GH Transcript Friday 4/9/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/9/21


Episode #14677 ~ Ava tries to change Nikolas' mind. Joss confides in Jax. Laura gets a surprise visit from Scott. Carly visits Jason. Peter makes Anna and Valentin an offer.


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 [ Soft music playing ] It's vintage ryan, you know -- the creepy gifts, the ominous little notes. Kevin told you ryan's condition hasn't changed. He can only communicate with his eyes. Well, if it isn't ryan, then it's somebody who wants to emulate him, and that doesn't make me feel any better. What do you -- why do you keep looking at the door? You expecting somebody? My mother's brother. Nikolas, I know you want to help keep alexis safe in pentonville, but, really, I'm warning you, you should not get involved with cyrus renault. Not cyrus. My mother's other brother, martin grey. Okay, whichever. If laura knew what you were planning, she would agree with me and she would say, "no way in hell." Scotty! What brought you by? Ah, you know, things are just going crazy in my head. I -- I need a reality check. Why? What happened? Jason morgan did not kill my son, franco. Peter august did. How's brook lynn? No adverse effects from the fall? She says she's fine. Okay. And you? I'm fine. I was just thinking how ironic it is you bring a life into the world and it costs such a huge chunk of you, becomes your greatest vulnerability -- a child wandering the world at the mercy of any number of threats, real or imagined. You're talking about peter. I mean, I get it. He needs to be locked up. It's the only way to keep him safe from himself. It's the only way to keep any of us safe -- you, me, maxie, the baby. We're the ones who enabled him all these years. It's up to us to stop him.

[ Doorbell rings ] Mm. Hang on. Excuse me. Peter: I hope I haven't come at a bad time. I was hoping to talk to you about maxie. Valentin. I apologize for my abruptness the other night at the hospital. I never congratulated you on becoming a father again. I hope you have better luck with your baby than you had with me. And you're sure the ankle's not broken? According to the x-ray, it's just a bad sprain. I told you. Well, it's nice to be wrong for once. But I'm sure your heart skipped a beat when you found out she got hurt in volleyball practice. Yes, and I almost got a speeding ticket on the way to high school to pick you up. Oh, I'd be flattered, except I happen to know that you speed all the time. I'm gonna talk to the doctor, find out when you can go home. Okay. So, what happened exactly? The coach tells me that you went for every point like it was your last, like you had something to prove. Because I do. Southern coastal university wait-listed me. I have to prove I belong there. We have two more coming. Thanks. I guess we're really doing this. Having second thoughts, dad? If you can still call me dad, I suppose I can sit down with your mom and Finn. Well, that's a start. Yes, I'll tell grandpa you said hello. And jackie. And uncle chase, yes. Okay, sweetheart, no more stalling, all right? I already told carey it's time to get into bed. I love you, too, sweetheart. I love you so much. Good night.

[ Sighs ] Please tell me it gets easier. Wait until violet gets old enough to criticize everything you do. Which one's causing problems now? Cameron. He thinks I'm being disloyal to franco's memory. He's just hurt. He -- he couldn't be more wrong. He's so convinced that jason killed franco. And you have doubts? Are you okay? Are you being harassed by any of cyrus's men? I'm fine. Which tells me nothing. Carly, I'm good, okay? I can protect myself for as long as I need to. Okay. For how long? Weeks? Months? I'm being pressured from all sides -- cyrus, the five families, and now peter august. Peter's giving you trouble? That's what I'm trying to tell you. I need you. So I'm getting you out of here, whatever it takes.

