GH Transcript Wednesday 5/12/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/12/21


Episode #14699 ~ Jax confronts Carly. Britt opens up to Jason. Dante makes a decision about his future with the PCPD. Nikolas puts a plan in play. Curtis and Portia grow closer.

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[ Shower shuts off ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] Ugh, I am so sorry I'm running late. Have you been waiting for me very long? Oh, no, I just got here. But I've decided whatever dessert we get, I want it to be on fire. Let's go. Okay. Um, why don't you go ahead and grab a table? I'm gonna run over and say hi to curtis really quickly. Uh, but curtis can wait. Our table is ready and waiting. Babe, I'm sure they'll seat you without me. I-I'll be right behind you. Go ahead.

[ Chuckles ] What is all this? Sorry to leave, but... no, I know. You have a pressing engagement. And you've taken all the necessary precautions, I hope? You know cyrus will have all of his people in place. I've covered all of my bases. I promise. It's time that we stop looking over our shoulders and cyrus renault started looking over his. You can't give it up, can you? Give up what? Being a lawyer. Word is you were instrumental in helping your cellmate prep for her parole hearing. I can't drink here. Allow me one vice.

[ Chuckles ] Anyway, parole hearings aren't really that complicated. You just have to take responsibility for what you did, say you've learned a lesson, and show remorse for the crime. And maggie did that, so... here's hoping. I'm gonna really miss her as a cellmate. I liked her. Never know who you're gonna get next, right? Mm. But I'm really happy for her if she gets out. Isn't your parole coming up soon? I think it is, and if you need a lawyer, you got one. Thanks, but, um... I won't be attending my parole hearing.

[ Knocking ] Detective falconeri, reporting for duty. Welcome back, detective. So, uh... I think you'll be wanting this.

[ Sighs ] See you've missed it. Yeah, you know, I didn't realize how much until I came back for that "one case." Yeah, I think that was mac's strategy all along. I think he knew once you were back, you'd want to stay. He was right. Glad to hear it. Now let's get to work. Hi. Hi. You know, I can just pretend that you're thrilled to see me. I'm always glad to see you. Mostly. I just wish we didn't have to do this today. I know, sweetheart, but your mother and I agreed that we can't put it off any longer and that decisions have to be made, so... jax. Hi. Thanks for coming. I know things have been a little hectic lately. That's one way of putting it. Well, jocelyn is the priority, and I was hoping you could help me convince our daughter to stop putting off planning her life. So, the two fake janitors enter dr. Westbourne's office here. And here's footage of jason morgan and an orderly leaving the 10th floor. Now... wait for it...

[ Dramatic music plays ] What the hell? Jason's made it out, and he turns around and runs right back in? Mm-hmm. And where did he go? Britt westbourne's office. He could've gotten away. Free and clear. All he had to do is keep going. Though I don't think the same could be said for britt westbourne. Spinelli. Yeah, the passports are perfect. Jason is probably avoiding Sonny's safe houses, but I think britt might know a place. The cassadines own some property east of elmira -- nature preserve. It's a perfect place for two fugitives to hide. Well, if I -- if I got it wrong, I've wasted an afternoon, but if I got it right, I could help jason get away. I don't want to push you. I mean, un-under other circumstances, I wouldn't even ask. Under most circumstances, you don't even talk. So can we just pretend these are those circumstances? Okay, but we're on the run. And if something's wrong, I need to know what it is if I'm gonna protect you. That's actually... very sweet of you. But, um... if this is what I think it is, no one can protect me. I'm sick, jason. I have huntington's disease.

