GH Transcript Wednesday 4/14/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/14/21


Episode #14680 ~ Sonny fishes for more details. Jax calls Nina. Anna is horrified. Willow is concerned. Brook Lynn and Dante reconnect.

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Hey. Hey. If it isn't my firehouse dance partner.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, I know that phyllis is insisting that we go to that dance, but here is a little hint. Hm? She's not the boss of our social life. You have something against dancing with me? No, not at all. Alright. That's good, because what we did last time was a warm-up. I'm -- I'm gonna show you my big moves. You've got big moves? Well, you know, I'm a man of mystery. Who knows what I got up my sleeve? Oh, hey, jax. This is unexpected. Well, they told me at the main house that I could find you here. I hope you don't mind me just dropping by. No, no, it's fine. Come on in. Thanks. Wow, wiley.

[ Chuckles ] You've gotten so big. I-I guess I haven't seen you for a while. Hey, wiley, this is -- this is jax. This is your aunt josslyn's father. Can you say hello? Hi.

[ Chuckles ] He's a little charmer, huh? It's no wonder that everyone loves him. Yeah, and by "everyone," uh, are you talking about nina? Yo, falconeri.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. Brook lynn. I heard you were back in town.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Let me guess. Your mom gave you an earful. Yeah, a word or two maybe. I was really sorry to hear about your dad. Sonny was really special to me. Yeah, well, you, uh -- you were really special to him. I can't help but think what he'd say if he could see me now. Ah, probably a couple things. Maybe, "what do you need?" And, uh, "are you sure you know what you're doing?" I could tell you one thing. I definitely know what I'm doing. Can you see where I thought we might try something different? Yes, I completely agree with your assessment. I think this new protocol might do the trick. Thanks for the second opinion. Any time.

[ Sighs ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Finn. Hm? Oh, we managed to survive family dinner. Isn't that enough for one night? Look, no one is happier than me that our dinner with harry and gregory wasn't a complete fiasco, but, uh, you and I have some unfinished business with someone else. Who would that be? Peter august. He needs to face some consequences for that horrific

invader article that outed all the family business, and especially for the hurt he's inflicted on harry. Chase? Chase. Chase, answer me. Oh, you are burning up. Willow? Am I dreaming? No, you're not dreaming. I'm right here. Hi. I was just with Finn. Chase has come down with something, like a sudden illness. Is it serious? No, I don't -- it was food poisoning. They were just all out to dinner, and no one else got sick. You think it's peter's doing? Oh, gee, anna, you look worried. Someone you care about sick? Maybe there's something I could do to help.

Well, I don't suppose you have any time to fill this with hot chocolate before your "dancing with the stars" audition. "Dancing with" what? It's "dancing with the stars." It's, um... it's a show I-I really love. It's about hard work and overcoming obstacles. I think -- I think that you'd really like it. But, for now, how about that hot chocolate? You going somewhere? Yeah. Elijah said that he wanted to take me to the nixon falls lookout. He says it's a spectacular place for stargazing.

