GH Transcript Tuesday 3/30/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/30/21


Episode #14669 ~ Carly works with Anna; Finn and Diane rally around Alexis. Michael pays Jason a visit. Brando warns Gladys against associating with Cyrus. Laura thanks Curtis.

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I remember when I used to look forward to coming here. You know, it's not too late to change your plea to not guilty.

[ Footsteps approach ] Thank you, sam, and I could not agree with you more. Alexis, listen to the advice that you would give to any of your clients. The law makes allowances for mitigating circumstances. Use them. I know that you're both on my side, but I've made my decision. What was that you said about fighting your demons? If you have the courage to face them, they vanish. You're not the one facing prison charges. Listen to your daughter, alexis. Noble gestures, they're all well and good, but this is your life we're talking about, honey. Don't tie my hands. Let me fight for you. Wow. [ Laughs ] Hey, how goes the quest for your liquor license? Slowly. But I've been assured that my permit is being processed. So in the meantime, it's trying out new lighting packages and calibrating sound systems. So you think you made the right choice to trade in the pi firm for a nightclub? It feels like it. Really? Well, that's great. You found your calling. Oh, by the way, I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom that you shared with my grandson last night. Well, Trina did most of the heavy lifting, you know? She's an amazing kid, and she has been such a good friend to cam. You know, that young lady has the courage of her convictions, but yet she's not afraid to admit when she's wrong, and that's rare. It is. I just hope taggert realizes how lucky he is that he gets a second chance at being her dad. Well, you can unpack your things in the guest room. Then we'll figure out what we want to get for dinner.

[ Laughs ] You finally learned how to cook? Yeah, we're gonna be ordering takeout. Okay, well, you know, it won't take me too long to unpack. Everything I own is in here except my ankle monitor.

[ Sighs ] You know, about dinner, you don't -- you don't have to cook for me. You've already gone above and beyond. I saw Trina's reaction when she thought the judge was gonna order you back to jail. Yeah, it's pretty tough to disappoint Trina, even though I seem to have made a career of it. We've both done our fair share of disappointing the people we love. Carly, I was very sorry to hear about Sonny. Thank you. Yeah. Very sorry. So here. You want to talk about peter? I just came from visiting jason at the pcpd. Oh. I'd ask how he is, but I have a feeling I already know. He's jason. He's not gonna bend, he's not gonna break. He's also convinced you can help me prove that he's innocent of franco's murder. That's where peter comes in. Right. Only way to save jason is to bring the real killer to justice.

[ Groans ] Aah!

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Line rings ] Cyrus: This is cyrus renault. Damn it!

Leave a message. Yeah, it's me. I thought we had an agreement that these unfounded rumors surrounding franco's death would be put to rest. So if jason morgan is in jail, why does liesl obrecht think that I should be there in his place? Is it possible that your eyewitness has been talking to someone other than the cops? You'd think she'd be a lot smarter than that, for her own sake. Brando: ...Physical therapist said I have to pace myself, rebuild strength in the muscle group, so I run for short sprints, and mostly I walk. Michael. You okay? Uh...yeah. Yeah, I just -- honestly, I was just thinking about the scales of justice and how little it takes to move them in one direction or the other. Wow. Okay, well, since we're on the subject, you got a minute? Mom, you wanted to know how I was recovering from the gunshot wound. You haven't looked up from that menu. It all looks so good.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, when you mentioned getting a bite to eat, I figured you were talking about kelly'S. Metro court's a bit out of your budget. Nothing's too good for my son. How are the truffles here? Pricey. Again, I have to ask, how are you paying for this? I just add it to my room tab. Yeah. What's up with you staying at the best hotel in town? You don't have to worry. It's been taken care of. Yeah? By anyone I know? Cyrus: I took you to be many things, mr. Morgan, but never did I take you to be a fool. Carly must have explained, you don't need to remain locked up in here. You can be free. All you have to do is the smart thing, the humane thing -- return my mother to the people who love her. I'm not gonna negotiate. That's such a shame, since the people who are gonna pay the price for your arrogance and intractability are carly and her family.

