GH Transcript Wednesday 3/24/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/24/21


Episode #14666 ~ Carly is her own worst enemy. Nina has a change of heart. Brook Lynn and Lucas rally around Maxie. Anna mourns her personal losses. Portia and Curtis bond over their life experiences.

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I'm not that blonde womanyou've been dreaming about. I don't know, you seem so familiar.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, well, there's a lot of blonde women in the world, and, trust me, I know a few memorable ones. If you say so. Hey, Mike... everything's going to be okay. Yeah.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Hello? It's nina. I -- I have something very important to tell you. Oh, I'm sure you do. And I know exactly what it is. So, can you make it happen? Tonight. That was pretty impressive, you know that? What was? Well, cameron came in here to hire someone to kill jason morgan. And you convinced him to take all that grief and anger and channel it into his music. That wasn't me. That was Trina. Trina chimed in... after you told him to use his grief and turn it into something positive. Cam's on his way home with his mom. He feels a lot better than when he came in here. Good. Thank you. I, uh, checked the visitors' log earlier -- saw that your lawyer was here. Yeah, we're discussing how much time I could get for falsifying evidence against renault that put him away. Five years minimum, if I'm lucky. About that. There's been a development. You should reconsider your guilty plea.

[ Indistinct conversation, laughter ] Brook lynn! You're back! Oh, my god. You're pregnant! You're right. When did that happen? Well, aren't you gonna ask who the baby daddy is? I mean, I didn't want to pry. Since when? Okay, fine. Who's the guy? Well, let's just say both our babies have fathers everyone hates. Tu veux un dessert,

ma petite? May I have a shirley temple?

Oui, d'accord. With, uh, double cherries? Actually, I might have the bartender make me one, as well, 'cause we got something to celebrate. What is it? I'll tell you when I get back. Hey, valentin. Hi. I haven't seen you since maxie was in the hospital. I've been busy. Oh, yeah? With what? Anna, I'm going to be a father again.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Dr. Jones, you're in the wrong room. Unless you switched teams and got busy. I heard you were covering the lamaze class for epiphany. Thought I'd hang out, see you in action. Is that really why you're here? You're having a baby with valentin cassadine? Didn't he steal your shares of elq and take over your family's company? Things happen. I heard about lulu. Really sorry. She deserves to be with her kids, not in some long-term care facility. I'm sure you really miss her a lot. Yeah, I do. I'm going to name the baby louise and call her lu after lulu. Aw, I'm sure lulu would love that. Man, it is so crazy how much our lives have changed in a few months. Lulu's gone. You and peter... I heard about what he did, by the way. Sounds like he's got a long list of bad acts. Do you think he's still going to be in the baby's life? I, um -- I haven't figured that part out yet. What about you and valentin? I can't exactly see you guys having a happily ever after. I mean, valentin will definitely have some role in this baby's life. I just -- I haven't figured it out yet.

[ Chuckles ] If you're staying in port charles, you should have your medical records transferred to G.H. I could help facilitate that. Who's your obstetrician in brooklyn? Someone at kings county hospital. Oh, is it lenore thompson? We went to medical school together. I never heard of her. Oh, well, if you're staying in port charles, you're going to need a doctor. How about britt? Anna: Brook lynn quartermaine? I didn't even know you guys were involved. Hasn't she been away? One night before she left town. Now she's back carrying my child. Oh, okay. So is this, uh, condolences or congratulations? Congratulations, absolutely. And she's going to allow you to be part of this kid's life, even though you took the family's business away? She seems perfectly willing to let me have a relationship with my child. I was actually about to break the news to charlotte over a couple of shirley temples. What about you? You okay? You gave cam some really great advice. I guess I should have taken it myself instead of ripping into you when I thought my dad was dead. Sometimes the best way to fight grief is with anger, you know, and to just focus that rage on something right in front of you. But I didn't mind being your target. Curtis was trying to save your life. So was your dad when he pretended to be dead. Can you, I don't know, maybe see the bigger picture now? Everybody's just trying to save you from cyrus renault. Portia was trying to get me to plead not guilty. But if I'm set free, renault's going to be out for revenge. First move is going to be Trina. I need to do my time, protect Trina. The situation's changed. Cyrus doesn't have the power he used to. What happened? We have leverage. What kind? Renault's mother. Renault has a mother? Mm-hmm. He does. A gracious woman who doesn't approve of her son's crimes. She's fine. She's well cared for. But since she's been out of cyrus' reach, it's left him near paralyzed.

