GH Transcript Thursday 3/11/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/11/21


Episode #14657 ~ Sam is in disbelief. Anna and Jackie find they have a lot in common. Chase sees something he isn't meant to. Terry reaches out to Elizabeth. Joss and Trina help Cameron uncover the truth.

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Anna: Oh. Jackie.

Jackie: Hi. Um, sorry for stopping by unannounced, but I-I need to talk to Hamilton. It's important.

Anna: Oh, Finn's not here. Uh... he didn't come home last night.  I'm not sure that he's going to.

Chase: Good morning.

Finn: Is it?

Chase: Is it good? Or is it morning?

Finn: [ Sighs ] Sorry.

Chase: Here you go.

Finn: Thanks. Where -- where's Violet?

Chase: I figured after the day you had yesterday, you'd be busy today or at least want to sleep in, so I called the nanny. She's taking Violet out for breakfast and maybe the park afterwards.

Finn: Okay.

Chase: I said you'd be in touch.

Finn: Okay. Okay, I'm gonna c--

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Phyllis: The bank won't give us an extension, so we pay the mortgage. Simple as that.

Lenny: Not simple at all. We have to replace the stock the vandals smashed. Otherwise, we'll be serving our customers tap water. How much can we charge for that? [ Chuckles ]

Sonny: Hey. Um... game still on for today? Back of the garage. I'll be there.

Carly: Hey. Do you want some coffee?

Jason: Uh, yeah, sure. Thank you.

Carly: You get any sleep last night?

Jason: Not much.

Carly: Me either.  You know, I get that Elizabeth needs to blame someone because she's grieving, but she shouldn't have blamed you.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Nikolas, for checking on me. Just get back safely. Yeah, you, too. Okay, bye.

Terry: Well?

Elizabeth: He'll be on the next flight out, after he tells Ava. She and Franco were good friends, so, you know. Where are the boys?

Terry: Jake and Aiden are watching a movie upstairs.

Elizabeth: Okay. Did they eat breakfast?

Terry: Cameron -- not so much. He left early. Didn't say where he was going. I assume to clear his head. There's some eggs on the stove if you want.

Elizabeth: You didn't have to do all this.

Terry: I wanted to. Biz... you're not alone.

Josslyn: What do you think Cam's text was about?

Trina: I don't know.

Josslyn: I just can't believe this happened.

Trina: We've all lost so much, and now Cam loses Franco?

Josslyn: I just feel so awful for him. Cam. I am so sorry.

Trina: Me, too.

Josslyn: How are you doing?

Cam: Um... I'm all over the place, I guess.

Josslyn: Sounds about right.

Cam: Thank you, guys, for meeting me.

Josslyn: Of course.

Trina: What's going on?

Cam: I need your guys' help on getting out the truth.

Josslyn: Wait. Are you --

Trina: Do you know who killed your stepdad?

Cam: No, no, it's -- it's nothing like that, okay? I-I spent all night combing through everything in my head, and then it finally hit me. Franco's still alive.

Jackie: Hamilton's not returning my calls.

Anna: So, you thought maybe you'd try the sneak attack?

Jackie: [Chuckles] Doesn't really work if he's not here.

Anna: No, it doesn't. But, um, is there anything I can do to help?

 Gregory: We didn't even plan to have a family. Chase was a happy surprise. We -- we joked that h-he was just a souvenir from our honey-- oh. [ Sighs ] You two were together the night before our wedding, and nine months later, Chase was born. Is Chase Finn's son?

Jackie: Uh, thank you. I-it's a family matter. Uh, sorry for the intrusion.

Anna: You know, if I hear from Finn, I'll-- I'll have him get in touch with you.

Jackie: Thanks. Are you okay? I know what happened between the two of you is-- none of my business.

Anna: Oh, well it's hardly private at this point.

Jackie: You didn't tell him that Peter was your nephew and not your son.

Anna: Yeah.

Jackie: Maybe when you explain, maybe he'll understand where you were coming from with everything.

Anna: Uh, that's the point. Uh...there's not really any explanation, because... I was completely at fault.

Chase: So what happens now?

Finn: You want to narrow that down?

Chase: With you and Anna, I mean. Do you think things can be salvaged?

Finn: I don't know.  Her lies cut pretty deep.  I can't help but wondering if it's not symptomatic of something greater, you know? I think the question is, if she's involved with Robert or... Cassadine, she would've kept the same secrets from them.