I feel bad for kicking your seat on purpose. We should have just told you it's a boy. I wish you didn't have to hear all that. I promise I will not eat any more of your friends. Really? K, it might happen one more time.

[Sfx: Psst psst] Allergies don't have to be scary. Spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. Psst! Psst! All good I'm headed to alexis' hearing. Obviously, she's charged with assaulting your brother, so maybe you feel she deserves what she gets. Well, I mean, I'm -- I'm also related to alexis' daughter kristina, and she's really worried about her mom. We all are. And alexis' drinking was out of control, and, honestly, all any of us want is for her to get the help that she needs. Mm. Yes. Does that include dante? Well, yeah, he's not only the victim, right? He's also a witness. He has to testify. Any idea what he might say? Truth. And dante was a former police officer, so he's going to be honest and objective. But there's no way to downplay what happened. Alexis was drunk. Her judgment was impaired. She walked into an exam room, grabbed a needle full of lidocaine, intending to kill franco, but injected dante instead, and, well, he almost died. The irony is, I could really use a drink right now. No, no, no, no. But you're not gonna have one. No, I'm not gonna have one. I am so proud of you. We're all proud of you. And, alexis, if you are strong enough not to drink today, you are strong enough to let me fight for you. Valentin: I think it's entirely possible that strength and sobriety come from the same place. It takes guts to face the consequences of your actions. Why do you keep encouraging her to plead guilty and send herself to prison? I'm not. I'm here supporting alexis. I want to see her recover from her addiction. How she chooses to own up to what she's done and make amends, that's entirely up to her. Making amends means pleading guilty, which means she will send herself straight to prison. Alexis, you and I both know that pleading not guilty doesn't mean you're innocent. It just means that you are using the judicial system the way it should be used. Just a little while ago, marcus taggert pleaded not guilty, and now he's out on bail, and his attorney has time to mount his defense. Taggert was accused of a federal crime. He went before a federal judge. Mom, please listen to diane. Plead not guilty. Give her a chance to come up with a strategy so you don't have to go to prison. Extra time isn't gonna change what happened. I was drunk and I was out of control, and I plunged a syringe full of lidocaine into dante's chest, and I almost killed him. I need to face the consequences. Since you will be staying with me for the near future, I want to establish some rules. I'll put the toilet seat down in the bathroom. I was thinking of a higher mind than that. Oh, okay. We're both in difficult positions, so no self-pity parties allowed, okay? No. Back in the day, when we joined the task force, we knew exactly what we were getting involved in. Rule number one, team first. Rule number two, when in doubt, refer to rule number one. Yeah. Mm. A lot's changed since then, huh? Yeah, sure has, but one thing that hasn't changed is our desire to finish what we started. So how exactly how are we gonna nail cyrus renault? Well, of course, kevin and i are looking forward to your grand opening, but, actually, we would just love to have a place to go at night to unwind after a long day, listen to some good music. Well, that is exactly the atmosphere I am here to provide. Well, then expect to see a lot of us. We actually just made a promise to each other to try to have more date nights. So things are good between the two of you? Never better. Why do you ask? Well, because, you know, currently I'm flying solo, so, you know, it kind of makes me feel good to know that my friends are happy with their relationships. Well, kevin and i are just terrific. I wish I could say the same about some of my other relationships. Your grandson spencer again? No, for once, spencer seems to be staying out of trouble. Oh, great. Yeah. I was referring to martin grey, the brother I never knew I had. I decided to surprise him with a cake and a candle for his birthday. That was nice of you. But let me guess, it didn't go well. He barely had a chance to make a wish, and our other brother showed up, and he just ruined everything. Jason: You don't have florence. You hurt carly or her kids, you never will. Don't misunderstand. I mean no harm to carly or her children or even to the corinthos empire Sonny left behind. Unfortunately, you made the mistake of scheduling a meeting with five well-respected family-owned businesses when you aren't able to attend. I know those people, and patience isn't one of their virtues. Meetings can be rescheduled. Well, that won't be necessary. I intend to fill the void left behind by you and Sonny. Of course, I'll do my best to see that everyone's interests are protected. But the families, they tend to drive a hard bargain. Now, I, on the other hand, know how to be reasonable. You can return my mother or be tried and convicted for the murder of franco baldwin. Your choice. Carly: Jason warned you months ago that peter arranged for drew's plane to crash and sent the assassin who targeted franco and dr. Maddox, and you wouldn't listen. No, I was wrong. You were in denial. You wouldn't see what was right in front of you, and because of that, peter had free reign for months. Even as the body count kept climbing, you kept telling yourself that peter was innocent and he could be redeemed. Yeah. I'll carry that regret for the rest of my life. So why are you here, carly? Jason thinks we can work together. He trusts you. You clearly don'T. I trust jason's judgment. He can read people better than I can. And jason believes in you. You better not prove him wrong.

