GH Transcript Monday 4/5/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/5/21


Episode #14673 ~ Ava and Nikolas are put on notice. Laura refuses to accept Cyrus's deal. Brando comes clean to Sasha. Brook Lynn tries to reunite Ned and Olivia. Chase tells Willow she changed his mind.

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Lace, but again, it'slook, I know I should stop dumping all my problems on you. I don't feel dumped on. I'm flattered that you feel I can help you. Besides, you seem different today. I do? Like there's less of a burden on your shoulders. It's true. We're having a family sit-down -- mom, dad, and Finn. That's great. We need to figure out a way to move forward. And what does that look like? Honestly, I-I don't have a clue. All I know is that no matter how mad I am at mom and Finn for lying to me and dad, nothing will get better if I keep avoiding them. I'm happy for you, chase. Facing each other is the first step. But the last time I saw you, you couldn't even be in the same room as your mom. What changed your mind? You did.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, ned. Is olivia expecting you? Good afternoon to you, too. I'm actually here to check in on brook lynn. Oh. Because she's your daughter or because she's using her unborn child as leverage with valentin? Can't I be worried about both? Mmm, finally some me time. Whoa, whoa, whoa! What, are you out of your mind?!

[ Scoffs ] Valentin: Mrs. Corinthos. I don't know if you're keeping up with the local news, but jason was denied bail. He was remanded to pentonville, where he has to await trial. Well, it's not all that surprising given his reputation and extensive rap sheet. Jason is innocent. Peter is the killer. Well, it's gonna be difficult to prove. Peter's a notorious blame shifter. Just ask liesl obrecht. There's no comparison. Sure there is. They're both notorious outlaws. Peter also benefited from franco's widow discovering jason over the body. Are you going to help me prove that jason's innocent or are you just gonna sit there and act like you can't do it? Okay, I want jason exonerated because I want peter convicted, but that's going to take time, that's gonna take patience.

[ Chuckles ] Jason would tell me the same thing. And you're both wrong. Cyrus didn't frame jason out of the goodness of his heart. He wanted him in pentonville, where he's an easy target. I was under the impression jason could take care of himself. I'll just be happier when jason is free. And the only way to do that is to prove that gladys corbin is lying about what she saw. It appears that justice has actually been done for once. Jason morgan was just denied bail at his arraignment, which means I have some business to attend to. Where can I take you? Mm. This is a personal matter. Why don't you stay, have lunch, put it on my tab? Ms. Corbin, nice to see you again. Sasha, are you in a rush? There are a few things I need to talk to you about. Mm! Oh!

[ Laughs ] Oh, you're bad. Thank you. Mm. You know, I can think of a lot more sinister activities to spend our afternoon with than going over proposals. And much as I would like to join you in those sinister activities, I'm really, really behind in this work. What? Really? That's not like you. You're the most efficient person I know. Thank you. But my long, lost brothers have been very distracting lately. Well, franco's final works haven't been evaluated yet, but as soon as they are, I promise that I'll call you. Okay, thank you for your interest. Oh, hey. Hi. Here you are. I'm so happy to see you. You know something, I was afraid you were gonna stand me up. I know that centerpieces aren't exactly a very thrilling topic of conversation, but I really want all the elements to come together, you know, and I want everything to be perfect for our renewal ceremony. I'm sure whatever you have in mind is fine. Why do I get the feeling your heart isn't exactly in this anymore?

 Look, I, uh -- I ran into Finn today at the metro court. We had an almost normal conversation, and then when he left, I spotted my mom. I thought about sneaking out, hoping she didn't see me, but I ended up saying hi instead. Good for you. An act of emotional courage.

