GH Transcript Wednesday 5/5/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/5/21


Episode #14694 ~ Cyrus is livid. Britt remains committed to help Jason. Elizabeth is beside herself. Nina considers a major life change. Jax tries to get Josslyn to open up.

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Beings, preciate you agreeing to come back to work on this case. Sure. You know, as far as jason is concerned, he couldn't have gotten far, especially since he's been shot. I agree. What about the kid? Remains to be seen. Can't you make them take those things off of him? Scott: Yes, I will speak to the commissioner. But, elizabeth, do not worry. I will do everything in my power to protect cameron. "Don't worry"? My son's just been arrested for shooting jason. I didn't shoot jason, okay? I didn't shoot anybody. Why won't anybody listen to me? Ooh. What's this? The tan-o-tini.

[ Chuckles ] It's my own creation.

[ Laughs ] Really? Yeah. All right, should I try it? Come on. All right. Let's try this. Eh? Mmm. That is delicious. Do I taste a little tangerine? Maybe -- maybe a little spice? You got a nice palate. Squeezed with a little smoked chili bitters.

[ Chuckles ] Right? 'Cause I'm spicy. I bet you say that to all the girls. Well, I wouldn't know. Anyway, I-I don't mean to, uh, interrupt you, so I'll let you go back to your... oh, no, it's okay. Actually, I wasn't -- I wasn't calling anyone. I was checking out some apartment rentals here in nixon falls. Oh, so you're thinking of staying here, huh? I'm considering it. Do you need some help? Do you?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you are right. We are the walking wounded, aren't we? It's a good thing that Trina was injury-free and she could drive us all the way back from nixon falls. Hey, I'm sorry nina didn't come back. Ah, that's okay. There'll be other trips. It's always too soon to quit. Dad, how many quotes do you have? Enough to annoy you into telling me what's really going on. Every time I ask you about the ankle boot or college, you give me a -- a vague answer, and, um, your dad's just not buying it. Well, I was just worried about mom. I mean, she was so distracted, she didn't even grill me on why I was in pennsylvania getting you instead of at my volleyball tournament. I mean, I'm not complaining. It's just... something seems really off with her. Did she give you any details? I appreciate you extending an invitation to my first meeting of the family heads. Shall we begin? Not so fast. Now we can begin. Mrs. Corinthos was not on the guest list. An oversight, I'm sure. There's plenty of room at the table -- just like there's plenty of room outside for the rest of my people.

[ Inhales deeply ] That's all well and good, but what are you doing here, mrs. Corinthos? I'm doing this under protest. It's completely against medical advice. Yeah, I got it. So, if you pass out or pop a stitch and start bleeding out all over your nice clean shirt, I refuse to take responsibility. Yeah. Y-you already said that. Well, I'm saying it again. This is ludicrous. Half an hour ago, you were bleeding out. Now you're making me get you dressed.

[ Sniffs ] Why? Where do you think you're going? I g-- I gotta get to carly.

[ Sighs ] She's in way over her head. As you all know, my husband is dead, but his organization isn'T. It's still strong and stable. The only thing that's changed is the person who sits in Sonny's seat, and from now on... that will be me.

 Mom, you believe me, right? I only picked up the gun because I saw dr. Westbourne being kidnapped. No, no, cameron. Cameron, that speaks to intent. Never say that. You didn't say that to the cops, did you? No, I-I-I just kept on trying to tell them that I didn't do it.

[ Door opens ] Oh, commissioner, for crying out loud. Can we get the cuffs off this kid? That's why I'm here. Rub your wrists to get the circulation going, okay? You're not gonna give me any problems, right? Why would I? I didn't do it. I didn't shoot jason. Cameron. Not another word. Listen to your lawyer. Officer miller, can you please take him to booking? Uh, he's not gonna give you any trouble. No cuffs. Miller: Let's go. Right now, he's being charged with the reckless discharge of a firearm. We'll see what the security footage tells us. "Right now"? What does she mean by that? Well, if the footage shows that he intentionally fired, the whole charge could... upgrade it to assault with a deadly weapon. Dad? Yeah? Are you okay? You know, you should sit. No, I was -- I was sitting for hours in the car, which is probably why my s-shoulder hurts more. Okay, well, now you're gonna sit and ice or lay down if you want.