Sam: In a suit? Yeah, I mean, I'm a witness. I thought I'd dress the part. Yes, it's always advisable to dress for court. A witness' appearance will affect how their testimony is received. I'm gonna go wait outside. Hey, we know you have to be here. The judge summoned you to testify. Yeah. Responsibilities, you know? Please stay. Your presence reminds me why I made the choice that I made. Oh, dr. Hamilton Finn. You heard from anna lately? You two even speaking? Even if I did have time to talk, I wouldn't waste it on you.

[ Laughs ] Look, peter's day is coming. Okay? Sooner than he thinks. So, look, carly, I wasn't surprised when jason told me that peter killed franco. I wasn't, because he got away with far too much for far too long, and, yes, a lot of that is on me. So I want him brought to justice almost as much as I want jason exonerated, so if you have any suggestions about how we could accomplish that, I want to hear it. The witness who claims they saw jason ditch the murder weapon is a woman named gladys corbin. She's Sonny's cousin. We think cyrus renault paid gladys to lie. Now, gladys' son brando works for cyrus, so she has access, and she's taken money from cyrus before. The details about that don't really matter. The point is cyrus paid gladys to betray her family before, and she did it. So she's greedy and a mercenary. That's right. Now, jason thinks gladys was in franco's building the night he was murdered and she saw peter ditch the gun down the garbage chute. Now, gladys knows that cyrus hates jason, and so when jason was brought in for questioning, gladys reached out to cyrus, told him what was going on, and cyrus told gladys to go to the police. And she told them where to find the gun and that she had seen jason dump it there. And when they retrieved it and it had no fingerprints on it, then that validated her account. Exactly. Alright. Well, that all makes sense. Except why is cyrus protecting peter? Your boss is an amazing man. Not only did he pay your medical bills, he's been very generous with me. Why is that? What's in it for him? Don't be so cynical. The man obviously cares about you. And given that he's concerned about his own mother, he wanted to make sure that you and I are in a good place since I wasn't invited to dev's funeral and I couldn't share in your grief -- we have been over this, ma. I know you're the one who told cyrus that dev wasn't really my son and that he came into the states illegally. You gave cyrus information that he could hold over Sonny's family and me. Really, brando. How can you say such a thing? Because I know you. You smell money and whatever common sense you have goes right out the window. I'm warning you, ma, cyrus renault is a very dangerous man. And if you disappoint him or you cross him, he will make sure that you regret it. Excuse me. Do you have a moment? Cyrus: By this time tomorrow, someone else can be sitting in that cell. I can save you a place at the sit-down with the five families and pledge that carly and everyone near and dear to her will have their safety and security guaranteed. All you have to do is return a harmless little old lady who means nothing to you, but everything to me.

Ly wanted martinto be the good brother, I guess partly to soften the blow that the other brother was cyrus renault. Right. You know... I never had much contact with martin grey. I mean, we may have crossed paths socially a couple of times, but I'm not a big fan of lawyers, except for alexis davis. Mm. But I will say this -- at his worst, martin grey is not even in renault's league. Or am I wrong? What did martin do? Cyrus went out of his way to paint martin as being unscrupulous. He said that he had a dark side. Martin didn't deny it, though. And you were hoping he would? I was counting on it.

