GH Transcript Friday 3/12/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/12/21


Episode #14658 ~ Willow is apologetic. Jason confides in Michael. Nina and Valentin connect over their regrets. Anna places a call to Frisco. Peter comes to terms with his fate.

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Sonny: Bob? I'm Mike. Drummond said you had a seat at the table for me.

Bob: Yeah. Come on in. This is Tom, and this is Dave.

Tom: Hi.

Dave: How you know Drummond?

Sonny: He handled some business for me. So this should be enough, right?

Bob: It's a start, but I hope you got more to lose.

Sonny: [ Laughs ]

Chase: What the hell's going on?

Finn: Please don't.

Jackie: I'm sorry. I don't want what happened to Anna and Peter to happen to us. And no matter what, the one thing that doesn't change is I am Harry's mother. I need to make the call.

Chase: The call about what?

Jackie: Honey, you need to know the truth about everything.

Finn: Now is not the time.

Gregory: Finn's right, Jackie. The three of us need to discuss this first.

Chase: Hello! I'm right here. What is this truth that I need to know?

Finn: Chase, can you give us one minute to talk about this in private?

Chase: Yeah, right.  Mom? What is this truth everyone's apparently been keeping from me?

Jackie: Honey, first, I'm sorry. I should have told you the truth as soon as you were old enough to understand.

Finn: We. We should have told you the truth. I just hope that when the dust settles... you can forgive us.

Michael: Let marketing know that I signed off on their plans. Okay, thanks, Jen. I got to go. Bye. Hey, you okay? Wiley and I thought we'd see you for breakfast this morning, but...

Willow: I had an early class. I'm sorry I ran out on you last night.

Michael: No, you -- you were upset by what Wiley said. I get it.

Willow: I had some time to think about that. Actually, it's all I thought about. I know Wiley loves me and sees me as his mom. He was just repeating what Nina said when she told him about Nelle.

Michael: I knew it was a possibility. I just -- I was hoping she wouldn't go there, that she'd realize Wiley's way too young to understand.

Willow: It caught me off guard, and I did not want Wiley to see how much it hurt, so I had to leave.

Michael: I went to the gatehouse to check on you, but you -- you weren't there. Where'd you go?

Willow: I went to see Chase.

Danny: Dad.

Jason: Hey. Ohh. What are you doing? You hanging with Leo and Rocco?

Danny: Yeah, but we're hungry, so I'm gonna get us some snacks.

Jason: Good man.

Danny: When can you and I hang out? You never come by anymore. I really miss you.

Jason: [ Sighs ]

Nina: I'm sure Elizabeth appreciates you planning Franco's memorial. The service is one less thing that Elizabeth has to deal with. Listen, if there's anything that I can do to help, you have to let me know. Franco was very important to me. Talk later.

[ Knock on door ]

Valentin: Bad time?

Nina: I just found out about Franco's death.

Valentin: Yeah, I'm sorry. That's actually why I'm here, in case you needed a shoulder to cry on.

Nina: Thank you, but I prefer not to cry anymore. I've been crying a lot lately. You know what you can do? You can give me some good news. I want you to tell me about Maxie and Peter's wedding. Don't skimp on any of the details.

Valentin: You don't know?

Nina: Know what?

Valentin: There was no wedding.

Nina: What happened?

Valentin: Maxie learned who Peter truly is.

Anna: [ Sighs ] I know, Frisco. Yeah, I w-- I would never have let Peter hurt Maxie. Okay, heartbreak is hard enough. Yes, of course. Yes, I did only see what I wanted to see in him. I ignored the truth. I regret that. I-I will. I unders-- Frisco? I wasn't sure if I would find you here.

Peter: What? Did you think I would run and hide?

Anna: Do you think you could just lower your guard for a minute so we could talk?

Peter: That depends. You've appointed yourself judge and jury, found me guilty of crimes I absolutely did not commit. Are you here now to be executioner as well?

Anna: I don't want to kill you, Peter. I do want to give you a message, though, from your father.

Jason: I miss you, too, buddy. You know I've been -- I've been working a lot and -- are you making sure your sister's staying out of trouble?

Danny: Yeah, Scout's fine, but Mom isn't.

Jason: What -- what do you mean?

Danny: Well, sometimes at night, Mom cries I-in her room, and she doesn't think I can hear her. I do. She's crying about you. Dad, please come home.

