GH Transcript Thursday 3/18/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/18/21


Episode #14662 ~ Carly is defiant. Brando questions Gladys. Jax tries to reconnect with Nina; Britt refuses Valentin's help. Olivia offers a little advice of her own.

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everyone falls down sometimes based on elizabeth webber's hysterical accusations. Jason didn't kill franco. There's evidence that says otherwise. What? The hysterical rantings of elizabeth? She just lost her husband. She's not thinking straight. You seem to be managing. Because I've had time to process, jordan, and that's my point. She needs a place to put her grief and her anger, so she's blaming jason, and meanwhile, franco's killer is still out there. I'm sorry to disappoint you, sam, but I'd be surprised if the police ever even charge me.

[ Laughs ] The police? Wow. The police are the least of your problems. You'll never see jason coming. Right now, jason has more pressing priorities. He'll have no time to come for me at all. No more indirect methods. No more delayed gratification. It is time to finally take care of peter august. Is that so? Word has come down from the bureau. You must deal with faison's wretched son. We need a permanent solution. You heard from maxie? How are she and the baby doing? Uh, you'll have to contact her yourself. It's maxie's choice if she wants to tell you. I can't release medical information. You gave peter access to franco's file. What I may or may not have done is absolutely none of your business. And from now on, stay out of mine. I'll worry about maxie. You worry about yourself. Why should I be worried about myself? It's only a matter of time before peter goes after the ones he thinks betrayed him. That puts you at the top of the list.

[ Door opens ] Olivia: Hey, monica! The, uh, chef made your favorite bouillabaisse, so I brought a whole bunch home for dinner. How's the -- I hope you brought a lot. I'm ravenous. Eating for two, you know. Hey, I'm sorry to drop in again. Is -- is wiley here? No, no. Come in. Have you even slept? Turns out it's hard to doze off when you are tossing and turning all night because you just found out your brother is your dad. Come here. Daddy! Hi, sweetheart. How are you? Oh, what a nice surprise. How was kindergarten? Hmm. Ok. Violet wanted to stop in to see you. Yeah? I'm glad you did. I'm going to try to knock off a-a-a little sooner tonight so I can get home to you. You mean anna's house? Can we go there? Please?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Uh... well...

Nina. Hey. Thought I might find you here. Look, I know you're probably tired of talking about this. But -- no, of course not. Uh, would you like to sit down? Yeah.

[ Laughs ] It's not wiley's favorite, but he likes it. Gives him comfort during anxious moments. He wouldn't mind if you borrowed it for a little while.

[ Scoffs ] I might. It's nice to see you smile.

[ Sighs ] I just can't stop thinking about this -- this talk-show segment that has become my life. Well, coming from a completely unremarkable, mundane background such as mine, I can't relate to how you're feeling at all.

[ Chuckles ] I'd imagine Finn is thinking the same things you are. I wouldn't know. I haven't talked to him. Maybe it's time to change that. I need my tea set, my dollhouse, and my bed! Hmm. Yeah, we are due for a proper tea party, aren't we? I'll tell you what, what do you say we find that nice server, trish, the one you like at the metro court, and we'll see if she can hook us up when I get home later? It'll be too late. Tea is at 4:00, daddy. Of course. Tea is at 4:00. I'm so uncultured. How do you stand it? It's hard, but I manage. Mm. [ Chuckles ] So we're on. Tomorrow, 4:00, at our hotel. It'll be like "eloise at the plaza."

[ Gasps ] Can we invite anna? Is someone planning a tea party? Anna! Oh, hello. Mmm. I missed you. I missed you, too. Now that you're here, we can all go home together, and you and daddy can get married! You know, my heart broke after I heard you got shot. Mm. Must have been hard to keep you away so long. I wasn't sure I'd be welcome, especially with carly in the mix.

[ Sighs ] Not to speak ill of the dead, but Sonny could have done better than her.

