GH Transcript Friday 5/14/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/14/21


Episode #14701 ~ Sonny makes an amateur mistake. Sasha and Cyrus have a hostile encounter. Michael diffuses a conversation between Ned and Valentin. Maxie's doctor surprises her with information about the baby. Brook Lynn is blindsided by Valentin's latest idea.

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[ Alarm blaring ] I'm glad we got that straightened out. Yeah, mm-hmm. Means I can do something that I've wanted to do for a while now. Oh. You know, it's such... a lovely night, isn't it?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, so why rush things, you know, elijah? And now that I've decided to stay in nixon falls, we have all the time in the world.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Alarm blaring ] Thank you for coming over at such short notice. Can I offer you a glass of Sonny's favorite scotch? That is how you discuss legal matters, right -- over a glass of single malt? I'll take a rain check for now, but thank you. My main concern is jason. And I must tell you, I find it a little disappointing, rather disconcerting, that two clients wouldn't trust me enough to be able to fight groundless charges and instead chose to resort to a dangerous, albeit very daring, criminal escape. While I am still certain I can prove that jason did not kill franco, he's now facing additional charges. I'm sure jason did what he felt he had to do.

[ Chuckles ] And now I need to do the same. I have some legal work I need to go over with you. What kind of legal work? I want my will revised, and I want you to bring it up to date.

[ Door opens ] Hey. Hey. I, uh, probably should have dropped off my books at the gate house before stopping by, but I know it's wiley's bedtime and I wanted to say good night before he fell asleep. Well, you're about 15 minutes too late. Yeah, the little guy's out like a light. Okay, well, then I'm just gonna tiptoe into his room and give him a kiss. He won't even know. Oh, yeah, he will, because a kiss from you is pretty hard to forget. Hello. I, um... I owe you a great, big, fat apology. Okay. For what? You probably know that sasha is such an asset to deception, in fact, an asset that's expanding every day now. I never properly thanked you for saving her life. Hi. It's sasha gilmore. I'm a patient of dr. NAvarro. I was wondering if she could prescribe something for morning sickness? Oh, great. Thank you. I will be expecting her e-mail.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Exhales ] So, ms. Supermodel went and got herself knocked up. Damn. "One popular method of home birth is water birth. Labor pains will still happen, but the water bath provides a relaxed and soothing environment." Video narrator:

The sounds of childbirth

can be intimidating,

which is why we practice

our breathing.

[ Woman screams ]

By focusing on our breath,

we can work with our bodies,

accepting the stages

of childbirth

instead of fighting

against them. Yeah, right.

Breath reminds us...

[ Cellphone rings ]

...That childbirth is A... you're not gonna believe the video I just watched. I am now completely on board with getting bobbie involved. In fact, I think it was a stroke of genius. Okay, brook lynn, I don't have long to talk. Chloe, my live-in nurse, brought me to gh meet my new obgyn. I need you to meet me here so I can give you the keys to the house in beechers corners where we're gonna be staying until the baby is born. I need you to go there, stock it with supplies, and make sure everything's ready. Brook lynn, a-are you still with me? My baby and I need you. Don't worry. I'm all in. Okay. [ Exhales ] Going somewhere? Peter.

[ Clears throat ] How long have you been there?

 what are you doing here? Well, as the father, I was notified of your appointment with your new obgyn. Uh, maxie, I'm just here to offer moral support. That's so considerate. Fortunately, my live-in nurse, chloe jennings, came with me. Oh, look, there she is. Ms. Jennings, I'm peter august, the father of maxie's baby. Mr. August. Uh, please call me peter. So, you're the woman maxie chose to care for our child. It's nice to meet you at last. It's nice to meet you, too. We had an agreement. We are in this together. I wasn't aware our agreement meant I had to clear my comings and goings with you. Uh, we agreed we would do what was best for the baby. Yeah, it might have helped if you hadn't hired boris badenov to "shadow me." He's about as inconspicuous as a two-legged fridge. Yuri is a good man. I trust him with you. Look, I know what's good for me and my baby, okay?

Our baby. Okay, our baby. But you're the one with a long list of enemies. If anyone's putting us in harm's way, it's you. Lucy: Really, you know, if you hadn't acted so quickly and gotten sasha to gh, you know what? We might have not only lost a spokesmodel, we would have lost a very dear friend. I-I'm telling you, it could have been a million times worse if you hadn't just jumped in. I am sure anyone would have done exactly the same thing. And you are being way too modest.

