GH Transcript Thursday 4/29/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/29/21


Episode #14690 ~ Carly meets with Brick. Ava and Nikolas are at odds. Sam arranges a visit for Jason with Danny. Joss lies to Portia. Laura cautions Scott.

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You guys did not need to bring me here. I'm fine. You can't even walk! We should've never let you convince us to play that pick-up game of volleyball with you. It was just a warm-up. Look, I want to be ready for my tournament today, ok? I needed to prove to my coach that I'm good enough to be a starter when we go to state. Alright? I'm not gonna let some doctor ruin this for me. Joss... nikolas: Ava. You do know why I returned cyrus renault's mother back to him, don't you? You did it so cyrus would offer alexis protection in pentonville. And you're upset with me? "Upset" isn't really the word. Then what is? I'm terrified. Let's make sure we get a secluded table on the off chance that britta wasn't exaggerating the threat to my well-being last night. Wait a minute. Are you saying that threat was for real? Of course. I thought it was a ploy so you could spend the night with me. Do you really think that highly of yourself? Mm, maybe. I mean, y-you did have a good time, now, didn't you? It's true. I quite enjoyed myself. Ooh.

[ Laughs ] Laura: Scott.

[ Shouts ] You want me to deal with the security cameras? No, I'll have spinelli do that. You sure he's up to it? Oh, yeah. I mean, I would be nervous if spinelli were picking up a gun or driving the getaway car, but working remotely and hacking into the gh mainframe? He's almost your equal. Almost. Hmm.

[ Both laugh ] By the way, went by the waterfront on my way over here. Had to take a look at the follow-up project. If Sonny were here, he would be going to the meeting with the five families, and jason would be handling the other. Jason has to go to the meeting, and that's why we need you. I know it's an imposition. It's never an imposition. I consider it a favor to Sonny. I'm honored that you asked. You know your dad is only gonna be here at gh temporarily and then he's gonna have to go back to prison? I know. He has to stay there until his trial, where diane will prove he's innocent. Yes. And I want you to be prepared. There's a guard standing outside your dad's room. He's there to only let family in. But just so you know, when you get into your dad's room, he's gonna be handcuffed to a bed, okay? I can handle it. I just want to see dad. I checked renault's schedule. He is at a hospital ceo breakfast in rochester. So we have a little breathing room. That's good. How are you feeling today? Fully -- fully recovered. Perfect timing. Um... [ Clears throat ] Carly called me earlier. She's putting the plan in motion. We'll be able to break you out tonight.

 I can't believe you told your mom. My mom works here. I didn't tell her we were coming. Is this a volleyball injury? I believe you were instructed not to play for a few weeks, right? No. No, it's not. Um, I-I was walking by myself in -- in the park, uh, and I accidentally stepped into a hole, and I-I just rolled my ankle. I was sitting there on the floor, you know, trying to loosen it when cam and Trina found me. Hmm. How lucky they were there to find you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gasps ] Ow! See? That's why we brought you in here. This could be serious.

[ Chuckles ] Could you please just have my back and tell them that this is no big deal? You know what? I-I won't know anything without more complete tests, but I am sending you for an mri.

[ Sighs ] I've always thought of you as being fearless. Why are you terrified? Because as much as you don't want to think about it, cyrus bombed the floating rib, and he used my brother to do it. And so I'm worried that even before we have a chance to renew our vows, you'll end up just like julian -- six feet under, and cyrus will be responsible. The circumstance is totally different, alright? Julian approached cyrus when he was desperate. He had nothing to offer cyrus. Cyrus sought me out, and I gave him something that he wanted -- something that he tried and he failed to get through other means. If anything, cyrus owes me. Nikolas, you have proven yourself to be useful, and I don't think cyrus is just gonna let that go. And I happen to love you. And so I'm scared for you. Ok. Don't be. Alright? I have too much to live for now. I won't let cyrus hurt me or you. Is this what it looks like? Well, you know, liesl and I are...friends. Do you think that's wise, given the mayhem that she is responsible for? What could I tell you? It just happened, laura. Ok, ok. Look. I can see why you'd be drawn to each other. I mean, you're grieving franco, she is, too, and you have that as a connection. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. W-we do have that as a connection. Right. Alright. Well, I'm not here to judge you. I just -- [ Sighs ] Please be careful. Yeah, I will be. Ok. Dr. Obrecht, good morning. Good morning. I'm so sorry that I didn't greet you earlier. It's just that I was, uh...

