GH Transcript Monday 3/29/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/29/21


Episode #14668 ~ TJ asks Curtis about Jordan. Finn reaches out to Anna. Obrecht is skeptical. Carly brings Jason up to speed on her meeting with Cyrus. Laura's faith in Martin is shaken.

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He's not here yet. I really need to talk to my dad before the hearing. I hope you can, too, sweetheart, but it's a closed hearing. You might not get a chance to see taggert. Even if he doesn't change his plea and they send him to prison, they have to let his family in to say goodbye, don't they? Hey, I'm sure they will. Okay? But no matter what happens, we'll be right out here with you.

[ Inhales deeply ] Oh, uh, commissioner ashford. Do you know if my dad changed his plea to not guilty? Not that he should ever have had to plead guilty in the first place. At the time, a guilty plea was the best way of preventing cyrus from getting to taggert. At the time? Something change? The situation with cyrus has changed. He's not the threat he once was. Okay, I need you to listen. No, no, you need to listen to me. No, no. Carly. It's important, okay? I am going to get out of here, but the system works how it works. There are no shortcuts. Wrong. I just had a little chat with cyrus renault. So, little brother. Did you make a wish? I did. Clearly, the candle is defective. What are you doing? I'm joining the family festivities. As it happens, I have something to celebrate, too. Vague. Charming. You trying to get us to ask what you're celebrating, or will telling us make us accessories after the fact?

[ Sighs ] I don't care what it is. You're going to have to go. You weren't invited. And yet, here I am. Come on, sis, you don't want to make a scene, do ya? So the trick is to make the dance floor small enough so people don't feel intimidated -- okay. Over just a little. ...But big enough so people can get their groove on. Alright. Cameron: Mr. Ashford! Hey, tj. Hi, cam. Cameron. I was hoping I'd find you here. Well, yeah, for the foreseeable future, I will be right here, because I have so much work to do before I can open this place up. Which is exactly why I'm here.

[ Telephones ringing ] Elizabeth. I am so sorry about franco. Mm-hmm. I don't want to hear it. So unless you're a patient or visiting a patient or have hospital business, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Elizabeth, please. It's still "mrs. Baldwin." Please, if you'd just give me a minute. I want to take responsibility for franco's death.

[ Cellphone rings ] Finn? Hi. Is everything alright? Hi, I-I got your message. You found bella?

I did, yes. Um, violet's precious

stuffed pig. She was behind the headboard on violet's bed, so, uh, I rescued her. Thank you. Thank you. Violet was so upset when we couldn't find her. Oh, she didn't notice that bella was missing until last night? I guess bella's not the only one that violet's missing. Tell violet I miss her, too.

Um, so... I-I could bring bella to metro court, you know, leave her at the front desk or something. Unless you want to come by and pick her up. That's probably not a good idea. No. Um...

[ Doorbell rings ] No, of course not. I-I-I have to go. I-I'll just -- I'll get bella over to you as soon as humanly possible. Yeah? Thank you. Any time.

[ Knock on door ] You're late.

Dad! Keep away from the prisoner, please. Are you telling me I can't hug my father before he goes into his sentencing hearing? Hey, Trina. I didn't expect to see you here. Where else would I be? Now, before you go in there, please tell me you decided to change your plea. Keep moving. Excuse me! My father and i are talking. Now, before you go in there and do something we both regret, remember this -- I need my father here with me. Not in prison. You may go. Trina, I love you. Then change your plea.

[ Door shuts ] He's not going to do it, is he? I don't know. I think your dad's gonna do whatever he can to stay in your life. I agree, yes, but it may not be up to him. The judge might not allow him to change his plea now. The judge could deny it. So dad could still go to prison anyway?

