GH Transcript Tuesday 5/18/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/18/21


Episode #14703 ~ Britt anticipates a fight. Carly confides in Diane. Sonny makes a connection. Olivia is met by an unwanted house guest. Anna receives devastating news.

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[ Engine shuts off ] Alright, this is the place. First stop on elijah's list of real-estate acquisitions, corinth strip mall, pennsylvania. Yeah, and this is, like, the opposite of local charm. The words "boring" and "mundane" spring to mind. You know what springs to my mind? Corruption. Come in, come in. Thank you for coming so fast. Of course. And before you ask, of course, this is billable. I'm delighted to hear it. So which of the myriad situations that you are handling will we be discussing today? Jason. I think I found a way to bring him home. Britt: How was your walkabout? Perimeter is clear. Well, you were right about this place. It certainly is isolated. What do you got there? We are in luck. Yeah? Only the seven of diamonds is missing. We can work with that. How are you feeling? I should probably check your stitches and change your bandage. You know what? I'm gonna -- I'm gonna wash up first. Okay. I'll be here. Who you calling? Peter: Hey. I was so happy to get your message that you wanted to see me. I did ask you to call but never mind... because you're here now.

[ Chuckles ] How are you feeling? How's our little louise? We had a rough night, but that's part of why I wanted to speak with you. Are you having contractions again? Do we need to go to the hospital? No. No, no, no, no. Nothing like that. But I do need to leave town. Hi, robert, it's -- it's me. Um...

[ Sighs ] I need to talk to you. Okay, I'm at the hospital right now, and I can meet you in about 20 minutes or something. But, um, please call me back. I-it's important. Finn: ...Working around the clock to devise a protocol to make it safe for you to return back home. Chase: When? Give me a timetable. I want out of this hospital. I know. I know you do. But you just had a major setback. We can't just let you walk out the door. Okay, let's talk about the setback. Mm. Hell, let's talk about my mystery condition. What aren't you telling me?

[ Monitor beeping ] Morning. Hmm. What's got you so absorbed? Huh? Hi. Um, I was just researching chase's symptoms

[Sighs] Which sounds ridiculous. I know. If Finn can't figure out what's wrong with chase, my google search isn't going to do much good. I just... can't believe there's no diagnosis after all this time. And you think Finn isn't telling chase everything he knows about his condition. Morning, daddy! Everyone still alive after valentin's first night here? Well, I just got up. No signs of bloodshed yet. Probably the calm before the storm.

[ Woman screams ] Get out!

What is Finn is withholding information for what he thinks is chase's own good? What, like we are? Exactly. And I-I'm in no position to criticize, but at the same time, I know chase would rather have the truth. Okay, what if we, uh -- we ask Finn straight out, is chase's condition worse than he's saying? Or would that violate confidentiality? Actually, it wouldn'T. Chase told Finn he wants me to stay informed of his condition, so I have his consent. I just... don't feel right probing into it with Finn. Why not? Because how much is too much, michael? Chase thinks I'm his girlfriend. So does everyone else. If I exploit that access to get privileged information...

[ Sighs ] It does feel like another lie... and I just can't do that to chase. Finn: Believe me, I get no joy keeping you cooped up here, watching you eat orange gelatin. That's not answering my question. If I could tell you, I would. Then find out. What's taking so long? I'm doing the best I can. I don't know how many times we have to go over this. I don'T. I mean, I can't have you at your apartment spiking a fever that could send you into a seizure. You remember what happened the other day? I left you alone for five minutes. I came back, you were at 105 and delirious. What if you were alone at home and you couldn't get any help and I couldn't get to you? I'm sure we could find a way to keep me safe. Yes, yes, we have that. It's called being at the hospital. Anna. I figured I'd find you here. You didn't have to come. I-I would have met you.

[ Chuckles ] I was in the hospital, uh, interviewing a witness. It sounded important. It's not -- not chase? No, no, no. Um... I-I called tiffany to talk to her, and... I have some really sad news. Sean passed away. Our friend is gone. Why is valentin cassadine strutting around here half-naked?! He just strolled right into my bedroom wearing nothing but a towel and a look of astonishment! Lucky you.