Jason: [ Sighs ] I wish I could, you know, but your mom... I mean, it's just not fair to you, Scout, and your mom that we make plans as a family and, you know, I got to cancel.

Danny: No, I-I don't mind. Honest.

[ Kids shouting in distance ]

Jason: I think your friends are angry, wondering where their snacks are, you know?

Danny: I love you.

 Jason: I love you, too.

Willow: It hurt to hear Wiley say I wasn't his mommy, but I am very clear that Wiley didn't know what he was saying. Nina did. And the fact that she would dump her emotional baggage on our little boy? In that moment, I swear I wanted to punch her. But I knew that would set a bad example for Wiley.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah, a very bad example.

Willow: But it is more than just what Nina told Wiley and what he then said to me about not being his real mom.

Michael: That made you think about the child that you lost.

Willow: You never stop grieving.

Michael: I know.

Willow: One day, I am going to have to tell Wiley how I came into his life. I just hope I can make him understand that he's not a replacement. Each of my boys holds a special place in my heart. I just have to find the right words to tell him that.

Michael: Well, you won't be alone, Willow, okay? We'll tell him together.

Chase: Dad, you want to tell me what's going on?

Gregory: I only just found out. I intended to tell you. It's one of the reasons I came by.

Chase: I'm going to lose it if you don't talk to me.

Jackie: Baby, why don't you sit down?

Chase: I don't want to sit down! Someone, talk!

Finn: Jackie and i slept together.

Tom: I'm out.

Sonny: You guys are good. I-I didn't know I was gonna have this kind of run for my money. [ Chuckles ]

Bob: Thought you'd be playing some small-town hicks, did you, Mike? This mean you want out, too?

Sonny: Not as long as I have a few dollars left. I'm in.

 Finn: I'm sorry. I-I didn't know how else to say it.

Chase: You slept with my mother?

Jackie: Harry.

Chase: No, no, no, no, no. How -- how could you do that? How could you do that to Dad and Anna?

Finn: Chase, this was -- this was years ago, before you were born. It was just one time.   We... we s-slept together the night before her and Dad were married.

Jackie: We didn't intend for that to happen. It w--

Chase: The night before you married Dad? Wow! Really?!

Finn: Hey, it is why I disappeared for so long. I was angry at myself and...ashamed.

Chase: But you weren't. You managed to walk down the aisle, pledge your love to Dad. Why? Why didn't you break it off?

Jackie: Because I loved your father.

Finn: Chase, this is my fault. It's not hers.

Chase: You let me believe you didn't want a brother.

Finn: Yeah. I didn't know how to process you being in my life, and I was afraid.

Chase: Of what?

Gregory: Your turn, Jackie. You said Chase deserves to hear the truth. That means all of it. Either you tell him or I will.

Jackie: Harry, you were, um -- you were born a few months shy of our first wedding anniversary. I do not believe this is the case, but there's a chance...

Chase: Finn could be my father.

Nina: Oh, Maxie must be a wreck. You know, I never should have let her excuse me from the wedding. I should have been there for her.

Valentin: There's nothing you could have done, Nina.  Peter's lies would have come out. This -- you couldn't have minimized Maxine's suffering any more than the rest of us.

Nina: You were right to expose Peter's lies.

Valentin: Well, Maxie had to know, didn't she?

Nina: But you feel guilty, don't you? Because whatever Peter did when he was an -- an adult, you delivered him as a baby to Faison, and I know you. You will never forgive yourself for that.

Valentin: Never. Because if I had left Peter as an innocent baby with his adoptive parents, maybe he wouldn't be the threat that he is today.

Peter: You think you can manipulate me by bringing up my father? Oh, go ahead, Aunt Anna. By all means, give it your best shot.

Anna: You said something at the hospital, something that I will never forget. It was, "the past is dead now. All we have is the future." Faison said something very similar to me when he returned to Port Charles. He urged me to let the past go and to plan a future with him, much as you are trying to do with Maxie.

Peter: Like thousands of other people who are trying to start over. The sentiment is not unique.

Anna: Faison could no sooner let go of his past than you can of yours. He was chasing a fantasy which turned into a dangerous obsession. Don't end up like your father. You have to let Maxie go.

Sonny: Fold.

Tom: I call.

Sonny: Full house. Not bad.

Bob: I got nothing.

Bob: [ Sighs ] Gentlemen, I think I will raise.