[ Chuckles ] Is that right? You know, sightseeing around nixon falls, whose idea was that? That was your idea. Yeah, yeah. Remember that article you want me to write? Well, it's not the sightseeing that bothers me. It's the -- it's your choice of a tour guide. Well, phyllis and lenny are very fond of elijah. Yeah, I know. But you don't think they're good judges of character? They took you in. Yeah, I mean, you know, lenny and phyllis, they're probably a good judge of character. "Probably." My gut tells me that they're wrong about elijah crowe. Nina, ready to see the stars? So, wiley, you having story time with your dad? You know, I remember when josslyn was, uh -- was his age. She couldn't get enough of books read to her. Oh, yeah, no, I remember. She had a revolving list of favorites, and that, uh -- that one non-negotiable. Yes. "Good night, gorilla." That one I had to read at least once a night. Hey, you want to go play with the trucks? Yeah, wiley has a list of his favorites, too. Oh. Um, hey, look, before, when I was talking about nina, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. No, I-I-I didn't take it that way. I mean, it was a fair question. Look, um, you know, besides talking about business, you and I really haven't had a chance to talk since Sonny's memorial, when nina confronted your mother about nelle, and I know that you've had a lot to process. Yeah, well, still, I should've taken the time to thank you for standing by my mom, you know? I know you're just trying to protect her, but I also know what it cost you. Well, she's the mother of my child. I'll always stand by carly. Look, I also know that she did nothing wrong the night of nelle's fall. And, uh... look, it was -- it was a tragedy, and I think in time, nina will see that. But here's the thing. She has spent years searching for her daughter, um, only to find out that it's -- it was too late. So wiley is the only person she has left, and I'm really hoping that... that nina can be a part of wiley's life. Thank you for the drink. I figured you could use one after your little chat with monica. So how'd it go? Were you able to, uh, calm her fears about jason being in pentonville? Uh, well, I didn't have a whole lot to offer her. I told her that I've been in touch with warden alvarez and that, uh, jason was in pentonville... uh... he hasn't been found guilty of anything, he's awaiting trial, and that his safety is a matter of public scrutiny. Well, robert, that's huge. I mean, I-I'm sure that that gave monica a lot of comfort. There you go again. What? I mean, you're always doing this to me. I come out with some stupid, little statement, meaningless, and you turn around and give it substance, make it important.

[ Chuckles ] Sometimes we all just need a little outside perspective to, uh, see the big picture. Hmm. Yeah? Okay. Um, in that case, if you want to be separated from ned, why do you continue to live in this house?

[ Coughs ] There's no tactful way of saying this -- she's policing my entire life. Oh, this is perfect. I'm glad you're both here. Uh, I live here, and dante and rocco live here half the time. Why is us being here so surprising? Well, I am about to win back my wife. If I help you, do you think you can make it back to the couch? Yeah. No, I can stand on my own. Ready? Here we -- oh! Are you okay? Yeah. Lie back and rest, okay? If you insist. Look, I am sorry.I-I'm -- I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to... I ate something a-at dinner that didn't agree with me, but I'm gonna be fine, really. Chase, chase. Is the thermometer still in the medicine cabinet? Uh, probably. I don't -- I don't know. You can look, though. And you can look wherever you want, 'cause I-I have nothing to hide. No more secrets 'cause secrets are bad. No more secrets. Chase. We -- we only have the truth, willow, from now on, right? Oh, my god. I'm taking you to the hospital. Let me guess -- Finn feeling a bit off? No, he's fine. Why do you look disappointed? A minor snag. So who is ill, then? Finn's family met for dinner at beradino's tonight, correct? So if it isn't Finn who's ill, perhaps it's the invader's new star reporter, jackie templeton. Or Finn's wronged father? Or perhaps it's the surprise son, chase. Oh, you are such a bastard.

[ Laughs ] So it is chase, then. Well, perhaps he ingested something that didn't sit well with him. Oh, god. I got to call Finn, tell him to test for poison. Well, when you talk to Finn, perhaps suggest that he speak to your old friend, sean donely. If my history serves me correctly, he and tiffany hill encountered a similar situation. Valentin: Anna. Anna, what is this? What have you done? Would you like the pleasure of telling him, or shall I?

Damn right peter deserves some payback, alright? And you're in a good position to start collecting. Just do what you do best. You mean eviscerate peter in the press? Yeah, he's not the only one who can trash someone's life on the front page or on the internet. Unfortunately, that's not an option. I'm under an exclusive contract with the invader. If I try to publish somewhere else, he can sue me into oblivion. He's in first position, so he can block me from working for any other outlets. What about anna? What about her? Well, now that the truth has been exposed about peter, maybe she knows how to contain him.

[ Sighs ] I'm not exactly up to date on anna's plans these days about peter august or anything else. A little too much perspective, hmm? No. Good friends ask the difficult questions, are a good friend and that is a difficult question. Do we have an answer? No, we do not. Well [Chuckles] You know, there's, uh -- there's worse things than living in a mansion full of servants. Robert. I mean, this -- this is not a lifestyle that I ever dreamed about. You know, living in some fancy mansion with a -- with a billion-dollar kitchen I need a permission slip to walk into. I mean, t-this -- this house came with the guy. It was the guy that I wanted. What about now? I don't know. I mean, I-if I'm not with ned, what the hell am I doing here? I am going to have the living room filled with flowers, floor to ceiling. Doesn't matter if they're out of season. I will call every specialty florist in the state if I have to. And then I'm gonna get down on one knee in front of you two and our grandkids and declare my love for olivia and ask her to renew our wedding vows, and then I'm gonna give her this to seal our renewed commitment. Wow. So...what do you think? Dad, that's beyond a desperation play. That'll never work.

