GH Transcript Tuesday 3/16/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/16/21


Episode #14660 ~ Alexis makes a hard decision. Kristina lashes out. Maxie is determined to do what's best for her child. Michael gets an unexpected surprise. Sasha pays Brando a visit.

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hi. Sorry about the last-minute notice, but I'm going to need some backup. Yeah, thanks. Mom. [ Sighs ] Okay, I just left you at kelly's and you texted me. What's going on?

[ Sighs ] Wait, mom? Oh. Hey, I-I just got your text. Kristina: Me, too. What's the big emergency? That's what I'm trying to find out. Just get inside and let me do this before I chicken out. Mom, please don't say you're drinking again. I am not drinking.

[ Door closes ] But I have made a decision that at my next court appearance for the assault charges, I'm changing my plea to guilty. Can you believe all these posts about franco's memorial tomorrow? Yeah, it's blowing up, and not in a good way. I just hope, for cam's sake, he's playing his guitar and ignoring his phone.

[ Blows ] It's funny. Playing hide and seek here as a child didn't seem creepy at all. So the headstones, they were just names. Didn't know any of them. Now it's so different. I know too many names here. Dev. Mr. Phillips. Mr. Corinthos. And there's you. The man who made me who I am today.

[ Sighs ] Sasha, what are you doing here? I have a counseling session, but I'm early. I overheard some nurses talking about the hot guy on the 10th floor.

[ Chuckles ] Naturally, you thought of me. The nurses said that you were checking yourself out too early against doctor's advice. Reckless -- that's what made me think of you.

[ Chuckles ] Brook lynn: Is it safe?

[ Door closes ] Well, is it? Brook lynn?

[ Chuckles ] Well, why didn't you tell anybody you were coming? And why are you sneaking through the side door? Oh, whoa, an interrogation? Is that really all the welcome back I get? Well, no, hey, of course not. I'm -- I'm thrilled. I really -- I really missed you. Ah, well, be careful. Precious cargo. You should know, uh, sam is going to be back any minute. I don't think so. She had all those boxes to deliver to the community center. As for the tie, I stopped wearing them. They weren't really me. Okay, well, please unlock the door and give me your key. You can't be too careful. Look what happened to poor franco baldwin. Not that you have any reason to worry. As long as I'm around, you and the baby will always be safe.

You know those boxes sam was taking to the community center? They're full of your clothes. I'm sure she couldn't wait to pressure you to get me out of your life. Oh, it wasn't just sam. Dante was here. And olivia. My friends. I think we both know what our friends are all about. Valentin was supposed to be my friend. Hell, anna was supposed to be my mother. Turns out, neither one of those are true. You know, even when they swear to your face that they have your best interest at heart, behind your back, they're lying. And I'm not talking little white lies. No. The deep, twisted lies about who and what you are. Okay, I know how that feels. I've been lied to and deceived by the person that I trusted most in the world. Here's what's going to happen now. You're going to put your key to my home on the table. It's our home, maxie. And you can get rid of these clothes. These are just things, easily replaced. But you can't replace me. Wedding or no wedding, we're joined forever. Wait, you're pregnant? Yeah. But how? Wow, michael, I figured since you had wiley, you'd have figured out the basics by now. Well, yeah, of course I know how -- how it works, but, I mean, like, what did -- who -- who's the father? I mean, do I know them? Okay, can you just spare me the third degree, okay? There are more important things for us to talk about. What's more important than you being pregnant? The passing of your father. Sonny was an amazing human being. I'm really so sorry for your loss. Thank you. When my world was crashing down around me, Sonny was there for me, you know, offering to do whatever he could to help me. Such a force of nature. Just so hard to believe that he's gone. Yeah, yeah, every time I go to see my mom, I expect to see him walking out, you know, hear his voice, see him play with donna. I'm so sorry. I hope you know, as soon as I heard the news, I was going to come, but I knew you had willow. Or would that be sasha?

[ Sighs ] You saved my life. It only seemed right to make sure you weren't doing something else dumb, like putting your recovery at risk. Something else? Some people might say that working for a drug lord isn't the smartest choice.

[ Laughs ] Well, you should be glad about my choice of employment. In case you need a reminder, I saved your life when you were out with the aforementioned drug lord, sampling his product. Not a lot of people your age can say that they've had a heart attack. Well, I learn from my mistakes. Do you? Clearly not, since you can't even button your shirt without missing a button.