[ Scoffs ] How the hell did you kidnap cyrus' mother? Ava told me you're going to sue for the right to see wiley, and I'm telling you right now, that is a bad idea to play games with my grandson. Carly, carly, that's not what -- you push hard, and we will push back harder. Diane will destroy you. She will drag your sad history into evidence. Remember when you kidnapped avery while Ava was giving birth to her and then told everybody that avery was your daughter? The judge is going to love that, nina. Carly, please stop. No, you stop. You stop, before it's too late. You had your chance, and you blew it. Now you need to back off. Back off now, nina. Give everybody, especially wiley, some time. But if you push this, if you take legal action, you will lose, and you will never get near wiley again.

I didn't kidnap renault's mother. Who did? We both know that there are people outside of law enforcement that need to keep cyrus in check. Especially now Sonny's passed. Cyrus knows that if he hurts you or Trina, he will never see his mother again. It's that much of a threat to him? He loves his mother that much? He does. So change your plea before your sentencing. Fight the charges against you. You think I got a chance? Talk to your lawyer. But I think, considering all the damage cyrus has done -- the drug overdoses, the deaths, the violence -- a jury would understand why you felt compelled to lock cyrus up. I broke the law. You put a dangerous man in prison.

[ Sighs ] Taggert, if you get a sympathetic jury, you could be exonerated. You'll have a chance to repair your relationship with Trina. I do understand why dad let me believe he was dead. I think I can forgive him now. Oh! Oh, god. I'm so proud of you.

[ Chuckles ] I think I liked it when you were less proud of me.

[ Laughs ] Anyway, I've got to go. Yeah, you're right. Yeah, you have that quiz to study for. Yeah, and I've got a lot to learn. Okay. Love you. I love you, too. Bye, curtis. Bye. Well, hey, you, uh... your daughter just had a major breakthrough. So why do you look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Well, all this talk of Trina forgiving her father, marcus' sentencing is tomorrow. She could lose him all over again. Seeing charlotte just reminds me of violet's birthday party. Oh, the infamous snake in Ava's purse. Uh, yeah. Yeah. I'm sorry. It's not really funny, is it? No, it's funny. I get it, by the way. It wasn't just a celebration of violet that day. It was a celebration of you and Finn starting a family together. Mm. Shall I assume you and Finn didn't work out? No. Um, he said that he would forgive me if I promised not to keep the truth from him anymore. And you couldn't do that because the bureau has too much on you. Yeah. Yeah. But I can see violet whenever I want. You know, but the home that we started together, I won't get that back. Hello, anna. Hey, charlotte. Look how tall you are.

[ Both laugh ] How's violet? I haven't seen her since christmas. She was super excited about your wedding. Papa told me it didn't happen. Right. Well, if violet needs some cheering up, we could always have a play date. Really, maxie? You think I want to be treated by the doctor who took my aunt monica's job? Guess not. I can recommend several excellent obstetricians working out of G.H. Thank you. I'll get back to you. So, um, you and peter are splitsville. You have a baby on the way. How are you feeling? I'm actually doing okay. Britt's been a huge help. She's pinch hitting for me tonight in lamaze class. You should really join us. Why not ask valentin to be your birthing partner? I want to see if you can keep your cool while teaching these moms-to-be how to breathe properly. Epiphany's a hard act to follow. Oh. Thanks for rubbing it in. I'll try and do my best. Oh, come on. I'm sure you're going to be great. And when class is over, I'll take you out for a drink, celebrate your survival. It is best for wiley if he doesn't see you. If you can accept that, great. If not, talk to my lawyer. I actually don't know what I'm going to do about wiley.

[ Glasses rattle ] All I know is that I miss him. I have no doubt. But you need to think about the consequences before you do something drastic. Are you finished? That depends. Do we have anything else to discuss? There was another thing that I wanted to talk to you about, but it doesn't matter anymore. You did this to yourself, carly. You just made your life more miserable than it had to be. You made your bed. Now you have to lie in it... alone.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Hey. Who got you so upset? No one. No one important. Just a bitter widow.

