GH Transcript Friday 5/7/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/7/21


Episode #14696 ~ Cameron apologizes to Josslyn. Carly feels the weight of Sonny's absence. Olivia confides in Robert. Valentin questions Anna's decision. Brook Lynn's plans are thwarted.

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We're all alone. Are you gonna tell me what's going on? Jason escaped from G.H. Yes. Yes, I know. Dante was here earlier looking for my mom. He told us. Trust me... you don't know everything. Hey. You're here for your phlebotomy? No. I heard there was a lockdown, so I came to make sure everyone's okay. Yeah. You? Uh, I have to meet with charlotte's pediatrician. I need a hard copy of her vaccination records. How are Finn and chase? I don't know yet. You haven't seen them? Chase is on seven. Yeah, he is. Yeah. I just don't want to get in Finn's way. Oh. Well, lockdown's over. So as I see it, you're gonna do one of two things. You're gonna go up to seven and get in Finn's way, or you're gonna go home because you're too scared to run into him. That's great. Good news? Looks like I'm getting the feeling back in one of my hands. That's great. I should leave to get coffee more often.

[ Laughter ] I'm gonna check back in on you later, okay? Just go home. It's late. Mm, I got a few more hours in me.

[ Monitor beeping ] He's working too hard. He's trying to find a cure for you. I know, but lack of sleep won't find it any faster. Hey, you up for some company? Oh, hey. Uh, sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. Ah, don't be ridiculous. You know what they say. Uh, "three's a crowd"? I was thinking more like... "the more, the merrier." You weren't followed? Definitely not. I had to ditch my bodyguard, yuri. I was looking for him the whole way here. And you parked far from the building? Yeah, on the next block. Why are you so paranoid? Oh, anytime I plan to pretend my baby's dead to get my psycho ex out of my life, I just embrace paranoia. I'm sorry. I know how serious this is. But, maxie, you gotta just chill out. Your blood pressure is gonna go through the roof. And then peter is gonna move back in quicker than you can say, "I'm giving brook lynn my baby." Okay, I will calm down when we have a plan set. Okay, then, let's get started. Uh, not until britt gets here. We can't do this without her.

[ Whispers ] Hey! You followed me here?! Yeah, you're damn right I did. That was a test, and you just failed it. Back off. No, I'm going with you. Police! Stay here. Okay. They're gone. Look at that. Looks like the bullet did some damage. Jason's in trouble. What do you mean, you let britt pick? Why are you letting her decide? You know what? I take that back. Britt saved your life tonight. Um, she can take you wherever she wants. We will talk about that tomorrow, but right now, you need to rest. Okay, I'm gonna hang up the phone so you do that. Stay safe, jason. I love you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffs ]

[ Sighs ] I did it, Sonny. I did it. Sonny: I know you did.

You don't want to go home.You want to see Finn. No, I don'T. He's working overtime to find a cure for chase, and that's enormous pressure. And I'm sure the lockdown didn't help. Yeah, I heard there was a shooting. What have you heard? It was jason. He was transferred from pentonville to here for stab wound, and he got away. He took britt westbourne with him allegedly as a hostage. Allegedly, yeah. No, she went willingly. Well, she certainly wasn't a hostage. A-anyway, look, how he escaped and who helped him is beside the point, because he is probably gonna go after peter now. I think jason's probably decided it's time for peter to be eliminated entirely. That's not good news for us. We need peter alive so that he can provide the antidote for chase. At least until Finn can come up with a cure. And how's that gonna work? Because Finn doesn't even know the nature of chase's illness. He knows. I-I... I told Finn the truth. Have you heard any more news about jason? Uh, no, nothing yet. My -- my mom's not returning my calls. I-I can only imagine what she's going through right now. Wow, I am -- I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. Being stuck in a bed, it's -- it's like nothing happening outside this room is real. Oh, yeah. You don't have to apologize. It's okay. Besides, you got your own issues that you're dealing with, and, um...jason, he can -- he can take care of himself. But jason's hurt. What are you talking about? I thought you knew. I heard the nurses talking. The police think jason was shot during the escape. Jason's lost a lot of blood. Yeah. He's gonna need help -- more help than britt's able to give him. You know -- you know, t-this whole thing just got completely out of control, and it's all because you didn't trust me. No. I didn'T. I ju st got a text from my sonsaying that he's on a case. Do you know anything about this? Uh, yeah. Um... when... when jason escaped from general hospital, mac asked dante to step in and, uh...

