GH Transcript Friday 4/30/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/30/21


Episode #14691 ~ Josslyn and Trina have a heart-to-heart. Nina surprises Sonny. Ava presents Carly with an offer. Cameron confronts Jason. Alexis is surprised by what she finds at her new job in Pentonville.

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Carly, this is important. It's about avery. She's in trouble. What kind of -- come in. What kind of trouble? The kind that comes from cyrus renault. What about cyrus?

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi. Hi. How's your friend? Oh, my friend -- he's on the mend. Thank you for asking. How are you? Oh, I'm fine. In fact, I was hoping to get this thermos filled with coffee so I could take it with me. Ohhhh. Going on a trip? I'm bringing my friend back home. Oh. You're leaving nixon falls?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Oh. Let me help you with that. Ohh. Thank you. Ah.

[ Groans ] How's the shoulder? You know, every time it flares up, I think about that nina could have gotten shot and how close I came to losing her. I see. Thanks. Then that means you're not giving up on her. I'm not. Then you didn't hear a word I said. No, I heard every word you said, and, uh, I actually agree with you. I have to respect nina's wishes. Then shouldn't that be the end of it? Well, it's not the end. It's a -- it's a pause. A break between rounds, because nina's worth fighting for. Josslyn: Okay, well, the light on the dash says "check engine." Well, I know, and I'm checking. I just don't know what I'm looking for. Alright. Let me see if there's anything online that can help us. I'm so sorry, joss. For what? I mean, it's not your fault the car overheated. I don't think we're gonna get to your dad. So, the warden -- he a friend of yours? No, why? Cushy job assignment like this needs connections. Just asking. Maggie. [ Sighs ] I pulled these two books out for you. It'll help you with your parole. Thanks. You're very helpful. I appreciate that. Yeah. Well, anything I can -- still, you need to watch out. Special treatment can put a target on your back. Always a pleasure. Man: I'm afraid I'm a little overdue. Shawn. Hello, alexis. Hello? Uh, mrs. Corinthos, it's dr. Westbourne. I'm calling to confirm that your appointment has been rescheduled for next thursday, just like you wanted. Thanks, doctor. I'm feeling better already. Dr. Westbourne. What can I do for you, nurse baldwin? Have you noticed all the new faces on the floor? Like that janitor over there? Um, H.R. Approved some new hires. Are any of these new hires security? Or is one guard from pentonville enough to handle jason? Unh-unh. Let's go, kid. You can't be in here. Could you, uh, let him stay? We need to talk.

 riend can't fly his planeback to port charles, so I'm gonna drive him. The guy took a bullet. The least he deserves is a free ride and a -- and a thermos full of lenny's coffee. Hey, Mike, I said that -- that I was just going to drive to port charles. I did not say that I was going to stay there. So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna just drive all the way there, drop him off at his big mansion, and then just drive back? No, I think I'm gonna take care of some stuff at crimson, and then there's a few loose ends that I have to take care of, and then I'm going to get into my car and drive back to nixon falls.

Tryin' to find a way

to a man's heart... it just seems like a long drive to drop him off and come right back. Is your friend worth it? I have a lot to prove to nina, and that starts with helping her be a part of her grandson's life. And I've spoken to the boy's father, and he seems open to it. Well, I'm glad you're doing what you can to help nina see her grandchild again. But?

[ Sighs ] I'm hoping this isn't just an avenue you're using to win her back. I love nina and I do want her back, but I want her happiness more. Do you love nina enough to let her go? Okay, so my mom's motor club is sending someone. They said if he can't fix it, he'll tow us. Did they say how long? Within the hour. An hour? Sorry.

