GH Transcript Monday 5/10/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/10/21


Episode #14697 ~ Britt and Jason grow closer. Joss tries to make Carly feel better. Peter bumps into Cyrus at the Metro Court. Maxie reaches out to Sam for help. Ned is apologetic.

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what are you doing? I'm keeping watch. You've been shot, jason. Not only should you not be sitting up, you should be sleeping. That is how you heal. If I lie down, I could fall asleep again. Ding, ding, ding. If I'm asleep, I can't keep lookout. Okay, so you seem really unclear on this concept. You are my patient. No. We are fugitives. Hey! You're home. I'm home. Your, um, dad didn't want to come in? Not so much. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you couldn't get in touch with me last night. I know that must have been scary, not hearing back for me. You're here now. I am, and I want to know everything, starting with why you didn't go to the tournament. You know, josslyn, I've never seen you do this before. Do what? Hide from your problems. Hey. Morning. Morning. Want some coffee? Uh, I'll get it myself. Yeah, I got a fresh pot right over there. Okay. Thanks. So listen, uh, nina, I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable last night. You didn't make me feel uncomfortable. You sure? Yeah, I'm positive. 'Cause the last thing I want to do -- hey, Mike. Yeah? We're all good. Alright, good. So... I got some, uh -- s-some news I gotta tell you. Oh. Oh, no. I saw elijah with one of the guys from the, uh, firehouse dance. One of the guys? As in one of the guys who tried to rob the place? Elijah paid his bail. He is bad news. You shouldn't go out with them.

[ Door opens ] How many times must I reassure you? The baby is very important to me. I won't take any risks. Maxie: Good. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but with britt missing, you're the only person I can trust to protect my daughter from peter. And I will. I will protect the baby no matter what. Okay? You just have to trust me. Welp, I have no choice. That's the spirit.

[ Sighs ] Hello, daughter.

[ Sighs ] Mr. Renault. I heard you had trouble at the hospital. You looking for a scoop? Oh, just a concerned citizen. Mm. After all, a dangerous criminal is on the loose. Mm. So tell me, how far do you think a man in jason morgan's condition can go? Probably further than you want him to. Hey, you sounded urgent. Is everything okay? Um, no.

[ Sighs ] I am about to give birth, and your ex kidnapped my ob-gyn. I need you to get jason to bring britt home, like, immediately.

 u know, my reporters tell methat the police discovered signs of a struggle in dr. Westbourne's office. I wonder if they were after her or mr. Morgan. Does that concern you? Does what concern me? That your sister is currently in the hands of a murderer. Not particularly. Hmm. Britt and i are only newly acquainted still, and to say nothing of the fact that she was disloyal to me. She is your fiancée's doctor, is she not? There are plenty of other doctors who can deliver babies, mr. Renault. So if dr. Westbourne were to disappear permanently... I would have no problem with that. It's a nice barn. Yeah, well, you said we couldn't go to the safe house, so this is the best I could do. Do you know who owns it? Nikolas cassadine. We're on a nature preserve. I think his uncle originally bought it for hunting. We used to bring spencer out here to go hike sometimes. I doubt anyone's used it since spencer was shipped off to boarding school. The hay is fresh, the building's maintained, which means there's got to be a caretaker. Somebody could... walk in on us at any time. Hence you sitting up, keeping watch. Rule number one when you're on the run... have to sleep in shifts. But you are nursing a gunshot wound and a stab wound. And you are worn out. When I woke up, I saw that you'd fallen asleep. Sorry. No, you don't -- you don't have to be sorry. I'm just trying to explain. I guess I make a crappy fugitive. Kind of surprising. Why? I just thought you might know how this whole thing works, you know? 'Cause I was on the run with my despicable psychopath of a father?

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, we, um -- we hid out in five-star hotels, so I've never done the whole barn-sleeping thing. And I got to tell you, I'm not loving it.

[ Sighs ] Whether you took off for pennsylvania to hide from your teammates or yourself, I can tell you it's not the answer. I wasn't hiding. That's not it. Then what is it? Because it's not like you to abandon your teammates and not stay on the sidelines cheering them on. I know. I just... what? You're right. I was hiding. I was just so disappointed about my ankle. And being waitlisted. That I didn't show up. God, I didn't know I was like this. I... I thought I was a team player. Oh. You are. You are. No. I'm not. Apparently, I'm all about me, and if things aren't going well for me, then too bad for everyone else. Okay. That's not true. Okay? I want you to think about something. Everything you're going through, all these struggles, it's just gonna make you better down the road. Yeah, well, how do you know that? Because I know we're not born perfect. You know, it's the obstacles we push through that make us strong and brave and resilient. It's just been really scary. What has? Just feeling... so out of control, I guess. Yeah. It's a terrible feeling.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. I have to take this. I'm so sorry. Whose phone is that? It's mine. It's how jason can talk to me. Jason? Jason: Yeah, it's me. Oh, thank god. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.

