GH Transcript Tuesday 5/4/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/4/21


Episode #14693 ~ Carly makes her presence known. Jordan assesses the situation. Cyrus ties up a loose end. Mac hopes to bring Dante back into the fold; Brando questions Sasha's behavior.

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Cameron, put the gun down. Stand down. I've got this. Stand down! I'm going to lower my gun. Okay, cameron, now it's your turn. Put the gun down. Cameron, it's mom. Call me as soon as you get this. I need to know where you are. It's important. I'm sure he'll be fine. It was two trained men against one unarmed woman. How did she get away? I told you. Pine and i had dr. Westbourne dead to rights in her office. Out of nowhere, morgan shows up. He got the jump on us. They took off. Pine went after him. And? It was like we figured -- morgan had a car and driver waiting. He ran right into the ambush. Then why isn't he dead? I'm not sure. Look, I got guys on it, boss. I'll find out. Y-you know what's unfortunate? What's that? That they didn't shoot you in the garage, too. Aah!

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ] You okay, britt? Uh, not really. Yeah, tonight was messy. Oh. Okay. I'm good, I'm good, I'm good. No, you're not. Shut up! I'm the doctor. You're the patient. I get to say when you're good. She told you. I need medical supplies. Yeah, I got something that'll work.

[ Gasps ] Brick! Thank god. The security feeds went out. I wasn't sure if you got away or not. It was close, and there's a complication. Oh, my god.

cameron, look at me. Cameron webber, look at me. That's right. It's over now. You just need to lower your arm and let me take your gun. I know you're nervous, but I need you to nod your head yes that you heard what I just said to you. Okay, that's great. You're doing a great job, cameron. Now lower the gun. Clear. Whoa. Hey, no. W-what's going on? I-I did what you said. Cameron webber, you are under arrest. No, but I didn't -- I didn't do anything. Listen. You have the right to remain silent. Stop! Stop! Please, I didn't do anything! Cameron, listen to me! Listen to what I am telling you. It is for your own protection. Why? I didn't -- I didn't do anything. Listen! Okay. Cameron, you are under arrest.

[ Muffled ] You have the right to remain silent. If you give up your right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you?

[ Normal ] Cameron. Do you understand your rights? Yes. Jason. There's so much blood.

[ Grunts ] It's not bad. It's very bad! Brick, I need those medical supplies. I'm on it. What happened? What do you think happened? Someone had a gun, and they shot jason. I meant, what went wrong? Brick was waiting for you. You made it to the car, and then you went back in. Why?!

[ Breathing shakily ] He went back to save me. It's okay. I'm telling you, dante, the pcpd is really hurting for manpower right now. Valerie is testifying in a case that just keeps dragging on, and she wants to transfer to forensics. Chase is dealing with this mystery illness and is laid up at G.H. Look, we could use you under any circumstance, but right now, it's crucial.

[ Clears throat ] Look, uh, mac, I, uh... I'm flattered you're pulling out all the stops here for me, but, uh... I've been gone a long time. And after what happened with me, I-I-I really don't think I would be the cop that you think I am. I understand everything you went through, and according to what I found out from robert and anna, your treatment was successful and you're fit to return to duty. Well, it's nice to hear they still believe in me.

[ Chuckles ] But you have doubts. Yeah. Yeah, are you kidding me? After the last couple years I've had, of course I do. We all doubt our ability at some point in our life. I mean, we're a half step slower than when we were younger. That's just life. Mac. I get your point. But my situation is just a little more complicated than that. You have always had great instincts. You understand the job, and you've always done it with integrity. I really need you back on the force.

Prost! To savoring the pleasures of the unexpected. Does that look like a date to you? And it's quite a pleasure. Ahh. It seems our presence here is causing something of a commotion. Ahhh. Who cares about them? We are single and free. I got nothing to hide. Good morning. Oh.

Guten morg-- morning. I trust you slept well? Uh, I-I-I slept like a potato pancake. However, I, uh... I-I didn't mean to hang around, uh... a-are you sorry you did? Are you? I asked you first.