[ Sighs ] I was surprised.

[ Laughs ] Scott and i were equally surprised to find ourselves keeping company. Oh. And please, call me liesl. Liesl. See you two around. I admire the mayor. She has many reasons to dislike me, but she's withholding judgment. Clearly, she's a woman of discernment and character. Yes. Yes. She's a -- she's a wonderful girl. I-I -- you would probably like her if you got to know her. Perhaps one day I'll have the chance --

after whatever danger I'm in is cleared up. Yeah. Let's talk about that for a second. Where is this danger coming from? I don't know, but I intend to find out. Britt: I spoke to my mother. She's agreed to lie low for a couple of days. Although there is a part of me that kind of wants to see cyrus go after her. However big or bad he thinks he is, he is no match for liesl obrecht. [ Chuckles ] So you're proud of her? Yeah, in a lot of ways. I mean, I-I may disagree completely with many of her choices, but I'm the first to acknowledge she lives her life on her own terms without excuses or apologies. It may not have made for a warm and fuzzy childhood, but it certainly made me resilient. Wait, how did I [Laughs] Get off on this tangent? You were, uh... you were telling me about warning -- warning your mother. Is there anyone else that cyrus can target to get to you? Oh, yeah, I have -- I -- I'm -- I'm just drowning in friends and family. There is maxie, but since peter and cyrus have become a twisted version of frat boys from hell, I think she's ok. And hopefully, cyrus has no idea that brad is my friend, but other than that, there's no one else to worry about. Except you. I told you yesterday I'm doing this, ok? So forget protecting me or talking me out of it for my own good. That selfless nobility really gets on my last nerve. And you're annoying enough as it is. Am I? Yeah. How? Well...

[ Door opens ] Dad! Hey. Oh. Alright, what about security personnel? We have someone in the hospital who will keep them diverted. Epiphany johnson? No. Britt westbourne, chief of staff. You don't mess around, do you? Well, I mean, it's jason's doing. Britt's not my favorite person, but jason trusts her. Well, great, 'cause she'll be a big help. But we do have another obstacle -- cyrus renault. Have to make sure he doesn't get in the way. Yeah, I think I have that covered. Do you? Is it foolproof?

For the record, I don't expect cyrus renault to wind up on the guest list for our wedding. Are you kidding me? Oh, he wants to be a fine, upstanding citizen, right? And now he's a member of your family? Oh, he's gonna want an invitation. And if he doesn't get one, he'll find a way to wrangle himself in -- trust me. Well, someone I can guarantee won't be attending is spencer. You spoke to him? No, he's still not taking my calls. I got a very terse e-mail. Spencer said not to expect him home anytime soon. I'm sorry. Really. Especially because I know that I'm -- that I'm a factor in your estrangement. Small factor. No. I am -- I'm the one that let spencer believe that I was dead for years. I didn't tell him that I survived the shooting. I was too busy plotting how to take revenge on valentin and reclaim my inheritance. And my mother, she thinks my deal with cyrus is proof that I am backsliding, but she is wrong. I saw the fallout. I've learned my lesson -- the cost on the people that I love. I would never act that way again. You know, I think that laura is just concerned because cyrus, he -- he seems to get people to do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do. Yeah, but that will never be me. Alright? As long as I have you by my side. Am I -- am I doing something wrong? No. I have news. You're being reassigned work duties. So soon? Oh. Uh, what's my new job?