[ Sighs ] Olivia doesn't think so. Will someone please tell me what is going on? What the hell is that man doing in this house? You mean no one bothered to tell you? Tell me what?! What's going on? Oh, what, are you two a couple now? No! Wait, what if we were? They're not, okay, so let's just move on. Valentin and charlotte are living here for the time being. They're what?! Britt: One call. It's important. One call to who? Maxie. She's high-risk. I'm her ob-gyn. I need to make sure she's alright without me. R-right now, the cops could be monitoring your associates. It's a long shot, but that could include maxie. Look, I understand you can trace a burner phone through a cell tower. Yeah. That's why I'm only gonna be on for a short minute. Come on. I've trusted you all the way to a canadian lighthouse, okay? Now you have to trust me. You think you have a way to exonerate jason? By all means, enlighten me. Well, the case against jason relies on gladys, right? I mean, she claims that she saw jason get rid of the murder weapon, and we both know that's a lie. So as soon as gladys recants her story, the case is over. Why would gladys recant her story? Because I'm going to convince gladys that she made a mistake by aligning herself with cyrus. Are we talking about the same gladys? Because you can't appeal to her better angels. Woman doesn't have a righteous bone in her body, and -- and she's terrified of cyrus. I know something that gladys doesn't, and she's gonna be singing a different tune when she hears what I have to say. You know, Mike, when we were driving into corinth, I kept thinking, "this is a really cute town," you know, the charming houses, and then all of a sudden, you have this strip mall that just dropped in the center of everything. And before we came, I did a little research. I looked up the town on their website, and the main street, it was thriving. And they used to have all these cute little mom-and-pop businesses. Look out there. Where are they? What happened to the local community? Elijah happened.

What do you mean you're leaving? Oh, I'm not leaving leaving. I-I'm just going away for a few days. The whispering pines spa and resort has a wonderful babymoon package. I thought I would treat myself to one last hurrah of relaxation and pampering before the baby gets here. Isn't a babymoon for couples? Oh, the whispering pines spa is for women only, and the babymoon package is supposed to be really calming and relaxing. And I could really use some alone time. I, um, got some terrible news yesterday. My godfather, sean donely, died. I remember you speaking of him before. I'm sorry, maxie. I had no idea. Someone important exits my life just as someone important enters it, and I need a few days of quiet to process. You understand that, don't you? Sure, yeah, of course. I hope you have a relaxing time. Thank you. I think I will. Of course you will because chloe will be there with you. Do you really think that I don't trust you? I don't know. Why didn't you want me to make the call? I just want you to understand that it's a risk to use it, and obviously, you do. So -- so go ahead. That's it?

[ Chuckles ] What? Yeah, that's it. Look, I-I mean, we're in this together. Okay? I mean, you don't have to sneak around. Just ask for the phone. Better yet, you have the phone, and I can ask for it. Okay. Great. I will make my call. I knew sean had been suffering from dementia. Yeah. But I figured him too tough and ornery to die.

[ Chuckles ] I know what you mean. Uh, tiffany and annie -- they're really devastated. They knew it was coming, but I think even when you're prepared, it's just... hi. Hey. Are you okay? Yeah. Um... our friend passed away. Sean donely. I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm sorry. I know you mentioned him. He -- he lived in ireland, right? Yeah. Oh, there's, um -- there's actually a memorial. Uh, it's going to be tomorrow. So soon?

[ Sighs ] Oh, my -- I got arrangements to make. I mean, have you checked into any flights? Uh...I'm sorry. I-I'm not -- I'm not gonna go. So sorry you're in this position. It's not fair. Chase is the one in the hospital with an unknown illness. Getting him through this is all that matters. I just hope Finn isn't withholding information like chase seems to think. Well, I mean, chase -- he was pretty out of it from the fever, right? And probably afraid. Maybe he'll feel differently today. I hope so. Well, I'm about to head over to G.H. I want to try to grab some time with my adviser, but I want to look in on chase first. You want a ride? And you can sit in the back if you don't trust yourself sitting next to me. I'll try to control myself. Thank you, michael. Look, it wasn't my idea originally, but upon further consideration, it actually makes kind of bizarre sense. And like valentin said, this house has more wings than quartermaines. Good morning, olivia. Sorry for the sudden intrusion.