Huntington's disease. Mm. Are you sure? Yeah. My father had it. I remember. Well, as luck would have it, huntington's is hereditary. If you have the genetic markers for the disease, it's not a matter of if you get sick and die, but when. And you have the markers? I have a 50/50 chance. So, you don't -- you don't know? Well, my mother insisted that I get the test. But I lied and told her that I did and that I was negative. I know it sounds crazy, but I... I didn't want her to worry. And I wasn't ready to make the call. It's not like I can do anything about it anyways. So I just decided to stay in the dark. But it turns out... huntington's likes the dark. Look, we both know how badly you wanted to attend southern coastal university. But that is looking less likely. Meanwhile, you've been accepted into three other excellent schools, all with volleyball programs. You're gonna have to make a choice. So, olivia hooked me up with the metro court's pr person. We've been talking, uh, promotional strategies and how to build till opening night. Wow, that sounds promising. I mean, metro court events are always packed. I'm sure they'll be able to put some magic together for you. Yeah, well, here's hoping. I know I got to pull out all the stops with this. I just need all the right people to show up. And I'm on the list? Right at the top. Cyrus is an egotistical, narcissistic thug. Yes. But do not underestimate him. He thinks that he can hold alexis and avery over our head? No. Cyrus may cling on to the fact that he's my mother's brother, but he's about to meet my father's side of the family. That's one of the janitors from britt's office. He's the one we found shot in the garage. What happened to the other guy? No trace of him. Hm. Well, the wreckage in britt's office indicates there was a fight in there. Yeah, which means that morgan, instead of getting away minutes earlier, went back in and interrupted these two men from attacking britt westbourne. Question is, how does he know she's being attacked when he's in the garage? What's the connection between them? Well, there's something else. Computer forensics looked at her access logs. Britt westbourne recently made several failed attempts to log in to the G.H. Lab database. Chief of staff is locked out? I give you one guess as to who. Oh, renault. Mm-hmm. She must have done something to piss him off. Hm. So, maybe she starts questioning what's going on in the lab, he locks her out, sends his guys after her, jason figures that out and goes in to get her. So it looked like a kidnapping to cameron webber... but really, jason was rescuing britt from renault's guys. Well, we have no way of proving who they worked for, considering one of them is in the morgue and the other will probably wind up there if we ever find the body. So, not only does it look like jason saved britt's life, but from what we found in the safe house, it seems that britt saved jason's life, too.

So, jason's gonna disappear until that gunshot wound he's got is healed. And that's why I'm so glad you're back on the job. You understand how morgan thinks. Find him. Also, someone matching britt's description was seen at a gas station buying medical supplies 50 miles southeast of elmira. I'm gonna go check that out now. Okay. Keep me posted. Will do. Hey, dante. Stay safe. Copy that. Now you've lost me. Why would you serve a full term if you didn't have to? You're a model prisoner.

[ Chuckles ] If they give you a parole hearing, you take it. And if -- if you need a lawyer, my schedule's free. Yeah. Knowing you, you'll probably help me even if I don't let you. That's harsh, but true. To be granted parole, you need more than just being a model prisoner. You need to show the board that you've learned your lesson here. You... they want to see your remorse. And?

[ Sighs ] I'm far from an innocent man. I know that. But I can't show remorse for a crime I didn't commit. All I'm saying is, I wish I could say more. I really do.

[ Laughing ] Really? Yes, I can see that. But I don't want to ruin any surprises that may or may not be in store for my many, many patrons. That's fine. That's fine, because I'm very anti-spoiler. Good. You know, I really like seeing you this happy. It looks good on you.

[ Chuckles ] You know what it's reminding me of? The night that we met. Oh, when I approached you at the bar. Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah. What was the immortal line that I used? "Um, excuse me. This is a cop bar, and you don't seem like a cop."

[ Laughs ] How could you resist that? And what did I say? Oh, yeah. You said, um... "no, I'm a doctor." Uh-huh. "And how could you tell I wasn't a cop?" Mm-hmm. And then I said -- you said that you used to be a cop and you can always tell one of your own. God, you were in such a good mood that night. You had just gotten your three-year chip. Mm-hmm. And I remember thinking, "why?" Why, why am I celebrating at a bar? Right. And I explained to you that I was a recovering addict, not an alcoholic. So every year for my anniversary, I like to -- you would go to a bar just to prove that you were in control. And then I said -- you said, "are you always in control?"

[ Laughs ] And then I said -- "only about this. The rest of me... is free."

