GH Transcript Thursday 5/6/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/6/21


Episode #14695 ~ Jax begins to worry when he can't reach Carly. Portia drops by The Savoy to see Curtis. Spinelli gets a call summoning him. Sam makes a pact with Dante. Trina stops by Jordan's house hoping to see her father.

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[ Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing ] Cameron, while you were being tested for gunpowder residue, I was able to screen the security footage from the garage. I've already notified mr. Baldwin and your mom that it appears jason morgan was hit by a bullet that was fired from behind you. So it wasn't me? I-I didn't shoot him? It appears you never fired the gun at all. So, you see? Case closed.

[ Sighs ] The ballistics test supports this. The bullet that hit jason did not come from the gun you were holding. So you're dropping the charges? Yes. But cameron, I want to make something very clear -- pointing a gun at someone is assault, and if that gun goes off and hits someone, whether or not you intended to shoot them, it's attempted murder. You should have never picked up that gun. I understand. I hope you do, because you came dangerously close to throwing away the rest of your life tonight -- at least the next 20 years. You're free to go.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Look who's working late. Hey. Trying to get the place ready for the grand opening. You coming from the hospital? Well, Trina has my car, so I took a ride share, and we were driving by, and I saw the lights on, so... I don't know. I just came by to see if you could use any help.

[ Door opens, closes ] Sorry I'm late. Thanks so much for waiting for me. Any luck? Oh, no. Carly? No. She didn't want to say anything about jason's whereabouts, although I'm pretty sure she knows exactly where he is. You want to bring her in? There's no point. Her lawyer is gonna say we don't have probable cause, and she's gonna march right out of here. Yeah, you're right. It's always the same thing with people like carly corinthos. They play by their own rules. Cops get caught in the crossfire. Ain't that the truth. I'm gonna go home and change. I'll be back in a few. Alright. Hey, any word on jason? Talk to dante. Dante, I saw on the news that jason escaped. Did you find him? Is he okay? No. Look, we haven't found him yet, but I know you're worried, but we're doing everything in our power to bring him in safely. Are you telling me you're working on the force again? Just this one case to help out jordan. I-I -- anything else is to be determined. Okay, well, I would rather deal with you than anyone else, because if you're gonna bring in jason safely, you're gonna need me. Mom's still not returning my calls. Look, I know that you said that we have to be patient and wait, but, dad, I can't help it. I'm freaking out about jason getting shot. You know, this isn't a new situation for jason, right? He chose to escape with a hostage, and he will deal with the fallout. Jason's the victim here. He didn't kill franco. He probably realized breaking out of the hospital was the only way to free himself and prove his innocence.

[ Doorbell rings ] Joss! Mom. Hey! Ohh. Where were you? Why weren't you returning my calls? Is jason okay? No, no, stay -- stay down. Someone's coming. What -- what are you doing? What if it's cyrus? Cyrus doesn't have a key to this place. Maybe he got his hands on one. Well, then I'll have a clear shot.

[ Objects clattering ] D-don't shoot! I come in peace!

[ Keys jingle ] Oh, Trina. [ Chuckles ] Oh, hi. I'm sorry I didn't call first. Is my dad around? Uh, he actually went to dinner with an ex-cop from the pcpd. Um, I just came home to change real quick. I'm gonna head back to work, but you're more than welcome to wait for him. Thanks. Yeah. Are you...moving? It's curtis's stuff. Oh. Sorry. I-I mean, I knew you guys were separated, but I guess I was just hoping... yeah, me too. Whoever made up happily ever afters was totally deluded. Oh, Trina. A lot of people get their happily ever afters. Just not you and curtis? No. We're getting divorced. Yeah, I got your text that you were jammed up. Yeah, I cleared my schedule.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Sorry again. I have to take this. Well, looks like all the hard work is paying off, so I'm gonna leave you to it. It's not what you think. I'm not judging you, okay? I've been through a divorce. I know how lonely and painful it is. If you can find companionship, go for it. Can I finish? It's really not necessary. Maybe it is. Why don't you stay? I could use your help. Everybody and their grandmother's calling about jason's escape. Listen, sam, I know you're worried about him. I know you are, but you should be with scout and danny right now. Don't push me away, dante, please. I want to help. Listen. When I know something, you'll know something, I promise you, okay? Yeah. You know what? I want to know how you know about jason's escape. Okay, jason escaped with a possible hostage and shots were fired. Oh, my god. There were shots? Yeah. Found a bullet with his blood on it. I don't know how bad he was hit, but he is with britt, okay? Okay. She's with him -- whether or not she's a hostage or not, I don't know, but she will take care of him. Okay, well, we're going to have to find jason before it's too late or before someone else gets hurt.