[ Chuckles ] I wouldn't go that far, but talking to her helped. She made me realize the only way to heal is to do it together. As a family. I'm glad, chase. However badly they messed up, Finn and your mom still love you. It's only fair that I do for them what you did for me. Sorry. [ Chuckles ] You lost me. You forgave me when I told you that sasha and i pretended to be together. You -- you heard what I had to say, and you found a way to love me again. Lord, brook lynn, you're pregnant. You're not supposed to be eating uncooked fish or cold cuts or drinking alcohol. Actually, doctors say that it's okay to have a glass of wine every now and then. Well, not in this house it's not. Okay, this is a really good source of protein. So is a meatball -- I don't want any! Now look what you did. A broken plate is a small price to pay.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, see, ned? No reason to worry. I thought you had gladys eating out of the palm of your hand. We had a successful first date, but if I come on too strong, well, then I tip my hand. She's unrefined, but she's not stupid. No, she's not stupid, but she's vulnerable. Gladys wants to be on the inside. She wants to matter. If you make her feel that way, you can win her over. Okay, what would you have me do? My hotel staff has been discreetly following gladys. I know exactly where she is. It's time you two had another "chance encounter." You no doubt heard about brando's past issues with substance abuse. As a mother, I'm concerned about his getting involved with someone else in recovery, so that's why I was less than cordial with you when we saw each other at kelly'S. It's okay. I'm actually involved with someone else. Yeah. Michael corinthos. I'm sure you're aware of the family connection, although michael's not really a corinthos. He was adopted.

[ Chuckles ] And be that as it may, Sonny always treated him like gold. Sonny could have done more for his actual blood relations, let me tell you. Ms. Corbin, brando and i are just friends. Which is as it should be. Brando: Mom. How are you, sweetie?

[ Laughs ] Uh...good. I ran into sasha on the way in. It's so exciting that you know a super model. And I hope that nice boss of yours gave you time for lunch. Can you join me? Sure. Uh, can you -- can you give me a second? Of course. Sasha, it was so nice seeing you again. I'm so glad we had this chat. How uncomfortable was that chat? Let's just say I get the feeling your mom is sitting on a whole bunch of loaded emotions. I can see why you were worried she'd make a scene at your son's funeral. I'm so sorry, brando. That was incredibly insensitive. No, it -- it's not that. Um... sasha, I haven't been honest with you. So, cyrus is still playing mind games with you? Yeah. He couldn't wait to tell me that it was naive of me to think of martin as the good brother. That's because he likes to be the spoiler in other people's relationships. Yeah. Well, to martin's credit, he owned up to it. Owned up to what? Apparently after the bombing at the floating rib, julian went to martin to ask for help. And martin swears that he didn't want to help him, but that julian had unearthed some photo of him with cyrus, and so he was basically blackmailing him into helping him. That had to be a disappointment. It really was. But the worst part of it is that after martin helped julian to escape, he... called cyrus and alerted him. Right? So, I mean, julian might have gone to the police and told them that it was cyrus who put him up to it. Cyrus could be in jail right now, you know? I know, I know, I know, it's no point in speculating about what might have been. Let's just say you had good reason to be disappointed. Thanks. Well, I shouldn't be thinking about either one of my brothers now. I should be doing the work that the good people of port charles elected me to do. Well, in that case, I guess I'll just put my nefarious attentions for you aside for the time being.

[ Chuckles ] And I'll go see about franco's painting. Oh, about that, I think it is so wonderful that franco left you a painting. Not that I'm surprised. You are the most compassionate man I know. You know, you never really know whose life you touch. And as for those nefarious activities... mm. ...They're not canceled. They're just postponed. I look forward to that. Nikolas: I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to give you the impression that the renewal ceremony wasn't important to me. Well, then what's going on? What's with all the doom and gloom? I tried to call spencer again, and again, my call went straight to voicemail. I'm sorry. He's not a precocious 10-year-old anymore. You know, he's almost graduated.

[ Sighs ] Look, spencer doesn't have to like that we're committed to each other. He doesn't have to approve of us renewing our vows and meaning it this time, but he owes us a minimum of courtesy and respect, and he doesn't get to hang up on me because he doesn't like what I'm saying and then not pick up for months afterward. He doesn't -- he doesn't want me in your life. You know that. He never did. Listen, at some point, he's gonna have to get over himself. Just -- I don't know...