Nein. Me nein, too. What a change. For once, neither do I. Ah. The active-shooter alert is over. I'll meet you downstairs.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Sasha. Nice surprise. Brando. Uh, where you headed? I was just here for a doctor's visit. Everything all right? Yeah, I really don't want to talk about it. Okay. I-I just thought after the other night, that... ah, um, I'm sorry, sasha. I didn't mean to pry. Great. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Thankfully, the active-shooter lockdown is over. I didn't want to say anything while it was happening, but that was really scary. You're supposed to feel safe in a hospital, right? All right. Can you get my shoes? Uh, no. Where do you think you're going? When there's an emergency, willow, I am a cop. It's time for me to get back to work. And you will. You will! After you're better. You know, I'm feeling tons better. God! I hate this. Am I ever gonna get my life back?

[ Straining ] T-the meeting with the five families -- you have hours before the meeting. Britt: Shh. How long do you need to patch him up? He needs more than a patch. J-just patch it up and fix me tomorrow. Are you delusional? This is not a temporary fix. If I don't close the wound, you're gonna bleed to death.

 Was afraid I was gonna to have to use a first-aid kit. Brick: Half of any successful operation is being prepared.

[ Groans ] Hey, buddy, how you holding up?

[ Straining ] I'm okay. You're not okay, but you're gonna be. I'm gonna be -- you come... jason? Oh, my god, jason! Okay, carly, carly. Jason! It's okay. Just try to stay calm, all right? I need to scrub up. Brick, I need you to assist. Carly, keep the pressure on him, and if he regains consciousness, do not let him get up. Okay. Okay? Oh. It would really be comforting if you could just wake up right now. But I know you're better off unconscious because she's gonna have to operate, and I don't think brick has anything in that bag that's gonna kill the pain. So I guess I want you to stay passed out. But I really need you to listen to me. You need to make it.

[ Voice breaking ] You need to make it, because I can't keep going without you. This is on you. You have to save jason. The way I see it, this benefits both of us. You get a job, and I get a top-notch detective that I can trust. Look, I understand taking a break from police work. When felicia and i bought the floating rib, I thought I was walking away from law enforcement. Ha, ha. Look how that turned out for you. Yeah, but for guys like you and me, dante, police work is in our blood. It's who we are. I gotta say you make a pretty compelling argument there, mac. I just, uh -- I-I don't -- look, look, look, I'm not asking you to make a decision right now, okay? Just think about it. Fair enough.

[ Cellphone rings ] Commissioner? Mac, I'm at G.H. In the parking garage, level "A." There's been a shooting. Any fatalities? Only one so far. I'm 10 minutes out. Hang on. You need to prepare yourself. It's a sensitive situation. In what way? The alleged shooter is cameron webber. Copy that. I'm on my way. That sounds intense. Shooting at general hospital, one fatality. Look, I know you haven't decided to come back to the force, but it's a delicate situation. I could use the backup. Yeah. Yeah, whatever you need. Great. I'll fill you in on the way. How you been? Uh, good, I guess. At least I thought I was. I-is this about the other night? A-are you having regrets? Not at all. It was, um [Chuckles] Memorable. I'm just really distracted by my appointment. Um, can we talk another time? Sure. No problem.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ms. Gilmore, lovely as always. Mr. Renault. I'd say it was a pleasure to see you, but I've had to give up lying as part of my recovery. It was a terrible moment when you hit rock bottom. I so admire you for climbing your way back. Don't forget, I'm always willing to offer a helping hand or anything else you might need. No, thanks. Call brown. Tell him there's a mess to clean up in the alley off 4th. Then get in touch with the warehouse, make sure we're on schedule for tonight. I have a tragedy to attend to. Yes, sir.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Okay. I'm sure your mother will be here shortly. Cameron! Oh, my god. What the hell is going on? Why is my son in handcuffs? Mom, mom, I swear this is a big mistake. I didn't do anything.