[ Chuckles ] Selfish to the core, but she'll reap what she's sown. How so? What is it you think carly deserves? Every moment you focus on jason is a moment franco's real killer can use to cover their tracks. So you're worried about franco getting justice? No, I'm worried about jason going down for something he didn't do. Fortunately, I'm on retainer to address any potential miscarriage of justice. Commissioner, I'm gonna need -- yes, I will leave you to it. Thank you.

[ Door closes ] Why are you here? Because I was with jason when jordan brought him in. Carly, as distressing as it may have been to watch jason dragged off in handcuffs, you should have stayed home. Hey, diane, what is going on? Ashford doesn't make arrests that she doesn't think will stick. What are you saying? She's got something on jason. That's impossible because jason didn't do it. Hey, w-what do the cops have? I don't know...yet. Do you? Is there anything you haven't told me? No, I didn't do it. Well, then we need to find out what commissioner ashford has on you and get in front of it, because as it stands now, it looks like you're in serious trouble.

 I know. It was so unfair, sweetheart, wasn't it, that our big night was interrupted like that? We'll do it again. But this time, make it a secret with no interruptions. Ooh, gosh, that is such a very good idea. I wish I'd thought of it. Actually, you know, I came, um, to talk to your daddy about that very subject. But I think you should continue to plan your tea party. Hmm. Cucumber sandwiches and cream scones? Oh, my absolute favorites. How did you know that? Ok, um, how about I treat you guys to some hot chocolate and some scones at kelly's? Would that be good? You like that idea? Ok. I'll see you later, sweetheart, ok? Bye, darling.

[ Smooches ] Bye. Bye-bye. I'm, uh -- I'm -- I'm sorry. I think, um... I think violet still, um, expects us to be a family, like everything's ok. I should have prepared her better. Violet: Daddy, catch!

[ Smooches, blows ]

[ Blows ]

[ Elevator doors close ] Oh, it smells amazing, like cioppino, only better. Mmm. Brook lynn, w-- great to see you, too, olivia. Oh, well, this -- this -- this certainly is a surprise. Yeah, surprised me, too. In the words of my mother, "you can take all the precautions you want, but nothing avoids pregnancy like good choices." So, lois is aware? Yeah. Is ned? Asks the queen of secret babies. Well, I -- I'm just trying to keep up here. Okay, the last time I saw you and your father, you were both trying to mend the fences after the whole brouhaha with valent-- is he the father? I haven't told him. He doesn't know yet. Yet?! No, honey, he can never, ever know about this.

[ Sighs ] I am touched by your concern. However, peter is not coming after me. Well, that's either hubris talking or insanity.

You set the course for peter's entire miserable life, and then, in his mind, you double-crossed him. I'm detecting a tone of censure. I thought we were of like mind where peter was concerned. I know exactly who peter is. But that doesn't mean the man that helped make him that way gets a pass while I have to watch my only remaining sibling follow in our father's footsteps. Don't let your sympathy cloud your judgment. We need to put maxie and the unborn child first. Their unborn child.

Peter's child. Without maxie and the baby, what does peter have left? Peter's a lost cause. There's no hope for him. Because his father was cesar faison and his mother was alex marick? Because my father is cesar faison, and my mother is liesl obrecht. Does that make me a lost cause?

[ Gasps ] Ah!

[ Exhales sharply ] My instructions were to help build the wsb's case against peter. Peter has eliminated any proof of his crimes. The authorities have nothing they can use to eliminate him. He's still a clear and present danger, dante. We have no idea what he'll do next. Well, then I will keep cultivating leads. Something will shake out. It's been decided. What's been decided? What exactly do you mean by "permanent solution"?

[ Pen clicks ] You must complete the mission, dante. You must assassinate peter august. What do you think you knowabout jason? Well, I wouldn't want to spread something that hasn't already been completely vetted, and I wouldn't want to further strain relations with you, either. You killed the father of my child. Those allegations are completely unfounded, sam, but I-I do get it. Despite your separation, you do still care deeply for jason. And then there's your mother's drinking problem. You have quite a lot on your plate these days. I mean, your family is practically falling apart. And I am sorry for your difficulties, sam, but, hey, at least you created some distance between you and jason. I mean, he'd only drag you down with him when the police take him down, right? For what? For the murder of franco baldwin.