[ Groans ] Thanks for bringing that. Spinelli: Oh, yeah. Uh. It is -- it is my great pleasure. Though I-I must admit, I-I was led to believe that you were in -- in more of a dire condition than you would appear to be. Appearances can be deceiving. Sit. How are you feeling? Don't lie. A little lightheaded, but nothing -- nothing too serious. You need more blood. There -- there are several units within. Um, and I brought you some clothes. Y-you know, I was, uh... monitoring your escape through the G.H. Security system and it appeared to be going smoothly until you turned around and ran back inside. He was saving my life. Oh. Well, that is certainly commendable. W-wait a minute. What is -- what is that? Don't -- don't give me something that's gonna make me tired or put me under. It's an antibiotic so the wound doesn't get infected. I didn't go through all this trouble just to have you die on me. Carly: Jason is okay. I have been so worried about you. Because I ditched the volleyball tournament? Because you ditched the volleyball tournament, you drove to pennsylvania to pick up your father, and you lied to me about all of it, josslyn. You wouldn't have let me go if I had told you the truth. I wanted to see dad.

[ Sighs ] And I appreciate that, but you know you can't lie to your parents. I have to know where you are at all times. Yes, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Can we please just go home? I'll explain it all there. No, no. You're going to explain now. You're wearing a boot on your foot. Your father's in a sling. Start explaining, both of you. Anybody hungry? I'll call down and get us a nice sausage pizza. I'm fine. Well, you need to eat. I said I'm okay. Cameron.

[ Sighs ] Honey, you hardly said anything on the way home. Maybe tomorrow you can talk to dr. Collins and tell him how you're -- look, I know it was stupid of me to pick up the gun. I wanted to stop jason because of what happened to franco, but then... then what? Then I heard you say that jason didn't kill franco. You're strong.

why would you need me here? Looks like you got all the help you could need. Well, a second opinion is always helpful. Sorry about that. It's okay. Angela, I'd like to introduce you to my good friend, dr. Portia robinson. And, portia, this is angela, my mixologist. Hi, portia. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. I'm gonna get to work. Okay. Angela's website is legendary. Now, she has created some of the most innovative, original cocktails that I have ever seen. Oh, she's your new bartender. Uh, "mixologist"... mixologist. Okay, sorry. ...Is the term preferred by those as scientific and original is angela. So I brought her here to give me some ideas on the savoy's cocktail menu. I wouldn't think you would need any help with that. Well, you give me the choice between a beer or some fancy drink with an umbrella in it... I'm gonna choose the beer, all day, every day.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Ice rattling ] So, um... you want to help me with tasting? Since that is one of my favorite sounds, how can I say no? Okay, angela. Hit us with your best shot. If you hadn't had to lie about my dad to protect me, then curtis would still be living here. No, Trina.

[ Scoffs ] Your dad and I let a lot of people think he was dead, and we would do it again if it meant protecting you from cyrus. But those people weren't your husband. You're right. And because I lied to curtis, he realized what I was ignoring -- that our marriage wasn't perfect. Well, I don't think any marriage can be perfect. I mean, how can it be? I know my mom and dad loved each other, but it wasn't enough to keep them together. Your mom and curtis are looking for someone who can always be honest with them. Who doesn't hold anything back. And you and my dad had secrets. In our line of work, comes with the job. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to be honest. The more you spend time arguing with me, the more I'm going to dig my heels in. I thought you two broke up, and I thought you couldn't deal with his business anymore. I thought you weren't a cop anymore. I -- well, I'm not, until tonight, I guess. I -- look. Jordan's short-handed. Chase is in the hospital, valerie's tied up in court, and mac twisted my arm. Look, sam, I-I owe mac and jordan a lot, and I feel a responsibility to them. Okay. Okay. Well, then, why don't you let me help them by helping you? And, no, jason and i aren't together anymore, and I am living a separate life for the kids. But face it, dante -- who knows jason morgan better than me? Britt: That should hold you.

