GH Transcript Monday 4/26/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/26/21


Episode #14687 ~ Anna comes clean with Maxie. Finn feels helpless. Chase looks forward to a bright future with Willow. Olivia confides in Dante. Brook Lynn asks for help.

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You're welcome. I'll be back to help you into your gown. I can do that. Oh, he's all yours. I see you've had a little pampering. How do you feel? Better. The meds knocked me out, so I slept like a rock. You look rested and beautiful. Thank you. I got a lot done. I showered, napped a bit, and even managed a ticklefest with wiley. Then I stopped by perks to get you some herbal tea.

[ Sighs ] Thank you.

[ Knock on door ] Can I come in? Sure. I, um... look, I probably said some things I shouldn't have. It's okay. Okay. Well, you were right. The vial that peter smashed in front of you contained the antidote, or, at the very least, contained something that wasn't water. Any luck analyzing it? Good morning, sunshine. Good morning to you, too. How are you feeling? You up for a quick visit? Oh, you know what? Not this morning. I had a really restless night. So did james.

I'm sorry

to hear that. I can come take him off your hands, let you rest for a while. Oh, no need. Spinelli and georgie are with him today. You know what? Can -- can you hold on for a second? I have to take this cuff off my arm. Britt got me my own blood-pressure monitor, and -- oh! Ah, you know what? It's a little elevated right now. Think I should probably rest, maybe even take a nap. You know, at this rate, the next time I see you, the baby will be born. Peter, I'm just following doctor's orders. Have a good day. This compound breaks down as soon as it's exposed to oxygen. Maybe if I would have got the vial intact, I could have analyzed the residue, but, I don't know, even then... I mean, whoever designed this, they really didn't want it duplicated. How is chase? Stable...for the moment, but I'm not lulled into a false sense of security.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I see you're busy. I'll let you get on with it. Mm-hmm. Good luck. Thank you.

[ Knock on door ] How you doing? Not good. I don't know what's going to happen to chase. Ahh! Um... before we get into why you wanted me here, I just, uh... I-I just want to say thank you. Me? What for? For showing up for me and rocco, for keeping the fridge stocked, for buying him clothes, noticing that he's having growth spurts. Just for -- for being you, ma. Honey, I have had a lot of practice with little boys.

[ Both chuckle ] Uh, he also said that you went to Mike's grave yesterday? I did.

[ Sighs ] Is something wrong? I saw maxie there. Honey, s-she was at -- at nathan's grave. She didn't see me there, but I'm really worried about her. Well, I suppose that you already know that you're gonna be a, uh, great-granny, huh? Oh, what -- what makes you think that I want something? Okay. Um, actually, I am calling because, uh, I'm in a sticky situation and I need a really big favor from the one family member I-I actually trust. I appreciate the caffeine. I was awake most of the night worrying after what happened at the dance. Who the hell robs a barn dance? And nina's poor friend getting injured like that? Have you heard anything? Well, phyllis called and said he's going to be fine. How about nina? Mnh. She's torn up about it. She went from being angry at the guy to being too afraid to leave his side. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up going back with him. Maybe. How would you feel about that?

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door opens ] Phyllis: Nina. Phyllis, he hasn't opened his eyes once. That's normal. He's still sleeping off the sedative. Dr. Madison said jax will be fine. But you should go back to the house and rest. No, no, no. I'm not going anywhere. What if that bullet hit his heart instead of his shoulder? He could have died. Clearly, you still have feelings for jax.

[ Sighs ] Are you gonna take him back? Who says that jax will want me back?

Ma, I get maxie had it rough with peter august, but at least she didn't end up marrying the guy. Yeah, but have you seen her lately? No, I mean, not since you and i went there after the wedding, but... I-I've been meaning to. I just haven't gotten around to it. Well, you gotta get around to it. Like, see if you can help out. Maxie... she's at loose ends, just like you. Mom, what... I overheard her at the cemetery. S-she was -- she was pouring her heart out to nathan's grave. She's a lost soul, dante. I-I just -- I figured that you can relate. Granny, listen to me, okay? I have a plan to reposition the family as majority stakeholders in elq, and valentin has already agreed! I just -- I need a real baby instead of this thing that's strapped to me.