[ Gasps ] I should take your temperature. Fever's a sign of infection. Really? How do you know so much about this?

[ Sighs ] I asked the nurse some questions at the clinic, and I read the printout about your aftercare on the way back. Oh. Um, so... okay. ...You're gonna sit here. Mm-hmm. I'll go get you some water.

[ Grunts ] Um, maybe snack on something... mm-hmm. ...Find something to watch. Yeah, well, as long as I get to pick the movie. Fine. Come on, carly. What are you up to? By all means, go after carly. [ Sighs ] If you're right and she is in trouble, maybe she'll like it when you collapse at her feet. Maybe she could use it as a diversion. Or, you know, maybe she'll find it meaningful that she gets to whisper a last word or two in your ear when you bleed to death! I'm not -- I'm not gonna bleed to death.

Au contraire. You were in hypovolemic shock. Simply translated, it means your body does not have enough blood to function, and it still doesn'T. Carly couldn't give you a full transfusion. That's why we have to wait for your minions to make a blood delivery. I shudder to think about where said blood is coming from, but if we don't get it, then you go back into hypovolemic shock, and there's not a damn thing I can do to save you. Please. Everyone, take a seat. Of course, we all regret mrs. Corinthos' loss, but being the widow of Sonny corinthos doesn't automatically make her fit to lead his organization. Sonny and i shared everything. I've been involved in every aspect of the organization for some time now. I need to protect my family... and take care of business. So if you don't mind taking a seat, mr. Renault, we can proceed. Or if you have misgivings or you're too afraid to answer to me, you are welcome to leave. Do sit down, mr. Renault. Ms. Corinthos, I have a few questions. What are your intentions for the organization, and are you equipped to maintain control of your late husband's territory? That's a good question.

You know, you should sit down,take it easy for a minute, because this is gonna take a while. They're going by the book. What about the trouble cameron was in before the judge said he couldn't get into any more trouble? No, that -- that was a year ago. He's off probation. He's fine. So, that won't weigh against him? No, it's been sealed up. They cannot use that and any other charge against him. Okay, just needed to make sure.

[ Sighs ] So, what are the new charges? I don't know. We're gonna just have to wait and see what the evidence shows. All right, so, what are we watching? You know what? Before we do that... why don't you, um -- why don't you tell me what's really going on with you? Nothing. Well, just, you said that you felt like everything was going wrong, so w-what did you mean by that? I was...being dramatic. Hey, I know that you wanted to play in the tournament. I know that y-you'd hoped that it would get you off the, uh, southern coastal wait list. And then you hurt your ankle, and that is devastating. I don't want you to suppress your feelings and feel like you have to put on a brave face. I'm not. Then talk to me. Come on, you know you can talk to me.

[ Doorbell rings ] I'll get it. Joss, hey. Um, wonder if I could have a word with your dad? Yeah. Hey, come on in. Dad, look who it is. Hey, jax. Dante. Sorry to come by unannounced. What happened to you guys? You get jumped or something?