[ Chuckles ] Why not? Look, I-I made a huge mistake with alexis, and now I want to make a huge gesture in order to win her back. Right? Can you explain this to him? I just don't have the heart. Well, I take it you agree with my daughter? Uh, y-yeah. I'm sorry, ned, but if you think a fancy giant ring and a room full of flowers is gonna win back my mother, you don't even know her. Dr. Robinson. Willow, what's happening? I stopped by chase's apartment and found him like this. He said he hasn't been feeling well since dinner this evening. He's burning up with a fever, and he passed out briefly. Look, it's -- it's probably just food poisoning, okay? Let's get him into an exam room. Alright, will you stay with me, please? I'm right here. Okay, come on. You wouldn'T. And once again, you underestimate me, anna devane. Will you tell me what's going on, please? You remember sean donely, yeah? Of course I do. A legend at wsb. Well, he was our boss, and robert and I became very close with him when he transferred here to port charles. He was really instrumental in helping robert get me away from faison. Okay, so faison didn't like sean too much. Well, you know my father -- always had to have the last word. So faison poisoned sean's wife, tiffany, with a toxin, and he held on to the antidote. It wasn't a complete cure, but it was enough to control the symptoms. So in order to keep his wife alive, sean had to do whatever faison wanted. One of his best efforts, I think. And you've used the toxin on chase, have you? No, not that one. They came up with a cure for that one. But I did develop one of my own. See, that's the thing about science. They made such great strides since dear, old dad's days. Toxins are more complicated now than ever, but still lethal all the same. What do you want? Why, anna, I thought you'd never ask.

will continue to deteriorate until he gets a dose of the antidote. Okay, what do you want in return? For you to follow my instructions to the letter. Meaning what exactly? Stay out of my way. End the never-ending smear campaign against me with maxie. What good is that going to do you? She already knows the truth. Everything came out at the wedding. Maxie still loves me, and, in time, she'll be able to focus on our family and our child and she'll ignore these accusations as long as the two of you stop yapping in her ears about it all the time. I see. Well, anna and i aren't the only ones who want you away from maxie. Yeah, you think mac and felicia are gonna allow you within 10 feet of her? Perhaps you and valentin don't fully appreciate the gravity of the situation. Should I write the detective off and find someone closer to you to target? No. No, no. We'll do what you want. Good. That's better. Oh, and one more thing. This little agreement stays between the three of us. If there's even one slipup to Finn, one inkling that I have an antidote or that I'm involved in any way, the deal's off.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh.

[ Sighs ] It's willow. Yes? I hope I'm not bothering you. No, no, no, no. What is it? I thought you'd want to know. I found chase quite ill at his apartment. I brought him to G.H. I see. What did the doctor say? They're in with chase now. Has Finn seen him?Not yet. I know they paged him. I'm on my way, yeah? Okay. Chase has been taken to the hospital. Willow, hey. Listen, I just got a page that chase is here. What's going on? I-I went to see him at his apartment, and he obviously wasn't feeling well. He thought maybe it was food poisoning from your family dinner. He had a fever of 104, so I brought him in. Dr. Robinson is with him now. Okay, good. Thank you. Good. I'm glad you're still at the hospital. Hey. What's going on with my son? Willow said he has a fever. Yes, he does, and it's high enough to be concerning. Okay, any other symptoms? Nausea, racing pulse, and willow mentioned that he briefly lost consciousness, as well. He was going to sit on the couch, and he fainted. I sent him up for additional tests. So we'll know more when the results come in, okay? Yeah, I was with him earlier, and he said he wasn't feeling well. He said he thought he might have food poisoning. Well, chase's symptoms aren't consistent with food poisoning, and it doesn't look like he has the flu, either. I'm gonna go be with him, okay? Okay, um, I-I'll call gregory. Um, tell him -- tell him I'm here, I love him, and I'll...I'm glad it was you who found him. I'm sure it was great comfort to harry. Um, I'm gonna go call his father, gregory. I'll be... nina took it upon herself to tell wiley that nelle was his biological mother, not willow. Okay, h-he's far too young to understand such a complex situation. Well, nina already admitted that she made a mistake. Yeah, but I'm afraid that she's gonna make that mistake again or one like it, not out of carelessness, and certainly not with intent, but because s-she can't and won't see the truth about nelle. Mm. She -- she's grieving the idea of her daughter, and she's refusing to see nelle for who she really was. And she can do that. She can believe whatever she wants, but it's not -- it's not healthy for wiley. You know, your mother said something similar to me. What, and you think my mom is pressuring me to keep nina away from wiley? Is she? Look, she says what she thinks.