[ Sighs ] The ceremony won't feel right if my son isn't standing by my side. You know, I know he's gonna come around. And not today and maybe not even next week, but I know he will. He will remember that you're his father, and he will remember that family is everything. Martin: I, for one, couldn't agree more.

 the broken plate is in the trash, and the sushi down the drain -- literally. Fortunately, there's nothing damaged, nothing stained. Oh, my god, you guys are acting like it was wall-to-wall carnage. It was just a plate of sushi. No big deal. The big deal is that you were about to eat raw fish. Your daughter is not taking her pregnancy very seriously, ned. You really think that one tuna roll is gonna put my baby at risk? It's not just the one tuna roll, brook lynn. You are very pregnant with your first child. I haven't seen so much as a baby book in this house, not one prenatal vitamin. When did you get a degree in obstetrics, huh? Brook lynn, I have a question for you. Are you more interested in using the baby as leverage or taking proper care of your health? Wait, wait. What are you talking about? What leverage? Do you want to tell olivia or shall I? Hello. Remember me?

[ Chuckles ] Hello, ms. Corbin. Please, gladys. Gladys. As if I could ever forget you.

[ Chuckles ] Are you alone? May I buy you a drink? You certainly may. Dev wasn't my son.

[ Exhales sharply ] I don't understand. Uh, Sonny met dev in turkey, and dev helped him out of a jam. Sonny offered to do what he could for him. And dev took the offer literally. He made his way to port charles without papers or valid a visa, so he was at risk of being deported back to turkey, where his life was in danger. Sonny needed to establish a U.S. Identity for dev. And because my mom told Sonny that I was dead, he invented this story that dev was my son. Gladys is the reason everyone thought you were dead?

[ Scoffs ] Why would she do that? It's complicated and dysfunctional, like most things in my family, but the point is, by the time I got here, dev was legally my son. Sonny asked me to play along. Why did you agree? To keep dev safe. I've never been to turkey, but I know there's a lot of unrest there. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I was the reason the kid get deported.

[ Sighs ] I...I don't know what to say. You shared your dirty laundry with me and... I want you to trust me. Like I trust you. You can trust me, brando. I promise I won't share anything you say to me. Thanks. Wait, does this mean that michael knew about dev? -Oh, my g-- -[ Laughs ] Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. Why are you apologizing? It's your house.

[ Chuckles ] Don't let my grandmother hear you say that. Because? The house belongs to michael's grandmother. His grandfather alan built it and gave it to her. Yeah, and my aunt tracy never forgave him for it. Anyway, it's, uh, monica's house. Alan gave it to her, and everyone else who lives here or on the grounds is really just a guest. Right. Well, now that I have been enlightened, I have to get to the station. So thank you so much.

[ Smooches ] See you. Well, looks like things are going well with you and chase. Mr. Grey, you've intruded on a private moment. Really? I thought the gallery was open. We're e on a break. Maybe you could come back later. I take it I'm unwelcome. You were expecting otherwise from family? Well, like it or not, that's what we are. My half-sister's your mother. That makes you my nephew. As it happens, uncle martin, I spoke to my mother this morning. She told me what you did for julian jerome. Huh. Well, I see she's told you everything. And no one has told me. What is it exactly that you did for my brother? After julian was linked to the bombing of the floating rib, martin helped him get away.

[ Knock on door ] You forgot your keys again, did-- hello, sis.

