GH Transcript Monday 5/17/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/17/21


Episode #14702 ~ Maxie and Peter make a decision about the birth of their daughter. Anna looks to an old friend for help. Liz is confrontational. Brook Lynn is shocked by Valentin's suggestion. Sasha tries to put some space between her and Brando.

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I can't expectyou to put your life on hold just because I've made some enemies in the past. Well, welcome to the 21st century, valentin. So I have the perfect solution. Charlotte, yuri, and I will move in. That way, we can all be together.

[ Laughs ] I had no idea you had such a sense of humor. No, I'm serious. This may be the only way I can keep the baby safe. You insist on giving yuri the slip, so I'm going to watch over you myself because I'm the man who has the most to lose. So... what is the bidet situation in this house? I recommend we induce right now. Y-you mean like tonight? Why not? Since it's your third baby, maxie, I don't anticipate any problems. You could go home with your little girl as early as tomorrow.

[ Knock on door ] What time is it? Past the time anyone else would call it quits. Anyone else isn't trying to save chase's life. You'll find a way. I know it.

[ Sighs ] Hi, tiffany. It's anna here. I hope both you and sean are well. Sending love to you. I wish I was calling just to catch up, but I'm afraid I've made a bit of a mess of things here. And I'm wondering if sean might have something in his possession that could help me. Would you give me a call back?'d be lovely just to hear your voice. Bye. ...Specifically designed for what'S... last time I saw you at gh in the elevator, y-you said we should talk another time, so how about right now? That night at the garage, you seemed happy. I know I was, so if I did or said something wrong, I-I don't want to lose our friendship because of it. You did not do anything wrong, brando. Then what is it? What's going on? I'm sorry, now is not a good time. You said that before. Maybe that's because that's all you want to say. I'm sorry if I'm being pushy. No, pushy is fine, but not when we have an audience. I hear congratulations are in order. Excuse me? I heard you're going to be a father. You've confused me with someone else.

[ Chuckles ] You don't have to play coy with me. You know I'm more than your driver's mother. We're allies. Some might even say intimates. I can't imagine who. After all, I helped you take jason morgan out of play. Nina, damn it, get out of there. Just finished printing. I'm on my way. Nina? What are you doing here? Oh, elijah, um, just give me a second. I can explain everything.

to admit it, but whoeverdesigned this thing... was brilliant. Talk about a waste of talent. Imagine what they might have accomplished if they decided to do some good in the world instead of creating the perfect tool for blackmail and death. Elizabeth: Not perfect. You're gonna figure out a way to neutralize it.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I'm glad one of us believes that.

[ Knock on door ] Hi, sorry. Do you have a minute? Yeah, sure. Hi, elizabeth. Give my regards to peter. What was that about? Elizabeth and cameron have been going a little crazy, thinking jason killed franco. She needed to know the truth. Peter killed franco and poisoned chase. I see. I think she deserved to know. Yeah. [ Sighs ] You know, we're not the only ones affected by this. When jason was escaping gh, cameron tried to stop him with a gun. He could have killed him. Cameron could have got himself killed. This needs to come to an end, anna. We can't let peter keep piling up victims. Is it really necessary to deliver the baby today? I mean, what's the rush? I agree. The baby's not due 'til next week. Is there something wrong with her that you're not telling us? The baby is fine, but going through your chart, I see you've been suffering from high blood pressure and braxton hicks. You're on modified bedrest, so why not get you back to normal by inducing you now? Well, I have a live-in nurse at home helping me. She's making sure I take care of myself. That's terrific, but who knows what could happen between now and the moment the baby arrives? If your blood pressure suddenly skyrockets, the baby's health could be in jeopardy. Wouldn't you rather take precautionary steps to assure that doesn't happen? There are still arrangements that need to be made before the baby's arrival. I'm not ready to take her home tomorrow. No parent is ever really ready, are they? I know you weren't expecting this, but it's my best advice. Th-thank you, uh, dr. NAvarro. However, maxie and i are choosing not to take it. You are not moving in here, okay? This place is not big enough for the both of us. Don't be ridiculous. This house is huge. It's got more wings than quartermaines. Are you implying I wouldn't even see you here? Uh, no, I'm implying the exact opposite. You'll see quite a lot of me, at least until the baby is born. Over my dead body. Michael! Michael, get in here! Brook lynn, what do you expect? You keep ditching your bodyguard. Now, I explained the situation. There are people who would hurt you to hurt me, so a bodyguard is not negotiable. And by the way, every time you walk around out there without yuri, it's not just you who's at risk! What's going on? Are you alright? No, I'm not alright. Valentin is threatening to move in here with charlotte.