[ Sighs ] Apparently, you don't believe in knocking! What the hell were you doing, anyway? I was under the impression that charlotte and i had the guest wing all to ourselves. I thought we were alone in there. Well, you thought wrong, didn't you? Liv... why were you in the guest wing? I've been sleeping in the guest wing ever since you left the house. Our room just doesn't feel right without you in it. Hey, this -- this park is like the rest of corinth, huh? It's obviously seen better days, but you can imagine how charming it used to be. Maybe one of the locals can give us some insight. Uh, hi, barb. Do I know you? Well, yeah -- well, your name tag is right there, you know. Oh, well, I'm on break. Yeah, it must be really busy over there. Oh, sure. Well, we -- we're hitting our quotas. Oh, great. That's great. What about the rest of corinth? You know, away from the -- the strip mall? You know, I saw some pictures of the town on their website, and it's so cute. It looked a lot different than it does now with all those small, little shops. Yeah, town's changed a lot since, well, when I was growing up, especially five years ago. What happened then? Crime, vandalism, robberies, petty theft. People were scared. Uh, it was, uh, dangerous in corinth. They -- they stopped shopping at our local stores. Oh, that's a shame. That must have been really hard on businesses. Oh, it was. The shops started suffering and boarding up, and when the owners were offered a-a chance to sell, many of them jumped at the chance. What we didn't expect was all the lots getting combined to make a strip mall. Do you think the owners wouldn't have sold had they known? Well, at the very least, they would have held out for more money. We're having similar problems in nixon falls. Very similar. I recently learned something that could convince gladys to switch sides. The problem is I would be breaking a confidence. But you think this confidence will be the leverage you need to get gladys to recant her story against jason. That's the hope. Will it put your source in danger? I don't think so. I don'T. It's really personal, and it's none of my business. Well, then you need to ask yourself this question. What's more important to you -- clear conscience regarding your source and their secret or the possibility that jason will be exonerated? Qu estion --anything I say here is covered under attorney-client privilege, right? Unless you tell me that you're planning on murdering somebody, and don'T. Don't murder somebody. Don't tell me about it. I don't want to know. It's nothing like that. Then yes. Everything you say to me is covered under attorney-client privilege.

[ Sighs ] Great. Okay. Well, here it goes. Sasha's pregnant, and brando's the father.

you can't sleep in our bed alone? I've been having trouble sleeping, too. Okay, w-we're getting off topic here. My question was, what are you and charlotte doing camping out here when I gave you the best suite at the metro court? I am keeping an eye on brook lynn because she insists on ditching her security detail. That's just an excuse. The truth is he doesn't trust me. And monica's okay with all of this? Monica is surprisingly on board. It is her house. Brook lynn: Catches on quick. Michael: What's going on? Nothing much. Valentin saw olivia naked. I was not naked! Not entirely. And this one was the one prowling the hallway in nothing but a towel. Well, valentin will be appropriately attired from here on out. It's too bad. I kind of like the towel look on you. Likewise, I'm sure. Alright. I live in a madhouse! We parked across the street from the mall, and we saw a lot of cars. Oh, sure. People drive in from all over to shop at the outlets. That's another reason why the stores went out of business. They can't compete with the chains' low prices.