[ Both laugh ] Why did you leave the bar with me? I don't know. Wow. No, you were... you were sober and sexy. And I honestly assumed I would never see you again. Yeah? Damn. Why'd you leave with me? Because I was sober, you were sexy, and... I assumed I would have to see you again. Hi. Is this a private viewing party or can I join you? Oh, Ava. I-I-I was just -- you were watching your mother with curtis ashford. You want to tell me why that's got you so upset?

[ Sighs ] I really thought that if southern coastal saw me play in the state tournament, that they'd change their mind and accept me. So I started over-practicing. Then I injured myself. And then I made a dumb decision, injured myself even more. So, now I'm just completely out of the running. I know it's a bummer, but look at the bright side. There is no bright side, mom. Jax: Yeah, sure there is.

[ Sighs ] I mean, this -- this whole problem with scu is officially behind you, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. Your foot will heal, and you will get to play volleyball for the school that you choose to go to. And if you don't like it, you can always apply to transfer. Maybe even to scu. Yeah, if they even want me. Or somewhere else. Look, going to an alternate school, joss -- it is a change of plans, but it's not a change in direction. You're still moving forward. Your dad's right. You may discover that this is the best thing that could have happened to you. And like it or not, you have other options out there.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, I have to take this. I'm sorry.

[ Ringing continues ] Hey. I need three more men on the docks and two more at the warehouse. You got to keep your eyes open. I know cyrus is gonna retaliate. Okay. Let me know when the next shipment is expected. Thanks. Okay, sorry. Where were we?

You know what? We don't need to do this now. Uh, yes, we do. Look, all of these schools have waitlists with students waiting for a place, just like you were waiting for a place to get in to scu. So, out of courtesy to them, you also need to make a decision. You know what? You're right. There's no reason to wait any longer. I want to go to pcu. At the very least, uh, Trina will be thrilled. Well, I'm thrilled. Selfishly, of course. I mean, you'll be closer, which is great. Yeah, but not too close. Now we have to talk about the dorm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, hold on one second.

[ Inhales sharply ] Oh, I need to take this. One second. I'm sorry, are we interrupting something? You have something more important to do? I can text. I can text. It's -- it's just... okay, sorry. Business. [ Chuckles ] Hotel business? Coffee business? Or other business? When we were together, you had just finished residency and you were working nonstop. Oh, yeah. [ Scoffs ] Sometimes I still feel like I'm working nonstop. Yeah, I have great respect for people who do the tough stuff, who show up wherever they're needed, no matter what the circumstances are. Okay. Is this some sort of residual guilt because you're not a cop or a P.I. Anymore, or...? Mnh-mnh. I made those choices. Well, I made the choice to quit being a P.I. I made other choices that ended my career as a cop. But... you know, even the messy cases... mm-hmm. ...They helped someone. So now that I'm moving away from that, I'M... curtis, stop.

[ Chuckles ] It's okay that you wanted to make a change in your life. And it's certainly okay for you to actually enjoy it. And as far as helping other people, I mean... whenever anyone you care about is in need, you will show up. Family, friends. I mean, even Trina, and all she does is yell at you. Well, I think we've gotten past that. Mostly. Yeah. You even help out your exes. Portia? Mm? Where'd you go?

