GH Transcript Tuesday 4/13/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/13/21


Episode #14679 ~ Michael feels fortunate. Brook Lynn finds Olivia to be overbearing. Peter taunts Anna. Curtis confides in Finn. Jordan runs into Portia.

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[ Chuckles ] This is, uh -- this is very impressive. Well, I see you finally dragged your butt down here to check things out. Yeah. Yeah, I did. I have something for you. Oh?

[ Chuckles ] You shouldn't have.

[ Both chuckle ] Oh! Oh, my gosh. I'm sorry. I should know better than to walk and scroll. I'm sorry. Oh, no harm done. But it's best to keep your wits about you at this place. There is a lot going on. Yeah. As my son can attest. I dropped by hoping I could take tj to dinner, only to find out that he's assisting in a surgery. So, um, I guess I'll just go home. Or you could join me for a cup of coffee. You look a little on edge. Maybe it would help to vent. Your release papers are ready. What's wrong? I just got off the phone with peter's assistant. She can't find him, and she wants him to know that carlton media has expressed interest in the paper. Why is that upsetting? Because carlton media is a media conglomerate, and they're obviously interested in buying the invader. Maybe it was a cold offer. Or maybe peter plans on selling the invader and using the proceeds to leave port charles and the us, taking me and the baby with him. What are we going to do? Okay, maxie, calm down. Peter is not going to take you or the baby anywhere. Well, he's damn well going to try. And if he makes this deal, he'll have the money to do it. At least we bought some time by telling peter that you need bed rest and no stress. Thanks again for that. But what I really need to do is I-I need to go home and figure out what to do next. You'll do no such thing. Get back in bed this instant. So what have we forgotten, then? That you're not the only one that can make plans. I don't know what that means. What does that -- it means if you go through with this, someone you care about will die. You don't understand. You are not in any position to make a threat, right? We're going to take you from here to a containment area, and then we are going to work and get all the evidence we need to convict you. Yes, yes, yes. That does sound just like the two of you -- make arrangements to abduct me, hold me against my will, and then tell yourself the whole time it's all about justice. Not that it matters anyway. My plan was already set in motion long ago, and the only way it can be stopped is if you let me go.

[ Knock on door ] Brook lynn: Chase! Come on. I know you're in there! You're too much of a grandpa to leave the light on if you weren't home. Open up!

[ Groans ]

[ Knock on door ] Hello? What, did you fall asleep watching sports again? Come on, wake up. I've got coffee. Oh, my... you doing okay? You look like hell. What's wrong with you? I dreamed of this. Me too. And I am so glad that this is real and I can finally say what I've been wanting to say -- wanting to say for months. But um... and a part of me has known a lot longer than that. I love you, willow. I love you too, michael.

 This is your very ownportable defibrillator. I remember you saying that you wanted one behind the bar in the case of emergencies, which is a very sound idea, by the way. Well, thank you, doctor, and I do believe in best practices, but I was just asking for your input. I did not expect you to buy me one. Oh. So you're turning me down? Uh, no. This one is going behind the bar.

[ Laughs ] I appreciate you, man. Well, I appreciate you letting me stop by. You know? I just came from dinner with chase and jackie and my dad. Oh, wow. How'd that go? It was at once better than expected and also incredibly awkward. I know awkward. So, how are things with you and anna? Did you get it worked out? I think I'd much rather talk about your new club. How's the opening coming? You know, maybe it's a good thing that I'm still waiting on the liquor license and the appropriate permits, because I still have a thousand decisions to make. I got to hire a sound engineer, an audio guy. I got to think about the bar menu. You're loving this, aren't you? Every bit of it.

