GH Transcript Friday 4/16/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/16/21


Episode #14682 ~ Anna and Valentin regroup. Laura visits Carly. Nikolas takes action. Alexis opens up to Maggie. Sonny can't help but be suspicious.


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 One of those for me? Uh, yeah, I got you a latte. Hope that's okay. Anything is great.

[ Tool thuds ] Actually, I think I left my phone here. You did. Um, I-I found it in the car, uh, after you, uh -- you left last night. Um... I put in the office. I -- I'll get it. Before you do, I just want to say something about last night. I know. It shouldn't have happened. Really? Because I was just about to say I'm glad it did.

[ Door closes ] You okay? Yeah, wrong number. Well, I just made some coffee, if you're interested. Desperate.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you're not desperate. I mean, you know what? All you gotta do is take your time... and it's up to you to pick and choose where you go from here. Thank you. Are we talking about elijah? You barely know the guy. Yeah, but you know what? Phyllis and lenny are quite fond of him. Yeah, but he's a stranger to you. As a matter of fact, um... so am I. Anna? Any news on chase? Oh, willow's keeping me up to date. But Finn and dr. Robinson, they can only really ease his symptoms, because they haven't made a diagnosis that he's been poisoned yet, and we can't tell them because peter will take off with the antidote. So we stick with the agreement, we back off peter, and meanwhile, he reconciles with maxie. God, we have to fix this, valentin. Jason's in prison thanks to cyrus, and peter is going to take off. Well, not if I can do anything about it. There you are. Come in. Come in. The guards told me you were coming. All right. No more waiting around. We have to act now. Nikolas, I don't know what's worse -- when you tell me you're in league with cyrus or when you go radio silent. Please, nikolas, call me back. Martin: Forgive the intrusion. I couldn't help but overhear you leave a message for your son. Why is that your business, martin? Well, I was hoping that nikolas had kept his promise to me. What did my son promise to you? Or, more to the point, what did you offer him in return? I narrowed the search to a bakery in stowe, vermont, where martin grey ordered a hummingbird cake to celebrate his mother's birthday. I know it's a long shot, but I need you to find out if martin or anyone recently ordered a hummingbird cake from the bakery and if there's a corresponding address. Call me as soon as you get names. You're really doing this, aren't you? Finding cyrus's mother, despite the fact that both laura and i have advised you against it. If bringing florence back to her son means keeping alexis safe, then you're right, I'm doing this. Maggie: After breakfast, we get an hour here in the yard, followed by whatever work we're assigned.

[ Gate clinking ] Yeah, the prison consultant spoke to me about some things and how to handle them. You don't learn to survive by lessons some adviser gives you. If you're tough, you survive. If you're not...

 this one's new, hilda. Dumb as a bucket of hair. Don't worry, I'll keep her in line. What the hell is her problem? Just steer clear of hilda. If she takes a dislike to you, incarceration's gonna be a day at the health spa compared to what she can do to you. And so that lovely guard there just watches the whole thing and doesn't do anything? You got a lot to learn here.

[ Sighs ] Apparently. That's what sam warned me about. Who's sam? Your husband? No, my daughter. She said once I'm locked up, it'll seem like I'M... in a foreign land with its own rules and languages. I'm just gonna have to be a little more careful if I'm gonna survive another day, let alone 3 more years. I've told you, once cyrus has his mother back, he will no longer have any incentive to help alexis out in pentonville, not to mention he'll have free reign to get even with carly and jason for taking florence in the first place. But all of that power, it won't give him the one thing he can't buy or steal -- the thing that cyrus wants most after he gets his mother back. Well, he has money. And with Sonny gone and jason in prison, port charles is ripe for his takeover. What more could he possibly want? What do we all want, Ava? What means more to us than money or power? Love. Family. Cyrus thinks you can convince laura to accept him as part of her family. It worked with martin. I offered to repair his relationship with my mother, and without realizing it, martin gave me the clue that may lead me to florence. The bakery in vermont. Cyrus will come back to me sooner or later, and he'll ask me to build a bridge to his sister. You know something? You're actually kind of sexy when you have everything figured out. You think? I know. I gave nikolas nothing in return for his promise, because I had nothing to give. My son can manipulate with the best of them. Are you sure you didn't tell him where he could find florence? Of course not. You know as well as I do I have no idea where mother is. Then what did nikolas promise you? To intercede with you on my behalf. Nikolas volunteered to mend fences between you and me. Really? Laura, I know how angry you are with me for my contribution to julian's escape from port charles, but you must believe me when I tell you I had no idea he was responsible for what happened at the floating rib. Honestly, your daughter is my niece. Now, lulu... laura, I swear to you on my soul, if I had known that -- about the death and destruction julian created -- I would never have helped him. Despite the blackmail?