[ Sighing ] The hospital parking garage. Jordan. Yeah. Talk about somebody who has the guts to walk into the worst situation time and time again. I mean, I-I can't stop thinking about it, how jordan talked cameron webber into handing her the gun that he had picked up. You know cameron. He's such a good kid. I mean, he... I'm sure he was terrified and in shock. There are so many ways that that situation could have gone wrong... yeah. ...If jordan hadn't kept her cool. Yeah. Cameron is lucky to be alive. Yeah, he is. Thanks to jordan. I got a lot of respect for her. I mean, I don't mind that my mom and curtis are friends. You sure about that? No, I-I really don'T. But curtis and commissioner ashford are getting a divorce, and I feel like it's partly my fault. No. Oh. No, sweetheart. No, I'm certain it's not. Well, I said partly. And I'm starting to think that my mom also might be part of the problem. Why would you plead guilty to a crime that you didn't commit? It's not the first time anyone has ever done that, as I'm sure you know. Yes, I've done many a plea deal on both sides of the courtroom. And innocent people typically plead guilty to avoid jail time, not get more of it. Why would you do something like that? Look, to be honest, I believed I was guilty at first. I took a shot at someone. Someone else got hit. I was arrested. Seemed pretty open and shut. Why would you not fight it and let the court prove that you did it? I mean, my god, there's diane, there's me -- there's any number of decent attorneys that could argue reasonable doubt. It came down to a simple decision. Take the deal jordan arranged with the D.A. Or do the time. What was the offer on the table? Turn state's evidence against Sonny or accept my sentence. But Sonny didn't force me to be where I was or do what I did. It was my choice. And these are the consequences. I started getting these tremors in my hands a few months ago. And they only happened every now and then, so I figured that m-maybe it was stress or... I don't know. Not huntington'S. I knew there was a possibility, but I-I mean, it could be anything. Anyway. That was then, and... this is now, and... now the tremors come more often and they're not as easy to stop. And sometimes I just have to wait for them to pass. But it -- it could still be something else. I mean, you haven't tested for the marker, so you don't -- you don't know for sure. Well, I was -- I was finally ready to know. I-I even had a-a test lined up, but... then things, you know, they -- they got so crazy and we went on the run, and... it's fine. I-I can reschedule. And, uh, how -- how fast does huntington's, uh, progress? As fast as it wants. Or as slow. There's no predicting. I could be symptom-free u-until I'm 40 or 50 or 80. Then this started. Involuntary movements are a big part of huntington'S. Of course, other symptoms are far more insidious. I mean, faison is the -- the poster boy for the huntington's-related cognitive and -- and psychiatric disorders. You're not gonna become your father. You don't know that. Neither do I.

 I don't have any other business. Okay? Listen, josslyn, what I meant is that maybe it's not too late to room with Trina. We can coordinate with her. Mom, you don't need to do this. Do what? Pretend like everything is normal when it's not. Jason is missing. He's injured. Cam pointed a gun at him. Okay, that's a little more important than housing in the fall. I understand everything that's going on, josslyn. But right now, you have to worry about your future. My future can wait a day or two. Our present is a disaster area. Honey, I think it's so wonderful that you are worried about the people that you care about and that you love. But right now, you need to worry about yourself. I decided to go to pcu. Isn't that enough for tonight? I'm gonna call Trina.

[ Sighs ] Okay, I guess we can send in the deposit. I just don't know why she's so upset. Well, maybe it has to do with you being more concerned with, uh, business interruptions than with her. That's not true. Do you want to tell me what was so important that it couldn't wait? 'Cause I know it wasn't the hotel. Olivia's there, and your assistant. Do you ever think that maybe josslyn is not comfortable with her mother running an organized crime enterprise from the living room? I understand that this is overwhelming. Not just the possibility that you have the disease, but the uncertainty. Yeah, that's um...

[ Sniffles ] ...That's a big part of it, whether I have it or not. I mean, you do -- you do have -- have a tremor, but like you said, it could be something else. Come on, you have to admit, I have very good reason to be afraid. I mean...

[ Sobs ] As terrifying as it was to nearly be drugged to death, then -- then dragged through a hail of gunfire, we weren't powerless. You know, we could -- we could fight back and we could run for our lives. And -- and we did. And it worked. Or at least we think it did.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sobs ]