Willow. Okay, fair enough. But don't you think there would be a better chance for nina to spend time with wiley if, uh, nina and carly settled their differences?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, maybe. I mean, look, I love carly, and I love how fiercely she -- she defends her family. Yeah, and, uh, after my dad died, it's only gone into overdrive. Yeah, but sometimes, you see, it's -- it's better to actually compromise for your family. You know, there was a time when Sonny and i couldn't stand to be in the same room together. However, in order to make things work for josslyn, I had to accept the fact that there was room for someone like Sonny, who I was completely at odds with, to care for my child. And let me tell you something -- that wasn't always easy, especially when josslyn began to love Sonny. Right, okay, so what you're saying is it doesn't really matter if my mom and nina can't stand each other. I mean, it would help. And I think in time, you know, things will be okay. But, look, nina just wants the opportunity to -- to be a grandmother to wiley the same way that carly is. And -- and given my history with your family, michael, I just don't think that's -- that's too much of an ask. Elijah: I'm really looking forward to showing you my favorite hometown view, but as a fashion editor, I bet you've seen beautiful vistas all over the world. Yeah, well, I've had my share, but not so many that I still can't find awe in looking at the stars in the night sky. Sonny: Well, you really don't have to go very far. You just got to walk out the front door, look up at the sky, and the stars are right there. You're absolutely right. And after your recommendation, I've been doing that every night of my stay. When I lived in san francisco, I often hiked to the twin peak summit for inspiration. I found that no matter how stressed I was, that always cleared my head. Mm. When did you live in san francisco? It was a while back. I had a business there, a tech start-up. From nixon falls to san francisco. Now, that -- that's a story I'd be interested in. If yacture, that's the thing with start-ups. A few of them hit big, but most of them come and go really fast. Mine just didn't get any traction. Oh. Sounds really competitive. Silicon valley, right? So what are we talking about? Dot-com? Venture capital? Mike, you're, like -- you're grilling him. His -- his company didn't work out. He probably doesn't want to talk about it. Oh, was I being pushy? I didn't -- I didn't -- I didn't know. It's just that I'm curious. I've been doing a lot of reading on silicon valley, and I'm very interested. So if I was making you uncomfortable, I'm sorry. It's fine, really. Just a little internet business. It never caught on, and I lost a lot of money. You know, you're not the only one to take a risk and come up empty-handed. Everyone makes mistakes. The trouble isn't making the mistake. The trick is not to make the same mistake twice. Know what I mean?

[ Chuckles ] There's no pressure from me. I'm gonna stand by you no matter what you decide. Thank you, robert. You really have been a special friend. I mean, I know that you called in a lot of favors to get me on the other side of that door in geneva. And, ultimately, that is what brought dante back to me. I'm never gonna forget that. What the hell is going on here? Excuse me, brook lynn? I don't think I like your tone. Excuse me. You're the one who's holding hands with another man in my father's house. Hey, brook lynn, you've walked in on an entirely innocent -- stay out of this. Stay out of this. Well... we really needed to go outside for this conversation? Well, I do-- I don't want my mother to hear us.

