GH Transcript Tuesday 4/20/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/20/21

Episode #14683 ~ Laura is disappointed by Nikolas' actions. Anna visits Jason in jail. Cameron attempts to reconnect with Joss. Jordan confides in Taggert. Cyrus antagonizes Curtis.

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Nicholas, it's your mother, please call me back. Tony, the house has been made. Get my mother and florence out of there now. Yeah, yeah, and thanks for the update. Yeah, so if cyrus does anything sketchy -- yeah, yeah, true, true, true, sketchier than usual. Just give me a call right away. Okay, yeah. Thank you. Who was that? Oh, it's just epiphany. She's agreed to be my eyes and ears down at gh. You do know cyrus had britt westbourne transfer her to admin, to keep her in the dark? Yeah, yeah, I know. She's using that to her advantage. But so far, cyrus has been, you know, keeping a low profile, hasn't done anything suspicious. I'm sure epiphany will let you know if anything changes. Until then, you know you're not on house arrest, right? That ankle monitor works anywhere. Maybe get some fresh air, some sunshine. You trying to get rid of me. No, not yet. But I do think you're giving cyrus too much real estate in your head. He's taken enough from us already. No need to give him more. Jordan. You okay? Actually, I'm on my way to meet up with curtis to talk about our divorce.

[ Door buzzes ] Crazy weather, huh? Who you calling crazy? I wasn't calling you crazy. You calling me a liar? No, I'm not calling you a liar. I'm trying to apologize. You talk too much and maybe you won't talk so much if you didn't have any teeth. Hi! Oh, it's so good to see you. Feels like forever since you've been over here. Well, that's because it's been forever. I've barely been here this past week. Yeah, I know. I've been super busy this week. Right now, I am working on an extra credit project for my ap history class. I've been volunteering at the soup kitchen. And volleyball's been crazy. Uh-huh. How's your ankle? It's fine. You know, I have a brace now, so gonna play through it. Okay, joss. What am I missing? What do you mean? It's the spring of our senior year. We have two months until we graduate. Everyone else is kicking back and enjoying their last days of high school. So why are you being so hyper? Well, as thrilling as it's been to sit here in silence while we check our phones, I'm afraid I must dash. No, don't go yet. No, no, no, I must insist. You see, I've had enough coffee and it's too early for booze. I really should get to the office. I'm sure I leased it for some obscure reason, after all. Listen, I'm expecting some very important news. I really want you here to celebrate with me. So stick around.

[ Beep ] Colonel jackson: Mr. Cassadine, my men are ready to go. Do we proceed? Do it. Go.

 So how are things with your dad around? We're spending the afternoon together after I'm done here. Oh! I'm so glad that you guys are patching things up. Me too. I just wish I hadn't wasted so much time being mad at him. Oh, well, all you can do is make the best of the time you guys have now. And it seems like you're doing just that. Yeah...though, I've got to admit, I think it's so weird that he's staying with commissioner ashford. Why? I mean, she took responsibility of him. I know, but... which the judge probably only allowed because she's the police commissioner. I mean, it's not like he's allowed to stay with anyone else. True, but that's only part of it. Joss, I... I was so mean to her. I mean, she was secretly helping my dad and I threw attitude every time I saw her. Well, look on the bright side. I mean, as mean as you were to commissioner ashford, you were way worse to curtis. How is that helpful? Anyway, I'm sure she understands. Which is exactly my point. She's being so nice, and it just makes me feel even worse. But that's enough about me. What's going on with you becoming an even bigger overachiever at the least appropriate time? Is it that obvious? I'm trying to pad my transcript. Why? Anyone that wants to look at your transcript has already seen it by now. Besides, you're the complete scholar/athlete package. Yes, well, southern coastal university doesn't seem to think so. They wait-listed me. I'm sorry you and curtis couldn't work things out. Thanks. Me too. That's why you want me out of the apartment. Okay, what does you being here have to do with anything? Let's be honest. Would you and curtis be breaking up if I hadn't come back? Allow me to be clear. No one broke up me and curtis except me and curtis. That's not entirely true. The problems in our life, problems in our relationship, they can all be traced back to cyrus. I don't want to think he has that kind of power over my life. You know what? If I hadn't been undercover for so long trying to take cyrus down, you know what, me and portia, we might have had a chance. I mean, certainly if I wasn't away all the time, she certainly wouldn't have had to go get somebody else. Portia told me that you know she was with curtis.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. But curtis isn't the problem. Cyrus tanked my marriage back then and he's tanking your marriage now. And that's why we got to keep looking till we find something to stop him. Excuse me, there's someone I must say hello to. You do realize, of course, that anyone in actual possession of the character you purport to have would leave well enough alone. But mr. Ashford doesn't believe I'm a man of such character. And you intend to prove him right? I intend no such thing. On the contrary, dear brother, I will offer my sympathies. Can you do that without sneering? Must you malign me so? Yes. Mr. Ashford has recently moved into the metro court, which could only mean he and his wife have split up. How can I, as a person of character, ignore a man in pain? Hi. Hey. Sorry I haven't been here to see you sooner. You've been busy. I have, yeah. Robin and emma send their love. Thank you. Please send them mine. I will. Do you need anything? I'm fine. You've been fighting. Uh, it's not my first time in here, so you don't -- you don't have to worry about me, okay? It's hard not to... since I helped put you here. Please. Are you stupid? I said shut up! Lesson number one -- words won't do you any good in here. Now I'm going to make sure you remember -- woman: Hilda! Looks like you caught a new fish. Colonel jackson: We've breached

