GH Transcript Monday 5/3/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/3/21


Episode #14692 ~ Britt tells Finn she's spoken to Liz about her status at GH. Ava and Nikolas prepare to host family dinner. Laura faces off with Cyrus. Jordan faces an unlikely suspect. Nina is desperate to protect her new life.

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hey, are you in position? Brick: I'm set. Are the garage cameras disabled? Spinelli? Uh, yeah, I've -- I've bypassed G.H.'S firewall. W-with ease, I must admit, even after the precautions they took after the breach, which -- spinelli! What? I'm sorry. G.H. Security will see looped footage from two days ago. You and i will be the only ones that s-see what's happening in real time. Uh, so no one will see, nor will there be video evidence of, jason's elopement from custody. How about inside? We're good. Greg's inside as an orderly, and he's gonna take care of the guard that was posted by pentonville. I thought he was one of ours. He was... and then he wasn'T. Okay, then, everything's ready. All we got to do now is wait for jason to -- oh, damn. Oh, no. What? Good evening, commissioner.

Is there a problem,

brick? I need you to do me a very big favor, okay? I need you to go into my room, open up my computer, play some music, and close the door. Tell mom I'm in there. You're not gonna get in trouble. I'll be home really soon, okay? I just -- I need to do something first. Alright? Right.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I need you to uncuff the patient. Where's the prisoner going? Tests. What kind of tests? I'm just the delivery guy. Mr. Morgan. Time to go. Nurse: I'm so sorry for the delay. As soon as I get back with your antibiotics, you can go. It's not a problem. Thank you. So, where were we? Getting on the road again. I'll text Trina. No, no, no, no, no. Hold on one second. How did you get that? What happened with the, uh -- the ankle boot? I'll tell you when you explain your bullet wound. Well, that's quite simple, actually. Two guys tried to rob the charity at the local fire station, and, uh, I got in the way. They were stealing from a charity? Mm. Ugh. I'm glad you stopped them. Well, it wasn't just me. There was a local guy who took down the other robber.

[ Sighs ] That was so good. Glad you enjoyed it.

[ Sighs ] And that sauce? Incredible. Thank you so much for taking pity on me. Well, I couldn't turn you away hungry. How much do I owe you? Not a thing. The tan-o is a bar, not a restaurant. Pasta isn't on the menu, so consider it small-town hospitality. Well, if you do start serving pasta with that sauce, you'll sell out every night. Did you make it yourself? I make a mean sauce, but this one is our bartender's secret recipe.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Nina? Are you calling from the road? Nina: Mike, where are you? In my room. I was just gonna give phyllis a hand. No, no, stay right there. Why? I-I'll explain when I see you, okay? I'm almost there. Just please, Mike, please promise me you will wait for me in your room. Nina, what's going on? He really won't give you the recipe? [ Chuckles ] Hey, Mike. Yeah, I'm just -- I'm gonna be right up. There's just something that I have to take care of really quickly, okay? Bye. Trina. Hi. Josslyn said that you were here. Ms. Reeves. Oh, now I see. See what? Why josslyn's dad wanted to come here in the first place. He was looking for you. Yeah. Yeah, he found me.Mm-hmm. And now you have to go.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Dr. Westbourne, I need you to sign off on some overtime. I need trudy to stay late and assist me in the lab. Okay, whatever you need. Okay. Done. Um, are you any closer to diagnosing chase? We're running down some leads. Well, you have the hospital's full support. Thank you. I appreciate it. Yes. Well, if you'll excuse me... oh. You're not leaving, are you? This morning, you were adamant that I stay away from cyrus, and now you invited him to dinner? Well, he wants something from us. We have to find out what that is. And it helps to have the home-court advantage. And my mother really went along with this? Yeah, laura and carly and i are working together. Strange alliance, I know. But cyrus calls for desperate measures. What the hell is jordan doing there?

So, brick... what brings you to G.H.? Just waiting for my sister. Down here? Move on, commissioner.

She's come to see a friend that she doesn't even like. These are not the droids you are looking for. Then I'm taking her to the port charles grill, which she's just gonna complain about. Mm. That's all. Sibling quality time. Yeah, always. That's what I like to do. Why wait for her down here? Mm. Little peace and quiet. Listen to the game on my phone. You know how it is. Right. Yeah. If you don't mind, can I ask a question, even though I might not like the answer? Mm-hmm. Did I do something wrong? Have I parked someplace I shouldn't have parked? I can always move, you know? Please don't move. Please don't move. Please don't move. No. You're fine.

[ Both sigh ] Thank god. Thank god. Hmm.