[ Scoffs ] You don't really mean that. Yeah, damn right he does. Valentin thinks he can foist himself on us because he's convinced that his enemies are gonna go after me and the baby. Well, don't worry. That's not gonna happen. I know it won't, because this is monica's house. Tell him, monica. Well, uh, actually, I think valentin moving in here... is a wonderful idea. Nina: One second,

elijah, okay? Hi, phyllis. Everything is fine. I'll see you back at the tan-O. Damn it.

[ Sighs ] You scared me. Elijah: And you surprised me. What -- what are you doing here? I'm, um, I'm looking for my earring.

[ Chuckles ] Just -- oh! There it is.

[ Grunts ] You lost your earring? Yeah, I lost my earring. You know, obviously, when I came with you to check out the break-in, I lost it here, and I realized that I lost it on my way home. And then I came back here to look for it. Oh, why didn't you call me? I did. I did call you. You didn't get my message? No. I guess I must have been filing my complaint with the police. Yeah, well, lucky for me, you left the back door unlocked. You know, you should be really more careful. Yeah, I should.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Do you need me to help you clean up or anything? It's the least I can do, making you think that you had a second burglar. Oh, no need. Phyllis is waiting. Okay. I'll see you around. You bet. Just go out here. Bye-bye. Have a good night. Thank you. Okay.

[ Door closes ] No, no. Mr. Renault is a guest here. I thought you were steering clear of cyrus. I'm trying. Is he giving you any trouble? Not if I can help it. Damn it, sasha, what's going on? Let me help you. Hey, is there a problem here? I've asked brando to leave me alone. He refuses. Uh, okay, well, why don't you go, and I'll have a word with brando. You'd be better served to avoid mentioning our association. Why? Do I embarrass you? It's for your own good. Jason morgan locked up in pentonville did me good, too, but now he's on the loose, knowing that I lied about seeing him dispose of the gun that killed franco baldwin. Who do you think jason's gonna come for first? Don't worry about jason. He won't be free for long. I sure hope you're right, 'cause I'm not the only one jason's gunning for. And we wouldn't want to leave your bambino without a daddy. I told you, you're mistaken. I have no children. You got one on the way, at least according to what I heard from your baby mama in the ladies room. What the hell are you talking about? I just wish I'd known you and the face of deception were an item a long time ago. It would have saved me some sleepless nights. I'll tell you that.

Maxie and I have a well-considered birth plan, and we'll be sticking to it. Is that really what you want? Oh, peter and i have waited so long for louise to arrive. What's another week? Of course. It's your decision. The baby is due next friday. If you still haven't started labor, then I'll have to insist on inducing.