[ Scoffs ] Don't get all judgy on me, okay? You've done far worse for less reason. Look, don't you live in amsterdam or something? Don't you think they have a black market for babies there and you could get -- hello? Granny?

[ Sighs ] She hung up on me. Fine. On to plan B.

[ Knock on door ] Maxie, it's anna. I need to speak with you. It's really important. What part of, "I don't want to talk to you and never will" do you not understand? I'm so sorry to disturb you. I really am. H-h-how are you after the er? Are you okay? If you were really concerned about me, you would let me rest, because I'm supposed to be avoiding stress, remember? And that, of course, includes you, so bye. God. I hate to ask you this. It's -- it's a-a-a really big favor.

[ Scoffs ] But... would you agree to a visit from peter? Get out. Willow: I should have known better than to hand you that cup of hot tea. No, don't apologize. The heat wasn't the problem. In the moment, I fully expected to take the cup. I just -- I keep forgetting that my hands and feet are useless. Not useless. Temporarily impaired. I sure didn't mean for you to be cleaning up my room. Oh, this is nothing. Before I came here, wiley poured a bowl of cereal over his head.

[ Both chuckle ] I wish I could have been there for that. It was totally adorable... until I had to clean up the mess. I appreciate you taking all this time away from him to be with me. Don't worry about that. Wiley has michael and the quartermaines. I keep hoping they'll give me something to treat the neuropathy, and that way, I can go home while they figure it out. And I can get back to some sort of a normal life. We're still trying to pinpoint the cause of chase's symptoms. You're not supposed to be taking the lead on this case. I know. Uh... dr. Arthur is in charge. Chase is my son. I'm gonna do whatever i need to do to save him. I saw anna leave. Is everything okay? Um, these days, things are just always so...awkward. We -- we try to make them not so, but... yeah, I know. I know. I-I get it. I mean, not that it's even remotely the same, but I'm really glad not to be working up on 10 today. Hmm. Jason was admitted. He got stabbed, and pentonville sent him over here for treatment. Ah. Jake doesn't know. I don't think I'm gonna tell him. I mean, jason's gonna be fine. He'll make a full recovery. But, I mean, there's just so much tension in my house 'cause cameron is still convinced that jason killed franco. Are you still convinced? Jax, I am so sorry about all of this. You know, when you showed up, it made me realize how much I wanted to keep all of this craziness a secret. But you saw him, didn't you? And i know you. You are gonna be on the phone with carly so fast that I will not know what hit me. But I'm gonna face the consequences, because it doesn't matter. You know, what matters now is I need you to be okay. I need you to wake up.

[ Monitor beeping ] Please. Mm. Sonny.

 I like nina. We've become good friends. The two of you looked smooth on the dance floor.

[ Chuckles ] Well, she's a great dancer. Knows all the right moves. Ah, so do you. Eh. And not only with dancing. Phyllis told me how you got the jump on that thug. Ah. According to nina, her ex didn't hesitate to go after his partner. The town is lucky to have the two of you around last night. You know, something strange happened. He was pointing at me like he... he had something to say to me. Sonny? Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that to be the first name that you uttered when you woke up. I thought I saw -- I thought I saw him. But it can't be possible because...

[ Sighs ] Nina. Y-you're really here? Yeah. I'm really here. It's nice to see you. Likewise. How you feeling? Are you in pain? Now that you mention it... yeah. ...My shoulder hurts a lot, actually.

[ Breathes deeply ] Where am I? You -- you don't remember? Are... you're in nixon falls, pennsylvania.

[ Softly ] No. What happened to me? We were at a dance, and the... we -- there was an attempted robbery, and you were -- you were trying to protect me, and you got shot, and I am so sorry you got hurt. And I thank god that you're gonna be okay. I'm just -- I'm just glad that you're safe. Are you kidding? I'm not the one who had surgery last night. But your doctor says that you're gonna be fine. You're gonna make a full recovery.