[ Clears throat ] Should I, uh, come back later? Has diane signed off on you pleading guilty? I haven't talked to diane about it because I know if I do, she'll try to talk me out of it. With good reason. This was a carefully considered, sober decision. But why? Because if I don't do it, I will fail, and I will drink. I can barely get through a day without drinking as it is. Because I almost killed a man, and maybe I want to be punished. But mostly because if I don't face what I've done, I will never get better, ever, and this may be the one thing that keeps me from going over the cliff. Girls, what? Say something. Molly? Mom, we talked about this before. If you plead guilty, you risk being sent to prison.

[ Doorbell rings ] Hopefully, this is diane. This really isn't a good time. Actually, molly, I asked valentin to come. Can't believe we helped cam sneak into the morgue. I mean, what were we thinking? We were helping our friend. Cam didn't want to believe franco was dead, so we helped him get closure. I mean, considering what happened with my dad faking his death, it would make sense why cam would need to see it for himself. Yeah, you're right. When you lose someone you love, your mind will jump to anything that makes it not true. I should've taken cam there myself instead of making you think about losing your stepdad. Hey, you didn't make me do anything, okay? We both agreed to do this to help cam. Hopefully, it was able to give him some closure. Hey, do you think they sell flowers at the 24-hour store? I think so. Why? Maybe the way to get closure isn't to forget. It's letting yourself remember, even if it hurts. So, this is the deal, huh? Get into a top college, and in return, I lose franco? I finally get to experience what a complete family feels like. It gets taken away from me.

[ Sighs ] Should've see it coming. Make a good friend in oscar, and he dies of cancer. Make a good friend in dev, and he dies in an explosion. My father figures come and go. Welcome to your life, cameron webber. You know, maybe if you stuck around to be my dad, none of this would've happened. You just had to get yourself shot. I get it. It's all my fault.

It's good to see you, son. I can only imagine what your mom's told you about me. She actually almost never mentions you. She said that you were her best friend's boyfriend and something happened. Emily left town, and you got my mom pregnant. A little while later, you died. I read up on it once online. Newspaper called it "suicide by cop," meaning you were surrounded by police, didn't have a way out, so you reached for an imaginary gun you knew you didn't have. You knew they would have no choice but to shoot you. Gotta say, when my father figures go, they go in style.

[ Sighs ] So, I'm to blame for everything wrong that's going on in your life? I fell off my bike once when I was 7. Got 10 stitches. Hurt like hell. Maybe that was my fault, but maybe if you had been there to teach me how to ride a bike, it wouldn't have happened. Well, maybe I can still teach you something.

[ Scoffs ] One problem -- you're dead. True. But you're not. Are you really going to throw away your future just because today hurts so bad? Why do you care? Huh? You had the chance to be my dad, and you blew it. I'm still your dad, and I always will be, whether you like it or not. So why don't you take the opportunity to learn from my mistakes? So it's true. You're ready to leave the hospital. Good. That job I gave you has been on hold since your unfortunate accident. It still needs your attention. I, uh, wasn't sure that I had a job to come back to. Who do you think think's been paying your medical bills? I'm very grateful, mr. Renault. No need for gratitude. The benefits are part of the job. Do the benefits include getting shot? Gladys: Brando? Where's my brando? Thank god you're alright. Oh, if something had happened to my boy, I would never have forgiven myself or anyone else. Well, uh, some things have changed since you've been gone. My marriage to willow has been annulled. But she's living in the gatehouse so she can be close to wiley. I'm just glad nelle's plan to abduct your son was stopped. Yeah, well, thanks to you. Is there any update about the voice? Let's just say, I won't be singing duets with taylor swift, but at least I'm still breathing, which is more than I can say for julian, right? He was on the bridge with your dad when it collapsed, right? Yeah, only julian's body was recovered. How's, uh, lucas handling it? Ah. Losing julian hit lucasharder than he wanted it to, I think. Mm. But, you know, he's moving on with his life. He sees a lot of wiley, which is -- which is good for both of them. I'm guessing that was your idea? Yeah, wiley can't have too many people who love him. Well, I can think of one more who should be here -- your dad. Sonny was someone I thought would always be here. Girls, I want him to stay. Alright, molly, I want to hear your thoughts. Just because I'm in law school doesn't mean I'm an expert. You are interning in the D.A.'S office. Yes, but that doesn't mean I have privileged information on mom's case. I want you to explain to your sisters. I want your legal opinion. Well, it hasn't changed since we talked about this before. If you plead not guilty, even if you're not acquitted, there's a chance you'll get leniency, maybe some combination of therapy or rehab and community service. And if I plead guilty? You'll be sent to pentonville. Look, peter, I know what I said to you at the hospital was not easy to hear, but I haven't changed my mind. If anything, I'm even more certain we do not have a future together. We have to. For our family. For our daughter. I am thinking about our daughter. Look, I know no matter what else you've done that -- that you love her. Yes, which is why we have to provide a happy, healthy home for her. Maxie, I'm not saying we rush back into a wedding. We can take time, work things out. We can even go to couples' counseling, if you -- peter, you killed drew cain. Couples' counseling is not going to fix that. No, no, those are lies, maxie, hearsay. The words of unreliable people like liesl obrecht and valentin. They have no proof for the things I'm accused of because none of it happened. I'm telling you, maxie -- I promise you the past is dead. I killed it. Oh, and how exactly did you do that?