Deception owes you an extreme debt of gratitude. And, honestly, sasha owes you her life. Oh, really? Tell me more. Mom, this doesn't concern you. My son concerns me. Please. You were saying my son brando's saving sasha gilmore's life... actually, I-I wasn't there, but, um, and I wasn't privy to it, but sasha did tell me all about it, and he -- he really managed to step in in the nick of time. Oh, thank god. A prescription for nausea. Good evening, ms. Gilmore. Small world. Here's the deal. In my dealings with Sonny, I knew what I wanted to know, and I made very sure that I didn't know what I didn't want to know. And i don't want to know about your new responsibilities. Okay. Then let's leave it at this -- I want you to update my will in the event that something should happen to me.

[ Telephone ringing ] And I -- yes? Of course. Thank you. Excuse me.

[ Gasps ] Avery! Avery's been wanting to have a sleepover with her sisters, so I took the chance of dropping by. Or is this a bad time?

[ Sighs ] Please? I don't know, nina. Um, time has a habit of slipping away, and I don't want to lose a moment with you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Don't go anywhere.

[ Chuckles, exhales ] What? What's the matter? It's a message from my security company. There's been a break-in in my office. What? How...horrible. Police have already been contacted. Look, I-I'm sorry, but I have to get over there. I'll drop you off. No! No! Uh, no, no! I'M... I am coming with you. That's really sweet. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Alarm blaring ] Come on, speed it up.

[ Computer beeping ]

[ Alarm continues ]

[ Sirens wailing ]

Uh, did chase's conditionimprove after I left? Whatever Finn gave him helps with the symptoms. Unfortunately, it still isn't a cure. And chase thinks Finn isn't telling him the whole story. Why would Finn withhold information? It doesn't seem like something he'd do, but chase brings it up every time we talk. Well, maybe he's just bored and frustrated, you know? I would be in his place.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I-I'm never gonna get used to you ringing the bell. I mean, this is still your place, you know. Not at the moment. I, uh, came back because I forgot something. Oh, is that -- is that really it?

[ Laughs ] Okay, busted. Today was really a breakthrough. I mean, things weren't quite as tense between me and olivia. We actually enjoyed ourselves, singing songs. And I know it was only for a few hours, but I -- it was really nice to be part of the family again. Okay, we may have gotten into the situation accidentally, but you are carrying our baby. That matters to me. I know I've been hard on you, okay? And I'm not backing down from our agreement about the stock. But with that being said, I -- I find it reassuring knowing that this baby has you, and I have total faith that you will do everything you can to protect this baby. And I find that really comforting. Everything okay in here? Yeah, we're just, um, resetting some ground rules. Actually, uh, can I go to the bathroom, or is yuri gonna follow me in there, too? Hi, guys. Together: Hi. That's the hormones talking. No, it's the dna talking. Get used to it. Maxie, I think perhaps you're overtaxing yourself by coming here tonight, considering you're still on bed rest. If it makes you feel any better, I had chloe check my blood pressure before we left, and it was stable, so there's no risk to the baby. Right, chloe? Yes, that's right. Besides, it's really important I have this meeting. You know, I was so comfortable with britt. I need to get to know dr. NAvarro. Hmm. Yeah, such a shame my sister's no longer in charge here. Chloe, when it comes to maxie and the baby, I'm -- I'm counting on you to do whatever is necessary. Understood? Yes, that's the plan. Hi, aunt diane. Hi, honey. I-I'm so sorry. I didn't realize I'd be interrupting anything. Avery's always welcome. Ava thought avery would like a sleepover with her sisters. Ah. I made a picture in school for donna. You did? Shall you and I go up and show it to her? Yeah. Let's go.

[ Diane chuckles ] Wow. Look at that.

[ Chuckles ] One smile from avery can melt even diane miller's cold heart. I heard that.

[ Chuckles ] I'm thrilled to have avery here, but we both know the surprise sleepover's just an excuse. What do you want? The truth.

[ Police radio chatter ] Elijah: Wow. They really trashed the place. Just like all the other robberies. I'll dust for prints, but I don't expect to find anything. Just one more smash-and-grab. Did you, uh, hear the officer? This is just becoming way too common here in nixon falls.

[ Sighs ] I don't understand why anyone would break into my office. I don't keep anything of value here. Just some petty cash, which they seem to have found.

[ Sighs ] It makes you wonder -- was this just another robbery? Or is someone trying to send me a message? Mike. You're not fooling me. I know what you've been up to.

