GH Transcript Thursday 5/13/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/13/21


Episode #14700 ~ Sam has to change course. Carly and Jax clash over Joss's safety. Nina goes on a date with Elijah. Gladys overhears a private conversation. Alexis offers to help an inmate.

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[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ] Sasha, hey -- y-- [ Sighs ] You don't look so good. You look kind of awful. Is that why you wanted to meet? Are you using again? No, absolutely not. Okay, then, what's wrong? I'm just... feeling a little "off." Well that much is obvious. What is it? Are you sick? No... I'm pregnant. What are you doing here? It's a little complicated. Can we go somewhere and talk? No worries. I have work to do, anyway. Uh, you remember shawn, right? Of course. How are you? I'm hanging in there. I'll say. He's hanging in for years for a crime that he didn't commit.

[ Clears throat ] Wow!

[ Chuckling ] Yeah? Yeah.

[ Laughs ] Way too good for elijah crowe. Well, it's for a worthy cause. After tonight... yeah? ...We are going to know all of elijah's secrets. Ah. You don't want our daughter to be anything like me? Wow. I mean, that says a lot, huh?

[ Laughs ] I-I don't mean to be harsh -- really? I get that you're worried about josslyn, and I can't deny that things are different right now, but taking cheap shots doesn't help. No, no, I'm just -- I'm trying to get you to see this from my perspective. I mean, it was -- it was bad enough when you were married to the mob -- jason and -- and Sonny constantly in danger -- but now they're both gone. Okay? And -- and you have a -- you have a choice. But -- but instead of taking -- taking the first off-ramp and getting yourself out of the crosshairs, you've gone and done the exact opposite. I know that's what it seems like -- no, no, no -- okay? That's what it is. You've turned yourself into Sonny. C-can't you see? You're no longer collateral damage, carly. You are the target. How did you find us? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay. I got -- you know, I got shot -- britt took care of it -- but I'm okay. Thank god. When I saw the bloody bandages at the safe house... does -- does anybody know you're here? Could you have been followed? Followed? No. I kept my eye out for a tail the whole time. But dante's at the gas and sip two towns over. He -- he saw you? And he's not going to be far behind.

[ Sighs ] We have to get out of here now.

 Do you have any idea who did shoot hayden? No clue. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean, I was sure I was guilty until hayden came to me herself -- said it wasn't me. How did she know that? Not sure. Sam backed it up, but I never got any intel on who the real shooter was. Anyway, I'll -- I'll let you guys talk. Good to see you, nikolas. You, too. What are you doing in here? I thought only inmates and staff were allowed. I can go wherever I want in pentonville. Why? Because of the favor you owe he who shall not be named? I'm no longer working with cyrus renault. Uh, I still don't understand how you found us. Well, this is one of the cassadine properties, and I figured you would know about it because of the time you spent with nikolas. Does, uh, dante know? Not yet. He's here because someone matching britt's description was seen at the gas station buying supplies. It's not going to take him long to put two and two together, but he is stalled for now. Stalled how? I slashed his tires.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. T-thank you for doing that and thank you for just coming here. Yeah, of course. Um... I brought these -- courtesy of spinelli. Yeah. I will be "theresa james," and we better get moving. I've mapped out our route to canada, and there's a bus station between here and the border. We can drop britt off there. If what you're saying is the case -- that I've stepped in for Sonny -- then I would be doing what's best for my family. Wow. All in the hypothetical.

[ Scoffs ] You really got the language down, right? Well, I should, after being around it for 20-plus years. Yeah. This is a repeating nightmare. It really -- it really is. I mean, every time I think that I've gotten through to you maybe just a little bit, to make you see how destructive this life can be, how much better off you would be away from it all... I mean, isn't that -- isn't that what our entire marriage was about, carly? We were in love, we had this amazing family, and we could have kept that going forever. No, we couldn'T. Of course not. Because Sonny was this pit of quicksand that kept dragging you under. Well, now, here you are, miraculously free from all of that, but you've made the conscious choice to go back. Why? You know why. No, I-I honestly don'T. I mean, think of the time that you had with me and then compare that to the time that you had with Sonny. Which...