[ Sighs ] You know, I thought I was past the point in life where I could be disillusioned by people. Well, I mean, it's not a crime to want to see the best in people. In fact, it's a really good trait. Especially with the family. Except that when you get too close to people, it obscures your vision. You start to see them the way you want to see them instead of the way they are. You think that's the way I see jordan? All I'm saying is that I realize now that I was rushing into this family connection. But could it be that maybe you're rushing away from yours? We can order takeout. If I remember correctly, you have a weakness for soup dumplings and prawns in garlic sauce. Yeah, nice try. I want to see the cyrus file. It's a police file, taggert. Restricted access. Ah. Hey, I get it. Ex-cops don't count. I'm sorry. You know how badly I want to bring down cyrus. But we can't do it the way we did it before. It has to be legit this time. Hey, no, look, I learned my lesson. I'm older and wiser. You know what? I'm gonna have to pass on that garlic sauce. It doesn't sit with me like it used to before. Alright.

[ Sighs ] Dante: What's up? I'm just checking. Do you think you can handle this? And I'm not just talking about my mother. You mean because of the triggers installed in my head? No, that's not what I mean. I don't think that you are dangerous. I'm genuinely just checking on you, see how you're doing. You've been through a lot in the past couple days. Well, let's be honest, I almost killed peter august, and I would have if you hadn't talked me down. Honestly? I kind of wish you did. Really? I went to the pcpd to see jason, and he told me that peter did kill franco. Has he got any proof? Not yet. But we will. We -- you and jason? No, me and peter's sister, britt. Alright. I just spoke with the bailiff. The judge is running a little late, so there is still time for me to mount some sort of defense for you. Even if there were time to argue mitigating circumstances, diane, there is more at stake here than my freedom. From a philosophical standpoint, yes, I'm sure you're right. From a judicial perspective, however, you can either spend the next few years on a suspended sentence or in a prison cell. Diane, this is about more than legal maneuvering. Much more. Alexis can equivocate with a judge and her daughters, but if she wants to stay healthy and sober, she needs to learn to be rigorously honest with herself. Finn: Says the guy who lies like he's breathing. Gladys told the police exactly where to find the gun, so peter must realize that gladys saw him drop the gun down the garbage chute. Alright, so peter's fate is in her hands. That's right. And gladys isn't looking any further ahead than the money. Although, eventually, she's gonna realize that she's the one person who can connect peter to the murder weapon. And he wouldn't hesitate to eliminate her. Oh, god, I just want to explain that to her. She'll see you coming a mile off. Maybe I could have a go at her. Really? A complete stranger with a british accent? Oh, no, that's not obvious. Okay, maybe not me, but everyone has a weakness. You're right. Gladys is greedy. We could pay her off. We could. Then I feel like she would go to cyrus to get a bigger payout, and then he would realize that we were onto her. Yeah, and gladys could wind up dead. And that would be so bad for jason because we need her alive so that she can recant her statement. Alright, we've got to come up with a different angle. Yeah. We do. We have to find a way in, a way to win her trust. Tell me everything you know about gladys. Where are my manners? I'm -- oh, I know who you are. You're the publisher of the invader. I never miss it, especially page five.

[ Chuckles ] I'm gladys corbin, a cousin of the late Sonny corinthos, and this is my son, brando. He's a trusted employee of cyrus renault. Do you know him? Oh, everybody knows cyrus renault.

[ Cellphone rings ] It's my garage. I can get it later. No, go ahead, take it. It's work. Excuse me, ms. Corbin. Oh, please, call me gladys. Okay, gladys, I get the distinct impression that you and I have met before. It's possible. You do have one of those faces -- you know, the kind you never forget. Well, mr. Morgan? What do you say? For carly's sake? Are you ready to come around? Well, mr. Renault, I don't think you need to worry about getting a mother's day gift this year. You had your chance. You won't get another one. Was it something I said? What's he doing here? Just delivering a message. I'm guessing he didn't like your answer.

