GH Transcript Thursday 4/1/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/1/21


Episode #14671 ~ Jax wishes Carly would stay on the sidelines. Maxie and Britt discuss how to handle Peter. Scott confronts Jason. Elizabeth is disappointed. Joss sees a side of Cam she doesn't like.

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 I haven't seen you since franco's memorial. Yeah, sorry. I-I just -- I haven't been in the mood to see anyone. Super glad that you're here, though.

[ Chuckles ] Well, uh, I wasn't really sure what to do, so I baked you some chocolate chip cookies, although I'm sure they're not as good as aiden'S. Oh, nonsense. I think that we should grab a couple glasses of milk, do a little taste test to find out, yeah? Fine. Come on, mom, please! I said no, jake. Why? Because I don't think it's a good idea. What does that mean? Why can't I see my dad? Scott: You belong in here, morgan. Do -- do you think I'm deriving any pleasure from seeing you right now? I can't wait until you get in front of the judge and the jury and you tell them how you planned to kill franco if his tumor got worse, and then you just reneged on that plan and killed him anyway. You got nothing to say? You just gonna dummy up on me, you muscle-bound oaf? What about the final moments? Did you make franco beg for his life, or did you just enjoy pulling that trigger? Britta, call me back when you get this. I need to talk to you about peter. I have discovered there'S... there is no end to his crimes. We have to do everything in our power to keep maxie and james away from him. Peter's fixated on you as his great love and his only salvation, maxie. He won't give you up. So you'll be stuck here playing the loving, grieving partner. So ask yourself, how far are you willing to go with peter? Um, as far as I have to. There's nothing I won't do to protect my daughter from her father. Then I'm sorry. I can't help you.

[ Scoffs ] You're right, Mike. The llantano river is amazing. And, oh, my god, the mill! You know, there is a certain charm to, uh, nixon falls. I told you. Yep, it does have that. If, uh, you and your magazine can write an article, you can bring, uh, some people in here, and you could -- it would be like a -- like a destination, right? Mm. Is that what they call it? Yeah, I believe that's what they call it. 'Cause n-nobody knows about this place, right? So if you bring your folks from your town, worst-case scenario, they can have a nice trip, eat a great meal. Best-case scenario, you can bring all these people here, all these tourists, and you know what? It could be fantastic. You could save this place from extinction. You gonna do it? Uh, um...

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry, Mike. I-I should take this. Oh, alright. Hi. Liesl: Nina? Aunt liesl? How far out of town are you? I-I'm pretty far out. Why? What's wrong? For the first time in my life, I am at a complete loss. I don't know what to do. You want me to... yeah. [ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Okay, I want you to try to come down. Aunt liesl, what has gotten you so upset? What else? Peter august.

[ Sighs ] Again? What did he do now? In addition to his myriad crimes, peter murdered franco. But despite the grandstanding, you are all alone in a sea of predators. Don't tell me I can't protect my family. No one's getting the better of me, least of all you. Are you sure about that? You think I'm weak? That my family is vulnerable somehow? You were mistaken. And if you ever, ever come after me or anyone I care about, I will come back at you 10 times harder. Aren't you quite the lioness? Jax: Oh, yes, she is.

He's a psychopath. They're clingy. You need to promise him you'll come back to him and then go into hiding until he's dead or in prison. No, I can't cut peter out of my life right now. Look, britt, right now, he is all hearts and flowers, okay? I need to keep him that way until I can hide this baby from him. Okay, and that's -- that's all good in theory. But in reality, the more you let him in, the more he'll take. He'll push and push until he backs you into bed with him again. Oh, my god, britt. Stop. Uh, am I wrong? Peter is a very big, very strong man with no real conscience, and he wants you. So if your plan is to keep him close, how are you gonna put him off? Carly, why don't you have a drink with me instead of wasting your time with this guy? When the conversation was just starting to get interesting? Not a chance. Come on. He's not worth it. Wow. Thanks for the assist. This will be the second time today mrs. Corinthos needs to be peeled away from a victim. Don't cross me again, you son of a bitch. You know, what you lack in elegance, you do make up for in gusto. You really are exactly what one might expect to find from a mob wife -- without the mob, of course. Thank you. Don't do that again. I was just trying to help -- rescue me when I didn't ask for it or need it. Well, actually kind of looked like you did. Oh, come on. You know better than anyone that I'm not some helpless damsel in distress. You undermined me in front of peter. Okay, so now he'll underestimate you. You'll have the upper hand. That's not how I wanted to get it. You're welcome. Besides, do you really want to make an enemy of peter august right now? That's a really serious accusation, aunt liesl. Are you sure? Yes, I am positive. Well, how do you know this? Anna told me. Anna?