We talked about this, and we agreed -- you do not make a move without me. That was before you went to prison. It's only until trial. "Only until trial." The case against you is getting stronger every day. Elizabeth, the grieving widow -- she insists that you're guilty. And our plan to get gladys to recant her story is going nowhere. Okay, wait. H-how do you think a plan to get me out of here is gonna go any better, carly? Look, I get it. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is wait, but for us, right now, it's the only way. No, it's your way, okay? And I know that you believe this because you've been to prison, and you're sure you can handle it, but everything is different. Sonny is dead. He can't call in a few favors. He can't pressure a judge or the warden. We are on our own here. My house feels like an armed camp with a tentative truce. Jake and cameron are polite to each other at dinner, and then they go to their own rooms for the rest of the evening, and aiden is just trying to keep the peace by baking his brothers' favorite desserts. Sounds like a house divided. Yeah, for or against jason. Mm. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're going through that. I -- I think I can relate just a little, you know? Attending this fam-- well, I'm supposed to be going to this family dinner tonight organized by... by -- by chase, you know, try to work things out, see where our family looks like in the future. And what does that look like? I don't know. I just know I have to try to do better, for chase and especially for violet. Otherwise I'd just take the coward's way out and not go at all. Someone who faces down infectious diseases for a living could never be called a coward. Infectious diseases are easy. Family's hard. Of course, I don't have to tell you that, do I? Jackie: I'm glad you're both here. Thank you for taking my suggestion about getting us all together. Can we set some ground rules? Mm-hmm. I didn't come here tonight to... rehash old arguments or point fingers. Our marriage is over. I-I understand that, even though it wasn't my choice. But I love my granddaughter, and I want violet to have the family she deserves. So do I. I want us to be more than just a family in name, which is why sitting down to discuss where we go from here is so important. There's just one thing missing. Well, I guess we better order. Okay. I told you cyrus promised to protect alexis in pentonville if I find his mother. Florence grey is safer away from her son. Or have you forgotten what cyrus did to my brother? Julian did not want to plant that bomb. But he made a deal with cyrus, and in the end, cyrus forced him to do his bidding. And now your sister is lying in a coma. And that's because of cyrus renault. Cyrus will pay for his crimes someday. But right now, if finding florence grey guarantees alexis's safety, I'm willing to make a deal with the devil. You were so convinced that jason killed franco. What has changed your mind? Well... liesl and I had this heart-to-heart talk. Liesl obrecht?

[ Scoffs ] Since when do you rely on her judgment? Well, since... since, you know, we ran into her in switzerland, you know, when I was there with franco to the doctor. And she, like elizabeth, is convinced that franco was not gonna return to his former self. Okay, look, I have my own doubts about jason's guilt here, but it's not the same thing as relying on liesl obrecht's opinion. Well, it's not just an opinion. The fact is, peter was trying to kill franco and dr. Maddox because he knew that they were gonna remember that peter was the one that snatched drew cain from the post in afghanistan. Okay, look, I'm no fan of peter august, but didn't he prevent the assassination? Well, you know, he -- he might have changed his mind or -- or something, you know, or maybe he was just trying to make himself out to be a hero. But he still put that article in the paper about franco's tumor. Not one of peter's finer moments. It made -- it made franco a target. Yeah, but, you know, if they had not gotten in the way, alexis would have killed my son. Instead, dante almost got himself killed. So what happened? Peter august finished the job. And he's going to let jason pay for his crimes? Yeah. That's what he does. That's what he did to liesl. She had to pay, so what he's doing -- he's looking for someone else to get on the hook so he can get off the hook. I see how it makes sense, but [Sighs]... Liesl obrecht is just not a reliable source. I mean, really, there must be some compelling reason that you suddenly trust her. I look forward to our children growing up together. Who knows, valentin? Maybe they'll end up as close as you and i once were, before lies came between us. What do you want to say about maxie? Not so much maxie as her former mother-in-law. Liesl obrecht has been spreading some vicious lie about me murdering franco. You wouldn't happen to know where she got that idea, would you?

There must be some kind of mistake 'cause you're at the top of your class, right, heavily recruited for academics and athletics. I-I'm gonna call the dean of admissions and find out what's going on.

[ Sighs ] No, god, that's so dad of you. Look, southern coastal has one of the best volleyball programs in the country, okay? They have their pick of girls. I just need to try harder so they'll choose me. Hi. The doctor wants to check you out one last time before you go home. It shouldn't be too long, though, okay? Okay, thanks. I'll be right back. I heard elizabeth came to see you at the pcpd lockup before you were transferred here. Yeah, she, uh, brought jake to say goodbye. That's great. Elizabeth would have never brought jake to see you if she believed that you killed franco. Elizabeth must be having doubts. Yeah, I told jake that I didn't do it. And I'm not gonna convince elizabeth. She's entitled to her own opinion. Well, she's not entitled to punish an innocent man. And we don't have time to wait for diane to prove that gladys is lying. No, carly. We're going to have to take cyrus up on his offer. We're gonna have to give back florence. No! No.