[ Sighs ] ...Well, lend a hand, so to speak. Does mac really think that dante is ready for this? Not full-time. It's just this case. Look, dante understands that jason knows how Sonny's organization works. So he's -- he agreed to be part of it. My son is a total professional, but -- but I know him. If someone asks him for his help, he's gonna give it no matter what the cost to his personal well-being. I got to talk to mac about this. Mac's conducting a search for jason. Commissioner ashford, on the other hand, is looking into a case at the harbor, apparently A... ship sank. No loss of life. Complete loss of cargo, though. Well, you don't seem too upset about it. Something about the cargo stinks. Well, so is this it? Did cyrus renault make a move tonight? He tried to. We've ascertained the ship belongs to renault, and someone wants to take him out. You're drinking scotch. I wanted to feel close to you. You had a big night -- attending one of the meetings of the five families. Sinking one of renault's drug shipments. I had to represent the family, protect our interests. Cyrus won't underestimate me again. That's what I'm afraid of. Hey, I've been trying to reach josslyn, but she's not answering her phone. Is she with you? She is. What's wrong? I can't find cameron. Is he with her? He is. Oh, thank god. Is he okay? He, uh, seemed a little upset, but he's not hurt. What's going on? I'll explain. Just don't let him leave before I get there. Jason didn't kill franco.

[ Sighs ] Finally. I mean, I'm -- I'm glad and everything, but, god, what made you change your mind? Jason got shot. And I saw it happen. How? Well, after I left you and Trina, I stayed at the hospital and went to confront jason. I was an ass, a-a complete ass beyond, and I-I went, and I-I-I-I accused jason of killing franco, dared him to confess in front of my face. Okay, wait. Now I-I'm confused. You just said that you knew jason was innocent. I-I do now, but I-I didn't then. I yelled at him, and then I left. When I felt like I needed to yell at him more, I went back to his room and he was gone and the guard was lying on the floor. He had escaped. So I figured I'd go to the garage because that's where he would be, right? When I got there, there were these people shooting, and the guy next to me, he got shot and he dropped his gun, so I went to pick it up. And I could have shot jason.

Wait. Jason was shot? I didn't hear about this. The nurses were gossiping. It's possible they heard wrong. You should go, check in on your family. Yeah, okay. Uh, look, I'll swing by another time, all right? You won't find me here. I'm hoping to be released soon. You told Finn that chase had been poisoned? By peter, yeah. Okay -- and t-there's a treatment, but there's no cure. You do realize, of course, that when peter realizes we've broken the deal, that he's just gonna let chase die? He's not gonna find out. Well, he will if Finn goes to the police. No. No, he won'T. Finn understands the need for secrecy. And I trust him. Look, he's going to focus on keeping chase alive. And it's up to you and i to deal with peter. Okay, how are we gonna do that? I have an idea. It'S... it might be something. Did you call britt? Of course I called her. I also texted her, and she's not answering.

[ Sighs ] Rude. Well, maybe there's an emergency at the hospital. Then call the hospital.

[ Knock on door ] Finally! Who is it? Maxie? Maxie, it's me. Are you okay? Yeah, I thought we were becoming friends, me and you. W-well, we were until you decided to become a cop again.

[ Laughs ] Well, what do you have against cops, sam? They take orders, a-and they're part of a bigger system that punishes people -- innocent people -- before they protect them. No one considers jason innocent. He did not kill franco, and you know it. He escaped police custody with a hostage. Can you please take your cop hat off for a second and talk to me? Dante, my friend, please. Can't do it. Hat stays on till we find jason and britt. It's also the reason why I got to take you in right now for questioning. I don't want you going up against cyrus. That's my world, not yours. But you're not here. And it's my world, too. It has been since the first time I married you. I did everything I could to protect you and the kids and, you know, it's just like -- you did protect us. And now it's on me. Well, at least until jason can clear his name and come home. I'm sorry, carly. I just... I never wanted you to face my world...alone. Neither did I. I'd give anything to have you back, to be able to truly talk to you. I did not want to go to that meeting tonight. I didn't want any of this, you know? But I got it. And I'm gonna do what it takes to protect our family. Are you saying -- no, I didn'T. Oh, my god. Why would you scare me like that? Because I owe you the truth. Joss, I screwed up big-time. I was wrong about everything, just like you said, because I wouldn't listen, to the point where I-I picked up that gun and for two hours tonight, everyone thought that I could have been the shooter, to the point where I started believing it myself. But you didn'T. You're sure? Police have evidence -- the security footage -- that the shot came from someone standing behind me.