premier without resistance. Without resistance? What do you mean?

The men patrolling

the grounds retreated

before my team could

engage them. Wait, what you're saying is carly's people just -- they basically let you in? A trap, maybe? No, I don't -- I don't think so. We're talking about a farmhouse in vermont, not -- not an armed encampment.

We're in the house.

We have a problem. Jackson! Jackson! What the hell happened? Simple. I gave my men a heads up that they were about to be attacked.

Steff. You want in on the action? No, hilda, you should throw this one back. She's not worth the trouble. She was mouthing off. She disrespected me. Sounds like you're disrespecting me. Nah, steff, I wouldn't do that. Not ever. Told you to forget about her. Now get out of here. Thank you. No problem. I'm alexis. I know who you are. You need to keep your head down. I'll do that, and thank you again. That's what they pay me for. Wait, what? Oh, well, wait-listed doesn't mean no. There's still a chance, right? Yes, but the number of wait-listed applicants who gets in is small, which is why I'm going all out to prove I'm good enough. Well, I think you need to stop. Right, because quitting sends the right message. Well, in this case, it does. It says, I'm josslyn jacks and I'm more than good enough for your school, southern coastal. And if you can't see that, it's your loss.

[ Doorbell rings ] Something wrong? That's weird. The guards are supposed to call before letting anyone come to the house. I wonder who it is. I spent the last year of my life trying to put cyrus away, and all I have to show for it is a broken marriage. Oh, that's not true. You got out from under his thumb. For now, but look at the damage he's done. Cyrus used gh as a front to develop a super addictive drug that he can legitimately sell as a pharmaceutical. And how'd that work out for him? Well, laura and her mother did sway the gh board to put a stop to it. And that's a small thing? That's a small victory compared to putting him away. But take them. We need those small victories to get us through. But he's so hard to catch. Now he's doing his best at living up to this new, respectable image I gave him, another thing that I'm always going to regret. I wouldn't worry about that. It's a paper-thin image, and when he messes up -- and he will -- you and me will be there. Thank you. Tired of the metro court restaurant already? Living in hotels does have its drawbacks. Obviously, it's never a good sign for a marriage. Is there really no hope for you and jordan? I was rooting for you. Walk away. Oh, but I am far from finished. Jason: Okay, we both know who's responsible for me being in here and it's not you. But you warned me about peter and I wouldn't listen and he framed obrecht and now he's framed you. Okay, whatever's happened already, it's done, okay? Okay. So what are we doing about this now? Well, carly and I have been working to prove that cyrus paid gladys to lie about seeing you stash the weapon. Thank you for sending carly to me, by the way, it's -- it's been a pleasure. I knew you guys would be more effective working together. Really? Because of our vastly divergent approaches to problem solving? Yeah, something like that. Have you made any progress? Yeah. We had a plan. Good. It's on hold. Peter's got something on you. I'll give you points for discovering florence's location, but you're too late. My men are ahead of you. You told carly? You gave me no choice. This is not the right way to deal with cyrus. Maybe this is a good thing. We can step back and reassess. Ava, this has nothing to do with nikolas and even less to do with you. Now stay the hell out of it. Don't talk to my wife like that.

[ Phone rings ]

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, what's going on?