You intend to use your unborn child as leverage in a stock maneuver. Brook lynn, have you lost your mind?! Okay, "a," thank you, daddy, for throwing me under the bus. And "b," I already love my child very much. How many times do I have to say it? Stop feeling guilty about selling your elq shares to valentin. I forgive you. But I don't forgive myself. And if my baby can help the quartermaines regain control of elq, I-I don't understand the problem. Well, if you don't see the problem, then I guess there's no big deal, nothing for anyone to worry about. We just want to make sure that the baby's health is your first priority. I know you don't believe me, but this baby is my priority. Hey. Hi. Hey, uh, do you have a second? Sure. What's up? Um, I-I just -- I want to make sure we were, you know, on the same page about nina not seeing wiley for the time being. And I also want to apologize again for making that decision without you. Apology accepted. I get that it was happening right in front of you. There wasn't really time to call me for a consultation. And I agree that until nina has had time to work through her grief and get a more realistic understanding of who nelle was, it's not a great situation for wiley. And look, if nina, you know, presses the issue at all, I-I promise we will deal with it together. It's just a messy situation, and I can't help feeling bad for nina. Yeah. Uh... sasha said almost the same thing. I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause trouble for you and michael. I know, I know. The fact is that there were too many months when michael understandably couldn't trust me with a revelation like this. But you did. It was -- it was my secret to tell. No one else'S. Not that I can count on my mom to keep her mouth shut. Gladys: Brando and his old heap of a car. I swear he got all the parts from a junkyard. Even as a teenager, he was always interested in fixing up cars. He's got your smile. You think? I always thought he had a nice smile. And... hello, that's not a car made with junkyard parts. That's mine. Sonny bought it for me as a gift. I hope you don't hold it against me for being related to him. Gladys, in the short time that I've known you, I can tell you are nothing like Sonny or anyone else in the corinthos family, for that matter.

[ Laughs ] You know, I heard you snatched michael's business out from under him. Does that mean you're no friend of his either? It's good for michael to experience disappointment from time to time. It builds character. Maybe not such a good idea to speak ill of Sonny's family. The black widow's shooting daggers at me. Well, why don't we finish our drinks and then retire to a different venue, somewhere more private? I had no idea your brother had anything to do with the bombing at the floating rib. I thought julian feared for his life from Sonny corinthos. And by the way, for the record, I was coerced. Julian didn't exactly give me a choice. If you hadn't enabled julian to run, he could have testified against cyrus, the man who was ultimately responsible for the bombing. I would never protect cyrus if there were evidence of his wrongdoing. Oh, come on. I seem to remember, Ava, you sheltered your brother at wyndemere to protect him from Sonny corinthos. Before I knew the extent of the damage he'd done. Before I knew that lulu was one of the bombing victims. I deeply regret my reaction to your brother's extortion. That's not why I'm here. I'm worried about my sister, your mother. Why? Because cyrus is determined to pull her closer into his own very dangerous orbit. You have a beautiful home, which isn't surprising. You're a woman of taste and refinement. I'm also a woman of limited patience, so why are you here? Now that you realize martin has his own closet full of skeletons, I was hoping you'd renew your efforts to retrieve my mother from jason morgan's clutches.

[ Scoffs ] Okay. Your mother is not really kidnapped. Okay, yes, jason moved her, but martin is fine with the whole situation, and he is in control of her medical care. My less-than-sainted brother can't decide about her care if he's not in her presence. Okay, then I guess your problem is with martin and -- and with jason, but not with me. And yet you have some influence over both of them. Cyrus, there's nothing I can do to help you find your mother. But you know what? There's something you can do.

My brother has an abundant amount of -- well, for lack of a better word, let's call it charisma. He knows it. Knows how to use it to gain leverage over people, eventually getting them to do his bidding. Mm, my mother's immune. Oh, you'd think so, wouldn't you? But when cyrus looks at your mother, he sees the flip side of his own coin. How so? Cyrus believes that he and laura are kindred souls, both rebellious, reckless, willing to take big chances, comfortable with a significant amount of risk. Now, of course, your mother would say she takes those chances to help people. She steps up for the common good. But cyrus, he's got that same streak of wildness, wickedness. I know my brother. He will chip away at laura's defenses until he can find and twist whatever darkness is buried there. Laura is nothing like cyrus renault. I agree. Cyrus does not. Therein lies our problem. Laura will need her family to protect her. Understood. You have a charming gallery, mrs. Cassadine. I hope one day you will allow me to return. Perhaps buy some of your artwork. Do you think he's telling the truth? About a threat to laura? I'm not sure. I'll take any advice you can give me. Okay. Jason only took your mother as an insurance policy, okay? That's to keep his family and friends from being attacked because you have a reputation for going after families. It's nothing but lies and -- stop it. Stop it!