[ Sighs ]

[ Snaps fingers ] Scout really wanted to come, but mom thought she was too young and might not understand. Yeah, I think that's a good call on your mom's part. But please tell scout that I think about her all the time. And you know I think about you, too. I will. You watching out for your sister? Of course. I promised you I would. Mom too. It's not fair they locked you to the bed like that. It's just, uh, you know, it's protocol. It's nobody's fault. It's just the law. Yeah, but it's all a big mistake because you didn't do what the police said you did, right? I-I mean, you would never hurt jake's stepdad. No, I wouldn'T. I did not kill franco. I wish everyone else would believe that. Jake's having a really rough time with cameron. Yeah. Cam and jake are, you know, dealing with losing franco. He was like a father to them, so just -- you know, just be there for them if they need you, ok? Sure thing, dad. So, what's gonna happen to you now? I wanted you to know for your kids' sake that jason's wound wasn't severe.

[ Telephones ringing in distance ] Ok, but it was bad enough to warrant sending him here. Well, pentonville's infirmary wasn't equipped to deal with a shiv wound like that, but he's recovering quickly. So I assume he'll be sent back to prison right after this? I have kept him here as long as I can. I expect he'll be discharged tonight. Um, I'm sorry. You're chief of staff. Does this mean you're acting as his primary doctor? Yes. Do you have a problem with that? Thank you. Thanks. Is it that bad? How are you feeling? Actually, could you two wait outside? I need to speak to josslyn privately, please. S-sure. We'll be out in the hall.

[ Door opens ] The good news is that your ankle isn't broken. Oh, thank god. So I'm clear to play. The mri indicates that you are just millimeters away from tearing your atf ligament. So I am so sorry, but your volleyball season is over. Ms. Jerome -- or, should I say, mrs. Cassadine. I hope you can make time for me.

I really can't play? I mean, I've already packed for the state tournament. I know how disappointed you must be, but you need at least four weeks of resting your ankle. That means no running. No athletics of any kind. I'm gonna have you fitted for an ankle boot. You'll be able to walk, but at least it will limit your pain, and it will take the stress off of that ligament. I'm so sorry, but just stay in the wheelchair 'til I get back, ok? I think josslyn could use some company right about now. Mom, why were there so many security guards walking around today? What's going on? Oh, I thought josslyn would have told you. Jason morgan was injured at pentonville. He's upstairs recuperating.

[ Sighs ] Did you know that jason was a patient here? Yeah. Why didn't you tell us? Would that have been a good idea? We called a truce. Why start another argument by bringing up jason? Yeah, you're probably right. I have a shift at kelly's that starts soon, so I should probably head out, but, um, I hope you feel better, and next time I see you, I expect to see you holding a trophy. Take care.

[ Door closes ] Are you gonna tell me about the weirdness going on between you and cam? Cam is the least of my problems right now. Your mom just told me that my volleyball season, it's over. I can't play in the tournament, which means I can't prove myself. I just lost my only shot at playing for the best d1 team in the country. No, I-I'm sure you're dealing with jason professionally. I wouldn't have it any other way.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Clears throat ] Excuse me. I have to take this. I'm not sure how any of this is gonna shake out, but I don't want you to worry. I'm gonna be fine. But when will it all be over?

[ Door opens ] How's it going? Good. I was just asking dad when he'll be out of prison. Yeah? When will he be found innocent? Yeah, and I was just saying that I really...

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry that I don't have a timeline. It's just one of those times that we're gonna have to be patient, but... I promise you, I'm gonna find a way out of this. You just don't know when.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, that's right. Even though you're innocent. And that's -- that's the most important thing. No matter what happens, no matter what anybody says, I am innocent, and I'm gonna prove it. Brick: Renault wants to eliminate jason. He is not playing around. He wants to get rid of him. At any given moment, this could happen -- even tonight. Ok, I'm hoping that cyrus is gonna be too busy tonight

[ Doorbell rings ] To go after jason. Excuse me. Hey. Hi. Come on in. Thanks for coming. Oh, no problem. There's somebody I want you to meet. Okay. Laura, this is brick. Mayor collins. It's an honor and a privilege. How are you? I'm fine, thank you, mister... brick. Just brick. Like prince or elvis, but I always prefer prince.