[ Sighs ] No, it's just -- I mean, I would hate to drive all this way to see my dad, and by the time we get there, he's already gone. Well, maybe we should have stuck with plan a and gone to the volleyball championships in syracuse. At least we would have been with our friends. I'm sorry, but I would rather be here pulled over with a check engine light. I mean, sitting on the sidelines of that tournament would just be another reminder that my final season is over, and so are my hopes of ever getting off the wait list at scu. Hey, I know you're disappointed, but that's southern coastal's loss and pcu's gain. Come on, joss. Just just think of how much fun we'll have. I guess you're right. And if cam bails on school in california and joins us, it'll be even better. Listen, I know that you're trying to make me feel better, but honestly, I have no idea what to do about cameron right now. He's so convinced that jason killed franco, and he wants me to agree with him, and I won't, because I know jason didn't do it. So, I mean, how do we get past that? Maybe start by realizing what's going on between you and cameron isn't entirely about jason. It's also about the two of you. You can talk to the prisoner, but the door stays open, and I'm right outside. Yes, sir.

[ Inhales deeply ] You said you wanted to talk. So talk. You should go first. That's why you're here, right? You know, I had a lot to say when I first found out you were here. But now I see you, I want to see jake's father. I want to see the man that he believes in so much, but I can'T. I just see the person who killed franco. May I remind you that jason morgan is a patient in this hospital and will be treated as such. So that guy over there, he -- he's just a new hire? He has nothing to do with jason? This may come as a surprise to you, but H.R. Doesn't need to clear personnel decisions with part-time nursing staff. Yeah, something strange is going on. I mean, jason is here with a minor stab wound, something that could have been treated in the prison infirmary. Why? Maybe it looked a lot worse when he was bleeding out in pentonville. Maybe they didn't want to get sued by the quartermaines. Who knows? Clearly, mr. Morgan's presence here is upsetting you, so maybe it's time we had to talk about your status at gh. Okay, tell me what's going on with avery. I just had a visit from renault. He claimed he was there to see nikolas. Nikolas wasn't there, but renault came in and made himself at home anyway. Can you get to the part about avery? Okay, we all know how nikolas thought if he helped renault get his mother back, that cyrus would keep alexis safe in pentonville. And I told him he was making a deal with the devil. So did I. We all did. And when I suggested to -- to cyrus that he and my husband had no further business, cyrus started talking about family -- how nikolas was his nephew, how I was his -- his niece-in-law. Isn't that cute? And then he picked up a photo of avery, and he pointed out how she bears a striking resemblance to her father. That son of a bitch. Do you now see why I need your help?

ThAnk you. I will be backin two days, thrS.Glad to hear it. Who else would risk her toes being my dance partner?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Can I be a little pushy? Why stop now? Well, it just seems like you're going out of your way for this guy who hurt you by keeping the secret about your child from you. What decent man does that? He was just trying to spare me some pain, which was not his decision to make, Mike. He should have trusted me enough to believe that I could be strong enough to face the truth of the situation. Elijah: Trust.

[ Door closes ] That's the key to any lasting relationship. Wouldn't you agree, Mike? If nina decides that she's happier without me, of course, I'll let her go. But in the meantime, I reserve the right to at least try. I could tell you would move heaven and earth for nina if you could. I absolutely would. But what if nina isn't looking for a superhero? What if what she wants is something or someone that simply tells her the truth? Unlike me? I can assure you that was an isolated incident. One that can't be taken back. Nina came here looking for a different life. Has she found it? It's too soon to say. If she decides she's found a future here in nixon falls, then you have to let her choose it. I wish you a safe journey, mr. Jacks. Phyllis. What if nina decides that her life is in port charles? Then you need to be willing to step back and let her come to you. Cam and I were good, until franco was killed and cam convinced himself jason did it. Well, what if you weren't? What if there was already something wrong between you? Okay. What are you trying to tell me? You know what? I shouldn't have mentioned it. It's really not my place to say. Oh, since when has that ever stopped you? Never. And you deserve to know. Know what? Not what. Who. May he rest in peace. Not that I'm complaining at all, but how did you get access into the woman's wing? Mm, special privilege -- to access books that the men's wing doesn't have on the shelves. Well, of course, I had to wait a couple of years and prove myself before they let me in here. What's your secret? They needed a library assistant, and everyone has always said that I come across bookish. You know, when tj first told me you were sentenced here, I thought it had to be a mistake. Nope. Just a cAvalcade of grave personal errors. Tj said you pled guilty. I chose to face the consequences, and as it happens, those consequences are right here. Ta-da. For accidentally stabbing dante? For going on a booze-fueled rampage and almost killing franco, but dante got in the way. That's a lot. That's a lot. You know how you couldn't quit working for Sonny and that ended us and landed you here? Well, I couldn't quit drinking, and that almost ended me and landed me here. "Us." You remember us. You're not exactly easy to forget, shawn. You either. Though I try not to look back and ask what might have been. Not too much anyway. Eyes forward. Something like that. You know what? Turns out we're family anyway, right? We're in-laws. Molly and tj.