Why do you care? What has that woman ever done for you except be ungrateful after you saved her life? She should be down on her knees thanking you, but instead, she treats you like a poor relation. I know she was behind Sonny booting you out of the family just 'cause you got a better offer than working in a garage. I live here, ma. You can drive back to connecticut -- in the car Sonny gave you, by the way -- while I'm left to deal with the mess that you leave behind. I'm not making messes. I'm cleaning them up! How? What did you do? My civic duty. I'm sure jordan will be back. She's going to want to question you herself. And what are you going to say? I don't know or I don't recall. For the record, carly, that's how it's done. Oh, good god. Jordan is going to want to gather information from you when she questions you, but obviously, so will I. I want to know what this evidence is that is so compelling, it inspired such confidence that they would be able to arrest you. Word is, she's fast-tracking your arraignment. Good. I want jason out of here as soon as possible. Obviously, you have matters on your mind more pressing -- this is not a good time for me to be sitting in a cell, diane. Look. Obviously, I will do all I can, but you both have to prepare yourselves for the fact that it's a possibility the D.A. Will ask that you be held without bail. And given your extensive rap sheet, I'm sure a judge will be likely to agree. Ok, well, that's why you're on retainer, diane, to make sure that doesn't happen. Carly, of course I'm gonna do my utmost, but I have to hear what the evidence is before I can refute it.

[ Door opens ] Mr. Morgan. Ballistics confirms that this was the gun used to kill franco baldwin. Do you recognize this weapon? I've never seen that gun before. That's interesting, because we have an eyewitness that's seen it -- in your hands. I wasn't expecting to see you here. Are you paying your respects to franco? To be honest, I, uh, was hoping to find you here. But it is an impressive display. I have to admit... I mean, if you would have told me 10 years ago that franco would accomplish all of this... you wouldn't have believed it. That he turned his life around. Well, no, I mean, you -- you turned your life around. I have my moments. What I did at Sonny's graveside was not one of them. I don't blame you for that. I'm not really asking for your forgiveness, jax. No, I -- I understand. I'm actually asking for yours. I don't see the point in going to Finn. I don't know how to talk to him or -- or what to say to him. What makes that your responsibility? I'm guessing Finn probably has a lot to say to you. Have you met him? Finn is a great guy and a great dad. Just look at violet. He's done right by her. And I'll bet anything he wants to do right by you, too. How's maxie doing? Um, I haven't seen her since the other night. But she's good, I think. And, uh... her and the baby, t-they're doing well, all things considered, you know? Good. That is good. Oh, Finn, we're behaving like -- like professionals. Can't we just talk to each us?

[ Sighs ] Sure. How are you? I'm managing. And you? I feel a bit beaten up, to be honest. Yeah. Lonely. I keep, um, looking behind me at the house -- I keep thinking that you're -- you're there and...hearing these little phantom footsteps upstairs, like it's violet. I miss you both so much. I love you, Finn. We feel the same. Oh. Well, isn't that what's important, that we both love each other? You know, isn't that enough for us to bridge this distance? W-why don't you just come home so we can sort this out? Unless you -- you don't want to.

You have procured maxie's phone. You will use it to lure peter here with a text message from maxie. You will use this to kill peter august. When peter is dead, walk away and leave him. Throw the gun into the harbor. If you are questioned by the authorities, you will remember that your orders came from dr. Kirk. He dictated this course of action before you left his care in switzerland. Do you understand your directives? I do. Peter must be eliminated to protect maxie, her child, and countless others. You will not be troubled by his death. You must complete the mission. I must complete the mission.