That taggert could walk? Cyrus is still a threat, so he's determined to plead guilty. Well, at least jordan is keeping him in jail so cyrus can't get to him. Okay. That's one thing jordan told the truth about. Have you seen her lately? Yeah, I saw her today. And? And... we're in limbo. Portia, I can't pretend to just go back to the way things were before all the lies came out, but I can't move on either. Mm-hmm. So... you must miss her. I miss the jordan I thought I knew. Yeah. Yeah. Um, but now I'M... I'm thinking I never knew her at all. You know? I, um -- I had an idea of who she was, and she let me believe that idea. I only saw one side of her, and there are many sides. From the choices she made to where her priorities were, I just -- I felt like I was with a stranger. And I'm -- I'm sure this doesn't make sense to you. No, no, this makes perfect sense. I-I mean, I wasn't sure which marcus taggert was my husband -- the one who spent 90% of his time undercover, or the one who spent 10% of his time with Trina and me, but always thinking about something else, neither of which he shared with me. See, the thing is, jordan, I take this to trial, I could get found guilty anyways, and I'm going to get more time than I would if I just show up and man up to what I did. Or you have a shot at going free. Isn't that worth the risk? For Trina? Did you do this? No. She called me earlier, and she asked if she could see you. And you said yes? Hi, dad. Commissioner ashford gave me permission to see you. Heard you're being sentenced tomorrow. I'll give you two some privacy. Think about what I said. Sorry you have to see me like this. Not as sorry as I am for all the grief I gave you when I learned you were alive. Does that mean you forgive me? I wish I could show you by giving you the biggest hug you've ever gotten in your entire life. Me, too, baby. Me, too. Okay, I will contact violet's dad, and I will arrange for a play date. How's that sound? In the meantime, I need two minutes with anna, so I'll bring the shirley temples over as soon as they're ready. And then you'll tell me what we're celebrating?

Je promets. Oh, she's gorgeous. I don't want to be a further downer on the evening, but britt westbourne has told me that peter's been showing up at maxie's apartment all hours of the day and night, knocking on the windows and the doors. She sends him away, he comes back the next day doing it all over again. Sounding a little obsessive. He sounds like faison. Yeah, I-I did talk to peter, trying to appeal to his good side, but... he doesn't want to hear it. I hired more security for charlotte. Oh, you did? I guess that is one positive thing that came out of the breakup between me and Finn, is that violet's no longer vulnerable to peter. I don't hear it in your words, but it sounds like you're blaming yourself. I have good reason. I've been around the world. I haven't found a cure for regret yet. But I can offer you one thing. Okay. I can spring for a shirley temple with double cherries. You want to join us?

[ Laughs ] Oh. Um, no. Thank you, though. Uh, I -- I -- I'm waiting for someone, and I think that maybe you need to be just one on one with charlotte when you break the news about a new baby brother or sister. You're not alone. I still love nina. I miss her every day. And as long as there's breath in my body, there'll be a shoulder for you to cry on. Thanks. Yeah. We're quite a pair, huh? Thank you. You know, you can tell me it's none of my business, but what did this widow do to get you so bent out of shape? I had a daughter, and she was taken from me, uh, after she was born, and then, years later, she came back into my life. Um, but I didn't learn that she was my daughter until after she died. I'm sorry. Yeah, and the woman that I was talking to, she was there when my daughter died, Mike, and she could have saved her, but she hesitated. And then, she and my ex, they, uh, lied and tried to cover up the truth.

[ Scoffs ] That's damn awful. My, um, daughter, she, uh -- she wasn't perfect. She had problems, and... she hurt a lot of people. You know who raised her? Sort of do. She had an adoptive mother and -- she died, though, before my daughter knew her, and then she had an adoptive father who was terrible. See, if I raised her, she would have been a different person. My daughter would have known what love is, and she would have been able to give love. You know what? Maybe you just can't get caught up in the what-ifs. You just got to live in the moment. Mom? Was it bad news? Nina called.