 Yeah, I've madea lot of mistakes, a lot of bad choices. But not all my time was wasted. I did a few good things. You're one of them. But in the end, yeah, the bad choices won. They dragged me down like a riptide and pulled me under. But it's not too late for you. We have choices in life.

[ Scoffs ] Wow. You know, I'm a senior in high school, and now you give me the fatherly advice, huh? It's a little bit late, don't you think? You talk tough, cameron. You sound like me. But for me, it was a bluff because I was hurting, and I didn't know how to express that. I'm not hurting. I'm mad. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, you're mad as hell. You feel hopeless. You feel like this is never going to end. But you can't give in to that, cam. Like you did? We're not talking about me, son. We're talking about you. And if you can't do it for yourself, then do it for those who need you. Do it for those who give you a purpose. I've seen you with jake and aiden. You have so much potential, cam. Don't follow my example. Don't lean into those negative impulses. Anger's -- anger's easy. For me, it was -- I was hurting, and I wanted the rest of the world to hurt with me. But you have chances that I never did. Franco's turned out to be a great father for you. You feel safe. You feel loved. Don't make everything a lie that he's ever tried to do for you. It's your choice. Mom, when did you get to town? I actually have been here for a few days. It -- it took me a while to work up my nerve to come see you. I know things didn't end on the best note for us.

[ Sighs ] Uh, mr. Renault, it's good to see you again. I hope in the future, you'll take better care of my son. I can assure you, mrs. Corbin, your son is in very good hands. Oh, wait, I met you at Sonny's house at christmas last year. You were with michael. Michael and I broke up. Ah. I bet you couldn't stand his pushy mother. I can't say I blame you. Uh, sorry.

[ Both chuckle ] My, uh, mother can be a little bit much. It's alright. I'm sure it's not easy to see your son in a hospital. I'll give you two some time alone. I'll join you. Okay, now that we're alone, what are you doing here, and what's in it for you? Brook lynn: Last time I spoke to granny, she told me that my dad and olivia still hadn't reconciled, despite her best efforts. Ah, yeah, did, uh, tracy tell you how far she went? Okay, well, she framed alexis for drunk driving, hoping that alexis would go to rehab so she wouldn't be around to talk about the one-night stand she had with your dad. Granny did wha-- oh, my. Well, of course she did, actually. Let me guess. The plan backfired, and olivia found out about the affair? Pretty much. And that's why my dad's not living here? Yeah. And then tracy went back to europe. Which leaves us your news. And the big question is, who's the father? And the answer is none of your business. Mom, you can't plead guilty. The jury needs to know that you were trying to protect sam from franco. Okay, regardless of who mom was aiming for, she injected dante and almost killed him. No judge is going to let her off with a slap on the wrist. Somebody shot franco and killed him. Obviously, there were other people who thought he was dangerous, too. But we're not talking about other people. We're talking about me. And I'm the one that used the syringe because I was drunk. I wouldn't have done that if I was sober, and I won't stay sober unless I face what I've done. Mom, alcoholism is a disease. If I can forgive you for stabbing my brother, surely the jury can. I know that, honey, but it's a disease, but it's not an excuse.

[ Sighs ] You're awfully quiet. What do you think? What do I think? I think you're a fighter. You fight for your self-respect. That's what I think. So you think I should plead not guilty? Not if you want to take responsibility for your actions. You want to do that, you got to plead guilty. Well, the death I'm talking about is symbolic. The past died when I turned my back on anna and her lies. The past died when valentin turned out to not be my true friend at all. Maxie, I am, for better or worse, the son of alex marick and cesar faison. But what does that mean, really? Faison was nathan's father, too, and you loved nathan with all your heart. You're right, peter. This doesn't have anything to do with dna or what name you use. This is about the man that you are. Exactly. And that's why, starting today, all that I am and all that I do is for you and for our daughter. The bond the three of us have... cannot be broken. You already broke it with your lies and your actions. You were never honest with me. I am going to be completely honest with you. You will have no part in my life or this baby'S.

