GH Transcript Friday 3/19/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/19/21


Episode #14663 ~ Sam intervenes. Elizabeth and Carly have words. Valentin is in shock. Peter makes an unlikely ally. Phyllis is stunned by a surprise visitor.

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[ Sighs ] There you are, Mike. You've been gone all day. Yeah. I was starting to worry. Where'd you disappear to? I'm sorry, I just -- I had something very important to take care of.

[ Knock on door ] Carly. May I come in? It's not really a good time right now. I'll keep it brief. Ok. Are the kids here? No, they are with scott. Why? Because I don't want them to overhear and get upset, although I think they're gonna find out soon enough. Jason was arrested for franco's murder.

[ [ Knock on door, door opens ] Hey, is this a bad time? No, never. I know I could have handled things better and not stormed off when we got the results. None of this is your fault. Chase, you don't have to apologize or explain anything. You had a lot to process. We both did. But you're not my big brother. You're my... biological father. Cyrus: Seems you've had quite the busy week, ms. Templeton. I don't want to play games today. Get lost. I urge you to reconsider. Excuse me, but I think you're in my seat. Thanks for having me over. I didn't think I would hear from you again so soon. Just -- just hear me out. I-I-I will, I just want you to know how glad I am that we're at least talking. I know we have a lot to work through, but -- ned, this is not about you and me. Gotta talk to you about your daughter. I just need to get away for a little while. I can't be in port charles. Why? What happened? Talk to me. Don't make this any harder. Please just tell charlotte that I love her. I do that every night. You're a great father, valentin. Brook lynn.

[ Chuckling ] Hey. When did you get back to port charles? Just hit town, actually.

[ Laughs ] Well, it's great to see you. We have a lot to catch up on. You have no idea. Spinelli, uh, I need you to find maxie for me. I'm afraid she's meeting up with peter, and... wait a minute. Maxie's with you? Ok, well, if she didn't text peter, then who did? Dante. Where's maxie? She texted me to meet her here. Maxie didn't text you, peter. I did. You texted me from maxie's phone? That's right. Why?

 When you opened the test results, I wasn't sure what to expect. Part of me was convinced that it was some horrible misunderstanding -- that there was no way the dad that I grew up with wasn't my actual father. The dna test says otherwise. Between you and me, I haven't always had the best experience with test results coming out of the lab here at gh. So with your permission, I'd like to run the paternity test again with someone I know over at mercy hospital. I mean, it's your call. D-do you think the results will change? I don't know, but I think it's worth exhausting all our options, you know, just to eliminate any doubt. Yeah. I mean, I-if it makes you feel better. Couldn't get any worse. You know, if it's any consolation, chase, this blindsided me, too. In my heart, I believed you were my brother. But dad will always be your father, and it's up to you. But maybe this doesn't have to change our relationship. I can't keep pretending that you're my brother. Everything I counted on, everything I thought I knew about my family, it was wrong. I mean, it's different now, Finn, and I don't know how to deal with that yet. Me neither. I almost called you the other day because we've had some very positive developments at deception, and I think lucy might be willing to, um, revisit including you. That's so sweet of you to think of me, really, but, um, my voice hasn't fully recovered yet. There's a chance it -- it never will. Well, I don't know if I can offer you, you know, consolation for a lost singing career, but you're very good and you're very creative and talented at thinking outside the box. Not everyone views those qualities in such a positive light, so thank you. I think you'd make an excellent manager, if that was something you were interested in and willing to put the hours in. I'd love to, but, um, I have other plans at the moment. Hey, are you, uh, avoiding me? Obviously, trying to. It's just not working.

[ Sighs ] Might as well get this over with. There you go.

[ Laughs ] Has something happened to brook lynn? Um... in a manner of speaking. She is back in port charles. You've seen her? She spent last night at the house. I didn't know anything about it until I ran into her this morning. Hmm. Why wouldn't she call me? I assume that she was trying to delay the reunion. She's got some news. What kind of news? Not my place to say. This is brook lynn we're talking about. The more advanced warning, the better. I promise you, she's not in any jeopardy. I just figured that the two of you being under the same roof would increase your chances of coming face to face. You're still looking out for me. In spite of everything. Did you really think I wouldn't? You want to talk about it? Is the coffee fresh? It is, and I'll be happy to pour you a cup just as soon as you assure me you're taking your medication. Like clockwork. I'm sorry if I seem intrusive, but you're still getting used to the prescription, and when you disappear all day and show up looking exhausted... I appreciate you worrying, phyllis, but, uh, you know, it has nothing to do with my health, and I didn't get into any kind of trouble. Uh... I was playing poker to win enough money to buy my rings back. Carly, I literally just got home from franco's memorial. It must have been incredibly painful, I know, um... Sonny's was for me. Yes, I know that you also have suffered a devastating loss, so I don't want to fight. Then let's not fight. Let's not fight. Let's help each other. Because I know you want justice for franco, and i know that jason is innocent.

