GH Transcript Wednesday 4/21/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/21/21


Episode #14684 ~ Tensions between Sonny and Elijah build. Phyllis is taken by surprise. Jason is less than enthusiastic about Carly's latest plan. Scott tries to put Cameron on the right path. Chase is uncertain about his future with Willow.

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[ Country music playing ] What I tell you? Mm. I was really hoping you'd be wrong. Wrong about what? Is that what you're wearing to the dance?

[ Chuckles ] I got a limited wardrobe. You can still make an effort. Well... come on. Oh... I just have the thing for you.

[ Laughs ] Much better. Mm-hmm. A born cowboy. Yippee-ki-yay!

[ Laughter ] Elizabeth: Come in. Thank you for coming on such short notice. Sure. I hope I didn't pull you away from anything. Uh, just the tv, my film noir channel. Well, cameron was supposed to be here to babysit his brothers tonight, but he's a half an hour late already. Well, okay, you got a kid on the loose. That means he's got his game back. I can't keep having this conversation with you.

[ Scoffs ] We don't have to talk about it. Ignoring it won't make the problem go away! So you're saying we -- we can't be friends anymore? Don't do this. It's a simple question, joss. Can we still be friends, yes or no? I'm not going to do that, cam. I'm not going to let you pressure me into saying what you want to hear! Right. Because standing by me isn't nearly as important as standing by a murderer. Alright, tell me exactly what happened. The details don't matter. Just tell me, carly. Nikolas cassadine hired a group of mercenaries to track down florence and give her back to cyrus.

[ Sighs ] I couldn't risk a shootout, so I told the guards to let them take her. You made the right call. Without florence, we can't stop cyrus. That's why we have to move now. Finn: Hey, listen, I ordered another lab series for chase, but it's not in his chart. The lab is backed up, but chase is marked as a priority. I mean, if they're not posted yet, I'm sure they will be very soon. It's not good enough, alright? It's -- I ordered it last night, alright? How am I supposed to treat chase if I don't have the basic data to diagnose him?

[ Monitors beeping ] Willow? You're still here? Where else would I be? How are you feeling? Okay. Did you sleep okay? Dreamt about you.

 oh, I'm better -- better now that you're here. I'm flattered, but the doctors are going to need more specific feedback.

[ Sighs ] Honestly, the -- the worst part about being sick is the constant monitoring. I'm so over being poked and prodded while they check my bodily functions. So I'm hearing that's a negative on the sponge bath I just arranged.

[ Chuckles ] You know, for a lab that is so good at leaking people's personal information, they seem to have a little bit of trouble doing their actual job. I-I'm going to go down to the lab and expedite chase's tests personally, okay? Thank you. But can you do me a favor, please? You name it. Just step back. Yeah, I don't think so. Not while chase is manifesting a laundry list of symptoms, none of which point to a known condition, alright? It's my job to diagnose him. It is your job to be a father. Finn -- he looks worried. No, frantic, even. Heartbreaking, isn't it? He would do anything to save chase from pain. Would you? Cameron's had a really hard time with franco's death. He's channeling all of his grief into anger. Yeah, yeah, I-I've been there more than once. Well, he totally blew up at jake, insisting that jason is guilty, and, of course, jake is going to defend his father. Well, listen, elizabeth, it sounds like you could use some help around here, and I'm sure you could do better than an ambulance chaser like myself. How about your sister sarah? Uh, no. She's busy with her practice on the west coast. Well, your father. What about him? You can force this all you want. I'm not going to choose between you and jason. Really? Because I keep choosing you every single time. Like when -- when I let you use me to make oscar jealous or when he was dying and I stood by you every step of the way or when you needed a friend to lean on, and -- but I wanted to be -- wanted to be what? I just want my friend back. But not if it means ignoring the fact that franco, who I loved, is dead, and your wonderful jason killed him. Are you okay? No. Carly: Laura and I went screaming over to wyndemere, but it was too late. I mean, nikolas was on the phone with his guys. He's convinced that turning florence over to cyrus is going to save alexis. Nikolas thinks he's being a hero, but he doesn't realize he's being played.