[ Exhales sharply ] What, about wiley? Ava told me nina's considering legal action for visitation rights. Does she have a shot? Martin grey says she might -- that grandparents have rights in new york state. I'm sure that's why nina was calling me -- to put me on notice. Oh. I imagine you took that well. I may have been a little harsh, but I told her the truth. If nina comes after us, diane will destroy her. I'm sure nina loved hearing that. Michael, you have to understand, with Sonny gone, I have to fight harder for our family. Oh, I'm not here for the lamaze class. And even if I was, valentin would be my last pick as a partner. Not that I need one. I'll read the book. Mm-kay. Then why are you here? Brook lynn? Lucas! Hi! I'm actually here to see lucas. I thought maybe we could grab a coffee -- or, in my case, some herbal tea. I could catch you up on the latest. Well, I-I can see the latest. Yeah. We definitely need to catch up. Yeah. Wait! Am I brilliant or am I brilliant? Lucas can be your birthing coach. No, you are not brilliant, maxie. You are insensitive. Do you really think lucas wants to help deliver another baby after everything that happened with wiley? I'd like to think I'm capable of separating the two. I'm always willing to help a friend. I would be honored to be your lamaze partner. Good. Then it's settled. But coffee -- that can wait. I was planning on sitting in on the class anyways. Now I'll just be a part of it. Excellent! Come on, let's go. Oh, perfect. Felix: Sit right here. Hi. Hi. Oh. Couldn't resist joining in, huh? I'm just helping brook lynn as a friend. Hm. The more the merrier. Okay. First, thank you for deciding to come. You guys made a great choice by deciding to practice lamaze before the births of your babies. Now, some of you may have read up on it. Sorry I'm late. Traffic was murder.

Maxie, you forgot to mention tonight's class. Fortunately, I had it in my calendar app. Uh, the class hasn't started yet, right? Um, no. Okay, good. I wouldn't want to miss anything. Hey. You remember when I helped you give birth to james? Of course you do. That birth was a bit too memorable. This time, it's going to be much better, I promise. Our little girl's going to have the perfect birthing experience. Britt, thank you for filling in. I'll take over from here. No, peter, you won'T. So tell me, papa. Are you buying me another snake? This is better than a snake. A playmate for butterscotch? It's a playmate for you. Rocco's not going to be your only sibling anymore. You're going to have a baby brother or sister. What?! Okay. So, before we order dinner, I want to set the terms for tonight. Oh, god, that sounds ominous. Mm-hmm. No discussion of work. Okay. And no discussion of men. Oh. All I want to talk about is men. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. You go first. What's going on with you and Finn? He and violet moved out. Oh. Anna, I'm sorry. I know. But, you know, my -- my, uh, old cases from the bureau are always going to come to haunt me... mm-hmm. ...And I can't discuss any of that with him. You know, it's too dangerous. So... you and curtis? Oh, he still won't forgive me for lying to him about taggert being alive, so... and you still miss him, obviously. So, when I was in high school, I was in love with the captain of the football team. I mean, he was handsome and tall, and he had a great smile. Oh, was he going out with the lead cheerleader? Oh, yeah. Who was absolutely not me. Okay. Yeah, so...

[ Laughs ] So I would walk past his locker every single day, which was on the opposite side of the school from my locker, like, just to get a glimpse of him, maybe? Oh. Kind of sad, right? So sad. So sad. So I asked my mom one day. I was like, "ma, when do you get old enough to get over guys?" You know what she said? Never.Never.

[ Laughs ] It's true. Ah. Your mother was wise. Mm-hmm. When marcus and i first got married, I'd imagine that we would come home from work and talk about our days. You know, I was really looking forward to sharing those moments with him when we got engaged. Because, you know, that's what couples do, right? They tell stories, they share -- they share about their lives. Yeah, but with him, it wasn't a two-way street. I mean, I didn't know any of his dea partners or what he was working on, and [Scoffs] When he would leave to go undercover for an assignment, he'd be gone for days, sometimes weeks. And then, when he finally