The target, her nurse,

and the guards

are locked in the panic room. The nurse is my mother, nikolas. Can you extract the target? No, don't do this. Can you extract florence?

If they resist,

there will likely be injuries,

possibly casualties.

What are your orders? Casualties? No, shut this down right now before someone is killed.

carly or robin? No, no, no. It's no one in your circle. Is it britt westbourne? Britt? Yeah, I walked in on peter threatening her once. Oh, no.

[ Sighs heavily ] So I guess that means he's threatening someone you care about who's not robin. I'm doing whatever I can in my power to -- to manage the situation, but my hands are really tied. So you came here to tell me that there's nothing that you can do for me? No, no. No, no, that's not it. I came here to ask for your help. Hi. Hi. Well, as much as I would love to stay because, you know, I thrive off this tension, I'm meeting with my dad. Trina, thanks for stopping by. My pleasure. Now work things out, you two. Bye! See you. So... what brings you by? I miss my best friend. I also wanted to congratulate you on changing careers. Let's hope you have more luck as a club owner than you did as a P.I. It must have been frustrating when you worked a case where you knew the suspect was guilty, but you just weren't good enough to find the evidence. How's your mom? Do you even know? We're not talking about my mother. Mm, well, we are now. I think you'd be interested to know that she's fine. And you know this how? I saw her the other day. Man, she was happy as a clam. She was chatting away about how proud she was of her son. It was "martin" this... and "martin" that. You know, come to think of it, I don't recall her having a good word to say about you at all, which doesn't surprise me and I'm quite sure it doesn't even surprise you. You haven't seen my mother. You're right. I was just messing with you. I was going to judge you for trying to kick a man while he's down, but... I decided to do the christian thing and walk a mile in your shoes, but I've got to say, it felt good watching your eyes glaze over like that. Such rage. Mm. How do you manage it? I admit you surprised me, curtis, a virtuous and upstanding man like you capable of such well-thought-out cruelty. Oh, please don't tell me that we're more alike than either one of us are willing to admit. Aren't we? How badly do you want to find out? You okay? Yeah, I think so. Looks like hilda didn't do too much damage. You got lucky. I'll say so -- she was about to smash my face in and then some woman named steff intervened. Damn. No one messes with steff. Why'd she help you? I have absolutely no idea. Nikolas, get your men out of there now. If cyrus doesn't get his mother back today, alexis could be hurt, maybe even killed, and it's not a risk I'm willing to take. I told you, I have a good relationship with the warden at pentonville. Let me talk to him, see if I can put protection in place for alexis. No, the authorities will not be able to help alexis if cyrus sends his people after her. So you're willing to risk my mother's life? What about florence? She is an elderly, frail woman. She could have a heart attack and die. What the hell do you think cyrus is going to do to alexis then? Give us an hour, let your mother call the warden. I can talk to my men and I can back them off. There's a much simpler solution, okay? You just have your man open the panic room, hand over florence. I can't do that. Florence is the only leverage I have against cyrus. It's not my problem. The hell it isn'T. Listen to me!

[ Sighs ] If cyrus gets florence back, he is going to turn port charles into a big drug den. I think you're being a little melodramatic. No, she's not. Cyrus' drugs nearly killed sasha gilmore. What do you think they'd do to the kids on the playground? You're unleashing cyrus renault on our children. This is a problem for law enforcement. Alexis is in trouble now. I cannot risk her life for what ifs. So it is up to you, carly. Do I have my people go in there and get florence, or are you going to have them come out and surrender? Fine. Jackson -- wait! Just wait.