 I know diane is working on your bail, but I also know that a witness came forward, which will make it less likely that your bail will be granted. Yeah, I'm not expecting to be released anytime soon. How you holding up? You know, I spent a lot of time in lockup. I don't love it, but... I'm used to it. I know, but, I mean, this time's different. Dad's gone. That's got to put a lot of extra pressure on you. Michael. You haven't asked if I did it. It's not all that complicated to understand gladys. I mean, first and foremost, she's an opportunist. She's all about the money. Well, money is a part of it, but gladys is also chasing things that money can't buy. Like she always saw Sonny as her super-successful relative. Yes, he was rich, but he was also respected and envied, even feared. So prestige, standing. That's a way of looking at it. Okay. I mean, gladys lived her life on the outside looking in, and she resents it. She does. She thinks she deserves better, but she won't lift one finger to make that happen. Gladys feels like she's owed. Interesting. I think you've just given me an idea about how we can deal with gladys. Alexis: I always appreciate your support, you know that, but just so you also know, he's here to do the same thing. Right, and if the two of you can't play nice in the sandbox, I'm gonna send one of you home. Finn: You're absolutely right, alright? This is all about alexis, and any personal issues that I may have, they take a back seat. And I will try to reciprocate. Diane is saying that there's time to change the plea to not guilty. You know, I -- I love a good fight, but it might be a bigger battle, bigger than the legal one. It's one we both wage every day.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I can see from your face that's important. It's an important text. Take care of it. No, no, no, no. I-I-I said I would be here for you. You have been here for me. I can take it from here. Keep me updated. I will. Okay, so am I gonna change the plea to not guilty? No, plead guilty. It's your call. Just know that I'm gonna fight like hell for you whether you want me to or not. You know, I hope you didn't get the wrong impression of me, gladys. My father was not a very good man. A lot of people in this town mistakenly think I've followed in his footsteps. Well, I'm an independent thinker. I like to make my own judgments about people. Well, I think that's wonderful. I wish more people had your ability to decipher their own best interests. Sadly, I've been dealing with a lunatic named liesl obrecht. She's a fugitive from the wsb psych ward, and she just accused me of killing franco baldwin with my own bare hands. Now, where in this twisted universe could she have ever come up with something like that? Search me. And yet liesl never even claimed to have seen me kill franco. She said she heard a story about it from someone else. Strictly off the record, I'm the one who saw the whole thing. I went to the police and told them I saw jason morgan toss the gun. I applaud your civic-mindedness, gladys. There are many people who would have been afraid to come forward. Oh, not me. I-I knew it was too important to stay silent. You said you're a big fan of the invader, right?

[ Chuckles ] How would you like to see your name and your photo printed in the paper by coming forward with your eye-witness account story? I think it's absolutely deserving of front-page coverage. That's a bad idea, peter.

 I really didn't know anything about martin at all. I just -- I wanted to believe that he was the good brother because I wanted a brother. I wanted a sibling. It's been so long since amy died. So anyway, I rushed into that family connection, and it blew up in my face. So that's it? You're just gonna write him off? No, I'm not, I'm not. I'm just going to take things more slowly, you know, proceed with a little more caution, try to see martin for who he really is. That doesn't sound too different from my situation with jordan. Maybe I should see her for the person she is. But you have so much more invested with jordan. You've got time and history. Don't give up on that. You know... tj, he was here earlier, and he said the same thing. Uh-huh. But you're still not convinced.

[ Sighs ] You know, there's no easy answer. It's hard to rebuild trust. And I know she wasn't always honest with you, but I don't think that was all on her. And look, you've just created this wonderful new life for yourself. Wouldn't you like to be able to invite her into it? Or have you already made the decision to move on? I'm all unpacked. Let's order some italian. We know that cyrus has insulated himself in G.H. He's tried to reinvent himself as a pillar of society. Make himself respectable. Cover of G.H., Gloss over his sins. Exactly. But we do have one advantage on him. What's that? We see past his veneer of respectability. We know who this man is. And one day in the near future, we're gonna figure out a way to prove it. Gladys: Hello, cyrus. Gladys. Cyrus has been wonderful to my son and to me. I love my room here. Cyrus has been so generous to many people, and I count myself among them. Then allow me to advise you against putting ms. Corbin on the front page of the invader. If jason morgan's lawyer manages to get him released on bail, it will put her in his sights, and nobody wants that. Of course. You're right. Nobody wants that. Why don't you treat your mother to a dessert, something she can enjoy in her room? Oh, I'd prefer to stay here, if that's all right. Let's go, mother. Never want to overstay your welcome.