[ Scoffs ] Wow. I mean, the police disagree. Because the police are acting on bad information, some of which they got from you. My statement was accurate. I told them exactly what I saw the night franco was shot. Which was what? Franco was laying on the ground. He was bleeding from his chest, from a gunshot wound, and jason was kneeling over him. Did jason have a gun? He always has a gun! Did you see a gun? No. Ok, is it possible that jason walked in the door and found franco there and he was kneeling beside franco because he was trying to check his pulse? No! Jason would not help franco. How do you know that? By your own admission, you had just walked in the door. How do you know what happened before you got there? Why are you so sure that jason is guilty? Dante, what are you doing? Isolated spot. No witnesses. I doubt anyone will know you're here or bother to show up, 'cause you don't have any friends left anyway. This doesn't make any sense, man. I've never done anything to you. You're a threat to maxie. Got it? Got it. It's slippery.

Uh, you're pregnant. Very observant. Am I the father? Wow, you cut right to the chase. Yes or no? It seems like our one night stand was a bit more memorable than either of us had expected. Hey. Hey. Why didn't you tell me this before? I-I-I could have helped. I can offer support. Ok, just slow your roll. Ok, we had one night together, and it was just for fun. I don't want you bound to me or this baby. Well, it's a little late for that. Assuming I am the father, then this baby is every bit my responsibility as yours. I'm not gonna let you go through this by yourself. Is there any way I can make things right between us? Sorry, I'm sorry. I-I cannot get into this right now. Ned: [ Sighs ] If not now, when? I mean, we've -- we've seen each other maybe three times since this all went down. Ned, I don't know where we go forward from here, but if we are able to put this marriage together, it's not going to be the same marriage that it was before. What does that mean? It means that we have changed over the last four years. I mean, I've watched you become more and more cutthroat when it comes to business, especially when family members are involved. I made some decisions that I regret. No, honey, honey, this is -- this is not a judgment. I'm not saying that ambition is -- is a bad thing. I'm just saying that I-I've been very surprised to see that suddenly elq has -- has become your prime focus in life. And how have you changed?

[ Scoffs ] I really...hoped that you would have seen it for yourself. When I gave up hope that dante was ever coming home, I was devastated. You know, but at the same time, it opened up my life in a way that I have never imagined. I mean, it was the first time in years that I could see myself as my own person again. And not -- not -- not just an appendage, or -- or dante and leo's mother or -- or my wife? It gave me a chance to rediscover the olivia who used to take big chances, who -- who would leap before I looked. I got to see new parts of the world. I got to -- to get in some trouble. I... and I can't help but notice that all that happened when you were with robert scorpio. This table's full up. You're gonna have to move along. Hell, we don't want to be accused of loitering, now, do we? I'm so glad you were speaking to your lawyers, ms. Templeton. You'll be hearing from mine soon. Regarding my mother. You alright? Thugs like renault don't intimidate me. I'm talking about renault. Oh. You talked to anna? You mean, uh... yeah, well, she kind of filled in the gaps from that chaos of a wedding.

[ Chuckles ] So, you know about the secret I've been keeping all these years. Well, I'm not one to make a judgment call here. I mean, too bad you had to go through all that alone. Who was I gonna tell? Gregory? Hamilton? My son? How 'bout me? You were halfway around the world when I got pregnant with harry. I couldn't exactly call you long-distance. Remember long-distance?

[ Clears throat ] And even if I had reached out, what could you have done? I was in a mess of my own making. Well, I'd like to think that I would have listened back then. I mean, I'd certainly listen now. I got to say, in some ways, I feel closer to you than I ever did. Now, ever since I can remember, I wanted a relationship with my older brother, and I finally got one. And now it's gone. You're not who I thought. At all. You're absolutely right. Our relationship can never be the same, but maybe we can figure out how this works now, with everything that we've learned. I mean, it's not a bad idea, but even if we could push past this incredible awkwardness between us and get to a spot where -- where we're comfortable with each other, how do I treat you like a dad without betraying the dad that I've always known? I love maxie! She's carrying my child, dante. I would never do anything to hurt her. But you, you're gonna hurt her. You will devastate maxie if you do this. Maxie is better off without you. Dante, listen to me. You're confused. You're having some kind of ptsd episode. I have to complete the mission. What mission? Who gave it to you? No, dante. Please! Dante! Don't, please! Dante! Stop!