[ Chuckles ] It's kind of ironic, isn't it, when you think about it? Mm. I-I-I left port charles and I came here and I got shot. What do you mean? Well, this is a sleepy little town. You know, port charles is a known hub for organized crime. And just think of all the violence that Sonny's business inflicted on the town before he died. Dante: Uh, ma, last time I checked, my soul was present and accounted for. I've been going to all my sessions with kevin. Haven't missed one. He says I'm in good shape. I know. I can see that. Okay. I look at you, I see that you're getting stronger all the time. I'm just saying that maybe that's why you can help maxie. You know, you know how hard it is to -- to fight your way back.

[ Sighs ] She's got my number. You know, she can call me any time, day or night. She knows that. But, honey, what if you reach out to her?

You be the one to reach out, okay? I know it would mean the world to maxie if she knew you were thinking about her. Grandpa, cheerio. Hi. [ Chuckles ] It's, uh, brook lynn

[Clears throat] Your granddaughter. Your -- your granddaughter.Ned's daughter. Okay, fine. Lord larry it is, then. Oh, yeah, dad's great. He's, um -- he's doing his thing. Oh, oh, no. No, thank you. I am not interested in investing in a bitcoin opportunity presently. I'm actually calling because I need a favor. Um, I really need your help. I said I need your help! Help! I need help! Brook lynn, what's wrong? Who are you asking for help? Thanks. You do this surprisingly well.

[ Chuckles ] You're a breeze. Wiley's a lot squirmier.

[ Sighs ] You know, I'm, um, not sure today's the day you'll be discharged. They may want you to have a bit more mobility in your hands and feet first. I just wish I knew what was going on. It's so random. I hardly ever get sick. But I have every confidence that Finn will figure it out and find a treatment.

[ Monitor beeping ] I'm starting to get scared. I am conflicted and confused. I told the police what I saw, and I'm standing by my story. Franco was shot in the chest, and jason was kneeling over him. No, I didn't see jason with a gun, and, yes, he could've been helping franco, but there was a witness who said they saw jason ditching a gun. But if they're wrong -- I keep going back to the same question. If jason didn't kill franco, then who did? So we discovered that jason didn't kill franco. Peter did that. Of course he did. Right. Did franco even do anything, or was peter just bored? Okay, franco was beginning to remember things, things that weren't his memories -- they were drew'S. Another one of peter's victims. Right. Because he was starting to put together peter's crimes in the same way that franco was beginning to remember them. You know, I -- I -- I just -- you just got to trust the system works, elizabeth, and if jason is innocent, then the police are going to find the real killer. Thank you. I'll hold on to that. Hm. Anyway, I know you got to get back to work, and I actually just stopped by to let you know that we, um -- we got your order for another blood draw on chase. Thank you. Will you please tell the lab I need it as soon as possible? This is your day to be unreasonable, isn't it? You show up here uninvited, then you refuse to leave. Now you're asking me to see peter? Y-yeah, well, the arrangements that I made to deal with peter, they didn't pan out. And the only way to prevent him from doing any more damage is a visit with you. So you're selling me out again. Oh, god, no. First, you were going to let me marry him, and now you're trying to convince me to see him. Is there going to be more? Am I going to have to promise to be nice? Do I need to promise to other future visits? He just asked for one visit. I do-- yes, I'm sure he's going to push for more. No, there won't be more, because I refuse to do it. Listen! Ple-- this isn't about me. This is to save someone who is in a great deal of trouble.

Much of jax pointingat you last night. Phyllis says people go into shock and say and do all kinds of things that make no sense. I-I suppose. And grateful as I am about jax saving nina, if I haven't said it enough, um, I truly appreciate you stepping in and saving phyllis. I would do anything for her, and I'd do anything for you. I mean, you've done a lot for me. Well, it's a comfort to have a hero around the place. Of course, jax was a hero, too. I wonder which of you impressed nina more.

