GH Transcript Tuesday 3/23/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/23/21


Episode #14665 ~ Carly urges Jax to go after Nina. Ava offers to help; Laura is surprised by Cameron's determination. Trina apologizes to Curtis. Finn stops by to see Liz.

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[ Both laugh ] Don't be a stranger. All right. I won'T.

[ Laughs ] And, phyllis? Thank -- thank you. Who was that? An old patient of mine. She stopped by to say hello. She forgot something.

[ Sighs ] Oh, shoot. She'll need that. She's planning to travel. I'll catch her. Thanks, Mike. Listen, sweetheart, daddy's gonna be just -- just a little bit late tonight. I-I-I know. I just -- I have one other stop to make. No, no, it's not to see anna. But, listen, can you do me the biggest favor? Can you feed roxy for me? That's right -- three little squares of lettuce. Yeah. What?! H-here in the hospital? Sweetheart, you know that I'm a respected doctor. Okay, never mind. All right. Just -- just one, okay? All right. Here we go.

[ Smooching gratuitously ]

[ Blows ] You got it? Okay, now it's my turn. All right, go ahead.

[ Smooches ] U-uh -- uh, that -- it's from my daughter. Nurse: [ Chuckles ]

[ Distant telephone ringing ] Okay, sweetheart. Hi, laura. Come in, come in. Laura: Hi. Thank you. Thank you. Look, uh... I know it's late, and, um, it's been a long, emotional day, but I have some news, and I didn't want you to hear it from anybody but me. Oh, eh -- well, I appreciate you saying that, but I already know. Carly told me a witness came forward and jason got arrested for killing franco. Well, then you also know that carly is gonna fight tooth and nail to get jason exonerated. Oh, yeah, she'll do whatever she can to make sure jason walks. Cameron: He can't! If the law won't make jason pay for killing franco, I will find someone who will. If you're from the inspector's office, you're early. I got an email confirming an appointment for next week. You're already at the inspection stage, huh? Things seem to be moving right along.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, you know, that's the plan. It didn't take you long to switch from pi to nightclub entrepreneur. Well, you know, I have you to thank for that. I mean, if you wouldn't have convinced me that night I brought you here on that case, probably never would have bought the place. Hmm. So, I'm not in any trouble? No. No buyer's remorse? I'm never looking back. Good. So it was good advice.

[ Approaching footsteps ] Maybe you can pay it forward for me. Anyone want anything? I know what you're doing, brook lynn. Getting a seltzer? You're going to use your child to get valentin to give back elq. You know, you're talking about my very own baby. Do you really think I'm capable of using it for such a devious reason? Absolutely. Without a doubt. Thank you for meeting me on such short notice. Well, you were very insistent. So, I'm here. What's the latest emergency? I'm gonna be a father again. Nina finally came around. I'm really happy for you. No, no. Not nina. Ah, I see. So, you being a man of the world, you want me to arrange a quiet settlement. Well, I will be as discreet as possible. Martin, you could save us a lot of time if you would speculate a little less. The last thing I want is a way out. Well, what do you want? The same thing I always want. Everything. Trust me on this, jax. If nina felt the need to leave town, it's a clear sign that she still has feelings for you. Yeah, y-you keep saying that, but I -- I really doubt it. Well, there's one way to prove it. Find her. Yeah, but I don't even know where to start looking for nina. Perhaps I do. Sonny: Hold on. I know you.

I know you're upset, and so am I, but we really need to let the law handle jason. "The law"? The same law that sent franco away for crimes he didn't commit? That's who I'm supposed to trust? Uh --

[ Sighs ] Your mother's right. The law isn't perfect, but we do need to trust the system. There's one kind of law for jason morgan and another kind for everyone else. We can't let franco's killer get away with it. Can we, mom? You know, he's not wrong. I haven't changed my mind. I know that jason pulled that trigger. I know what comes next. You say that it's my mom's grief talking, and I'm just a kid, so my opinion doesn't matter. And life is tough, but I should just get over it. Isn't that what you're supposed to say? I've never been much for saying what I'm supposed to say. What does that mean?

