GH Transcript Wednesday 4/7/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/7/21


Episode #14675 ~ Anna calms an anxious Valentin. Brook Lynn has to improvise. Cyrus and Nikolas talk frankly. Alexis gets the support she needs. Finn and Chase run into Gregory at General Hospital.

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[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Voice breaking ] Hi, mom. I... oh, no, no, no. No. It's going to be okay. Thank you for being so patient while I finished up here, sweetheart. It's okay. I like coming to your office. Medicine is cool. Medicine is cool. Think maybe someday you might want to be a doctor like your dad? Sure. I used to listen to bella's heart with my doctor set.

[ Gasps ] We've got to get her from anna's! Can we go tonight? Oh, sweetheart, um... I don't -- uncle chase! Hey, peanut! It is so good to see you. What are you doing here? Oh, the nanny had a little family emergency, so she dropped violet off with me. Mm. What are you doing here? Working a case. Anything I can help you with? Do you know any missing prosthetic hand models? No. Why? I'll tell you about it later. Can we talk about something else? Oh, good, he isn't here yet. I could use a drink to take the edge off. Carly clearly hasn't realized her protectors are all gone. She'd better learn to speak to me with more respect. I expect my body guard to be alert, not lost in thought. I'm sorry. Pressing dilemma? My mom and valentin cassadine were having a drink at the metro court. What could valentin cassadine want with your mother? Ultrasound looks good. Strong heartbeat. My niece is a superstar. Great. So, that's that.

[ Sighs ] The checkup is done. It's time to put our plan into motion. I'll make the call. Valentin: This woman requires immediate medical attention. She's in her third trimester. She experienced a dramatic fall. Brook lynn: There was nothing traumatic about it. My heel broke and I tripped. The baby is totally fine. Why don't we let a doctor decide that?

[ Sighs ] Brook lynn, what's going on? She fell. She lost her footing. She fell directly on the baby. Okay, he's overreacting. Okay, I'm not in any pain. The baby is moving around. The fall looked worse than it was. Let's take a look and make sure, okay? Thank you. But I'm -- we'll do a quick exam and assessment, just to be sure.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Do you want me to wait with you? Yes. Please. Can you pretend you don't see that I'm terrified?

 I'm just gonna talk to chase for a second, okay? I'll be right back. So, I was thinking, uh, a family dinner might be a good way to break the ice. Mom already agreed to it, and... I know how much you love talking about feelings. I'm in. I'll be there. But it's -- it's too soon for violet. Yeah, of course. I haven't even told dad yet. Who knows if he'll be up for it. How are things between the two of you? I haven't spoken to him since I found out that you are my son. Grandpa! Hey, you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] I'm such a coward. No, I wanted to be there for your court appearance but...

[ Door closes ] ...I just knew that I couldn't listen to you plead guilty or listen to people saying horrible things about you. If it makes you feel any better, it was very simple and straight forward. There were no fireworks. And dante even asked for leniency on my behalf. It's too bad the judge didn't listen. Actually, she did. It could have been worse.

[ Door opens ] Hey, mom. Hey. Hey, kristina. We missed you in court. I already apologized to mom for being a hopeless coward. I'm glad that you were with her. Well, you know, you make it very difficult to stay mad at you when you're all humble and contrite like that. Although I am sorry that you missed mom's allocution. Her what? Her speech to the judge. It was really powerful. Sam thought so, too. Well, where is sam? Uh, she just left. She was here with me when I met with the prison consultant that diane arranged. And how did that go? She was very thorough. She gave me information that I needed while I'm in prison. And -- and one of the most important things was to get my affairs in order, which is why I needed to see you both. I want you both to move in here. You're about to see me in action, sweetie. I've got ninja skills as a liar and manipulator, and I will do anything to keep you safe. Peter: Maxie?

[ Sighs ] Thank god you called me. What happened?

