GH Transcript Tuesday 5/11/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/11/21


Episode #14698 ~ Jordan and Portia have poignant conversation about the challenges they face. Trina shares her experiences of racism with Cameron. Sam insists on helping to find Jason. Michael and Willow put their relationship on hold. Maxie is deceived.

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[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Cameron, put the gun down.

[ Hurried footsteps approaching ] Stand down. I've got this. Stand down! I'm going to lower my gun. Okay, cameron. Now it's your turn. Put the gun down. Portia: Jordan? Is everything okay?

[ Sighs ] Wiley crashed immediately. Like that last building he built? Yeah, no, he's -- he's quite the little builder. Until he turns into a one-man wrecking ball and starts destroying everything he just put up. Excuse me. What we just put up.

[ Both mutter indistinctly ] If I have to lie around, I might as well lie around in my own apartment. But I need access to you here. Why? So you can keep poking me with needles? Sorry, am i interrupting? Yes, thankfully. Can you please tell Finn to discharge me so I can be bored at home? I-I don't have that authority. Can I steal him for a second, though? Yeah, be my guest. Thanks. Stay.

[ Monitor beeping ] Can't blame him for feeling that way, you know? He still has no idea he's been poisoned.

[ Sighs ] And despite finding a cure for one of the nastiest diseases on the planet, I still can't do a damn thing to help my own son.

[ Sighs ] Mic check. Mic check. Chloe, do you copy? Chloe: Copy. All good to go.

Excellent. I want you to do exactly as we discussed. Hello. Nurse jennings? That's me. Come on in. It's so nice to meet you. Ugh, voicemail again. Britt, where are you? Oh, brook lynn.

[ Sighs ] Just who I was hoping to see. Good to see you, too, step-bro. What's up? Just wondering why you've been calling britt westbourne's phone six times in the last 12 hours. I was just thinking about cameron webber. I'm not sure if you heard about what happened. Yeah, it was all over the hospital this morning. I actually don't think Trina knows because the news didn't identify the possible shooter, but... are you doing okay? Me? Sure. Really? Because I don't know how in the world you could be. Thanks, frank. Sam. What brings you by? Hey, I just wanted to see how you and the kids were doing. And find out why you were having me followed. Maybe I should have been a surgeon after all. I did a better job on you than I thought. Which is fortunate, since there's nothing in this kit I could have used to re-suture the wound. Thank you for, uh, changing the bandages. I don't -- I don't think I could have done it by myself. Wait, did -- did you just admit to needing my help?

[ Laughs ] I appreciate everything you're doing for me. But you're convinced you could survive without me, huh? I mean, I don't have to. You -- you came back. Try to rest. We need to move in a couple of hours. No, we don'T.

Oh, cam! Hi! Hey. Why haven't you gotten back to me? Oh, were you with joss? W-why -- why are you asking? Did she say anything? Uh, we haven't talked since we got back from pennsylvania. She's been really worried about jason. Oh, sorry. Is that, like, a forbidden topic? Not anymore. I know that jason didn't kill franco. Well, I'm glad to hear that. And I'm sure joss was glad to hear it, too. Yeah, I don't know how joss feels about me right now. Trina, I did something really stupid. With joss? No. I-I-I -- I mean, yes, it affected her, but it was about so much more. Cam, just tell me. I picked up a gun, and I started to point it at jason. I didn't shoot him, but -- [ Stammers ] I got arrested anyway. I take it, uh... you weren't in the hospital last night? Oh, no, no, no. I was, um -- it -- it doesn't matter, but I-I am very clear on what happened. I heard that you deescalated a highly volatile situation to make sure that no one got hurt. And by "no one," I mean cameron. I came onto the scene with my gun drawn, and there was cameron webber pointing a gun straight at me. I ordered him to put the gun down, but he didn't respond. The look on his face, he was frozen. Just pure panic. Four of my officers arrived, and I ordered them to stand down, but cameron was still holding the gun. I just remember thinking I would do whatever it took to -- to keep him from getting shot, yeah. Have you ever been in some kind of situation like that before? Oh, sure, I have.