[ Chuckles ] It's not a competition. If she -- she wants jax, then so be it. Mm. But you'd miss her? Sure. I knew it. You know what? Who would rob a firehouse dance? All the police can do is investigate. They questioned everyone who was there last night. I got a call this morning, asking me if I saw anything suspicious before I left. Maybe -- maybe it's all related. Maybe it's the same people who trashed this place. Mm. Now, that's for the police to figure out. Time to get ready to open. I have been so isolated here. I have no idea what's happening in port charles. Well, it's actually what's not happening. You know, I mean, I don't know how long it'll last, but definitely been a downtick in crime since Sonny died. Really? Thank you. Yeah. I m-- I mean, it sure seems like it. There are no shootings. There's no explosions. Even the docks seem safer. It's not like when Sonny ran it. I guess I didn't realize how Sonny's organization was such a threat. Oh, Sonny's a -- he's a magnet for trouble. I mean, his competitors are always trying to take him down, and, you know, since he's been gone, there's definitely been less crime, maybe even to the point where josslyn can have some kind of normal life, you know, where she can concentrate on teen drama instead of being pulled into mob drama. Yeah. Did -- did you tell josslyn and carly what happened to me? Morning. Nina here? She went to a clinic. Yeah, I figured. How's her friend? He's good, you know? And I was wondering... how could that happen last night? Who would do that? Local news and the cops are trying to figure out the same thing. Yeah, yeah. Why don't you tell them? Uh, well, I was actually just going to make a call, and then this baby just started doing these kung-fu kicks inside me. I-I got a little startled. I-I'm sorry. Brook lynn, I got to tell you, I am worried. Honey, it doesn't seem like you have given any thought to what it actually means to be a parent or -- or how your life is about to totally change. It seems like you're more interested in using this baby as a bargaining chip to get valentin's elq shares. I really hope you stepped off of that. Actually, I made the deal. You traded access to your child for stock shares. The way I look at it is valentin is the father, okay? He has rights. He -- he already has access to the baby regardless. Quartermaines might as well get something good out of it. Mary, mother of god. Only problem is

[Sighs] Valentin won't give me my shares until the baby's born. Why would that be a problem? Why does the lab need more blood? To run more tests. They're still running tests? I was hoping they'd move on to a treatment. Yeah, me too.

[ Sighs ] We're still trying to zero in the cause of your neuropathy and other symptoms. Okay, so what do you know? We're dealing with a toxin of some kind. A toxin? Mm. Are you saying I've been poisoned? Okay, I'll bite. Who exactly would benefit from my visit with peter? I can't say. Of course you can'T. No, it's too dangerous for me to tell you any more. It is. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important, maxie. You really don't get it, do you? You know, when I was little, I had no idea what a godmother was. I used to think you were my fairy godmother. There's no magic in you, is there? Only lies and a willingness to sacrifice others for your purpose. No. Yeah, I should have told you about peter before the wedding, but I didn't do that, and I can't change that. I can do better. I can tell you the truth.

You have been exposed to a toxic substance. Like a pesticide or something? Yes. But I haven't been around any pesticides. I haven't worked any cases involving a warehouse or a farm. I mean, come on. I live in an apartment. There's no bug spray, no bugs. Well, there was that one time, but I, uh --