[ Exhales sharply ] I'll check the fetal heartbeat, then do an ultrasound. Change into this. Open in the front. There's something you should know. I was just here for an appointment. Yeah? I saw you bring brook lynn in. Yeah, I practically had to kidnap her to get her down here. Oh. She tripped? Well, that's her story. I saw her fall face-first onto the baby. Her lack of concern is very disappointing. And I know you're thinking it, so you can go ahead and say it. I brought this on myself. Uh, I don't see how brook lynn falling is your fault. No, getting her pregnant in the first place. Oh. And I don't regret it, anna. I'm amazed by how quickly I've grown attached to this baby. But...I don't know. Brook lynn seems oblivious to the realities of motherhood. I see. And you're more qualified to speak to motherhood. Parenthood, then. But I'm not going to sit idly by while she endangers my child. She fell. I mean, it's not like she threw herself down a flight of stairs or jumped off a building. She fell. So maybe we're not going to spin out until we hear what the doctor has to say, yeah? Listen to you, all calm and logical. I'm so much better at telling other people how to conduct their lives. It's mine I have trouble with. My mother has been gushing about how valentin rushed to her defense with carly the other day and saved her from public humiliation. There's something else. Valentin always has an angle. I don't know what it could be. My mom has nothing valentin cassadine could use to -- to his advantage.

[ Sighs ] Ah. He made it. Nikolas. I was pleased to receive your call. I started without you, but won't you have a seat?

Violet, I wasn't expecting to see you, but I'm awfully glad I did. What are you doing here, dad? Is everything okay? I was just, uh, picking up a medication at the pharmacy. Ah. I was working a case and ran into Finn.

[ Bag zippers ] How are you, dad? Fine. And yourself? Can't complain. Why is everybody acting so funny? Well, I act funny when I'm really hungry. Do you want to go to the vending machine, get a snack?

[ Gasps ] Can I, daddy? Anything you want, sweetheart. Here you go. She might need this. Oh. Thanks. Molly and tj are starting a new chapter in their lives. Tj has his internship, molly's starting to work at the da's office, and you have a roommate moving out, right? Yeah. End of next month. Great. Then you've got a month to pack up and move. Look, sam is going to be withdrawing funds from my savings account. She's going to cover everything. She's going to cover the mortgage, the utilities, all the bills. You'll have to pay for nothing, and you're going to be saving a bundle, and you will be helping me out because you will act as caretakers for my house and for each other. Mom, that's an amazing offer. I'll talk to tj about it. Yeah, sorry, not gonna happen. I prefer this conversation remain private. Brando, take a walk.

[ Sighs ] Your call was welcome, but it wasn't a complete surprise. I sensed you're not a man to let your mother talk for you, even if she is the formidable mayor laura collins. I'm not here to talk about my mother. What are your terms? You know my terms. I want my mother back. Or alexis has an accident in prison.

[ Sighs ] Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Though they do tend to occur more frequently in prison. Fortunately, I have certain connections at pentonville. A few words to the right person can shape an inmate's experience -- for better or worse. I want my aunt protected. Of course you do. Find my mother, and I'm sure we can come to an understanding about your aunt. Why would I trust the man that put my sister in a coma? Is something wrong?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Yeah, it's shapewear. Uh, it's perfectly safe for pregnant women to wear. I know. It's just going to take me a while to wriggle out of it, so you have plenty of time to go see other patients, or... um, okay. Take your time. I'll be back. Great, thanks. One thing this big belly doesn't have is a heartbeat. Now what? I meant to ask you, what does charlotte think about the idea of having a new sibling? Well, to say she is enthusiastic might be a bit of an overstatement. She's the apple of your eye. I'm sure she doesn't want to share you with some hypothetical baby that you might like more than her. Never.

I know that, and you know that. She's going to have to learn that for herself, right? Well, I'm open to suggestions. I don't know. I wouldn't force it. And don't worry, because even if she's cool at the beginning, the baby will win her over. How can you be so sure? Well, because most humans are hardwired to love babies. I mean, when you put a baby in your arms, literally a chemical reaction happens in your brain. I don't see why charlotte's going to be any different to the rest of us. I don't know. I can see charlotte making a contest out of it, if only in her own mind. Yes, your daughter is a prickly one, but s-she's got courage for days, and she's surprisingly generous. That was very sweet of her to offer to have a playdate with violet just to cheer her up. Yeah, I called Finn. I never heard back from him. Well, my point is, is that she'll come around. Just give her time and lots of reassurance that just because you love the baby doesn't mean you love her any less. I said those exact words to her. Hey. Which is good, 'cause they sound good coming from you. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I'm glad I'm on the right track with charlotte. Brook lynn might be a different story. The baby is in good shape. Strong heartbeat, no signs of distress.