[ Sighs ] Which was the healthier life? Okay! Stop! With you! You know that! But that's not where we are right now, okay? I need you to hear me. This off-ramp that you think I have, I don'T. All Sonny's death has done has made my position more dangerous. I still don't like the idea of you putting yourself on the line like this. Come on, I am a big girl. What if elijah figures out that this date is a ruse? He won'T. He won'T. I'm sure I seem all sweet and innocent to you, but, you know, I know how to play someone when I have to. Yeah? Yeah. If elijah is behind these robberies, we need to know. Oh, he's involved. I mean, I-I-I saw him paying off his thug. What I want to figure out is why -- why -- what is he gonna get out of ripping off a charity dance? And that's what I plan to find out. So, I can handle this. The real question is, can you handle this? Pregnant?! Well, how did that happen? I mean -- I mean, was it planned? I'm a single, newly recovering substance abuser. Okay, birth control. Did you think about it? Did you use it? Did you tr-- never mind. Don't answer the question. There is a baby on board, and that's all that matters. Can you please lower your voice? You're the first one to know. Really?

[ Gasps ] You're telling me -- I am? Really?

[ Laughs ] I felt I owed it to you after you stuck by me when I was using. Keeping me on as the face of deception when I gave you every reason to bail? That meant everything, lucy. Well -- but now my circumstances have changed. Okay, but did you really actually think deception would distance itself from a-a pregnant, unwed woman? Well, not necessarily, but... okay, this is the 21st century, you know? Well, I just thought that I would give you an out, just because of... well, because of everything. Okay, who's the dad? Who's the father? It's michael, right? It's gotta be michael. It's not michael. Okay...valentin? Cassadine?! I'll take that as a no for an answer. Uh... jasper jacks? He's the dad? He used to be michael's stepfather. Oh, right. Okay, somebody corporate, dashing -- okay, this guy's not really corporate, but he's very dashing -- chase. I would never. His brother? Finn? Well, he's a very successful doctor. It's not Finn. Okay, well, then, who is it? Sasha? Hi. Hello. Are you feeling any better?

Yeah, uh, I'm feeling much better. Thank you. Y-you had me worried the other day. I know. A-and I'm sorry if I-I put you off. I-I -- you just, um... caught me at a bad time -- that's all. I -- well, I'm -- I'm -- I'm glad you're on the mend. Thanks. There you are. Ready to grab a table? Hey. Hi. Mother. Son. I bet you have so much to catch up on, as sasha and I do. So, please, go enjoy your meal. Ta. No need to give us the bum rush.

[ Chuckles ] Take care, okay? You, too. So, baby daddy. Who is the baby daddy? I want to know, and -- wait a minute. Do you not even know who the father is? Yes, I know who it is, but he doesn't, and I'm not ready for him to. Okay, fair enough. So? So, what? How do you want to handle my pregnancy?

[ Sighs ] You know what? Forget about what I said about being jealous, 'cause I wasn'T... I wasn't talking about you -- I was talking about -- I mean, I was talking about you, but I was, you know, talking about, like, I don't like elijah, and, so I wasn't -- right. Mike. You know what I'm getting at. Mike, um, when I asked you the question, if you could handle it, I was really asking if you could handle your part in tonight's plan. Right.

[ Chuckles ] So, do you have everything you need? Yeah, I think so. You have that device? Yeah, I'm well. And have you learned anything about, you know, breaking and entering? Done a lot of reading. Okay. A lot of reading. How come that doesn't fill me with reassurance? I got it. I got it. I got it. Listen to me. I promise you, I'm not as dumb as I look. Oh, Mike. The last thing that I think you are is dumb. Why do you always do that? What? You always look at me like, you know, you know me better than I know myself. Well, that's probably really annoying. [ Chuckles ] No. I like it. Oh. Well, I should be get-- getting going, you know, because I don't want to be late. And, um... okay. I'll see you afterwards. Nina. Yeah? Be careful. You, too.

[ Door closes ] Jax, it's only a temporary situation. Jason's gonna be exonerated, and he's going to come back, and he's going to take over. And when will that be? I don't know. Hopefully soon. Can't someone take over for jason?