[ Chuckles ] Yep. I mean, who knew when they met all those years ago -- just a couple of kids -- they'd go the distance? Lucky them. Yeah, lucky them. My status? I barely have any status left.

[ Sighs ] The fact is, you lost your husband horribly and violently, and then you came back to work too quickly. Now the head of infectious diseases has requested you not be assigned to care for detective chase. If this pattern continues, my hands will be tied, and I may not be able to help you. That's why I think a leave of absence may be in order. A leave of absence? Effective immediately. Jake keeps telling me you didn't do it. That's because I told jake the truth, and that's exactly what I'll tell you. Okay, so what? You're gonna make me ask you if you did it? I-I already know the answer, so -- based on what? You weren't there. You didn't see what happened. Yes, but the cops know that you did it. They arrested you, and they sent you to prison. To await trial. I'm innocent until proven guilty. That works great for you, huh? Maybe you think you'll get away with it. I mean, why not? Jake thinks that you're a hero. Josslyn thinks you're so great. But you know what? Franco was my hero. And he was an art therapist, not a killer like you. The way cyrus was standing there admiring that photo of avery, it was like you could hear the "it'd be a shame if anything happened to her" just hanging in the air. No, no, no. This has got to stop. Okay, then you will help me? Help with what? It doesn't concern you, Ava, okay? If it concerns my mother-in-law and my daughter, I'd say it concerns me. Unfortunately, you chose to back nikolas, who put us all in this position by giving cyrus the only bit of leverage we had left. Oh, give it a rest. You kidnapped a sick old lady! Oh, come -- look, in fairness, she was very well-cared for and apparently happy. But the point is, while they had her, they had sort of a check on cyrus, and that check is gone now. Nikolas was just trying to help his aunt. I know that. I know that. But the reality now is that cyrus is unleashed. Yeah. Nikolas made a huge mistake, so if you guys now find that you had the devil at your door, that's on you. I'll do anything to protect avery, but don't expect me to drop everything and rescue you. Rescue me? Oh, no. No, I'm not here to ask for help, carly. I'm here to offer it.

Elijah. How long you been listening to that private conversation? You mean when did I walk into this open public establishment and happen to hear the tail end of a conversation? Just now. And where in that tail end of a conversation did you feel it was asking you to give input? Okay, enough. Enough already. Guys, I have to go to the clinic, get my friend, and drive him to port charles. Now, while I'm gone, are you gonna be able to play nice, or am I gonna have to call lenny and ask him to referee? I got work to do. Hey, don't worry. We'll behave. But I do hope you hurry back. Nixon falls won't be the same without you. Nina's right, you know. There's no reason for us to be enemies. After all, we want the same thing. Oh, yeah? What's that? We both care about her, right? And lenny and phyllis. And we both care about nixon falls. But thanks to the robbery the other night, the town I love, the town you've adopted as your new home is teetering on the brink. And whose fault is that, elijah? Is this about oscar? No. [ Sighs ] It's about dev. I-I didn't want to say anything because the loss is so fresh, but it's been there the whole time, bubbling beneath the surface, undermining your friendship with cam, and you didn't even know it. Know what? Before he died, dev did something really selfish, almost borderline creepy. He somehow got a hold of your journal and showed it to cam. Dev stole my journal? That's why it's missing? Yeah. Okay, well, when did you find this out, and why are you waiting until now to tell me? Well, it's not important, and it happened a long time ago. Well, I think I'll be the judge of that. Well, the point is, I didn't want to tarnish dev's memory. Okay, I can see that, but -- but it still upsets cam. Cam's upset that dev took my journal? No, he's upset about what was in it.