You're not just telling me that? No, no, really, I'm -- I'm okay. Okay, um...hold on for a second, alright? Can you please go upstairs and check on donna? Yeah. Um, tell jason I say hi. I will. Where are you? We're, uh -- we're someplace safe. Why did you guys have to leave so soon? Because dante called spinelli into the pcpd and he did it by using sam's phone. Sam? Y-yeah, not -- not that sam or spinelli would knowingly give me up, but with dante, it's a special case, right? I mean, he's -- he's part of the family, and the best thing we can do is just keep moving and avoid all the safe houses. What is dante's deal? Why does he pick this exact moment to slap back on the badge? I don't know. I'm sure he thinks he's doing the right thing... just like the rest of us. I'm assuming that was valentin? All that baby talk, who else could it be? Yes. Oh, I've got quite the worrywart on my hands. I'm proud of you, brook lynn. Really? Yeah, you stayed strong. You told him in no uncertain terms that you are gonna do what's best for this baby. Motherhood is starting to look good on you. You know jason and i aren't together anymore. Yeah, so? He'll come home if you ask him to. Ooh, tell him your kids are in trouble. Are you serious? That is really cruel. I'm not gonna lie about the kids. Okay, fine. Whatever. Come up with something else. I don't care. Just get britt back to port charles A.S.A.P. Wait. You're starting to worry me. Is everything okay? Is it... is it the baby? The baby's perfect. Good. It's the baby's father that's the problem.

Look, I know everything's a disaster, but there is some good news. Is it about the five families? What happened? They backed me. W-was cyrus there?

Yeah, in all his hideous glory. I mean, that's, uh -- that's great you got cyrus to stop, but, carly, please don't do anything else. Got it. Do you? I hear you, jason. Okay, good. Are you really okay? Are you in a lot of pain? I'm okay. I'm so sorry I forced all of this on you.

Carly. Big shocker -- my plan didn't work, and now you're paying the price. I-it's fine.

It's not fine. You were shot. Britt patched me up. Brook lynn: So, uh, what brings you by? Oh, my god. That sounds so weird. I mean, this is your house. Ah, ah, ah, this is monica's house. Both: Alan gave it to her.

[ Chuckles ] I came by to apologize. To me? Yes. In all this talk of pregnancy and valentin and elq stock, I realized that I really haven't told you how excited I am to welcome your child. My grandchild. When lois was pregnant with you, I used to sing to you almost every single night. Someone had told us that if you spoke to the baby in utero, that they would recognize your voice, and when they were born, it would be a comfort to them. Now, I don't know if that's true, but I do know that from the moment you were born, you loved being sung to. Your whole face would just light up. I remember. I mean, not from birth, but, you know. So I think we need to carry on the tradition. Let this baby know just how loved they'll be once they get here. You want to sing to my stomach? Yeah, I mean, if it's okay. Of course it's okay. Now, consider me just a stand-in until your voice heals, and then it's your job to do this. Maybe, or I'll just let you do all the work.

[ Guitar strumming ]

[ Chuckles ]


what's your name?

What's a sound to describe you?

In a word, identify you

what's your name?

Lives forever changed

from the moment that I hold you

my arms will unfold you

ever changed

right here, right now

can you hear it ring

from my heart to your soul

on my guitar strings?

Yeah, right here, right now

I am by your side

singing my love for you

in this lullaby what's going on in here?

[ Sighs ] Daddy's just singing to the baby. Thank you, by the way, for the blood.

[ Chuckles ] Let us come get you. I'll send frank to pick you up, and then you can come back here and we can work on this

together -- no, no. You are not coming to get me. Why not?

The same reason

you're using a burner phone. You're probably being watched. It's better if I just handle this myself. So I'm supposed to what, trust you all alone with britt westbourne? No, you're supposed to trust me to figure out what's next.

[ Sighs ] You know me, jason. I am not good at sitting back and doing nothing. I know. I know it's hard. But, carly... I am at my limit,

so if you go

get into trouble,

I might not be able

to get you out of it. I'm not gonna get in trouble. Carly, please.