[ Chuckles ] Volleyball injury. It's a long story. What can I do for you? Well, actually, I'm here on, uh, police business. Oh, you're a cop again. That's great. I mean, if that's something you want. It's nothing official. I'm just helping out with a case. Hmm. What does this have to do with me? Well, I'm looking for carly. Been by the house and metro court. There's no sign of her. Have you guys, uh, been in touch with her at all? We both spoke to her on the phone earlier, yeah. Why? Did she say where she was going? No. Dante, what's going on? Why are you trying to find carly? Carly: I'd like you to remember port charles a year ago -- before mr. Cyrus renault arrived. There were no warehouse explosions. No places of business targeted. There was an efficient, cooperative, and mutually profitable organization which had been in place for years. And that organization is still intact. My people are Sonny's people, and we know how to run the business, and we know how to deal with interlopers. Now, see here! Mr. Renault will not use port charles to spread his business up and down the eastern seaboard. He may stay on as C.E.O. At general hospital, but any attempt to take over my territory or yours will be considered an act of war, and I will deal with it swiftly and without mercy, just like Sonny. Do you hear this? She is too emotional -- too reckless and unstable to lead the corinthos organization, let alone our governing body. Watch your tone, mr. Renault. And watch your step, 'cause I'm calling the shots now, and you don't want to make yourself a target. This cannot stand. She is here threatening me, threatening us with this unilateral power grab. She's not even a part of this organization! You've never run anything more than a damn hotel. You've made a mistake coming here tonight, mrs. Corinthos. These people understand what's best for them, and what's best for them is me. Drink this, and I'll get you another.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] When can I mo-- when can I move around? You mean go after carly?

[ Sighs ] No, just, you know, get up and just walk around and do some things for myself. Oh. Um, soonish.

[ Swallows, sighs ] Fluids kicking in?

[ Inhales deeply ] It's a good sign. Look, if it's any comfort, when carly left, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She's good at bluffing. So, this place is a half-mile down from the tan-o? Yeah, it's a really cute street. Yeah, I don't -- I don't know. I-it's a year's lease, so I don't know how long you're gonna want to stay -- you're staying around? That's certainly good news. I thought you were heading back home. Nope, nixon falls isn't gonna get rid of me yet.

[ Laughs ] Well, it sounds like a reason to celebrate to me. How about I take you out to the fanciest place in town? W-well, I'm done with the research for my article. Oh, you still have to eat, don't you? Have you had dinner? No. Great. I'm thinking about candlelight, wine, and a nice meal. Just the two of us.

I'll be right back.

K we might be gettinga little ahead of ourselves. I haven't even found a place yet, so why don't we hold off on the celebrating until I'm all settled? I'll hold you to that. Until then, if you need any help finding a place, just give me a call. If you're here to see lenny a-and phyllis, they went out to dinner. I wouldn't dream of intruding on their date.

[ Sighs ] Maybe I'll stay for a drink. Excuse me, guys. I am so sorry, but I have a call scheduled at crimson, so you will have to excuse me.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Play nice.

[ Sighs ] Looks like I have some business to attend to of my own. Tell lenny and phyllis I stopped by to see how they're doing. They're doing great. That was quick. Yeah. You know, it's kind of discouraging how well crimson is running without me. So, elijah left? Yep. You know, I know you can't stand elijah. R-really? What gives you that idea? Oh, I don't know. Okay, what is the problem this time, Mike? I don't think you should go out with him because I-I don't want to see you hurt again. Hmm. Is that what this is really about? I'll get straight to the point. We can pay respect to the memory of Sonny corinthos, but we're not here to reminisce about the good old days. We're here to look to the future -- one that will deliver extraordinary profits for my business and yours. It's up to you now. Are you going to let mrs. Corinthos deprive you of your rightful share of new markets? We can evict her from this table right here and right now. If you think for one minute that your future with mr. Renault at the helm will be stable, think again. Everyone knows how he operates. He will swallow up your territories one by one and leave you trampled in his wake. Whatever you decide, know this -- any action taken against my family will be met with consequences. Mr. Renault can attest. He's lost before. And he's about to lose again. Uh, jason escaped G.H. Tonight. Shots fired and at least one fatality. Is jason okay? I'm not sure. Uh, they said he took a shot before he got away. Well, do they know how bad it was? Joss, look, I know how much you care about jason. Britt westbourne is with him. Whether or not she's a hostage, I don't know, but she is still a doctor. Jason wouldn't take a hostage. You should know that. Okay, at any rate, she can look after him. So, why do you want to speak to carly? Well, jax, because if jason's involved, carly's involved, and vice versa. Mm. So, are you sure you haven't seen her? We just drove back from pennsylvania. I-I had an accident there and joss and her friend Trina came to pick me up. We did talk to carly on the phone and told her that we're on our way back, and that's it.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh, I gotta go. Let me know if you hear from carly. Will do. Do you think that there could be a chance dante's wrong? That jason wasn't hit... yeah. ...And that he's okay? Because... I really could not stand to lose jason, too. Took my fingerprints and my photo. Mom, they think I'm guilty, but I'm not. I swear. Okay, I know. I believe you. But scott says they're doing things by the book, so we just have to follow the rules. I wanted you to know that forensics recovered a bullet from the crime scene. There was blood on it, so it's being tested right now. The theory is, it's the bullet that hit jason morgan. Ballistics is going to check the bullet against the gun that cameron was holding. I didn't shoot anybody. I didn't shoot jason. I swear! I would like to interview cameron. Please. Please do. Ask me anything. 'Cause I-i didn't do -- okay, c-cameron. H-he's willing to be interviewed, but I will be present. Elizabeth: Okay. Are you okay? Mom, I'm fine. Please let me do this. I need to clear things up. I'll be right outside.