[ Vehicle approaches ] Okay, you've lost me again. I mean, what could have been in my journal that upset cam so much? I've already said too much. You need to ask cam. Oh, here he is.

[ Car door closes ] Dr. Robinson? Um, thanks for coming so quickly. Our car was overheating. Well, let's see what I can do about that, doc.

[ Chuckles ] A leave of absence is the last thing I need. I need more work. Is -- is this is about money? No, it's not. I mean, yes, of course it's about the money, but right now, the only thing that's helping me heal is to work. Please, I'm asking you to reconsider. Okay, we can table this discussion for now.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. But I want you to take the rest of the day off -- with pay. I'll cover your shift. I have so much work -- go home. I get, uh, that you need somebody to blame, but that doesn't make it true. No, you're right. What makes it true is you pulling the trigger and murdering my stepfather.

[ Footsteps approaching ] What's going on in here? Cameron, what are you doing? You know, I-I hope you keep him nice and safe. That way, he can enjoy a long life in prison and die an old man behind bars. Just let him go. What a charmer. Uh, excuse me. I need to examine mr. Morgan. What was that about? Cameron thinks I killed franco. Mm. Clearly, he's in pain about it. Why didn't you help him out a little and tell him it was peter? Cyrus has put lulu in a coma, jason in prison, and I wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with what happened to Sonny. And now he-- he's threatening my husband -- your son. He's threatening my -- my daughter -- our daughter, our girl. As much as I don't like to admit it, avery is ours. So please tell me what you're up to and let me help.

[ Sighs ] Honestly, carly, I was on the fence until I heard cyrus's latest threat against a child. We have to do something. We have to do it now, and we have to do it together -- all of us.

 Uh, I hope you're not blaming me for nixon falls' failing economy. Brick and mortar has been struggling everywhere. Even drummond's pawnshop is suffering, and it thrives when people are forced to sell. Hard times. No, I'm not blaming you for the economy, but I'm not sure about the robbery at the firehouse. What? [ Scoffs ] You think I had something to -- well, you did leave, right? Right before the shooting started. Okay, so, in other words, I'm responsible because I wasn't there? But you -- you were in the thick of it, and not for the first time. It's like I told lenny -- crime seems to follow wherever you go. Why is that, Mike? What is the secret to your terrible timing? Hey. What are you doing? Jax: Hey. Oh, I've been released. So, signed all the paperwork, and back to port charles we go. Well, are you walking back to port charles? Because I know you're not climbing back in that plane with that shoulder. No, no, no. Of course. I've made other arrangements. Okay, well, you can just cancel them because I have a full tank of gas. I have a full thermos of lenny's coffee. I am driving you back home. You are? Yeah. I'm parked right out front, ready to hit the road. I -- I -- I'm sorry. I really -- I do appreciate it, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to decline. So, what made you decide, of all things, to get a business degree? Well, I spent the first few years in here proving how tough I was. Survival of the fittest. Yeah, I'm familiar with that. Unfortunately, I'm not -- darwin is not my friend here. Eh, go ahead. I'm sorry. Well, once i established myself here, I figured, "now what?" I gotta take something from this place besides battle scars. So I started running a group for inmates who suffer from ptsd. That's how I got access to this library. And I started reading about business, discovered I had a knack for it. And here you are. Here I am. Yeah, maybe one day, I could put it to use -- if I live that long. Here's hoping we both make it out of here.

[ Grunts ] I had a close call.