I won'T. Okay? I'm just gonna maintain until you can come back. Do you have any idea when that will be? I mean, we're figuring it out as we go. Please stay in touch. Please. And if you need anything, call me, and you better be telling me the truth about being okay. I'm gonna hang up now. Everything's okay. So, how goes it in mob-land?

[ Sighs ] Sorry you got dragged into this. No, no, no. Don't you dare apologize to me. Hey, elijah. How's it going? Good. I got a great night's sleep... ...and had a pretty productive morning already. Oh, do tell. It has to do with you, actually. Oh, now you really need to tell me. I contacted an associate of mine in domestic real estate. Got a couple of leads on a place for you. Oh, that is so sweet, really. You didn't have to do that. No dinner until you're settled, remember? Well, actually, I think I'm changing my tune on that. Um, why wait to be settled before I have a little fun, right? Elijah, I would love to have dinner with you. Yeah? Yeah. I'll text you later and we'll iron out the details. Alright, sounds perfect. Have a good one. Yeah, you, too. Just Mike. What was that about? What? I told you to stay away from him and you do the exact opposite. Damn it! How could I be so stupid? Josslyn: Mom.

U were supposed to be here at home on bed rest, reevaluating your whole situation with peter. Yeah, uh, it's not exactly like that. Oh, no? Then what is it like exactly? Maxie! Okay, um, I need peter to believe that stress-free quiet time is what the baby and I need, so, you know, that's what my doctor told him. Oh, your doctor -- meaning britt. Yes, sam. She runs interference with peter. So I need jason to bring her home right now. Okay, look, we both know that jason is not a kidnapper.

[ Sighs ] I know. So if britt is there, she's there because she has her own reasons. If you need help running interference with peter, you have me. I will help you. I would be all-in. Yes, things are finally looking up. Are they? Why are you so tense? We put in the work, it's going our way. Enjoy the moment. You idiot. Do you not realize you most likely have about a week to live? What's wrong? Nothing.'s good news. I mean, actually, it's great news because jason is safe and he's okay, and that's all that matters right now. Okay. Well, why are you so upset? Oh, um... because it's all my fault. Everything that happened is on me. Mom, that's crazy, okay? It is not your fault that someone killed franco and jason got blamed for it. Just like it's not your fault that Sonny died. As much as I love them -- and you know I do -- they chose that business. And the fact that jason handled it the way that he did -- I mean, he escaped from prison, he broke out of G.H. -- That is on him. That's not on you. And jason's the only one who knows how to do any of that anyway. Jason didn't want to do it. He didn't want to do any of it. I made him. When I thanked you last night for saving my life, I wasn't just being polite. Cyrus' thugs were about to shoot me up with that drug. I know what that drug is, okay? I studied that drug. So please don't be all noble and -- and chivalrous apologizing to me. I knew cyrus was a pig. I didn't just stand by and let him do his thing. I investigated him. So don't act like you dragged me kicking and screaming into this mess. Okay. Yeah, I was just -- I initiated this mess, okay? I make my own choices and my own decisions. Me, not you. And the fact that you have zero sense sitting up when that could absolutely pop your stitches is -- why -- why are you so mad? Because I can't -- I can't handle this, okay? At all. I had enough going on in my life, and now I'm stuck in this barn with you and your gunshot wound and no coffee! I-I can't do this. I'm out.

So here you go. What's this? I filled this with songs for the baby. Daddy. And I'm hoping that you'll play them whenever you can. And I even put a -- you know, a few eddie maine classics on there. Perfect. [ Laughs ] Thanks, dad. Of course. Love you. Love you. I guess I'll, uh, be going. Hey, I, um -- I, uh -- I was just gonna head into the kitchen to do a little prep work for lunch. You want to join me? I'd love nothing more. Is there any sushi? Just kidding. I'm kidding.