[ Jason sighs ] Assuming you don't reopen the wound and start to bleed all over again. I'll be careful. Really? That would be a refreshing change.

[ Chuckling ] You can open your eyes now.

[ Trash rustles ] And keep them opened. My patient needs to rest, and you need to make sure that he does. Where are you going? I need to call my mother and let her know I'm okay. Don't worry. I won't give anything away in case someone's listening in. Okay, what -- what are you gonna use for a phone? Wow, you guys think of everything. Have you heard from carly? Well, we -- we did spend the early part of the evening together -- you know, monitoring what should have been a simple and straightforward escape, but -- spinelli, come on. Look, look, look, I'm sympathetic to your chivalrous impulse to -- to rescue dr. Westbourne. I would -- I would expect nothing less. It's just that I must point out that it did throw a monkey wrench in -- in the system, as it were, resulting in a grave injury to yourself and carly having to attend the meeting of the five families on her own. Do you know what happened at the meeting? She has not seen fit to update me. You know, and I had to bring all these important medical supplies. I mean, we just haven't been able to connect. Just help me -- help me up. What? What?! No! Look, I need you to take me to the metro court. We can get in without the cops knowing. Carly and I need to talk. Oh, I'm not taking you anywhere. Even if I were willing to allow you to risk further injury to yourself, I'm loathe to face the wrath of the britch!

[ Scoffs ] Don't -- don't call her that. I am so sorry. Scott and I did not intend for you to overhear us, e-elizabeth. Elizabeth. I think cameron should hear this. Listen, I was convinced, like you, that jason had killed franco, and so were the cops. That's why they arrested him. So then, what changed your mind?

[ Sighs ] Facts. They all point to peter august. But jason hated franco, and you didn't see mr. August over franco's body -- you saw jason, and an eyewitness saw him dispose of the gun. Those are facts! Okay, I know how it looks, but peter tried to kill franco once before to keep drew cain's memories from coming to light, and... but -- but peter august stopped the assassin. But he hired the assassin, so we don't know why he called it off, but he's the one that printed that story about franco's tumor, and that brought out every crackpot in town going after my son -- you know, the serial killer. "Let's get a serial killer," and we know he wasn't that guy anymore. Can you prove that peter august killed franco? No. We can'T. But it's true. Dad was caught in the middle of a robbery in nixon falls. He got shot trying to help. What? Jax! No, no, it's -- it's -- it's a minor wound, okay? It's not that serious. And the two guys -- they were arrested long before joss and Trina even got there, so... but how did you get involved? And how did you re-injure your ankle? Give us some time to ask our own questions, mom. Like jason getting shot. I mean, was hospital security responsible? Was it the police? Okay, um...we'll talk about it at home. Dante said that jason may have taken a hostage. Dante was here? When? He was here earlier. He was the one that told us that jason escaped from G.H. And that he took dr. Westbourne with him. I don't buy for a second that jason took her hostage, but people who don't know him will, especially when they already believe he killed franco.

[ Ice rattling ] Portia: So, does angela pick the types of drinks that you serve, or how does that work? Well, that is why we're here. So, I use my phone to scan the qr code that angela emailed me. Qr code, okay. Yeah. Um, angela, would you please show dr. Robinson the qr code? Oh, yes, yeah. Of course, yeah. Okay, so that contains a proposed cocktail menu. Which we're gonna be tasting now. Yes.

[ Giggles ] Angela, please surprise us. Thank you so much. Angela: Great.

[ Liquid pouring ] Perfect. Alright. Whoo! Let's see. Okay, wait. To the savoy. May it have a long and successful life. Cheers to that. Cheers. Wow. Yes. Mmm! Your mixologist knows her stuff. Yes. Angela, what is the name of this drink? Between the sheets.