You take responsibility for the crimes that you have committed, including the ones against my daughter. Look, if you -- if you did that, jason wouldn't think of you as a threat anymore, would he? He wouldn't have to bother to hide your mother. So you're saying I should confess to my alleged crimes. Yes. And serve out the sentence they give you.

[ Scoffs ] I am not going back to prison. Oh, really? Is that so? So your statement that you would do anything to protect your mother is hyperbole. You realize you just took sides in an alleged turf war. What does that mean, cyrus? I once told you we were more alike than you wanted to admit, and you just made my case for me. Thank you for being so understanding. I could say the same about you.

[ Laughter ] That's valentin cassadine, isn't it? Sure is. I didn't know he knew my mom. I'd keep an eye on him if I were you. Valentin isn't dangerous, per se, but I know firsthand that he doesn't do anything without an underlying agenda. I, uh, need to go. See you around.

[ Laughs ] I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels sympathetic to nina. I know she'll get to a place where it's okay for her to have contact with wiley, and I hope it's sooner than later. I'm sorry, that totally sounds like I'm pressuring you. No, you -- willow, you don't have to apologize. I'm always glad to hear your opinion. Well, if that's true, then that t-shirt with the holes and the old grass stains... yes. ...It'S... it's got to go. Okay, that's my lucky t-shirt. Do you have any idea how many games I've watched in that shirt? Look, I'm not saying my team always wins, but it's way above the statistical average. And you think it's the shirt? Maybe. I don't know. It can't hurt. I never would have guessed you were superstitious. Well, I guess there's a lot you don't know about me. I do know that... you are a fundamentally fair person. And I really appreciate you keeping an open mind about nina. I mean, yeah, it's good to hear, you know, both sides of an argument. Then I'm glad sasha got through to you. It wasn't sasha. It was you. Olivia: Ned, you have to make brook lynn listen to you. Sounds like world war iii in there. Yeah. Not that that's any of my business. Oh, the q's tend to make their business everyone's business. My dad and olivia are discussing my pregnancy. And they're not happy about it? Oh, they're happy about the pregnancy, they're just not happy about me. But things are going just the way I want them to. Ned: Last time I acted like her father, she moved out of the house. God love your daughter, ned. This has got to be the most irresponsible thing brook lynn has ever done. Believe me, I know.

[ Sighs ] Okay, okay, okay. We got to stop shouting. We've got to be the adults in the room here. Okay, we have got to save brook lynn and that baby from brook lynn's own worst impulses. And how do you propose we do that? I say we march right to valentin and tell him what she's up to. Mom. Brando. Lunch -- oh, baby, I'm so sorry. I forgot. It's okay. Oh, and where are my manners? Valentin cassadine, this is my son brando. Hello, brando. Your mother tells me you're into cars. Maybe I've found a new mechanic. Always happy to have a new customer. Can I steal you for a second? Of course. I'll be right back. How do you know mr. Cassadine? Just a new friend. Honey, you're not worried about me, are you? I only know mr. Cassadine by reputation, and, um... it's quite colorful. If it matters to you that much, I'll let him down easy and we can have lunch. Thanks. But keep in mind, I'm a grown woman, and I make my own decisions. Gladys: What are you doing with my phone?

Caught me. I was trying tosneak my number onto your phone so we wouldn't have to depend on running into one another. Have I overstepped? I'll forgive you. Just this once. Can I buy you lunch to make it up to you? I promised brando I'd have lunch with him. Another time? I look forward to it.