[Chuckles] I couldn't bring myself to kill it. It's true. I was there. Yeah? Yeah, but you were freaking out. I saw you. Anyway, what other kind of toxins are there? There's all kinds. You know, many are found in nature, like your elusive spider. Many forms of bacteria are toxic. There's the manufactured ones like anthrax or dioxin. Okay, that's fascinating, but where does that leave me? That's why we have to run more tests, chase. We're still trying to isolate the substance that's affecting you. Maxie: Peter did this? He tried to poison Finn and got chase instead? Yeah. He really is a psycho. And I almost married him.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. Um, how is chase doing now? His condition is deteriorating. Chase's life is in peter's hands. All of this is over a visit with me? I hate it. I hate all of this. Trust me. Can you do this for chase -- literally to save his life? Could you just agree to a visit with peter? Brook lynn: Not that I owe either of you an explanation, but I only made this deal because I have an opportunity to make something positive out of this pregnancy. Something other than an actual human baby? Of course I love and want my baby. My point is that, why can't I also get elq back for my family? Except now valentin won't close the deal until after this baby is born. Okay, what difference does that make? What if he changes the terms again? What if valentin wants to be a bigger part of my baby's life than I'm willing to give? Well, what do you expect? When you use your child as a bargaining chip, why do you not think the father's going to do the same? Whoa, mom, mom. What? Would you stop? Okay? Give brook lynn some credit, alright? She is the mother of this child. She's doing what she believes is best for her baby, for her family. You did that with me and Sonny. No one gets to question

your choices. Enough with the accusations. Now, why the hell would I know anything about what happened last night? You don't have to get so worked up. You keep your ear to the ground, don't you? Why are you so defensive? Because I am sick of being your target. Now, take your accusations, and go back to where you came from. I would if I could.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, yeah, that convenient memory loss. Speaking of convenient, I noticed that you left the dance right before the gunmen made their move. So? It's pretty interesting. Uh, you know, I don't know what the cops are going to make out of it, but I didn't -- I left that part out when they interviewed me. But if the cops come around again, I won't forget to tell them. Oh, hey, elijah. You hear about the attempted robbery last night at the firehouse dance? It's all over the news.

[ Sighs ] Where'd Mike go? Don't know. Don't care. Glad he's gone. Because I'm worried about you and phyllis. How well do you really know this Mike? I-I thought about calling carly, but, um, you know, after the doctor said that you were stable, I-I just -- I didn't want to worry them. No, no, thank you, because I actually didn't want you to worry them. They have so much stress right now. Josslyn's in the middle of her college admissions, and --

[ Gasps ] How's it going? Good, actually. Well, she was on the wait-list, um, for her first choice, but she did end up getting into pcu and another college, actually. I asked her to fly up here with me to -- to find you. Oh, wait. You flew? Yeah, I-I took the cessna. Oh. But, anyway, she turned me down. Um, it's probably a good thing she did, right? She missed all of the excitement of last night. Yeah, it would have been terrible if josslyn were there. You know, I really don't want josslyn near any more gunfire or shootings from now on. And maybe with Sonny gone, maybe that's a real possibility.

 There's so much I want to say to you. But first, I need to clear something up about last night, after I was shot, a-and why I said Sonny's name when I woke up.

[ Door opens ] I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to check on mr. Jacks. Oh, yeah.

[ Door closes ] You can stay if it's okay with him. Oh, it's more than okay. Then I'm staying. Phyllis. Mike. It's thoughtful of you to stop by. How's nina's friend? A nurse is in with him at the moment, so we'll have to wait. My mother doesn't mean any harm. She's just trying to, uh, look out for you. Whatever. So peace, yeah? Yeah, I'm good. Yeah? Fine. Okay, good. I'm, uh, going to go. You guys play -- play nice. Don't forget what I said about maxie. Why are you so fixated on maxie? Because I happen to know that she is going through a very difficult time right now. She is desperate to be a good mother to this child, but look at who the father is. Now, I-I get it. Valentin is no hero. But he is light-years ahead of peter august. I mean, he is a good father. I got to give him that. So -- so even if you are not quite as committed to the idea of motherhood as maxie, at least you're going to have valentin. You're going to have your family all around you, giving you support. Are you implying I'm not going to be a good mother? I'm saying that it helps to have help. Have you forgotten that you left leo with me when he was just a newborn? Not only did I return him in one piece, but you know that I was willing to risk my life to protect him if julian came around. You know, I was really flattered that you trusted me then. I admired you for -- for doing what you had to do to keep your baby safe. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to do, and now maxie is facing the same nightmare. What does maxie have to do with any of this? Okay, I called spinelli. He's going to keep james for the day. Have you decided what to do? The thing is, I've...