[ Scoffs ] Well, then we have -- we have nothing. You think cyrus is gonna keep his word once he has what he wants?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Florence is the only leverage that we have. What? What's wrong? Josslyn's in the E.R. It's too late to deny you're a murderer, peter. You've already confessed. Mm, my word against yours. Suppose those playdates between our two children won't be happening after all. That's all right. We don't have to be enemies. Despite what liesl believes, I didn't kill franco. You just expect us to believe that? Well, for the sake of your children and all your loved ones, you should. I'm offering you both a chance at a fresh start.. it's in both your best interest to accept. That doesn't sound like a peace offering. That sounds like a threat. Liesl loved franco like a son, and we have been doing, you know, a lot of grieving together. Look, w-why can't you just believe me, laura?

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I -- I would like to believe that dr. Obrecht is telling the truth about peter. It's just that I have two witnesses who say jason was the one who did it, and one of them is the mother of jason's son. Yes, I know. I was convinced that jason did it, too. I was the one that attacked him. I -- I went after him. I was gonna choke him to death at the pcpd. Yes, I know, and you made an awful lot of threats, too. Yeah, well, I thought I was doing that for franco, but what I want for franco now is truth and justice. I want peter august in a courtroom facing a judge and a jury. I have been a lawyer all my life. It's about time I use the law in my favor, huh?

[ Door slams ] If you are so determined to help alexis, don't play by cyrus's rules. Ask carly. Whatever jason knows, carly knows. And you think carly is gonna tell me? Jason may be in prison, but I guarantee you he is still calling the shots, and florence is the best leverage he has against cyrus. The second that carly realizes that I'm interested in his mother's location, she's gonna tell jason, and he's gonna have the woman moved to a new location. There's only one way to find out what I need to.

[ Door opens ] Ah, well, forgive me. I'm sorry I'm late. I was held up in court. I didn't realize your lovely wife would be joining us. Well, Ava was just gonna leave. Weren't you, sweetheart?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Um, yeah, yes, actually, I was just about to leave. I'll see you later, darling. Mr. Grey. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. Ah, well, you, uh, strongly implied there was something important to be discussed. What could be more important than a man and his mother? I didn't think you'd show. Finn: Neither did I. An d then I realized violet wouldbe very disappointed in me. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but... when she was older, and she'd wonder why we didn't try to mend this rift in our family. To the smartest person in the family -- to violet. To violet.To violet. To violet. Well...we're off to a good start. We all agree on something. Yeah, maybe we should just quit while we're ahead. I think if I left right now, I'd be home in time to read violet a bedtime story. Oh, no, no, no. You don't get off that easy.

[ Chuckles ] All right. Before you got here, um, gregory asked that we not dredge up the past or assign blame, and I agree with him. We've all had a chance to express our feelings, so, um, let's move on from there. But those feelings don't just go away because you want them to. Look, I am trying to move on. I am. But it's not easy. We're all trying to move on, son. But as you say, it's not easy. But we have to at least try. So, um, where do we go from here? Will we be a family, or will we tell one another, "you go your way and I'll go mine"?

Hurt her ankleat volleyball practice. Okay, go. I will. But we're gonna finish this. When you get out of here, you can handle cyrus however you want, but the first step is getting the charges dropped. Okay, no deals, not with cyrus. Oh, my god. I hate when you do this. You just lock in and you won't change your mind. Carly, go. Josslyn needs you. Okay, I'm gonna go, but I'll be back.