was home, he was just so distracted and -- and distant. I could never get his full attention. Which is why I started to look for attention from someone else. Not that I'm complaining, but, um, what changed your mind about me? You know my friend cameron? Yeah, the webber kid? I remember he tried so hard with his manners that night at kelly'S. Unfortunately, cam's dad was murdered. Oh, I'm -- I'm so sorry, baby. I didn't know. Jordan didn't tell me. You have enough to worry about. But seeing what cam was going through made me realize how lucky I am that you're still alive. I don't have any more time to waste on being mad at you. Thank you for that. I just wish I had seen you sooner, but commissioner ashford wouldn't let me visit you until now. Jordan is not responsible for that, baby. I am. I didn't want to see you. So, how angry was nina when you laid into her? She said something really strange. Yeah? What was it? She said I made my bed and now I have to lie in it alone. What does that mean? I don't know. I think she was at a bar or a restaurant. I could hear glasses clinking in the background. Maybe she was drunk. Still, I can tell it got to you. It wasn't the words. It was how she said it. It was like a threat. Something nelle would have said. So, where does this bitter widow come into this? Well, my daughter, she left behind an adorable little boy. He's the love of my life. Hmm. Wiley. Yeah! Yeah, I heard you on the phone. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] And the woman that I was talking to, she's the other grandmother. Mm-hmm. And she's trying to keep me away from wiley. Why would someone try to keep people who love each other apart?

Excuse me, but I have every right to be in that class. I'm the baby's fher. Do you want me to call security? Oh! I'll let you know. I want to talk to him first. What the hell are you playing at, peter? Maxie told you she needed space. You need to back off. And does backing off include not participating in my daughter's birth? That could be a very real possibility if you keep harassing maxie like this. I'm not harassing her. I'm trying to be a father to my unborn child. Peter, wake up! Stalking maxie doesn't score you any points with her. You want back in her life, in your baby's life, listen to me very carefully. Maxie is very fragile right now. She's asking you for space. You need to respect her feelings. Got it? Oh, my god, that was so embarrassing. Peter should be the one who's embarrassed. Barging in like that? Britt can handle him. Let me get you a glass of water. Oh. I didn't see that coming. Peter is one determined father to be, I'll give him that. What about your baby's father? Isn't he gonna want to be a part of his child's birth? A baby's really coming? Yeah. Isn't that cause for celebration? Don't you want to have a baby brother or sister?

Non. Pas vraiment. Pourquoi, ma petite? You'll be able to teach him or her to love everything that you love -- horseback riding, ice skating. You'll have someone to share your cranberry scones with. Those are

my favorite things. And I'm not sharing them with anyone. Thank you. Thanks. Okay. So what's next for you?

[ Sighs ] Um, well, the past is over. I have to keep moving forward, you know. Mm. Meaning that I have to figure out a way to help maxie fend off peter. Well, I have all my Available detectives at the pcpd looking for evidence that peter tried to kill andre maddox and franco baldwin. I thought we weren't talking about work. We can't help ourselves sometimes, can we? No. But maxie and the baby are far too important not to discuss, so... indeed. Robert is keeping me updated about the plane crash that killed drew. And so far, there's no concrete evidence that links peter to the crash. Or to the assassination attempts. I just can't believe that those were his only crimes. I mean, peter has a pattern of trying to cover up his wrongs, and the coverup is usually worse than the crime. Yes, it is. Yeah. Would you do me a favor? Mm-hmm. Can you look into franco's murder again? Why? The case is practically airtight against jason morgan. Yeah, but peter's quite effective at framing someone. I don't think that I can apologize to you enough for not telling you that I was married when we started seeing each other. Portia, that was years ago. Besides, we already talked about that. We did, but... things have changed. We're friends now, we're at different places in our lives, and I just don't want you to think that I would ever lie to you again. I appreciate that. The thing is, I, um... I do have a confession to make. When we first met, uh, you know, it was just a physical attraction. But once I got to know you, you became more important to me. You became important to my happiness. And I started to have real feelings for you, and I couldn't tell you the truth, that I was married, because I was afraid I was going to lose you. And, of course, when I did tell you the truth, that's exactly what happened. I guess you didn't want to see me because you knew how mad I was at you? No, no, no. Shh, shh. Baby, come here. No. I understood why you were so angry at me, okay? I just knew that if I saw your face, I couldn't keep my resolve to plead guilty. You know, and if I take this to court, or even if I get free, it's going to put you right back in cyrus renault's sights. You're sacrificing your freedom for me? What sense does that make? Cyrus should be in prison, not you. When does this end? Jordan thinks there's a way out. What is it? For me to plead not guilty, let the jury decide. Then do it. But I'm guilty. You made up evidence against renault for all the right reasons. And I'll stand up in front of that judge and jury and tell them that my dad's a hero. Okay, look, nina's had a history of, uh, mental health problems in the past, but I would not put her in the same category as nelle. Neither would I, until today. It sounded like she was threatening me. All the more reason nina shouldn't be near wiley. Yeah. I, uh -- I talked to willow about that. She was surprised and a little hurt that I, um -- I made that decision without talking to her first.