[ Scoffs ] What, you mean for all the good it's done me? Giving into julian's blackmail? A few short weeks, it's common knowledge cyrus is my brother, and now here we are, opposite sides or something. Any progress we had made as brother and sister seems to have vanished -- which, by the way, is exactly what cyrus wanted. Because he's afraid that you and i will end up on the same side -- allied against him. I know my brother. He walked in, found you giving me that cake. His instinct kicked in. His bag of tricks. He exaggerated my guilt in hopes of obscuring his own. Well, don't worry. However disappointed I was in you, I will never forget that it was cyrus who gave the order to plant that bomb in the floating rib. You never cease to amaze me, laura. I didn't think you'd still be on speaking terms with martin after everything you learned about him. Who knows? Maybe there's hope for you and me. I thought I might not see you again. I-I mean, in -- in that way. Uh, last night was all about... the end of my relationship with michael? You thought I was on the rebound? Can you blame me? Not really. Michael and I were pretty serious... until we weren'T. Hmm. But even when I still hoped that he and I could pick up where we left off, you were always there. Stalking you? I never really minded. Yeah, I figured that out when you didn't call the cops on me.

[ Chuckles ] Because as much as I tried to ignore it, there was something between us. Internal combustion. And now you're comparing me to a car.

[ Laughs ] Wow, how romantic. Can I at least have an 8-cylinder engine with turbo charging and direct injection? Yeah, I-I've been meaning to ask you, how do you know so much about cars? Why wouldn't I? Or did you think the face of deception didn't have a life beyond glamorous shoots? Oh, no, I-I knew you had a life. I was hoping to hear more about it. Elijah doesn't trust you, either. You're telling me something that I don't already know. And -- and just for the record, I am not in the market for a new relationship. But if you were... well, the perfect man has to make me fall in love with him and then completely break my heart. You're being too hard on yourself, because you don't deliberately choose these guys. You know what? You're much better than them. Am I? I mean, didn't you come to nixon falls to get away from the bad choices? I know you're way too smart not to know that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Well, I would like to think I am, but it doesn't stop me from missing the person that I ran away from. You know, maybe what I should do is just write this article on nixon falls and move on. Yeah, but the thing with moving on is... you take yourself with you. You don't know who you are, do you? Yeah. Well, I mean, look. Look what happened to me. Hey, Mike. What if you could get yourself back? Okay, so have you made any progress with gladys? Valentin: The woman is a selfish, shallow, and greedy beggar with big interest in self-preservation. Just like you said. I'm sure that cyrus has put the fear of god in her -- that if she even thinks about changing her story to implicate peter rather than jason, he would kill her. Not to mention what peter's capable of doing to her. Well, what do you mean? What's peter done now? Well, nothing. He just insists on being in maxie's life. You know, he turned up at her lamaze class the other night and had to be escorted out.