Mein gott, nina. I knew of peter's treachery all this time. And each time I tried to stop him, I failed. And now... no, listen to me, you are not to blame yourself. I blame peter. He lured cesar to port charles where he killed my only son. And now peter has killed franco, who I loved as if he were my son. I am so sorry, aunt liesl. You know how important franco was to me. I-I don't know what to do. Alright. I want you to listen to me. You fight to get justice for franco in the legal way. You take all that anger and guilt and grief and you turn it into something positive. You were denied access from your grandson. Did you turn it into something positive? I'm trying to. So when jake spoke at franco's memorial and he said how much franco had done for him -- when you killed franco, you also broke your son's heart. Does that matter to you? Okay, then, from one father to another, can you apologize to me that my son is dead because of you? I can'T. Yeah, you can. I didn't kill franco! Jake, your dad knows you're thinking of him, but he wouldn't want you seeing him in jail. It's just not a place for kids. But I don't think a few minutes is gonna hurt. Mom, please, I need to tell him I'm on his side. He knows that. But if it'd make you feel better, I will tell him the next time I see him, okay? No, it's not okay. I have to tell him I know he'd never, ever kill franco. He just wouldn'T. Cameron: Jake. Look, I-I know that you don't want to hear this right now, but your father, jason morgan, shot and killed franco. Cameron, stop! No, no. And -- and telling yourself that he didn't is just completely stupid.

You are right about peter, but you don't need to worry. He's not gonna blindside me. I see the crazy now. And I-I'm not gonna fall for his charms again. Okay, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm upsetting you. Let me check your blood pressure, okay? Alright, fine. Take a seat. Maxie, I'm sorry. I'm just worried about you. Peter keeps inserting himself into your life and it's only getting worse. What are you gonna do about it? What I always do. I'm gonna deal with it. Let's be real. What other choice do I have? What, do you think we're all just a bunch of idiots? It's the truth. Elizabeth saw you standing over franco when the life was draining out of his body. You know, I don't why I bother with you. You can't give me what I want. You can't give franco back to me. Nor to me. Nobody can bring franco back to us. But someone will be punished for killing him. You're damn right. Morgan, you're gonna pay for this. So how do you want to kill him? Should I go distract the guards? What do you want to do? No. Mr. Morgan is telling the truth. He didn't kill franco. Peter did. Elizabeth: Cameron, what are you doing? The sooner jake gets it through his thick head, the better off he'll be. Jason morgan -- your father -- killed franco. You're a liar. My father didn't do it. They got the wrong guy. Fine. Don't believe me. Ask mom. She was there. She saw what jason did. I'm warning you, not another word. You're the one who's lying. I hate you! What has gotten into you? How could you do that to him?

[ Door opens, slams ] Your mom's right. You shouldn't have done that. Why?! Because you think jason's innocent, too, huh? Jake, honey, cameron didn't -- is cam right? Do you think my daddy killed franco? Peter is already an enemy, and that conversation was a warning shot and I flinched. Was it because I showed up? No, no, it happened before you got here. Peter got to me. He really got to me. And you know why? He got to me because he's right. He's right because jason's in jail and Sonny's gone, and I'm the last line of defense when it comes to my family. I mean, I'm the one who has to keep the wolves at bay. Uh, well, y-you're not alone, right? I mean, Sonny's people are loyal to you, so they would protect you if peter tries anything. Peter's not the only one I'm up against. You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. It was my aunt liesl on the phone. She's just upset about something that happened at home. You look a-a bit... worse for the wear. Yeah, it's a long story. And honestly, after hearing what she has to say, I'm even happier that I am just getting away from it all. What better place... than nixon falls? Thank you. Yeah. And after that call, I am wondering if I should spoil this beautiful place with a bunch of people who will just... complicate things. Well, you know what? I think if you bring tourists in here, it's not -- it's not gonna complicate things. I think they're just gonna see... the peace and quiet that I see. Yeah. You do seem... relaxed. Yeah. Compared to who? Oh, just compared to the people back home. Mike, sometimes you must wonder who you were and where you came from. Well, I'm not gonna lie to you, yeah, of course I do. So how hard have you tried to find out who you are? I'm just -- I'm just not sure where I'd start. Well, there are a million ways to research it. Everyone leaves an internet footprint, you must know that. Yeah. So why haven't you tried harder to find out who you really are?

