GH Transcript Tuesday 4/6/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/6/21


Episode #14674 ~ Sasha interrupts an intimate moment. Valentin is surprised by what he sees. Nikolas clashes with Cyrus. Ava receives an ominous package. Sam steps in to help with Alexis' personal affairs.

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You said sasha agreed with me about nina. Yeah, she did. But that made me realize how much more your opinion means to me than hers. That -- that makes sense. I am wiley's mom, after all. No, no, willow, you're...

[ Sighs ] You're more to me than wiley's mom. How you feel... matters to me. You matter to me, too.

[ Door opens ] Sasha: Michael, I -- oh, uh, I'm sorry. Uh, the housekeeper let me in. I-I rang the bell several times, but I guess everyone was too busy to notice. Oh, my god, ma, would you stop about the prenatal vitamins? Yes, I will get some. Honestly, you're as bad as olivia. Of course it's awkward being home. Dad's been banished from the house. Olivia's monitoring my every breath. Michael's completely obsessed with being a dad. No, ma, I'm not avoiding anything. I already talked to valentin. He's been refreshingly fine with everything. I think he's gonna make quite the good father. Oh. Hey. What does your guy have to say? My investigator confirms what I already suspected -- gladys has been calling an untraceable burner phone paid for with cash, and id is not required for those purchases. So we can't trace the number back to cyrus. If we can't link cyrus to gladys, we can't prove that he's paying for her false testimony. That means jason's gonna stay in pentonville until the trial. And peter has the last laugh. Not just peter. Cyrus, too. Nikolas: What do you want with my mother? He wants his mother -- florence grey -- and he wasn't very happy with me when I said I couldn't help him. Fine, laura. If you won't help me protect the lives of our family, perhaps your son will be motivated to protect the lives of his. Are you threatening me? Threats are the resort of the uninspired and the impatient. I like to think of myself as persevering and imaginative. Kevin: Maybe it's a wedding present. Laura tells me you and nikolas are renewing your vows. Yeah, yeah. Oh, that would be so exciting. But, you know, I think if it were a wedding gift, it would probably be wrapped in some pretty...paper. Aah! What the hell? Somebody sent me a lopped-off hand? The enclosure isn't exactly a note of congratulations. What does it say? "An offering for my goddess. May you always feel my hand in yours. Forever, R."

Obviously, it's fake, but still. It's a -- it's an anatomical model. It's the kind we would use in an educational setting. Is it supposed to be funny? I don't think whoever sent that was going for a laugh. Not "whoever." We both know ryan sent it. I'm not so sure. You're obviously too cautious to spell things out. I'm not so careful. I wonder how much my mother has told you about my father's side of the family -- cassadines. We are not afraid to go to any means necessary to protect the people we love. And if you don't believe me, I'll have you over to wyndemere and off of a turret.

[ Laughs ] While I admire your honesty, I-I would advise you to temper your attitude. Like it or not, we are family. Yeah. My -- my, uh, my late grandmother, helena cassadine, she loved throwing that in my face -- until her untimely death. Well, here's hoping your dear aunt alexis doesn't suffer a similarly premature fate. Hey. Hi. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, of course. I am always happy to help. I thought maybe we could go have dinner after. You mean take-out. No, I mean, go out to a restaurant, sit down, have a meal. Okay, well, I mean, if you're up for it. I was -- I was thinking you were wanting more of a low-key kind of night. I don't have a lot of days left to go out and about, so I want to go out and about and have some fresh air and be with my family, have an overpriced meal with exotic spices on it -- just anything that I didn't cook.

[ Laughing ] That you didn't cook. You know, the only thing I can cook is popcorn, so I know what -- what you're getting at there. I'm just happy to see a smile. That's really all I want.

[ Sighs ] I got so little time before I have nothing but time. But... look, ma, I'm telling you, valentin has been relatively hands-off. Baby blq is well taken care of. Mama blq is done hiding in bensonhurst. Okay? Port charles is where I need to be. This place really fell apart when I left. Everybody needs to get back on track now. Speaking of which, it's actually really quiet. I better go. That always means trouble. Hey. I need you to focus. We have a problem to solve. You have my full attention. Come on, I'm serious. We have to come up with another way to counter gladys' lie about jason. Okay, if there's any misunderstanding, I am interested in peter august, you are interested in cyrus renault. I am interested in both of them because they're working together. Peter shot franco, gladys saw him ditch the gun, and when she found out that jason was a suspect, she ran to cyrus. Cyrus is the one who told gladys to lie about jason. He's pulling all the gladys strings. Because cyrus wants jason out of the picture, peter is just a means to an end. And you want to prove that peter's guilty, which also means exonerating jason, and cyrus is gonna do everything he can to stop that from happening, including target your family. I'm so sorry. Uh, you two were in the middle of a conversation. Uh, it's nothing that can't wait. I'll catch up with you two later. Willow, wait. I hope you mean that about catching up. I miss our friendship. Soon.