[ Sighs ] I mean, I'm glad. Not that jason was shot, obviously, but that it wasn't you. Because if it was, if you had shot jason... ...I could never forgive you.

 What is he doing here?! I don't know! Maxie? W-what's going on? It's late, peter. I was sleeping. Oh. Uh, well, now that you're up, could -- could you come open the door, please? I-I brought you a present. Oh, my god. You have to hide. Okay, peter thinks we're enemies. And I'm running out of my quota of excuses. Okay. What are you doing? You said you were sleeping! Just giving you bed head. Go! Okay. You were sleeping! Ugh! Hi. Who's here with you? Remember when I told you that peter's plan, it was a variation on something faison did decades ago to control sean donely? So I want to find the creator of that original toxin. You think peter used the same scientist? I don't know. It's a long shot, but it's the -- it's only lead we have right now. Well, I've been doing some checking of my own. I can't find a lab that's had anything to do with peter since he's been back to port charles. Okay, maybe the toxin was something that he already had on hand. But if I find the creator, perhaps this person -- he also would have a cure that could save chase.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey. I know you're worried about michael. And his family -- carly, josslyn, and the quartermaines. Poor monica. Which is why you should go home and hold your son. And you can -- you can keep michael company.

[ Door opens ] You're still here? I'm not leaving till I see my son. Hmm. Well, don't you have something better to do? Maybe like repair your marriage? Since when did you get you therapist license?

[ Laughs ] I'm sorry. But I just -- I don't know if there's anything left to repair in my marriage. You know...when we were in monte carlo, that was so exciting. You know, it was liberating, even, t-to be -- to be more than just ned's wife or -- or dante and leo's mom. I-I was -- I was a secret agent, you know, saving you and ethan from the bad guys.

[ Sighs ] And when I told ned, I could see how much he resented me for it. You know, truth be told, if he -- if he knew I was here talking to you right now, he wouldn't be very happy about it. Hey, it's not my fault if nedski's jealous. You take the smirk right off your face, scorpio.

[ Laughing ] The idea that there's something between you and me -- that's crazy. Right? Dante: Ma? Oh! Hey. You're back on the force? Uh, can't really talk about it right now. I got to question a suspect. Who? Me. Where's cameron? He's out on the patio with josslyn. Wait, elizabeth, before you go, um, can you explain a few things first? Cameron almost threw away his entire future tonight. I knew that you were angry at jason. I knew that you blamed him. I mean, god, you've only told me that 1,000 times. But even when we were fighting and even when you were being totally unreasonable, I still thought that somewhere deep down, you were still the cameron I've always known. And if it came right down to it, if -- if you were face-to-face with jason or -- or if you were in a parking garage with him when he was trying to escape, that you'd be able to see the truth, that you'd recognize a man who -- who saved your life. But, I mean, I guess not. I guess... I guess you were able to pick up a gun, and you could have shot him. But I didn'T. Okay? Yes, I know. I know, cam. And that's -- that's good. It's just... I can't believe it's gone this far. Carly: I'm not gonna stand by and let cyrus come after my family. I love it when you get all [Chuckles] Fiery. Put those dimples away. I'm trying to make a point here. You don't have to convince me. I -- you know, I know how strong you are, and I love it. I don't feel strong. I just miss you. I'm here. You're not alone.

[ Door opens ] Michael: Mom? Mom, you home? Hey. You heard about jason? Hey. Yeah, is it true he got shot during his escape? Jason is okay. Mom. I'm sorry, michael, but that's all I can tell you. You don't have to lie to me. Just -- just tell me everything that's been going on.

 okay, you promise to call if you need anything? Yes. Willow off getting more coffee? No, she's going home to get some well-deserved rest, just like you should be doing.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Unless you've come to tell me that I'm being released. Maybe this wasn't clear the first half dozen times I explained it to you, but the treatment you're getting is to alleviate your symptoms. It's not a cure. And I understand that, but I'm feeling better. Why can't I go home? 'Cause it's not safe! You can't leave the hospital. While you're looking into faison's scientist, we need to learn where peter's keeping the antidote. We need to keep chase alive long enough for Finn to come up with a cure. Mm-hmm, yeah, I've been thinking about that. And I'm convinced that he's keeping it nearby because he didn't hesitate to crack a vial of the medicine right in front of my face just to make a point, which tells me that he's confident he can get more, and fast. Of course it's nearby. Yeah. It's his only leverage. But it's not gonna be easy to find. Maxie: What are you talking about? There's no one with me here except for james. I heard voices, maxie. Oh, you know what? I fell asleep listening to a podcast, and just now it took me forever to figure out how to turn it off. Is this my surprise? I was walking by. I saw the lights on. I thought you might have a craving. It's a butter pecan milkshake from the all-night diner on the corner. I remember you telling me that you were craving butter pecan when you were pregnant with, uh, james and georgie. Thank you. But you know what? I really should, uh, get some sleep. I need my beauty rest. I really don't like hearing that you're falling asleep with all the lights on. It tells me you're too tired to turn them off. Oh! You really need to be taking care of yourself. No, no. I-I was looking at résumés for the live-in nurse. Um, I-I actually found someone I'm gonna interview tomorrow, right there on top of the pile. Oh, good. Just the one? Uh, she seems pretty perfect on paper. As long as she doesn't have a belly chain, she's it.