[ Laughs ] Baltimore, other places. But the kids -- the men and the women... ...they didn't look like cameron. They looked like tj and Trina. I-I-I don't really have any good news, I'm afraid. I, uh, traced the scientist who created the original poison for faison, but he died several years ago. I'm hoping maybe I can find one of his associates. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Thanks. Yeah. How's the research going with you? Uh, tried to analyze the residue in the vial of the antidote you got for chase. The compound is very volatile. It starts to deteriorate as soon as you break the seal. Oh. Um, I guess that makes it almost impossible to duplicate, right? So, unless I get a breakthrough, I guess we are at peter's mercy, aren't we? James is a very active little boy. He has a babysitter, but I may need help with snacks from time to time. Oh, not a problem. I love kids. And privacy is very important to me. I value discretion above all else. "I understand completely. I'm extremely discreet with all my clients." I completely understand. I'm extremely discreet with all of my clients.

So, I would expect

strict confidentiality

with anything

regarding my health

or something you see or hear

while working for me. Of course. So, given all of this, how would you go about your job with me? "My number one goal is to provide you with the best medical care that I can." While allowing you as much autonomy over your life as possible. I want to help you maintain a normal life -- "as you prepare for your child's birth." You'll call the shots. I'm only here to provide support and peace of mind. Well said. [ Laughs ] Well, I've -- I've checked with your references, and everyone just raves about you. Mm. So, you've got the job, chloe. Oh, thank you!

[ Laughs ] Well, I -- I promise to do my best for you and your daughter. Wait, um, how did you know I'm having a girl? Ohh, we can'T. We agreed. [ Sighs ] Right.

[ Clears throat ] Sorry. Actually, n-not -- not entirely sorry, 'cause I, uh, couldn't help myself. Neither could I.

[ Sighs ] But chase is so vulnerable right now.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Right. Yeah, chase has to be the priority right now. Your missed calls were logged on her phone. Yeah, britt's an obgyn. I want her to, um, deliver my baby. Well, now that she's taken off with jason, that's not gonna happen. See, I made a tail earlier this morning. And, at first, I thought it was one of renault's guys, but I got a closer glimpse, and I realized it was trent, which is one of your guys. So, is there some sort of threat against me I should know about? I have kids to worry about, carly. It's a precautionary measure. Anyone close to jason is being protected from a possible retaliation from cyrus. Jason. Do you know where he is? Is he okay? He was shot. But he is okay. And he is safe, and that's all I know. Is that all you know, or is that all you're willing to tell me?

[ Monitor beeping, footsteps approaching ]

[ Sighs ] I'm gonna take off now, all right? Next time I come, I'll bring you some cookies from kelly'S. Why would you do that? I'm going home today. Yeah, all in good time, I'm sure. No, willow's -- willow's on her way to pick me up, yeah. She's gonna pick me up as soon as she gets here, and we're gonna go back to how it used to be. I'm excited. I can get dressed again. Oh, that feels nice. Oh, my god, you're burning up.

[ Gasps ] Finn. Finn.

 Please help me get this off. No, no, no, no, no. Willow's gonna be here soon. Just wait for Finn. Hey, what's going on? Hey, Finn, would you please help me? Just get this off. I need it off. He's burning up. He's burning up. Ge-- stop, stop. Listen, hold still, okay? All right? I gotta do this in order to release you, okay? Okay. All right.

[ Thermometer beeps ] 105. Make the call. He needs another dose. It's okay. It's gonna be okay. I never mentioned I was having a girl, so how did you know? I could tell by the way you were carrying. I-I've worked with so many moms-to-be that I've gotten pretty good at predicting it.

I'll say.

[ Laughter ] When can you start? Right away. Right away. It will help me a lot if we can limit our contact to just spending time with wiley. Nothing else. All right, so, just -- just avoid being alone with each other in the same room at all costs? Too risky. Whenever we're alone, I just want to... yeah. Me too.

[ Sighs ] But we can'T. Do you think britt's in any danger? Uh, t-they don't know if she's a hostage or not. But I think she's fine. Britt takes care of britt. Well, that doesn't sound like an unbiased assessment. You really think you should be handling this investigation? I think I can handle it fine, personal feelings aside. Oh, personal feelings about a woman who helped herself to an embryo that you and lulu made... yeah. ...And then carried the baby on her own to term and tried to pass the baby off as her own? Mm-hmm. I could see how that might mess with your objectivity. Yeah, well, I have a problem with a woman trying to keep a child away from its rightful parent. Like your mom kept you from Sonny, or kept leo from julian?