[ Scoffs ] That bad, huh? Look, ned, I know you got good intentions. My mother knows you got good intentions. She knows you would move heaven and earth to prove how much you love her. But you got problems here, man, that can't be solved by a giant ring and a room full of flowers. You shook her faith in you -- and worse, in herself. You got -- you got to prove that you can be the man that she trusts again, that -- that she can feel safe loving you again. Okay, well, how do I do that? I don't know. But it can't be flashy. There -- there was this woman in our neighborhood growing up. She was a little older than my mother, but she was married to this pretty successful guy, but he was a total bastard. He would -- would shower her with furs and jewelry and all sorts of things, all the while cheating on her left, right, and center, sometimes right in front of her face. My mother always said nothing is worth that amount of pain. Okay, so you think that's how liv looks at me now? I mean, like that woman's husband? I don't -- I'm just saying you're gonna have to come up with another plan if you want to earn your place back in my mother's life.

[ Sighs ] I-I'm sorry. This must be hard on you, too. I'm fine. Really. Harry told me that, um, you two are trying to work your way back towards each other. He was really happy when you forgave him and, um... gave him another chance. Jackie, I -- you don't have to say anything. Whatever happens between you and harry, that's your business. You know, it's just, um, this whole paternity mess coming to light, um, first within the family when my son talks about you, it's just about the only time I see him happy. All these protestations of love for maxie, these claims that you'll be worthy of her you'll be some great father -- how do you reconcile that with poisoning an innocent man? I mean, let's say you get away with this, which you won't, but let's say that this works. It's just another lie you're gonna have to tell maxie. That's another secret you're gonna have to keep from her. That's another ticking time bomb waiting to blow up and destroy everything you hope -- I don't know why you're lecturing me. You, who should be congratulating me for following your example. You've always been so strategic, valentin, so quick to strike, so clever to avoid repercussions, and you've always been so determined to do everything exactly the way you want it, no matter what the cost. Sound familiar? So why shouldn't i be the same? I've listened to you for so long, talk about having a life with nina and charlotte. All I've wanted is to raise my daughter with the woman I love. You and anna should've stayed out of my way! If this detective dies, the blood is on your hands, yours and anna's, not mine. After my dvt blood clot...I was un a big, flashy gesture would just push liv farther away from me and make her doubt me even more. It's just that I want to put that sparkle back in her eyes again, have her look at me and light up the way she used to. Okay, but -- but that look, that's about more than just love, right? That -- that's about respect, too, and that ain't easy to come by. And it's not just the fact that you cheated on her with alexis. It's 'cause you did it because you thought she was doing the same thing with robert. So you lost faith in her. Right. Thank you for your honesty. I don't mean to say hurtful things. And, like, I actually like you with my mother, usually.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, you're disappointed in me, and that makes two of us. So what are you gonna do? I'm not sure yet, but I will find my way back to being the man who deserved your mother. In the meantime, keep an eye on her, okay? Yeah, you got it. Alright. Don't you dare imply that I have anything to be ashamed of. Robert is my friend. Friends? Yeah. Ha! Friends. That's what I walked in on? You really trying to sell that? I'm not selling anything. That's the truth. Chase is my friend, and I definitely don't hold his hand. Oh, my god. What is it with the people in this house?! Whe, especially each other. You know what? You better adjust your attitude before you poison that baby that you're carrying. Robert, I'll see you out.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Scoffs ] Willow and I are committed to making a family where wiley feeling loved and secure is our -- is our first priority. You know, I had a very similar conversation with carly. And you have to admit that your situation was pretty complicated, as well. You considered Sonny to be your father, but you made room for A.J. In your life, even when carly objected, remember? Yeah, no, yeah, I-I remember. And, look, along those lines, you'll be happy to know that, look, willow and I have discussed nina's connection to wiley, a-and we're trying to figure out a way for wiley to have both his grandmothers in his life. Right. Just maybe not at the same time. Yeah, right, right. Well, look, just let me circle back with willow, okay, and then maybe we can arrange for nina and wiley to -- to have another visit and then just see how it goes, okay? Michael, thank you so much. This is awesome. Yeah. For a guy with no memory, you sure have a lot of opinions about other people's mistakes. Okay, alright, guys, we're just having a conversation. There's no need to make things, you know, tense. No, no, no. You know, elijah's right. I don't know my history, and, you know, I don't know what mistakes I've made in the past. So it's like, I got to trust my instincts now when it comes to spotting trouble. Okay, Mike, how about... you know, remember, the hot chocolate? I don't imagine that the stars are gonna get any brighter.