[ Crying ] But you can't fight huntington'S. You can't escape it. You can't grab my hand and help me outrun it. Damn it. You recognize this woman, or no? I don't know. She's pretty memorable, so, uh, take your time. This the woman who bought the first-aid kit? It's important I speak with her. She's a person of interest in a high-profile incident. Look, I'm just not sure. Okay. She's with a suspected murderer, also, so her life is in jeopardy potentially. So anything you can think of to tell me -- sam: Dante! Hey. You and I need to talk. Sam! Well, if you're here, I know I'm on the right track. Excuse me just a minute. I'll be right with you. What are you doing out here on this lonely stretch of freeway tonight? Dante. No, no, no. You know what? Don't tell me, after all. You just get back in your car, drive back to port charles before you get arrested and have your parole revoked, which would be very detrimental to your case, not to mention my mother. She probably wouldn't talk to me for about a whole month. Okay, while I appreciate your concern for the safety of my children, and I'm really grateful that your mom is on my side, what possible grounds do you think you have to arrest me on? Driving? I don't know. I'll think of something. I don't know, interfering with a police investigation, maybe? Do you realize that those charges won't have a prayer of sticking? Diane will have them dropped and probably file a harassment suit on top of it. All of which is gonna take a lot of time -- probably most of the night. Mm. And whoever you might be looking for would be long gone by tomorrow. Mm. Or you have another choice. And what's that? We work together. Well, I better get back to Trina. We are actually celebrating. Oh? She got into pcu. What?!

[ Laughs ] Well, okay! Well, um... give her a big congratulations from me. I will. I will. The thing is, I finally get why commissioner ashford and my dad did what they did. They went behind all our backs to protect me so cyrus renault couldn't use me against them. Well, that sounds a lot more like cyrus' fault than yours. Well, the commissioner told me she kept too many secrets for her marriage to work. So then I went to curtis' new nightclub to talk and to ask him maybe to forgive her. And then my mom was there. Well, they're obviously friends. It's not a surprise that your mom would visit him. Why? What did they say when they saw you? They didn'T. My mom was so busy helping curtis take off his wedding ring that she didn't even notice I was there. So I just left. Take off his wedding ring, huh? And you've been stewing on that ever since. It's so stupid. Trina, your mom's an adult. She is entitled to her privacy. But I also think that she would -- she'd be honest with you. She would tell you the truth. All you have to do is ask. I'm so sorry. That took longer than I expected. Hi, Ava. Hi, portia. So, what are you guys talking about? It was one phone call and a text, jax, okay? People needed decisions made. What people? It doesn't matter. Oh, I think it does. Especially if those decisions involve breaking the law. They didn'T. Am I supposed to take your word for that?

[ Laughs ] What, are you saying you don't believe me now? You don't trust me? Should I? Look, you and I have always agreed, a long time ago, that we should be honest with each other when it comes to what's best for josslyn. Right. You want to know what I'm doing? I'll tell you. I'm protecting our daughter.

no. Just like that? Yeah, just like that! The last time we worked together -- what was that, yesterday? -- You totally screwed me over. Now I don't trust you anymore. Okay. Okay, I deserve that. Yeah, you do. Look, even if I did trust you in general, I wouldn't trust you with this. Are you gonna tell jason that he should turn himself in? No, of course not. Yeah, see, that's the wrong answer. No, it's the absolute right answer. Mnh-mnh. Because if jason goes to prison, you know he's a dead man. Then we'll put him in protective custody. That's not gonna happen, dante.

[ Sighs ] How about this? We find them. Mm-hmm? You take britt back to port charles, tell commissioner jordan that you rescued her and jason got away. Oh, no, no. It's way more believable if we bring jason in 'cause he's got a gunshot wound, and we say britt got away. Dante, please. Jason is an innocent man. You know that. Peter august killed franco and most likely is working with cyrus. Take britt. Let me take jason somewhere safe. That's not how I operate. You know that. Detective? Yeah. I do remember something about that woman you were asking me about. Great. Okay. I'll be right back. I would love it if you were here when I am. Fine. So, what else do you remember? She came in, she brought a first-aid kit, and then what? This woman came in and she bought two to-go coffees.

[ Engine starts ]

[ Vehicle departing ] Well, I've got good news and bad news, and they're both the same. Shawn, Sonny's dead. You don't have to lie to protect him anymore.

[ Inhales deeply ] Just tell me what went down so that we can work on a parole hearing strategy together. As usual, counselor, you make a great case, but this just doesn't concern you. Actually, it does concern me because my daughter and your son are domestic partners, which makes us family. So if you're telling me that -- that a member of my family serving time in prison for a crime he didn't commit is none of my business, you'd be wrong.