[ Receiver thunks ]

[ Door slams ] I know your last meeting with my mother was disappointing. Try humiliating. Laura and I were moving toward becoming two siblings until my brother decided to crash the party. Cyrus ruined things. Cyrus -- he saw an opening to make himself look a little better by making you look worse. Exactly. You understand what I'm up against. The more I try to prove to laura that I'm nothing like my brother, the more cyrus paints me to be just as corrupt and immoral as he is. It doesn't have to be this way. Not -- not if I intercede with my mother on your behalf. Why would you be willing to do that for me? I-I wouldn't be doing it for you. I'd be doing it for my mother. Family means everything to her. Well, I know the feeling, though not when it comes to cyrus. You're referring to your own mother, someone whose happiness means everything to you, I bet. More than I can say. From what I heard, if cyrus had his way, he would keep her to himself, and he would shut you out completely. Well, that's not gonna happen. Are you sure? I was a little sur gprised toet your text. What's up? Uh, I just wanted to check in with you, that's all. I mean, I heard that you had quite a shock. Oh! Oh, yeah. So kevin told you about the lovely gift I received at the gallery? Yes. If it's any comfort to you, he doesn't believe that ryan was behind it. Oh, I know that kevin does his best to be objective, but I don't think that he really sees ryan for the awful person that he is. And I'm not falling for it. I mean, sure, "locked-in syndrome" -- it might present a problem. But ryan is nothing if not creative. I'm sure he found a way to communicate with a guard -- you know, "blink three times if you want me to send Ava a disgusting severed phony hand." Anything is possible with ryan. Well, for your sake, I hope you're wrong. Yeah, me too. Is -- is that what you wanted to see me about? No. I wanted to talk to you about nikolas. Oh. Well, I hope this isn't the part where you tell me that you don't think it's a good idea for us to renew our vows. No, no, not at all. I mean, when the two of you first got married, it was for all the wrong reasons, Ava. But I've been watching, and I've seen the change in both of you, and I think you have really fallen in love with each other for real. For real. That's great. That is why I'm counting on you to help me to stop nikolas from making the biggest mistake of his life. By getting involved with cyrus renault. Before we think about how to move forward as a family, or even if we want to, I'd like to share a -- a lesson I tried to teach my students.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, no, not a lesson. Isn't this bad enough? Thought you were all lessoned out when you retired. I'd like to hear the lesson, gregory. Thank you. I was going to say everything worth knowing comes at a cost. But after hearing you two groan, I think maybe there's a second lesson. You can't erase your past as a family. My lectures at the dinner table that made you two cringe, the fact that you sat and listened to them anyway, bedtime stories, pancakes on saturday mornings, and all the other rituals of your childhood and growing up -- I wouldn't change those things for the world. You're more forgiving and generous than I deserve. Chase: I remember another lesson from the dinner table that you taught me. Always take the high road. And I'm trying to, I really am. I don't know if I can. Not after all the secrets and lies that brought us here tonight. I-I thought we weren't gonna rehash old feelings. They're not old, are they? Maybe that's the real lesson. We can get past everything, except the past. Anna devane, I'm offering you and valentin an olive branch. Why would you interpret that as a threat? You're not all that subtle, for one thing. And if you think you can just walk out of here clean, there are other people who believe you're guilty. You know that, right? Peter, you need to turn yourself in.

[ Chuckles ] You need to serve a sentence. You need to start down the road to redemption, because if you stay on this road to whatever fairy tale you think this is, it's gonna end bloody at the hands of any of the countless people you've screwed over. Well, well, well. I offered you both a choice. Seems you've made it. Now you have to live with it.

Well, the doctor said you're free to leave. Oh, great. The doctor also said you need to take it easy with that ankle, which means no volleyball for the next one to two weeks. What?! No, the state tournament is coming up, okay? College scouts will be there. I love your dedication, but the surest way to not play in the tournament is to aggrAvate that sprain. Hey. What happened? Is she okay? Uh, she sprained her ankle in volleyball. It's not serious. Oh. I just thought maybe you'd want to see her. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Yeah. And -- and josslyn -- she... she didn't want to come to the hospital. She insisted that it didn't hurt. I-I just have a feeling she might not be as tough as she thinks she is. What are you talking about? Is something else going on?