Sonny: I fold. [ Sighs ]

Tom: I call. Damn, you're on fire.

Bob: And I am even...hotter.

Dave: [ Sighs ]

 Bob: Looks like you're out, Davey. What about you, Mike? Are you, uh -- are you feeling confident, or do you want to cash out?

Sonny: Call me crazy, but I'm -- I'm feeling confident.

Bob: You're my kind of guy, Mike. Looks like you're running a little low on chips there, Mike.

Sonny: Well, you know what? I was saving this for a rainy day, but maybe I'll make enough to buy a filet mignon instead of a hamburger tonight.

Bob: [ Chuckles ] Well, you never know.  I'm all in, Mike.  Call. Four of a kind.

Sonny: Oh, I guess it's my turn. [ Chuckles ] Royal flush. You don't see this too often.

Tom: See you around, Bob.

Dave: Nice knowing you, Mike.

Bob: What kind of game you playing here, Mike?

Sonny: Hmm?

Bob: Kind where you act real dumb, make me out to be the fool?

Sonny: It's a game, Bob. Sometimes Lady Luck is with you. Sometimes she's sitting on somebody else's lap.

Bob: [ Chuckles ] I don't think so, Mike. See, I don't think Lady Luck has anything to do with this at all.

Valentin: I turned Peter over to Faison, which means that everything that's happened since, all of Peter's crimes, can be directly linked to me.

Nina: Well, Valentin, you can't hold yourself solely responsible. Here you go.

Valentin: Thank you.

Nina: You did what you could to make amends for Peter. You befriended him when he was a little boy and you tried to ward off Faison's influence.

Valentin: And it was too little, too late. He was already on a path to ruin, following his father's example. Working closely with my mother, Helena Cassadine, kidnapping Jason Morgan, plotting the death of Drew Cain.

Nina: You... you love Peter, yeah? And when we love someone, we always want to believe the best in them. You know what you need to do? You need to focus in on the good that came out of this.

Valentin: The good?

Nina: Yeah. You stopped Maxie from marrying Peter. You, Valentin, you protected her.

Valentin: Anna and I were hoping that Peter would be brought to justice.

Nina: I thought you said that was gonna be impossible because there wasn't enough proof to convict him of any crime.

Valentin: It's highly unlikely he will be in custody any time soon, but that's a problem because the longer he remains free, the more danger he's in.

Nina: He's a target for anyone who wants revenge.

Jason: Hey, Michael, I -- oh, uh, sorry.

Willow:  Oh, no problem. It's Wiley's snack time anyway.

Jason: Well, if you see Danny in the kitchen, can you make sure he's getting snacks for three and not 30?

Willow:  On it.  

Jason: Thank you.

Michael: Hey, Jason.  What's on your mind?

Jason: Well, uh, I had to give Monica some bad news. Can you just keep an eye on her for me?

Michael: Yeah, of course. Is it something I should know about?

Jason: I mean, he's denying it, but Peter August admitted that he's responsible for Drew's death.

Michael: So it's confirmed that Drew's plane crash was sabotage.

Jason: Yeah.

Michael: H-how did Grandma take this?

Jason: Uh, you know, she's calm on the surface, but I know she's hurting. She was close to Drew, and she worked hard to get him to the family, so...

Michael: And what does this mean for Maxie? Is she safe?

Jason: I don't think Peter would hurt her physically, but emotionally... the damage has already been done.

Anna: I know you're angry at me, Peter. I get that. But you have to think about Maxie and do what is best for her.

Peter: Oh, but I do, Anna. Every single moment of every single day. The difference, of course, being that I know I'm not chasing the love of a woman who lied and conned her way into my head the way you did with my father.

Anna: I didn't do that.

Peter: Oh, we all know the obsession Faison had with you, but you're just as much a liar as he is.  Who's to say you weren't obsessed with him?

Anna: That isn't true.

Peter: Really? You lied to me about my mother, and you were very good at it, too, but let's just say you're right. And then Faison did everything in his power to coerce you to be with him. Maxie fell in love with me by choice, Anna. She embraced me with an open heart and of her own free will.

Anna: Then you need to reciprocate that love and do what is best for her and the baby.

Peter: What's that, confess? Turn myself in and spend the rest of my life in prison? I'd lose Maxie.

Anna: You already have.

Peter: Have you looked in the mirror? You're so concerned with me ending up like Faison. The truth is, you and he are one and the same.