 S my pregnancy,and I do not want you involved. Ok, we didn't intend to make a child. So thank you for your initial contribution, but I will take it from here. Decisions involving your body are, of course, yours and yours alone, but once the baby is born, it becomes my child, as well, and my role as father is not up for negotiation. If you have any role in this child's life, it will be on my terms. Now, if you'll excuse me. Uh, we're not done talking. Brook lynn: Ok, I'll call you.

[ Sighs ] Phyllis: What was I thinking? How could I not notice your rings are gone? Well, you've had a few things on your mind, phyllis. You sold them to buy your way into that game? I pawned them with drummond. And then you handed all your winnings over to us, to save the tan-O. I was happy to do it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, lenny and i are happy and very grateful that you did, but you didn't have to give us everything. You could have kept enough to buy your rings back. I didn't think I needed to. I had won the first time. I thought I could go back into that garage and do it again.

[ Sighs ] But those boys learned from their mistakes, and they -- they took it out on me and, uh, I barely broke even. Mike, I'm so sorry. No, you don't need to be. That's how the game's played.

[ Sighs ] But you can't lose those rings. Aside from your watch, they're the only things connecting you to your past. Franco made the mistake of asking jason to kill him if the tumor started to affect his behavior. And that night, franco became agitated. How agitated? I don't -- I don't -- I don't know. I mean, he -- he seemed -- he seemed fine when I saw him, but then sam and dante said that he was at the metro court looking for jason, and that he was saying, "jason, I-I'm still me." Do you know what that means? It sounds like you do. It means that he knew he wasn't a threat, that he didn't want jason to kill him. But jason didn't care. He tracked him down to his art studio and he shot him anyway. Elizabeth, if jason were responsible, there would be no evidence. There probably wouldn't even be a body. Franco would have disappeared without a trace. Yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what was supposed to happen, but then I showed up. You are so determined to blame him. Because he did it. Even though I begged him not to. When franco told me about this ridiculous deal, I went to jason and I confronted him and I told him that it was unnecessary, and -- and he wouldn't listen. He wouldn't call it off. And that is the exact reason why jason did not kill franco -- because you knew. Jason would never put you or jake in that position, and you know that. Dante, stop. Don't do this. What's going on? Call the police! Stop! I'm not talking to you. Dante, it's me, sam. Come on, what are you doing? He's a threat to maxie and the baby. I have to protect him. I have to keep them safe. Ok, look, I-I agree he deserves to pay, but not like this. I have to complete the mission. Dante, did someone order you to kill peter? This is justice for maxie and for drew. No, justice is for peter to get arrested and go to trial and spend the rest of his life in prison. That's what he deserves. Not you. Dante, please, don't throw your life away because of peter.

 Come on, think about everyone who loses if you pull that trigger -- your mom, your sisters, your brothers, and your son, your little boy. Think about rocco right now. He needs his father. You're all he has. Dante! Isn't rocco more important than the mission? Come on. It's okay. Hey, come on. It's ok. It's ok. I've got you. Let go. Let go. Peter: Something's wrong with him. He's messed up in the head. You just dodged a literal bullet. Get out of here! You crazy bastard. You tried to kill me?! Go! You're not gonna get away with this. Hey. Is he gone? Yeah, he took off running. Hey, hey. You ok? You stopped me. Someone had to. Pawning those rings was the only way I could buy myself into the game, a-and -- and that was the only shot I had of getting you the money you needed to hold on to the tan-O. And when did it become your job to save our business? Are you kidding me? After everything you've done for the last few months, I wanted to repay you, just in a small way.