[ Both laugh ] Trina, I really need to change and get back to work, but there's food in the fridge. You can make yourself a snack. I'm good, thanks. I can talk to my dad another time. You sure? Yeah, do your thing. I heard on the news that jason morgan escaped from G.H. Ooh. I can't really talk about that. I get it. Joss must be worried sick. We'll find him. We'll bring him back safely. Good. Thanks. Yeah. You know, I can talk to curtis and remind him that you lied about my dad to protect me. Thank you, Trina, but like I said before, there were cracks in our marriage even before this. The whole trust thing? Exactly. If you don't have trust when it matters most, then what is your marriage really about? Fine. You win. Sam: You'll let me help you search for jason? Mm-hmm. But only because, if I don't, you're going to go and do it on your own. And I got conditions. Name it. You don't go rogue, okay? You find out about something, you share it with me. Okay, well, I have conditions. If you find out about something, you share it with me. Deal. Deal. Okay, what next? Let's start with the obvious -- safe houses. Sonny's got a ton of them in and around port charles. Jason's definitely holed up in one of those. But which one? I mean, I used to know where a lot of their locations were, but I've been out of the loop for a really long time. But, I... think I know someone who might know where jason is. Apologies. My cheap shot at dr. Westbourne was completely uncalled-for. She did save my life, spinelli. Then all the more reason to heed her medical advice. You need to -- you need to rest and heal.

[ Sighs ] Britt: Very good, mr. Spinelli. Obviously, you were paying attention.

[ Groans ] Unlike your friend, who seems determined to ruin all of my hard wo. Britt, I-I'm grateful. I just got to get to carly. No, I completely disagree, and I'm betting carly would, too. Jason, you were shot, operated on in a very unsafe safe house, and you received a blood transfusion. You need to heal, or you're no good to carly or anyone else.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh. Uh, greetings, fair samantha. Oh, spinelli. It's dante, actually. We need to talk. Dante? Is -- is s-sam okay? Sam? Yeah, sam's great. Um... I need you to come down to the station. Might I ask why you're summoning me to a place that you are no longer affiliated with? Yeah, I'll explain it to you when you get here. Y-you know, now's not really a good time. Well, I suggest you make time. Otherwise, I'll send a squad car to your house, and your neighbors are probably gonna be very interested in why there's a police presence outside your home. You can do that? A-are -- are you an officer of the peace again? Thanks. Dante wants to see me at the pcpd. Well, then, you'd better not disappoint. Oh, well, he'll be very disappointed, because my lips are super-sealed. Are you sure it's a good idea letting him talk to the cops? It can't be true. Because if jason didn't kill franco... that means all those times I fought with josslyn and with jake, I was -- I was wrong. J-j-joss kept trying to tell me that -- that jason, he saved my life, and I -- I picked up a gun, and... I could have shot him. Oh! Cameron. Cameron, wait. Wait. Elizabeth. He -- he -- listen, listen. He -- he needs time to figure things out, alright? When he needs help, we're gonna be there for him. Jason is innocent. You know that. That's all that matters. Okay? Mm. Hey, joss, I, um... I-I need to talk to your mother. Dad, I'm not a child. Anything you need to say in front of her, you can say in front of me. It's because you're not a child I'm asking you to give us a moment. It's okay. Do you really expect me to believe that jason escaped from G.H. All by himself? He had to have someone on the outside to help him -- someone who would do anything for jason, and we both know who that is.

 Blue lagoon. Okay. Dark and stormy.

[ Chuckles ] Where are you coming up with these names? Do I get to name my own cocktail? I think that could be arranged. Yes! Okay. Well, this looks familiar. Yeah. This is moonlit garden. You flew down to miami for a medical conference. Yeah, and you surprised me and showed up at my hotel room.

[ Laughs ] And it rained the entire time. And when we weren't in the room -- we were at the bar... yes. ...Where the bartender made this very drink for us.

[ Laughs ] I remember he felt bad because we couldn't go outside and we couldn't take long walks. God, I remember. And he said, "wherever you'll be, one sip of this, and you'll feel like you're in a moonlit garden." "A moonlit garden." Yeah. Yeah. So, does the moonlit garden stay on the menu, is the question? I think it's better if it stays a memory. I have my own history with spinelli. Would I save him if his life was in danger? Yes. Would I trust him if mine was? No.