[ Inhales deeply ] Grab your jacket. You're coming with me. What? Wait, what? Where are you going? Cameron needs to find someone who can help him find justice, and I know just where to start. Come on, let's go. Where are we going? You'll see. This is a mistake. Let's go home. Okay, mom? No, Trina. No, no. Your father's sentencing is coming up soon. That's gonna dredge up his whole history with cyrus renault, but it's also gonna remind us of the night your father was gunned down and the months after when we thought he was dead. We're all gonna have to face the aftermath of all those lies, no matter how necessary they may have been at the time. The main thing is, your father's alive. I'm sure you haven't forgotten about the time when I hated you. When I blamed you for dragging me to safety and leaving my dad to die. But that was before we both knew what was really happening. Before you realized that... I was in the dark as much as you were. That's okay, okay? I-I-it's called "hard feelings," and I don't expect you to get over them overnight -- or maybe ever. I wanted to blame you for my dad's death... then blame you again for the cover up... because, honestly, you were an easy target. It hurt less to blame you. But now, everything's changed. I know my dad and jordan lied to you, too, and I'm truly sorry for all my anger and all the ugly things I said to you. I was wrong... and I apologize. Y-y-you know, that took a lot of courage for you to come in here and say that to me. I know a lot of adults that can't admit when they're wrong, so... what do you say we just start over? Well, since you're both convinced I'm gonna use this baby as leverage, why bother denying it? Oh, man. It's true what they say about pregnancy taking a toll on your back. Phew! To be clear...

[ Sighs ] ...You are admitting that you're going to use your child as a ploy. Look, this pregnancy obviously was unplanned, but after I've had some time to wrap my mind around it, I've discovered maternal instincts I never even knew I had. I love this baby so much, but I also love this family. And if I can use my unexpected little bundle of joy to hit valentin where he's most vulnerable, then damn right, I'm gonna use it. Valentin, as your attorney, I would advise you to make sure that both the mother and child are well provided for. I mean, that way, you can walk away with a clear conscience. I could work up numbers for you. Okay, martin, listen to me. If I'm gonna be a dad again, I'm going to be a father to this baby in every way possible. 'Cause no matter what anybody says about me, I've been a good father to charlotte. So, what I need you to do is make sure that nobody -- not even the baby's mother -- keeps me out of that child's life. Ava, jax and I are having a private conversation that does not concern you. Always so high and mighty, aren't you? Well, pardon me for the intrusion. I just thought that you might want to know that while nina did not confide in jax, she did confide in me. How much did nina tell you? Enough to know she's finished with you. Enough to know that you're furious with her for things that she said at Sonny's grave site. Yeah. Can you blame me? But aren't you blaming nina, though, simply for wanting to be involved in her grandson's life? When or if nina sees wiley, that is up to michael and willow. Come on. You're pulling the strings, carly. You're always pulling the strings.

[ Laughs ] And think about it. In the wake of Sonny's death, I have let you spend significant time with avery, and I don't have to do that. I have no legal obligation to do that. I do it because I think it's best for my daughter, just like I think it's best for wiley if he spends time with his other grandmother. So can't you just come down off that high horse you're on just this once and do for nina what I've done for you? Of course you know me. I -- I'm -- uh -- I just -- you know, I just had a dream about you. I mean, not that kind of dream. It was like, uh -- a-and it wasn't the first time. I -- I c-- I can never see your face, but that blond hair was unmistakable. It always left me with the feeling like I r-- like I know you, like I remember you. I just don't know how. And then, when you walked through that door, I realized it wasn't a dream. We've met before. Haven't we?

Oh. Hi, Finn. Clearly, you were expecting someone else. No, no, I'm -- I'm sorry. Come in. Please, come in. Yeah? Yeah, cameron is with his grandmother, and they've just been out for an awfully long time. That's -- that's a -- that's a bad thing? Well, jason got arrested for killing franco. And, you know, cameron is afraid that he's gonna get away with it, and he's upset. And so, laura took him out, and I don't know where they went. And I just feel like -- you know, I'm -- I'm worried. I know. Of course. Absolutely. Well, listen, I don't --

[ Inhales deeply ] I don't want to bother you, but -- [ Sighs ] I know a little bit of what you're going through. I've been there. And you're always gonna be violet's aunt, and that means we're always gonna kind of be family. Thank you. So, how are you? I'm hanging in there. Um... how are you? I heard your wedding didn't happen. Nice try, elizabeth, but we were talking about you.