[ Laughs ] Small? I knew that you -- you -- you know, you didn't want to sell out. No, but it might have been for the best. Lenny and I aren't gonna be able to run this place forever. The closest thing we have to family are the people we take under our wing, who stay with us a while, like you and elijah. Would be nice to know this place is in good hands when we're six feet under. Elizabeth, think about it. Forget about the bargain franco made with jason. Forget about all the circumstantial evidence. You think about the jason you know. Jason would never hurt you and jake by killing franco. It's that simple. Ok, jason knew that the tumor was back. He was convinced that franco was a threat. In jason's mind, killing franco was protecting me and the boys. Ok, is that what was going through your mind when you saw jason kneeling next to franco? Is that what shaped your perspective? I mean, is it possible that you saw what you expected to see? And then maybe, if you think about it, if -- if you go back there again, you will see that jason was just trying to help franco, not hurt him. Ok, is this where you tell me to change my statement? To tell the police that I didn't see what I really saw? Because you can save your breath. I am not going to perjure myself. Oh. Well, don't worry. Somebody already has that handled. Not this again. For the millionth time, there is nothing going on between me and robert scorpio. This is you projecting your infidelity onto me. You're right. My actions tore us apart. And I regret what I did every minute of every day. But I'm starting to wonder whether the reason why we can't move past all this is because there are other problems in our marriage that neither one of us were able to recognize until now. Such as?

[ Sighs ] Liv, you were a brilliant first lady of port charles and an equally brilliant wife and mother. And it never really occurred to me that, when I was relying on you to do all the things that you do to run the house, support the family, stand by my side, that I might also be holding you back while, maybe, another man was allowing you to soar.

[ Door opens ] Brook lynn: Michael? You still here?

[ Door closes ] Brook lynn. Hi, dad. Wha-- you're... is that...? Congratulations. You're gonna be a grandpa. If the last few days have shown me anything, I have a lot of soul-searching to do. Lots to figure out. I'm that bad cliché -- professional success, personal disaster. Well, not a complete disaster. Pretty damn close. Especially when it comes to gregory. He's a good man. We really loved each other. And I left his life in tatters. Sounds to me like you could use a friend. Now, gregory will always be the man who raised you. I wouldn't want to change that, even if I could. So where does that leave us? I really don't know. I just thought it was fair to tell you what was going through my head. I owe you that much. It means a lot that you came to see me. That you're still even talking to me. It's more leeway than I gave dad.

[ Cellphone rings ] Most of my exes will attest to the fact that I was a lousy partner but a good friend, and so I offer myself up in that capacity, as of now. Thank you, robert. That means more than you know. Ok, well, what are we drinking? Scotch, of course. Want to join me? Indeed.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, I am sick of being in thrall with this thing. Let me just put it on silent. Son of a bitch.

A baby! Are you disappointed? Never. I am surprised.

Very surprised. Um...why didn't you say anything? For the same reason I left. I had to find a way to prove myself on my own, you know? Brook lynn, I was incredibly unfair to you. You were. But, you know, I was unfair to you, too, dad. Let's face it -- were a lot alike, in the good and -- and not-so-good ways. And, you know, I just -- I needed some time and -- and distance to figure out what my life was gonna look like without singing, but... then everything changed. Is...the baby's father... in t the picture? About that. You might want to sit down. Did you see that --

[ Sighs ] I guess you did. If you're referring to the article in the invader, yeah, we've seen it. Along with most of port charles, I'm sure. Harry, honey, I had no idea they were going to publish this. Finn: Score another one for the tight security here at gh. Believe me, I promise you, I will have peter august's head on a pike. Gotta love the irony, though. The witness claims they saw jason drop a gun down a garbage chute outside of franco's studio. The police recovered the gun. There are no prints. Ballistics confirms that it's the murder weapon. Which proves jason is guilty. Wait a second. Think about it! Think about the jason you know. Does that fit? Does jason ever panic? Is he ever sloppy? Would he drop incriminating evidence down the garbage chute in the building where the victim was? Come on, elizabeth. Ok, I said he didn't expect me to show up. The witness is lying. It's a set-up. And the only reason you can't see it is because you're determined to blame jason. You and lenny never had any kids? We had a baby girl a long time ago. She only lived a few days, but we sure loved her a lot. Losing her was terrible, indescribable.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ] We wanted another child, but... we were afraid, so we kept... trying to put it off and putting it off. Next thing we knew, too much time had passed. I'm sorry. Oh, don't be. Lenny and I have a good life. Besides... it left room in my heart for strays like you. You know, there's a lot of people in nixon falls who think you're crazy for taking me in.

[ Both laugh ] "Everyone"... can keep their opinions to themselves. What about you, Mike? Do you think you might have children out there? Sam: What were you thinking, going after peter like that? Uh... I wasn'T... you were gonna shoot him! I, uh... I mean, I wasn't -- I wasn't thinking. I just had it in my head that I had to, uh, eliminate peter. It was like I was outside of myself, like, looking at the whole thing happen.

[ Sighs ] They told me I was better!