Chase: Well, did you ask her?

Finn: Chase, I wanted to ask her a lot of things.  She walked out.

Carly: I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but I cannot believe that Franco involved you in this ridiculous plan of his to have you kill him if he starts showing signs of psychotic behavior. I-I mean, it's like Franco was asking for something to go wrong, and of course it did, and it's all gonna land on you.

Jason. It's okay.

Carly: It's not okay. It's not okay. The police have been trying to make a case against you since...I don't know, forever?  It's no secret that you hate Franco.  You attacked the man in a hospital full of witnesses the day you came back to Port Charles. You're gonna be arrested. You're gonna be arrested, you could be held over for trial. And I know it's a long shot, but you could go to prison.

Jason: Carly, it's a very long shot.

Carly: People are railroaded every single day, Jason. Hell, I was railroaded. I am grieving for Sonny every day.  I cannot lose you.  I won't.

Cam: I know it sounds crazy. But when you really think about it,  it's the only thing that makes sense.

Josslyn: Okay, walk us through it.

Cam: Franco faked his death. Just like your dad did.

Trina: Okay, yes. That happened with my dad, who wanted to protect us from Cyrus Renault. What makes you think that happened with Franco?

Cam: When I didn't get to say goodbye to Franco, I was so upset. It's - It's when I realized Franco knew how hard it would be on us.

Josslyn: Saying goodbye?

Cam: If he were to die from the tumor, yes. I mean, this -- long, drawn out process, watching him get sicker and sicker every day. I mean, he'd do anything to spare us from that kind of pain.

Trina: So, he faked his death.

Cam: Yes, a-a-and-- and Jason probably helped him.  He's probably laying low right now until he gets a cure or it's-- safe for him to come back home again.

Josslyn: Okay, um... say you're right, and that is what's going on. How do we prove it?

Cam: We do the same thing we did with Trina's dad.  We use my mom's computer to access Franco's medical files.

Trina: Uh, yeah, but after the whole security breach, IT security has gone way up. My mom told me there's a two-factor ID, employee passcodes, and a QR code on the back of their badges.

Cam: You were saying?

Terry: What are you looking for?

Elizabeth:  My ID. I can't find it anywhere.

Terry: Biz.

Elizabeth:  [Grunts]

Biz, you just lost your husband.  You're not thinking of going into work, are you?

Elizabeth:  No. [Sighs] No, but I do need to go to the hospital because Franco is still there. He was there last night, and it just... seems wrong that he was alone.

Terry: What's at the hospital...that's not Franco.  His heart, his soul...everything that you shared -- that's still with you. And wherever Franco is, he's not alone. So, what you need to do is take care of yourself and your family, and let some of us take care of you, too, okay?

Elizabeth: Right.

Terry: I'm gonna check on the kids.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Elizabeth: Ugh.

Sam: Can I come in?

Elizabeth: Well, it depends. Are you here to dance on Franco's grave?

Sam: No. No, whatever I-I felt about Franco... ...I know what kind of pain you're going through right now, Elizabeth, and you were there for me a few months ago when I was hurting, and I just... I want to return the favor. Please?

Carly: Ugh! I don't understand why you went along with Franco's plan to begin with! Jason, it was such a trap. "I do something bad and dangerous, you kill me"? So it's all your fault and you're the one that goes to prison.

Jason: You're right.

Carly: I am?

Jason: Yeah, you're right. I-I didn't know what to do. Carly, from the day I got back, I have not known what to do about Franco. I mean, Jake loved the guy. And since he got the tumor removed, he wasn't legally responsible for anything he's done. And I wasn't even in a position to hold him responsible, 'cause Elizabeth has full custody of Jake.

Carly: Okay, something you agreed to a million years ago when you didn't know she would turn around and marry Franco.

Jason: Yeah, but she did. Okay? And Franco is -- is the man that she wanted, the life she wanted for her and her kids. But Jake was happy. And all I could do was respect Elizabeth's choice and try not to get in the way.

Sonny: How's it coming along?

Lenny: Well, we either pay the mortgage and have nothing to serve our customers, or restock the Tan-O and the bank forecloses.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Would you stop? It's one mortgage payment. And I told you, we can part with our wedding china to pay for it. Not like we ever use the stuff, anyway.