[ Door opens ] You know, if anything was to happen to me, right, I, um...I made copies of all my work, right? Make sure you -- you look after that. I will. I will. Thank you. Um, the reason I came is that I reached out to tiffany, my old friend sean's wife. Mm. Remember? Yes. Yeah. I thought perhaps sean had something in his files, maybe, that -- that would lead me to a person who was connected to the making of the original toxin for faison. Good. Yeah, well... right now, I'll take all the help I can get. Violet is really worried about chase. I mean, she doesn't know what's going on... with him exactly, but, you know, she knows he's sick. And, uh... she asked me if she thought it would help chase if we clap for him like she does for tinker bell. So now we clap every night. That's really sweet. Mm. How is she? She's perfect. She misses you. I miss her, too. I just didn't want to intrude, you know? You can see her anytime. Thank you. Okay. Um... would you tell elizabeth that, um... I'm really sorry... and that I'm doing everything I can? Gladys: I'm betting you'll throw a spectacular baby shower. Oh, I'm not one for parties. Oh! You'll change your mind. You're the kind that'll go in for all the trappings. As her due date gets closer and that baby bump gets bigger, you'll start to feel more fatherly. I suppose that's entirely possible if sasha were carrying my baby. She's not? I-I thought sasha was your -- my what, gladys? I'm sorry. I thought... sasha's boss said that you and sasha were an item, so of course -- you relied on the word of lucy coe. Oh, you know her? By reputation. She's a gossip who knows nothing. Now, if you'll excuse me. Look, I don't know what's going on between you and sasha, but you know better than to cause a scene in my restaurant in front of cyrus. I didn't cause a scene. She exaggerated or -- or misled you, which makes no sense whatsoever. Okay. Something's going on with her. She won't say what. I'm sure sasha has a reason for whatever she's doing. Maybe you just leave her alone. I apologize for interrupting, but I need to speak with my driver. Excuse me, mrs. Corinthos.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] You have no idea how glad I am to see those... dimples.

T of me,but you're in one piece. Mostly. It's just my nerves are still a bit jangled. Did elijah hurt you, threaten you in any way? No, he bought my story hook, line, and earring. Why didn't -- why didn't you do what I told you to do and get out of there? Well, I wasn't just going to leave the evidence behind. You want to take a look? Okay, do you -- do -- does elijah know you got it? No, he doesn't know. He didn't see anything. When I think about what could have happened here -- listen, Mike, I think you might be overreacting just a bit. Well, it's better to overreact than not to react. Elijah's got a lot at stake, hiring those firehouse thugs. I mean, look, if he knows that you're going after his files, you're gonna be the next target. Um... carly. It's been a while. I hadn't noticed. Now, is that any way to talk to family? We're not family. Sonny would say otherwise... if only he were here. But he's not... so I don't have to pretend to tolerate you. All I ever wanted was to reconnect with my cousin, get to know Mike's family, and all you ever showed me was contempt. I wasn't even allowed at my own grandson's funeral. Dev wasn't your grandson. Shall I tell that to the feds? I don't understand. What did I do to deserve your hostility? You backed the wrong horse. What did carly have to say to you? She told me to behave myself. With sasha. I saw the two of you talking earlier. You both looked so serious. Ever since her heart attack, I've tried to look after her. You are quite the boy scout, brando. First taking a bullet meant for carly, protecting me from the fallout of sasha's heart attack. But you can't always solve everyone's problems. Some messes can't be avoided, as sasha is soon to discover. You sure you want valentin moving in here? Oh, if you think that I have forgiven him for stealing elq right out from under this family, you're wrong. No, but valentin is right. Brook lynn and that baby need to be protected from his enemies. Look, if brook lynn needs to be protected, I can be responsible for her and her child. Valentin: You have a child of your own. You have a full-time job at aurora. How are you going to be more hands-on than I can be? Hello! I'm in the room! I think I can handle myself. You know, you're acting like -- like valentin's enemies might go all medieval on me. Well, just look who valentin has been in league with. Alex devane? Dead. Helena cassadine? Also dead. Peter august is very much alive. Jason said he murdered drew. Look, this family has lost so much for so long. I'm not going to risk your health or the baby's health for peter august's machinations. You need all the protection you can get. Thank you for having my back with dr. NAvarro. I can't stand it when doctors behave so viciously. You don't think she was trying to pad her bill, do you? No. I know dr. NAvarro was only thinking of louise. Like we aren't? I should go. Uh, I do need to start making arrangements before louise arrives. You wouldn't mind if I stop by tomorrow, would you? Just -- just to check in.

[ Sighs ] Call first, okay? I promise. Hey, could you tell chloe that I'll meet her at the car? I need to sign out first. Of course. I'll see you soon.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Door opens ] Peter, I really do need privacy.