[ Scoffs ] Gosh. Well, I'm sorry about that. I'm sure that's a nightmare for maxie. But I think peter is less of a threat at the moment than cyrus. The only thing stopping him from burning down port charles is knowing I have his mother -- for now. What do you mean "for now"? Cyrus offered to trade florence for jason -- said he would get gladys to change her story and jason could go free. I said no deal. Cyrus wasn't disappointed or angry at all. Sounded like he had another deal in place.

What makes you think you can find out who I am? Well, no one is completely anonymous, Mike, this day and age. You know, if you really wanted to uncover your past, all you have to do is reach out on social media. Yeah, but I'm not really sure I want to find out what happened to me before nixon falls. Why not? Because I like it here. It's -- it's -- I like the people, the pace. The fact that the highlight of the season is a [Laughs] -- Is a dance at the firehouse. Right. Well, it sounds like a lot more fun than the met gala. What's that? Oh, it's -- it's a ball where a lot of people dress up just to impress everyone else while they raise a lot of money for the metropolitan museum of art. While I admit it is a very worthy cause... that's your world? Yeah. I could show you all these pictures of me and my friends dressed up in these gorgeous outfits on red carpets on the steps right outside of the museum. Everyone smiling, Mike. No one's actually happy. You seem happy here, nina. You seem happy here, too, Mike. Then why go somewhere else to find happiness? Okay, so, you had a summer job in high school... working at a garage, mostly in the office, but occasionally I would help out with repairs. That way, I didn't have to ask my grandmother for spending money. And I discovered I like the work. Huh. And here, all this time, I pictured you playing disney princess dolls. I did that, too, growing up.

[ Chuckles ] But I am not a stereotype any more than you are. I'm not sure what you mean. Oh, please. Renault's driver/bodyguard. The one who keeps around to clean up his messes. But that is really just a front. Don't go running to the invader, please. Don't worry. I like you better alive than dead. But I, um, admire your bravery -- walking a tightrope to protect carly and her family. I'm not brave. More like an idiot.

[ Sighs ] You don't win medals by being an idiot. I, um... better get going. I have a photo shoot, and grease on my face is not a good look on the face of deception. Well, I think you look great. Of course, I'm not being very objective. Rag's clean. So's your cheek. Uh, your phone. I almost forgot. Uh, I'll get it. The three of us breaking bread -- isn't this better than our petty squabbles? And who knows, maybe one day, mother will be able to join us. I thought she was happy where she is. Martin: Oh, she is. Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, wherever she is.

[ Chuckles ] Mama always makes the best of things. Still, she'll be much happier when back in the loving arms of family. What are you planning, cyrus? Me? Sister dear, I give you my word. I am not planning anything. Mother's fate, as you well know, is out of my hands. Don't distract me. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I'm distracting you? I still have concerns about your involvement with cyrus. What makes you so certain you can find his mother when his own people couldn't? The man you heard me talking to on the phone, his name is colonel jackson. He served with distinction in various hotspots around the globe. He retired from the military to form his own company -- of mercenaries. Security consultants. He and his people, they can be anywhere at a moment's notice. Colonel jackson's personnel, they can infiltrate the bakery. They can find out if any more hummingbird cakes or southern dessert specialties are being sent to a nearby address. How much -- how much is this costing you? Cost doesn't matter if it means that florence is found and cyrus keeps alexis safe. One does not guarantee the other.

[ Sighs ] Damn it. Ava, I can't leave my aunt in pentonville without any resources. I have to make sure she is protected. I love you for wanting to protect your aunt. I just don't think this is the way to do it. Think about cyrus. Look at his history. Look at all the people he's betrayed, including my own brother. If you think you can trust that man to keep his word, you're making a big mistake. Look, if cyrus gets his mother back, we lose all of our leverage. Gladys is going to keep following orders. She's gonna lie to the cops about what she saw the night franco was murdered. Peter stays free, and jason stays in prison, at least until the trial. That could be the case, yes. Okay, then we have to put more pressure on gladys. Well, we're not kidnapping the woman and tying her up in anna's basement. Why not? It's a start. No, 'cause a forced confession isn't gonna hold up in court. You're worried about what's legal now? After you covered for peter for months? After jason warned you and he trusted you to come forward? What is going on here? Where is the help you promised me? Are you going to get jason out of prison? Are you going to help me? Carly, I understand your frustration, but you have got to trust me. If you go for gladys, then it's going to make jason's situation worse. Okay, so what are you telling me? "Better luck next time"? Jason is just gonna rot in prison? No, that's not what we're saying. Well, that's what it sounds like, because you both said you wanted to stop peter from killing someone else, to stop insinuating himself into maxie and their baby's life. So what are you going to do about it? Nothing. And neither are you.