[ Handcuffs clinking ] So what are you going to do? Bailiff: All rise. So, what are your social media profiles for the club? Oh, cam. I haven't even -- I haven't even picked out a name yet. Might be a little early to set that up. It's never too early. Ideally, you want to set that up as soon as possible, so once you figure out a name, either today or tomorrow, we can get the content ready to go and update the account. Um, "we"? Okay. It's crucial to get the word out as soon as possible, because by the time this place opens up, we want as many people around the block as possible, right? Makes sense. Yeah, he's right. Look uh, cam, I-I haven't hired any employees yet, and you know that you don't work for me, man, right? Yeah, I-I know, but I want to help anyway. To thank you for what you did for me. You want to take responsibility for my husband's death? I do. Why? You kill him? All I'm saying is that invader article, the one announcing that franco's tumor had returned, if it in any way contributed to franco's death, I deeply regret that, and I would like to make amends. How? By telling your story and convicting jason morgan in the court of public opinion. I believe that together, we -- shut up! Just shut the hell up! I don't want to hear another word out of your lying mouth. Jason: Whatever cyrus told you, it's a trap. He wants florence back. If we return her to him, he is going to get the witness against you to recant, so if the police lose the one person who can place you with the murder weapon, they have to let you go. Carly, I'm not going anywherere. What are you talking about? Because we're not taking that deal. I'm not afraid of making a scene. I can call security and have you escorted out of here. I see. So I don't rate a place at this family celebration, but martin does? Oh, for god's sake. Come on, laura. Let's take this to go. I'll walk you -- you know, one thing I never understood is how you earned the reputation as the good brother.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I'm sure that martin isn't perfect. Oh, the stories I could tell. But the fact that he's not a homicidal drug lord -- oh, sorry. Alleged homicidal drug lord. That counts in his favor. If he is so good, kind, and warm-hearted, then why is he so aloof when it comes to our mother's well-being? She is god knows where, and you don't seem to be the least bit bothered. Who knows what kind of terror she's in? Our mother's fine. You say that as if you know something. You wouldn't be foolish enough to keep information about our mother from me, would you, marty? I don't appreciate being summoned, least of all by those who defended my persecutors. Well, I called you here today because something horrible has happened. Dante attacked peter. Did he? How wonderful. But you said something horrible happened. Does that mean peter survived? He did. Dante stopped before peter was hurt. Not even hurt? Oh, well. You don't seem particularly surprised. Anna, I read the invader every day for three things -- natural disasters, medical miracles, and the obituaries, specifically for peter's, which has not yet appeared. So the news that peter still breathes is no more surprising than someone trying to finish him off. Yeah, I know, but you didn't ask about dante or why he would want to harm peter. I already know why. Everyone knows that dante has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder since his ordeal in the middle east. Obviously, the wsb released him prematurely. It's also well known that peter has never been dante's favorite person. Match met fuse, and boom. Interest ing theory. Now that I've answered your questions, why don't you answer one of mine? Okay. What does any of this have to do with me? Well, it's obvious, isn't it? Your relationship with the late dr. Kirk.

I'll be right back.

 I can't believe franco and I thanked you for saving his life. You remember the gunman who attacked him and dr. Maddox? Of course. I'm just glad I was there. You were there because you hired the hitman! Y-you tried to have them killed. I see you've heard liesl obrecht's accusations. Actually, it was sam who told me. Oh, well, sam hates me, too, probably because you sabotaged drew's plane. Drew's death was a tragedy, but sam mccall is so blind to the truth that she would rather believe... oh, come on. ...The worst accusations about me, even if they come from an unreliable source like liesl obrecht, whose only mission now is to turn all the blame on me because I'm cesar faison's son -- why don't you take your lies somewhere else?! Elizabeth, please, you have to know I am being persecuted for reasons beyond my control -- persecuted the same way franco was. You bastard! No, no, wait! No, no. What'd you do? I had -- I was really messed up over my stepfather's death. His murder. But mr. Ashford gave me some really great advice. Which was? To take my anger and turn it into something positive, and that's when he tricked me into doing exactly that. I -- I didn't trick you. Oh, really? So there just happened to be a guitar laying right there, conveniently? You know, I found that guitar in the back. I just brought it out for you. Uh-huh. Ok. Well, it kind of seems like a little bit of a setup because then Trina got me to sing. Yeah? Well, how did you feel after you were done? Better. Still sad. Still missing franco. And still wanting justice. But I was just... I was less twisted up about it. Sounds like you did do something good. Hey, um, cam, I appreciate you wanting to help me out here, but I am a little surprised that you're not down at the courthouse. W-- what did I miss? What's at the courthouse? Taggert's hearing. That's today? Yeah. Alrighty. Well, then I gotta go. But you won't be getting rid of me this easily, mr. Ashford. Okay? See you soon. Take care, tj. Tj: Later. Judge: The defendant has previously entered a plea of guilty. Mr. Taggert, for the record, do you understand the consequences of pleading guilty, and are you prepared to accept the sentencing of this court?