[ Sighs ] Maybe it's for the best. Are you out of your mind? Florence is frail. We couldn't hold her forever anyway. Are you okay with cyrus having free rein? No. Because I -- no. Carly, no, I'm not, okay? What happened to your hand? It's fine. Really? Did you fall down and bang your knuckles all at once?

[ Sighs ] You were in a fight. Was it cyrus' men? It's fine. It's being handled. For how long? How long can you keep fighting them off? Sonny: It's a nice setup. Mm-hmm. Fundraising is important. So is community building. Oh, don't let her fool you. Phyllis is here to dance.

[ Chuckles ] That's why I got you that hat, Mike. I didn't want you begging off because you weren't properly dressed. I'm counting on you and lenny to spin me around the floor. Look... ahh. ...Just as long as we're clear you're my date, not his. Well, not to worry. I'm sure Mike can find a date of his own.

[ Woman chuckles ] Well, well, well, look at this. The gang's all here. Seems like the whole town showed up. Gives you, hope doesn't it, that nixon falls can pull together to get through this rough patch? Hope is a beautiful thing. Mm-hmm. It can move mountains or fill a barn dance.

[ Chuckles ] Nina, you look lovely. Thank you. Never mind me. Look at Mike.

U know, elizabeth,I know jeff from way, way back, and he's a good guy. I-if you needed his help, he -- he would be here. Um, my father and i aren't close. Well, maybe this would be a good time to get close again. Hey, mom, I'm sorry I'm late. Hi, scott. Hey, kid. Scott is here because I didn't know if you'd be home in time to watch your brothers. I said I was sorry. I don't want to hear it.

[ Sighs ] The boys are in their rooms. I -- I really can't deal with this today. Yeah. You look like you've kind of gone a few rounds. You've been... chewed up and spit out. Josslyn: Cam just ended our friendship. Actually, this is the third time he's told me that we can't be friends anymore, so it's official. Three falls, we're eliminated. Is it about jason? No, it's about cam pressuring me into joining his one-man vendetta, and I refuse. Oh. A friend who only likes you when you agree with them... it's a friend not worth having. In general, I would agree with you. But I should make an exception for cam. That's up to you. The night Sonny disappeared, you told me we were in this together. We are. You said we would make decisions together. We do. That means being honest. So let's be honest.

[ Sighs ] Cyrus is going to get you killed. Yeah, he's going to try. And eventually, he's going to succeed... because you're outnumbered. And you don't know who you can trust. And at some point... I can't let that happen. Okay, carly... this is where we are. There's nothing you can do to change the situation. Wrong.

[ Sighs ] Mike, the hat looks amazing. Who would have guessed? What, that I could wear a cowboy hat?

[ Laughter ] No, that you would look so good wearing one. Yeah, well, you got -- you got to thank phyllis because she picked it out for me. I just had a feeling it would suit him. Enough of this chitchat. Are you ready to get out on that dance floor? Lead the way.

[ Chuckles ] What do you say we get in line for a drink and check out the silent auction? Well, you know what? Uh, phyllis and lenny had the right idea. Dance with me. How can I refuse? Find me on the dance floor, okay?

[ Chuckles ] I know you took the lead last night when chase was admitted, but don't you think it's past time to bring in a specialist? Understand this -- I am not turning the case over. Chase is -- is my son. Which is exactly my point. There are rules governing which doctor treats which patient, and the first one is that parents don't treat their children. I think you'll agree these are extraordinary circumstances. And you've lost all objectivity. Every single time you go into chase's room, you are less a doctor and more a father. You're talking about specialists? Who are you going to get? I am the specialist. Who's desperate to save his son. And that could lead to errors in judgment. Finn, do you want to be responsible if something happens to chase because you got something wrong? I'm responsible either way. Anna: Peter. You shouldn't be here. Get out. Thought there might be a story for the invader. "Pcpd detective struck by mysterious illness." How far are you going to take this? How far are you going to make me take it? Do you really not care that chase is suffering because of you? You might want to keep your voice down. I gave you my terms -- no more public accusations from you and valentin. You treat me like the upstanding citizen that I am. Yes, in exchange for the antidote, which you've yet to produce. About that... I've reconsidered.