Cameron has been advisedof his miranda rights. His rights? Anything he says can be used against him, so it's better for him if I explain. Yes, explain. Jason morgan escaped tonight. It seems that he took britt westbourne as a hostage. We think he was being pursued by this individual who was dressed up as a hospital janitor. We're pulling security footage, trying to piece together a timeline of events, but what we do know is that shots were fired. Cameron: You said you wanted to talk, so talk. You should go first. That's why you're here, right? You know, I had a lot to say when I first found out you were here. But now I see you. I want to see jake's father. I want to see the man that he believes in so much, but I can'T. I just see the person who killed franco. What does any of this have to do with my son? When I arrived on the scene, cameron was holding a gun that was pointed straight at me. There was gunpowder in the air, and like I said, shots had been fired. By cameron? You think that -- one man is dead. And, yes, cameron has been placed under arrest. Mom, I swear I didn't do anything. All I did was pick up the gun -- cam! Stop. Don't say another word. Brick, hand me the betadine. Pour it in here. You know, you have pretty good bedside manner, willow.

[ Monitor beeping ] Probably gonna have to watch my back after you become a nurse. All your patients are gonna fall in love with you just like I did. Your weakened state has made you sappy. Chalk it up to yet another unexplained symptom. I have no idea what's making me sick or why. And Finn, who's supposed to be some research genius, can't figure out what's wrong with me. The only thing that makes sense in my life is when I'm with you. Loving you, willow... the only thing I'm sure of. Look, commissioner, cameron's obviously traumatized by what happened tonight. I mean, are the handcuffs really necessary? I'm afraid so, because shots were fired, and cameron was discovered holding the gun. He's been placed under arrest. Yeah, but he said he didn't fire the gun. And if that's true, the security footage will be able to back him up. Dr. Finn, I think that you understand when someone is placed in a chaotic situation, they may act without realizing it. Please take mr. Webber to a quieter spot, away from the crime scene. Thanks. Commissioner, found some blood over here.

[ Police radio chatter ] Hey, I need a tech over here. Take a sample. Okay. Find out what the blood type is and see if it's a match for jason morgan or britt westbourne. They're both on file. He doesn't look good, and he feels clammy. Britt: Uh, feel his hands. Are they cold? Yes, very cold. All right, jason's going into hypovolemic shock. Well, can you do something? Should we take him to G.H.? No, there's not enough time. Okay, I'm done stitching. Brick, cut the thread, leaving about a quarter inch left. What are you looking for? Um, albumin or hetastarch, any type of volume expander. Jason needs a transfusion. I need you to get as much o-negative blood as you can find as soon as possible. I'm on it. Okay. We're gonna get you the blood. Unless you have a stash next door, it won't be soon enough. Jason needs a transfusion right now. Then use me. Give him my blood. I was able to get ahold of scott. He's on his way. But I-I didn't do anything. I-I didn't even fire the gun. Why do I need a lawyer? Police are pulling the security footage, and that -- that'll prove that you didn't fire the gun. But in the meantime, you need a lawyer to protect your rights. Look, explain to me what happened. Why are you even down here? I-I-I went -- I went to see jason again. I wanted to hear him admit to killing franco. I wanted him to say the actual words. But when I got there, he -- he wasn't in the room, and -- and the guard was lying on the floor. He wasn't moving. I didn't know if he's dead or what. Mom, he did it. Jason killed franco. T-that's why he ran away.

I went after jason, and I followed him down the stairwell, ended up here in the garage. There was an S.U.V., These people shooting. Then I saw jason dragging dr. Westbourne to the car. And the guy closest to me -- he got shot and he dropped his gun, so I went to pick it up -- cam! You gotta stop, buddy, all right? I know you want to tell your mom. I know you want to get it all out. But you can't say anything anymore. You can't -- he's right. He's -- let's just wait for scott. Keep clenching your fists to make sure the blood flows into jason faster. Let me know if you get dizzy. I'm fine. Thank god our blood's compatible. Yeah, and that you knew about it. How many times have you two bled for each other? I think you and i are gonna be walking around with a huge hole in us. A hole that we can't expect to be filled. You know, not right away. And maybe it never will be.

[ Sighs ] But you're dressed. And you're standing. And you are ready. And you're gonna get through this because there is no other option. Oh, all right, listen, elizabeth, cameron, just zip it up, okay? Let me do all the talking for you.