[ Laughs ] Ok.

[ Chuckles ] Brick is a close family friend. I see. Yes. Well, this family could use some close friends right now. You know, Sonny was crazy about you. He talked about you all the time. I was very fond of him, too. Brick helped Sonny when he was looking for dante in turkey. Yeah. I'm glad dante made his way back. Yes. At least he had a few good months with Sonny, but not enough. Never enough.

[ Sighs ] Look, I gotta go. I've got work to do. Um... we'll keep in touch? Yes. Ok. Yes. Take care of yourself. Yeah, thank you. Alright. Bye-bye. Bye. Oh, mayor collins. Please keep doing the great work you've been doing for port charles. Thank you so much. Thank you. All the best.

[ Door opens, closes ] Brick is quite charming, but I know you didn't invite me up here for a meet and greet, so... what's this all about, carly? Well, of course I'm delighted to see you, but I was hoping to have a word with your husband. I'm sorry. You just missed nikolas. Oh. I-I just wanted to thank him personally for his invaluable help returning my mother. I cannot tell you how much it means to me having her nearby, knowing she's safe. Well, I'm so glad she didn't suffer while she was away. You must be so relieved. Well, if, uh -- if we're through here... oh. W-we're not through.

[ Laughs ] Well, I don't -- I don't understand. Nikolas told me that to get you to protect alexis in pentonville, he had to find your mother and bring her to you, which he has done. So, end of story. It's never that simple with me. I'm really happy to see you. You look good. How are you doing? Great. Working the program. You should be happy to know that I haven't even been tempted to drink what the inmates refer to as "toilet wine." Steer clear, even if it's a good vintage. What else? I just landed a new work assignment in the library, and the buzz is, it's -- it's a pretty cushy gig. Good. How bad's the food? Stop. Nikolas. I know what you did. You traded favors with cyrus renault, and what I want to know is, how much of your soul did you trade to keep me safe?

Well, you know the secondnikolas turned florence over to cyrus, we lost our leverage.

[ Sighs ] I know. And for what it's worth, I fought with nikolas about that. And obviously, I wasn't able to get him to change his mind. Cyrus got his mother back. I know, and -- and it's over, so we have to find another way to handle renault -- maybe even soften his worst tendencies.

[ Laughs ] I'd like to hear how you're gonna do that. You said yourself that you are cyrus's weakness, that he wants a relationship with you. Maybe he wants some of your integrity and your respectability to rub off on him, which is delusional, but maybe we can use that to our advantage. How? Is there any way you can appear to soften toward cyrus? To give him the attention he so desperately craves? For the greater good. You don't have to be so dramatic. My soul had very little to do with the quid pro quo arrangement I made with cyrus. Will you just tell me what you did? I knew that cyrus had connections here in pentonville -- an entire network of people, staff, and prisoners that could make your life very difficult. I'm guessing that happened early on before I reached an accommodation with cyrus. What did you have to do on your end of the accommodation? Nothing all that sinister. Just return his mother. His -- his mother? What does that mean? Where is she? Carly and jason had taken her from her assisted living facility and were holding her as leverage. I just got her back for cyrus. Nikolas saw to it that your mother was safely returned. What more could you possibly want?

[ Sighs ] What I want isn't tangible, like goods or money. I want, oh, a relationship, a family. Laura is my sister, which makes nikolas my nephew, and you are my niece-in-law, so to speak. Technically, I suppose that's true. Laura has never truly been open to the idea of bonding as a family. However, since my deal with nikolas was mutually beneficial, I was hoping that he would be more receptive to...a connection in the future. After all, family is the most important thing, isn't it? Stay out

by the guard.I'll be there shortly. Mmkay. Britt says that they're gonna release you later today. Yeah, that's -- that's what I hear. Ok, well, if someone was trying to kill you in pentonville, they would probably hurt you a lot worse, so can you please tell me what's going on? Is this hospital stay part of a bigger setup? You realize there's no need for you to accompany me. Well, now, now, now, britt said that, uh, you're in danger, so I want to be here for your protection. Most of the time, it is other people who need protection from me. Well, ok. But I am going to shadow you so that you know I have your back. If you insist. Nevertheless, I will see britta alone. You would just be a distraction.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Uh, dr. Westbourne. Sorry. Um, I'm all done here. Oh, no. Take your time. Do whatever you need to do.