[ Laughs ] Oh, sam, I could use all the help I can get. Between james and this pregnancy and now the new nurse... wait, nurse? Yeah, peter's insisting on hiring one. I'm actually interviewing her today. She's supposed to be relieving stress, but it's just another person for me to handle. Okay, well, I can help you if you want. Thank you. I really appreciate that. Of course. Ooh, you know who would love to help as well? Who? Dante. Oh, no, I don't think that's a good idea. Come on. Why not? Because dante's got a lot on his plate and he's still re-acclimating to being home. Okay, and what better way to do that than to have a purpose? Come on, maxie. He's one of your very best friends. Okay, the thing is, I-I ran the spectrum from refusing to listen to being openly hostile whenever dante expressed concern about me marrying peter, and, yes, in retrospect, he was right, okay? Peter can't be trusted. God, you know, it really didn't have to get this bad, sam. Yes, a lot of people warned me about peter before dante did, but dante, he had -- he had fresh perspective. He was newly home. And if I had just listened to him, which I didn't, I completely shut him down. So, you know, it's not like I can just go to him and say, "please, can you help me?" Okay, listen to me. This is dante we're talking about. The -- the guy who is a hero with a heart of gold, and he's one of your best friends and he would love to help you, and I'm calling him right now. Sam. Don'T. Mike -- no, I mean, look, lenny and phyllis, I understand. They have a history with elijah. They -- you know, they're blinded by the memory of taking him in and the whole thing. But you -- I don't understand how you could even want to do this. But I'm trying to tell you -- no, t-there's nothing -- do you not see what's going on here, nina? He embezzled that -- that company in san francisco. He's trying to take over the tan-O. He's shady as all hell, and you want to have dinner with him?! I do, but not for the reason you think. When I met jason... I was just a couple years older than you are right now. I was a ball of jealousy and ambition lashing out in a million different directions.

[ Chuckling ] I was the epitome of selfish and I only cared about myself. And then I met jason. And the first time in my life, I had a friend. Someone who stuck by me even when I didn't deserve it. And what did I do in return? I made mess after mess after mess, and I turned around and asked jason to fix it, and he would. I know that jason will come through for me even when I'm wrong, and I took advantage of that privilege and...

[ Chuckles ] I mean, I-I... knew what I wanted to do, and I basically forced jason to go along with it, and now he is out there and he is hurt and his legal problems are 10 million times worse. And he's all alone with britt westbourne to take care of him. No way.

[ Sighs ] So I don't know who you're talking about. 'Cause it's not jason. Jason?

[ Door closes ] What are you doing? What? "What?" I freak out over you sitting and you think it's wise to get up and walk around? I just -- I just needed to move. What you need is rest! I know you think you're this tough guy, you got it all figured out, but... coffee before you bleed out. Thank you. No problem. I pity every doctor that's ever worked on you ever. And you know the worst part? You're going to live. That -- that's the worst part? Yeah. You just say, "I can do this. I can walk around 12 hours after surgery," and you just do it. I wasn't sure if you had left. I thought I might have to get out of here on my own. First of all, you have a phone. One call to carly, and the national guard would be here to get you. And second, you knew I wasn't going to leave you. Yeah, I did. I did know that.

jason morgan's on the loose, and I may not know much about the man, but I know this -- he's an expert killer. An expert killer who happens to be injured. Oh. We don't know how badly. And if he survives, he's coming after us with both barrels. I hope you upped your security like I have. Thanks for the tip. I'll take it under advisement. Think about it, mr. August. Corinthos stayed in power all that time not because of any special business savvy, but because of morgan. Because morgan was that good. Sonny didn't do any hard work. He farmed it all out to his right-hand man. Are you trying to tell me that you don't think jason can be dealt with? Anyone can be dealt with. Good. But it won't be easy, and dropping your guard is a monumental mistake.

[ Scoffs ] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to. Nurse jennings, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me for a pre-interview. Please call me chloe. Chloe. Very well. As I said on the phone, my fiancée is on bed rest and I just want to make sure she's just as comfortable as she can possibly be. This is my -- my first child. Say no more. I'm happy to put any and all of your fears to rest. Wonderful. It feels a bit public in here to discuss such sensitive matters. W-would you care to take this meeting somewhere more private? Sure. Wonderful. After you. Are you really that horrified? Not horrified -- just...reluctant. Besides, that nurse I told you about, she's gonna be here any minute and I want to focus on that. So I'll tell you what -- I will think about what you can do to help, and I will let you know. But I know what I can do to help. I can stay and be an extra set of eyes and ears for you for the nurse. No, that's okay. I got this. Are you sure? Sam, I don't want you to intimidate the poor woman. A-and let's be honest, if there's anything I'm skilled at, it's judging complete strangers. That's true. Okay. Okay. But I'm not letting you off the hook. You're putting me to work with this whole peter thing. Oh, absolutely. Promise. Promise. Love you. Bye. Love you. Bye. Let's play a game. Um, okay. True or false.

[ Laughs ] Alright. Jason always does what he thinks is right. True. Jason cares about other people's opinions.