[ Sighs ] I trust spinelli more than anyone. Look, I recognize the guy has some good points -- his loyalty to you, his gadget wizardry. But he has a habit of filling sentences with 20 words when only 5 will do. You really think you can trust him not to give away our location? Look, I-I know spinelli, and I know exactly how this is gonna play out. I've got all night, spinelli. Where's jason? Was he with you when I, uh, called you? For the hundredth time, I have no idea what you're talking about. Uh-huh. He needed help to escape tonight. Computer help. That's you. Well, yes, I-I admit I'm an expert. I've actually helped the pcpd -- you know what, spinelli? Quit the games, okay? Or I'll send you down to lockup and you can hang out with the worst of the worst, alright? Okay, neither threats nor -- nor -- nor intimidation will cause me to confess. In fact, I'm leaving. No. No, you're not leaving until I say you're leaving -- dante! Enough! You promised to take it easy on him. Oh, come on! He knows where jason is! Don't you want to find that out? Spinelli, don't say another word. I'm calling diane. This is unbelievable. Unbelievable. You're going to regret this. You know that? And so are you.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Door slams ] Are you okay? Uh... I've been through worse. H-how are you, though? You must -- you must be -- you must be frantic about jason. Frantic? Spinelli, that's an understatement. I am scared. I am frantic for danny. Scout's still too little to understand anything that's going on, but danny's not. Danny can -- he can look at the news or read this online. Just tell danny his father's fine. What? Do you know where jason is? No, no, no, no. You -- I mean, you just -- you -- you -- you know -- he's eminently capable of taking care of himself. Jason was shot, spinelli. Are you really comfortable trusting britt westbourne with jason's life? You know where he is, don't you? I can't believe this. You're going to treat me like this after everything we've been through? You don't trust me, spinelli? You don't trust me that I-i won't say anything to anybody? Oh, samantha... spinelli, where is jason? Where is he?! I am so glad jake and aiden have sleepovers tonight. That way. I don't have to tell jake his father got shot until he gets home tomorrow.

[ Sighs ] Poor kid. Yeah. You know, he knew his father was innocent. He kept defending jason, but cameron wouldn't hear it. How do I help my boys get through this? Hey, Trina, you got a minute? For you? I've got five. Oh, did you hear jason morgan escaped from G.H.? Pretty wild. Oh, wow. I guess news already reached buffalo.

[ Chuckles ] Joss and I never made it to the volleyball tournament. Long story, but we ended up going to pennsylvania to pick up her dad instead. You're in pennsylvania? Nope. We're in port charles. We drove back last night. I took my mom's car, and then I dropped joss and her dad off. What were you...doing?

[ Sighs ] Long story. Oh, and please don't tell joss, "I told you so." She already feels bad enough about playing volleyball against her doctor's orders. Well, I-I've never been one to tell anybody, "I told you so." I'll talk to you later. You know, if you want to blame someone for this mess, you blame cyrus renault. As far as I'm concerned, he's responsible for Sonny's death... mm. ...And he is trying to fill the void that Sonny left behind. That's weird, because cyrus didn't help jason escape. No, but he's the reason jason was accused of killing franco. And he's also the reason why jason has to escape. Yeah, no. No. I-I understand how all of it works. Cyrus wants to take over Sonny's territory and he needs jason out of the way to do that. That's right, and cyrus realized tonight that that's not going to be so easy for him, although he's going to keep trying, I'm sure. This isn't your fight, carly, and it sure as hell isn't our daughter'S. Josslyn is right. She is not a little girl anymore, and she knows that jason would take on cyrus if he could, and that's not possible, so someone had to step in and protect Sonny's family. And that person is you?

So, do you think you'll have the cocktail menu ready in time for opening? Whatever you want. Alright. Thank you. Good night. Good night. It looks like your mixologist is ready to mix it up with you. You have a very active imagination.

[ Chuckles ] Angela's smile said it all. I can't believe you didn't notice. You know, I care more about her making a good cocktail than I do about her smile. Really? Yeah. Then maybe you're not as ready to walk away from your marriage as you think you are.