What about jason? I tried to see him earlier.

No dice. Said I'll have to wait until he returns to pentonville.

So I'll try and catch him then.

Okay. Well, you have a good night. Mm. Stay out of trouble. I'll do my best. Yes, ma'am. Go, knicks. Hmm. All clear. How are you guys? In need of a strong beverage or -- or a warm muffin. I don't like this. I don't like it at all. Why did jordan choose tonight to show up at general hospital?

Nikolas: The guests have arrived. Ava: Oh! Welcome to our home.

[ Sighs ] You do know we've been here before. Yes, of course. I was just practicing for cyrus and martin. How was I? Was I convincing? I bought it. Are you ready for this? Well, the way I see it, if I'm anything more than barely civil with him, he will be suspicious. So I'm just gonna do what I do. When are they expected? And is there time to cancel? Canceling is apparently not an option. Believe me, I tried. Thank you. I don't know what confuses me more -- that we're having dinner with cyrus or that we're doing it to run interference for carly. She didn't happen to explain why we need to distract cyrus this evening, did she? We all agreed that the less we knew, the better. Well, carly might need a plan "B." Cyrus is late. What if he's not coming? I didn't realize you two knew each other, and I certainly didn't expect to hear you chase off a friend. Oh, no. No, I'm sorry. No, it's just that -- that -- that jax and josslyn, they're waiting at the clinic for you and they're all ready to go. And it's such a long ride to port charles, you know? Yeah, I guess I better get going then. Trina, wait a second. I have something for you. Uh... you know, I've got to say, I kind of like it here in nixon falls. It's definitely seen better days, but it's kind of cute. How did you find it? Just phyllis and I -- we're old friends. Hmm. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm kind of surprised you're staying here. You seem more like a paris person. I mean, it just seems like you'd get bored in a small town like this. Trust me, Trina. Nixon falls is anything but boring. Yes, I'm leaving. Why? Do you need something else? No, no, I just -- I noticed you're usually here pretty late -- 10:00, 11:00. It's, uh... it's barely 8:00. You got an emergency or something? You need to leave. Leave? And go where? I mean, if things go sideways, you need deniability from the cops and from cyrus. Uh, it's -- it's taking its toll. I-I need a break. Finn: Hmm. So if you wouldn't mind... no, no, I don't mind. Have a good evening. You too. If I can get out of here before things go down. Sorry. I'm just here for the trash. Don't bother. In fact, shouldn't you be up on 10? On 10? Look, I know you're not gonna be here much longer, but you have got to keep a low profile. I do? People are noticing you. They're asking questions. The last thing we want is for cyrus to get wind of strange new hires. Right. Right. Dr. Westbourne ordered a full panel. The lab knows it's a rush. Got it. Now go home. Enjoy the night off. Yeah, I just need to take care of one last thing. Cameron: Jake thinks that you're a hero. Josslyn thinks you're so great. But you know what? Franco was my hero. And he was an art therapist, not a killer like you. Why won't you say that you did it, you coward? Commissioner. Where are they going? Tests. Okay, well, my understanding was that mr. Morgan was being transferred back to pentonville tonight. Is there a problem? I don't know. Doctors want some tests done before he's released. Okay, well, these are gonna have to wait. Mr. Morgan, I have some questions for you.

[ Sighs ] So have you heard anything from spencer? Well, dinner's almost ready and still no cyrus. Do you think we should call carly a-and warn her? He'll be here. How can you be sure? Because he's not gonna pass up a chance to pretend that we're all family.

[ Doorbell rings ] See? I'll get it. Hey, laura, remember, we -- we promised that we would try to keep cyrus here as long as possible, right? Yeah. So don't set his ponytail on fire and send him screaming out into the night. I'll do my best. Well, welcome to our home...again. Thank you for having me back. For the hostess. Lovely. Thank you so much. For dessert. Oh, well, thank you. Darling, would you get drinks for our guests, please? And I will put these lovely flowers in water and give the dessert to chef. Laura. Martin. I must say, I was surprised by the invitation. But not nearly half as surprised as I. So why exactly are we here? To solve a murder! Yeah! Not that kind of party? Oh, well. I'd like to know why we're all here, too. Nikolas? I think that we can all agree that there's been some tension. I can't imagine why. Particularly between you and my mother. Can't imagine why. And I was hoping that tonight's gathering, it might lead to some sort of a truce. After all, we all are family. So thank you both for coming. I'll do anything for my kids. And, martin, cyrus, I look forward to getting to know my uncles better. Dear nephew, before we break bread, there is something I should say. By all means. My mother was safe and sound and happy away from my dear brother, then you used me. You used me to find her. Now she's neither safe nor sound nor happy. I know. I did wrong by you and your mother. And if I had it all to do again -- you'd do it all differently? I hope I'd find a different solution. For all of us, and especially for florence. And I'm -- I'm hoping that against all hope, after everything that happened that I could somehow win you over. Well, dinner is served... if you'd all follow me. Laura, a-a word. I don't want to keep dr. Collins from the table. And I'm not leaving you alone with my wife. Does it bother you your husband thinks you so frail, you would crumble without his protection? Whatever you say to me, I tell him. The sooner you accept that, the better. Very well. I just wanted to say how happy I am you agreed to this dinner. You needed me to leave the room for that? Does this mean you're... willing to give me, give us a-a chance? We're all here. Shall we?