[ Sighs ] Yo u know, the club won't bereopening for a couple of weeks, and, clearly, I still have a lot of work to do. But if you ever need to talk, you know where to find me. Yeah? 'Cause I'm a talker. You may regret your offer.

[ Laughs ] Try me. Okay. [ Sighs ] I'll think about it. Meanwhile, I have a quiz to study for. Oh, of course. Uh, we'll let you get back to work.

[ Laughs ] I can't wait till you're all permitted and licensed and the club is open for business. Yeah, I can't either. Uh, but when it does, I will save you a seat -- two. Okay. Laura: Curtis. Hey, laura. Hey. Hello. Trina, portia. Hi. Hi. Cam, what are you doing here? Was just about to ask you the same thing. Portia, I hope I'm not interrupting, but I just had some business I wanted to discuss with curtis. Of course. Come on, sweetie. Hey, what's up? What's up, cam? Uh, my grandson would like some help, and I thought of you. Okay, um -- 'sup, cam? How can I help you? It's okay, hon. Go ahead. Tell him. I... I need you to help me to make sure that jason pays for killing franco. I realize I haven't been a very good role model. I let my loyalty to this family... turn me into A... ...ruthless, cutthroat businessman. In other words, I turned into my grandfather -- something I swore I'd never do. You don't have to worry, dad. I have no intentions of channeling the very worst of our family. Don't be so sure. I mean, it's not like you just suddenly, you know, just go off the deep end. It's more like a slippery slope. One small decision at a time. Sweetheart, I have no doubt that you love this child, and I'm sure that you think you can have the best of both worlds. But using your child as a pawn in business is a recipe for heartbreak. Yeah, that's exactly why I turned down valentin's elq offer. I've also done some growing... since you've been gone. And, um, I want you to believe me when I say... you don't have to prove yourself to me. You owe me nothing. And if I gave you that impression, I was wrong, and I apologize. This baby is going to be my very first grandchild. My first grandchild. Don't turn it into a bargaining chip.

[ Sighs ] Valentin: As long as the mother is pregnant, I will respect any decision she makes. Once the baby is born, that child becomes mine also. What exactly do you expect from me? Well, she is being stubborn and uncooperative. I'd like you to turn things around. You think I should treat ninathe way you treat me? You sure about that? I understand what you're saying, Ava. You do? I do. See, nina's search for her daughter was a way for her to feel grounded -- to make it feel like there was a chance of having a family like you and I have with jocelyn or that you have with donna and michael. And avery, out of the goodness of my heart. Okay, I had sympathy for nina, but my sympathy stops when she leaves wiley hurt and confused. And she upset willow. Ohhh, and you think it's your job to dole out the punishment. Is that why you drove her out of town? Oh, come on! I d-- Ava, I've -- Ava, you -- you started off this conversation by saying you might have an idea where I can find nina, so I'm -- I'm open to suggestions. You really don't remember me or how we know each other? Your voice is so familiar. You -- you called once? For phyls. You wanted her to go to -- what was that, uh -- what was that place called? Port charles, new york?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. It's -- you know, I'm just bad, uh, with, uh, names, but great with voices. And yours is, uh... memorable.

[ Sighs ] You're pretty memorable yourself. I just don't understand what you're doing here.

[ Stammers ] W-- phyllis: Oh, good. Mike. I'm glad you caught up with nina before she ran off without her passport. Did she just call you Mike? Yeah. That's my name.

That can wait. Cam looks upset, and I want to make sure he's okay.

[ Chuckles ] What? Have I told you how proud I am of you lately? Let me get this straight. Your grandson wants to hire a hit man...