Jackie: We don't know for certain.

Chase: "We"? So Finn was in on this? He knew he could be my father?

Jackie: I told Hamilton that Gregory is your father, period. No room for doubt.

Chase: And when was that?

Jackie: When he came to visit. You were about a year old. He looked at you, he had some suspicions, and, um, I put those to rest.

Chase: But you were lying 'cause you didn't know for sure.

Jackie: I know in my heart that you're mine and Gregory's child.

Chase: And you believed her? Come on. You're suspicious of everyone. No way do I see you just letting this go. But you didn't. You may have waited a whole bunch of years, but that DNA test you didn't want me to talk about... those lab results... they're about me. Weren't they?

Lester: Elijah, thanks for coming.

Elijah: Sure. I brought the contract.

Phyllis: That was fast.

Elijah: I figure it's like pulling off a bandage. The quicker it's done, the quicker you can move on. Lenny, Phyllis, you both been nothing but good to me. And as difficult as this may seem now, I promise you it's gonna work out for you in the long run.

[ Door opens ]

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] Mike. What happened?

Sonny: I'm fine. Everything okay with you guys?

Phyllis: It will be.

Lester: Um, we've decided to sell the Tan-O.

Phyllis: Elijah brought the contract.

Elijah: Just need a few signatures.

Sonny: Then I'm sure Elijah won't mind waiting. There's something that needs to be settled.

Elijah:  If you wouldn't mind waiting, Mike, this is important.

Sonny: So is this. It's about time I, uh, pay my tab.

Lester: What's all this?

Sonny: I haven't paid you a dime since I moved in. There's a -- there's a little extra there because of the incredible meals that you've made me.

Phyllis: Mike, stop. We couldn't possibly --

Sonny: Possibly what? Let -- let me pay my bill?

Phyllis: We never had any intention of charging you. And if we did, this is far more than the food and the room are worth.

Sonny: I'm also paying the next six months... in advance. There you go.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] It's too generous.

Sonny: No. Look, I love Tan-O, and I love my landlords, and I want to make arrangements for the future.

Phyllis: But --

Lenny: But nothing, Phyllis. Mike, you've got yourself a deal. 

Sonny: [ Laughs ]

Lenny: Elijah, I'm sorry to waste your time drawing up that contract and coming all this way, but the Tan-O's not for sale after all.

Elijah: Lenny, Phyllis, if this is what you want, I am happy for you. And, Mike, now you got a place locked down for the next six months. I'm curious, though. Where'd you get the money?

Anna: I am nothing like Faison.

Peter: Well, you lie, you manipulate, you try to pressure people into being who you want them to be rather than who they really are.

Anna: I never pressured you, Peter.

Peter: Well, you made your high standards and expectations quite known. And for the record, I don't want to be perfect.

Anna: No. You want to be loved. But you're incapable of that until you face the truth about yourself.

Peter: I have faced the truth. And you know what I realize? Being "good" Peter was exhausting. And I should have known Alex Marick was my mother all along because she knew me. She knew my soul.

Anna: She gave you up. She rejected you.

Peter: She accepted me. She liked me. We spoke the same language. And for the first time in my life, I realized I could relax and be myself instead of jumping through hoops of fire to impress you. Because let's be honest, Anna, that's impossible to do, isn't it? Admit it. You knew I wasn't your son, and deep down, you were relieved.

Jason: I wanted to be the one to tell Monica about Drew, and I wanted to see you to see if you had any questions about Franco.

Michael: Why would I have questions about Franco?

Jason: Well, I thought your mom would have told you.

Michael: Oh, she left a message telling me to call her back, but I haven't had time yet. Why? What's going on?

Jason: Franco's dead. Somebody shot him.

Michael: Wow. Uh, I mean, I've come to accept, you know, Franco's freedom, that he -- that he changed. But I plotted that man's death myself a thousand times.

Willow: Michael, what's wrong?

Michael: Uh...Franco Baldwin was killed.

Jason: I'm the one who found him.

Michael: Do you have any idea who's responsible?

Jason: [ Sighs ] No, not yet.

Michael: Assuming that the list of suspects is pretty long.

Jason: Yeah, you know, the cops are looking into it. Hopefully they'll find who's responsible and Elizabeth and her sons can have some closure.

Michael: Well, since when do you have faith in the cops?

Jason: I said hopefully.

Michael: And if they come up empty-handed?