[ Scoffs ] Because I didn't notice her smile? Because you're still wearing your wedding ring. Alright, time's up -- where's sam? Am I under arrest? If so, I plead the fifth. If not... I still plead the fifth. Officer miller, can you come in here for a minute, please? Can you take mr. Spinelli down to holding so he can hang out with some of our other guests? Are those guests potentially hostile? Oh, I don't know, spinelli. Just stick to your principles. That's what the fifth amendment is for, right? You know, actually, I did -- I did tell samantha something that she found most illuminating. Which was what?

[ Sniffles ] Huh. Well, okay. Listen, maybe he needs to sit here and stew about his, uh, new friends downstairs before he decides what he's gonna say next. Hey, it's me. You follow her? Did she see you? Okay. Don't do anything. Wait for me to get there. I'm on my way. Well, you know, hopefully, you can convince cameron to get some psychological help, you know, even -- even if it's kevin collins. But, you know, he knows that you're here and you're supporting him, which is -- is good. But to admit he was wrong about jason when he took such a strong stance against him? I thank god he didn't pull that trigger, but he's completely alienated his brother and now one of his closest friends. I just don't know how he's gonna bounce back from this. I'm gonna go check on him. No, listen. Hey, elizabeth. Wait a minute. Come on. You're all over the map right now. Let me just go up and talk to him, see what's going on, okay? Okay. So jason decides to escape, and then you -- you step in and you take his place? Just how far are you willing to take this, carly? How -- how are you gonna explain this to josslyn? She's heard worse from me. You know -- you know, the point is that she shouldn't have to hear anything ever again. For god's sakes, carly, you've got to stop this while you still can. I can'T. I can't, jax. Sonny is gone. Jason isn't here. Someone has to take over the family business. There is no one else! Oh, come on, carly. There are other people that are quite capable of taking over. Jax, no, there isn'T. And I've already declared myself. If I take a step back, I lose the trust of people who can destroy my family, and then cyrus will step right in. And that absolutely cannot happen! I have to remain in charge, and that's the deal, and you're just gonna have to get used to it.

 Okay, you've made your choice. Now I'm gonna make mine. Josslyn stays here. No. Then tell me I'm wrong to worry. That whatever it is you put in motion isn't causing a lot of rethinking of how to best retaliate. Josslyn stays tonight. Only tonight. I just -- I'm gonna see how everything plays out. Yeah, maybe we should take this one night at a time. My security people stay here or josslyn does not. Oh, your security people? Do -- do you like the way that -- that sounds? Fine, I will allow them to stay.

[ Door closes ] Josslyn: What's going on? Your dad and I decided that you're going to stay here tonight, okay? And then I'm gonna come over in the morning, and we're going to work everything out. That okay with you? Do I have a choice?

[ Sighs ] Sometimes you don'T. And I'm sorry. You know, we -- we make these decisions because we love you. I know. And I love you, too. Okay. You take care of her. You know I will. Hey. Elizabeth... cameron is nowhere to be found. He's not in his room. He's nowhere. I've been in the kitchen. He's not down here. Oh, hell, he's gone. We got to find him. You and mom were talking about jason, weren't you? A little bit, but you heard your mother -- apparently he's doing fine. What else did you talk about? Talked about you and what's best for you. Which is? A good night's sleep would be a start. Mm.

[ Doorbell rings ] Go upstairs. No way. I want to see who this is. Mr. Jacks, you have a visitor. I'm not expecting anyone. He says he's here to see your daughter. Curtis: You're right. It's time I make a clean break.

[ Sighs ] No time like the present. It's stuck.

[ Chuckles ] Let me see if I can be of some assistance. Go easy, it's -- okay. There you go. Ow. Officer miller, where's detective falconeri? Don't know. He told me to watch a person of interest.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Spinelli: Oh! Commissioner ashford, what a relief to see you. Detective falconeri's reinstatement has gone to his head -- he is out of control! I don't want to hear about him. I want to hear about you and jason morgan. So start talking, now. Dante: Back away from the door! You followed me here? You are a bad sharer. Yeah, you're damn right I followed you. It was a test, and you failed it. Now, back off. No way! I'm going inside with you.

[ Handle rattles ] Police!

[ Tires screech ] Okay, just -- just slow down and take it easy. I want to get us out of port charles as fast as possible. Yeah, but if we get pulled over for speeding, we get caught, it's over. Just -- just stick to the speed limit. Sure thing, grandpa.

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