[ Chuckles ] Just one? It was a special one. You don't look too banged up. How'd you get away? Somebody intervened. Right. Maybe they got a little incentive from someone on the outside? Something like that. Hmm. I'm sure that Sonny looked out for you while you were in here, right? Yeah, he was. You know, and I knew I could trust his help. But I have to tell you, if someone comes to you with a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I mean, you saw how angry cameron was. If he knew the truth... yeah, you're right. That kid would march over to peter and get in his face with the whole "you killed franco, and I'm gonna make you pay." And then peter would kill him, too. Exactly. Well, good of you for taking the hit. As long as cameron keeps his anger directed at you, he should be safe. Until we can prove that peter did this. What? For an unfeeling killer, you can be kind of sweet.

[ Sighs ] You shouldn't be here. Here is the only place we can have a private conversation. Yeah, I know, but cyrus could be watching you. Oh, that ship has sailed. He's already called me out for spending too much time with you. Mr. Renault? She's in with morgan now. No, I can't hear them. Door's closed. Copy that. I'll update you then. I don't know what part you can play in this, Ava. Oh, for god's sake. You're always accusing me of being ruthless, right? Well, now's your chance to use that ruthlessness to your advantage. Laura: She's right. You should listen to her. Really? Yes, really. Look, the one thing you have in common is your love for avery, like we have our love for nikolas in common. Let's be real -- we all have our reasons to distrust each other. But the one thing that I know we can all agree on is that nothing is more important than our children, and this man has taken my daughter from me. I don't want to stand by and watch him take nikolas, too. So I don't know, whatever it is that you've got planned, I don't want to know about it, but maybe Ava can help. I think you're right. I think working together is the only way to stop cyrus. Good, great. What can I do? Call cyrus. Invite him to dinner at wyndemere. Tonight.

 That's a great question, elijah. I -- you know, I go day to day just minding my own business. Trouble seems to come out of nowhere, like somebody wants bad things to happen to me and they have the force to make it happen. Maybe that's just my paranoia talking. You know what the good thing about nina leaving is? What's that? You're not gonna be able to use her to pump interest into nixon falls while you drive the real estate prices down. I don't follow. You don't follow?! Let me tell you something -- your friends keep buying real estate, and everybody else is selling. Hmm. Nina's article comes out and everybody says, "oh, nixon falls, the greatest destination. Everybody's gotta go there." And when they come, you're gonna sell. Nice little profit, am I right? Well, that is fascinating, Mike. For a guy that doesn't even know his own name, you sure got it all figured out. Yeah, I got you figured out! Yeah, well, tell me what you got figured out, then! What do you got?! What you got?! Look at you two! Is this the thanks I get for taking you both in and treating you like family?! Is this how you disrespect me?! Wait, you come all this way to talk to me, and when I offer to spend hours with you on the road, you turn me down? Well, let's be honest about this. I mean, the two of us in a car together after everything that's been said... yeah, you're probably right. It's a bad idea. Yeah, besides, I've already made arrangements for a car and driver. They should be waiting outside. Josslyn: Did someone ask for a driver? Well, don't just stand there. Come hug your daughter. Yes, of course. Or don'T. What is wrong with your arm? You said it was a minor injury. Sweetheart, it's fine. The -- the bullet barely grazed my shoulder. Cameron, what are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me that he was here? You mean jason. Please don't tell me you tried to see him.

[ Sighs ] That's exactly why I didn't tell you. I wanted to spare you. You know, joss and jake kept on saying that he didn't do it, and part of me thought that maybe there was something decent in him. I mean, jake loves him, right? So h-he can't be all bad. He is, mom. He is. I better be on my way before the guard starts to think you're getting preferential treatment. Wouldn't want that to get back to the boss, would we? Last chance. You don't have to do this. I know the risks for me and anybody I care about, which, thankfully, is a very small list.

[ Chuckles, inhales sharply ] Anyway. Nobody lives forever, right? It's how you live that matters, and I have spent my life on the wrong side. It's about time I try the right one. Okay, but there's one more thing that I need you to do. Ava: Excuse me? You heard me. Invite the man to dinner. Yeah. Say it's a family affair. That's even better. Wait, how does a dinner party neutralize cyrus renault? Sorry, Ava, but trust has its limits. So pick up the phone, call the man. The clock is ticking. We are running out of time.