[ Chuckles ] Valentin is still living at the metro court. Shouldn't be too hard to track them down. Liv, wait, we can't do that. Ned, I understand that you don't want to interfere in brook lynn's affairs, but this is what family does. We stop the people that we love from making dangerous choices. Wait a minute. We both agree that brook lynn using her baby as a bargaining chip for elq shares is a bad idea, right? I know that look. You're up to something. Well, my dad and olivia both agree I'm not making my baby a priority. Is that true? Of course it's not tru I may not be conventionally maternal. And, yes, I confess, I'm not devoting three hours a day to prenatal yoga, but I'm all-in on this baby, okay? And if olivia and my dad want to worry all day, then good for them. Having a common cause will be good for their marriage. You want them back together? Of course I want them back together. They love each other. Olivia may get on my last nerve, but she's a really great lady, and my dad is crazy about her. They belong together. Man, I just -- I delete one voicemail, and then all of a sudden, my dad's moved out of the house. Come on, brook lynn. You can't take the whole world on your shoulders. Ned and olivia bear some of the responsibility themselves. Okay, maybe, but I have to help them anyway. Good luck. As long as your plan doesn't involve me arresting you again. I dare you to arrest a pregnant woman. Oh, try me.

[ Door opens, closes ] You've said your piece. It's time to go.

[ Sighs ] I got to go back to work. The fortunes of the corinthos family are changing. Jason morgan can't run the businesses from prison. But you, my dear sister, have the opportunity and the power to prevent an all-out war. And if you choose not to, any blood spilling on the street will be on your hands. Stay the hell away from my mother!

Valentin cassadine is such a charmer. Until he stabs you in the back. You shouldn't judge valentin so harshly. You're letting carly and michael cloud your judgment. They're hardly reliable sources. Sasha warned me, too. And sasha's views mean that much to you? Is that a problem? Not at all. Hey, what'd you find out? Gladys has been receiving phone calls from an unlisted number -- several times in the last week alone. Started the day franco baldwin was murdered. I just did a quick online search. It's a disposable burner phone. How much you want to bet that phone belongs to cyrus renault? Cyrus: Tell your son to release me or there will be consequences. I love consequences. Bring them on. Nikolas, let him go. Just let him go, please. Well, isn't this a lovely family reunion? What do you want with my mother? He wants his mother, and he was very upset with me when I told him that I couldn't help him with that. Fine, laura. If you don't want to help me protect the lives of our family, then perhaps your son will be motivated to protect the lives of his. Hey, kevin, what a nice surprise. Oh, thank you. Uh... I'm here because I understand franco left one of his works for me. Oh, yeah, he did. I have it in the back. Did you come bearing gifts?

[ Chuckles ] Maybe. No, I found this outside. Uh, thought I'd just bring it in for you. Oh, thanks. It's probably the nameplates I ordered. Maybe it's a wedding gift. Laura tells me that you and nikolas are renewing your vows. Yeah. Yes, we are. That would be -- would be so exciting. Although I would expect a wedding gift to be wrapped in some

[Yelping] Nice paper! I don't understand. You said sasha agreed with me about nina. She did. I just, um... that helped me realize that your opinion... means more to me... than hers. That makes sense. I am wiley's mom, after all. You... you are more to me... than wiley's mom. How you feel matters to me. You matter to me, too. Sasha: Michael, I -- I wish brook lynn hadn't gotten into this situation, but she is having valentin's baby, whether we like it or not. That doesn't give her the right to use an unborn child to manipulate valentin. But I kind of get what she's doing for the family. Spoken like a true quartermaine. Well, in this case, is that really such a bad thing?

[ Exhales sharply ] You know, I was so heartbroken when you and brook lynn were on the outs last year, and I just hated seeing you put your company in front of your family. I prayed like hell that you and brook lynn would find your way back to one another. I just never dreamed it would be because she started thinking more like you. God help valentin. That guy has a hell of a surprise coming for him.

[ Sighs ]

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