Jason: Then someone else is gonna have to find the killer.

Valentin: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make this a-a vent session about Peter. I'm here as your friend. I want to support you.  Franco meant something to you, didn't he?

Nina: He did. Well, as you know, Franco didn't want to have a family. But I-I did. And neither of us would budge, so he ended up marrying Elizabeth and inherited three sons.

Valentin: That hurt you, didn't it?

Nina: Whatever I felt back then... doesn't matter now. And he ended up loving those boys, and they brought out a warmth and kindness in Franco that he didn't even know he had.

Valentin: I'm sorry you didn't get the family you dreamed of. But you do have Charlotte, and you have Wiley now, don't you?

Nina: I have Charlotte, thanks to you. But Wiley... I'm not so sure of.

Valentin: What? You were so optimistic last time we talked. What happened?

Nina: Well, Carly and Michael have decided that I shouldn't be allowed to see Wiley.

Michael: So did our little guy enjoy his snack?

Willow: I think he's enjoying hanging out with Leo, Rocco, and Danny. They're so sweet. They're playing computer games with him.

Michael: Well, they're good kids, all of them. So did, uh, Wiley say anything else about, uh...

Willow: My not being his mommy?

Michael: Yeah.

Willow: No. Still, we will have to talk to him. I just don't know when the right time is.

Michael: Well, as long as it comes from us and nobody else.  Which is why I feel it's best that Nina isn't around Wiley for a while.

Willow: You've changed your mind.

Michael: Look, maybe Nina didn't deliberately mean to confuse Wiley, but she still did. And you were hurt in the process. And the animosity between Nina and my mom, it's just -- it's not healthy for Wiley.

Willow: Michael, we've already opened the door for Nina to see Wiley.

Michael: Yeah, that was before she brought up Nelle to Wiley without even running it by us. Right? I mean, you are Wiley's mom, not Nelle.

Willow: But we can't just make what Nina said go away, which is why we'll talk to Wiley.

Michael: Yeah, that's why I feel it's best just create some distance between Nina and Wiley right now. I-I already told her that she can't see him for a while.

Willow: Shouldn't we have made that decision together?

Valentin: "You're not my real mommy"? Well, no wonder Michael and Carly are so upset.

Nina: Okay, okay. The thing is, I actually think that Willow is a wonderful mother and she loves Wiley, but Nelle's relationship to Wiley was gonna come out sooner or later. And I was just acting responsibly. I was being honest. I did not mean to hurt Willow.

Valentin: Nina, we're talking about Willow, Mrs. Tait, Charlotte's elementary school teacher. I mean, she's sweet enough and pretty enough, but she's a bit of a --

Nina: Okay, okay. Well, yes, she did get angry, and that in turn got Michael angry and of course Carly got furious. And the second that Willow and Michael left the room, she just jumped down my throat.

Valentin: Carly's still probably upset about what happened at Sonny's funeral.

Nina: Yeah, that didn't help.

Valentin: Nina, you came to me when you learned that Carly was involved in Nelle's death and you asked for my help. 'So you just say the word and whatever you want to do, I'm in.

Nina: Thank you. I truly appreciate it. But, you know, I-I think I'm just gonna put the brakes on the scheming. It's just... too little gain for too much pain.

Valentin: Alright, if you change your mind...

Nina: Just say the word.

Finn: Yes, the DNA results are about you. Last thing I ever want to do is hurt you. I actually thought I could do this without tearing your life apart.  You know, when I got shot and they told me I might not make it, I was lying in that hospital bed and I was thinking about Violet and I was thinking about you. In that moment, I realized how important the truth is.

Chase: Did you know about the test?

Jackie: I did. I did, and I-I asked Hamilton, I begged him to not pick up the results from the lab.

Chase: Why? You just came barging in insisting that I-I know the truth. So, what -- what changed your mind, Mom?

Gregory: I found out. Your father overheard Hamilton and me speaking, and we decided he should know. And then since he knew, I wanted --

Chase: I had to know. Dad, I-I am so sorry.

Gregory: You have nothing to apologize for. [ Sighs ] So, now that it's all out on the table, we don't have to keep the secret of Chase's paternity hidden any longer.

Finn: It's your call. We can go to G.H. right now and get the results.