[ Laughs ] No way! No way! Those are completely different circumstances, and you know it. Ugh. Why are you defending britt so hard?

[ Door opens ] Dante? Hmm? Is there, uh, any update on jason? You tell me. Nice save. I told you I didn't need coaching. I know exactly what I'm doing. I don't take chances. Now, I want to know everything you observe when you're with maxie, understood? Understood.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Laughs softly ] I just received your payment to my account. You did well today. There's more where that came from. Oh, I promise to be everything you want me to be. Good.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Exhales through nose ] Anna? Chase needs more antidote. Oh, no, "hello, peter"? No, "how are you, peter"? We need more medication. Now, please. Yeah, I'm a little bit busy right now. Meet me at the hospital on the seventh floor. I'll see what I can do. Come now. Please. Yeah, it's me. There's something else I'm gonna need you to do. We're perfectly safe here. No, we're not. I told you, this place is never used. Nikolas probably forgot he owns it. Yes, fine -- there is a caretaker who is paid through a business manager. And while spencer's away at school, nikolas has no interest in this place. Okay, it doesn't matter, britt. Nikolas is the legal owner. You and nikolas have a history. The cops know you're with me. Eventually, they're gonna put the pieces together and check this place, and we need to be gone before they do. You're reaching. No. Yes. I'm following the 10-hour rule. Oh, fugitives have rules? Well, why don't you share?

hey. Any word? Well, I think peter's on his way, yeah. But, um, we can't be seen together, or he'll suspect that you know the real reason that chase is sick. How did you explain passing on the last dose of the antidote? Uh, I-I said I told you it was an experimental treatment that I was getting from some old contacts. He seemed to buy it, but not if he sees you. I don't want to see him. I don't trust myself not to kill him. Don't do anything stupid. You'll end up in jail. Chase needs you here looking after him. Right. I don't know how much more chase's body can take. I-I saw jason dragging dr. Westbourne to the car. I-it at least looked like he was dragging her. And the guy next to me, he got -- he got shot and dropped his gun on the floor. And so, I-I picked it up. Are you crazy?! Why would you do that?! I-I-I don't know! I wasn't thinking. But I didn't fire it or anything. I just had it in my hand. Then, commissioner ashford showed up with a ton of other cops, and instead of going after jason, they went after me. Because you were holding a gun. Do you even know how lucky you are to be alive? We didn't know why cameron had the gun. I just knew that I needed to stop things from escalating. As a mother, I wanted to make sure to keep him safe for his mother. Thank god you were there. Things could have ended up very differently. Yeah, a fact that hasn't escaped me.

[ Sighs ] It saddens and sickens me to say it, but if cameron's skin had been a different color and my officers got there first, I might not have had the chance to talk him down. He might not have been given the benefit of the doubt. It's an unfortunate reality, one that I can't even believe we're still dealing with to this day. Neither can I. I mean, just when I think that our world is pivoting forward, we find ourselves yanked back into a mire of hate and bigotry. And not just here -- everywhere. It's -- it's -- it's unfathomable, is what it is. And I feel horrible for our kids. I mean, at least we grew up with a sense of hope. We felt empowered, a-and we wanted to embrace our culture. We reaped the benefits of our parents' and our grandparents' struggle, and we passed it on to our children happily. I mean, our kids grew up watching children's television shows that celebrated diversity and showed them a vision of a more inclusive world. They grew up with people in the white house that look like us. But now this. Now we're back to this -- to this reality, with our kids looking at us with pain and confusion, wondering why they have to proclaim that their lives matter. It's the most hateful bait and switch ever. Was I naive to think that I could enact change? I mean, has there been progress? Sure, but obviously not enough. I'm a police commissioner, and I'm not sure that I can keep my own son safe outside of my jurisdiction. I mean, even here in port charles, tj was wrongly accused of using a stolen credit card at wyndham's because he was trying to buy something nice for molly. That was 2015. It's 2021, and I am still warning him about wearing hoodies and reminding him to stay completely calm in the face of police harassment or an unprovoked traffic stop. When calm is the last thing that anyone feels in those situations. Exactly. Cameron webber wasn't calm. He wasn't compliant.