[ Chuckles ] Just feels right, man. I'm really glad things are working out for you. Well, at least here they are. What's all this talk of going home? If rest was ordered, get back in bed and start resting. Why I wasn't informed that you'd been admitted is a complete mystery to me. It's no mystery, mother. We didn't want people to know. How did you find out? I have my ways. And I'm not people. I'm oma. I'm feeling much better, actually. I'd just really like to reclaim my son who's being spoiled rotten by mac and my mom and take him home to cuddle. Don't worry. I'll straighten james out. But first things first -- I want to examine you myself. Uh, no. I am her ob, not you. Are you questioning my competence as maxie's doctor or as chief of staff? Because if you answer "yes" to either of those, you can leave my hospital immediately. The best way to deal with a strong enemy or enemies is to target the people they love. It's remarkably effective. What have you done? Sure, the two of you risk it all, put your lives on the line in some feeble attempt to try and destroy me, but would you sacrifice someone you cared about? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey!

[ Laughs ] What are you doing? Don't let him get to you.

[ Breathing heavily ] But that's exactly what faison used to do. He would find the thing you love, and then he would go after it. Peter knows he screwed up when he killed franco. He's rattled. He's trying to rattle you. That's right out of faison's playbook. Don't let him get to you. Faison rarely bluffed. He would make a threat, but there was always something real to back it up.

[ Blows air ] Mm. Thick, rich foam.

[ Gasps ] Sublime vanilla. Sweet, sweet caffeine. Mmm. You feeling better? Yeah, I splashed some water on my face. Yeah, it looks like it helped, but maybe just don't sit right next to me, just in case. Sorry. What's going on with you, huh? I thought I had food poisoning, but my head is killing me. Should you be drinking that? Oh, it's decaf. But the other one is full strength, and it's really good for headaches. Pass. I just drank my weight in water. Okay, well, look, if you want to just go lay down a little bit more, it's totally fine. I can just make myself at home, like old times. What's going on? You trying to escape from your dad again?

[ Sighs ] More like olivia the hun. Let me tell you, I swear that woman has, like, supernatural powers. She's like -- she can sense whenever I'm gonna put something sweet or salty or fishy into my mouth. I mean, it's like she's monitoring every single thing I eat or drink. I can't live like that. And plus, I really did want to see you. We didn't really have a chance to catch up at the house, and I could really use a friend. So please, can I stay awhile? You know, so many times, I -- I wanted to reach out to you... and kiss you... and make love to you. I remember when you you said that you were moving out and looking for an apartment, my heart dropped. The thought of not seeing you every day, it... it tore me up inside. Now, you know, we get to talk about our future.

[ Sighs ] I like the sound of that. Yeah.

Our future -- you, me, and wiley. Yeah. Hey, what if wiley and i moved in here, too? We could -- we can create our own home together. We'd be close to our relatives, but not -- not too close. I would love that. Should we keep the bed in the living room? Uh, you know, we probably should move it, but, uh, not now.

 Jordan and I decided earlier today to call it quits. I'm really sorry. Thanks, doctor. Curtis: Hey, man, do you want a ginger ale? Sure.

[ Bottles clank ] You know...

[ Ice clinking ] ...Jordan and I, we knew each other for a lot of years. Mm-hmm. We spent a lot of time dancing around each other, first as friends, as partners, extended family, and then as adversaries. So when we acknowledged that we had feelings for each other, we took the next step. Wasn't without its challenges, but I loved jordan, and I wanted to marry her with all my heart. And I don't regret a single day that we spent together, but love wasn't enough to keep us together.

[ Sighs ] So I, uh, had to realize that, um, our relationship would never be jordan's first priority. So, how is everything going at home? I hope you're not regretting taking responsibility for marcus. I mean, he's not

too difficult to deal with. Oh, taggert staying with me is fine. We've endured enough stakeouts and close quarters. We actually coexist quite peacefully, and we know how to stay out of each other's way. Good. I mean, he said basically the same thing when he came in for his post-op checkup earlier. Hm. But actually, something did come up while he was here that I wanted to talk to you about. Okay. I'm going to go and check on our families. Nina's away, isn't she? Do you want me to check on charlotte? Thank you. If I can't get ahold of charlotte, I'll reach out to you. Alright. Bye-bye, auntie anna!