[ Voice breaking ] They told me I was better. I spent all this time in geneva at this -- this damn facility, and they told me I was better. They told me... they told me that I was recovered. I'm not.

[ Sighs ] I think I need some help, sam. Hey. It's ok. We'll get you some help.

Martin, I need to meet with you immediately. There's been an unexpected development -- one that I think requires your expertise. So, you might remember that I was crashing on chase's couch, but that was -- that was strictly platonic. He was completely in love with willow. I mean, he never even looked at me twice. And I confess, I-I tried flirting with dustin a little. God bless him. But that was more to annoy lulu, which I now feel doubly guilty for, given what -- brook lynn! What aren't you telling me? Down.

[ Sighs ] Now, you already know some of this, ok? You and I had that hideous fight and I was feeling reckless and misunderstood and I ended up at charlie's, and valentin was there. Stop! Valentin cassadine is the father of your baby? Get it over with. Just be as mad as you need to. Just now. Oh. Oh, I'm not -- I'm not -- I'm not mad. Then you're disappointed? Oh, I'm not mad or disappointed. I -- I am thrilled to be a grandfather. I am thrilled that you are going to be a mother. But less than thrilled with the father. Oh, um, I just find it concerning that valentin cassadine, the man who orchestrated a hostile takeover of elq and manipulated our family in order to do that is now tied to that same family through your baby! Look, dad, I get it. I really do. But you have to trust me. I know exactly what I'm doing here. Well, your ears must

have beenburning about 20 minutes ago. Why? You say something bad about me, hmm? No. Ned and I were trying to talk, you know. Uh, which I know it's -- it's the only way that we're gonna move forward, but it's just slow going. You know, one step forward, six steps back. Sorry, kiddo. Yeah, me too. Ned wants to move forward. I just -- I'm stuck. I can't get past the fact that he cheated. You know, I had my suspicions at thanksgiving when I saw him and alexis with their heads together. Should have said something then, but I didn't want to make any trouble. Besides, I figured you were smart enough to figure it out for yourself. Thank you, robert. You're welcome. For what? Giving me credit for being as strong as I know that I am. Hey, I've seen you toting an uzi.

[ Laughs ] I mean, that's a game changer. Oh. As it turns out... mm-hmm. ...My table for two has shrunk to a table for one. Would you care to join me? That sounds perfect. Thank you. Mom, you spent your whole career turning over rocks, uncovering people's secrets. It's why I thought that you were the gold standard of truth and integrity. Turns out you had a few secrets of your own, huh? What do they call that? It's a -- a double standard? Harry, wait. Please, let's just -- let's talk about this. Please. Sorry, mom. I'm all talked out.

[ Footsteps receding ] Do you think he's ever gonna forgive me? I don't know. But he's entitled to feel whatever he wants to feel, including anger. We have to give him time. This is exactly what I was afraid of when you wanted that damn dna test. Bravo. Now the whole world knows. Are any of us better off for that? Cyrus: Mr. August. You seem somewhat the worse for wear.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, well, there's a reason for that. Care to elaborate? No. All I want from you is an assurance that this witness of yours will hold up. They will, now that you've kept your end of the bargain. You know, I don't blame you for wanting your payback with jackie templeton after that interview she did with your mother. Lucky for you, she had a family scandal just waiting to be exposed. There's a dna test on file at the lab that interests me. Make sure it shows the results I want it to show. Since we've entered into this mutually beneficial arrangement, you should know, I make my own luck. Excuse me. Um, is there any way you can page dr. Collins? It's really important. Tell him it's about his son-in-law. You wanted jason to forget franco's past. You wanted the tumor to be the cause of everything. You wanted jason to literally forget and forgive all the horrible things that franco did, and he wouldn'T. No, he wouldn'T. Because even though franco turned his life around, even though he helped jake heal, he helped jason get you out of ferncliff. He married me and made me the happiest person alive. Jason hated him. And the first chance he got, he killed him. No matter how badly you need to believe that, it's wrong. Somebody killed franco. And as long as you cling to the lie that it was jason, you're helping that person get away with it. I don't remember, except for the blond woman that was in my dream. I don't know what my life was before. I just hope there isn't anybody out there who thinks I took off on 'em. I don't even want to go there, because why worry about something that you don't have the answers to? You were out all night. Yeah. Why don't you grab a nap before we open? You know what? I'll take you up on that. Hm. [ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Sweet dreams. Okay, alright.

[ Door opens ] I'm sorry. We're not open yet.

[ Gasps ] Nina! Surprise.

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