[ Pen clicks ] Jason did not kill franco. What, you don't think he's capable of it? It's no secret franco was unstable. His volatile condition was widely known.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you've made certain of that. Elizabeth webber found jason standing over -- I don't need your recap! Fine. I don't make the news -- I just report it. Franco was murdered, and jason was arrested.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I'm just sayin', I think you dodged a bullet. No, I think you have. I have to go. Maxie wants to meet me. You're lying. See for yourself, sam.

If I'm the only one

who knows... nathan's grave? Well, nathan was my brother. Nathan was maxie's husband -- another way we're connected. So if you'll excuse me, I have my own pressing priorities. Take care, sam. Just -- uh -- you do know I have a staff of nurses just waiting to justify their salaries. Just wanted to help. I'm fine.

[ Clears throat ] You know, I've read about people who find excruciating pain stimulating. Is that you, britt? Are you one of those? You're the one that's gonna be hurting unless you find a way to contain peter. I'm not worried. Hmm, you should be. Peter thinks you betrayed him. He'll want payback. And he'll take a page from faison's playbook -- he'll hurt you through the people you care about. So if you want to protect charlotte and nina and anna, stop peter. Olivia: I am so sorry, honey. I do not mean to be jumping into your business, and I swear I am not judging you. Ok, well, not that you're in any position to, glass houses and all. Well, t-that's -- that's exactly my point. I was exactly in your position with leo and julian. I did not want him to be part of leo's life, and for good reason. And obviously, in my situation, the truth came out and, you know, it might -- it might come out in your situation, too. But -- but, honey, you have got to play this very close to the vest right now. Valentin is much smarter than julian ever was, and much more duplicitous. I m-mean, you saw how he engineered the whole -- the whole takeover of elq, how he played you. Look. Ok, my advice is, you look at charlotte -- you look at how her life plays out with him. You take some cues from that. All I did was ask if I could have some of the food that you brought home, and now, here I am, getting extremely premature parenting advice from someone who has no business giving it. I-I-I understand, honey. I understand that I am butting in. I'm only doing it because I love you. Well, why don't you focus on whether you still love my father? Michael -- he told me that you guys were going through some hard times. Is he even living here? No, he is not at the moment. Well, then please do not tell him about this. I'm asking you. It seems like my father has enough to be miserable about right now. And when I think about violet, and I think about what's best for her, I... I tried to come up with an arrangement in which I could deal with being involved with a wsb agent. Oh, I'll quit. I-I don't need that job, and it's clear they don't need me any longer. I've given my life to the bureau. They have taken more than enough in return, and I don't owe them anything else. You're not sure about that. Yes, I am. I don't care about it anymore. You and violet -- you're all that matters to me now. I appreciate the gesture. I do. And we've had this conversation before, you know. We thought our future was secure, and then you vanished for six months to go try to find your sister. Alex is dead now. It's not about alex. It's about you. Anna, you're always gonna have your own priorities -- you're always gonna have your need for doing things on your own, and that's fine, that -- it's good. But I'm a -- I guess I'm old-fashioned, and I think that marriage should be some kind of partnership. I know. But any time your past comes up, you just -- you shut me out. 'Cause, you know, that was hard to deal with before violet, but now? Now I cannot tear her whole life apart on a moment's notice. I can't do that to her. I have to know that we can be honest with each other and the next time we face a crisis, we face it together.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah, that should be the least that you could expect from me, but I can't guarantee that I'm not going to have to deal with something that's going to come at me from my past. I don't know what kind of relationship that you can have with someone who only reveals a part of themselves to you and keeps another part completely hidden. Well, I don't mean to keep anything hidden from you. I just don'T. It's like a reflex. I -- it -- [ Sighs ] It -- it kind of just happens without me even thinking about it. I get it. Believe me, I get it. But it's working against us. It's working against our life together. We have to be willing to tell each other the truth and be honest with one another. We do that, and maybe we can find a way to move forward with this. We do that, then... maybe we can have that tea party.