[ Clears throat ] Your honor, um... after much consideration, I, um... I decided to change my plea to not guilty. Your honor, the people strenuously object. My chambers.

[ Gavel bangs ] You made the right choice. Trina would have never forgiven me if I didn'T. I just hope it works. You can stop twisting your mustache, cyrus. Martin only meant that -- are you presuming to tell me what my brother, whom I've known literally... cy. ...His whole life meant? Cy. Why shouldn't I? You got it wrong. Sorry, martin and i both know that jason wouldn't hurt your mother. A noble attempt to rescue him. But I always know when baby brother's lying. When mother was first taken, you were just as upset as I was. Now you're fine with it. Tell me where she is. I don't know. But I saw her a month ago. What do you mean, we're not going to take the deal? You were mad that I took florence to begin with. Yeah, because it was a dishonorable move.

[ Scoffs ] Carly, but it worked. Cyrus' hands are tied. We're not going to give up that leverage now. What? I can't leave you in here! Okay, then get me out by proving that I'm innocent. I have been trying. I even went and talked to elizabeth, but she's so grief-stricken over franco's death, she won't listen to me. Okay, elizabeth can only testify that she saw me kneeling by franco's body -- that's circumstantial. Diane's not gonna have a problem to get that thrown out. Now, what -- what about this witness?

[ Scoffs ] Apparently, cyrus thinks they can be bought. Oh, she can be bought. The witness is gladys corbin. I had no relationship with dr. Kirk. What? No, how is that even possible? Because at the wsb facility in geneva, kirk was dante's physician, and he was also yours. It seems that switzerland needs to adopt some hipaa laws. Yes, I was dr. Kirk's patient. So? So, then you're familiar with his methods. Did he ever hypnotize you? Never. But I knew from franco that kirk died soon after franco consulted him in geneva. But if the man is dead, what does it matter? Wait. Are you saying that dr. Kirk's treatment somehow led dante to attacking peter? Well, what I'm saying is that your relationship with kirk was more than just patient-doctor, because he transferred you from steinmauer to his cushy little clinic in geneva. He believed in my innocence, despite peter's efforts to frame me. No, no, it's not about the innocence thing. No. You saw what he could do for you. So you, what, you made a deal? You seduced him? Never! It is always my fault with you, isn't it? I am always the guilty party. No, anna, I did not seduce warren kirk. I was a prisoner. Kirk had my life and my freedom in his hands. I was at his mercy. So I did what I had to, just like you did with cesar.

portia: What happened? Are they letting you go? No, not as of yet. Did you? Let's just say you convinced me to change my plea to not guilty. Thank you. So, what's the hold-up? Well, they're still deciding. This is just a recess so that the judge and the lawyers can talk. Yeah, mom told me you might not be able to change your plea. Hey, but even if the judge says no, I'm grateful my daughter reminded me not to quit. If by "reminded" you mean "badgered." Hey, you know what? E-enough talk about me. How about you? How's it going with your colleges?

[ Sighs ] Nothing yet. I'm just waiting for a response. Alright, well, I'm sure every college you applied to, you'll get into. Thank you. That's really supportive. But I've gotta be real about this. Competition is fierce. Hey. Cam. You're here. Yeah, only because mr. Ashford said something. Why didn't you text me? Trina didn't want to stress you out. I'm not gonna be stressed out standing by my friends. We have to stick together, right? Damn right we do. Bailiff: Court is about to resume. This is a closed hearing. Oklet's wait outside. Good luck, dad.