[ Sighs ] Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Geez. You startled me. What is going on? Why am I in danger? Does this concern peter? In part. Spit it out. What has that schwein done now? All you need to know, mother, is that I am doing a favor for jason. Pack your bags. We're leaving the country. Isn't there something else you can do to get off the wait list at southern coastal? Oh, if you get admitted for academics, then you can walk onto the volleyball team. Southern coastal has the best program in the country. They don't need to take walk-ons. My only shot was to stand out at the tournament, and I just blew it. Hey, I-I know you're disappointed, but you just wait and see. We're gonna tear it up at pcu. A-and you can look at freshman courses on our drive to the tournament, and I'm sure you'll find something that interests you. I'm not going to the tournament. But those are your teammates. You don't want to cheer them on? My team needs me, and I can't play. I'm letting them down. But it was gonna be so fun getting out of port charles. You're right. We definitely need a break from port charles. We should go somewhere else. Like where? I have an idea.

[ Cellphone beeping ]

ok, dad. I'll let you know when we decide. Love you. Bye. Ok, so my dad is still in pennsylvania -- some place called nixon falls -- but he hurt himself, and he can't fly his plane home. How bad was he hurt? Um, he didn't say, and I didn't ask. But he needs a ride back to port charles, so we can go pick him up. Oh, I don't think my mom would be up for that. Well, you already got permission to come to the volleyball game with me. We'll just go to pennsylvania instead. You want me to lie to my mom? Aren't you the one who told me there's a difference between lying to your mom and just not telling her stuff? I've matured since then. Oh, come on, Trina. It's not like we're getting fake ids and going to bars. I'm talking about a quick road trip to pick up my dad. Come on. Please? I need a fun distraction. Will that get you out of your bad mood?

[ Door opens ] Well, it'll certainly help. Hello. Here we go. So, try this on for me. Oh, um, mom? Yeah? Joss and I have decided that we are going to her volleyball tournament to support her teammates. Ok? We must get you as far away from jason morgan as possible. The man attracts trouble and violence like a magnet. No wonder you told me to take cover. Mother, calm down. Jason is not the problem. It's the people after him who are posing the danger. You are missing the point. The man is the equivalent of an olympic bobsled run -- hazardous under any condition! You, my dear britta, are not an athlete. You won't get a medal for surviving him. Now, where should we go? Perhaps australia.

[ Gasps ] We could dive the great barrier reef. I am not going away. I have responsibilities. More important than your own well-being? I have my patients. And maxie -- I'm coaching her through her delivery. I can't leave her. You know that. Yes. Maxie needs you. Mother, I can look out for myself, ok? Um, tell me, where did you hide out last night?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ] Look, someone is knocking. What do you want? Well, hello. I'm here to ensure your mother's protection. Sam: I know you have something planned. And the best thing I can give you is deniability. You know that if something happens, there's an investigation, you've got nothing to hide. You're probably right. I should not be involved.