Honest to god, what have I done to get on her bad side? I just got here. Hilda has no other side. It's all bad. Did you defend her and lose? Never seen her before. Maybe she was your mortal enemy in another life. See you back inside. I gotta prepare for my parole hearing. Those tips you gave me are really gonna help. Maggie. They told me that I'm not supposed to trust anyone here, but I don't know how... I get it. But it's tougher in here without someone to talk to. But I'd have thought a smart lawyer like you could have fancy-talked herself out of pentonville. I could have pled not guilty and gone to trial. Then why didn't you? It's a long story. I've got time. Yeah, come to think of it... so do I.

[ Sighs ] All you've done is give cyrus an opening. Now he can threaten alexis whenever he wants anything from you. That's what he did to my brother. He threatened his family to get him to cooperate. It's just a manipulation. Hey. I am not julian. And nobody manipulates me. But I need to know that we are in this together. If one of us, if we feel threatened, we have to set aside our doubts and our -- and our questions. We gotta come together. Isn't that the kind of marriage that we've created, despite -- despite the odds? You don't play fair. I am not playing. I need to know that you're with me -- today, tomorrow, always. You need proof? Always. Brando, sweetie, don't you have the morning off? Why does it always have to be all work and no play with you? Hi, ms. Corbin. Nice to see you again. What are you doing here? You may try to make your fingerprints invisible, but it is clear to me that you are pressuring someone else to find your mother for you -- someone who loves his aunt alexis very much and wants her to be protected while she's in prison. Nikolas was very concerned about alexis when he and I last spoke. I thought you didn't tell him anything. I didn'T. For the last time, there was nothing to tell. I don't even know mother's current location. Don't blame marty, laura. He and I rarely agree, but we both want the best for our mother.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I don't think so. Martin loves his mother for who she is, and you need your mother to validate your life. Yeah, you know what? I didn't approve when jason took florence, but it was the only way they could contain your violence and your greed. And you know what? It worked. Since jason has had florence, there have been no shootouts. Right? Now you want your mother back because you don't want jason to have that leverage over you. But I'll be damned if you are gonna use my son to make it happen. Wait. Laura.

[ Door opens ] You expect me to do nothing? Why? What aren't you telling me? Peter took steps to protect himself. These are probably his first steps in his exit strategy for leaving port charles. So he's gotten out ahead of you. What the hell has he done? We can't tell you that, but we're working hard to fix the situation. Oh, so I'm supposed to just take it on faith. Okay, carly, if peter even gets a hint that we are moving against him, someone innocent will die. Does this innocent person have a name? You know what? You're not the only one who wants jason free and peter brought to justice. You're not. But if you go for gladys, you are going to escalate an already dangerous situation, so I need you to take a deep breath. Could you do that and let us handle peter? I was only working with you because jason wanted me to, but jason's in prison, and I have to follow my own instincts. And if you can't tell me why I should give you and valentin time, I can't promise you that I will. Then peter won't be the only one with blood on his hands, and he can live with that. Can you?