[ Chuckles softly ] I promise.

[ Chuckles softly ] Hey, sasha. It's good to see you. I just wasn't -- I wasn't, you know -- I wasn't expecting you, that's all. Yeah. If you and willow knew I was on my way in here, I... I doubt you would have gotten so close. Willow.

[ Door opens ] Willow? Willow, is everything okay? Just a lot on my mind. Okay, okay. Look, we might not be officially in-laws anymore, but I could still tell when you're upset. Come on. Tell me, what's going on?

I'm fine, brook lynn, really. Look, I don't have to be a detective to see that something's got you wound up. Come on in. We haven't had a chance to talk since I've been back. We'll go to the den. We'll catch up. No! Fine. Oh, my -- I'm sorry. I-I thought that we were friends. I'm sensing you don't agree. No, no, it's not you. The den is... occupied. Huh? Michael is in there... with sasha. Yeah, I'm sorry you walked in on that. That must have been a bit, uh, jarring. If I didn't know better, it kind of looked like you... well, you tell me. Did I walk in on a moment, or do I just have an overactive imagination? No, you weren't -- you weren't imagining things. It was a moment. My, um --

[ Sighs ] My feelings for willow are not as resolved as I wanted to think. I think it's a shame the court saw fit to remand alexis to prison when she's clearly emerging from the throes of a disease. And from what I read in the news, she was only trying to protect her family. An instinct I think you and I -- if not your mother -- can identify with. Where are you going with this? If you can find it within yourself to help bring my mother home safe and sound, then I will call upon my extensive contacts and resources at pentonville to ensure your dear aunt alexis remains safe and trauma-free while serving her sentence. Let me see if I get this straight -- if I, uh, help you get your mother back, then you won't send your people after alexis in prison. Alexis: [ Sighs ] Okay, the -- this, mortgage records. These are bank records. Okay. Okay.

[ Knock on door ] You ready? I don't think I have much choice, do I?

[ Sighs ] Alexis davis? You must be irene morton. Please come in. Sam, this is irene morton. She's the prison consultant that diane arranged. Um, this is my eldest daughter, sam mccall. Yeah, my mom, uh, wanted me around to be an extra set of ears. Not to mention I had a stint or two in prison myself. Well, we've got a lot of ground to cover. Going to prison is one thing. Preparing to go to prison is another. And after that, it's smooth sailing, right? I see you have a sense of humor. Lose that. Uh, her humor is, um, just kind of who she is. It's how she -- I'm not trying to change who alexis is. I just don't want her to offend the wrong inmate before she learns which jokes land and which ones won'T. Got it. The first few days are critical in shaping your next three years. Shall we begin? Your concern for my family is appreciated. Imagine how different our lives would be if you'd shown half as much compassion for nina instead of hiding the truth about nelle. Do you want me to apologize for not giving a damn that nina's psycho daughter is dead? Or do you want me to help you get her back? If that's the case, just tell me, because I will put it on my to-do list right under getting jason out of prison so I don't have to go up against cyrus and the five families all by myself.