You are the very definition of too little, too late. Where were you when I was afraid of the dark, when I needed someone to check underneath the bed and look in the closet and promise me there were no monsters there? Where were you when my dog died? Where were you when I messed up and I had to face a judge and do community service? Where were you when I got my heart broken, when I got kidnapped, when i lost my best friend to cancer? Maxie, please, you don't mean what you're saying. These people, they've gotten into your head. That's all spinelli and robert. They've been gunning for me ever since I came into town. Valentin and anna are just the latest. You're not listening. Why is mac so important in your life? Because your father practically abandoned you. Would you willfully inflict that same loss on our daughter? Would you deprive her of her father's own love? I'm going to do what's best for my child. Yes, of course you will, because you're loving and generous. You're also a very smart woman. You know better than to try and keep me from my child. Are you threatening me? Maxie, you have been lied to by people you love and trust. I am trying to give you time to recover from that shock. And once you've healed, your natural goodness will offer you clarity and you will see through these lies and everything will end up as it is meant to be, as we... are meant to be. Look, it's not like you can hide in your bedroom until the baby comes, right? So how about I arrange a family dinner tomorrow night and then you can tell everybody at once? My immediate plans are up in the air. Besides, who would you invite? I mean, I know ned's missed you a lot. He'd want to be there for you. Maybe he and olivia can make it through a full dinner together if the focus isn't on them. And monica and -- and willow. Maybe even valentin. Are you -- are you kidding me? Are you crazy? The guy who tricked me into selling stock and who took elq from our family? Wait, is -- is that why you waited until he left before you said hello? I didn't even know he was here. Ah. So I guess you missed the part where he, uh, offered to give me back control of elq if I agreed to let nina spend time with wiley. Did he -- did he really? Oh, guy actually has a heart. Who knew? Help me understand this, mom. You think that by pleading guilty and then being sent to prison, that you can somehow free yourself from your addictions? Yeah, it makes no sense. If you need help to not drink, then go to rehab. You know those demons that valentin mentioned? They follow you wherever you go. Unless you face them, and then they go away for a little while. Guys, I'm tired. I'm really tired of running. Okay? I need to confront what I -- what I did. I need to confront not just some things, but all of it. It is the only way that I'm going to survive. You got shot. Of course I'm here with you. How could you doubt my intentions? Because I know you. That little lecture you gave cyrus? You shouldn't have bothered. I already know it was you that told cyrus that dev wasn't my son, that he was a refugee that Sonny and the family were shielding. I don't know what you're talking about. Poor dev. I couldn't have loved him more if he really was my grandson. To think he was killed in a bomb blast.

[ Voice breaking ] It's surreal. And now poor cousin Sonny's gone, too. Let that be a lesson to you, mom. The closer you get to cyrus, the more dangerous life gets. Do you have time for a cup of coffee? My treat. And I'm not talking about the diesel fuel in the vending machines. I have an espresso maker in my office. No, thanks. The last time I accepted your hospitality, I woke up in the hospital. As you wish. Cyrus, wait.

[ Sighs ] Look, I'm not minimizing who you are or the things you sell, but nobody put a gun to my head that night. I've got nobody to blame but myself. Is that you talking or your counseling? I am quoting my counselor, but I also believe it -- I am responsible for my choices. I should've been there for you, cameron. Instead, I gave up. On myself. On life. On everything. And in that one moment, I threw away everything. Now you are at your own fork in the road. Now it's time for you to choose. But if you choose wrong, you know what they'll say -- like father, like son.

[ Breathing shakily ] Cam? Cam, is that you? Hey. Alexander smith. Cam's biological father. They used to call him zander, right? Yeah. He... ...was just...

He was just here. Who was just here? Doesn't matter. He left. Just like everyone else. Hey, that's not true. Trina and I are here. That counts, right? Who are the flowers for? Uh, they're for dev and Sonny's graves.