 I'll throw in a danish if you tell me what's on your mind. Mike, what if I, um... what if I told you that I did something very selfish that might hurt a lot of people? I wouldn't believe it, because I've seen you with lenny and phyllis, and you're not a selfish person. Oh, but I am. But the really weird part of it is that I believe that I'm doing the right thing -- a good thing. And not just for myself, but for someone that will never know. Somebody I know? Just someone who deserves to be happy. Someone who deserves a fresh start. I'm making sure that they have both of them. Well, that's a good thing. It's not selfish. Yeah, that's what I tell myself. And sometimes, I even believe it. I was helping brando adjust the carburetor. Ah. You'd risk your manicure just to help out around the shop? Took the liberty of charging it, since it was losing some juice last night. Mom, what are you doing here? I just came to check on my boy. Sounds like you had an interesting evening. I was hoping laura and i could find a way past what happened on my birthday, but once again, like the angel of death, it takes you one minute to ruin everything. Relax, marty. As soon as mother comes back to us, laura will get past her anger. Well, do me a favor, cyrus. Let's review, shall we? In one way or another, you're responsible for putting that woman's daughter in a coma, and now you're trying to co-opt her son. Wow. In what universe is that woman ever gonna look at you with anything other than loathing? How much you want to bet carly doesn't wait around long enough for us to take down peter? Oh, god, I don't want to take that bet. You want to go to the metro court? No, I want to say hello. Mr. Grey. Ah. Valentin tells me how helpful you've been in establishing paternal rights for brook lynn's baby. I-I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm anna devane. Mm. Peter's aunt. I need you to believe that I can protect everyone I love. My mother... alexis... spencer... especially you. You know, I've spent my whole life learning how to protect myself. I know, but you don't have to do that anymore, because I'm here for you, like you're here for me. Oh, is that right? If I were in danger, wouldn't you do everything in your power to save me? In a heartbeat. Then what are we arguing about? I wasn't aware we were arguing. Just have the guards stay on extra alert. And tell the guards to do it without scaring florence.

[ Doorbell rings ] Okay. I love you, too. Look, I have to go, but please call me if there's any sign of trouble. All right. Bye. Hey, come in. Hey. Did something happen? There are so many more guards out there than usual. Uh, just being extra careful. Why'd you want to see me? Carly, what will it take for you to surrender florence grey before someone gets hurt?

S a pleasure tofinally make your acquaintance, ms. Devane. Your reputation precedes you. Oh, well, don't believe everything you hear, mr. Renault. Please call me cyrus. If I may call you anna? Uh, of course. I, uh, understand congratulations are in order. You're to be a new father again? Valentin: Oh, yeah. How about that? Your -- your brother takes care of a lot of my interests. He'll tell you that family means a lot to me. As it means a lot to all of us. Yeah. Should we get a table? I'm suddenly famished. What the hell was that? So many pointed looks flying back and forth, the least you could do for your brother is shout "duck." We were all just... marking our territory. Would you like to explain to me that interaction with cyrus renault? Well, sometimes you just gotta look your enemy in the eye to figure out your next move. And have you figured out your next move? Oh, yeah. I most definitely have. Carly: I don't know if you've noticed, but port charles has been fairly calm since florence started her extended stay with friends. Carly. It's not going to stay that way. You know that already, don't you? Why do you say that? Because I was just talking with my brothers. Now that we're all family, they feel free to share with me what is on their dysfunctional little minds. Which is? Well, martin was way too eager to make me believe that he had kept florence's location a secret, and cyrus was just a little too self-assured, I mean, even for cyrus. Cyrus knows where florence is. I don't think so. I mean, not yet. But I do think that nikolas does. Did you find the bakery? Excellent. Did they have subsequent orders for southern desserts? Bobbie spencer? She's the mother of -- of one of the parties involved in florence's kidnapping. Do you have an address? Ah, terrific work. Colonel, thank you. Okay, once -- once you arrive at the address, I want you to establish a perimeter, reconnoiter the area, but do not make a move until I give the order, understood? I'll call you back.

[ Exhales deeply ] You found her? I'll know soon enough. Why not order colonel jackson to take florence the moment he finds her? Are you having second thoughts? Have I convinced you to change your mind, Ava? To understand why I'm doing this? If I say you haven't, will you call it off? No. But I would rather do this with you than without you.