[ Recorder beeps ] This is commissioner ashford. I am interviewing cameron webber. The record should show that scott baldwin is also present. Cameron, can you tell me why you were holding a gun? I-I don't know. I-it all happened so fast. I-I can't even remember picking it up. I can understand that. There was a lot going on. It was a chaotic situation. Okay, I-is there a question coming? Sometimes, when you're experiencing a traumatic event, you can blank things out. Like firing a weapon and shooting someone. Someone you think killed your stepfather, whom you loved. You think I did it. You think I-I picked up that gun and shot jason? Would you remember if you did? Maybe you think you'll get away with it. I mean, why not? Jake thinks that you're a hero. Josslyn thinks you're so great. But you know what? Franco was my hero. And he was an art therapist, not a killer like you. I mean, I... I-I-I-I didn'T. You just said that you can't even remember picking up the gun. That it all happened so fast. Is it possible that you pulled that trigger and you blocked it out? No. No, I-I couldn't have. No, no! Okay, okay. All right. Cameron, cameron. Take it easy. Take it easy. We're done here.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] Yeah. When? Okay. Um, I'll let him know. Contrary to what mr. Renault is implying, I have no desire to encroach on your businesses or try and take over your territories.

[ Whispers indistinctly ] Son of a bitch! One of my shipments was just destroyed on the way out of town. That's an act of war. I cannot confirm or deny that my people were involved. But for argument's sake, you running a shipment out of my territory definitely qualifies as a hostile act. So anything I would do in response qualifies as a necessary retaliation. What about you? Or you? Are you gonna sit back and let this man take over your territories? I'm offering you each a piece of the action. A fair deal. And who here believes that cyrus renault knows how to play fair? Anyone? My condolences, mrs. Corinthos. Welcome to the table. There will always be a seat for you. Thank you. That's very gracious. My sincere condolences, mrs. Corinthos. I am hoping for a harmonious relationship. Thank you. And I'm hoping there won't be a repeat of the warehouse on 46 allen street. Bygones? Lessons learned. Congratulations, ms. Corinthos. Thank you. We do what we must. Here's to better days.

[ Door closes ]

 Are you sure? You have us booked all day. -Read the room, guys. -Yeah. Right? All done grilling my son? Elizabeth, I understand how upset you must be. Oh, you have no idea. My teenage son was just arrested. He's been accused of shooting his brother's father. How am I supposed to explain that to jake? It's like a bomb has been dropped in the middle of my already fragile family. I imagine this is all devastating for cameron.