[ Scoffs ] No. Why not? Be-- it's not just about protecting my family, jax -- it's about protecting port charles. I mean, think about it. If we weren't in charge, this city would be the biggest drug port on the eastern seaboard. Wholesalers would be slaughtering each other, the gangs would be at war, all trying to get control of the territory. I mean, the only reason this situation has been relatively stable is because Sonny has been in charge. Like it or not, he's kept the peace. Wow, sam, that's so nice of you to make plans for me without asking me first. There's no time for hurt feelings, okay? Dante is back with the pcpd, and my guess is he knows a lot more about Sonny's organization than we think he does, including the safe house locations. But he's got no jurisdiction in canada. Slashed tires are only gonna stop him for so long. If he finds us, we're all screwed, so we've gotta get going. Come on, my car's out back. Sam. Sam. Sam. Jason, don't fight me on this. Listen, I appreciate you coming out here, I do, and all this information a-about dante is helpful, but y-you're not taking me to canada. Jason. You have to go back to port charles and forget that you ever saw us. Nikolas, what is going on? There's been a snag in my relationship with cyrus renault. Define "snag." I started to worry that he wouldn't keep his word to keep you safe in here, so I decided to take action on my own. Which was? Say "hello" to the soon-to-be new owner of pentonville.

You bought pentonville? It's not a done deal, but cassadine industries is in talks with the state to take pentonville private. I wish I would have thought of this before I teamed up with renault, but you know what they say about hindsight. What do you know about running a prison? Not much, but my hr department -- they're on the hunt. They're gonna find the best, most competent people for the job. Okay. So I happen to know something about privately owned prisons -- and some of them are hellholes. Once you establish a-a profit motive, inmates stop being people and they become product, and there's an incentive to cut corners and keep inmates here longer than they need to be. I've worked on a lot of these cases. The -- the violations of human rights are -- are horrible. That's terrible. Truly. But, alexis, do you really think that I would let this place be run by people that would mistreat the prisoners? Have I sunk that low in your eyes? I'm really proud of you. You know, since you've straightened out, you have been the perfect representative of deception -- you've been relatable d reliable and, you know, since that emotional tv interview, you've just been wonderful. And, so, motherhood -- being a mom -- it's -- it's just so beautiful and natural, and... and guess what. What? Pregnant women wear makeup, too, don't they? And there are so many celebrities expecting right now. This should be "the year of the mother." And if it's not, we're going to make it that way. Listen to me, you -- this is wonderful, wonderful news, not just for you, but for deception, too. Really. Sasha looks terrible. You think she's back on the hard stuff? No. I told you it was a bad idea hanging around with her. Mom. I didn't ask you to dinner so you could badmouth sasha. I'm a mother. I worry. And I worry about you. That's sweet, brando, but I'm fine. Are you? Why wouldn't I be? Two words -- cyrus renault. With Sonny gone, the rivals are circling. It is more important now than ever that our organization stays where it is.

[ Sighs ] Obviously, jason should be running things, and he will be, just not right now. Look, I can tell that you believe you're keeping the peace... I am. ...But just because you believe it doesn't mean it's true.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, tell me how you see it. You painting a bullseye on your back -- that's how I see it -- therefore putting yourself and our daughter in danger. Carly, you are josslyn's mother. You're one of the most important people in my life, and you could very well wind up dead. Do you understand that? I'm terrified. I-I really am -- for myself, for josslyn, for donna and avery. Don't you understand how much they need you right now, more than ever? Yes, of course. They're my reason for everything. You have this illusion that if you just hold things together until jason comes back, that everything will be fine. That kind of thinking is ill-advised at any time, but in this situation, it could get you killed. You look fantastic.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Did I already say that? Um, you did. You did. Um, you look great yourself. Well, high praise coming from the editor-in-chief in crimson magazine.