[ Sighs ] Listen, I'm not here to threaten you. For years, I've been afraid of what you were gonna do to my son, franco. Even though he turned his life around and, you know, he became a loving father and a good guy, I knew that you didn't care and you wanted to kill him. And, jason, I was convinced that you did kill him, but now I have to admit, I know that you did not kill my son. So, nikolas thinks that he can protect alexis by returning florence grey to cyrus? Nikolas trusts that cyrus will help alexis in pentonville. Now, I'm just concerned that it will open the door for cyrus to expect more from him. Did you tell him that? Mm! Yeah, of course. It didn't get me anywhere. Nikolas is determined to protect his aunt, and he doesn't see that he's likely doing the opposite, because from now on, whenever cyrus wants anything from him, he's just gonna threaten alexis. And pretty soon, he's gonna be under cyrus's thumb. No, we can't let that happen. How do we stop him from making this mistake? Cyrus threatened my aunt. Do you know her? Alexis davis? Know her? I was her attorney when she was accused of driving drunk, and then again when she was arrested for assaulting dante falconeri. That was before diane miller got involved. And for the record, I think they made a mistake. I mean, alexis talked about pleading guilty, but I was shocked when she followed through. I was sorry to hear she was sentenced to three years at pentonville. So was I. But I'm not sure what this has to do with your mother. Or mine. Ah! I see. So I was right. Cyrus made you an offer, didn't he? Now, let me guess. Alexis's safety for our mother's whereabouts. Alexis is very important to me. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. Nikolas, tell me you didn't agree to help cyrus. Look, let's just say the man knows where I stand, and it is in his best interest not to cross me. But my conversation with cyrus -- it got me thinking. There could be a workaround, a way to bring you and my mother together and to keep florence far away from cyrus. You know what? This was a mistake. We tried. There's no dishonor in that. Harry, hamilton, please don't go. Can I -- can I just make one last remark, cringe-worthy or not? Chase: Sure. When your mom and Finn told me the truth, that they had slept together, and then when I found out that Finn fathered you, not me, I admit, I wallowed in self-pity for a while. But then I thought back on my life, and it was a good one. I mean, we had a great run, didn't we? Damn right we did. I'm not a victim, chase. I raised two intelligent, capable men who make a significant contribution to society every single day. I remember lots of laughs and lots of tears, too, with both of you. And the icing on the cake -- I have a granddaughter. That's a gift I-I never expected and one I'll never give up. It's a good thing, 'cause she's not giving you up, either. Now, let's not argue. We came here tonight to try and find a way forward as a family, so let's order some dinner and make a few more toasts and get on with trying. Where's our waiter?

[ Chuckles ] You got my message? Yeah. Don't worry. No one's gonna find out. Just do a little favor for a friend, and in exchange, that problem with the parole officer will go away. Make sure dr. Hamilton Finn gets a taste of his own medicine.

Your dad told me. She'll be fine as long as she follows the doctor's orders. I know it'll be tough, but you're gonna have to let someone else be the star of the team for the next week or two. I can't sit out of practice for that long, or else I'll be rusty for my tournament. Your dad said something else is going on. Uh, well, nothing. I-I'm just -- I'm just frustrated, that's all. I mean, this is the worst possible time that this could happen, not that it's serious. I will definitely still be able to practice. Okay, well, we'll discuss the pros and cons of that on the ride home, all right? Elizabeth, can I talk to you for a minute? Um, sure. Why didn't you tell your mom about being wait-listed? Look, um, I thought you'd want to know that when jax called to tell me about josslyn, I was at pentonville with jason. You were there when liesl told me that peter august shot franco, but there's no proof. And who's gonna believe liesl when you've got elizabeth and the other eyewitness? So why -- why'd you come see me? Because I'm here to honor my son. He told me that he had made a deal with you, that you would kill him if he resorted back to his former self. And I knew that you would do it. And I promised him that no harm would come to you. It wasn't necessary. It was to my son. So, diane is a top-notch lawyer, but if there's anything that I can do for you, i will do it, jason. Tell me what you want me to do. I have a pretty good relationship with the warden over at pentonville, and I can intervene on alexis's behalf. Well, that's great. That's the perfect solution right there. I can't promise anything. All I'm gonna do is try. I'm asking you to keep reminding nikolas that he cannot trust cyrus renault. He loves you, Ava. He's gonna listen to you. Thank you for your faith in me. I also have faith that you'll bring out the best in my son. Please don't ever let him give in to his dark side. I give you my word. I will see to it that nikolas does the right thing. Nikolas, I'd greatly appreciate anything you can do to bring your mother and me together, but you needn't worry about mine. She's safe. You might even say she's thriving. How do you know? Well, because I do enjoy one advantage over my brother when it comes to mama. She can actually tolerate my company.