[ Police radio chatter ] Elizabeth, please excuse the interruption, but scott told me that my britta is involved in this incident. What does that mean? Cameron saw jason dragging her to a car. He thinks she was being kidnapped. What is going on? Why am I in danger? All you need to know, mother, is that I am doing a favor for jason. We must get you as far away from jason morgan as possible. The man attracts trouble and violence like a magnet. No wonder you told me to take cover. Mother, calm down. Jason is not the problem. It's the people after him who are posing the danger. The man is the equivalent of an olympic bobsled run -- hazardous under any condition! You, my dear britta, are not an athlete. You won't get a medal for surviving him. We've been through a lot together. Do you think this is gonna work? His pulse feels stronger. But you can't give enough blood for a full transfusion. Your guard still needs to come through. He will. Sonny's men are extremely loyal to jason. They're gonna come through for him because jason would do the same for them. Am I right, brick? Ten times over.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Hey.Hey. Would you like some company? Sure. I was at G.H. And thought I should check up on you. How are you feeling? Not bad for a guy who can't even hold a glass of water. What does that mean? Chase's neuropathy makes it hard for him to touch anything. I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was that severe. What causes that? Hmm. I wish we knew. Well, Finn and the doctors are working really hard, but so far they haven't been able to make a diagnosis. Finn did find a partial treatment. So this is me better. Kind of. You must be so frustrated, chase. He's actually been really strong in dealing with this. That doesn't surprise me one bit. Yeah, well, I've had help. No way I could do any of this without willow. She has been my absolute rock. You being here -- it's made all the difference. I canvassed the, uh, 10th and 1st floors, both stairwells. There's no evidence of any additional gunfire. Do we have an I.D. On the victim? Unknown. He was posing as a G.H. Janitor with false credentials. Hey. I just came from britt westbourne's office. It's been trashed. If she was taken against her will, she put up a hell of a fight. And what exactly is the commissioner doing to find my missing chief of staff? A shooting. A casualty. A prisoner escape. It's all horrible P.R. For the hospital. You sound upset, but not surprised. I didn't say that. And you didn't answer my question. What are you doing to find my chief of staff? Dr. Westbourne's safety is of paramount importance to me.

I'll focus on finding dr. Westbourne. Maybe you can explain the dead janitor with the false identity. I'm sure someone in H.R. Can give you better information about the janitor than I can. Mm. I promise to put my full resources behind finding your daughter. If by chance you speak to her before I do, please ease my mind, let me know where she is. You will be my first call. But if she's been harmed, I'll cut your heart out, you schwein. Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt. I just need to check chase's vitals. Uh, actually, would you mind stepping out of the room? I need to talk to my br-- I need to talk to Finn. Yeah, of course. Hang in there, chase.

[ Monitor beeping ] Willow's been spending a lot of time with you. She has. And I would like to spend the rest of my life with her anywhere other than this hospital room. So be honest with me. What are you doing to get me out of here? Sasha, what were you doing at the hospital? Doctor's appointment. And I wanted to pop in and check on chase. When I walked in the room and saw that you two are really back together, it gave me hope that things really can work out. Are you doing okay? Yeah, I'm fine. Maybe a little introspective. Michael and I are over, and, um... it's for the best. But in spite of everything, you and chase are making it work. Seeing that spark back in his eyes, even when he's so sick, it -- it's inspirational. I'm just helping out in whatever way I can. It's hard watching him struggle this way. You know, chase has always been so physically active. I know how scared he is. Well, knowing that you two ended up together where you belong, it's -- it's just a great big reminder that good things do happen. You two deserve to be happy. Okay, all right, officer, uh, commissioner has given me some time to talk to my client in private. Okay, first of all, you admitted to picking up the gun. Never admit to anything without your lawyer present. Do you understand that? Don't even comment on the weather, and do not bring up jason morgan's name. I really made a mess, huh? Yesterday, britta pulled me aside. She said she was getting pressure from cyrus renault and feared that somehow made me a target. She advised me to stay away from her and hide someplace safe. Did she tell you what renault was pressuring her about? No, but britta and jason morgan are missing, and renault is offering up his lousy fake tears. Whatever happened here... he's behind it. For once, I'm on your side, commissioner. Bring that schleim to justice.