[ Sighs ] Cam! I'm so sorry I didn't tell you this was happening. But I'm so glad you're here. Always. You saw our mother last month? You didn't tell me? And the important thing is that your mother is fine. How could you, when you know I've been sick with worry? Only because you weren't in control, cy. Because mama wasn't where you need her to be, not because you were concerned about her health. I have to give you credit, martin. I didn't think you had the spine. Well, surprise, surprise. Well, I hope you enjoyed this little bout of fortitude, because it's over now. Where is she? I told you, I don't know. After jackie templeton and i saw her -- oh, jackie templeton. Of course. The interview. I-I take it you were there for that, too, huh?

[ Groans ] You traitor. After we saw mama, she was moved to a new location. I truly have no idea where she is now, but I do know one thing -- she is safe. She belongs to -- she belongs with me. Hmm. Wow. You think of your mother as a possession. Yeah. And i want what's best for mama. That's why I kept silent. I-I-is -- is this the story he's been telling you? That martin here is the good brother? Well, I have news for you. It's okay. How dare you compare yourself to my husband? How dare you even speak his name? All I was saying -- you are nothing like him. Yes, people hated franco for the terrible things that he did, but when he did those things, he was not in control. But you? When you did all those heinous things, everything was within your power to stop, and you chose not to. That is not -- nobody is buying your wronged-man act. I see you've been deceived by liesl, too. What about -- what about anna? You ever think about her? You know, she turned herself inside-out trying to defend you. But now she's finally accepted the truth. You know, peter, you're not evil by birth. You're that way 'cause you chose to be that way. Except that none of it is true, Finn. There's no proof against me, no evidence whatsoever, and that's why I'm walking around a free man today. Everybody knows what you did. And sooner or later, you're gonna -- you're gonna get what you deserve, man, and that's gonna be a glorious day. Until then... get the hell out of here. So, gladys says she saw me throw the gun down the garbage chute right outside franco's art studio. Yeah, it all makes sense. Of course cyrus paid gladys to lie because her story is completely bogus. It doesn't make any sense at all. Why would cyrus use gladys to frame me? She probably volunteered. What better way to get back at us than to sell her testimony to cyrus? Yeah, and that's all the more reason not to take the deal. Gladys is a lousy witness. Well, you got a point there. She doesn't even live in port charles. What's she doing at franco's art studio? Not to mention she's the mother of one of cyrus' employees. He would have been smarter to use some random person from that neighborhood. And he didn'T. Which can only mean one thing. Gladys must have been there that night and she really saw something. You know what faison did to me. He was obsessed with me. He terrorized me while I -- while you feigned interest for your own survival? While your skin crawled at his constant advances? Sometimes... sometimes I can still feel his hands on me, even though he's gone. Good riddance to that schwein. Did kirk sexually assault you? I'm sorry if that happened. Yes, well, now he's dead. Yes, he is.

So, if they accept the non-guilty plea, what happens next? Marcus' attorney will ask for bail. Do you think they'll go for it? Let's focus on one thing at a time. Ugh. I wish I were in there.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Co mmissioner ashfordjust texted. The judge accepted the not-guilty plea.

[ Gasps ] There you go. Oh, my gosh! I told you. Sullivan: Now that my client's not-guilty plea has been accepted, your honor, may we move on to the matter of bail? The very idea of bail is laughable. The defendant has already faked his own death. My client is willing to wear an ankle monitor so the court can track him at all times. Ankle monitors aren't foolproof. They can be tampered with. I'm inclined to agree. Mr. Taggert is clearly a flight risk. Your honor. May I address the court? Nice work with cameron. Sounds like you really helped him. Sounds like it. A little bit more to the left, please. And now that you've given up pi work, I can tell you're already less stressed, and you have really embraced this new gig. It looks good on you. Thanks. So does that mean you're ready to talk about whatever it is you've been sitting on since you got here? At

least martin caresabout doing the right thing. Is that so? Did martin do the right thing when he helped julian jerome get out of town after blowing the floating rib to kingdom come? Is that true?