[ Laughs ] False. Jason lives by his own code and doesn't worry about offending anyone else. True. When oscar was dying, mom, I was totally unfair to jason -- I mean, awful -- and he just took it, not because he couldn't push back, but because pushing back didn't feel right. My point is, no one can make jason do something he doesn't want to do. Except I'm the one person who can. I've always been that person. And it's like this...amazing power... ...that I abused a lot when I was young. But I thought I'd learned not to do that, and, um...I was wrong. Don't do that, okay? If you can learn anything from this, just try to be really clear about why you're doing what you're doing. Because I told myself that it was for jason. And it wasn't, it was for myself because, um... ...I lost Sonny. I couldn't bear to lose someone else. Especially my best friend. Why aren't you having carly come and get us? Not that I'm her biggest fan or anything, but, um, it does sound like a nice option at this juncture. Yeah, dante being involved complicates things. Yeah, I heard you talking about that, the fact that he's Sonny's son. Yeah, and that -- and that could work for us, but he is an ex-cop and it sounds like he might be rejoining the force. Oh. And dante's a walking conflict-of-interest because, you know, Sonny's people never know how far they can push. So he's a decent guy, but a better detective. With completely different motives than me. And even with the best of intentions, he could really mess things up. Mm, that does complicate things. And then there's carly. You know, if she tries to help, she tries to cover for me, or whatever she's gonna do, that could implicate her, and... and that's the worst-case scenario. So on a scale of not so bad to code red, carly implicating herself is a 10, and you bleeding to death in a barn is a 2. Do I have that right? Look, I-I'm not bleeding to death. You did a great job. How do you know? Oh, that's right. You went to med school in another life. The stitches are -- are holding. I'm not a surgeon, jason. I did the best that I could, but...what if it's not enough?

[ Tires screech ] Well, that came out of nowhere. Air wick our essential mist transforms fragrance infused with natural essential oils into a mist. To awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. It's air care, redefined. Air wick essential mist. Connect to nature. Pepto bismol coats and soothes your stomach for fast relief and get the same fast relief in a delightful chew with pepto bismo l chews. Hey! It's me! Your dry skin! I'm craving something we're missing. The ceramides in cerave. They help restore my natural barrier, so I can lock in moisture. We've got to have each other's backs... cerave. Now the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand. Thank you. Thank me? You did all the chopping. No. Thank you for being such a good influence on brook lynn. You are an amazing mother and clearly it's rubbed off on her. Why do you say that? I just got a different vibe from her this morning. Like her maternal instincts are finally kicking in. She's -- I think she's finally taking this baby seriously and starting to see it as a person, and not just as ammunition to use against valentin. I'm glad that you think I'm making a difference, but I think you should take some of the credit, too. I mean, those songs that you recorded for her... I can't think of a more perfect gift. I really am excited about being a grandfather. I'm excited about this baby, too. Kind of feels like a new chapter. Maybe it is.

[ Sighs ] Hello, nurse jennings? That's me. Come on in. I believe you that something is off with elijah, and I certainly don't trust him. Then why? Well, he likes me. That much is obvious, right? Right. And I can use that to see what he's up to. So are you gonna go out to dinner with him? Yeah, I'm gonna go out to dinner. I'm gonna play the good cop because you, my man, have the bad cop role down. You do it perfectly, but I'm taking the sweeter route. I'm gonna cozy up to him, get him to let down his guard. I don't like it. Well, you don't like it -- I'm not asking for your permission. Hey. Are we just gonna stand around and let elijah take advantage of lenny and phyllis? No. That's why I get in his face. Yeah, but how's that working out for you? It's really working out, is it? I can do this. Before elijah does any more damage. Okay? Are you in? Do I have a choice?

[ Chuckles ] I hear what you're saying. But now I want you to hear me. If jason did this because it was important to you, then that's the most important thing to him. And come on, mom, if he didn't think it was gonna work, he wouldn't have done it.

[ Chuckles ] He just wouldn't have. You're always telling me how jason has the best judgment. Why would you lose faith in him now?

[ Scoffs ] Aren't I supposed to be the one imparting wisdom? Yes, it's usually your job, but I'm gonna give you a breather just this once. I love you... so much. I love you, too. If I collapse or I bleed to death, you immediately go to the local police, tell them that you were kidnapped by gunpoint and you know nothing about anything at all. And the good news is, as far as anybody's concerned, I grabbed you, I threw you in the S.U.V., And you're a hostage. I have a better idea. I drink my coffee while you take your turn to sleep. I promise I will keep an eye out. Please, the best thing for me is knowing that you're resting and healing. Fine. Thank you. Okay. Easy.

[ Groans ] Take your time. Yeah. Oh, gosh. Okay. But if you hear or see any-- I-I will wake you, I promise. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

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