 Gregory chase is always gonna be my dad, and I-I can't help but think if I take steps toward Finn now, it's just gonna hurt him like hell. Do you really think your dad would feel like you were leaving him behind? He wouldn't want to, but you can't help how you feel. Talk to gregory. You two have always been close. That closeness can help you now. If you confront the loss together, work through it together, then, yes, your bond might change, but it will still be there. Ok. In the meantime, I'm just going to wait for Finn to come to me, 'cause I can't even look him in the eye, let alone define what kind of relationship I want to have with him. And what if Finn is thinking the same thing? What if you both keep waiting for a signal from the other and don't get it? You'll never get anywhere.

[ Sighs ] Willow, I don't want to push myself on Finn. And I'm sure as hell not gonna ask him to be my father. Makes perfect sense. You are definitely the wronged party, but the longer you wait to deal with this, the harder it will be. Why is it on me? Because you may actually have a better handle on it than Finn. Finn cut himself off from your family, and then he compounded it with years of silence and distance. The longer you wait to talk to him, the more likely he is to repeat that mistake. Last night, I was watching violet sleeping. And I didn't think we had a path back. Maybe we still don'T. Oh. But the lies would have to stop, anna. Promise me that... and maybe there's a chance we can make this work. I wish I could make that promise. But there are things that... they're too dangerous for you to know. They could put you and

[Sighs] Oh, god forbid, violet at risk. And there might be times when I'm going to have to deal with a situation on my own or turn to someone trained to provide backup for me. Yeah, like robert or cassadine. But I wouldn't be choosing them over you. I wouldn't be trusting them over you. I would be taking action to protect you and violet -- to keep you safe. Up to and including lying to my face. In my line of work, sometimes lies are -- are necessary. Like the ones you're telling yourself? You know, this is not the first time that violet and I moved out. When I suspected that peter was dangerous, you convinced me otherwise. Even then, you knew that violet, she was my priority. And you knew if you told me the truth about alex, the truth about peter and what they were capable of, violet and I would leave. Yeah, you're right. I did. I'm sorry. I was really selfish. I just love you both so much. I don't blame you. I don'T. I -- I know what it's like, when you think you're doing something right that just [Sighs] Has this way of clouding your judgment. But, you know, secrets and lies, they -- they keep me sick. They fuel my disease. And when my life gets turned upside down like it is now...

[ Sighs ] Well, I don't need much justification for wanting to reach for a needle or a pill, but...I can't roll the dice on my sobriety. Oh, god, no. I would never let you do that for me. I don't even stay clean for myself anymore. I... I have violet. I... I have people who need me. So there's no other way? I'm looking, anna, but I can't see it. The only way forward is to be apart. You know, I tried calling you a -- a few times. Yeah, I wasn't up to talking on the phone. No, I understand. I just -- I just wanted to make sure that you were okay and to apologize. Despite my regrets of how things turned out, I will never regret loving you. I can't listen to this. Nina, listen, if there is a chance that -- that things can work out between us, I'll take it. Because I think we're worth fighting for. Carly: This is crazy. It's one thing for elizabeth to make things up -- she's hysterical, her husband just died -- but for you guys to believe her? Carly. Please. Commissioner, I've reviewed elizabeth baldwin's statement, and nowhere in it does she make mention that she saw my client with a gun. In fact, elizabeth wasn't even there when my client arrived on the scene, and when she did get there, the two were in each other's presence until the paramedics arrived. That isn't exactly true, is it? Were you always in elizabeth's sight? Diane: C ommissioner,my client can't attest to someone else's observation. Did you step out into the corridor, even briefly? You were out there when you made your call to the 911 dispatcher, correct? You mean when he was calling for help? I mean, that just proves that jason was trying to help franco. It proves he can't account for his whereabouts for a brief window of time. Emphasis on "brief." Enough time to drop the murder weapon down a garbage chute, which is exactly where we found it after we heard from a witness who saw him ditch it. Commissioner, did you find my client's fingerprints on the gun? No? I didn't think so. That's right. Elizabeth was with franco the entire time. She was in no position to witness jason doing anything in the corridor. I never said elizabeth baldwin was our eyewitness. Your civic duty? You won't even fill out a census form. You don't have a civic-minded bone in your body. That shows what you know. I did the people of port charles a huge service at great risk to my personal safety. Gladys: I knew there was