The only thing stronger than us, is you. I missed you, too. Really? Yes, I hate it when we fight. Me too. So can we -- can we stop fighting? It's all behind us? Definitely. Awesome. All right, well, I'm glad that's over with. Yeah, me too. So how have you been? Not great, actually. Things at home are still pretty rough. Because of what you said to jake about jason? I apologized to him multiple times, but... it's not that he hates me -- I don't think he hates me -- but he definitely hasn't forgiven me. He will. Hope so. The worst part isn't that he's upset with me. It's why. I really hurt him, which was not my intention at all. You know, I've got to say, I'm kind of surprised that he's still angry. I mean, what did he have to say after you told him that you realized jason didn't kill franco? Well, why would I say that? I'm not going to lie to my brother. Wait, so you still think jason killed franco? I know he did. Hey, dad! Hey, hey! Thanks for coming. Come on in, come on in. I've been counting on this all week. Oh, me too. Is commissioner ashford here? No. Oh, okay. You know you don't have to be uncomfortable around jordan, right? I just think it's -- I don't know, strange that you're living here while her husband has moved out. Well, if she didn't make this arrangement, you'd be visiting me at pentonville. Yeah, I know, but it's just... obviously, you and the commissioner go back a long way, so I guess what I'm asking is... yes? Were the two of you ever, you know... a couple? So what's the story? Hilda was terrifying and then steff sent her packing with a withering gaze. Steff is connected. Connected how? Like in the mob? You didn't hear it from me, but she's one of renault's people. Cyrus renault? Am I hearing you right? Are you actually threatening me? Was I unclear? Curtis, do not play his game. Jordan, looking lovely as always. Let's go. Where are you going? For god's sake, cyrus, I got clients, you know, things to do, the semblance of a life. And frankly, this petty power trip of yours, seeing how long you get your baby brother to sit, stay, or heel is just tired. That is not what's going on. All right, then you tell me why I'm here right now, or you can text me later and regale me with all the glories that I missed. I promise it will be worth your while. I'm sure it won't be long now. Carly is aware of my current stalemate. What she doesn't know, what I can't tell her, is why I can't make a move. And now carly thinks she's on her own and you're afraid she's going to do something to make everything worse. I know she's going to. I see you've been there before, but I don't blame her. I really don'T. But she has to take a step down. She has to. And I thought maybe you could persuade her.

[ Sighs ] I can try. Yeah? But in the end, carly's going to do what carly's going to do. Yeah. Tony, I need you to listen to me. I want you to go to the panic room and open the door and give the men florence. You need to make sure my mom gives florence's medication to the men. No violence. It's over. You did the right thing. You're a naive idiot and a sucker, an arrogant rich boy with a lot of money and no common sense. You just played right into cyrus' hands. Now, he knows that alexis is the only leverage he needs to get you to do whatever he wants and he's going to use it. So enjoy doing cyrus' bidding and you keep telling yourself that you're one hell of a hero, okay? He did what he did to protect his aunt. He would have done it for me, for anyone that he loves. Of course, you're wrapped up in this. Of course you are. You know what, Ava? You certainly bring the worst out of everyone. I know you have something to say to me.

[ Door closes ] Damn right I do.

 Jordan and I, we just work together, that's it. I never cheated on your mother. How about after you and mom split up? Jordan and I, we weren't really together after that. You know, it wasn't till I come back to port charles and then she was already married. To curtis, who she might not be with for much longer and here you are. We're friends. That's it. Okay, thanks. It was bugging me and I just had to know. Yeah, well, you know, I mean, ask whatever you want. Just speak up. I will. Thanks. You know what? I was thinking about what we could do today, and I was thinking we could take a walk around the pcu campus and check out where maybe you'll be staying for the next four years. Uh, yeah, we could do that.