[ Sighs heavily ] But it was so scary, peter. I started having contractions, and it felt like they were never going to stop. But they finally did, and it really freaked me out. We shouldn't be all alone in here. Where's the doctor? Maxie, I have your tests. Peter. What are you doing here? I called him, britt. Why would you do that? Because this is my child, britt. Peter needs to know what's going on with me and the baby. Well, the crisis appears to be over. "Appears"? Well, you're gonna have to do a hell of a lot better than that. I'm keeping maxie a little longer for observation. The baby seems fine -- as you can hear for yourself.

[ Switch clicks, baby's heart beating ] That is a nice, strong heartbeat.

[ Sighs ] Come on, girl, think. Got to make this work, or it is game over.

 Coming to my office? I -- I think we -- we should talk in private. Sure. I think it's time. Mm. I hadn't heard from you since we got the news about chase. I wasn't sure if you wanted to talk to me. So you kept your distance? Some habits die hard, I suppose. I suppose. Hamilton, you're going to have to learn that, sometimes as a parent, you have to wade through troubled waters. Is that what you were doing on the fifth floor? You know, the pharmacy isn't up here. You're still my son, even if chase... isn'T. You're always going to be chase's father. That's something I don't want to interfere with. If anything, I'm grateful. I'm not sure I could have been the father that you've been to him. That's something neither of us will ever know. As much as I hate knowing that I missed chase's childhood, I'm comforted in knowing... you were always there for him. You're a good man. An even better father. You made chase the good man that he is. Britt: See? Strong and steady.

[ Switch clicks, beating stops ] Peter, do you mind if we have a word outside? I'm not leaving maxie. Why do you need to talk to peter outside? Is there something wrong that you need to tell him about? Your overactive imagination is your only problem right now. Everything is fine. And I'd like to keep it that way. So, chill. You know what? Britt's right. Our baby's fine, and you need to get some rest. I'll be right back. Maxie. I thought I heard your voice. Is the baby okay? Yeah, my baby is fine. Why are you here? I tripped and fell. Valentin got hysterical, but me and the baby are both fine. That's good news. Yeah. I'm just glad both our little ones are, um, doing well. I could hear the heart monitor next door in my cubicle. Yeah, it's a huge relief that the baby's doing okay. Excuse me, I need to check your blood pressure. Uh, okay, sure, but britt just did that. Yeah. Dr. Westbourne wants to continue to monitor you. I'm so glad the baby's okay. Bye! Okay. Bye. Peter: Is maxie right? Is there something going on with the baby that you haven't told her about yet? What? Maxie's here? Is she all right? I can't speak to you about maxie's medical condition except to say that she and the baby are fine at the present. I have an update for you on brook lynn. We'll be doing an ultrasound soon. And why would valentin cassadine care about brook lynn's ultrasound? I'll be waiting over here for any results. Peter...

[ Clears throat ] ...There's something I need you to understand. Maxie had another close call. For a moment, I didn't know if I'd be able to stop the contractions or if I needed to prep an or for a premature delivery. Maxie's blood pressure is too high. She needs bed rest and no stress. Fine. I'll move back in and I'll take care of them. What part of "no stress" didn't you understand? Absolutely not. Your unexpected drop-ins and constant pressure contributed to this incident. Auntie britt can do this. She'll convince peter to leave us alone. Hey, maxie. Can I come in? I'm not about to be a third wheel in molly and tj's domestic partnership. Plus, after the tofurkey incident, I vowed never to share a refrigerator with molly ever again. Like you were the wronged party? That container was clearly labeled. It's not my fault you weren't paying attention. Well, maybe I was just confused by all the fermented probiotic products inhabiting the refrigerator. Okay, you do realize that sustainable agriculture is our best hope of saving the planet? Hey, can't I just have a snack or a sandwich without being reminded about the future of the planet?