This has to be ryan. Kevin: Ryan's communication is limited to blinking. For him to write this note, find the model of a severed hand, and then have it delivered is -- I didn't say he didn't have help. I'm sending an officer over to the facility to check the time logs and interview the staff. If ryan convinced someone to help him, we'll find out. I would just suggest that you not focus on ryan to the exclusion of everyone else. You think there's somebody else out there who would send me a hand? Well, you would know better than I. I understand that you and nikolas have no shortage of enemies. Mortgage and bank documents. Good. Have you appointed a financial manager, transferred your power of attorney? Um, yes, I will be taking on those responsibilities. How's your health? Are you in good shape? Uh, sure, yeah. I emptied the dishwasher, and I didn't even break a sweat. Sense of humor -- losing it. Hire a trainer. Get in a couple sessions with a boxing coach. That should teach you enough to defend yourself. Can you ease up a little bit? You don't have to make every situation sound like the worst-case scenario. Yes, there is violence in prison, but you don't have to make it sound like it's the inevitable. You were a trial lawyer, right? Yes. Trained to lean into conflict, right? I certainly don't shy away from it. Your mother has some habits that have served her well on the outside, but behind bars, not so much. So until you unlearn those habits, you need to know how to protect yourself, because you and I both know nobody else will do it for you. Pentonville is a dangerous place. It wasn't that long ago someone as lethal as ryan chamberlain was incapacitated. He's left little more than an empty husk. Imagine what could happen to someone who lacks that natural-born killer instinct, someone who has no friends, no protection, no one to turn to. It doesn't have to be that way for alexis. He's using your love for your aunt as a weapon against you. It's called extortion. Is this the kind of family that you want? This is the kind of family I have! Aah! Think it over. But don't think too long. I'm a patient man, but I'm no saint.

[ Door slams ] Well, this is new. Never seen this side of you before. Pissed off? No. Afraid. You're scared. It's alright. I'm not judging. Fear can be a gift. Fear can be useful. Good motivator. Tells us how and when to act. And it's not going anywhere, so you may as well embrace it. Fear is a gift. Did you read that in a fortune cookie?

[ Chuckles ] No, I learned that through practical application. Fear came in very handy first time I stared down the barrel of a loaded 9 millimeter. Because you knew to run? No. Because I knew to shoot first. Brook lynn: So, wait a minute. Are michael and sasha making up or breaking up? I mean, every time I ask michael what's going on, he gets all cagey on me. I have no idea what he's thinking. I'm not sure either. So you're not sure where he stands with sasha or with you? Chase and I are trying to figure things out. Okay, so why does it get you all in knots knowing that michael's behind closed doors with sasha? Because it's complicated? I'm sure it is. The four of you have a really hard time telling each other like it is. Are you saying we should act more like you? Holding back has never been my problem. Look, when chase told me that his fling with sasha was a lie, I-I told him he had to come clean. I thought he -- he heard me. I thought he came straight to you. Oh, he found me, alright.

[ Sighs ] But by then, everything had changed. You know that willow and I, we -- you know, we got our marriage annulled. But we remain good friends and wiley's, you know, co-parents. But there's more. For me, yeah. I-I don't know how -- how she feels.

[ Sighs ] You know, it's just when we got married, uh, it was just about protecting wiley from nelle, but the more time we spent together, the more it... the more it felt like a real marriage. Chase told me that you slept together. Yeah, no, we did. Yeah. But sex is only part of it, you know? I just -- for a while, we -- we shared a life together. Turning off those feelings isn't as easy as signing some legal documents.

[ Inhales deeply ] I know. I, um... I can tell. I saw it just now.

[ Chuckles ] The way you looked at willow, it's the way you used to look at me. But not anymore.

You make it sound like I don't love you. I know you still love me. That's what makes this so hard, because in the hospital after my overdose, I woke up, and you were there. And I know that you would stick by me forever if you thought that it was the right thing to do when the real question is... do you want to? Look, it's not just me, sasha. It's you, too. I mean, do you know what you want? Diane, I need you to arrange a visit for me with jason. No, I can't tell you what it's about. Okay? But you need to call in a favor, put some pressure on someone, you do whatever it takes, but I need to see jason immediately. Perhaps I can be of service. Cyrus threatening me. How did we get here?

[ Sighs ] You know, I-it just -- it started when jason took his mother in an effort to keep the peace. You call this peace? Cyrus threatening to go after alexis while she's trapped in prison?

[ Scoffs ] This is how drug lords operate. Okay? They use innocent people to get the things they want. I understand cyrus. What I don't understand is you. Cyrus claims that he came to you for help finding his mother. Why didn't you do something? Because I don't negotiate with terrorists. Well, maybe you should start. I did enough research on you to know that you're progressive. But trust me, prison is no place to break down barriers. Will you excuse me, please? Can you give us a moment, please? Sure. Could use a smoke break. Where are the insurance papers? They're around somewhere. I... maybe we should -- we should rethink this. You going to prison? Yeah, let'S. Mom, I -- I let you plead guilty. I should have fought for you. It wasn't your decision to make. It was mine. Well, I think you chose the wrong one. Maybe I should have been more judicious in my advice giving. Actually, I'm grateful. For what? The way you look out for chase. He means well, but let's be real -- he needs someone to check his work.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Though pretty soon, you'll have your hands full. You won't have time to keep an eye on chase. We're quartermaines. That's what nannies are for. Oh, I don't know. I think you might change your tune once you hold your baby.