I had to talk him down. Mm-hmm. So, when elizabeth came at me with her righteous anger and -- and fear, as a mother, I understood. I would do the same. But as a police commissioner, I wanted to remind her who she was yelling at. Tell her to back off and consider cameron lucky. But I took it. And I bit my tongue. Why? I think you know. I don't know where jason is at the moment. Is he still with britt? Carly, I went to one of Sonny's safe houses, and I saw there was a bunch of bloody bandages there. Jason was obviously hit, and someone patched him up. It was britt. So, she's not being held hostage. She's helping him. You know as well as I do this is too much for her to handle. I have to find him. I'm sorry, sam. I can't help you. Well, dr. Westbourne... when you drop out of sight, the first two days, you don't stay in any location longer than 10 hours, and we're almost at that limit. No, my friend,

you are almost at the limit. Yes, the transfusion really helped...

[ Sighs ] ...And the sutures are holding -- so far. But you need to give your body time to heal. You should rest. Yeah, I just did. You slept for a couple of hours. Try eight more. Then we'll talk. No, if we stay here eight more hours, britt, we're gonna get busted, and it's over. And all of this would have been for nothing. They're considering jason armed and dangerous, so the safest thing would be for him to turn himself in. Okay, well, look, if jason calls, I'll be sure to give him that message. You don't agree with me.

[ Sighs ] Look, jason was stabbed in prison. He had a hit out on him. Maybe he had no choice but to escape. And drag britt westbourne along with him? Willow, before you head out, I wanted to, um, ask you something about nursing classes. Sure. Are you considering them? Uh, no. [ Laughs ] Not for me. Um, I was just wondering if you've ever considered labor and delivery. I mean, you're so great with babies. You could probably deliver a baby on your own -- right now, I bet.

[ Laughs ] And people always have babies without doctors, and they're totally fine, right? Brook lynn, stop. I think I know why you're asking these questions.

Did you bring it? You mean this? Uhp! You didn't say the magic word. Please. What is wrong with you, playing games all the time? People that cross me pay a price, anna -- especially those I once trusted. Well, I trusted you, too. You lied to my face, and then you tried to dismantle my life. You forced me to protect myself. And now -- poor Finn. How do you think he's gonna feel when you fail to recognize my generosity and detective chase dies because of it? Finn will never forgive you. Just give me the damn antidote. Ah, careful. Watch how you speak to me, anna, or I will crush this vial just like I did the first one. And then, where will your detective be? All right, you might feel a little cold. Gotta get that fever down. Something's not right.

[ Monitor beeping ] I'm sorry, kid. This should be me, not you. Where's willow? Willow? She, um -- she went home to spend some time with wiley. Wiley? Her son. I have a son? It's natural to be a little scared of giving birth.

[ Sighs ] To want to make sure that every possible scenario is covered. Yeah. You know, it's been on my mind a lot lately -- giving birth.

[ Cellphone rings ] Finn? How's chase? I'm on my way. I [Sighs] Have to go to the hospital. Chase had a setback. Oh, my god, is he okay? I don't know. Oh, yeah, um, I'll drive you. I gotta head back to the station. Can you keep me posted? Yeah, I will. Thanks. Michael, call me. Let me know what's going on, okay? Yeah, yeah. Of course.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Scoffs ] Maxie, I cannot get in touch with britt, and dante was just here, and I -- maxie: Brook lynn,