[ Knock on door ] Curtis. What brings you by? I wanted to check on you. I know you've had a rough couple of days.

[ Scoffs ] That's a major understatement.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I also heard that you were quite the hero with cameron webber. Oh, I don't know about hero, but cameron got himself into a bad situation, and I talked him down. Well, he's lucky that, um -- that you found him. Not every cop would be so quick to de-escalate. Thanks. I appreciate you checking in on me. Is that for me? Oh, it's joss! Can I take this? I know you just sat down. Sure. Just not at the table. Hey, joss, what's up? I thought you'd like to know I officially accepted the offer to go to pcu. Oh, my gosh! That's the best! Yeah. Um... I'm really glad that we're gonna be going together. And if cam decides to join us, even better. Thank you so much for keeping an eye on Trina while she was waiting. Oh, it's my pleasure. You know I love spending time with Trina. Yeah. I must say, though, I had no idea that she was such a romantic. We should get going. No. W-we've been through this. There's no way anybody can trace you here. The cops probably figured out that you're not my hostage by now, and they're gonna start looking at places connected to you. Okay, well, even if they do, nikolas and I haven't been together for ages. It doesn't matter, britt. You -- you bought the medical supplies. First-aid kit. Okay. Well, the -- the attendant could have noticed you and informed the police. Paranoid much? Even if they didn't, we're over the 10-hour limit. Okay. Fine. If you insist. Where to? I'll tell you when we get there.

 Me on, shawn, let me justlook into your case -- alexis, please. I can't! You know I can'T. I can'T. I'm -- I'm an advocate. I'm a lawyer. I can't just sit by and let an innocent man go to prison for something he didn't do.

[ Door opens ] Nikolas.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing here? You don't have to look at them today, but -- soon. Our divorce papers. I can't believe this is really happening. I mean, I knew it was, but I... this just makes it, um... so real. Yeah. Thanks for bringing them by.

[ Sighs ] Take care, jordan. You too.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] I've never thought of my daughter as particularly romantic. You remember what it was like at her age, though, right? Mm, vaguely. Seeing people that we know getting along just fine and then... a smile, followed by a hair flip and a laugh.

[ Both laugh ] We just assume there's an attraction. Right. Speaking of romance, where is that handsome husband of yours? Oh, he had a business meeting tonight. Mm. We are planning a night out, though, together at the opening of the savoy. Will you be there? Everything about home is driving me crazy right now. If you'd be into it, would you want to put in to room together? Joss?

Joss. Yeah. Yes. Yes, let's do this. I'm so ready to get out of here. Jax: Hey, I see it. I see you working overtime to protect josslyn. But do you understand it's the things that you're involved in that put her in harm's way? I would never do that. And yet you are. You know, you're not the only one who wants to protect josslyn. Or can protect her, for that matter. I know you can protect her. Right. But not as well as you. I guess we'll have to see. Look, I'm gonna ask josslyn to move out of here and stay with me until she goes off to college. And after the conversation we just had -- okay, that would be a huge mistake. I told you that this compound is the safest place for her. Yeah, the thing is, she shouldn't have to live in a compound. She shouldn't have to live a life where she's surrounded by armed men to protect her. Well, that's too bad, because that's the situation we're in, jax. Yeah, and whose fault is that? 'Cause it's not Sonny's anymore. He's gone, right? So who does that leave? It's unbelievable. You've changed. I am trying to protect my family! Right -- cyrus renault, the five families, rival factions... you know, none of them would matter if you were just importing coffee and running a five-star hotel.

[ Scoffs ] I-I used to think how wonderful it would be if our daughter turned out just like you, you know, with your heart and your passion. But seeing what you're becoming... I don't want my daughter to be anything like you.

[ Car door closes, alarm chimes ] What the...? Son of a bitch. So, are you gonna give me directions? No, I'm gonna drive. Uh, yeah, no. The very last thing I need is for you to pass out behind the wheel. I won'T. I know you won'T. 'Cause I'm driving.

[ Sighs ]

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