[ Sighs ] I have to put danny and scout first. That's the choice I made. Do you have any idea what you're asking of me? Cyrus showed up at my home not even two weeks ago -- he was pressuring me to get his mother back again. And when I told him I couldn't help him, he accused me of taking sides in a turf war. He actually said that if blood started to run in the streets of port charles that it would be on my hands. I don't want a war. I want the opposite. I want to contain cyrus, and you are the only one who engages him. I may be able to engage him, but I have no ability to influence him for the better. I mean, he -- he likes the idea of having me for a sister, but he has no interest in hearing what I have to say. It's like I'm a trophy -- maybe one of the few things that he can't have. And that's what makes you irresistible and exactly what I need. Just a few hours tonight when cyrus is occupied and all of his attention is on you. And where would his attention be otherwise? Or on whom? Trust me when I tell you this is a situation where what you don't know can't hurt you. Carly and jason were holding a fragile elderly woman hostage? Really? Look, in all fairness, florence was never at risk. She was being held in a private home. Bobbie spencer was her caregiver. Nikolas, you just said that carly and jason were using florence as leverage, so I'm going to assume that was to keep cyrus in check. And now you've unleashed him, which puts Sonny and his family -- which means kristina -- you've made them vulnerable to retaliation. I did it for you. I didn't ask you to. And now that you've done it, you're in his debt. Do you know what that means? It's nothing I can't handle. Nikolas, you are influential and you are rich, and you are now under his thumb. He may have asked you to -- to get his mother back, and that's the first task, but it won't be the last. He's never gonna leave you alone. I am not naive. I would expect that cyrus is gonna try to squeeze more out of me, but he is not gonna get what he wants. And what are you gonna do to stop him? He has no idea what I am capable of. You do. If he crosses me, he will not win. Other people -- other people have said the same thing, and they've been proven wrong. As far as I am concerned, the benefits of having you protected outweigh the risks of dealing with cyrus. I want you to heal and find some peace. And I'll be able to sleep, knowing that I have made it safe for you in here. Ava: I'm sure my husband will have an opinion about furthering a relationship with his new uncle. Well, I trust he will see the advantages after everything I did to help protect his aunt alexis in pentonville. That's the thing about cooperation and open-mindedness -- they make the world safer, not only for us, but for those we hold dear. I'll be sure to tell nikolas that you came by to express your gratitude. Hmm.

[ Laughs ] It's just -- look at this little angel. I-I assume this is your daughter, avery? Adorable. You know, she bears a striking resemblance to her late father. Hmph.

Wait. What? Are you two... for real? He is quite chivalrous.

Danke. I thought when you were staying at his apartment, it was only because you didn't want anyone to know you were in town. Yes, we were quite compatible as roommates. But...things change.

[ Laughs ]

Mutter! Don't sound so scandalized. I'm a healthy woman with desires. Why shouldn't we have a little fun, meine liebe tochter? You should try it sometime. You work too much. I am fine, ok? Clearly, so are you. Ooh, yes, she is fine.

Danke. You're fine, too.

Danke. As for you, britta, please be careful. I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you. I promise. I'm being careful. Come, schatz, let's go. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Please, allow me.

[ Door opens ] I don't know what to say. I don't like what you did, but I really am so appreciative. I'm so grateful, because the minute I got here, I got into trouble, and suddenly, someone mentions cyrus renault's name, and I'm safe. Cyrus did that as a good faith gesture so I'd be more motivated to rescue this mother. Nikolas, thank you. Alexis, I couldn't let anything happen to you. I need you in my life. So does the rest of your family. Sam: The kids are safe. That's my priority, and it has to be. Yeah, I understand that. But it doesn't mean that I don't care about you, so whatever you're planning, jason, please just be careful. I wouldn't -- I wouldn't want you to put yourself in a situation that's gonna make anything worse. The kids miss you enough as it is. Do not even think about playing, ok? No, of course not. I -- I learned my lesson. Thank you, dr. Robinson. Of course. Thanks for doing this. Mm. We were overdue for a road trip. Do you need to call your mom? Hmm. Well, I said goodbye when I left the house -- you know, right before we went to the park and destroyed my dream.

[ Sighs ] You give me no choice but to quote my track coach -- "setbacks lead to greatness. The sooner you embrace that, the higher you'll climb." Yeah, ok. No more moping. Nixon falls, here we come. Yes. You were right. Dr. Westbourne was exactly where you said she'd be --

jason morgan's room. Carly, I'm sorry, but in my position, I just can't -- laura, please. I mean, whether you do it to make up for nikolas returning florence or you do it because cyrus is a bad guy and he needs to be stopped, I just really need you

[ Doorbell rings ] To spend time with him tonight. I'm sorry. Excuse me. Oh, I can't do this right now. It's a bad time! Carly. This can't wait. It's about avery. She's in trouble.

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