[ Sighs ] Mom, I'm so sorry. We'll stop. Yeah, sorry, mom. We're being ridiculous. Alexis: I'm going to miss that bickering. I'm gonna miss so much about you -- everything. Everything about you. Well, we'll miss you, too, and we'll visit you all the time. Yeah. Mom, you won't be able to get rid of us. Oh. Part of me wants that to happen, and part of me wants you both to just go on and live your life and not feel like you have to drive out to pentonville for an obligated visit. Well, I won't mind. I'm just going to be happy to see you. You promise me something, both of you. Mm? You take care of each other.

[ Inhales shakily ] Okay? Even if it involves friendly bickering. Got that? Yeah. Julian jerome planted the bomb at the floating rib. Sadly, your sister was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's your standard answer. Rolls off of your tongue like a well-crafted talking point. But you realize no one's buying it, right? Especially me. Nikolas, your aunt is headed to pentonville, which can be a very dangerous place. Three years is a long time. Anything can happen. You make a good point. This could play out any number of ways. For example, I might find your mother... and keep her for myself.

Careful, nikolas. We're family, but we're still getting to know each other. The last thing you'd want is to make me an adversary. I'm merely illustrating that two can play the highly unproductive game of "what if?"

[ Chuckles ] Fine. We've gotten that out of the way. Now let's focus on what we can do for one another. I want alexis protected the moment she steps into pentonville. Alexis is going to prison next week. You can find my mother that quickly? In all likelihood, no. But alexis' safety can't wait that long. Those are my terms. Non-negotiable. You may be a cassadine, but I see a lot of laura in you. Very well, nikolas. But I advise you not to try my patience. Find my mother quickly, or alexis may find prison to be a very dangerous place indeed. So, dian e thinks that mom isa perfect candidate for parole and she could be out in two-and-a-half years. I mean, that doesn't sound too bad.

[ Sighs ] Well, considering what the sentence could have been, it's kind of a best-case scenario. Let's not get carried away. Now, what's gonna be tricky for me is missing your graduation from law school that you worked so hard for. I'm so proud of you. I'm proud of you, too. Are you even proud of me after everything I've done? Oh, of course. I mean, you're taking responsibility for your actions. And while I hate that you're gonna be behind bars, I admire your commitment and your courage. We all make mistakes, mom. No, but that's the thing about us davis women. We come back even stronger. I'm in the mood for some hot cocoa. Anybody else? Oh, yes. Mm-hmm. Count me in. Good. Mol. I have an idea. Mom won't have to miss your graduation. Did you enjoy your ice cream sandwich? Daddy never lets me have ice cream before dinner. And that is why I am cooler than your daddy.

[ Giggles ] How you doing, kiddo? You're probably missing anna. Sometimes I wish daddy wasn't so sad anymore. It's okay to be sad. And I bet he starts feeling better soon, especially with a ray of sunshine like you around. You know, if you ever get sad, violet, you can always call me. Sometimes I wish I had a brother or sister to talk to. At least I have you, uncle chase. Anna: I heard you were having contractions, so I wanted to see how you're doing. I'm fine. But I'm supposed to be resting, so if you don't mind... you don't have to go this alone, you know, I'm not alone. Look. Robert told me that, um, you're -- you're working on this plan to distance yourself from peter. I don't know what robert's talking about. I just don't want you to risk antagonizing peter. I don'T. I want you to wait, because I'm working on something. Oh. Oh. That I -- I'm supposed to trust you now. My godmother anna, super-spy who loves me and would never let anything happen to me. Except you encouraged me to love peter. You told me he was a changed man, that I could trust my heart with him, that my kids were safe with him. Except, whoops, none of that was true. You knew the entire time that peter was just a little too good to be true, anna, and you didn't warn me. So, no, I will not wait around for whatever it is you're working on. I am pregnant with his child. It is up to me to handle this. No. Just hear me out. Please, please hear me out. I...need to rest. Please just go. Okay. If you need anything from me, anything, just call, please, maxie. What are you doing in here? Sorry to keep you waiting. You're still dressed. 15 minutes? Okay. Yeah. Thank you. Took you long enough. Why aren't you undressed? I already had my ultrasound. Excuse me? Yeah. The guy, he came in with his machine, that doctor, and he squirted that cold goo all over my belly, and he told me what I already knew -- that my baby is totally fine. No signs of distress, strong heartbeat. You know, the usual. I'm good to go, which is what I plan to do. There's no indication that an ultrasound was done. Who treated you? I don't remember. I don't know. Don't you know who's working at the E.R.? Aren't you the chief of staff? Good thing there's nothing wrong with my baby, if this is the level of competence at G.H. These days. I'm out of here. Wait one damn minute.