There's something aboutthis place that appeals to me. It's not perfect, and I've -- you know, I've hit a few snags along the way. Mm. Such as? Well, there was a few situations that made me wonder how complicated and maybe dangerous my life was. I mean, could be a blessing. life was a mess. Well, you -- you have history. You have people. Everyone does. Yeah. Where are they? 'Cause I've been looking, but where are they? Seems like they gave up pretty easy. Well, you can't be sure of that. Well, I don't want to chase after a life that I-I don't remember. Um... maybe I got a life right now that'S...pretty good. You're telling me you got nothing on this Mike guy? It's important because he's trouble. You dig deeper. I'll see if I can find out more. Cyrus renault? Ooh, he is circling like a vulture. He is just waiting for the right time to take over Sonny's holdings. Okay, so what does that have to do with you? Is that an actual question? You aren't running Sonny's business, are you?

[ Scoffs ] I mean, legit or otherwise? I thought jason was doing that. Jason is in lockup awaiting arraignment for murder charges. Which doesn't change the fact that cyrus is jason's enemy, and not yours. Jax, cyrus won't hesitate to use my family as leverage to get what he wants. I mean, it was just a year ago when he made an attack on my family, including our daughter, because that's what he does. Yes. But he did that to get to Sonny, not you. And now with Sonny and jason out of the picture, you are irrelevant to cyrus. Okay, jason's not out of the picture. I have every reason to believe that this case against him is going to fall apart. You don't think that's a little bit of wishful thinking on your part? Jason is innocent. Cyrus is framing jason to cover for the real killer -- peter august. What I think about jason is beside the point. And what you said, yeah, it wasn't about jake, it was about you. God, it's like you hate jason so much, you want your little brother to hate him, too. Jake should hate jason. He took franco away from us. What you did was cruel and unfair. You're better than that. At least I thought you were. We don't have all the facts yet about who killed franco. But do you think my dad's guilty? I think...

[ Sighs ] What I know is a person in this country is innocent until proven guilty. So dad's innocent until then? That's what I was taught. Can I please see him, mom? I really need to talk to him myself. Peter framed jason, just like he framed me. The difference is peter has no one to protect him anymore, not even anna devane. Why are you so sure? We came to a meeting of the minds. You and anna devane? T-the woman that you hate more than anybody in the world -- that anna devane? The very one.

Herr morgan... I came here to tell you that I will fight for your freedom and for peter's conviction. Frankly, you're quite lucky to have me on your side. We're done here. Let's go and remember franco. Come on.

[ Sighs ] It's slightly elevated. Can't imagine why. Okay, it's my fault, I'm sorry. I bet my blood pressure would go down if you agreed to help me with my plan and hide this baby from peter. Maybe we can come up with another plan? Britt, I am open to suggestions. I'm heartbroken at the idea of having to be away from my little girl, even if it's just a short period of time.

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[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. What? I forgot to tell you. Nina called me. How's it going... "just Mike"? Eli, uh, phyllis and lenny aren't here. They went to the movies. Good for them. Yeah. It really is a blessing that you're here. Well, I'm not gonna argue with that. So, who's your friend? Nina, this is, uh, elijah crowe. Uh, elijah, this is nina. You from around here? I'm just kind of passing through. We get a lot of people passing through. Not too many stop and stay. Where you coming from? New york. The city? Born and raised, actually. And what brings you to our humble little hamlet? You gonna ask her shoe size next?