Anna, what are you doing here? I followed you from your apartment. I know, I'm sorry, but I really need to speak to you. How long was peter here? Did he see you? No, no. He discovered I had an obgyn appointment tonight, and he decided to come here to offer support without asking me first. Is he doing that a lot? Like, just showing up randomly? Yeah, all the time. Stopping by my apartment to bring me a milkshake or insist I hire a live-in nurse. I feel like he's stalking me, and this baby is not going to wait for you or anyone else to stop him. Louise is coming, anna, soon. I know. That's what I want to talk to you about because I'm going to make arrangements to get you out of port charles so you can deliver your baby and be hidden from peter and... I will deal with him. I know they are, and I'm sure you're totally freaked out, too. I will be home as soon as I can.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Unbelievable. I mean, I'm not surprised. That man is vile. Let me guess -- peter? He sent reporters to my house. He's trying to get a statement from cameron about the shooting in the garage, jason's escape, did cameron actually take a shot at the fugitive? I think it's time that peter and i have a little talk. No, no, no, no, no, no, you can'T. You might say more than you should. None of us can say anything. Okay, for now. When I think about how close cameron actually came to firing that gun and throwing away the next 20 years of his life... okay, but, you know, cameron didn't shoot anybody, alright? He kept his head, and he's got your influence to thank for that. And franco'S. He was so good with him. He believed in him. He got cameron to believe in himself. It's not enough that peter robbed franco of his life. He robbed us all. He broke my family. What were you gonna do with that? Whatever is necessary. Okay, okay, where did you get it? It is the tan-o'S. Lenny and phyllis bought it after the place was trashed. I just want you to know how serious this is.

[ Sighs ] Elijah's in a league with some really bad people. If you had pushed him... he could have hurt you or worse. But he didn'T. Well... I can handle myself, and if you didn't trust me... mm-hmm. ...You wouldn't have let me go and do our plan. Okay, from now on, we're gonna do it my way. Okay. We'll do it your way. That has to be left behind. I like you better without it. Me too. You okay? I've been better. You know, brando's not a bad guy. Except for the company he keeps. Well, if he won't stop bothering you, I can talk to him. I can make him stop. Thank you, but you've got enough to deal with. Yeah, well, why don't you let me worry about my problems? You went above and beyond to help michael get custody of wiley, and I'll never forget that. So if you need anything, I'm here, okay? Thank you. You may want to keep your distance from cyrus... and brando.

[ Chuckles ] It's a little too late for that. Why? Brando told me I can talk to him. He doesn't want to lose our friendship. Oh. I wasn't aware that you and brando were friends. Friendlier than even brando knows. I'm carrying his baby. I didn't think sasha was on your radar anymore. Cyrus: People saw us together. The media took notice. There were a couple of items on "page five." My name has been linked to sasha's publicly. Then she O.D.'D on drugs you gave her, nearly died. But her very public interview turned that unfortunate episode into A...a victory. She was definitely on an upward trajectory, a-a potential asset to the right man. I had no idea you took such a personal interest in me. Then you haven't been looking close enough. She's very beautiful. I can see why she was selected as the face of deception. Well, perhaps not for much longer. What do you mean? I'm not all that familiar with the fashion industry, but I have a feeling they don't want their spokesmodels to come up pregnant.

If you're done lecturing me, why don't we look at these records? Alright. Alri ght, look at this --confirmation of bail payments that elijah made to the guys who ripped off the firehouse dance. You know what's really interesting? What? Isn't that elijah paid their bail, but how he paid it. See, here is the account from where the funds were drawn. Along with other withdrawals. Mm-hmm. There's nothing consistent in the payments. Huh. And I don't see anything under the table. Just -- just like one-off payments, right? Mm-hmm. Listen, Mike, when I took over crimson, I got well-schooled in how to read accounting papers and books. Mm-hmm. This, my friend, is a slush fund. What I don't understand is why a small-time guy like elijah would need a crooked setup like this. My thoughts exactly.