[ Scoffs ] ...And you think of me. No, no, of course not. Um, it's just that you're a man of many talents, and I thought maybe you could come up with a creative, sort of out-of-the-box recommendation. I mean, there's got to be something that we can do to make sure jason doesn't get away with killing franco. I-I know you have some connections in the pi world. Uh, yeah. Look, man, I'm not in that world anymore, okay? I gave up my pi license when I bought a nightclub. Well, if you knew that, them what are we doing here? Is this some kind of diversion? No, no. Look, cam. Cam. No, honey, no. Please don't go. Hold on, man. Uh... there might be a way that I can help you. I have no intention of stopping by here tonight to tell you about my problems. In fact, it's -- it's -- it's quite the opposite. You -- you've always been good to me, and I'd -- I'd like to try to be there for you. Well, then, maybe we can start by starting to accept that we are both going through a really difficult time... and we might be able to help each other. Well... who says I need any help? Wild guess. And, sadly, completely accurate. [ Laughs ] Uh, anna and i are, uh... over.

[ Gasps ] Oh, Finn. I'm so sorry. You guys seemed so in love. Mm. [ Laughs ] The love part is not our problem. Then what was? Me. Her. Us. I don't want to bore you with the gory details. Okay, Finn, uh, you know how word spreads at the hospital. I'm gonna find out one way or another, and I'd much rather hear it from you than just as gossip.

[ Sighs ] Well, then, um... allow my misery to distract you from your misery for just a second. Okay. By chance, have you seen the invader lately? No, mnh-mnh. I've been avoiding the news. Lucky you... because my private life just became very public. Okay, I admit -- at first, I was shocked to learn I was pregnant. But then, I realized that it would be the perfect way to get back at valentin for using me to gain control of elq. Wait, t-t-that doesn't really sound like you're putting your child's needs first. You didn't let me finish. Somewhere along the way... I don't know, something changed. And this became the most important thing to me. Something beautiful and -- and sweet and good. It can help fix all the damage I did. Bring us closer. Restore the family business. Look, if that doesn't all sound like a win-win, I don't know what does. Okay, sweetheart, everything you've said has a certain logic to it. It does? I've said similar things myself. Love equals family equals profit. It's the quartermaine philosophy. But look where it's gotten me. Estranged from my wife, a part-time dad to leo when he needs me most.

[ Sighs ] And worst of all, watching my beautiful daughter follow in my footsteps. And I won't let you do it. I will not let you make the same mistakes that I made. Martin, I have seen you in action. You are a real charmer when you want to be. So I want you to charm the mother. Help her to realize it's in her best interests and the interests of her child that I stay involved in their lives. And if the lady is immune to my charms? Then you have my permission to take off the velvet gloves and show her the bare-knuckle brawler you'll be once we take her to court. I have a better idea. Forget the lawyers. And yes, this is me willing to giving up money. Just go to the mother with your heart on your sleeve. In short, don't threaten her. Be a good guy. Maybe -- just maybe -- she'll remember why she fell into bed with you in the first place, and you can work things out... amicably. That's my advice.

[ Cellphone ringing ] And, for once, it's free. Excuse me. Oh. I have to take this. After all, I do have other clients.

[ Ringing continues ] Unfortunately, nina didn't share her exact destination with me, but if I was guessing, I'd say she went someplace where she feels understood and safe. Jax: Well, I'm sorry to say, I don't know where s-she would or with whom she would feel understood and safe, because everyone she knows is here in port charles. Nina left to put distance between herself and her problems. She has an unlimited budget, so I'm guessing she went somewhere where there are no bad memories -- where she's not reminded of all the mistakes she's made. Well, you know my name, but I don't know your name. I'm sure I could check in, uh... [ Chuckles ] Nina reeves. Picture doesn't do you -- I mean, it's a good picture, but it doesn't do you justice.

[ Laughs ] So, it's very nice to meet you. Nina reeves.

[ Chuckles ] Nina? Are you okay? You having second thoughts about your trip? Did Mike tell you that was his name? Well, not exactly. I met him at the clinic where I work. I don't think I'm violating patient privilege to tell you he was in pretty bad shape when they brought him in. Mike was in some kind of accident and almost drowned. Because of that, his memory was compromised. He couldn't say who he was or where he came from. Well, how did you know his name is Mike? He didn't have his wallet or any identification.