[ Chuckles ] Am I prying? Sorry. It's just phyllis and I, we go way back. Oh? From the vibe I was getting from you two, I thought maybe you knew just Mike. Yeah? Well, you just -- you just came in here and, you know, and saw us. What kind of vibe are you talking about? I saw you from outside when I was on the phone. Oh. You looked like old friends. Here I was hoping you could tell us a little something about our new mystery man. Sorry, no. Mike and I just met. I'll see what I can do to get you in to see your dad, okay? Jake. Leave me alone! Jake, I need to tell you how so-- I don't want to talk to you. I need to tell you how sorry I am for the stuff that I said about your dad, okay? I-I-I was worried that you were gonna see it online or -- or -- or that your -- your friends would tell you, and I didn't want you to be hurt by it. So you just decided to hurt me yourself? I wanted to protect you. And I can see now that I didn't do a very good job. Joss -- joss helped me realize that the reason why I said what I said is that inside I'm still really sad and mad about losing franco. I miss him, too. I loved him as much as you did. I know. I know you did. And now that he's gone, we need to stick together, right? So brother to brother, will you accept my apology? Do you take it back? Do I -- do you take back what you said about my dad? Jake, I-I -- then no. I don't accept your apology. Ah, thank you. Ahh. Now that we are sufficiently lubricated, we can say things we would never utter while sober. Okay. I'll go first. In addition to you saving me from dr. Kirk, I want you to know how -- how grateful I was for your hospitality when I was still in hiding. Well, you know, you don't have to mention that. You know, um, sidestepping the law, that's my specialty. And now I'm asking you for one more thing -- to hear me out. Am I gonna regret this? I hope not. Then fire away. Franco's death... is my fault. Hi. Hi. Um...come on in. Oh, you're here. I'm checking on maxie. Her blood pressure is elevated, so please don't upset her. Yeah, thanks. I'll -- I'll give it my best. I, um -- I just wanted to give you this. What's the occasion? My apology. I'm sorry for crowding you at last night's lamaze class. I-I was just trying to be a good father. Anyway, um, I promise I'll back off moving forward and respect that you need some space. Thank you. Peter, this is so sweet. It has real sentimental value for me. When valentin took me from my adoptive parents, it was the only toy that I brought with me. I cherished it all the years I was with my father. I'm surprised faison let you keep it. Yeah, well, he didn't care much about me, so he didn't care much for my keepsakes, either. You of all people know the drill. Oh, I do. Anyway... this little guy kept me hopeful. Because he reminded me that there are better people out there in this world... people who would love me. Like you do.

This is really lovely. Thank you. But I-I hope you can find it in yourself to keep your promise and give me what I need to feel safe around you again. This really breaks my heart. It's not been a picnic for me, either. But we'll get where we need to be. Maybe I could check in with you tomorrow, see about putting together the crib that I got for the baby. How does that sound? Peter. Or I could just give you a few days. That would be better. But I will call you in the morning, see how you feel. Maybe when you're finally alone, we can really talk. Thank you for the gift. And...good night. Good night. See? I-I told you I could put up a front. Yeah, you sure did. I mean, I got to say, even with all his faults... they're called crimes, maxie. This was a really nice gesture.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. You know, it would have been if he wasn't lying through his teeth. He didn't get that from his adoptive parents. Faison gave it to him. What? Yeah. Are you sure? Yes, because he gave me one just like it. Okay, so I don't know where nina is, but it sounded like she was in a bar or restaurant. Okay, so what did she want? I assume she wanted to threaten me with legal action over her right to visit wiley. I mean, you remember Ava going on and on about that. Yeah, of course I rec-- I recall. So -- so what did you say? I told her...not to.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that. Mm, there -- there -- yeah, there is, but that was the gist. Okay, so after she got the gist, what did nina sound like? She sounded odd. Really odd. In -- in what way? Nina said I made my bed and now I'll have to lie in it alone. Eli here is one of phyllis' strays. Um, lenny and phyllis took him in when he needed help. They're great people. It breaks my heart to see that their business isn't what it used to be. That's why I'm trying to convince nina to write an article about this town. That way, the tourists can come here. Oh, you're a writer? Not just a writer. She's the editor of crimson magazine. I looked it up. She's a big deal.

Crimson? Fashion magazine, right? Yeah, that's the one. And you're thinking of doing an article on nixon falls? Well, we do more than just fashion. Mike was showing me around town. We saw the river and the mill. And it's a very special place. Oh, you want special? Don't just take a newbie's word for it. How about I give you the insider's tour? Obrecht: It was my fault. Had I been more astute, I could have stopped peter, or at least warned franco. But I failed, and now I... I don't know how I'll ever forgive myself. Listen, if peter really did this... of course peter did it. Why is it so difficult for you to accept? Well, then you can't beat yourself up. You're not gonna bring franco back. Peter august will pay for this. We must make him pay. Oh, he will pay, scott. You have no idea how I will make him pay. Alright. Well, you cut me in on that because, you know, franco was my last son. I know he had flaws. Flaws? Franco? How dare you. Well, I like that you see only the good in him. Oh, I saw much more than that. I saw his troubled soul, the devil he used to be but was no more. Best of all... I saw his heart. Yeah, I-I saw his vulnerable side a lot, especially when he needed help. Yes. I was particularly fond of that. I loved all of him.