Chase: [ Scoffs ] And then what? Deal with the fallout? Either way, there is no happy ending to this. Either Dad is my biological father and you blew up two relationships for absolutely no reason, or Dad and I have to wrap our head around a reality that I can't even begin to grasp. So, if you want results, you go. Door's right there. Get out! I don't want you here! Go! Come on! Leave.

[ Door closes ]

Chase: [ Crying ]

Sonny: What does it matter where I got the money?

Elijah: I'm just saying, here you are... a drifter. No memory, no profession that we know of. [ Chuckles ] Not even a last name. How'd you come up with that much cash?

Sonny: I can't remember. But what I do know is, uh, Lenny and Phyllis don't have to sell the place the love.

Elijah: Lenny, Phyllis. Of course, it's your decision, but if you want to put Mike's money to some other use or even give it back to him, my offer still stands.

Sonny: The Tan-O is not just a place of -- of business. It's your home, your dream. You guys put yourselves, you know, into it 100% and you've made it what it is. Something lasting. And I know the world's changing. But it's the things that -- that don't change that... bring you happiness and stability. And I think that's a good thing.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Sonny: Aww, hey, come on.

[ Both chuckle ]

Anna: I wasn't "relieved" when I found out that Alex was your mother. I wasn't. I-I felt sad for you. I shouldn't have lied, but I was trying to spare you the whole --

Peter: Well, aren't you the noble ones? You and Valentin. You smile to my face while stabbing me in the back.

Anna: I didn't mean to hurt you --

Peter: But you did! And then you killed my mother before I ever even had the chance to know her.

Anna: I didn't have a choice. It was her life or mine.

Peter: It should have been yours.

Willow: I-I just... [ Sighs ] We've had so many conversations about parenting Wiley as a team. It's a pretty big decision to tell Nina she can't see him.

Michael: Look, you left the house because you were upset, which you had every right to be. And then I just -- I just realized that Nina, she's not in the right headspace to -- to see Wiley. Which is basically what I told her. But you're right. I-I should have talked it over with you first.

Willow: No, no, I-I get it. You did what you thought was best in the moment. And let's face it, you were Wiley's sole legal parent for a while there, so you're not used to checking with anyone.

Michael: W-willow, I-I want to check in with you. You are Wiley's mother every bit as much as I am his father. We are in this together.

Nina: I'd like to talk to you more about my grandson. How soon can you get here?

Chase: Was I wrong to get so high and mighty? I mean, I lied to the woman that I love so an innocent child could grow up with a loving family. I mean, isn't that what Mom and Finn did?

Gregory: I love your mom, Chase. I know she loved me once. [ Sighs ] She made me very happy. Especially when she brought you into our lives. But Jackie... kept an essential part of herself hidden from me. So, no, I'm not ready to forgive her.

Chase: Is that why you stayed with me instead of going to the hospital?

Gregory: I stayed because you need me.

Chase: You know, the DNA tests don't matter to me, Dad. You're always gonna be my father. Because you are the one that took me out for ice cream when I lost a little league game. You were the one that taught me to play poker, and then let me win. And you loved me with every inch of your big heart.

Gregory: And I always will. But we can't pretend today didn't happen. Things will change, Chase. And we have to be prepared for those changes.

Michael: [ Sighs ] What do you want?

Valentin: I have an offer for you, Michael, I think you're gonna find very appealing.

Elijah: Obviously, this contract won't be needed, so I'll be taking off.

Lester: Sorry you came all this way for nothing.

Elijah: Not at all. I got to see you two, didn't I? Congratulations. Glad things worked out.

Lester: Okay. Where did you get that money?

Sonny: Poker.

[ Phyllis laughs ]

Phyllis: You won that much at cards?

Sonny: I guess there's some things you just don't forget.

[ All chuckle ]

Elijah: I need you to find out everything you can on Mike. Follow him. Do whatever it takes.

Peter: When I think of the time I wasted seeking your approval, when my actual mother would have accepted me for who I am.

Anna: This is what I'm trying to tell you. You don't have to give in to the worst of yourself.

Peter: There you go again -- dictating your standards, telling me how I should live, what's right and wrong. I don't give a damn! I've embraced my parents' legacy. They both, in their own way, did exactly what they wanted, how and when they wanted, and I intend to do the same. And right now? I really want you to pay for all --

[ Knock on door ]

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Ava (to Nina): I think your best bet is to divide and conquer.

Maxie: Keep me company?

Sam (to Dante): Peter's going to make sure he stays out of prison.

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