[ Scoffs ] Don't get me wrong -- I'm grateful for the jobs the mall brought. It's just a different town now. I suppose that's progress. See you inside? Corinth sounds like a town that lost its heart. Was it lost, or was stolen? Explain to me how gladys learning that sasha is pregnant with her grandchild will help jason. Cyrus is into sasha. Ew. I mean, come on, it happens all the time -- an older man and a younger woman. I'm sure cyrus thought that he could make sasha his trophy and hooking her on drugs, he could keep her on a leash, but it didn't turn out that way. I mean, ever since sasha has been clean, she's kept her distance from cyrus, not so much from brando. And cyrus would not appreciate being shown up by his younger, more virile driver. That's right. I mean, if cyrus found out that sasha was pregnant with brando's baby, he could kill brando for being able to get close to sasha when he couldn'T. So you're thinking about telling gladys all of this. Well, gladys has a lot of faults, but she does love her son. Okay. Okay, so the best way to protect brando is to get cyrus convicted of a felony, for instance, obstruction of justice. So if gladys admits that she lied when she said she saw jason with the murder weapon and further admits that it was cyrus that incentivized that lie, cyrus facing serious criminal charges. Yes, but it comes at a huge price in revealing sasha's secret. I feel terrible to use her situation for my own benefit. I do, after everything she's done for michael and wiley. I mean, she gave up a lot. She nearly lost her life. I feel terrible. But I just don't see any other way to help jason. Maybe we can offer gladys something else. You're gonna miss sean's memorial? Tell me what is more important than that. No, I know. I-I-I want to go, of course, but I'm -- I'm needed here. Do -- do you have one minute? Sure. You can't do this. No, I know. I'm not going to. I-I won'T. I will make sure that chase can get another dose if he needs it, um, god forbid. No, I mean you can't miss your friend's memorial. You're gonna regret it if you don't go. I would regret it more if something happened to chase and I was away. Well, I mean, don't you want to be there for sean's family? Yes, of course I do, but I can't be in two places at once. Oh, I guess I could ask valentin to deal with peter while I'm gone. Either way, you -- you should go. Do you think? Mm-hmm. Okay. Yeah, I would really regret it if I wasn't there. Yeah. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks for looking out for me. I'm always gonna want what's best for you. I feel the same way about you. I don't need chloe. I'm gonna be at the spa. There's a whole staff there to pamper me. I-I don't have to lift a finger if I don't want to. Maxie, the whole point of having a nurse is to have a medical professional with you at all times in case of an emergency. Having chloe there will be good for you, good for your peace of mind and for mine, as well.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Um... I need to take this. Hello? Maxie. Thank god you answered. Are you and the baby okay? Have you managed to keep peter away? I've got nothing to eat. Nothing.

[Crying] Hold on, I can do something.

Britt: Maxie? Who is it? Um, hi, trish, how are you? I-I was so worried when I didn't hear from you. Peter's there? Yep, yep. I'm, uh -- I'm managing. Are you okay? I'm fine, but I won't be back in port charles anytime soon. What are you gonna do? Oh, I, uh -- I made other arrangements when I heard you couldn't help out with james. So you found someone else to help deliver the baby? You know me. I'm on it. Just need to wrap up a few details. Well, that makes me feel a little better.

[ Sighs ] I'm so sorry, maxie. Just please be careful, okay? Yeah. Yeah, I will. Um, but are you sure you're doing okay? Do you need me to send, like, a casserole or something? Um... jason and I are okay. He didn't kidnap me. He actually...saved me. Oh, yeah, I already knew that. But I can't stay on this call much longer. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and the baby. Thanks. I really wish you could have made it. Yeah, me, too.

[ Sighs ] But I am confident you got this, maxie. You will find a way to keep your baby safe from peter. I am definitely working on that. I bet if we go to those other towns, we're gonna hear the same story. Yeah, you know, crime goes up, and then businesses sell and then these strip malls go up and then these chain stores just take away all the remaining business because they have higher inventory and lower prices. It's a shame. Do you think that's the future for nixon falls? It's already happening. This is what elijah does. He buys, you know, these lots cheap, then he sells them to a developer for more cash. Yeah, and nixon falls is in the uptick of crime phase right now. And phyllis was telling me that several of her friends that said no when they first approached them to sell are selling now because of those robberies. They were just the last straw. And now the tan-o's targeted.