[ Scoffs ] All he had were two rings -- a pinkie ring and a band that might have been a wedding ring -- and a watch with his name engraved. "Mike." Mm. It suits him, don't you think? [ Chuckles ] Yeah. In a way. It does.

 I, um... I understand what you're going through, cam. I mean, franco was more than a stepfather to you and your brother, and I know it must hurt real bad to have him taken away. And not just by anybody. By jake's own dad, who always gets away with these things.

[ Sighs ] Honey, you know the law. A man is innocent until he's proven guilty. And take it from me -- the law moves slowly. Cam, isn't this your senior year? Okay? You don't want to spend it angry, do you? Look, why don't you transmute that energy into something positive? How do I do that? I didn't even get to say goodbye to him at his memorial. Jake was able to paint a painting. Aiden found the right words to say. But me? I froze. Oh. I didn't say anything... and worse yet, I failed. So don't tell me to be positive, because it just -- it d-doesn't work, okay? Cam, stop. Don't go. Cam! Wait. Don't go. You guys can keep talking, but my mind is made up. There's nothing more to discuss.

[ Sighs ] Well, I don't know what else to say. Do you? Look, brook lynn, you were [Sighs] Lurking on the terrace when I was talking to valentin. I still don't know why you didn't jump on his deal. I was tempted. But, look, wiley has already lived such a turbulent life. I had to put my son first, even if it cost me those shares of the family business. Great. You have a conscience. And so do I. Okay, forget the business angle. With all of his faults, valentin, he's been a good father -- a loving father to charlotte. And whether you guys like it or not, he is the father of my baby. I mean, can't you guys, just put everything aside and make this work for the baby?

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] For -- for our family. For everyone. I could not have said that better myself. I have contacts in the state department. It might be worth finding out if nina left the country. Excuse me. You really ought to thank me, you know. Hmm. Nina was thinking about going to court to fight to share time with wiley. I tried to talk her out of it. How hard did you try? Always so spiteful, aren't you, carly? You just can't help yourself. Nina was willing to meet you halfway, and you refused. And, you know, it's just a matter of time before she realizes that in the state of new york, biological grandparents do indeed have rights. I'm sorry, did I blink and you graduated from law school? You're not a legal expert. Mm, that's true. Well, why don't we ask one?

[ Laughs ] Unless, of course, you're -- you're afraid to hear the answer. So, Mike never mentions anyone from his past? Well, that's just it -- with no id or memory... Mike showed up without a past. And you don't try to help him remember? I felt the priority was to keep him calm, not to pressure him too much. Wow, so he doesn't really have a clue who he is. Or if he has friends and family who might be out there searching for him. Yes, the doctors say it might stay that way forever -- unless, of course, someone comes along who's able to fill in the blanks for him.

Your brothers aren't the only ones that know how to express what's in their hearts. You do, too, cam. Even if I could, it won't bring franco back. But franco's gift was his art. Well, he's gone now, and all of his gifts are gone with him, too. Maybe it feels that way, but no one can take franco's gifts away from you. They'll be in your heart forever. Look what I found. Portia, what a wonderful daughter you raised. I mean...

[ Laughs ] W-where did the guitar come from? Um, the former owner must have left it behind. Oh. Say it your way. That old thing? It's probably way out of tune. You won't know until you try. Wow. So, you're chase's father. Yeah. How did he take the news? Not well. Not well.

[ Sighs ] He, uh... he feels like he lost a father and a brother, and, really, I -- I can't blame him.

[ Exhales sharply ] These days, it just feels like everything's slipping away. Not everything. I know that little girl of yours adores you. And the boys and I, we're here for you for whatever. You have so much on your plate already.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh, you -- you sh-- you should get that. It might be cameron. Okay.