 I saw you put money into the register. You should be saving up for your future. That's the trouble with you, Mike. You're too darn generous for your own good, and not only with lenny and me. I don't know what you mean. I'm talking about nina. How come she's out with elijah tonight instead of you? I cannot figure out why anyone would break into my office. It's not like the pawn shop or the hardware store, or even the tan-O. I-I don't keep anything of value in here worth the risk of breaking in. Cop: We'll need to take your statement. Okay, I can do that.

[ Sighs ] Um... thank you. I have to go down to the station to make a statement, but I'll drop you off. No! No, don't even think about that. I mean, you have to move quickly to find out who did this. I can...walk. I can walk. I-I need to get in my 10,000 steps. Well, I'm sorry our night had to come to such an abrupt end. Yeah, me too, but if you can help the police find out whoever's behind this... okay. ...Then it's worth it. All right, all right. Okay. Okay if I take a rain check? Mm-hmm. I'm looking forward to finishing what we started. You want to explain to me what truth you're after? Oh, I'm sure you remember that recently you asked me to host a dinner party, the guest of honor being nikolas's new uncle cyrus. Yeah, I remember it ended a lot sooner than it was supposed to. Well, carly, maybe if you had told me the real reason you wanted him to stay, I could have been better equipped to detain him. The real reason? You want to play it like that? I'll play. And I'll state the obvious. While I was entertaining cyrus, jason morgan was escaping from general hospital. Now, that can't possibly be a coincidence. Sasha, not to be unkind, but you don't look well. Are you feeling all right? Yeah, uh, there's just something going around. Oh. Fortunately, my doctor has something that should remedy the situation. If you'll excuse me. Well, I'm -- I'm actually heading to gh shortly. I'll tell brando to bring the car around. No, thank you. I'm disappointed you continue to be so standoffish. I was hoping we could put past mistakes behind us. Like I told you, it's part of my recovery. I have to be careful who I associate with. W-what could be more beneficial for your recovery than the chairman of the board of the very hospital that saved your life? The way I remember it, the night I collapsed, you didn't care if I lived or died. You know, there was actually a time when sasha was on a date with cyrus renault. Gladys: Was she really? Yeah, apparently they ended up back at his penthouse. You know, power does make a man very attractive, and a very ambitious, beautiful young woman... oh. Oh, yeah. How does my brando fit in? Well, unfortunately, um, sasha had a sudden heart attack, and -- and brando stepped right in at just the right time and got her to gh. Uh, yeah, my son is a hero.

[ Chuckles ] And now it looks like she and mr. Renault are closer than ever. Yuri will know what's going on with brook lynn. Michael: Look, um, in case you didn't notice, brook lynn values her independence. Uh, yeah, I noticed. I'm kind of into it. Uh, I would never dream of stifling her independent streak. But I need to know that she and the baby are protected. I think your concern for the baby is touching. Uh-huh. It bodes well for your future as co-parents. It bodes well for the whole family, because once I return the shares that I acquired from brook lynn, then the quartermaines will be in control of elq once again. Valentin, this isn't about elq. Okay, all right, look, we're doing -- we're doing well here. Let's all just -- just take a breath.

[ Door opens ] You text, mr. Cassadine? Yeah, yuri, you know how your job is to keep an eye on brook lynn? Where is she? I thought she was with you.

[ Grumbles ] Maxie, dr. NAvarro is finishing up with another patient and will be with you soon, if you'll follow me. Thanks, deanna. You don't need to stick around. Are you sure? Yes. I'm, uh, just having a casual meeting with dr. NAvarro.