something off about it,

but I didn't put it together

'til I saw it on the news. Ok, so why don't you take me through this again? You're staying at a loft on 22 talmadge street? Mm, yeah, it's one of those short-term rental things, and I heard a loud noise, so I went out the door. That's when I saw him come out of a studio and go to the garbage chute. He had a gun, dropped it in the chute, went back inside. Are you certain? Oh, sure. I've seen him plenty of times. I'd know those cold eyes anywhere. It was him. That's Sonny's guy. Jason morgan killed that man. I'd swear it on Mike's grave.

[ Sighs ] If it's ok, I'll -- I'll make arrangements to, um, you know, come by and, uh, get roxy and the rest of our things. Oh yeah. Yeah, whenever you want. Yes, that's fine. Um, and I'll make arrangements to get violet's tea set brought over to the hotel, 'cause I know she wants that. Mm. And, um, you know, I was thinking if -- if you wanted me to talk to violet, you know, I can explain or reassure her. U-unless you prefer me to just stay out of it. Thank you for the offer. I, um... I don't know how violet's gonna react to all this, but I'll do my best to explain it to her. Ok. But I want you to know, I'm not gonna take her away from you, or...or you from her. If violet asks for you... yeah, I'll be there, of course. Any time, of course. Ok. You know, um... it might seem that I'm just resigned to walking away from the two of you, but I'm not. Me neither. It's good to know we went down fighting. Yeah. When I fell in love with you... I told myself it was for the last time. And, um... it was -- it felt like a real fresh start, you know, for me. You did change me, Finn. You changed me, too. Good. But we just didn't change enough. I guess not. Hey.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Okay. I've got it.

[ Exhales sharply ] Goodbye, anna. Was that brook lynn I just saw?

[ Sighs ] Uh, ned, it's me. I'm at the house. Um... could you come over? I have to speak to you right away.

[ Door opens ] Hi, uh, britt westbourne, calling to confirm my appointment. W-what do you mean reschedule? No, I-I can't -- I can't do that. I can't do that. I need to see the doctor now.

[ Sighs shakily ] Franco baldwin was shot days ago. You only just showed up here. Are you calling me a liar? I've been in port charles a while working up the nerve to come and see you. Go ahead and check, if you don't believe me. Police already did.

[ Scoffs ] You'd think you'd be grateful. Jason morgan is a menace. The streets will be safer without him on 'em. Thank you for lunch. See you at dinner.

[ Footsteps recede ] Commissioner, who is this unnamed witness? You'll be supplied with the relevant information during discovery. In the meantime, I'll see you in court. What happens now? Now... we have a problem. Hey. I hope you weren't waiting long. I came as quickly as I could. No, no. Thank you for meeting me. Yeah. You made it sound urgent.

[ Clears throat ] Would you give this to charlotte, please? I'd give it to her myself, but I'm leaving on short notice. You're leaving? I need to get away. I can't be in port charles. Why? What happened? Please, valentin. Don't make this any harder. Just... just tell charlotte that I love her. I tell her that every night. You're a great father.

[ Gasps ]

[ Sighs ] Herr jax. Liesl. Well, I heard you were out. I understand you've been busy breaking the heart of my niece. You're probably not too happy with me right now, are you? Not at all. You did what you felt was necessary for the greater good. I know the feeling. It's a shame that franco, who had truly turned his life around, is gone, and those who are evil and only pretend to be good are still walking free. But not for much longer. Come on, maxie.

[ Line ringing ] Don't do this. Pick up.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings, stops ] Peter: Dante. Where's maxie? She -- she texted me to meet her here. Maxie didn't text you to meet her. I did.

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