[ Sighs ] I found julian in my office the morning after the explosion. He had discovered a photo of -- of cyrus and me when we were children. He was threatening to make it public. And you turned yellow and caved. Back then, no one knew we were brothers. I was martin's dirty little secret. I still can't believe that you -- you helped the man who planted that bomb to escape? I didn't know any of that, laura. All I knew was that julian was convinced that Sonny corinthos was about to kill him, and from the way things bucked out, it seems like he was right.

[ Laughs ] That is a lovely story. But tell me. If you cared so much about the sanctity of life, why did you call me the moment julian left your office? Fine, I'll go. You know, it was not my intention to cause a scene. Are you sure about that? Because you really know how to push my buttons. How is that an accident? I'll -- I'll go. You know, you really should think about telling your story to the invader. Oh, my god. Well, jason morgan's been arrested -- like he's been arrested 100 times before, and damn near every time, he walked. Do you want him to get away with what he did to franco? Leave now before you get thrown out on your ass. I mean, that should make a great front-page story for one of your rivals. This case against jason morgan will be tried in the court of public opinion. Okay, I'm going to call security. And da scorpio will have so much pressure on him, he'll have no choice but to put jason in prison for life. Hello, security? I'm going, elizabeth. Don't let jason get away with murder.

[ Smacks elevator button ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Uh, never mind, we've got it taken care of. Thanks. Are you okay? Jordan says the witness, we now know is gladys, saw me drop the gun down the garbage chute at franco's art studio. And the pcpd searched the basement, and they found the gun that killed franco. And since gladys is an easy witness to discredit, she's only useful if she's telling the truth. Which means she must have seen the real killer ditch the gun. Gladys saw peter. So what are you going to do now? Harass the swiss police into taking another look at kirk's death? No, doesn't sound like anyone would miss him. Besides, the important thing is that he's dead and any influence he had over dante is obsolete. I suppose so. However, um, were dante to somehow get triggered again, then that would clue me in to the fact that kirk had a partner, and I would go after that person and bring them down. Hard. Naturally. And the other thing I wanted you to be aware of is that it is time peter paid for his crimes.

[ Laughs ] After all you did to cover for him? Well, he's an immediate and ongoing threat. What finally convinced you? When he murdered franco.

What happened? Is he going back to jail?

[ Sighs ] So, the judge granted bail. Uh, he has to wear an ankle monitor, and... dad! I'm good. Tj, I can tell something's on your mind. You want to let it off? It's nothing. Graduation. Graduating medical school is a huge accomplishment. I'm proud of you. Thank you, uncle. It's just...I need to order the tickets to the ceremony. Okay. And they're assigned seats, so... will you and my mom be sitting together? Will I have to separate you two? I'm pretty sure your mom and I can manage to sit next to each other on your big day. I'm also pretty sure that you know that. So do you want to ask me what you really want to know? Okay. Are you two over? Are you and my mom getting a divorce? Martin, why did you call cyrus after julian left with your car? Oh, let me field this one for you, little brother. Because martin knew I'd use that information to try to get to julian before Sonny did. Great guy, huh? Truly upstanding citizen. I'm so sorry, laura. I haven'T...led a blameless life. But I didn't lie to you. No, but you left things out, didn't you? Lies of omission. Though I don't know why you're so upset, laura. I told you before, we're all cut from the same cloth. There's a little bit of darkness in each of us. I'm just more honest about it. Can you believe that guy? He actually thought he could manipulate me by comparing himself to franco, after he's the one that put a target on franco's back in the first place?

[ Sighs ] I feel bad. I should have let you hit him. Yeah, why didn't you? Knowing that guy, he would've filed charges. I didn't want to see you arrested for assault.

[ Scoffs ] Well, at this point, they'd probably throw me a parade.