Perhaps we can speak more freely in here. Do you even have an antidote? Or -- or did you poison chase with no hope of saving him? You're just stringing us all along so you can get what you want while he's still alive. I suppose you're just going to have to trust me. If he dies, you die. Oh, I'm sorry, you're a bit late on that. See, valentin's already promised to kill me, though he may find it's not quite as easy as he thinks. No, I think he's pretty capable of killing you.

[ Chuckles ] He's 10 times the man you are -- 10 times smarter, 10 times more lethal. He just doesn't have access to your father's leftover box of dirty tricks. He won't be the one to kill you, though -- I will. I will put a bullet in you, and I won't even blink. You hate me that much? I don't know if I hate you. I could pity you if you'd even once tried to change. You can come down off your soapbox now, anna. I have the antidote. Good. Where is it? Not so fast. First things first. I need your help with maxie. Did willow tell you that I did a face-plant in my own living room?

[ Chuckles ] Sadly, she, uh, she left that part out. Yeah, passed out cold. So much for being a tough guy, huh?

[ Monitor beeping ] You know what? Um, I'm going to let you two catch up. I want to check in with dr. Robinson. Wait. Damn. I didn't want to upset her. I'm sure she just needs a minute. She's barely left my side since she dropped me off here. She's gone above and beyond, especially after what sasha and I did to you guys. We're so lucky that you guys are so forgiving.

[ Sighs ] So willow didn't tell you. You mean why she stopped by last night? No, she -- she never had a chance to talk. Why don't you fill me in? With all due respect, portia, I do not feel the need to justify myself to you or anyone else. I respect you, Finn, and I sympathize with what you're going through, but not enough to ignore best medical practices. Then you're just going to have to report me to the higher-ups. I have a duty of care, and anyone on our team, including the chief of staff, would absolutely agree with me. So that's it, huh? You're going to -- you're going to turn me into westbourne. If you force my hand. Now, I'm going to go check on your son's labs.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey.

[ Sighs ] Everything okay over here? Do I look okay? Well, you know that jason saved cam's life. I do, but you're going to have to remind your dad of the details.

[ Scoffs ] Alright. Sit. When cam and Trina were kidnapped on their way to midwinter formal... mm-hmm. ...Renault wanted to use Trina as bait to trap her father. Okay, anyway, the point is, cam got away. He was literally running for his life, and he tripped and fell. One of renault's men was standing over him with a gun. He was going to shoot cam, and jason shot renault's guy first. Cameron is the one who told me this story, but now? Now it's like it never happened. Because jason is accused of killing franco. He didn't do it. No, of course he didn't do it, but, sweetheart, cameron doesn't know that. All he knows is, is that the stepfather that he loved is dead, and there are two witnesses, and one of them is cameron's mother, who said that jason did it. Jason was kneeling next to franco. That is all. Cam's mom assumes that jason killed franco. She didn't see it happen. And you told cameron this? Yes, many times. Not that it mattered. He won't listen. Oh, and the other witness? Gladys corbin, a lying liar who lies and would do anything for money. Oh, but cam would rather believe gladys than jason. The man who saved his life. Don't get me wrong, I'm -- I'm really glad that you're here, but I just don't -- I don't see the reason why. I mean, I wasn't that late. It's like everything I do recently, my mom totally overreacts, and she's not the only one. I feel like everyone is mad at me for some reason. Yeah. You know, I made that mistake when I was your age, too, and I-I still keep making that mistake. So don't follow in my footsteps. Listen, because you don't want to go it alone. That... is no good. Okay, carly, whatever you're doing, you just need to stop. Wrong. We tried it your way when cyrus offered to have gladys retract her statement. You made me turn it down. Yeah, because that was a setup. Cyrus is not going to give up his leverage. He's not going to have gladys change her story. We need diane to break gladys on the stand at the trial. And that won't happen for months, and by then, you'll be dead. And I can't handle that. I can't lose you. So I don't care if you're mad at me, and I don't care if you think I'm wrong. We're going to do it my way, and we're going to do it now.