[ Sighs ] It was a combination of booze and a lot of bad decisions that got me into this lovely location. And a few bad men? One or two contributed, but in the end, it was on me. You obviously know how the parole board thinks. They want to hear inmates taking responsibility for their actions -- basically saying, "I know what I did was wrong, but I learned my lesson." It's gonna be quite a while before I'm before a parole board. You know what's really crazy is I chose to plead guilty, because I wanted to be accountable for the things that I have done not just for other people, but for myself. And as naive and as insane as it sounds, I really, after 3 years, want to walk out of here a better woman than the one I... take a hike.

[ Sighs ] It's okay. Three's a crowd.

You want a refill? No, thank you. I'm actually going to the library to do some research on the early days of nixon falls for that article that I am writing. Well, you know what? Hey, since we're both going to the firehouse dance... we should just go together. I'd love to go with you, uh... but elijah already asked me, and I said that I was gonna go with him. Ah, well, okay. Well, I'm not surprised he beat me to it. I'll save you a dance, okay? Yeah. You know, uh... there's things you don't know about elijah. Well, there's things that you don't know about you, Mike, and things that you don't know about me. True. You trying to tell me something? Can you save me that dance? Yeah. Promise.

[ Door opens, closes ] Thanks for finding this. Next time, be more careful. You could be too careful and miss out on something good. I better run. I'm sorry about my mom. It's okay. In her own way, she's just trying to look out for you. Who's looking out for you? I thought you were, mr. Stalker. So my stalking is welcome now? Maybe, because I will also be stalking you. It wasn't until I was face to face with cyrus that I realized we're not as powerless as I thought. You want to share what's on your mind? Poisoning an innocent then holding the antidote ransom is -- is classic faison. It's appalling, but it's not surprising that his son would follow his example. But what peter doesn't realize that the same tactics that brought down faison can bring him down, too. If you're grimacing at anna devane, I'd advise you to stop. I'm smiling. Valentin is very protective of ms. Devane. He's also quite dangerous, and not in the hairy-back, knuckle-dragging, "let's break their knees" way familiar to the garden-variety simians you employ. The last place you ever want to be is on that man's bad side. Well, I'm counting on you to keep the peace between me and your client. As to ms. Devane, what do you know about her? I am an attorney, not one of peter august's muckraking journalists. But don't you find it fascinating? First, she was peter's mother. Now she's his aunt, and they are not on good terms. Apparently, a lot of dirty laundry was spilled during that wedding that didn't happen. Might prove useful as leverage. To who? Against who? Your new friend, peter august? Why do you care about the man anyway? I don'T. He's merely a means to an end. And if things go well, that end may soon be in sight. Carly: Well, it all makes sense. Now I know why cyrus wasn't upset when I rejected his offer to trade florence for jason's freedom. He already had a plan in place with nikolas.

[ Sighs ] Well, then, I'm right, then. Martin let something slip to nikolas, so cyrus is getting his mother back. But it's going to be through my son. God. Doesn't nikolas know he's walking into a trap?

[ Sighs ] Cyrus has all the power. This is what cyrus does. He creates the danger, and then he offers to erase it. I know, and before you know it, he just owns you. Yeah, well, he did the same thing to julian, and nikolas is married to julian's sister. I mean, can't nikolas see where this is headed? Well, I'm not defending nikolas, but you've taken some pretty big risks to protect the people you love. Yeah, I know. We both have, but... okay, so, even if cyrus keeps his word and he protects alexis in pentonville, that's great for alexis. But it leaves jason in an even worse position. And it gets nikolas even deeper in with cyrus. How do we stop nikolas? And your team is capable of overcoming the corinthos guards watching florence grey?

[ Whispers ] Nikolas. Uh, hold on a second. I just want you to know, whatever you decide, I'm with you.

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