 I have an idea. Why don't you and chloe take this opportunity to get acquainted? After all, hiring a nurse to help me out was your idea. Well, it makes me happy that you see us all as one big team. I'm sure chloe and i will find plenty to talk about. All set? Um, sure. Hey, deanna, do you ever do private nursing? Chloe is nice and all, but I'd so much rather it be you. I'm flattered, but my schedule at gh is full at the moment. Okay, well, her car is gone. This is what you call keeping an eye on her, is it? I'm sorry, boss. I thought she was with you. Don'T. Just don'T. Well, you better hope she turns back up, or you're gonna be looking for another job in ukraine. You know, there's a part of me that's really proud of brook lynn for refusing to let valentin boss her around. However, as a father -- we have rights. Exactly, exactly. And I know that valentin is worried about the baby, which he should be, given his history of making enemies. Willow: I mean, I can only speak from my experience of dealing with valentin about charlotte. He's a loving, devoted father. I can only imagine he'll be the same way with this baby. Wow. Leave it to you to find a way to bring this family together, especially when there's a child involved. Oh, god. That was a close call. I was like a deer in headlights. If peter would have turned around and -- we don't have that much time, okay? Um, here is the key to the house in beechers corners. Very forward thinking, getting a rental lined up. Okay, uh, how about we go over the plan one more time, just so I know we're on the same page? Okay, so we leave town separately. Yes, so that valentin and peter can't track that we're together. You will leave first, get to the house, uh, set up the supplies. Okay, and then bobbie will come. She'll deliver the baby. I will wait in another room. No, no, no. You're gonna need to help. Oh, no, maxie. I've been watching a lot of videos. I-I don't know. I don't think that I'm cut out for being so up close and personal with a delivery. Okay, look, I know the situation is anything but ideal, but without britt, we have to make it work. Louise's life depends on it. Okay, you're right. Keeping your baby safe is -- is the only thing that matters. And if I have to be a part of the delivery, I'll manage. But you have to manage to string peter along, okay? You have to make him not suspicious. Okay, and you do the same with valentin. Valentin -- he's not so bad. I mean, he hovers, but he means well, and he actually respects me as a person. He's not like some creepy stalker like peter. I'm sorry. No, don't ever apologize for speaking the truth. Peter is dangerous and deluded, and he can't go anywhere near this baby. And he won't, okay? I promise I will meet you in beechers corners.

[ Sighs ] It won't be long now, sweetie, I know your birth is going to be a little unorthodox, but as soon as I know that you're safe from your father, we can be together forever. Sometimes a family dinner is just a family dinner. And other times... it's a diversion. You needed to free jason, and you needed to do it that very night because he needed to be at a very important meeting. I don't know what you're talking about. Carly. I may be out of the game, but that doesn't mean that I don't still hear things. The five families -- they met for the first time since Sonny's death. From what I heard, cyrus was late, but he did show up, and things could have ended very badly for the corinthos family, but apparently they did not. Okay, enough, Ava. If you have something to say, say it. I want to tell you something. After everything I heard -- unofficially, of course -- I have a new appreciation for you. Now, I know that we have a rocky past, but we have a common enemy in cyrus renault, and so I'll tell you again -- if there's anything I can do to help you bring that man down, count me in.

It's true today is not always... nina's a big girl. If she wants to spend time with elijah, then so be it. I thought you were elijah's biggest fan. Oh, I'm quite fond of elijah, but the truth is, I expected you to make a move on nina by now.

[ Both chuckle ] I recognize sparks between two people when I see them. Or maybe you just don't care as much about nina as I thought. No, I definitely... I definitely care about nina.

[ Exhales ]

[ Door opens ] Yes, okay.

[ Exhales ] Come on. Yes! Um...okay. Come on. All right. I'm in. Now let's see what I can find.

brook lynn has notchecked into general hospital. You're not going to call the jail? The jail? Mm-hmm. Uh, no, ned, I was hoping maybe she could resist provoking local law enforcement, given that she's pregnant. Oh, please, don't stop. You were saying? Brook lynn. [ Sighs ] Uh, can I speak to brook lynn alone for a minute, please? I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Don't worry, dad. I've got this. I never doubted that. Okay, so now that we're alone, is this where you tell me that our agreement is off? Well, I'm happy to see this is working out so well. Maxie seems to already trust you. Well, it is a crucial part of my job, gaining a client's trust. You know that, or you wouldn't have hired -- shh! Maxie is the one who hired you. Don't ever let her think otherwise. It's important that you cultivate trust with her so that when the time comes for the baby to be delivered -- I know the plan. I make sure maxie and little louise leave port charles and arrive at the place in podunk. That's pautuck. I like to think of it as an idyllic getaway for my family and I before we vanish to begin our new life, far from the reaches of everyone here who want to keep us apart. Maxie, you and the baby are right on schedule. I can't believe it. It won't be long before I'm holding little louise in my arms, even if it's just... maxie? Is everything all right? Yes, everything is great. Thank you. I'll see you soon. Okay. How'd it go?