[ Sighs ] I've already been playing games with peter, giving him enough contact to keep him pacified while I figure out my next move. You've got to be careful, maxie. Well, that was the plan, but plans change. I'm not going to let peter kill chase. I'm so grateful. I-I-I'm -- I'm really sorry that I let things get this far. You saw what you wanted to see in peter, and I can't blame you for that. I did the same thing.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. He's here. What? You called him? Well, yeah, right after you told me about chase, before I called spinelli. I'm sorry, I should've told you sooner. Don't give anything away. If he even gets an inkling that you know about the toxin, he will let chase die. Okay, yeah, I-I know how to handle this. I know you do. Show time? Show time. Hello, beautiful. Feeling better, I hope? Yes, actually. Uh, my fairy godmother stopped by and sprinkled some of her magic fairy dust on me. So I'm feeling a lot better. I know how this all sounds, but I don't want you to worry. I'm working around the clock to match your symptoms to any known toxins. And the labs are working nonstop, too. They have their hands full. It's tedious work. I wish it wasn'T. Why do I feel like there's something you're not telling me? I'm sorry, chase. I'm doing the best I can. I want to help you. I will. I have to. He'll figure it out. Hang in there. Hey. You okay? Can you try not to worry and just trust Finn?

[ Chuckles ] I-I trust you. I remember when michael told me that he and sasha broke up, and I thought if -- if they couldn't make it work, you know, how could we? But I was so wrong. I mean, that was a long -- that was a long time ago, and we're married now and we're -- we're going to be together forever, baby. It's just you and me.

 uh, hey. I, uh, got something on my mind. Wonder if you can help me sort it out.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey, um, would you mind taking this to the lab right away? I need to speak with dr. Finn. Yes. Thank you. You're welcome.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Hi. You want to go get a cup of coffee and maybe a bagel since I'm pretty sure you haven't eaten? No. I mean, thank you. No, there -- there's no time. Sorry you're under so much pressure. Getting used to it.

[ Sighs ] Chase is right, isn't he? There's something about his condition you're not telling him? What is it? Chase, what are you talking about? I'm talking about our beautiful wedding and how happy we are. I mean, I-I'm the luckiest man alive. You're confused. We're not married.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] Chase? Chase, are you okay? Oh, my god. Chase. Well, I'm going to go put these in some water, uh, and then I'll show you the adorable stuffed animal that peter gave me for the baby. He said it was the only thing he had left from his adoptive parents, and it brought him so much comfort as a child. Yes. During my darkest hours with my father, it was always there for me. I did what you asked. Now will you save chase's life? Brook lynn: Maxie this, maxie that. I mean, you're making me out to be some pathetic mother-to-be when all I'm doing is doing what I need to do for my family. So is maxie! She is making the same sacrifice that I had to make to keep that baby safe from a dangerous man. Look, I was skeptical of Mike at first, but I'm over it. He's a good guy. Phyllis and I trust him. But look at what's happened since he came to nixon falls. You were held up. Mike fought the guy off. You were vandalized on Mike's watch. He wasn't even here. The hardware store was hit. And look at what happened at the dance last night. Mike fought off the gunman and saved my wife. Or maybe it was all an act to stay in your good graces. Think about it. Everything started going downhill around the same time that Mike turned up, and the guy claims he doesn't know himself, but he sure knows how to fight and how to handle a gun.

[ Chuckles ] I don't get it, lenny. Why are you and phyllis so willing to give Mike a pass when crime seems to follow him wherever he goes? You're doing just fine. Thank you. Thank you. So, jax, what did you want to tell me when you called? You said it was important. Well, we can get to that in a bit. Right now, I just can't shake this image from last night. You know, right after I was shot, they had me on the gurney, and I opened my eyes for a second, and I swear I saw Sonny. He was standing right there. It was as clear as day. Can we see mr. Jacks? For you, phyllis, anything.[ Chuckles ] Working here does have its perks. Good thing I'm here with you.

[ Chuckles ] Now let's go see jax and nina.

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