[ Sighs ]

[ Computer beeps ] You're pregnant, and the baby's brando's? I shouldn't have said anything. Please don't tell michael. Okay, uh, you know, people are gonna find out soon enough. I know, but I don't want michael to know that his cousin and I... well, slept together. Alright, uh, I'm not gonna say anything. How far along are you? Over a month. And brando has no idea. I know. I need to tell him. Really? Why? Well, I can't keep my pregnancy a secret from him. Yes, you can. And honestly, I think you should. Sasha's pregnant? That's what your mother told me. I take it this news comes as a surprise. I had no idea. Although, I've hardly seen sasha. Well, that's understandable, since I've been keeping you busy. Not that either of us have much to show for it. What are you saying? I'm afraid your job performance has been lacking. I'm sorry. I-I didn't realize that I -- I asked you to find my mother, and you failed. I've told no one, especially the justice department, about dev corbin being an illegal immigrant and not your son, as you claimed. And I got nothing from you in return. How can I make it up to you? By bringing me results... and I have a way for you to deliver. Thank you, monica, for your generosity and your understanding. I will send for charlotte and her things. We'll move in right away. Uh, slow -- slow down, cowboy. Just because I said it was okay to move in doesn't mean that it's the final word. Of course it is. This is your house. Monica: Yes, it is. My late husband gave it to me. But brook lynn is family, and it's really her life we're talking about. So she -- she gets the final decision. Well, since we all know what that will be, I'll -- I'll show you out. Not so fast, michael. I know you don't want him to move in here, but please think about the protection he can provide. I told you that I can provide that protection, and when I'm not here, we have our own security. And she will ditch that security the way she ditched mine! Excuse me. Monica: He has a point. And I have another point. Now, the room that we decided was going to be the nursery is bare. It doesn't have a crib. It doesn't have a changing table, no toys, nothing. I've been busy. Yeah, busy ditching your security detail. That must be exhausting. You know, I can help you decorate the nursery. It's pretty clear you haven't given any thought to your current situation beyond bleeding me for my elq share. I've had other things on my mind. More important than your baby? I'm starting to wonder if you even realize that you're pregnant. Maxie: How would this work? Do you actually have a place that I could go? I do, yes, yes, that only you and i will know about. I-I mean, unless you want to tell mac and felicia. I don't know what I want. I-I just know I don't want peter anywhere near this baby. But don't you think if I just disappear, he's gonna have the police looking for me or his henchmen, whoever they are? Well, yes, but I-I think that when the time comes, he will get a communication indicating that -- that you needed to get away. You needed time to think about the future for you and the baby. He's gonna have a meltdown. Yeah, of course. But then I think he'll start to make mistakes and reveal his vulnerabilities, and we can use those against him. And what about chase? I mean, you know when peter realizes you helped me, he's gonna withhold the antidote from chase. Well, Finn is -- is working on formulating a cure for the toxin. But you don't have it yet. No. And I'm working on some leads. Leads aren't gonna keep chase alive, and I'm not gonna trade one life for the other. I'm not gonna put chase in worse jeopardy, even to protect my daughter. I'll find another way. No, listen, maxie, I will do everything I can to make sure that peter does not get his hands on your baby.

[ Scoffs ] I know that you would try your hardest, anna. Of course. But this is my battle. I'm gonna take care of my daughter, just like you've always taken care of robin.

[ Cellphone rings ] Okay, this is one of my leads now. Hi, tiffany. Yes. Sorry, what? What's wrong? Oh, no. Oh.

Fine, you can move in, but I have conditions.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, what a surprise. Okay, then, michael and i will leave you to negotiate. Well, I have a pretty good short-term memory, but if this is going to be a laundry list of conditions, then should I go get a pen and paper?