Chase would like a chance for us to share a meal together, you know... as a family. Maybe, uh, try to...heal. I guess jackie said she would come. What about you? Well, I don't think I'm quite ready for that just yet. I understand. I understand. Uh... it is important to chase. I think you, chase, and jackie should just go on without me. No, don't do that. Don't pull away. That's me that does the distancing thing, not you. I would never abandon chase. I'm just not ready to see you and jackie together right now. I think, given the circumstances, I'm allowed to take my time with that. Don't you?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Sorry. Uh, that's the E.R. I have an emergency consult. Um... I'll wait here for chase and violet, tell them where you are. Thank you. Maybe reconsider about dinner. Not for my sake or for jackie's, but for chase'S. Cassadine's gone? We've concluded our business. I believe nikolas is smart enough not to cross me. Did you find out why valentin would be interested in your mother? Did you want me to? I didn't realize I needed to spell it out.

[ Chuckles ] You disappoint me, brando. You seem to have a deficit of imagination and drive. Maybe your chauffeuring schedule is about as much responsibility as you can handle. So, since you've made absolutely no progress in finding my mother, you can consider it off your to-do list. Mr. Renault, I assure you -- that's all. The matter's already been put in more competent hands. Bring the car around. I'll be out in a minute. Peter: What are you up to now, anna? Feeding maxie more lies? Let's go. She doesn't need this stress, alright? Who are you to preach about avoiding stress? You're the one who's been spinning your paranoid, delusional lies about me turning into my father. Peter, please calm down. I-I can't take all this anger. Maxie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I only want to protect you and the baby, you have to know that. And if that means leaving you alone and giving you space, then I will. For now. Please know how much I love you and our child, with all my heart. And I will never let anyone hurt you. Alright, let's go. Come on. You look after yourself, alright? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you? Oh, for god's sake! Can't you see she's terrified? She's exhausted. She's so worried about the baby. She's afraid she's gonna go into premature labor. God, if you just had one shred of compassion or feeling for her, you'd back the hell off! Because the only thing that could make this terrible situation any worse is if something happens to that baby.

[ Cellphone rings ] This is not a good time. Well, hello to you, too. I have news. What about?

Valentin cassadine. What about him? Apparently, he's taken an interest in our star witness. Yeah, I'm aware. I saw him step in at the metro court to defend gladys. Carly was going off on her because she found out she id'd jason. They were also together today. One meeting is a chance encounter. Two is a pattern.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Sighs ] How's maxie? I'm not even sure. How's brook lynn? Nothing yet. Give me a moment, and I will figure out where we stand. I know where I stand. I am fine, my baby is fine, and I need to go home now. Where are the sensors for the fetal heart monitor? I don't know. The doctor probably took them. You guys better not have lost my info, or valentin will have a fit. But I'm glad I got a picture of my sonogram, though it's a little battered. Here's my little darling, safe and sound. Our landlord was the worst. It was always freezing in the winter and broiling in summer, and our neighbors upstairs who just moved in six months ago are midnight thumpers. Midnight thumpers? Yes, I mean it. Okay, I don't know what their deal is, but, like, two or three times a month, sometimes more, at midnight or 1:00 in the morning, they start moving furniture -- like, dragging the couch across the floor, and who knows what else. Tj and I have tried to guess why they choose this random hour to redecorate, and we can't decide if they are deliberately tormenting us or if they're just weird and oblivious to time. I'm glad...