listen to me. I just hired a live-in nurse, and she seems great. I think she could be an ally. An ally for what? We still don't even have a plan C. We do now. What does that mean, that you can't help me, carly? I know jason has checked in. There's a burner phone in every single one of those safe houses. Tell me if he is okay! I can't tell you because you're not a part of this anymore. You made the decision to separate yourself from jason and this business, so this is what separate means. Jason is danny's father! And you're danny's mother! And you made a decision to protect him and scout and yourself. You're out, sam. I can't help you. You know, it's a toss-up who's gonna find us first -- cyrus, the cops, or peter. Same difference. Peter and cyrus are working together. I mean, they're allies, but they might have different objectives. They both want me dead, but peter might want to protect you. Yeah, right. Peter was just pretending to tolerate me for maxie's sake. He's probably thrilled I'm your hostage. He would be the first to shoot me on sight. Actually, I just realized. What? Peter needs to shut me up. I'm the one who can link him to the leaked medical records of franco'S. Everyone else just suspects what he did, but I actually witnessed it. Well, I mean, that could be a problem if peter ever stands trial for franco's murder. But right now, that's a long shot. Peter's obsessive about tying off loose ends. I mean, look at what he did eliminating drew. Not to mention peter hates me because I'm nathan's full sister, which is so ironic, because nathan and i couldn't be less alike. He was loyal and generous and kind, and I'm anything but. I mean, I-I don't know about that. You were pretty generous to those kids on valentine's day. And you've -- you know, you've been generous to me.

Guess what. The waiter doesn't need to know your name. How is he? Need to get him hydrated and get his body temp down. Willow? Hey, I'm right here.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey. Did you bring our son?

[ Whispers ] He's a little disoriented. All right, listen, willow, I need to go check on something. You'll be okay here for a few minutes? Yeah. Yeah? Willow: It's okay. Chase, listen to me. You're going to get through this. You have to fight, okay?

[ Huffs ] Don't worry, willow. I'm never gonna leave you. Did you get it? Yes. Thanks.

[ Breathing heavily ] I have a good feeling about chloe. That's great. So she'll deliver the baby?

Uh, no, I don't

know her that well.

But I think she'll be useful

when dealing with peter. Okay, now, here's plan C. I'm gonna tell peter I need a spa day. You know, some last-minute pampering. Then I'll leave town. You tell valentin you're going to bensonhurst because your mom is throwing you a baby shower. We will meet at beechers corners in the house that I've rented because no one will look for us there. Well, that's great we have a place set up, but we still need someone to deliver the baby. Look, I think dante suspects that britt is not a hostage and might be helping jason. Maybe she's on the run.

[ Stammers, sighs ] If she ever comes back here, she's gonna be in big trouble. Either way, we have to face the fact that britt is unAvailable. I'm already there. Part 2 of plan c -- we bring in someone else. As whimsical and fabulous as "black girl magic" is...'s also exhausting.

[ Chuckles ] It is exhausting. Yeah. You know --

[ Sighs ] You know how our kids refer to "the talk" as the one that we give them about the police? Mm-hmm. Well, the talk that we got was about how we had to be better.

[ Huffs ] We had to be twice as good in order to compete. And, boy, I took that to heart. Through school, through medical school, through all of my jobs, being a doctor was in perfect alignment with my ability to compartmentalize. Hmm. 'Cause I can't fall apart when I lose a patient... no matter how young or beloved. And I have to provide the absolute best medical care to everyone, no matter how hateful or criminal they may be. But... watching less-qualified people get promoted and celebrated? That's not in the hippocratic oath, right? I can't tell you how many times I wanted to call out the mismanagement at mercy, but I didn'T. Because I didn't want to be labeled as "angry." Hmm. But now I'm thinking, "why?" Like, why not? Why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't i be angry? I have just as much right to outrage as anybody else. I hear you. Mac and anna never had to be magical to hold down my job. The standards I'm held to shouldn't be higher or lower. If I fail, I fail. If I succeed, I succeed. I'm accountable for my own choices. That's not the case for everyone, though, is it? If we feel anger about injustice, it's not stereotypical or based on some trope. Mnh-mnh. It is righteous and completely founded in reality. But unfortunately, we're living in two different realities, and it is far past time for that to change. Cameron: Trina? Why do I get the feeling that you're mad at me? Maybe because I am. Do you think I'm overreacting? No. Maybe. I-I don't know. It all happened so fast. It was a blur. It was surreal, like an out-of-body experience. I had the gun in my hand, and I froze. And even though jordan kept on telling me to put the gun down, I couldn't make my hands move. Which means not only were you armed, you were ignoring police instruction. Thank god you are who you are. W-w-what do you mean? Remember last summer when you, joss, and i went driving around those back roads? Not going anywhere, just driving and talking. Y-you wanted to show us the spot with the waterfall. Okay, right. I remember when this cop stopped us and asked us where we were going and what we were doing. Yeah, that -- that pissed me off. I mean, it wasn't like I was speeding or anything. Yeah, and instead of giving him your license and registration right away, you asked him why we were being pulled over. I was terrified. What? Trina, why? Because you were -- because you were questioning a cop. Which is seen as uncooperative. Do you not watch the news?! People are told to get out of their cars, patted down -- even made to lie down on the ground for being stopped. But, Trina, none of those things happened to us. Exactly. Because you were you and joss was joss. But if you guys hadn't been there, it might have happened to me.