[ Sighs ] Okay, uh, just give me a second to freshen up, and we can go. Sounds good. Okay. Hi. Uh, willow called me. Is it alright that -- that I'm here? Sure. How is he? We're waiting... for his fever to break and for his test results to come back. Does anyone know what's going on with him? No. We don'T. But I'm gonna do everything I can to find out. I thought I had a brother. Turns out, I really wanted a son.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ] You know what makes you so dangerous, peter? You have a profound and chronic inability to accept the consequences of your actions. You can create such damage, and it's never your responsibility, is it? You had drew cain killed. It was drew's fault for getting in your way. You killed franco baldwin 'cause he was hearing drew's voice. And now you've poisoned detective harrison chase, and that's my fault and anna's fault. It's never you, is it? It's never you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Who's that? Anna? How's detective chase? You're coming with me. Do yfort in your hands or feet? Uh, yeah, a little while ago.

[ Sighs ] What about my mom? I-I wanted to say good night to her. Just missed her. It's probably a good thing. Why's that? We just -- we keep clashing. She's just -- she's so overprotective of my baby, and I guess I'm kind of overprotective of my dad. Hmm. Can I ask you a question? Yeah. Be honest. Do you really think your mom and my dad can work this out? You know, I don't know. Uh, since I've been home, everything is different. Lulu's in a coma. My dad, uh, is dead. Normally, I'd say, yeah, they were solid, ned and olivia, but now I don't know. Ev I know what you mean. So, you want to tell me who the lucky guy is?

[ Sighs ] Believe it or not, um, it's valentin cassadine. Wow. Yeah. I didn't see that coming.

[ Chuckling ] Neither did he.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah. Hey, you know, I got a little experience co-parenting with valentin with charlotte. It gets interesting at times, so if you ever need backup, you know who to call. That's really sweet of you, dante, but I think I've got his number.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] Before I found out harry was sick, all I could think about was how angry I was at peter august for blowing up my son's life. It was difficult enough, you know, when he found out about my night with hamilton. Then finding out hamilton was his father, it just shattered his entire world. And then peter goes and puts it on -- on the front page. I wanted to -- I wanted to strangle him with my own hands. It all seems so trivial now. It's not as if peter's actions did any real damage to harry. Excuse me.

[ Beeping continues ] Hi, there. Hey. Willow, I'm so glad you're still here with me.

[ Sighs ] I know it's late and way past your bedtime, but I wanted you to be up for when your mom got home. But, you know, she's, uh -- she's having a very, very difficult conversation, a very adult conversation with chase, and he might not be taking it very well. And, you know, your mom, she's probably doing everything she can to be kind to him. But if I was doing my job right, you'd be in bed right now. But what the heck? Tonight is a very special night, huh? So how about you and me, we stay up together, then when your mom comes home, she can see both her guys up waiting for her, huh? Ready for "lots of bots"? Yeah. Yeah? Okay, here we go. Alright. How's chase? He's not good. Alright, you've made your point.

[ Sighs ] I give up. No, we're not giving up. You haven't given the doctors any time. Finn is a brilliant researcher. He'll come up with an antidote without giving in to peter. It's his son. He can't be objective. I've seen how this plays out. I'm not gonna let you ruin one more innocent life. You've done enough damage. So we'll let you go. And -- and max ie can folerencefrom us. You have my word. Now...just give me the antidote, yeah? Nice speech, aunty, but I don't think so. Hey.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hi, jax. Nina? Can you hear me? Yes, I-I can -- yeah, I can hear you. Why do I get the feeling you're not who you say you are? We administered broad-spectrum antibiotics with no improvement. Now we're going to attempt to abate his symptoms with steroid therapy. Okay, so -- so what is the diagnosis? Like, what is making harry so sick? We don't know. So you're, what, buying time, keeping him in a holding pattern, hoping he doesn't get worse and hoping he gets better? If you don't know what's wrong with him, you can't treat him, you can't help him.

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