[ Chuckles ] What's that look? Oh, oh. It's just -- it's nothing. It's just, you -- you know so much about my career while I'm completely in the dark about yours. That's not true. You know I'm in commercial real estate. Yeah. Yes, that's true. But in a town that, let's face it, is trending downwards. Oh, isn't that where you come in? Once your piece on nixon falls hits, it'll save the day. Well, that's not for a long time. You know, like I said, the article is not gonna be published for a while. And if I'm to be honest, elijah, I'm feeling a little bit, uh, I don't know, hypocritical about it -- you know, featuring a town that's supposed to be this lovely place. But it just had a violent armed robbery at a local dance, and not to mention the other robberies and all of the vandalism. It's just a shame. Where do you think that crime is coming from? I haven't forgotten where we are, okay? I made the decision to end things for the safety of our kids, and I do not regret that. So this isn't about me wanting to go on the run with you or getting dragged back into that life. This is about me getting danny's father out of the country, because if I don't, jason, they will find you. And when they do, you're gonna get sent back to prison. And you know what happens then? Cyrus kills you. So, please let me get you across the border safely. Then I'll go home. That's all. What if we -- what if we get caught? We won'T. What if we get to the border and you get arrested? You'd be an accessory. You'd be violating your parole. You would go back to prison, and danny and scout would lose both of us.

I'm the fugitive, okay? Whether I dig myself out of this or not, that's on me. I won't let this spill over onto you and the kids.

I convinced myself I was doing the right thing by playing cyrus's game because it meant that you were protected in here, but I realize now that that was a mistake. Nikolas, why? What did -- what did cyrus do? He's talking about spencer as if he knows him, alexis. He's dangling him like a threat.

[ Sighs ] I swear, if he goes anywhere near my son... and then there's Ava and laura and avery. Mm-hmm. And their safety is of the utmost importance to me, just like yours is, so this was my solution. Please, can't you -- can't you just -- can't you muster a little faith in me? Oh. I've got so much faith in you. And this is certainly preferable than you being in league with cyrus. You see? That's the spirit. Besides, since I'm in here, I can keep an eye on things and keep you honest. Of course. I -- there's no doubt that I will be answering to you. Damn straight. Okay, I have to see the warden. I'll be right back. Good luck. Thank you. I remember that look. Oh? Determination. You got a good memory. I am not going to let up until I convince you to fight for your exoneration, alright? Please, sam. Wouldn't be fair -- not to you, especially not to danny and scout. You're right. I can't take that kind of a risk. I'll go. You're taller than me, but I think it will hold up in a pinch. I'll slouch. Good luck. Thank you. Please, please be careful. I will. Oh, and, britt, on behalf of my kids... thank you for saving their father's life. Any time.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Okay, fine, mr. Super expert fugitive man, I get it. You were right. Never stay in one spot longer than 10 hours. From now on, I will set a timer on my phone. From now on, you'll do... you'll do nothing. Your part's done. This is where you cut out. Well, I know you don't want to hear it, but that unpleasantness you just mentioned? All of it took place right after Mike arrived in town. He showed up on the scene, and, suddenly, the tranquility was broken. Am I wrong? Oh, it's just... I looked online, and the uptick of crime was already a thing way before Mike got here. But do we actually know when that was? Mike claims he doesn't remember anything, including where he comes from. Who's to say he wasn't already in nixon falls without us knowing it? Well, the way I understand it, um, Mike was in a pretty bad place when they brought him to the clinic. You know, he was exposed to the elements. A stranger found him in the woods. Yeah, or maybe -- maybe he did that, or someone did that to him on purpose. Maybe trouble follows Mike wherever he goes. Point is... we don't know. Well, all I can say is I don't see the shadiness in Mike -- at least not the kind of shadiness that you're alluding to.

[ Sighs ] You like the guy. Yeah, I do. Yeah, I could tell. And it -- it's got me wondering, is Mike the reason you hesitated when I asked you out?

[ Backpack unzips ] I can do this. I can't believe how confident you are. Why shouldn't I be? Oh, I don't know, because your plan to break jason out of general hospital went about as bad as it could go? It wasn't hard to follow the timeline, carly. Josslyn and I were on our way back from nixon falls and jason went missing, and you, during that time, were completely mia, and we know that because we were trying to desperately get a hold of you. Okay, are you guilt-tripping me now, jax? No, I'm just stating the facts.

[ Scoffs ] God. You thought things were gonna go one way, and they went the complete opposite. I mean, y-you've convinced yourself that if you just keep the plates spinning until jason comes back, that everything will be right with the world. It won'T.