[ Police radio chatter ] Dante, did you rejoin the force and nobody told me about it? Uh, no, ma'am. I, uh, asked him to ride along, kind of a test run at coming back. Well, I really do hope you decide to stay. Liesl obrecht just told me that britt westbourne's been getting pressure from renault. Obrecht's convinced that cyrus was behind what happened here tonight. Maybe jason didn't take britt hostage. Maybe they're running for their lives. Officer: Commissioner. Find out what's going on with G.H. Security. I need to see the security footage now. Yes, commissioner. Thanks. What's that say? The blood in the garage matches the blood on file for jason morgan. Scott: Okay, now, here's what you're gonna do -- calm down, all right? Take a deep breath. I promise you, everything's gonna be fine here. Dante: Does cameron, uh, deny shooting the gun? He does, but you know how that goes. He was terrified, disoriented. Cam may have pulled the trigger without even realizing it. So, um, I wasn't much of a father to any of my kids, but franco fixed that, and, um, so I-I just want to tell you that this is not your fault. I think you were shortchanged in the father department until franco came along. I-I-I don't understand what you're trying to say. What I'm saying is he made me more of a stand-up guy, and he's helped you, and that's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna stand up and help you, okay? Okay. Thank you. All right, the next time you get an impulse to do something stupid that could ruin your life, you call me first, all right? Not later. Got it? Oh, he's got it. Right, cameron? I'll call you first. Hey, carly, drink this, the whole thing, then have another. Here you go. How's jason? Well, I think it's working.

[ Sighs ] He's warming back up. Thank god. You're welcome. I need to go home and change and get to a meeting. You'll need backup. I'm Available. I appreciate it, but... jordan ashford saw you at the hospital. She knows you were involved. So what? I'm not scared of a little extra risk. It's just a meeting. Everyone's gonna be on their best behavior. What I need you to do is handle that thing we discussed earlier and then get out of town. Are you sure you still want me to do this? Oh, hell yeah. They've got it coming.

When chase and I decided to push you and michael together to make sure that you would get custody of wiley, we knew it was going to be painful. We, uh, thought we were prepared. But I have never seen anyone more heartbroken than chase when he lost you. He's such a good guy. All he wants is what's best for you. I know. I want that for him, too. Well, it mostly worked out. You and michael are gonna be wiley's parents, and when chase gets better, you two can finally build your life together. I know you're climbing the walls to get out of the hospital. Believe me, I know how frustrating this can be, but... we have to look at the bright side. Other than willow, there is no bright side. At least we found a treatment. Okay, yeah, and I'm grateful. I am. But is -- is this all I can get? I mean, less pain, but -- but still not well. There's a treatment but no cure. Yet. No cure yet. But what does that mean? Come on, Finn. Am I gonna be living at G.H. Indefinitely? Chase, I'm doing everythingin my power to make you better, and I won't stop until I do. Look, jason is a wounded man. We have no idea how badly he's hurt. It's not clear whether britt westbourne is a hostage or a willing accomplice. I'm sure cyrus renault and all of his men are out there trying to find jason before we do. Well, if cyrus' guys get to jason before we do, they're gonna kill him. And then all your questions remain unanswered. No one knows more about Sonny's organization or where jason may be hiding out than you do. Ah. Are you up for the job? Look, mac, like I told you, I'm not willing to, uh, commit to anything past this one job, but right now, yes, I will help you. Okay. Okay, great. All I ask is that you bring him back alive. So we've confirmed that the blood from the crime scene is jason morgan's, and since cameron was discovered with the gun in his hand, he's going to have to be taken in for processing. Cameron didn't shoot jason. He never fired that gun. Well, we'll see what the evidence shows. In the meantime, you and scott can meet us down at the station. Let's go. Mom. It's okay. It's all right. We're gonna sort everything out and it'll be okay. Jason? Jason, can you hear me? Where's carly? It's time our meeting is to start. And I am right on time. I assure you, I always will be. Ms. Wu. Mr. Renault. Mr. Novak. Mr. Renault. Mr. Buscema. Mr. Renault. I appreciate you extending an invitation to my first meeting of the family heads. Shall we begin? Not so fast.

Now we can begin.

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