I was concerned when I heard you had been involved in a stabbing, and then I discovered that the inmate involved was shawn. You could understand why I'd be curious about that, right? Why would shawn, of all people, stab you? I have nothing to say without my attorney. Of course you don'T. Thought I should try. You are still my responsibility until your trial. I wanted to make sure you were physically okay. I'm fine. Right. What really happened in chase's hospital room the night he coded? If this is about the substance you think I injected into chase's port, I told you -- just stop. I know what I saw. Finn, I consider you a friend. Your daughter is my niece. We're family. Yes, we are all those things. Then why are you lying to me? Worse, why are you gaslighting me when it could cost me my job? Hey, does your shoulder hurt? You know, maybe we should get you like an ice pack or something. Joss. Hey, come on. You know you can talk to me, right? I know. Okay, so then tell me why you're really here and why you're not at the state championships and what really happened to your ankle? I-I was cutting through the park and I accidentally stepped into a pothole and I twisted my ankle again. How stupid is that? I didn't go to the tournament because I let my team down. I couldn't face them, and then you needed a ride. So I texted Trina to come along. And it's not like I don't like seeing you. I-I appreciate you coming. But you're being a little hard on yourself. You know, I-it's why they call it an accident. I just feel like everything's going wrong. Be careful, though. Hey, nina! Mike? I... uh, I was just headed up to see you.

[ Laughing ] What are you -- I thought we were gonna meet up in -- in your room. What's the difference? You're right. We're -- we're alone, so down here is -- is gonna be just fine. Yeah. Listen, um [Sighs] I just -- I just wanted to talk to you. Thank you. Okay. I thought you were driving your friend home. No, I was, but his daughter and her friend came to drive him instead. Well, that's a good thing. You didn't have to drive, you know, all that way with your ex. Yeah, that -- that would have been awkward. You were right. But he did offer me a second chance. Oh. So you're going back to port charles after all? Okay, stay on her. Alright. Greg said that jordan moved away from jason's room. So any movement in the garage? Spinelli: No, all quiet on the concrete front. How soon is the meeting of the five families? In a few hours. And jason has to be there to represent the organization and prove that we're still in control, even though we lost Sonny. Sonny's loss is deeply felt by all. He was always well respected by the families, right? Yeah, and I'm sure cyrus is trying to change their minds. I have every faith that jason will persuade them to remain loyal. Yeah, if he can make it to the meeting. And where the hell is he? Why are you interrupting my dinner? Something's not right. Westbourne knows I'm not staff, but she still thinks I'm working for someone. For whom? I don't know. It sounds like something's going down here tonight. Bring in pine. Get rid of dr. Westbourne. Make it look like an O.D. Got it. And I want eyes on jason morgan -- now. Stairwell's clear. Brick's on "A." I'll guard this door and make sure no one else follows. Greg, thanks. We won't forget this.

[ Groans ]

Long story long, dr. Robinson gave me this boot as a precaution, that's all. Okay, and I understand that you're frustrated and disappointed, but injuries happen to all athletes at some point and you will heal, okay? Yeah, I know. I just -- I don't want to let you and mom down. That is impossible because we are your parents, and we love you no matter what. I know you love me. I don't want you to be disappointed in me. There's a difference. We would never be disappointed. Why would we ever be disappoint-- well, nina told me you guys were ready and waiting. I guess she was optimistic. Anyway, I'm glad you're okay. Thank you for coming all this way with josslyn. Mm-hmm. Um, you're a good friend. As soon as he gets his antibiotics, we can go. Oh, there's something that, um, you need to do first. What's that? Call your mother. Why would you lose your job, alright? All I did was ask for you to be taken off chase's case. Yeah, which britt was all too happy to do. And now she's using your complaint to claim that my grief is affecting my work performance. You're not gonna lose your job. I promise you. I will go talk to britt. I'm still going to my union rep, and I'm gonna tell them what happened in chase's room. You can't do that, elizabeth! Why not? Just explain it to me. Chase is being poisoned... by peter august. Deanna, which doctor ordered more tests for jason morgan? I'll check.