[ Chuckles ] I'm gonna put this stuff in the kitchen. Um, I'll share it with james tomorrow.

[ Camera shutter clicks ] I'm really glad that you made a decision about the -- the live-in nurse. I-I only want what's best for you and the baby, to keep you safe and happy, maxie. I know. I really should get some sleep. I know when I'm not wanted. Kiss james good night for me? Of course. Okay, I don't think he suspected that you were here, but this is why we need britt. She could be our go-between. How? Well, you are still gonna need an ob-gyn, so it makes sense that you would go to britt. Well, do you trust her to keep my non-pregnancy a secret? Britt wants my baby away from peter as much as I do. She will go along with our plan to pretend that you gave birth to louise. While you pretend your baby died. Okay. Sounds good. Britt works. Okay, one huge problem. She's not here. Ugh. Tell me everything, from the beginning. Michael, you're not a part of Sonny's business. That has always been the deal. That doesn't change now that he's gone. Mom, jason's family. I need to know more than that he's just going to be okay. Okay, jason is safe, and I'm gonna keep him that way.

[ Sighs ] Okay. What about dr. Westbourne? I-I'm assuming she's not a hostage? No, no. Britt going with jason was an unanticipated wrinkle, but I'm glad that things turned out that way because jason needs to be in a doctor's care. Right. And what can I do to help? You can just please keep things normal for josslyn and donna. Be their beloved big brother, be a great dad to wiley, and be my amazing son. Can you do that, please? Yeah, I can do that. Thank you. Always.

[ Sighs ] What was cameron thinking? W-why would he pick up a gun? He was traumatized. I don't think he actually understood what he was doing. Thank god he didn't pull that trigger. You know, I-I can't help thinking that none of this would have happened if it wasn't for Sonny corinthos still ruining everyone's lives. It's never gonna stop, is it? Josslyn: Does jake know? He's at a friend's house, a sleepover. Doubt he even knows that jason escaped from G.H. Well, are you gonna tell him that you could have shot his father? You're acting like I-i did shoot him, but I didn'T. Okay, yes, I picked up the gun, and that was stupid, probably the stupidest thing that I've ever done in my life. But I did not pull that trigger. So why are you acting like I did?

Maxie: Are you kidding me?! No, I mean, I know you're not kidding. Oh, my god, yes, this is horrible. Of course I will keep britt in my prayers. Thank you for telling me, amy. What's wrong? What happened to britt? Jason escaped from G.H. Tonight. Well, good for him. Yeah, except he took britt hostage. Robert: So, why were you at the safe house tonight? I mean, other than to wreck a police investigation? I have nothing to say without my lawyer present. Well, when your lawyer is present and you have something to say, write it down! Contrary to popular belief, you might just be helping jason. If you want to help jason, drop the charges against him and arrest peter august. My dear, I would love nothing more than to do that. Are you really okay with this? Being back on the force? It's just temporary, ma. Well, you sure ain't starting out on the right foot, are you? What are you talking about? Have you forgotten that she is still on parole? If you actually arrest her, that parole gets revoked, she gets thrown right back in pentonville with her mother. Now, I mean, danny and scout always have a place at the quartermaines', but haven't those kids been through enough? You really gonna send their mother back to pentonville for the terrible crime of trying to save their father?