[ Laughs ] I don't suppose you want to loosen some of these binds for me while we wait, hmm? No. You got anything else you want to ask me? I'm going to save my strength. After all, actions do speak louder than words, don't they? I meant no disrespect, britta. I only want to do what's best for maxie and ihr kind. I've missed so much time with her and james as it is. I forgive you, mother. We both want what's best for maxie. And as her ob, it's my opinion that she'll be better off at home. Maxie: Yeah, come on, liesl. You know how noisy it can be at the hospital with doctors and nurses and interns coming in at all hours. And don't get me started on the thread count of these sheets. Ugh! I mean, it is impossible for me to rest or relax here. You are right. You'll be more comfortable at home, but you still need care. I have the perfect solution. I'll move in. Chase: Look, you can stay, but I might have to crash. Hopefully I can get back to that good dream I was having. Oh, sounds juicy. Do tell. It was about willow. She wanted to move back in and asked if we could get back to the way things were. Are michael and sasha making up or breaking up? I mean, every time I ask michael what's going on, he gets all cagey on me. I have no idea what he's thinking. I'm not sure either. So you're not sure where he stands with sasha or with you? Chase and I are trying to figure things out. Okay, so why does it get you all in knots knowing that michael's behind closed doors with sasha? Because it's complicated? Sounds like some dream, but maybe a bit of wishful thinking? A dream that's becoming more and more of a reality. Willow has been giving me a second chance, and we've been through some pretty heavy stuff. I have every reason to believe that we can get back to where we were.

[ Sighs ] Hey. I can -- I can move this. As much as we've enjoyed it, it should probably be upstairs in your room. Thanks. You okay? You can talk to me, willow. I can see that something's on your mind. I'd like to help, if I can. You're thinking about chase, aren't you?

T my things andmeet you at your apartment. Uh, yeah, no. What? Um, I... [ Sighs ] I obviously appreciate you wanting to step up and help us, but, um... I just cannot have you doing that. I want to do it. Yeah, but I'm looking forward to spending time with james and georgie. Time with my kids is the best medicine for me. Are you sure it's about spending extra time with your kinder? You're not trying to close the door in my face in order to keep it open to peter? Liesl, I need you to trust that I know what I'm doing. What you must do, dear maxie, is abandon your illusions. It's time to wake up and smell the psychopath. You must kick peter, who is and always will be henrik faison, out of your life once and for all, hmm? Jordan is a cop through and through. Now, I know how all-consuming that job can be, which is why I started using in the first place. So after I got straight, I thought being a P.I. Would keep me in the game, or at least close to the action, but it just wasn't the same. So you took a hard right and you found something new. That takes a lot of courage and a high tolerance for risk. Yeah, you know, doc Finn, never thought I'd do anything like own a nightclub. You know, but it just feels right. You know? I am energized in a way that, man, I haven't felt in years. I can see that. You know, it's -- it's amazing. You know, I admire you for facing the fact that your old life wasn't working. You found a new one. Yeah. Well, the only problem with the new life is that I lost jordan along the way. Okay, bonne nuit,

ma petite. I will be home just as quickly as I can. Hey, I love you.

[ Muffled ] You're worried about the wrong person. What? I said you're worried about the wrong thing. Unlike you, who used an infant to get revenge against anna devane, I would never hurt a child.

[ Line ringing ] Brook lynn:

You've reached my voicemail.

Leave a message if you want,

but texting would be faster.

[ Beep ] Call me. Trouble getting ahold of someone?

[ Gasps ] Oh, no.

[ Laughs ] Okay, listen to me. If you harm anything that I care about, I will kill you. Do you know that feeling that even though you've been away from someone for awhile, they still feel familiar? That caring and ease that you used to have, it's -- it's still there? Yeah, I do. That is how it feels with me and willow. I'm -- I'm so glad she's back in my life. Okay, well, you and willow are gonna start from scratch, right? You're not just picking it up where you left off? Well, yes and no. I mean, we were in love, and then a lot happened, but we still love and care about each other. We still have that history. That doesn't disappear. And I know -- I know I was wrong to to deceive her, even though I thought that I did it for the right reasons, but I-I learned my lesson. I just -- I want to do everything right this time. Especially after everything that happened with my family, I -- I understand the damage that secrets can do. Tell me about it. What? Um, I just -- I-I read the invader article. That was -- that was way over the line. I wanted to find peter august and just punch him in the face.