 I've made peace with my situation, alexis. You don't have to be my crusader. I'm not crusading, shawn. Alright, maybe I'm crusading a little bit. I-I just want you to try. Look, I told you, I can't go in front of a parole board if I can't show remorse, and I have no remorse for a crime I didn't commit. Okay, but if you did shoot her, you'd have remorse. So think of that when you go before the parole board.

[ Sighs ] Just get out of here. Y-you need to be with tj, you need to call sam, and -- and -- and you both need to try to find who actually really did shoot hayden and clear your name, and if you can't do it for you, then do it for your son. See, now you're just playing dirty. Is it working? Okay. But I'm not doing it just for tj and me -- I'm doing it because I know if I don't, you'll never stop hounding me. Truer words... darn it! What's wrong? Oh, I just thought -- we missed mother's day. Wouldn't it have been perfect if we could have launched the "year of the mother" deception campaign then? Lucy, I am so grateful to still have a job -- you have no idea -- but you cannot make the announcement until I've figured out what to do about the father. Okay, fine, fine. I'll go with that. But make it snappy. I am so excited about this. Now, you -- you need to eat up. Your baby needs nutrition, okay? Oh, wow. [ Sniffs ] You gotta smell this sea bass. It's, like, garlic and capers. It smells so -- nothing smells good to me these days. Touch of morning sickness? In lying about jason disposing of the murder weapon, you've gotten into bed with someone seriously dangerous. Who said I was lying? Are you really that hard up for cash? But mr. Renault has been so good to you. You have this wonderful, well-paying job. You're -- because he's blackmailing me. Because you told him that I lied about dev being my son. The guy threatens me every single day, and however nice he's acting to you right now, that's just the carrot. The stick is coming. And pretty quickly, you're gonna hit the point where whatever he's paying you isn't worth it.

[ Chuckles ] Are you suggesting that there's something between me and Mike? I-I'm just saying I thought there might be some interest there. After all, you seem to have become fast friends. "Friends" being the operative word. Yeah, but there's a -- there's a familiarity there.

[ Sniffles ] Almost feels like you knew him in a previous life or something. W-well, phyllis likes Mike, and she trusts him, and her opinion of Mike goes a long way with me.

[ Breathes sharply ] So you and Mike aren't romantically involved? No. And it's not heading in that direction? No, not that I'm aware of.

[ Chuckles ] I take it my answer makes you very happy.

[ Sighs ] Very.

[ Lock rattling ] So I guess I won't be needing sam's passport. No, you won'T. But I want to make sure spinelli gets you one of your own. Okay, so...

[ Sighs ] ...We're going to go along with sam's plan? You drop me at a bus depot and I head back to port charles? Why don't we go over my options for what happens when I get there, shall we? Okay, let's see. Um... I can lie and say that you're evil and that you dragged me off at gunpoint, which is, hello, perjury. Or I could tell the truth, which they'll slap me with aiding and abetting. Not that it makes any difference which one I pick, because either way, cyrus is going to kill me. No. No, he's not. How can you possibly guarantee that? Because I will kill him first.

[ Sighs ]You know what's insane? I'm actually reassured because I know you mean that. Look, I-I do want to take you to the bus station, but not so you go back to port charles. So you go to queens point and spinelli picks you up, he takes you to one of Sonny's houses or even the island. Sonny has an island? Yeah, in puerto rico. You'll be safe, you're protected, and you're not a target like you are when you're with me. Are you kidding right now? Britt, you already went a-above and beyond. You want -- you want me to leave you?

[ Sighs ] With an unhealed gunshot wound while I'm off on some puerto rican vacation? No, I'm not gonna abandon you. These are chances that I took for myself! Okay? Do you know how stupid I was to leave the hospital, to break out? I knew that it was the wrong strategy. Carly was losing her mind, so I did it. I knew better. I did it. The fallout's on me...

[ Sighs ] ...And nobody else. I love how this is some big revelation.

[ Scoffs ] I'm not a block of wood, jason. I get the dynamic between you and carly, sort of. You were as enthusiastic about her plan as you would be a root canal, which, if I'm being honest, was a tiny part of why I went along with it. What -- just to stick it to me? I said "a tiny part." Usually, there's no arguing with you -- what you say goes. So it was nice to see the shoe on the other foot, you know? Watch someone order you around for once. No, I don't know.