[ Chuckles ] I was allowed to see her. She's happy, having the time of her life. Really? Oh, yeah. And now, sadly, because of cyrus, she had to be relocated after our all-too-brief visit. And for my own safety, I was not told where. It's unfortunate. It means I won't be able to see her again for quite a while, spoil her, you know, take her some of her favorite treats. Oh, she has a sweet tooth? Oh, lord almighty.

[ Chuckles ] Always has, yeah. Chocolate, pastries. Had to scour the entire state of vermont to find a bakery willing to make her a hummingbird cake special for her birthday. Cyrus never even thought about it. Ah, of course. I mean, he only thinks about himself. Your mother is unique. If you can put in a good word for me with her, I'd be most appreciative. Of course. I am confident that all this is gonna work out. Okay, thanks. Yeah. How's robin? Yeah, she's all right. And the family, mm-hmm. I tried not to alarm her. How's charlotte? I told the school not to let peter anywhere near her, and I've hired a private security detail for brook lynn. Okay. There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. No. Peter's definitely wounded. I guess it's just a matter of time. Then we can't afford to wait any longer. Anyone care for dessert? Oh, I'm too full. Yeah, same here. I'll be good with the coffee.

[ Sighs ] Thank you.

[ Ominous music plays ]

Thank you. Hi. Hey. How did it go with martin? Do you know where to find a hummingbird cake in the state of vermont? What the heck is a hummingbird cake? Oh, it's florence's favorite dessert for her birthday. And that's important why? Martin ordered her one from a bakery in vermont when he visited her. It's a southern specialty. And in calling various vermont bakeries, I found one in stowe, which has a baker that hails from north carolina whose specialty is... hummingbird cakes. Are you feeling okay? Never better. No, we are gonna track down florence grey. And you might even say... it'll be a piece of cake. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Kevin! You didn't have to do that. But I love you for it. Huh. "Miss you, grandma. Can't wait to see you at my graduation. Love, spencer." Oh, so sweet. Mom's got a lot on her mind right now. Okay. If I tell her I've been wait-listed, she'll go into overdrive trying to fix it and make me feel better. And would that be so bad? I don't want mom to fix it for me. I don't want you to fix it for me, either. I'm going to prove to southern coastal that I belong there, athletically and academically. And step one is getting back on the volleyball court. Jason appreciated your bringing jake by to visit him. It gave jason a chance to tell jake that he's innocent, and jake believes that jason's innocent, right? You can stop right there. I know where this is going. Then you know I'm not gonna ask you to lie or cover for jason. I'm just gonna ask you to think about that night and think about what you actually saw. And if you come to believe what your son believes -- that jason is innocent -- then you need to tell the police. You want to do something for me? Yes. You look out for jake. I will do that. But what about peter august? Peter has been lucky for a long time. He's been able to cover his tracks. He's been able to put the blame on other people. But his luck is about to run out. Thank you for coming back. Sounded urgent. It is. We've reconsidered your offer. I'm sorry, but that offer ended the moment I walked out of that door. It's too late now. I couldn't agree more, peter. Do you guys remember that time you took me to a restaurant that had one of these things? Mm. You thought it was a merry-go-round for food.

[ Laughter ] We all put our glasses on it so you could spin it around. You loved it. Let's do it again, for old time's sake. Yeah. Ha, ha.

[ Laughter ] All right. Okay. All right.

[ Laughter ] Jackie: Look at his face. I know. Ah. To the future, whatever it holds. To the future. To the future. To the future.

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