[ Sighs ] Son of a bitch. I -- didn't I tell you? Yeah. This guy's not good. He's bad. He's really bad. Right, and I can't -- he is, and I can't stand the thought of -- of elijah taking advantage of phyllis and lenny, who have been so good to him, and taking advantage of all these sweet, little towns. You know, that is the real story for crimson. It's not this fluff piece on how nixon falls is this charming, little town. It's about how elijah is using the specter of crime to drive down the real-estate prices... so he can sell the soul of these sweet, little towns. Britt: Oh, I hoped you were sleeping. Uh, no, I just wanted to check around again. Hmm, too bad for you. The more you rest, the faster you'll heal. By the way, um... how long are we staying in this bucolic spot? Is the 10-hour rule still in effect, or could we actually get a good night's sleep? We should, uh -- we should be good here.

[ Chuckles ] And by "good," you mean...? Uh, well, if we take reasonable precautions, maybe, you know, a couple days, maybe longer. Mm! Hallelujah! Long enough for you to see a doctor about your hand. Willow and I are headed to G.H. To check on chase. Send him my love, okay? Will do. Hey, robert, anna. Come on in. We're just heading out, unless you need us for anything. Actually, um, we're here to see monica. Hi, anna. Hi. Are you heading to the hospital? I was just there. Did you see chase? How was he? I did, yeah. He's, um, a little restless. I guess we'd better get going. Okay. Robert. Good to see you. And anna. Hi. Anna. What are you doing here? Olivia: Robert, is something wrong? Well, we're -- we're here to see -- well, we need to see monica.

[ Scoffs ] You know what? The world lost a really good guy, and us a-a dear friend. Who? Sean donely. What's all this? I asked for my hospital bill so far. I mean, even with insurance covering 90%, staying here is costing me a fortune. You know, maybe I should just let go of my apartment, move in. Don't worry about the bill. I'll cover it. No, thank you. Really, I don't mind. I pay my own way. I know, but now might be a good time to maybe accept a little help. I said no. Okay, I'm the one who's sick. I'm the one who is lying on my back in this expensive hospital day after day, so I'm gonna be the one who's gonna pay this. No, you're not, 'cause this is my fault!

Onna write some kindof exposť in your magazine? Well, I think it would be interesting reading, right? And it would shine a light on what's happening in these towns. You gonna tell your reporters to come to nixon falls? No. I think I'm gonna do the story myself... wow. ...And expose how elijah just incites crime to bring down the property value, and then he bundles the property to sell to the national chains. The only problem, Mike, is I need hard proof. Remember I told you I saw elijah talking to that thug that tried to steal the -- the cash in the box? Yeah. Well, I heard him say that he -- that elijah... paid his bail. What? Mike, what's the matter? I think I know that guy. Okay, well, it's definitely worth a shot. As painful as it will be for me, it's worth it to keep sasha's secret safe. And you always have sasha's secret in reserve in case this route fails.

[ Sighs ] I'd hate to betray her. Carly, I know Sonny made a lot of choices that he hated, but he made them. That's the nature of this business. So while you are running things, sentiment is a luxury you cannot afford. Aren't fugitives like us supposed to avoid places that keep records, like, say, medical facilities? We have canadian passports, which means you can go to a hospital for free here and you can get the answers that you need. There's no way I'm walking into a hospital with a fake passport. You got into the country with a fake passport, okay? And I don't think anybody at the hospital is gonna question them. Britt, can you just -- just go in as a patient and try not to pick a fight with the doctors?

[ Chuckles ] Did you just make a joke? Wow.

[ Sighs ] Why are you dodging this so hard? Because I'm scared. Monica's in the study, I think. I'll go check. Um, well, there's coffee in the living room. Why don't we all go get some? Anna... I'm sorry for your loss. He was a hell of an agent, but more importantly, he was your friend. Yeah. He was... he was a really good friend.

