own choices? No. You're right. Cyrus thinks you're his property. So when he finds out that young, strong, sexy brando knocked me up when he couldn't even get me into bed, what do you think cyrus is gonna do? Be honest. He's gonna try and take me out.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Yes? Cyrus renault is here to see me? Send him in.

[ Receiver clatters ] Willow: Michael. Hey. What did monica say? Well, she's on board, just like I knew she would be. She, uh, actually even offered to speak to housekeeping about a late-night check-in when everyone else is asleep. I don't know what to say.

[ Sighs ] Because he would have done it. He would have gone and lived alone. Yeah, I know. I know he would have. So, this is obviously what's best. And I am so grateful. But it's going to be hard, michael. Everyone at the house will think chase and I are together. Yeah, well, you know... we can handle it. I'm glad one of us is confident. A lot of times, the, uh... the right thing to do is hard. And this is the right thing to do. I mean, chase, he's A... a major, important piece of your life. He's my friend, you know, and... we owe him. What he and sasha did definitely tipped the scales at the custody hearing. Without them, we might not have wiley. Yeah. Chase -- he made a huge sacrifice for us. And now it's our turn to make a sacrifice for him. You had me scared for a minute there, Mike. I-I thought that you were really gonna hurt that guy. Why would you think that? Well, it's completely understandable that you'd be angry at someone who robbed phyllis and lenny. It takes somebody down on their luck to, you know, pull out a gun on -- on a stranger, especially if that stranger hasn't done anything. Yeah. That's a good point. I mean, there's bad people. Don't get me wrong. But most people... they're desperate. Yeah, they're in bad situations making bad choices. I mean, if that hiker hadn't found me in the woods, then, you know, I mean... and taken me to the clinic, I wouldn't have met phyllis and she wouldn't have taken me in. Yeah, and you could have ended up a lot like walter. It's possible. It's best that he knows he can... he can turn to somebody. Couldn't agree more. Hey. H-how -- how'd it go? They did an x-ray, an mri, and an electromyography nerve-conduction study. It's a-a test that uses small needles and a light current to test the nerves of the hand. Okay. You know what's ridiculous? I could have ordered all these tests on myself. But if they would have led to where I was scared of them leading... you didn't want anybody at G.H. To know. Least of all cyrus. Okay, so, where -- where did the tests lead? I have postural tremors. W-what does that mean? Basically, I'm stressed and need to take better care of myself. So, there's a reason for the tremors. There's a reason for the tremors. Well, that's -- that's got to be a relief, right? Yes... and no. Nope nope c'mon him? Oo, I like him!

So, I spoke to monica at length, and, um... she's on board. Do you think I'm making a mistake, imposing on their family like this? Mm, I don't think michael would have offered if they couldn't handle it. Monica's good people. She's helped me a few times and... selfishly, I feel a little better about this knowing there's a doctor in the house in case something goes wrong. Typical. Making it all about you.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, it's a good compromise. While I continue to try to find a cure for you, you'll have someone to monitor you in case you need it, and, um... well, I guess you get some time with willow outside the hospital. Let me tell you, I can't get her alone soon enough. Willow: This won't be forever. Once chase is well and strong... mm-hmm. ...We will tell him the truth. Yes, now -- now is not the time. Now we -- we treat our friend with, uh... kindness and dignity. Chase is so lucky to have you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I wouldn't, uh, nominate me for sainthood just yet. It's -- it's one room in a huge house. It's the least I can do. Can I tell you something? Yeah. Anything. As hard as this is, it would be so much harder if I wasn't going through it with you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Yeah, nikolas, hi. It's me -- mom. I just had a visit from cyrus.

[ Inhales shakily ] I need to see you as soon as possible.

[ Exhales deeply ] Sasha was in a really bad place, and cyrus was hitting on her big-time. Cyrus loved having that young, flashy trophy on his arm. And he got her hooked on drugs, and she od'D. Not cyrus' fault. No. But do you know what his solution was when sasha collapsed? For brando to get rid of the body. Yeah, that's right. Just get rid of the problem altogether. But your son couldn't do that. He took sasha to the hospital and saved her life. That's my boy. Yeah. Sasha's pregnant. Brando's the father. How do you think cyrus is gonna react? Not well. So the only person who can save you and your son... is me. Should I go out the back? No. I think it's better if he sees you here to confront this head-on.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Perfect timing. We have a lot to discuss. I never really gave it much thought before, how people's earlier choices restrict their later ones. What do you mean? It's just, you know... how people get so caught up in their quest for power, their drive to succeed, to protect what's theirs, they almost -- I don't know, they train themselves out of the kinder impulse that -- that they could have in a situation. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah? You can? Yeah. I mean, it's kind of weird. I don't -- I don't -- I don't know who I was before, and I know that's not the ideal thing.

[ Chuckles ] That's a good way of putting it. But there's something liberating about it that I can... I can feel free to help lenny and phyllis, and I don't have to think that I need to beat the hell out of somebody. I can -- I can kind of just look at things from their perspective. Yeah, you have no outside forces, Mike, no personal history forcing you to react in a certain way. Yeah. You... you are free. Yeah, I mean, eh... um, maybe -- maybe what happened to me is a blessing in disguise. Maybe... I mean, not that I want to... you know, I don't want to have money and I don't want to do this and I don't want to -- you know. No memory, it's not what I would have chosen.

[ Chuckling ] No. But you know what? I don't regret it... for one second. I mean, yes, obviously, knowing it's postural tremors means that the possibility that I don't have huntington's is still out there.

[ Sighing ] But so is the fear. Just as suffocating, just as real. Oh, god! Do you see how paralyzing this is, how I double-think everything in terms of if I have the disease or not?

[ Sighs ] You said if you didn't have kids, you wouldn't want to know. That's right. I don't have kids. Well, we're completely different people with completely different lives. I know. But for some reason, it's really important for me to understand. Why wouldn't you want to know?

[ Sighs ] Look, I just -- I don't make decisions based on -- on what-ifs. Actually, I'm really -- I'm really bad at what-if. So I guess, I-I don't know, if my kids weren't in the equation, I... I would just want to live for as long as I could, fully as I could. And then, you know, whatever happened, happened. But that's -- that's me. That's not everybody. I wish I was like that. Britt. Hm? If not knowing suffocates you... you should know.

[ Knocking ] Have we made any decisions?

[ Inhales deeply ] I would like to get tested for huntington's.

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