Poor choice of words. You are clearly not okay. Can I help? Not unless you convince dr. Robinson to, I don't know, mind her own business? About...? I want to be the lead on a patient's team, and dr. Binson feels that would be...

[Sighs] Inadvisable. Oh. Who's the patient? My son. You know, willow clearly has other priorities, you know, like, say, your health. Yeah, I appreciate that, but I could use a distraction. Go on. What's going on?

[ Monitor beeping ] Yeah, sasha and I -- we broke up. Yeah, well, we never really were, you know, back together, so I guess it's more accurate to say we mutually agreed to end things. I'm sorry. I really thought you guys could work things out. Yeah, we thought so, too, you know? But we finally admitted to ourselves and to each other that our hearts just, you know, weren't in it anymore. I'm very grateful to have had sasha in my life, and I hope she feels the same. But, yeah, we're just headed in different directions. What a waste. If sasha and I hadn't staged that lie, none of this -- look, there's no point in looking back. You did what you did with the best of intentions, and, you know... this is just where we all wound up. I know this sounds selfish, but I can't help but wonder... if you and sasha couldn't make it, what chance do willow and I have? Dr. Robinson, chase is awake. Is he in any discomfort at all? He's not complaining, but that's not because chase isn't hurting. He just doesn't want me to worry. So less than forthcoming about his symptoms. At least when I'm in the room. I'll keep that in mind when I look in on him. Has there been any progress with a diagnosis? Not yet. As you know, chase has presented with multiple symptoms, many seemingly unrelated. Right now, we need to wait to see if we can find an accurate diagnosis so we can start the proper treatment. But stay strong. We're going to figure it out. Did maxie call you from the er the other night? Yes, it's true maxie and i are finding our way back to each other, but it's happening much too slowly. Are you on some kind of schedule? I want to be in the room when my daughter is born. She will know me from her first breath, anna. I...I mean, you'd have to take that up with maxie if you want to be in the delivery. I -- yeah, well, I want you to lay the groundwork. After all, you are her godmother. She respects your opinion. Not anymore. I tried to talk to her in the er. She doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Try harder. Make it a priority, or else detective chase will have to do without. You act like I'm trying to antagonize everyone in my life. No, just the people she will know me from her first breath, anna.

I...I mean, you'd have to take that up with maxie if you want to be in the delivery. I -- yeah, well, I want you to lay the groundwork. After all, you are her godmother. She respects your opinion. Not anymore. I tried to talk to her in the er. She doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Try harder. Make it a priority, or else detective chase will have to do without. You act like I'm trying to antagonize everyone in my life. No, just the people that you care about, the ones that are in front of you. Those are easy targets. Maybe it's not my fault. Is it impossible to think that someone else could be wrong? No, no, no. You have a good point. But y-you've got to make the playing field a little bigger. You can't just pick on your mother and your brother and josslyn. I didn't say anything about joss. You were going to. The only person I want to target is jason morgan. He's in the slammer. If you want to go after somebody that goofed up your life, you should probably do 10 rounds with me. Josslyn: I honestly never thought that cam could be this unreasonable, this flat-out hateful. He tried to convince jake that jason's guilty. I mean, how could he do something like that to his own little brother? Do you think that I would ever in a billion years do that to avery, even though Ava is fully responsible for morgan's death? Of course you wouldn'T. Right, so how could cam be so selfish? Maybe you're asking the wrong question. Maybe the question should be, is it worth losing cameron's friendship over something that's out of your hands? What do you mean? You know how we talked about playing the odds? Well, the odds are pretty good that jason's going to get exonerated, right? And that they're going to find the real killer, and then cameron will know that he was wrong. And even if that doesn't happen, how does it help jason to fight with cameron? I almost forget the real reason why I came here. I was hoping that you would join me for a little hop in the cessna. Tonight? Yeah. I mean, we'll only be gone for a couple of hours, and it'll help you get your mind off everything with cameron, give you a little different perspective from above. Yeah, yeah. Okay, I would love that, but I can'T. I-I have to stay here for mom. She needs me. Fine. Fly safe. Uh, I always do. Low and slow.