[ Chuckles ] What the hell were you thinking? Your eyewitness hasn't stopped the speculation that someone other than jason morgan killed franco baldwin. Someone? Like me. Haters are everywhere. Don't let them get to you. You know how these rumors work, cyrus. Enough people start to believe them, and I'll be the one in the cell instead of jason. Well, I can assure you that's the last thing I want, unless you fail to deliver on your end of our bargain. You had plenty of chances to kill franco without leaving a trace. Why would you do it in the stupidest, most obvious way possible? You wouldn'T. You also wouldn't kill franco because he's jake's stepfather, and jake's happiness means more to you than almost anything. Thank you for knowing that. Which means gladys is lying. Now, if it were any other witness, I would say that they were confused, but gladys, she's accusing you out of spite or greed or both. I mean, do you think that she's hoping that you'll pay her to change your story? Someone else is paying gladys. Someone like cyrus renault. Is that the message he just delivered to you? Carly: Okay, the only reason I'm going along with this is because I can't come up with a better plan. It will work, precisely because no one will be expecting it. And what if it doesn't work? I mean, what if jason is bound over for trial? It could be months before diane gets gladys on the witness stand. That is why we have to take action now, carly. Okay, I just think there's a big difference between how badly we want this. I know that you want to help jason because you think it will be nice. But for me, it's everything. It's crucial. I have got to free jason. I want him to be free, too. But you have to understand, what is more important to me is that peter is locked up because then maxie and her baby will be safe. And our first step towards that is to get gladys to implicate peter in franco's murder. Are you in?

[ Doorbell rings ] I'm in. Hey, I got your message. Hi. Sounded urgent. Who's parked in the driveway? We've been waiting for you.

 I'm impressed. Extensive research. I'd say thank you, but I still haven't found a way to bust renault. Found a way to stop him before. We'll find a way to stop him again. We talked about this already. We can't go down that path again. I'm not talking about framing him. This time around, I got a lot more to lose than you do. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Oh, I know you didn'T. You just want to make Trina proud. So let's just keep looking over this file until we can find a way to put cyrus away.

[ Knock on door ] It's gonna be a long night. Hopefully, that's our food. Hey, jordan. Look, I know I should have called first. There's something I need to say that couldn't wait. I wish I could spare you this whole ordeal.

[ Cellphone chimes ] First valentin, now you. Oh, it's the hospital. I have a patient in the icu. Go be brilliant. I can handle this. I know you will. I have faith in you. Take your seats. Judge carson is on her way. Look, my dad's death left a vacuum. And you took his place, but you cannot run the business from in here. Cyrus, he wants to take over. That's not your problem. Of course it's my problem. Cyrus will target our family. Look, somebody has to step in. What, you think mom's gonna run things? No, that's not happening. Well, dante's not gonna do it. That leaves me. I didn't ask for it, but there was a time when dad was out of commission and I had to step in to take his place until he was able to take charge again. Sonny never wanted this life for you. Well, my dad's not here anymore, and cyrus, he's not gonna stop until he's running the whole town. Somebody has to take him on. There is no other way. That's where you're wrong. What else do you want from me, renault? Jason morgan is in custody charged with murder. There's no one standing between you and the corinthos empire. Unless jason gets out on bail. You wouldn't let that happen, would you? It's going to take both of us to ensure jason stays behind bars for the rest of his life. Boy, I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. You know what happens to flies? They get swatted. I'm touched that you care. Well, then you'll listen to me and get back in your car and go back home to bridgeport. Are you kidding? And miss all the excitement? Ma -- no way. Ma, cyrus -- I'm warning you, his generosity comes at a price. Everything in life worth having usually does. But I've done without the finer things in life long enough. It's time I cash in and never look back. You get on the elevator. I'm sticking around. So let me get this straight. You two are working together? It's a marriage of necessity. We have to stop peter. Alright, you got my attention. A witness implicated jason in the murder of franco baldwin, and the witness is lying. So who's the real killer? Peter's getting deadlier by the week. So what do we do?

We don't do anything. You do.

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