[ Laughs ] Or we could do something else. No, no, no, no. It's a good idea. It's just... do you know when your trial is going to start? Trina, I don't want you to worry about my trial. Okay. I won'T. Really? No! How can you ask me not to worry about my father going to prison? Look, there's not a damn thing you can do about my trial, good or bad. So let's just focus on the good stuff in front of us, enjoy what's left of your senior year. I mean, you're on top of the heap right now, right? So let's ride that wave to graduation. Speaking of graduation, any chance you'll actually be able to make this one? Curtis. Don't let him bait you. I wasn'T. Cyrus is the one who took it upon himself to get in my face. It's not my fault that he picked the wrong moment. You know what a man like cyrus hates most? Being ignored. So next time, do that. Next time, I'm going to consider punching him in the face, then I'll ignore him. I'm thinking that once our divorce becomes public knowledge, he'll stop bothering you. Given the nature of the chat that we just had, I'm calling that wishful thinking at best. Well, regardless, cyrus renault isn't your problem anymore. Maggie: Renault's supposed to be all respectable now. Don't believe it. Don't worry. I don'T. So renault still has connections here? If by "connections" you mean he's still running the place, then, yeah, he's got connections. You don't say. I'll point out his other people. Whatever you do, don't cross them. Eyes down, mouth shut, got it. Maggie. Steff said something to me that was kind of bizarre. When I thanked her for intervening, she said, "I'm just doing what they pay me to do." So is that an expression or do you think somebody is actually paying her? I don't know. It would explain why she helped you out. She usually wouldn't do that? Usually, she'd be taking bets. So chances are renault, he's paying her to protect me. Must be. I don't get it. I mean, what does he have to gain by protecting me? How can you judge me for wanting to protect alexis? You should have let me protect alexis, but cyrus threw down the gauntlet. You couldn't resist the challenge. Men like cyrus only respect a show of strength. I did what cyrus couldn'T. I brought his mother back, and that will show him that I have my own power. No, no, no. Carly was really harsh with you, but she was not wrong. You have shown him that you will do his bidding. You have no power in this situation now. You're in debt to him now. As long as cyrus protects alexis, we're even. No! As long as you need cyrus to protect alexis, you will never be even. Why, nikolas? You know, you were just starting to get your life back together. You fell in love and you were happy. You were starting to act like the nikolas that I remember, my beautiful son, who's strong and compassionate. I am your nikolas. No! Son, you have made a terrible mistake. Thanks for having my back. Of course. Even though I know you disagreed with the plan, we're alone now, so you may as well let me have it. Josslyn: I don't understand. If you still think that jason killed franco, why are you even here? I told you, it's because I missed you. So can we agree not to talk about jason? This isn't like disagreeing about the songs we like, cam. This is about a person who has been a part of my life, my entire life. Yeah, well, that person murdered my stepfather. You need to leave. What?! You cannot come into my mother's home and bash her best friend, just like you can't tear people down that are important to me and expect me to just not talk about it. So -- this isn't going to work. You're saying that we can't even hang out anymore? I understand since carly lost Sonny how important it is for her to protect everyone that she loves. I get that, but for everyone's sake, I need her to give me some time. Okay, and once you reverse the situation, like you said, what's the end game? I will deal with peter. I just -- I just don't know what that means. The goal is to get as much evidence as we can so we can send him to prison. And if you can't? Then I won't have a choice. You know? I have to end things. Anna... it's one thing to say that, but when it comes time -- jason... when the time comes, I will do whatever is necessary even if it means eliminating peter.

 I'm glad you were rescued, dad. Me too. It was a huge relief.

Enjoy the go with charmin. Guaranteed to fit or your money back. I know jason is like family to you. He is family. But if you -- if you look at everything, feelings aside, you'd see that -- that jason's guilty. Don't you think I've done that? I have taken everything into consideration. And yeah, even after putting my own feelings aside, I can't ignore what I know about jason. Well, like, how he hated franco. And loves jake and cares about your mom and saved your life. So, yeah, when you put your own feelings aside and think about what others have done for you, you really are an expert. I can't keep having this conversation with you. Then we don't have to talk about it. Ignoring it won't make the problem go away. So you're saying that we can't be friends anymore? I am hoping with all my heart to be at your graduation and I have faith in a jury of my peers that they will see, even though what I did was wrong, that I did it for the right reasons and lives were saved. I'm really glad you decided to change your plea. So am I. And I have all intentions to be there to embarrass you when you become the curator of the met. If you like art, check out my Trina's baby picture. Save that for when I take over the louvre. Ooh! Dream big, baby girl. Don't worry, dad, that's never been a problem for me. Mm, you know what? You can do anything you want to. And god willing, I'm going to be there cheering you on. I'm so bored, I wish I had a headache. So your stern tone and austere look aside, I am out of here.

[ Phone rings ] Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. It seems your wait is over regardless. One moment. Yes? Excellent. Proceed. Good news. Mother's coming home. You were a defense attorney, right? Were you one of renault's? I'm not judging. Do what you got to do. I am no friend of cyrus renault. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. I got nothing. But if I were you, I wouldn't ask too many questions. For whatever reason, you had someone looking out for you. Alexis: I certainly hope your offer to help doesn't involve a jailbreak. I've been there, done that. No. It means that you're going to be protected in pentonville. The other inmates will know that you are off limits. Nikolas, what did you do? Suffice it to say that I have taken steps to make sure that my favorite aunt is safe. Nikolas, what did you give cyrus renault to get him to protect me? I may not agree with what you did, but I do know what it's like to make decisions that others don't understand. And I know you did what you did to protect your aunt. And I love you for that. Wow. You really are amazing. Of course I am. That's why you married me. And you... I'm amazing, too.

[ Chuckles ] You have your virtues, but what I was going to say is this. You are not alone anymore... because you have me. I am your wife, and I love you. I love you, too. And I'm so lucky to have you. You're damn right you are.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Cyrus got florence back.

[ Sighs ] We can't wait any longer. We have to move now.

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