[ Chuckles ] Please.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, and you know what? One more thing. Oh, my -- [ Chuckles ] No, no, it's just try to understand, um... that underneath all that anger, cameron is just scared. So maybe he needs your understanding more than jason needs you to defend him. Okay, what are we doing, carly? What has to be done. Look, I know you're scared, and when you're scared, you want to fight. But whatever you're setting up, you need to think it through, not just how it can work, but how it can fail. Are you protected? Is there going to be blowback? If there is, it's not worth the risk. I say it is. Does donna say it is? Does josslyn say it is? It's okay with them that their mother risks her life? Look, I can survive in here for as long as I need to. You won't have to much longer. Be ready. Ready for what? You'll know it when you see it.

[ Breathing heavily ] That was crazy. What has gotten into you? Well, I think, you know, my partner had a little something to do with that. Please, I could barely keep up with you. Or maybe the, you know, the man I used to be was a dancer or I just felt loose enough to just do what I couldn't do before. Those are just like the mystery in my life that I'm not going to get the answer to. Well, there's no mystery that you've got skill on the dance floor. Well, I'm not that good, it's just that I like to make a fool out of myself.

[ Chuckles ] Well, sometimes, I say that dignity is overrated. Did you just insult me?

[ Chuckles ] No, never. Ever. It's just, Mike, I've known a lot of dignified people who wear their social status like armor, people who would rather look down on life than, like you, open their arms and embrace it. I can't imagine you with those people. Right now... neither can I. You know, uh, when you were dancing, it's -- it kind of -- I just saw the real you. What, missing every third step and tripping over my feet? No, you were happy, shining like nothing could touch you. I mean, that's kind of like the happiest I've seen you since we met. Oh, well, I think my partner probably had a little something to do with it. Elijah: There you are. Ready for our dance?

Hey. I went to look for you on the dance floor. I caught a glimpse once or twice, but I could never reach you. I guess your timing was off. May I have this dance? Nina: Everything all right? I'll be fine. I just need to rest. I think lenny must have overdid his two-step. Or else he wants an excuse to sit this one out.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? I'm just going to go and double-check on lenny. I'll circle back around, okay? Phyllis has got it covered. The dance floor awaits. Okay, you know what? She offered a rain check. Why don't you take it? Whatever you want. I'll be right back.

[ Sighs ] You need to learn to stay out of business that doesn't concern you. Well, see, that's the thing. Nina, lenny, and phyllis aren't business. Not to me, anyway. I get the feeling you don't think very much of me. Why would I? You're lying to phyllis and lenny about your past. What else are you lying about? I'm sorry. Sometimes I get a little -- I didn't mean to snap at you. Yeah, just don't let it happen again.

[ Chuckles ] So tell me, what's going on with chase? Oh, chase. Uh, willow brought him in last night after he passed out at home. You know, initially, he was presenting with, like, flu-like symptoms, you know? Then he started rallying. His fever was dropping, when out of the blue, he developed severe neuropathy. Hmm. Anything in his labs? No, no. The first round showed nothing. No infection, no meningitis, no infectious-disease process that could be contagious. I ordered a second round, and I'm still waiting on the results from the stupid lab. Well, you know, neuropathy can result from a condition that doesn't show up in the initial series. What, you telling me I shouldn't worry too much? You have every right to worry. Just don't let it cloud your judgment... or spark a fight with the people who are on your side.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ] So, how are you feeling? Oh, we're just discussing my imminent return to the gym. Oh, I see. Do you mind giving us a second? Yeah, of course. Thank you. Feel better, man. Yeah. Thanks for coming by. Yeah. And when I get out of here, maybe we grab a beer or something. Sounds like a plan.

[ Monitor beeping ] Okay, doc. Do your worst. Uh, dr. Robinson's in with chase. Maybe now is a good time to talk.