[ Scoffs ] Thought I raised you better than that, kid. She's all yours. Is something gonna happen to me if I leave the hospital? Come on. Why don't you tell me, Finn? You... you need to be monitored 24/7. What happens if you had another seizure while you were driving? You could hurt yourself, you could hurt someone else. What happens if -- what would happen if it happened in the shower, right, and you fell, you were unable to get help? Okay, so I-I promise to not drive. And -- and I will keep my phone close at hand at all times. A phone's not gonna do you much good if you're unconscious. You know, I just -- I think the best thing for you is to just sit tight while I research a treatment. You know how I feel about this. Well, if it's any consolation, I hate it, too. When the hospital was in lockdown, I was ready to drag myself to the garage just so I could be part of the investigation. Yeah? What stopped you? Willow. She practically sat on me to keep me here. Well, good for her. And I promise you one thing, kid. World's still gonna be there when you get cured. And so will your job. So will willow. Then that's all that matters. Wasn't expecting you. I was worried about you after I blabbed about jason getting shot. Yeah, uh, I talked to my mom. Everything's okay. You know, you didn't -- you didn't have to come, you know? I know chase needs you. You need me, too. Right now, that's more important. Sonny: That's some kid we got. I always said that michael was the best of both of us. Thanks for protecting him and keeping him out of the business, 'cause it's not his place. No, it's not. It's mine. You're right. I'm being unfair. You know, you didn't shoot jason. All you did was pick up a gun and... yeah, that was an unbelievably stupid move, um, but... no one got hurt, and...'s over. Do you really mean that, joss? I said it, didn't I? I just... you warned me all along that I was wrong and that I'd be sorry. And by the time that I -- I wanted to apologize, it might be too late. So, joss... is it too late?

That makes zero sense. Jason doesn't take hostages. Why would he make an exception for britt? I know, but according to amy, that's what the police are saying. Well, the police are idiots, with chase as an exception, of course. Could you focus, please? Yeah. We have a major problem here. Okay. Our ob-gyn is on the run with jason morgan. I mean, what if she doesn't come back by the time this baby is due? How can we go through with our plan if we don't have britt to help us? Time for plan c, whatever the hell that is. Maxie has made her choice. The nurse is chloe jennings. Yeah, it's happening tomorrow. Now it all depends on miss jennings. Any luck? No. Well, I traced the scientist to a cemetery in leipzig. I assume he's dead? Very. So much for tracing the cure to the source. I'm sorry. No, it's okay. I'm not gonna give up. I have another way to get into europe's shady scientific community. Dare I ask? Don't you think that this man has former colleagues that could help us? Okay, while you're busy cozying up to your shady scientific community, I'm gonna go track down peter's antidote. That supposed to be me? No. That looks nothing like me. This guy is

way better-looking.

[ Laughs ] You know, if you're gonna interrogate me, I'm gonna have to call my lawyer oh, relax. I'm cutting you loose. Why? Well, because technically, what you did tonight would violate your parole, and, uh, if you get arrested, you could get sent back to pentonville to finish out your sentence, and whether or not you deserve that, you know, your kids -- they definitely don'T. Thank you. I'm sorry if my actions tonight damaged our friendship. Well, your loyalties -- they lie with danny's father. I respect that. But, yeah, that does put us on opposite sides, and I guess that goes for our friendship, too.

[ Door closes ] Well, everything looks good. You want something to help you sleep? Mm. No more drugs unless it's a cure. I'm working as hard as I can. No, I-I didn't mean it like that. It's okay. I know how frustrated you must be. Yeah, but it doesn't matter, because no one is working harder than you. I'm lucky you're on my side. I mean, we're in this together, right? Of course. Then there is no way we can lose. I want you so badly. But we can'T.

[ Sighs ] I won't sneak around chase's back. Yeah, no, I know. I-I-I feel the same. It's just hell staying away from you. Only until chase is better. Okay? Finn is going to cure whatever's wrong with him, and then I will tell him the truth about you and me. And then we can be together. I miss you. I'm sorry I left you alone. But I'm always right here. In your heart.

[ Sighs ] I'm ready, Sonny. I'm ready to be the head of the family. In every way. Joss, I really am sorry. I know. And it's okay. I mean... we'll be okay, but, uh, I'm -- I'm not the one that you need to apologize to. You know, you need to say you're sorry to jake and jason, if you ever get the chance. Cam just told me what happened. You know, I-I'm really glad that it wasn't him who shot jason. Yeah, the police exonerated him. Cameron. I'm sorry. I just had to see joss. It's okay. It's been a long night. Let's just go home. We'll talk about in the morning. Thank you, jax. Good night, you guys. Yeah, good night. Good night. Mom. Why did I pick up that gun? I was so stupid. It was a mistake. It was a terrible mistake. Joss warned me that I'd be sorry for the way that I acted, and I didn't listen to her. Why couldn't I hear her? Josslyn has a good heart. She's gonna understand eventually. She told me over and over that I was wrong. And now I've lost her... my best friend.

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