[ Keyboard keys clacking ] Something wrong? No tests? No, dr. Westbourne ordered the test. I just don't understand why because I've already seen mr. Morgan's discharge papers. Hmm. You're back. Look, I've done my part. I'm -- I'm out of here. Unless, um, something went wrong? Not a thing. Oh, no. No, no. Hey, hey, hey. Stay quiet. We'll make this as painless as possible. Don't worry. It's the good stuff. You'll die with a smile on your face.

[ Breathing heavily ] Yes! He made it! Oh, it's about damn time! Glad you could make it. I was starting to get worried. Have you seen britt westbourne? The chief of staff? No. We don't have time to find her, either. We've gotta get out of here. What the hell's he doing? It looks like jason just stopped. Come on, let's go. Uh, fine. I will take myself to the metro court for a very public drink while all hell is breaking loose here. Wait here. What?! No. No, no, no, no, no, no!

Jason. Jason.

[ Groans ] Jason, what the hell are you doing?!

Well, to be honest, as much as I was dreading this evening, dinner was outstanding. Your chef crushed it. Oh, very nice. I'm so happy to hear that. Um, tell me, would anybody like an after-dinner drink? Well, I can't think of a better way to, uh, cap off this delightful evening. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Oh, so tell me, when are the two of you planning on renewing your vows? You know, we haven't -- we haven't settled on a date quite yet. Well, whenever it is, I hope my great-nephew spencer will be putting in an appearance. Spencer's plans don't include port charles in the near future. That's too bad. You know, I see some of myself in young spencer. That's quite a trick, given you've never met him. True. I haven't had the pleasure. But his reputation is rather notorious. And by all reports and observations, he's thriving in europe. You've been observing my son? I like to keep close tabs on family. Don't you? Allow me to be very clear. My son is outside the realm of your observation. How can you say that when our newfound relationship could be to your advantage? How do you figure? Well, maybe if great-uncle cyrus makes a personal appeal to young spencer, he might be willing to come back for the wedding. You are not attending the wedding. Well, of course I am. Sure we have our differences, but -- that's an understatement, isn't it? But I'm sure we can all agree there's nothing more important than family. Ugh. "Family." The word "family" sounds like an obscenity coming out of your mouth! Let's get something clear right here, right now, okay?! You are not our family. I'm thinking about going back to port charles, but not because of my friend. Okay, so what does that mean? Well, he seems to think that there is a possibility that I might be able to have a relationship with my grandson. Oh, that's nice. So you gonna head back? No. I found a real peace here, Mike. And I don't know if I'm ready to risk that for a mere possibility. Does that make me a coward? No, I get it. But sometimes, you know, when I can't sleep at night, I-I... I'm filled with all these questions about who I was, and maybe I-I should start searching... ...and not stop until I find the answer. What the hell happened? Jason went back in for britt westbourne. That was not part of the plan! Tell me about it. Her car's still here. Okay. I don't care. Go after him. Go find jason. No, that's a negative. I need to stay here with the S.U.V. For when he comes back. Okay. Alright. You're right, you're right. You know what? I'm on my way. No! Don't! Where are you going? I'm going to general hospital and make sure jason's okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] He might need my help. Okay, I don't think that's advisable. Josslyn? What's going on? Are you okay? I'm fine. Did anyone call you? No. Why would someone call me? Did something happen at the tournament? Actually [Sighs] I didn't go to the tournament. Where are you? Anna managed to get the antidote from peter. That's what you saw me inject in chase's I.V. Port. I'm sorry I lied to you. But you can't say anything, elizabeth. If anybody finds out that peter is poisoning chase, he'll withhold the antidote and chase will die. I don't understand. Why would peter do this? Anna wants to send him to prison... for all the things that he's done... including franco's murder. I need help here! Oh. G.H. Security, I need guards covering all exits. Jason morgan's escaped.

[ Muffled ] No, no, no, no!

[ Screaming ]

[ Grunts ] What the hell? Come on. Let's go, let's go, let's go. Go! Stop 'em!