[ Sighs ] Anna: Is that the antidote? Or is this just a mind game? No games here. This is the real deal. You shoot him up with this, and while he may not be as good as new, he'll be a lot farther from death's door than he is now. Give it to me. Once you deliver maxie. Peter, that's going to take time. Well, chase doesn't have time. Alright. Can we come to some kind of compromise, like an intermediary step of some sort? Well, now that you mention it... I'd like you to arrange a visit hassle-free with maxie at the house we once shared. Okay, done, done.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, no. I'm going to need more than your word. No, no, no. Work fast. What have you done to mess up my life? Well, indirectly, I did. You see, if I had been a better father to franco, he might have turned out completely different. Things might have been just, you know, a whole different story. Cameron, when I was young... I was deemed a bad guy in this town. I did a lot of horrible stuff, and I never thought about the consequences. I mean, for crying out loud, I got three grown kids I didn't even know about until they were grown. So, you know, I think about that all the time. Could I have been a better guy, a better father? Franco wouldn't want you to blame yourself. Yeah, but he wouldn't want you to make the same mistakes I did. Listen, the things you do as a kid, that's what shapes you. So if you're not a stand-up guy now, when you get older, you won't be.

[ Door closes ] Hey. Hey. You just missed dad. Oh, yeah? Was he looking for me? No, uh, h-he's taking a short trip in the cessna, thought I might want to ride with him. Trip? Where? I forgot to ask. He said he'd only be gone a couple hours. Oh. Hmm. You okay? I'm getting there.

[ Cell door clanking ]

[ Keys jingling ] We just got word from the powers that be. You're getting a roommate.

How's chase? He's putting up a good front, but he's -- he's hurting. That's why I couldn't tell him about us. Oh, of course not. You don't think I'm a coward? Coward? No, you are caring and wonderful. And I have no idea what we're supposed to do now. Can you rate the pain for me from 1 to 10?

[ Groans ] Like a 3 or 5 or 6. It's down from a 9, though. Last night was excruciating, and today's -- today's just uncomfortable. Okay. Your most recent labs will be back soon, and then we can eliminate the conditions that you don't have. I'm not worried. I got the best taking care of me. Thank you for... talking me down. I will find portia and... apologize. I'm sure she would appreciate that. And I'm also sure she would tell you that chase needs your attention more than she does. You make a good point.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Up for a visitor? Not you. Sorry to hear that. You know, your mother is my star reporter, which makes you part of the invader family. You violated my mom's privacy, and you put her personal information on the front page. Is that how you treat family? Depends on the family. Get well soon, detective. Okay, what's going on? Why are we here? I know what's wrong with chase.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hi. I don't like how we left things before. Yeah. Me, either. Can we just... not give up on each other yet? I'M...I'm so glad that you called. I... the entire way home, I-I kept thinking about calling you. I wrote and deleted like 10 texts. I... I-I don't know what to say except, uh... I don't want to give up, either. Oh, hey, I'm at the webber house babysitting, and the kids are all busy, so if you get this message, I thought maybe we could have our own oktoberfest. If not, you know, then good night, fraulein.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Is it done? Okay, time to move on with the rest of the plan. Arms. Well, who set this up? Good question. Look at those two fools. Like a couple of roosters strutting around a barnyard. I'll go talk to them. No, no, no, phyllis, you stay with lenny. I can handle it. I hope. So what if I went out to san francisco and lost my shirt in a startup? And nearly went to prison in the process, right? Did you say anything to lenny and phyllis about that part? Why would I tell them something that would only worry them? Because they would be less trusting and generous of you.

[ Scoffs ] Like they were with you, "just Mike"? You got a sweet deal here, so why don't you back the hell off? Why don't you tell lenny and phyllis about what happened in california? We don't have to be enemies. Who says anything about enemies? I did.

[ Country music playing ] Hey. Hey. How about another dance? I'm game if you are. Mm. Just try to keep up.

[ Laughs ] This has been going downhill ever since elijah offered to buy the tan-o and Mike gave us the money so we didn't have to sell. I think it has less to do with the tan-o and more to do with nina. But you started on pushing her toward Mike. Have you changed your mind now that elijah is interested? I'm trying to stay neutral. Mm-hmm. It's for nina to make up her own mind. Jax: Excuse me. Um, sorry for interrupting. I was hoping that you could help me find someone.

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