[ Doorbell rings ] ...You and tj will have a nice place to live.

[ Cup clangs on table ] Oh, nikolas! Hey. Come on in. Thanks. I just -- I wanted to check in. Alexis: Yeah. I'm sorry. I obviously interrupted, uh... well, what are you doing here? You know what? We are having hot cocoa. We'll make you a cup. I... I-I won't be staying. I don't want to -- I don't want to interrupt your family time. You are my family. Well, that means everything to me.

[ Door closes ] And I want you to know that I intend on keeping an eye on sam and molly and kristina while you're away. You sure they shouldn't keep an eye on you? I mean, molly's about to become a lawyer soon, and you tend to need them.

[ Chuckles ] Wow, following in her mother's very able footsteps. I'm sure she'll be just as loyal and fierce. I've been, uh... thinking about, when I was growing up... how you were the one warm, loving relationship in that den of vipers. You got me through some rough times and... managed to keep me from turning completely cassadine. You helped me, too.

[ Chuckles ] I'm not sure if that's really true, but... I intend to now.

Your daddy got called away to the E.R. He had a consult. He should be back shortly. I told him I'd wait here to tell you. Thanks. Can I talk to you for a second? Sure. Hey, do you want to play that game that I was showing you earlier?

[ Gasps ] Thanks, uncle chase! Yeah. We'll be right outside the door if you need us, okay? If this is about dinner, I already talked to Finn. I know it's a big ask. And likely to be incredibly awkward. But we're family, so count me in. Thank you. I think it'll be an important step forward once we sit down and get past the initial weirdness. We need to reset expectation levels, chase. I promise I'll do everything I can to help you readjust to your new family situation. But as much as I love you and that little girl in there, I really have no idea what my relationship with Finn will be like moving forward. I certainly hope your offer to help doesn't involve a jailbreak. I've been there, done that. Uh, no. It means that you're going to be protected in pentonville. The other inmates will know that you are off-limits. Nikolas, what did you do? Suffice it to say that I have taken steps to make sure that my favorite aunt is safe. You're my family, alexis, and I love you. I love you, too, my nephew. I love you, too. I can only think of one reason valentin would be interested in gladys. Right, he suspects her of lying about having seen jason ditch that gun that killed franco.

Yeah, but why? Valentin and jason morgan are hardly allies, and valentin couldn't care less about getting justice for franco. So where is this curiosity

coming from? I think I know.

[ Chatter, telephones ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Should you be walking? Oh, I'm perfectly fine, and the baby's fine, too. Oh, I actually got you a little present. Here you go, big daddy. Ah. I hope you're satisfied. Well, here, let me drive you home. Oh, no need. I got a car ready. It's here. I'll see you. Anna and valentin are here. Yeah, I know. Anna actually helped me get peter out of the room. How'd it go with peter? Good, I think. He promised to stay away for the baby's sake and mine. Good, because I'm admitting you for observation so peter will be convinced that the baby is in danger.

[ Inhales deeply ] I'll get your charts and get you all set up. Thanks, britt.

[ Papers rustling ] Uh, have you seen the sonogram photo? Uh, it was right there. Was it misplaced? There's a lot of that going around tonight. Valentin: Isn't that amazing? Yeah. Yes, indeed it is. Uh, we're attracting too much attention. Okay, don't look. So, let's leave, and I'll see you back at my house. We'll go over the next steps. Jason morgan and valentin cassadine have one person in common -- anna devane. Anna would want to exonerate jason, and valentin will do anything anna asked. That includes cultivating gladys. I've done my research. Anna and valentin are professionals. They've obviously figured out what's going on -- the broad outlines of our arrangements. That's gonna be a major problem. No. It'll be no problem at all.

I'm not supposed to know right

they said I'm in too deep I'm coming with you. Ye ah?

I'm too alive to sp eak

whoo- hoo wh oo!

Higher and higher

[ Laught er ]

Whoo- hoo

higher and high er

whoo- hoo

higher and high er

whoo- hoo

higher and high er

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