[ Sighs ] Believing that jason morgan shot and killed his stepfather. Has cameron ever mentioned wanting to make jason pay? Are you interrogating me now? No. Maybe. Elizabeth, look, I've known cameron for a long time, and I think he's a good kid. But I have to do my job. I can't let my feelings for your family get in the way. That's why I'm doing everything by the book. I need to remain objective. Well, I applaud your professional objectivity. Now, may I go in and see my son? Sure. One more thing. You know how trauma works. Is it possible that cameron did shoot jason, and he blocked it out? That's not what happened. He said he didn't do it, and I believe him. My son did not shoot jason. You might as well leave. You have no more business here. Don't get too comfortable in that chair, mrs. Corinthos. You're playing in the big leagues now. I know what I'm doing.

[ Chuckles ] Destroying one shipment maybe made a splash with the crowd here tonight, but you can't sustain that on your own. Speaking of which, where is mr. Morgan, by the way? Oh, didn't you hear? Jason escaped. Well, it's only a matter of time before he's found. Too bad the same can't be said about your shipment. Let's go. I'd like to find jason before the cops do.

[ Door opens ] You guys, I-I need a, um, moment, so, um, go ahead and check the vehicle, and I'll meet you in the car. I'll be right out.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] What happened to your guy? The one carly sent. She said he'd bring more blood.

[ Sighs ] I don't know. Maybe he was needed somewhere else. What, like guarding carly at the meeting? No, I don't buy that. Carly would never put you at risk so she could have an extra bodyguard. You don't get it. Carly's -- she's not supposed to be at the meeting in the first place. It's supposed to be me. Okay, look, I-I can see that you're worried. And I know you want to help her, jason, but...

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] You're right. Me showing up like this is just proof that we're vulnerable. It's better to stay away, make them think that I'm still a threat, and it might even give carly some leverage. How? Never mind.

[ Scoffs ] Is this where you shut up because you think you've said too much? Please. It's not like we're strangers who were stuck in an elevator and wound up telling each other our life stories. We're fugitives. Or am I technically your hostage? I've -- I've kind of lost track. You feel like a hostage? I feel like someone who almost died.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Excuse me, mrs. Corinthos? Yes. Someone is here for you. Who is it? Hey, carly. I thought I might find you here.

You know what you do when you don't have your whole life to stay focused on? Hmm? You're aware of what's around you. You -- you watch, right? You listen. Mm-hmm. And from what I see... elijah would be a bad boyfriend for you. Whoa. Who said anything about boyfriend? I never said boyfriend. And listen, Mike, if you're watching and listening so much, you would know that I am not in the market to get romantically involved with anyone. Then why'd you leave the door open for him? Because I didn't want to humiliate the guy, especially in front of you. He doesn't deserve for you to be that nice. Ugh, what is it with you and elijah? Didn't phyllis make you two call a truce? I'm just trying to look out for you. All right? I don't fault the guy for trying. I mean, look at you. You're beautiful. You're... mm.

[ Chuckles ] You're, you know -- you're accomplished. You're kind. You're fun to be around. And you're -- you're honest. I just don't think elijah is good for you. I mean, and... and what I said earlier about... yeah, I'm paying attention to you. And maybe... I am a little bit jealous. Dad, this isn't right. Mom hasn't even read my texts. She's probably just busy. Yeah, well, helping jason escape? Or -- or taking care of him somewhere? I mean, dad, you realize that she was with him, right? I really hope not. You know, I was really hoping that your mother would distance herself from that life now that Sonny's gone.