[ Chuckles ] I wouldn't have arrested you if you did. How are you dealing with the fallout, huh? In the beginning, I wasn't dealing at all, but then I got some good coaching from willow, and I'm doing a lot better. Actually, my family all got dinner tonight. That's good. It's good in theory, but in reality, it was pretty damn awkward. And then I came down with this food poisoning, to top it all off. Mm-hmm. Can we just talk about willow? I was feeling so much better. Yeah, I know, but you just got to take it slow, okay? Take it slow? Yeah. Okay, you've got one speed and it is full-throttle. Yeah, and it's gotten me into a lot of trouble. A lot. Look, I just -- I act without thinking or considering the long-term consequences, and then by the time I'm facing the consequences... it's too damn late. What's going on, brook lynn? Are you in some kind of trouble?

[ Sighs ] Is there anything I can do? I can't help it. I feel awful for chase. We agreed to try again, and I honestly wanted to make things work. But all the while, you were the only man in my heart. Well, I wish that didn't make you sad. Loving you doesn't make me sad. But I need to talk to chase. Well, that won't be an easy conversation, so, you know, if you need anything from me -- thank you. It's going to be hard enough for chase without you there. I think it's best I do this alone.

Don't ever doubt that I can kill you, peter. Oh, not for a solitary second, valentin. You don't have a protection plan.

[ Scoffs ] Because if it involves harming something that I love, what you have is a death warrant. My protection plan is really quite simple -- if I do nothing, someone dies. But if you let me go, it can be stopped, or at least paused. Bottom line, someone's life depends on my freedom. What do you mean, paused? You and anna back off. Let me live my life. Or someone you love, some innocent whose only crime is being of importance to you, will pay the price. Taggert knew that I had an affair when he went undercover, and he figured out that it was with curtis. Oh, portia, I didn't tell him. No, I-I know. He put it together, which really isn't that surprising. Mm. But we had a, um -- a really good talk. And I made it clear to him that curtis and I were -- it was just the past. But it's just such a, I don't know, a delicate situation that I just wanted you to know, especially since taggert's living with you. Thank you. And I don't think that taggert would confront curtis, but I didn't want you to be blindsided in case something came up. I-I mean, the last thing that I want to do is add more turmoil to your life, and I'm just hoping that you and curtis can just still work things out. Thank you. Um... actually, that's not going to happen. That's why I wanted to see tj, to let him know that curtis and i are getting a divorce. Curtis: I don't give up easy. I fully intended to grow old with jordan. I understand. I suppose you do. So now I get to look for a divorce lawyer. You don't think things are gonna get ugly, do you? No, no, no, no, no. The paperwork is just a formality. We're both going to leave the marriage with what we brought to it. But the toughest part will be living with the questions -- you know, asking myself if I could have done more, or second-guessing my moral stance on truth and boundaries. Hey, truth is important, though. Yeah. I mean, what's the alternative? I mean, what kind of marriage can you have with someone who's keeping secrets? I know this is the right decision. I just miss jordan. I know that feeling, too.

[ Footsteps approach ] Anna. I really did have the best of intentions.

[ Knock on door ] I -- I just -- I'll get it. No need. I got it. No, no, no. You look like death warmed over. You're going to scare whoever's at the door. You should take full advantage of this pregnancy, okay? Next time, I might not be such a gentleman.

[ Sighs ] Can I help you? Whoa, whoa, what are you doing, man? You can't just -- no, no, no. Chase, it's fine. This is my bodyguard. Yuri, this is detective chase. Chase, this is yuri. What? What, you don't return my calls, you don't answer my texts? I said I wanted you reachable. Yeah, well, you also said that the bodyguard, I wouldn't even notice him. And here I have the incredible hulk following me around in a suit. Yuri can be very unobtrusive if you play by the rules. Well, I'm busy, okay? I can't just stop whatever I'm doing all the time and -- and call you for a check-in. Brook lynn, I need to know you and the baby are safe.