[ Scoffs ]

[ Doors close ] Well, I hope you won't regret convincing brook lynn to let valentin move in here. Well, you know, this house has seen its share of interlopers. If it can survive jimmy lee holt and lucy coe and lord larry ashton, it can certainly survive valentin cassadine. Well, I wouldn't put it past valentin to double-cross us once the baby's born. You mean to weasel out of a deal to give brook lynn back her shares of elq? Michael, that's why I want him here. While he's watching her, I can watch him. Grandmother, you're, uh, you're one sly fox. We need to, uh, take care of that baby, but there's no reason why we can't protect the rest of the family in the meantime. Valentin: Come on, brook lynn. You know me. I'm calculating to a fault. This is me trying to make the best of an unexpected situation. When did you become such an optimist? When you told me I was gonna be a father again. We have our differences. Maybe we can focus on the similarities long enough to come together for the child... today, tomorrow, and one day at a time after that. It's me. I know I just saw you upstairs, but, uh, better to do this over the phone -- less chance of being seen by the wrong people, you know? You tell your reporters to stay the hell away from my family. Excuse me a minute, please. Elizabeth. No, no, no. It's fine. Elizabeth, I only want to tell cameron's story. May prove cathartic for him, help him process the trauma of nearly shooting jason morgan. If you or your people get near my kids again, I'll get a restraining order, and then you will end up in jail for harassment. You still there? Yeah, sorry about that. No, no, no, just a minor nuisance, one I won't have to suffer much longer. Listen, we're gonna need to move the timeline up. I know that could present some difficulties, but don't worry. I'll provide you with everything you need, and I -- all I need you to do is make sure maxie gets out of port charles without anyone knowing. I know you will. Thanks, chloe. Yes, yes, of course, I'll tell robert. Mm-hmm, and mac and felicia, yeah. Okay. I'm so sorry. Thank you for letting me know, yeah. Bye. What's going on? What happened to tiffany? It's your godfather, sean. He passed away. I know. It just happened. I'm so sorry. No. I know. What do you want me to do? It's simple, really. My name has been linked publicly with sasha'S. That gives me a proprietary interest in her affairs. Now that she's having a child, I would like to meet the person responsible. Find him, brando. Bring him to me. This, uh, gentleman and I... are going to have a man-to-man chat. Sasha: Even if I wanted to, how can I keep my pregnancy from brando, especially when I start showing? So what? Brando is the only man that I've slept with since michael. Okay, does brando know that? No. Okay, so as far as brando is concerned, you slept with someone else in addition to him. I don't know, one-night stand, a rebound from michael. Make up your own story. This is crazy, carly. Why? Why is it so crazy? Because why would I even need to make up a story? Why not just tell brando the truth? Because how long after brando finds out that you're carrying his child do you think cyrus is going to find out? What does cyrus have to do with this? Whatever the thing is that cyrus had for you, it's not over. Come on, you're a beautiful young woman, and cyrus is a vain older man. He loved having you on his arm as a trophy, and he's gonna be very unhappy when he finds out he lost you to his driver. Making cyrus believe that someone else got you pregnant will save brando's life. How's everything with you and my boy?

[ Sighs ] We had business to discuss. That's all. Something I take seriously. You know who also takes her business seriously? Carly corinthos. She doesn't like you, cyrus. Which is a shame because I admire her enormously. She's achieved great success, which will make it all the harder for her when she fails, which I'm afraid will be very soon. Well, I wouldn't imagine a secret slush fund is enough evidence to give to police, so maybe I can just sneak back into his office. No, no, that's way too risky. Well, what other option do we have? When was his most recent payment? Before he bailed out his hired thugs? Alright, let's take a look. Okay. Looks like they're all in pennsylvania. Mm-hmm. Okay, one's in -- oh, a lot in brockway, and then ogdenville and corinth. Okay, well, you know what? Elijah bragged about opening up a strip mall in corinth. Mm. Want to take a drive? Mm, well, that depends. On? On... what about that? Uh... let's go. Nina reeves.

[ Sighs ] Can't be sure how much she knows, but she may have seen some of the accounts. Yeah, I'll handle it. Don't worry.

[ Sighs ] I'll take care of her myself.

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