[ Sighs ] Bottom line -- I didn't have to do any of this, jason. I could have left that safe house, called a rideshare, and been done with it. Okay? But I stayed and operated on you because I wanted to. Because I owed you. You -- you don't owe me. You saved my life. And there's a really good chance I don't have much of one left. So let's see, um, go on the run with you to canada or watch myself deteriorate.

[ Voice breaking ] That's a really tough call.

[ Sighs ] Are you absolutely sure? I'm in this for the long haul. But just curious, um, what is the long haul? Like, do we have a plan or what?

[ Crying ] I can keep the plates spinning as long as I want. Oh, really? Really. Turns out, I'm good at it. All those years watching Sonny and jason allowed me to take what works for each of them and combine it. Well, there it is -- finally, the truth -- you actually like it. This is going to continue, and if jason goes to prison, this is going to continue indefinitely -- am I getting that right? Okay, you know what? I can't tell you what to do, carly. I know that. But what i can do is take my daughter out of this house.

 It's not my fault ms. Carly high-and-mighty put all her eggs in one basket.

[ Chuckling ] I mean, it's ridiculous. Everything is jason this and jason that. And then, oops, he went and killed somebody and then proved it by running away. Again -- not my fault. I'm just reporting what I saw -- which is my civic duty. Who do you think you're talking to? If you could see any further than your own petty motives, you would have realized who you're dealing with and steered clear. So I hope it was worth getting one over on carly, because as soon as cyrus has no more use for you anymore, you're done. I thought this was for making up for you missing mother's day, but you obviously brought me here just to browbeat me. No, thank you.

[ Sighs ] Okay, breathe in this. It's citrus. Breathe it in. It really helps. It helped me when I was pregnant with serena. Come on. Excuse me. No. You didn't even try it. You didn't e-- hey, it's me. W-wait, just -- stop. I have some absolutely wonderful news. Nope, I'm not gonna tell you. I can't disclose it, but I have this fabulous idea for a new ad campaign for the face of deception -- I'm calling it "the face of conception." Alexis: How'd it go? The warden is handing over staff records so my hr department can vet them -- make sure they're right for my new vision of pentonville. Good. I got good news, too. Yeah? Shawn has decided to go to his parole hearing and fight for his freedom. Your aunt's relentless.

[ Sighs ] That's one of her best qualities. Yeah, I figure if I do get out of here, I can do right by hayden -- nail the person who shot her and thought they got away with it. Hi, it's sasha gilmore. I'm a patient of dr. NAvarro. I was wondering if she could prescribe something for morning sickness. Oh, great, thank you. I will be expecting her e-mail.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Okay, we're gonna cross the border into canada. And go where? I know a place. Jason morgan, scarce on the details. I'm shocked. Does the car have gas? I filled it up. Okay, we should be able to make it one tank. Let's go. Hold on, we need the keys.

[ Keys jingle ] How'd you get those? Look, we don't need to have this argument again. Uh, yes, we do, 'cause I'm driving. No, no, no, no, no, you are a terrible driver -- I am a great driver. You are so aggressive, you switch lanes too much, you go too fast -- it's not -- oh, I'm sorry. I thought we were running from the law. My bad. Well, we're trying not to draw attention to ourselves, and that's what your driving does. Fine. I will do better. I promise. I will drive in the middle lane, and I will go the speed limit. Hello. Who has the critical gunshot wound? Not you. You want to get into canada alive? That won't happen if you pass out behind the wheel. Hand 'em over. Please, jason. I really need you to trust me.

[ Chuckles ] I won't allow josslyn to be exposed to this anymore. She's coming home with me. Because you say so? No, because it's the smart thing to do. Have you talked to josslyn about this? No. So you have no idea her thoughts on the matter.

[ Scoffs ] I know she wants to live. Our daughter is going to college soon. She's going to be living on her own. Josslyn is all grown up, so maybe this is something she should get to weigh in on. Fine. Great. Great, then we'll leave it up to josslyn. Mm-hmm.

[ Door opens, slams shut ] I'm glad we got that straightened out. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Means...I can do something that I've wanted to do for a while now. Oh?

[ Lock rattling ]

[ Security alarm blaring ]

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