We're fine.

[ Sighs ] Look. I'm sorry that you got worried, okay? But if anything was the matter, don't you think yuri would have called? Not if he's dead.

[ Laughs ] Is that a possibility? Listen, I used to be a wsb agent. There are people in my past that want to harm me. Through me?

No. No, listen.

You're not in

any imminent danger. But do what yuri says, and follow the rules, and answer my calls.

[ Sighs ] Fine. Goodbye.

[ Door closes ] So that guy was just lurking in the hall this whole time? Yeah. Alright, listen, here's the deal. Not only is valentin an extremely hands-on father, he's also kind of paranoid. I don't know. He's some... usb or wsb fighter. I-I don't know. Something like that. He's just always constantly concerned that something's going to happen, so he wanted to get me a bodyguard. And obviously I said no, and he said [Scoffs] He's gonna have someone following me anyway. It's just up to me whether or not I want to cooperate or just have some guy following me 24/7.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, that's probably valentin calling back.

[ Sighs ] Willow. Is everything okay? There's this big guy just standing in the hall. He's mine! Follows me around like a puppy. Right. Well, I don't want to barge in on your visit. No, no, no. You're not barging in. I'm glad to see you.

 to be worthy of his woman on earth I know the lure of a brilliant, dangerous man. He assures you that you're the only woman on earth who understands him. You feel somehow privileged to be worthy of his affection or adoration. You convince yourself that you can be his true partner, his greatest ally, that you can help him reach his true potential. But -- but nothing you do can change who he is, maxie -- a dangerous, twisted man. Liesl, I am horrified by the crimes peter is accused of, okay? But he is the father of my child, and I can't cut him out of my life completely. You have a kind heart, and I have benefited from it time and time again. You forgive me so many times, but peter is not worthy of your forgiveness. Peter and nathan may share their father's blood, but they are nothing alike. Nathan was a decent, loving man, a man peter can never be. Mother, there's never been any doubt that nathan and peter are completely different. Okay, no. [ Scoffs ] I loved nathan with all of my heart, and I miss him every day. No one will ever replace him. But I still have to do what's best for my children. I can't close the door on peter too quickly. Portia: Divorce? Jordan, that -- [ Sighs ] That's such a huge step. I-I mean, are you sure you and curtis can't try to just work through your issues? You need two people for that, and curtis is all tried out.

[ Sighs ] I'm so sorry. Anyone can tell that you two have something real. We did. And we'll always love each other. I know I will, anyway. But I let curtis down. I shut him out, I kept secrets, and I even lied at times. I kept telling myself that I had a good reason, that it was to protect him. And it was, but I was also protecting myself. As much as I love curtis, my first instinct will always be to handle things on my own. Jordan, um... listen, are you sure that your job is worth all the sacrifices that you're making? Are you? Being a doctor is demanding. I'm sure you couldn't always be there for Trina the way you hoped. That's true. I've made plenty of sacrifices for my career. But I also know what it feels like to be the spouse on the other side of that law enforcement equation. To be shut out from the one person who you're supposed to share your life with. I wanted to be the wife that curtis needed, but I couldn'T. And that's why I need to let him go, as much as it's killing me. Sometimes love just isn't enough, huh? Anna: Hi, curtis. This place is great. Thank you. Um, mind if I steal him for a minute? Not at all. There's plenty for me to do. Thanks. Did you plant a tracking device on me when I wasn't looking? You caught me. Yeah. Um, no, I called your nanny. The nanny. She told me where you were. Ah. What's going on? I just wanted to check that you were alright. Yeah. As far as I know. Why? Is something going on? Are you okay? Yeah. Um... peter's really showing his true colors. He just dropped any pretense of being innocent. Openly hates me. I just was worried that perhaps he'd come after the people I love. Well, I'm fine. So is violet. Nanny knows not to open the door to anyone, and we will be sure to look both ways before we cross the street. Good. I'll hold you to that.