Microaggressions, and trust me, they start to add so I just swallowed it! Dn't you tell us? Bu bravo, bravecto! Bravo! Ter it was over, you and jossjust kept laughing and complaining about that cop, but I couldn't stop shaking. I -- Trina, I -- I had no idea. Why didn't you tell us? Because I was embarrassed, cam! Because you guys weren't even fazed and I was having a visceral response! But I didn't want you guys to see me like that, so I just swallowed it! Just like I swallow it every time someone asks if they can touch my braids or if my hair is real. They're called microaggressions, and trust me, they start to add up. But you don't have to deal with it, so you don't have to care. No, but -- Trina, I do care. Of course I care. I just -- I didn't understand, and I'm so sorry. I know. It's a lot. But maybe now you can start by realizing how lucky you were on that back road and how lucky you were last night. Well, I've unloaded on you long enough.

[ Both chuckle ] Speaking the truth is -- it's healing. You know, I think it's important for us to have these little sessions every now and again to remind ourselves what's real and how powerful we are. I see you. I see you, too. And feel free to schedule a session when you need one. Oh, okay. I will.

[ Laughter ] So, what are you gonna do now? What I always do.

[ Sighs ] Pull myself together, square my shoulders, and go to work. Same as you. Mm. Actually, I'm on my way to the metro court to meet Trina. Oh, nice. Yeah. Well, take it easy, and thank you. Of course. I'll see you soon. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] You want to involve someone else? You just said you can't trust your new nurse. Who else can you trust enough? Bobbie spencer. I know she'll come through for me. No questions asked.

[ Sighs ] His fever's dropped and he's stable, if you'd like to go back in and see him. Thank you. I heard. [ Sighs ] Thank god. Mm. What are you doing? Put a tracker on peter's car. I'm hoping it's gonna lead us to whoever he's holding his supply of the antidote. Well, crisis averted.

[ Sighs ] I'm, uh -- I'm gonna take off, unless you -- you need me? I'm good. [ Sighs ] Thanks for bringing me. Yeah, of course. Anything you need. I know.

[ Indistinct chatter ] Okay.

[ Sighs ] Chase? How are you feeling?

[ Monitor beeping ] Better. I was pretty out of it there for a minute. Did I think that we had a son? You did. [ Sighs ] Uh, I'm sorry about that. You had a fever of 105.

[ Laughs ] A little confusion is allowed. Yeah, about that fever. I don't think Finn is telling me everything he knows about my condition.

[ Keypad beeping ] So, I guess I can't be trusted anymore. This isn't about trust. This is not about trust. This is about a choice you made as a mother. And jason honored it, and I'm gonna honor it, too. For your safety and your kids' protection and your peace of mind moving forward, there's nothing I can tell you. Got it. Carly. When you do talk to jason, tell him the kids and i wish him luck.

[ Door slams ] Okay, how about a compromise? You sleep for four hours, then we take off, and you get to pick the next destination. Um, two hours... and you're the one who needs to rest. I slept most of the night, and I'm not shot. But you are tired. Your hand is shaking. Okay, can I -- can i help it if I'm nervous?

[ Laughs ] We're fugitives, you're recovering from a gunshot wound, and I just explained to you that my psychotic brother wants me dead. Whatever it is you're hiding... can tell me.

[ Cellphone rings ] Falconeri. Yeah, yeah. Britt westbourne. You got a lead? Where?

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