[ Sighs ] Why are you here at the quartermaines this time in the morning? Brook lynn, who I see has disappeared again... is she avoiding you? Well, I'm trying to make it more difficult. Oh.

[ Sighs ] Charlotte and I have moved in. Here? You're living at the quartermaines'? Just until we can neutralize the whole peter august situation, it's better to keep everybody under one roof. Oh, I see. Anna, donely was the best hope of getting an antidote for chase. Mm-hmm. Well, I thought so. You know, I-I told you that faison poisoned tiffany, sean's wife, and I thought perhaps there is something in his files from that time, some information that could help Finn. Everything okay with trish? I don't recognize the name. She's just a mom from james' music play group. She was gonna take james for a playdate, but she wound up getting the flu. So thankfully, spinelli was able to take him. Anyway, where were we? Oh, right. Chloe. Going to the spa with you. Right. Uh, you know, the more I think about it, the more I agree with you. Chloe should go. I'm so close to my due date. It would be irresponsible of me to refuse. I knew you'd see reason. You'd never do anything to jeopardize our baby. Never. In fact, I will do anything in my power to keep our baby safe.

Sean was one of my oldest friends. He's robin's godfather. I mean, even his daughter was named after anna. Yeah. Well, I'm very glad that you're gonna make it to the memorial. It's important to say a proper goodbye.

[ Clears throat ] Monica will see you in her study. You know the way? Thanks. To both of you.

[ Clears throat ] We should talk. Yeah. Are you really okay with valentin being here? I am 100% not okay with him walking in on you, but I have come to see the wisdom of him staying here. Monica and I both agree that it's a way to ensure that he keeps his promise to sign over brook lynn's elq shares. Well, I guess I should have known that it would be something about elq. I mean, god forbid we ever forget the bottom line for a minute.

[ Sighs ] Let's just say that the quartermaines are so comfortable doing battle that we sometimes forget to protect who we're truly fighting for. Which is why I'm so grateful that you're here for brook lynn. I mean, she puts on a-a good front, but she's in over her head with this pregnancy. She needs guidance, and there is no one better to give it than you. Well...she is a handful, that one... but if she'll have me, she's got me, ned. I'm happy to help your daughter. Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You let me walk out of here, I'm gone. Get out! I do know that guy. Hey, gladys, it's carly. Yeah, I'm sure you are surprised to hear from me. Look, I need you to come by the house. I'm gonna send a car to pick you up. There's something very important that we need to discuss. So, I-I'm gonna go to sean's memorial. I hate the fact that I'm -- I'm leaving chase... with peter in control of the antidote that's keeping him alive. I-it's a turnaround flight. Yes. So I -- I'll be the liaison. Thanks. I mean, if it's okay. I mean, I know -- I know you've got a lot on your plate. I'll take care of peter. Go say goodbye to your friend. Thanks. Hi, cece. Hi, it's me. Yeah, I'm good, but, girlfriend, my family is stifling me. And I need a break before this baby comes. Can you do me a teensy? Yeah, I just want to take a couple days for some r&R. Can I tell my family I'm visiting you? Oh, you are the best! Okay, so here's what to say if anyone comes looking for me. "Ultimate transcendence." How long does that take? Two hours. Perfect. Schedule that right after the deluxe mani/pedi and full body scrub. Enjoy, chloe. You will be blissed out, polished, and smooth before you realize I am long gone. I don't want to sit alone... in a canadian hospital... while some canadian doctor calls me theresa and tells me that the tremors in my hand are a symptom of huntington's disease. Well, first, um... you're not gonna be alone... because I'm going with you. Even knowing what a risk that would be? Yeah, you know, taking risks, uh... it's a -- it's a new thing for me. It's not your fault that I am sick. It's not your fault that you can't make me well. It is your fault that you are refusing to let me leave the hospital. You don't understand everything. No, it's you that doesn't understand. Okay, I'm done. I'm checking myself out. Against medical advice? If that's what it takes. You can't just leave. Watch me. Your life depends on it.

[Snoring lightly]


[Lightly snoring]

[Change rattling]

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