[ Chuckles ] Me, too. Me, too. Ah. Verdammt.

[ Sniffles ] Oh, I-I despise crying in public.

[ Sniffles ] Ah, listen, fraulein... may I walk you to your room?

Danke. I would like that. Okay. Hey, I know it might not seem like it, but you did good talking to jake. Thanks. I just... I feel so bad. I should have never gone off on jake like that. Hey, I'm glad that you realize that. You know that's good. Joss... come on. You have to know deep inside that -- that jason did it, right? We're really going here again. Please tell me you're not wearing blinders like jake and everyone else that puts jason morgan on a pedestal. I am not wearing blinders. I am 100% certain that he didn't do it. But my mom was there. She practically caught him in the act. She didn't see jason kill franco because he didn't do it. I-I-I can't believe this. How can you sit there and -- and defend the man who murdered my stepfather? How can you call yourself my friend if you're not on my side on this?

[ Cell door opens ] Dad. Jake. Uh, this is A... this is a surprise. Well, he needed to see you, and the commissioner made it happen. I painted something for you. It's from when we went to see the woodchucks, so you could think of something else while you're here.

[ Exhales sharply ] That is... that's great. Thanks. I was hoping you'd like it. It's, uh -- it's perfect. I can see why mom didn't think it was such a good idea to come here. Looks really depressing. Yeah. I'm fine. How are you doing? Not great. Cameron says that you killed franco. And he said that mom thinks you did, too.

Wow. Who are you and what have you done with cameron webber? I'm right here. No. The cam I know is a decent guy. You're so convinced you're right, you think it's your duty to trash jake's father. I apologized to jake. But you don't mean it. Obviously, there are sides and we are not on the same one. So what are you gonna do, huh? Well, the only thing I can do, cam. I can't be friends with someone who's so twisted up with hate, they can't even consider the fact that they might be wrong.

[ Door opens, closes ] Jake, I-I just -- I-I don't want you to worry. But I am worried. Okay, just try not to -- to worry too much... because things are gonna work itself out one way or another. And I promise you... I give you my word... I did not kill franco. I knew it. I knew you didn't do it. I tried to tell cam, but he wouldn't listen. You don't -- you don't have to defend me. And I wish I could tell you that this was gonna be over soon, but the courts are slow and it's gonna take a while for the truth to come out. Okay? There's gonna be a lot of people out there saying a lot of bad things about me. You just let them. You don't have to fight for me. But I want to. Thank you. But the best thing you can do for me is just live your life, okay? And -- and try to get along with your brothers and keep doing your art. And you hold on to the fact that I didn't do this. I would never hurt anyone if it meant hurting you. I know you wouldn't, dad. Liesl: Everyone thought I was crazy when I hired franco to work as an art therapist at general hospital. Oh, I-I thought it was genius. Using his talent to -- to help people. For a time, you and I were franco's only allies, when everyone else hated and feared him. Yeah. Yeah, I know it. You know what? I-I'm just really thankful that you were always there for him. And I'm thankful that franco had you in his life as well. Yeah. Would you like to come in? I believe I will. Okay, this doesn't happen often, so I really want you to just take it in. Take what in? Me admitting that I was wrong and you were right. Peter is not going to stop pushing. Exactly, which is why I'm gonna go along with your plan. Really?! Yes, yes, we are gonna fake a stillbirth and send that baby somewhere peter can't find her. Oh, thank you. Thank you, britt. I did not know how I was gonna do this alone. First things first. We can't leave you open to more visits from peter. Okay. Alright. Yes, I agree. But how do we stop him? Oh, trust me. I know how to keep peter away from you all the way until the baby's born. Well, I really wish there was something that I could do. Yeah, I mean, cyrus and now peter...

[Sighs] They're my problems to solve. Hey, you know, I might not be a, um -- a coffee importer like Sonny or a business associate like jason, but I am here, which means you are definitely not alone in this. How about it? Will you let me show you around? Well, I haven't even decided whether or not I'm gonna write the article. You will. Especially after my grand tour. Okay. How's tomorrow? Tomorrow's great. Can't wait. Later, Mike. Everyone in nixon falls seems very nice. Yeah, he's a hell of a guy, isn't he? I got news. It looks like Mike isn't our only problem. Some big-shot named nina reeves. Runs crimson magazine, you know, the fashion rag? Find out more about her. You don't think much of elijah, do you? Well, you know, it doesn't really matter what I think. Mm. Okay. Tomorrow's gonna be very interesting.

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