Okay, yes, it was an actof courage and heroism. Okay, he's not wrong, but -- and I can tell you the rest on the drive home. You guys have a long drive ahead of you, so you probably should be hitting the road. We do, especially in an ankle boot. How'd you get here, anyway? I thought you were gonna go to the state tournament and that -- that this was healing. Yeah. Well, we can talk about that on the way home, as well. Just as soon as Trina gets back with the car. Wait. Trina is here, too? Yeah, we borrowed her mom's car. She was starving, so she dropped me off here first then went to get something to eat. Yeah. So she went to, like, a-a drive-thru or something, then she's just gonna come back here? No, no. She wanted to go to this super cute-looking place that we saw on our way here. Uh, it's called the tan-O. I apologize, phyllis. I -- I just want you to know I meant no disrespect. Me neither. No excuses. No hard feelings, Mike?

[ Chuckles ] I know you two are putting on a show for me right now. But I sincerely hope you can take this opportunity to actually learn how to get along. If Mike is willing to bury the hatchet, so am I. That's part of the show, but, anyway... uh, listen, if -- if that's what you want, phyllis, then that's what we'll do. Absolutely. I'll see you later. You know I could read your tone, right? But just the fact that he thinks he can snow you is disrespectful. I don't -- and what you're doing right now? Well, at least I'm -- I'm, you know -- I'm telling you the truth. That takes, you know, some honesty there, right? Nice save. But I'm still gonna need something from you. Name it. If you want nina to be happy here in nixon falls, help make it a place where she finds peace and harmony, not shouting and aggression. Can you manage that? Yeah, I can do that. I believe you can do even better than that. Don't you ever get tired of being right? Never.

[ Chuckles ] Now, let's get to work.

[ Laughs ] So, are you saying that I should refuse help, whether it comes from the inside or the outside? Depends. If it comes from someone like cyrus renault... that kind of favor comes at a price. So, what do you want me to do? Should I quit my job on the first day and -- and get the target off my back? Hell no. How else am I gonna get to see my favorite in-law? Just remember, alexis, you've got friends on the inside, too. Most people aren't all bad. Jason certainly isn'T. How can you say that? You saw him kneeling over franco's body... cameron. ...Right after he shot him. If you had seen the way he was talking to jake at the jail -- he lied to jake's face when he said he didn't do it. Mom, you know that jason is guilty as well as I do. I was thinking about what you said about the importance of family, and that's why I'd like to invite you to have dinner with me and nikolas tonight at wyndemere. Yes! W-well, it won't just be the three of us. I've invited your brother, martin. Oh. Well, if the two of you are having difficulty communicating, I'm sure having laura there will -- oh, yes, yes. Laura's agreed to come. Yes, I dare say she's looking forward to it. It'll be a true family affair. Well, this is a change of pace for you. I get the sense asking people for things, such as help, isn't something you do well. So what can I do for you? You need to leave. Leave? And go where? I mean, if things go sideways, you need deniability, from the cops and from cyrus. Okay, uh, fine. I will take myself to the metro court for a very public drink while all hell is breaking loose here. Okay? Okay. Um... get that bastard brother of mine. And while you're at it, jason, try not to die. As your doctor, I would -- I would take it personally. Well done, Ava. Thank you, laura. Well, I've gotta go home and try to wrap my mind around what I have just agreed to. Should be a night to remember. Yes.

[ Both sigh ] Okay, well, I will keep cyrus at wyndemere for as long as I possibly can, and...good luck with whatever your part of the plan is. Ava, wait. I believe you're doing this because you want to keep avery safe. And I believe you're gonna keep up your end of the bargain. But if I'm wrong and this is a double cross... it's not. Carly, for once, you and I are on the same side. And cyrus won't know what hit him.

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