[ Sighs ] Dad, she would never abandon jason, okay? He's family. Jason's been accused of murder. If your mother is helping him -- and I-I pray that she's not -- she would be an accessory. And that's trouble that carly really doesn't need. That's -- that's trouble that you don't need. You know, I-I really wish that -- that this wouldn't be a part of your life. I don't care what mom did or didn't do, dad... as long as she and jason are okay. What are you doing here, dante? Well, an informant told me there was a meeting going on here tonight. An informant? Yeah. Police business. They asked me to help out with a case. I see. What case? I think you know. Actually, I'm surprised I don't see jason here. You, uh, wouldn't know where I could find him, would you? Haven't seen him. Haven't seen him. Well, that sounds like you know he escaped police custody earlier. What happened? Uh, jordan started doing some psychological mumbo-jumbo, and cameron got confused and upset. Yeah, I know. I talked to her outside. Hey, it's gonna be okay. I love you. I love you, too, mom. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I screwed everything up and I -- no, no, you haven'T. You are the bravest, kindest, most loyal person I know. Franco and i are so proud of you. I don't know -- I still am. I don't what I was thinking, mom. I-I-I don't know why I picked up that gun. I should have never picked up that gun. I've ruined everything -- my life, our family -- no, no. You haven'T. We're -- we're gonna get through this. I'm gonna make sure of it. How can you say that, mom? You don't even believe me. I can tell, mom. I know you. Cameron, look at me. What do you see? You asked if I think you shot jason. I don'T. You didn't do it. I don't care how angry you were. You couldn't have done it. I believe you.

[ Door closes ] I need to take you for the gunpowder residue test. Well, I'll be damned. Those guys in my office, they had me immobilized. They -- they took the cap off of the needle. I was two seconds away from an injection that would have killed me. And then you showed up. Ugh, it's such an overused cliché. You saved my life. "You saved my life with that cup of coffee." "You saved my life giving me that ride." No. When you came in my office and you stopped those guys, you literally saved my life. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I owe you, and whatever illegal business you and carly are conducting, I-I promise your secret's safe with me.

[ Elizabeth sighs ] So, the security footage from the garage came in. I've been reviewing it. It appears that jason was hit by a bullet that was fired from behind cameron. I'm still waiting for the ballistic report, but I'm not expecting that the gun cameron was holding to match the bullet that hit jason. So, he can go home? If things go the way that I think they will, I will be dropping all the charges. I hope I didn't, uh, make you uncomfortable with what I said earlier. No, no. Not at all. We're fine. We're absolutely -- we're good. You know, I should -- I should go and start arranging to look at some of these places. 'Cause just for a minute, I thought I-I -- maybe I'd chased you out of town. No, no. Really, we're good. So, I will see you later? All right. I'll see you later. Okay. Oh, nina. What are you doing? Why the hell would you text me to meet you here? This is neither the time nor the place. Now, I paid your damn bail. Now leave me the hell alone. Well, I'm gonna need more cash. Watch it. I don't like shakedowns. Look, who's got more to lose -- me or you? I know it's hard, but the best thing to do is just to wait for your mother to contact us.

[ Sighs ] Yes, I know. You're right. I mean, maybe it is good we haven't heard from her. It means she's taking care of jason. Whatever she's doing, she will get in touch with us when she can. So, in the meantime

[Sighs] Let's talk about what's really going on with you. Sonny's buddy brick was driving. They took a hostage. Britt westbourne. Come on, carly. Talk to me. The police know jason was hurt. Do you know what that means, carly? T-there's implications for everyone involved. I don't know anything.

[ Scoffs ] And if you want to ask me anything else, you need to talk to my lawyer. That's one nightmare over. Thank you for everything. You know, elizabeth, you -- you guys, you're still my family. I think I need to get cameron counseling. This whole thing has been awful for him, and even though the charges have been dropped, he still doesn't know that it was peter august who killed franco, and not jason. So, you know about that? Finn told me a couple hours ago. Okay, well, I-I knew a couple of weeks ago that august was the killer. And when cameron got himself all worked up over jason, I-I was gonna tell him, but I -- I don't know. I-I held back. Well, I think we need to tell him that his anger is misplaced. That jason is innocent. Peter august is the killer. Since your blood delivery is now officially late, you need to drink more of this. What the hell are you doing? Get down. Aah! You're gonna pop your stitches! Someone's coming. Stay down.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Well, we'll never know that now, will we?

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