[ Doorbell rings ] Nope. No sacrifices for me. I intend to have it all. Just you watch. Parenthood's not gonna make a dent in my lifestyle. I beg to differ. Since we decided to try again, we've gone out of our way not to set expectations or even make commitments. Yeah. Well, I mean, we've been trying, though. I mean... have we, though? Have we seized every opportunity to grow our relationship, to even spend much time together? No. No, we haven't done any of those things.

[ Sighs ] I'm not judging, but... why do you think that is? Are we going slow to keep the pressure off?

[ Sighs ] The thing is, sasha, you go fast, right? You go fast because you can't wait for the next part -- next time you -- you -- you get to see each other, the next day you spend together -- because it feels so good and you just -- you want more of it. Well, you think maybe we're -- we're going slow because we're waiting for our old feelings to come back? Yeah, I think so. But... if they haven't come back by now... maybe they're gone.

e: You know how to reach meif you get an update in your brother's condition. And if you can think of anyone else who could have sent this, please let me know. Well, here it is, your legacy from franco. Thank you.

[ Clears throat ] Ava, why don't you lock up and I'll give you a ride to the pier? I can wait and make sure you get onto the launch safely. Ava? You were right before. Nikolas and I, we do have our share of enemies. Which is why I'd like to make sure you get onto the launch alright. That's kind of you, but I-i have a little more work to do. I really don't feel comfortable leaving you here alone. I'll be fine. I'm expecting nikolas soon. And besides... I never go anywhere without protection. When I decided to come here today, this is not what I expected to happen. No, me neither.

[ Sighs ] At least we've been honest with each other. How is it possible for two people to understand each other better than they ever have... ...and still know they need to break up? You and I have to have a little talk. Bad timing. I'm talking to willow. I'll see you later. This can't wait. We need to discuss the private security detail I've hired for you and the baby. Why does brook lynn need security? Calm down. This is precautionary. Against what? I-I don't have anyone or anything to be afraid of. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Well, they start tomorrow, and it would be useful for everyone if you could just do what you're instructed. I don't take orders from you, okay? I'm just doing what's best for the safety of you and the baby.

[ Scoffs ] Do you believe this guy? Just so you know, I'm not some delicate flower. Okay? I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I-I don't need two bodyguards on either side of me. Where's my phone? I'm gonna call my dad. Ow! Valentin: Watch it! Brook lynn!

[ Breathing heavily ] I have to call you back. As I'm sure you're aware, I'm intimately familiar with pentonville. If you'd like to visit jason, I'm happy to make a call on your behalf. I don't want anything from you. What about jason? I'm sure he'd appreciate the visit. Jason can take care of himself.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I'm -- I'm sure you're right. You and jason are nothing if not survivors. Though his ability to support you is severely limited now that he's incarcerated. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. As soon as my mother is returned to me, your best friend could be on his way back to you. I have no doubt jason's coming home. Who knows when florence will? Laura: No matter what cyrus thinks, I don't have the power to return his mother to him, but if I did,

[Scoffs] I'm not sure that I would. You know? His mother is safe, and the shooting has stopped. Only because he hasn't found the right approach. And he has with alexis. And with you. With you. Nikolas... you're not actually considering working for this man, are you? I mean, if I could find a way to return florence to cyrus, then he would have no reason to go after alexis in pentonville. No, this isn't just about alexis' well-being. It's anyone -- anyone who he thinks might be useful to him! Who will it be next? Will it be Ava? Will it be avery? I know -- maybe spencer. What will happen to this town when his mother is finally returned to him? The violence that could ensue. You let cyrus drag us into a war that wasn't ours to fight. Let the police sort it out, or, better yet, let cyrus and jason kill each other. Maybe then there would be some peace in port charles! Nikolas. Nikolas! Don't act out of fear, and don't give in to cyrus. And what becomes of alexis if I don't? I just can't have that on my conscience.