[ Sighs ] Well, there wasn't time to consult willow. You needed to make a decision for your child, and you made the right one. Please don't take it back. You ask a really good question, Mike. I don't know why someone would deliberately keep two people who love each other apart. I'm still trying to figure that out. Well, you know what? Maybe if this woman could feel the way you do, she'd understand. How so? Well, if somebody kept her from the person she loved, she might understand your pain.

 I appreciate you coming clean. In fact, I feel a little bit guilty because I should have been more understanding when you told me that you were married, but... instead, I just kind of walked away. I don't want you to feel guilty. I just...

[ Sighs ] I just want to make sure that you can trust me from now on. I do. I should get going. I have an early call tomorrow. Hey, portia. Wish taggert good luck at his sentencing hearing tomorrow? I will. Jason warned me about peter once, and I refused to listen. I'm not going to make that mistake again. Peter had far more reason to kill franco than jason did. Okay. I tell you what -- why don't you come to the office. We'll talk. Okay. So, now we're going to order another drink. Yes. We're going to enjoy our fabulous dinners when they get here. We're not going to talk about men or work. Oh. Then should we talk about our favorite topic? Mm, ourselves? Mm-hmm. Yeah.

[ Laughs ] What about rocco? You let him pet butterscotch. You let him play with your snake. One brother is enough. Besides, he's mom's son, not yours. Okay. So this is about you thinking that I'm going to love the baby more than I love you? Everyone loves babies. Nina would still love me just as much, but she doesn't live with us anymore. Listen to me -- I could never love anyone the way I love you. Promise? Cross my heart and hope to die.

[ Sighs ] Don't worry about the baby daddy. Even if we did have any sort of relationship, I wouldn't want him anywhere near the birthing room. You are the perfect person to help birth my baby. Like I said, I'd be honored. Well, don't be. Not until you hear what I have planned. Maxie: Hey. Hey. Did you, um, get rid of peter? I did, but we can't keep letting him think he has a chance with you, because, a, that's not true, and, b, he won't give up charging into your life like this. I know. We have to figure out how to get him to back off permanently without tipping him into outright obsession. Don't worry. I have a plan. And when I set it in motion, peter's not going to know what hit him. I, uh -- I haven't made any decision about nina's role in wiley's life yet. I have to discuss it further with willow. Okay. If you and willow would have heard nina on the phone just now, you'd be convinced. Nina's not in a good place. She shouldn't be near wiley. And if nina decides to sue me and willow for visitation rights? We stop her, whatever it takes. Alright, thank you, Mike. You know, sometimes I feel like I'm fighting windmills all by myself, so I appreciate your support. Well, maybe we were meant to meet. Like they say in the movies, could be the start of a beautiful friendship. It already is. When you get depressed. Get drunk and throw the finger at people from the stoop. No stoop. But I am drunk. You think I could've done this sober? I just figured, with everything around us being so black lately, I thought we needed a little pink. You're right. We did. 'Cause our t-shirt business is over. And we still have to pay off that bank loan. Now what? We'll figure something out. We always do. Hey, girls, come quick. We're gonna play "guess sophie's favorite sex position" (all) whoo! It's on all fours, watching

how to get away with murder. See? I told you I was gonna win. And it just got black again. Yeah, real black. This is wet! Max, did you already eat this? I told you, I don't like a strawberry center. And I am not gonna beat myself up about it.

[Cash register rings]

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