 Josslyn, you're rambling, alright? And I don't have time for that, so just tell me where you are. I'm in pennsylvania with dad. I didn't think it'd be a big deal. Put your father on the phone, please. I got it. Something's going on. She'S... mm-hmm. Carly, joss is fine. Yeah, and apparently in pennsylvania? I can tell you about it -- alright, I want you to, but I can't listen right now. I need you to bring josslyn back to port charles immediately, okay? And don't take your eyes off of her. Carly, what's going on? Just promise me you'll bring her straight home. We will come straight home, and josslyn's safe with me, okay? I'm counting on it. Oh, come on. Did you really think this night was a success? Can you not see the contempt that each and every one of us has for you? I'm sorry, Ava. I -- [ Sighs ] I truly am sorry. I thought I could do it. Do what exactly? Spend the evening with you! And maybe I could have, maybe, if you hadn't kept pushing and pushing. You're talking about family, but you use the word "family" like a weapon every time you utter it. If anyone is using family as a weapon right now, laura, I think it's you. No, you use blackmail and fear to bond you to people because you'll never have love. And that's what scares you the most, right? Because deep down inside, you know it! You know you're always gonna be pitiful and alone! So, Mike, have you started searching? I mean, um, about your past? Nah, not yet. Why not? Uh... I like it here. My new home, my new friends. Yeah. It does seem to suit you. And, you know, to risk all that for the unknown...'s just... ...just kind of difficult to, uh, walk away, right? Yeah. Why would peter august want to kill franco? I guess peter knew the drew memories were coming back and was afraid franco would remember enough to incriminate him. How do you even know all of this? Anna. And by telling you the truth, I'm putting chase's life in your hands. So jason didn't kill franco. But I told the police... I was wrong and now jason's been stabbed in prison and taken away from his family. Oh, my god.

[ Gasps ] Finally! Brick: Jason, get down!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Groans ] You're clear. We have an escaped prisoner at general hospital, consider him armed and dangerous. We need to lock down the hospital. Lock it down now!

[ Beeping ] Spinelli, what's going on? What's happening? Well, I-I-I'm locked out. T-t-the systems overrode me. Well, get back in! Do something! I-I can'T. T-the security system is rebooting itself, which means that whatever happens in that garage is going to be recorded for posterity.

Mike, you missed a fan earlier. Mike: A fan? Uh-huh. A friend of nina'S. Drove all the way here from port charles just to drive mr. Jacks home. The poor thing was starving, so I made her some pasta with your sauce. Whoo-hoo. How she raved about it.

[ Laughs ] I'm glad she liked it. Liked it? She loved it. Too bad you couldn't have met her yourself. Your antibiotics, as promised. Thank you. Now, if you'll follow me, mr. Jacks, we just need you to sign for your prescription. Oh, I'll be right back. So, how mad was your mom? Oh, well, something was going on, so she couldn't really talk, but I am not looking forward to the lecture when we get home. Hmm. By the way, did you bring back any food? I am starving. Not unless you want to chug spaghetti sauce. They gave you spaghetti sauce and no spaghetti? Joss, I'm telling you, they had the best pasta I've ever had in my entire life. And the nice lady at the tan-o gave me a jar of sauce to take home. I've got it in the car. Maybe we can pick up some breadsticks on our way out of town and you can dip it.

[ Sighs ] Well, that sounds lovely, but I'll pass. I am officially a couch potato, so no more carbs for me. Fine, more for me. But you don't know what you're missing. Okay, ready to go. Laura...sister... as you congratulate yourself on your little ambush tonight, I-I would like you to consider just one thing. What's that? How much you enjoyed attacking me.

[ Cellphone rings ] Is it done?

[ Breathing heavily ] Westbourne got away. How? Morgan. He grabbed the doc, and they ran. Pine went after them. Well, as much as I would love to stay for coffee cake... I'm afraid cyrus is my ride. So... good evening. Oh, for pete's sake, laura. You couldn't have held it together until after the nightcap? I'm sorry. I just couldn't take it anymore. I thought it was magnificent. So did I. But did we keep him here long enough? I don't know. I hope carly had enough time to do whatever it is she had to do. Okay, the last thing you saw in the feed, jason was okay? Yeah, I-I think so. Right? It didn't look like he or britt got hit. I don't think dr. Westbourne got hit, either. Okay, so there's still a chance. There's a chance that they made it out. Right?

[ Cellphones beeping ] There's an active shooter in the hospital. Let's get away from the door. Let's move! How's your ankle? Were you hit? No, I'm fine. I just rolled it. What about him? He's not gonna be a problem. Let's go. Oh, oh, ah!

[ Gunshot ] Aah! Jason! It's okay. Go. Go.

[ Engine starts ]

[ Groans ] Go! Go!

[ Tires screeching ] Freeze! Drop the gun!

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