[ Ringing continues ] Laura, is cameron okay? Laura: [ Over phone ]

He's just fine, elizabeth. Do you know the nightclub on suncrest? Yes? Get here as soon as you can. Huh. What did laura say? She wants me to meet her. Um... [ Sighs ] Do you mind staying with jake and aiden until I get back? Yeah, no. O-of course. Take all the time you need. Thank you. Thank you. Would you guys mind giving us some privacy? Uh, michael, you're leaving? No. You? Not a chance. Look, I don't need your protection, okay? I don't see any reason why they shouldn't stay. I mean, thanks to the baby, it's kind of like we're all family now. I will never consider you part of this family, valentin. Dad, dad. Let's just hear what valentin has to say. Ned, I apologize. That was -- that was strong, and it sounded patronizing, and -- and I'm sorry. I just -- I want you to know -- and the rest of your family -- that -- that I respect every decision you make regarding this pregnancy, and I -- I hope that you trust that I am willing to help any way that I can. Ava: Oh, mr. Gray. Could you assist us, please? Carly: [ Sighs ] What exactly am I walking into? Oh, mrs. Corinthos and i were just wondering if, in this state, biological grandparents have -- have rights. Hypothetically speaking, of course. Well, grandparents most certainly have rights in the state of new york, especially in situations where one of the parents has died. Thank you, martin. Is that it? Yes, that's it. I tried to keep the peace -- I did -- but I realize that's impossible with you. So I'll make sure that nina knows that she has the right to sue for visitation, since fighting in court seems to be the only thing you understand. And once nina goes after what's rightfully hers, you might just lose that precious grandson of yours. And I'll see to it I have a front row seat to watch. Medically speaking, is there a -- a potential risk for Mike to know his true identity? I mean, do the doctors think that he might not be ready, that it would add to his confusion or do more damage? Well, knowing Mike... I'm pretty sure he'd take that risk. He's a lovely man, and he must have people out there who miss him terribly.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Beep ] Tan-o, Mike speaking. All right. Phyllis? Yeah? Joey from the liquor supplies. Oh. Thanks, Mike. Yeah. I'll take it in the back. Okay.

[ Beep ] Hey, Mike. Hey. That phyillis, she's crazy about you. Yeah, the feeling's mutual. I hope you don't mind, but, uh, she told me about your memory loss. Yeah, that's me. Mr. Nobody. I doubt that.

[ Chuckles ] E-everybody's somebody. Uh, I -- I kind of overheard a little bit of your conversation, and... ...if you got something to say, you can go ahead and say it.

[ Playing mellow melody on guitar ]




staring at a story

we made it day by day

painting all of our memories

so they won't go away

the love that you gave

your patience for me

locked in the canvasfor as long as we need

but for reasons unknown

I'm left alone

a heart's work is torn

a lonely brush upon the floor

we weren't doooone

with this yet

we weren't doooone

with this yet

staring at a story

the canvas seems bare

and all I can see

are the colors that should be there

but you're not here

this picture's wrong

only see the empty space

all the work that is undone

'cause for reasons unknown

I was left alone

I watched you leave

I still feel that we

we weren't done

with this yet

we weren't done

with this yet

with this yet

'cause you're not here

this feels so wrong

see the empty space

where you and I belong

we weren't done

with this yet

[ Plays mellow chord ]

No well, thank you, brook lynn, for a second chance.

[ Laughs ] You're the father of my baby. We have to find a way to cooperate. I think with honesty and respect, we should be able to make this work. That's the goal. I'll be in touch. All right.

[ Sighs ] Did you hear that? My plan is already working. Well, according to my sources at the state department, nina did not use her passport to leave the country. That may change, you know. You really hurt her, jax. I know. No woman wants to come in second place to a man's ex-wife. Yes, I understand I messed up. You certainly did. All right. All right. We -- I-I-if you hear from her, would y-- no, no, let -- let me stop you right there. If I hear from nina, I will absolutely not plead your case. I'm not asking you to. I j-just want you to tell her... how much I miss her. I'm not that blond woman you've been dreaming about. I don't know. You seem so familiar. Yeah, well, there's a lot of blond women in the world, and, trust me, I know a few memorable ones. If you say so. Hey, Mike. Everything's gonna be okay. Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Hey, [Sighs] It's nina. I have something very important to tell you.

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