[ Chuckles ] So sorry you still have to deal with my baggage. I don't hold anything against you. We'll be careful. You do the same. You don't have to worry about me. Look, things didn't work out between us, but... I want you to know, if you ever need me, I'll be there. Come in. Come in. I should have called first instead of just showing up. Actually, I was just leaving. Can you hand me my bag? Yeah. Here. Thanks. Oh, sorry. Oh, that's okay. No, let me. Is this... part of a fetal heart monitor? This? Um...

[ Laughs nervously ] Yeah. Yeah, r-remember when valentin insisted I go to the E.R.? Well, they put one of these machines on me, and somehow, it ended up in my purse. Anyways, I really do have to go. It's good to see you. Chase, feel better. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Okay. You're not feeling well? Oh, it's -- it's just a headache. You look flushed. Headache is a sign of fever. Stop worrying, okay? Seeing you is the -- it's the best medicine for me. We need to talk. About what? Not quite used to your bedroom being here, are you? It's okay. We'll just -- we'll hang out here until you're sleepy again. Hey, you know that we're the luckiest guys in the world? We are. We got an amazing woman to love, and she loves us right back.

 It is not your fault that you were deceived by that worthless parasite. I, too, lowered my guard with peter. I accepted a job from him, considered him a worthy employer, went so far as to thank him for his generosity. Only in retrospect can I see that any kindness peter showed me was a ploy to win your trust. And now, as you say, you're pregnant with his child.

[ Sighs ] He is a terrible reality you are forced to deal with. I only want to help you in any way I can. And I promise to let you know if there's anything you can do. But for now, the best thing to do is get this girl home. I'll take you and get you situated myself. Okay.

[ Inhales sharply ] Ahh. Ahh. What happened? Obrecht: Britta, what's wrong? No, I -- I'm fine. I -- I just hit my funny bone against the bed, and it startled me, and it hurt like the devil. Yeah, you know, I never understood why they called it the funny bone. There's nothing funny about that pain. Yes, britta. You must be more careful. Well, I wasn't running with scissors, mother. I hit my elbow. And it has clearly made you crabby. I will not hold it against you. But I hope you and maxie will take care of yourselves and each other. Call me if you need me.

[ Door closes ] Are you really okay? I'm fine, maxie. Okay, good, 'cause I can't do any of this without you.

[ Laughs ] Well, if you ever need to talk or need me for anything... it helped to talk about things. Intellectually, I understand what comes next -- the dismantling of the life that curtis and i were building together. But my heart can't quite believe it yet. It's a painful process, no matter how civilized the two of you are. While I'm here, if you want to talk to somebody that's gone through it...

[ Elevator bell dings ] Well, look at us. Are we becoming friends? I think that can be arranged. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] So, I have eyes on Finn. He's good. Yeah, I spoke with robin. Everyone's fine. Yeah, I spoke to charlotte. I spoke to brook lynn. They're both fine, too. So you were right. Peter was bluffing. I'll just come back and we'll move him as planned, yeah? I think we should hold off a little while. Why?

He's a little

too confident. I don't like it. He's a little too willing to let things play out. Well, he's a master liar. He learned from the best. Don't let him play you anymore. Just, uh -- just -- okay. Call me back, okay? I'm gonna take off. Mm. Everything alright? Yeah, I just -- I'm trying to get through to chase. He's probably sleeping. It's a bit early, isn't it? Right, well, he wasn't feeling well. You know, the four of us -- chase, jackie, and my dad -- we all had dinner at beradino's earlier, and seems chase is the only one that got food poisoning. Peter: Was that anna? Is she on her way back from her little fact-finding mission? Because in all seriousness, and I can't stress this enough, time really is of the essence, valentin. You better let me go... before it's too late. Michael: Can I tell you a secret? Mm. This is our home now. Oh.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. See, from now on, you, me, and your mom, we're going to be together all the time. I mean, we're already a family, but -- but now it's even better, because you know what? Your mom and I, we finally said the words. We said that we love each other. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] I'm sorry about that. You wanted to talk? Yes, but you could have taken that call from Finn. I-I'll call him later. Here, have a seat. Okay. But you take the couch, since you're not feeling well. Okay. Chase!

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