[ Chuckles ] Gladys saw peter ditch the gun -- all the more reason to take the deal. No, carly. No. We deliver florence, okay? Cyrus tells gladys to recant her statement, then we persuade gladys to implicate peter. We can't take the deal from cyrus. Oh, my god. Once he gets florence back, he's gonna put her somewhere nobody can find her, then he's gonna come at us with everything he's got because we took florence in the first place. That's why it was a bad idea. But now, this only works if we keep florence. I don't know what to do. I can't leave you in here, and I can't take on cyrus all by myself. You don't have to. You have an ally on the outside that you can rely on. Who? I thought jason morgan killed franco.

[ Chuckles ] Of course, I read about that in the invader. Well, jason says he's innocent, and he made a very compelling case that peter killed franco because franco was hearing his voice in his head. A leftover drew cain memory. I knew about that, but it never occurred to me that franco was in danger. But it should have... I should have realized that drew's memories would incriminate peter, and... and peter would kill to silence them. I should have -- I should have warned franco or -- or confronted peter sooner. O-or we could have joined forces, maybe, and stopped peter from killing franco. This means I am partially responsible for mein lieber franco's death. No, there's only one person responsible for this. Yes. And peter must pay. He must be brought to justice, not killed. To-may-to, to-mah-to. No, I mean it, liesl. I want him to pay with his freedom, not with his life. And I want franco to be alive and well. Ah, well.

Your mother and i are separated. That's our status. And nothing has changed one way or the other. Separated isn't divorced. So, you two still can get together, right? Any chance of that happening? Um, tj... I do respect your concern, I appreciate it, but this is between your mother and me... and no one else. Okay. I get it. Except... I get the feeling that mom is in limbo. Her idea of moving forward, it leads back to you, and yours... uncle, do you even know? How can you two figure out what comes next when you haven't resolved your marriage? Tj. Look around, young man. I am making the changes in my life that I need to make. And I think this is great. I just want to know, I-is there room in your -- your new life for my mom? Now that you're here, what took so long? The judge didn't want to grant me bail. I actually thought I was cooked, and then, uh... jordan stepped up. Cameron: I guess a character reference from the commissioner goes a long way. Then I guess I should thank you for this. Portia: Yes, jordan, thank you for speaking on marcus' behalf. Oh, she did a lot more than that. More how? I'm taking personal responsibility for taggert. He'll be staying with me. Laura, please. Stop. Do not let cyrus poison things between us. I'm not. Oh, yeah. It's like I'm watching you pull up a drawbridge. He twisted his account to make me look as bad as possible. I promise you, if you and I could talk through this, we would be fine. And we can, but not right now, okay? Because the one thing cyrus did convince me of is that we don't know each other at all. Which is something I was hoping to change. It was the point of tonight's celebration, right? It was.

[ Sighs ] Alright, fine. Fine. Listen, maybe we could, uh... we'll -- we'll get back to it at easter. About that, uh, I'm sorry. I think that that invitation to you to celebrate easter with my family was premature. We're just not there yet. Of course. I understand.

[ Keys jingling ] Good afternoon, mr. Morgan. I wanted to see the rare spectacle of you behind bars for myself, before your pending release. I'm not being released. No, of course you are. I know the widow corinthos was just here. She must have explained. Carly's not taking your deal. But I'll tell your mother you said hello. We need to talk about peter.

[ Telephones ringing ] Liesl obrecht. You know, you and franco, you were close. I'm so sorry for your loss. You should be. You're the one who killed him.

[ Laughs ] Sure, I killed franco, I killed drew, I killed jimmy hoffa and the romanovs. Oh, and don't forget, I'm jack the ripper.

[ Laughs ] Oh come on, liesl. So many accusations and so little proof. In fact, no proof whatsoever. So you just go ahead. You keep on pointing your finger at me. I want you to. That way, you can sit back and watch as maxie and I live a long, happy life together without you. We raise our kids -- louise, georgie, and little james, who will never know what "oma" even means. Maxie despises you. Anna and valentin -- the only two people who ever tried to love you, have turned their backs. You're alone, without allies. The dead -- drew, franco, and my beloved nathan -- they cry out for justice. And justice is coming, henrik. It's coming for you at last.

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