[ Chuckles ] Couldn't be better. Good. That's what I was hoping to hear. Did you need me? The lady would like a drink. You can handle that, can't you? What would you like to drink, sasha? Martini, vodka soda? I'll be fine with just sparkling water. You're really taking your recovery seriously, aren't you? More than you know. They certainly seem to have some chemistry, don't they? Uh, yeah. I haven't really noticed before, but something's going on. They're practically giving off sparks. Imagine if they had kids. With her good looks and his determination... that would be a devastating combination. Excuse me, excuse me. Hey, hi, ho. Could I just, uh, steal the face of deception for just one teeny, tiny moment, please? Oh, my gosh. It's him, isn't it? I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I mean, you two were splashed all over "page five." Cyrus renault is your baby daddy, isn't he? I don't know what you heard or who you heard it from, but my main concern is keeping my family safe until jason's exonerated and can assume control of Sonny's business. Jason does seem to have a talent for beating charges, doesn't he? In the meantime, though, if there's anything I can do to help keep avery safe, I'll do it. All you have to do is ask.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Well, I don't see any blood on the floor. I'll take that as a good sign.

[ Chuckles ] Carly and I have reached a new understanding. Please give avery a kiss good night from me. Diane. Ava. Want to tell me what that was actually about? Well... Ava just paid me a compliment.

[ Chuckles ] Well, proceed with caution. When Ava jerome becomes a member of your fan club, it's time to reassess. Don't worry. I don't need Ava's approval, or her help. I know what I'm doing. I'm starting to get worried about lenny. Why don't you, uh -- you should just go check on him, you know, at the clinic. Uh, I'm gonna hold down the fort here. Oh.

[ Telephone rings ] Go see lenny. I'm gonna -- I'll take care of this. If I were a more suspicious person, I would say you're trying to get rid of me. Tan-O. Mike speaking. Hey, Mike, it's nina. Listen, our plan worked like a charm. The police think that it was just an ordinary nixon falls break-in.  And I came through the back door that you left open for me. And thanks to the software that you installed, I have access to elijah's computer. Okay, you know what? Tell me about your victory later, once you get out of there. Uh, did you find anything incriminating? I'm onto something interesting that could lead me to more. No, we don't need more. We need you out of there. No, no, no, I have to print a hard copy of the things that I found, and I have to make sure there's no trace of me being on elijah's computer.

[ Printer whirring ]

Can you do me a favor? Yeah, sure. When you see olivia, uh, can you just tell her how much I enjoyed seeing her today? I got you. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it, too. I hope you're right. I really needed this. Well, I should be getting back to the gatehouse. Um, look, before you go, I just -- I wanted to say thank you. For what? Well, when it looked like ned and valentin were going to, uh, defcon 1, you really stepped in and helped keep the peace. What can I say? Someone has to be the voice of reason in this house. Well, I hope you provide that voice for a very long time to come. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Uh, no, our deal is very much still on. I'm not sure why you would think otherwise. But I realize I can't exactly expect you to give up your life just because I may have made some enemies. Well, welcome to the 21st century, valentin. But I do think I've come up with a perfect solution. Charlotte, yuri, and i will be moving in. That way, we can all be together. Chloe's outside waiting to take you home. I had a chance to talk with her. I like her, maxie. I think you made the right choice picking her to help you out. Yeah, me too.

[ Door opens ] Oh, dr. NAvarro, you remember peter august, the baby's father. Of course. Good to see you again, mr. August. Likewise. If you need to speak with maxie alone, I can step out. Oh, no, it's okay. You can stay. I'm just a little confused, though. I thought you said everything was good with the baby. Is there a problem? No, no, everything's fine. I was checking your birth plan. Dr. Westbourne noted that you're open to inducing. If that's still the case, there's really no reason to wait. I recommend we induce right now. Cyrus is definitely not the father of my baby. And stop trying to figure out who is. I already told you, the father doesn't even know I'm pregnant. Okay, well, then you need to tell him and then let me know as soon as you do. I'll call you later, okay? Feel -- feel better. Thank you so much. Sure. Here you go. Thank you. Um, you know, last time I saw you at gh in the elevator, you said we should talk another time. So how about right now? That night at the garage, you seemed happy. I-I know I was, so if I said or did something wrong, I-I don't want to lose our friendship because of it. Brando, you did not do anything wrong. Well, then, what is it? What's going on? I hear congratulations are in order. Excuse me? I heard you're gonna be a father. You and I have known each other a long, long time, and while I would never presume to speak for Sonny, I can advocate for those two adorable little girls up there, because it's very apparent in the brief time that I have known avery and donna, even to this cold heart, how much they love and rely on you. I love them just as much, and I'll do whatever it takes to protect them. And I know you are more than capable of doing that, but it comes at a price. So I'm gonna talk to you now not just as your lawyer, but as your friend. Yes, of course, I can change some things about your will. But, carly, please don't do anything to change your life, because it's their life, too, and they need you in it. Nina, damn it, get out of there. Just finished printing. I'm on my way. Nina? W-what are you doing here? [ Sighs ]

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