[ Chuckles ] Typical. Somebody else gets the flowers and the girl. Cam, what are you talking about? Hey, no offense, but, uh, have you been drinking? I wish that I had that as an excuse. Then maybe it wouldn't hurt so much. If anyone's close to cyrus renault, it's you. What exactly do you do for him, anyway? Anything your mother should know about? I'm his driver, mom. It's just a job. And if you don't mind, I'd like to get out of here and go back to earning my pay. Ah, that's my brando. Always so conscientious. But, you know, I'm not letting you go back to work until I'm sure that you're fully healed. And how are you going to monitor my recovery from bridgeport? Oh, didn't I mention? I'm sticking around for a while, just to make sure my baby boy's okay. Sometimes I can't figure you out. You seem genuinely concerned about brando. Oh, looked like I wasn't the only one. Brando has been a good friend to me, which is why I appreciate you looking out for him. Makes you seem almost human. Oh, you'd be surprised how human I am. Hm. I know exactly what you are. I mean, of course I want elq back, but it's my duty to put my son's interests first. I'm not gonna trade wiley's emotional well-being for stock. Okay, whatever the case may be, okay, I'm tired, and I need to go lie down for a while. Would you mind bringing up my suitcase to my old room? It's in the car, and I just -- I don't have the energy to run into anyone else and explain my...latest development. Well, you know, you're going to have to explain it at some point, though, right? Not just to the family, but to the baby's father. Okay, not to sound too harsh, michael, but you had a baby with a psychopath, okay? And here you are giving me parental advice. Just back off. It's -- it's actually what I went through with wiley that made me understand that telling the truth about babies is imperative. You handle the suitcase, and I will handle everything else. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] It's valentin, isn't it? He's your baby's father. It's so easy for you to give your opinion. Yeah, what's it to you if my mom's life is worse if she goes to prison? Mom, I-I have to agree with kristina. I mean, it does sound brave and noble to want to take responsibility for your actions, but pentonville is not equipped for the kind of rehab you need. I know that I'm not going to be the only person there with a drinking problem. I would imagine they do have aa meetings there. And if they don't, I'll start one. Sam: Mom... ...prison isn't rehab. If you go to pentonville, you're not going to have a support system. Are you ready for that? I want to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a freight train coming directly at me. That light you see is real, like our love and our family is real. You know what? You were right. I just need time. Um, time to figure out where we go from here. Of course. [ Sighs ] Take all the time you need. I think I'm going to hold on to this in the meantime. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you, james, or our baby.

Okay, we laid the flowers on dev's and Sonny's graves. And now we're going to take you home. Actually, you're not. 'Cause that's the one thing I learned tonight. I don't need anybody. Hey. You're not the only one who's lost someone, cam. Unfortunately, there's plenty of grief to go around. So quit feeling sorry for yourself. Help us help you. You're right. I'm just another loser. Like father, like son. Okay, I hope you've got the pity party out of your system, because for the record, joss and I do not hang out with losers. Do we, joss? Never. So just accept the fact that we're amazing friends and you're lucky to have us. You're right. The luckiest. Mm-hmm. Okay. Oh, there you are, sasha. My son is asking to see you. Oh, thanks. How do you like your accommodations? I'd prefer an upgrade to the metro court. It's the least you could do since I'm looking out for your interests. Hey. You, uh, need a ride? Uh, my mother insists on taking me home. You and cyrus and your mother. Ugh, yeah, hopefully, she's just passing through town. Uh, but take my advice -- keep your distance. Don't worry. I have no intention of letting anyone too close. Don't even deny it, okay, 'cause chase told me that you and valentin spent the night together before you left port charles. Okay, yes, valentin is the father. Now, can you please just drop it? Well, when are you going to tell him? It's complicated. I might not tell him at all. The man can do math.

[ Scoffs ] If you -- look, if you think you're going to deceive him -- I thought you said that valentin had grown a heart. You -- you said that.

I didn't say that. He's still valentin cassadine. You're playing a very dangerous game. Mom, I love you, and I will go along with whatever you decide.

[ Sighs ] Sam: You leaving? Valentin: No, I'm, uh, going to stick around and, uh, discuss your mom's options. If it's okay with her. You sure about that? I love you. Love you.

[ Door opens ] This is getting to be a habit. You want me to leave -- I'll leave. Just say the word.

[ Sighs, clears throat ] Do you want, uh -- milk and sugar with your coffee, right? Two sugars. Two sugars.

[ Sighs ] Maybe there still is a place in my life for you with me a-and the baby. That's more like it.

[ Sighs ] One thing I will never share, sweetheart. I'll never share you. Never, ever.

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