[ Door closes ] It was getting a little tense in there. This is really difficult. Sam will make a good advocate for you. Want one? No, thank you. I don't -- I don't smoke. Good. Don't start, but always keep them handy. Smokes are a useful commodity when the commissary accounts max out or run out. Okay, good tip. You know, sometimes these meetings go down a little easier with a drink. I don't drink, and somehow I think you already knew that. I know that you're newly sober. Alcohol is not supposed to be Available in prison, but it's a lot easier to get it than the average person would think, so you need to be prepared. Okay. I really appreciate the information. It's bleak, for sure, but it's -- it's good to be prepared. Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Go for it. How did you get into this line of work? I shot my husband three times. He lived... unfortunately. You d-- you don't have to ans-- answer this, but would you mind telling me why? Because after he got done hitting me one night, he said the next time that he saw streaks on the mirror, he'd kill me. And I was fresh out of glass cleaner. Oh. [ Clears throat ] Wow. Sorry. I'm sorry. You know, when I was inside, I met a lot of women who didn't have the tools to survive, so I started helping them, and suddenly I had a purpose. Helping them helped me get from one day to the next. My advice? You want to live through this -- I don't mean just survive this, I mean actually live -- find something to do. Do something. Three years of doing nothing, that's a long time. Find a purpose and carry it out. Are -- are you ready to go back inside? Nah. We'll finish up tomorrow. You need your daughter right now. And she needs you.

[ Sighs ] Thank god you're home. Why? What happened? Wh-- cyrus showed up here. I think he's been watching the house. I think he knew I was alone. Okay. Alright. You're safe now. And then nikolas showed up. Cyrus is trying to pull nikolas into his game, and nikolas doesn't have any idea what he's getting himself into. Something strange happened at the gallery, as well. I think somebody's messing with Ava's head. What somebody? We're not sure.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. Oh, my god, kevin. This could be the beginning. Cyrus threatened me. He said that if blood started to run in the streets, that it would be on my hands. I had hoped you'd be more reasonable than jason. Clearly not. Oh, well. Your loss. Giving up so easily? You're not the only game in town, carly. I'm not afraid of you.

[ Chuckles ] Why should you be? My issues have always been with your husband. Now that Sonny's dead -- may he rest in peace -- and jason's in pentonville, you're free from the violence that surrounded them. You and your children can sleep easy at night. No longer threatened. No longer a consideration.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Ava? Ava: [ Sighs ] Nikolas, hi. You would not believe the bizarre turn my afternoon took.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I haven't had a very pleasant day either. There's no way to sugarcoat this. We're in trouble. I know we are. -You go first. -Ladies first. No, go ahead. Go first. It's my aunt alexis. Sam: Hey. Where's irene? Uh, she left for the day. Mom, I'M... sorry for making things tense. Listen. I want you to stop. Don't do the bank anymore, don't do insurance, nothing -- no house, no car, nothing. I need you to do one thing for me, though. Okay. What is it? When I'm in prison, I need for you to be okay. I don't need you to be great, I don't even need you to be good, but I need to know that you will manage because when I'm in there, I won't be able to get to you. And if you're in trouble, I cannot make things better for you. And I can survive prison, but I cannot survive that. Being helpless is something that I cannot do when my children are in pain. Okay? Do you understand? Okay. Yeah. We're gonna be okay, mom. I promise.

[ Sighs ] I don't know how to say goodbye to you. Hey, hold on, hold on.

[ Sighs ] Before you go, I just -- I just -- I want to -- I want to tell you thank you.

[ Sighs ] When I first found out about... you and chase's affair being a lie, I was angry with the two of you. But I -- I was also moved. I was grateful. Because who knows what would have happened if you two didn't do what you did, you know? The judge... he could have sided with nelle, and even partial custody would have been a disaster. And I didn't have to worry about that. All I knew is that I had my son back. And you felt like you owed me another shot. No, not... not you. Us. I think that way back in the back of my mind, I...I knew that, too. Maybe that's why I haven't pushed harder for us. Three strikes, we're out. At least we went down swinging.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Willow: Oh, my god, brook lynn! Valentin: Are you alright? Oh, stupid broken heel. I haven't even had these a month. Willow, bring my car around front. Why would you do that? Are you in any pain? No, I'm fine, but the people at wyndham's are gonna be when I get through with them. Okay, I'm gonna get you some ice and a glass of water, and then we are out of here. Where are we going? The hospital. What? No! I am totally fine. And I will believe that when I hear it from a doctor. Until then, I'm not leaving your side.

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