Lenny: Phyllis, it's not just one mortgage payment. The margins have been thin for years. And with so many other businesses shutting down, I'm not sure how many customers we'll have left to serve.

Phyllis: You're just scared. I have to believe our regulars will come back once we reopen.

Lenny: And if they don't?

Sonny: I'm sorry. We're still closed for a few more days.

Elijah: Oh, I'm not a customer.

Jackie: Mm, thank you.

Anna: I hope it's not inappropriate talking about this to you. Is it?

Jackie: I think we passed "inappropriate" eons ago. Besides, in my line of work, I often find that you get the best insights from the most unlikely people.

Anna: Yeah, yeah. My line of work, too. It's true. So [Sighs] fact is, um... I've been willfully blind where Peter's concerned. Who he really was. Did I know the truth for certain? No. But enough people I trusted told me. And my instincts kept taking me in that direction. But I refused to see it. Because... I-I didn't want to believe that Peter was guilty.

Jackie: Yeah.

Anna: I-I didn't want to think that the man that Maxie was in love with was just this illusion. And what I should have done is I should have faced the truth head-on and just tried to work through the problem and tried to solve it. But I didn't. I just... I enabled Peter. I kept trying to find these excuses to explain all the holes in his story, his bizarre behavior. So all the fallout really is my, you know...

Jackie: All the fallout?

Anna: Well, a large portion of it is my responsibility. And of course, Finn is... really furious. He has every right to be, because I lied to him. Not just about who Peter was, that he wasn't my son, but about the extent of his crimes that he committed. And because I knew all of that, I really [Sniffles] had this feeling that... ...the wedding just wasn't gonna happen, you know. I thought that, and -- and I should have warned him. I should have prepared him for that. But I-I didn't.

Jackie: You didn't.

Anna: No. And, um... and, uh, when, um... Finn was just trying to figure everything out, I-I had to -- I had to leave to deal with Peter.

Jackie: Mm.

Anna: [ Sighs ] My life is kind of falling apart, you know. And I -- and I don't -- I don't have anyone else to blame but myself.

[ Knock on door ]

Chase: Hey. Look who stopped by.

Finn: What are you doing here?

Gregory: I, uh, just wanted to see how you were holding up. Took a gamble that your brother would know where you were.

Chase: I got to shower before work. Um, make yourselves at home.

Gregory: Thanks, son.

Finn: Yeah. Something tells me I wasn't the one you were looking for.

Gregory: No, you weren't. Mm. I just needed to see my boy.

Finn: You're not planning on telling Chase I could be his father, are you?

Phyllis: Look who it is!

Lenny: Elijah.

Phyllis: Ohh! How are you doing?

Elijah: Good, good! You guys?

Phyllis: We're hanging in there.

Lenny: Uh, Mike, this is an old friend of ours, Elijah Crowe.

Elijah: Good to meet you, Mike.

Phyllis: We missed you at the last few town council meetings.

Elijah: Oh, work's been keeping me pretty busy.

Phyllis: I'll bet. We hear that, uh, strip mall you built in Corinth is doing pretty good.

Lenny: [ Chuckles ] Still don't understand how you chose to build in that ghost town.

Phyllis: Oh, beautiful area way back when, until it started getting dangerous.

Lenny: Mm-hmm.

Elijah: Oh, word on the street is things aren't looking so great here, either.

Phyllis: Nixon Falls might have seen better days, Elijah, but it's hardly a ghost town.

Elijah: I've seen how this story goes. Crime goes up, population drops, businesses shut down. It's a vicious cycle. How you holding up?

Phyllis: Like I said, we're hanging in there.

Elijah: You got enough in the bank to weather the storm? Maybe there's something I could do to help.

[ Shower running in distance ]

Gregory: I will always be Harry's father. No matter what some DNA test says. But to answer your question, I see your point that you and Jackie were making last night. No matter how much you've both hurt me, there's no reason to tell Harry unless we know for sure. And even then, we still need to decide what's best.

Finn: I'm glad you see things the same way.

Gregory: [ Scoffs ] You know, all these years, I blamed myself for how strained our relationship has been. I mean, I always thought that you -- you were overreacting to my getting married, but I carried that guilt with me for decades. Guilt that I chose my own happiness over yours. [ Chuckles lightly ] What a fool I was not to see that it was the other way around. You were the one carrying the guilt and the shame. Not me. You're forcing me to carry it with you.

Finn: That was never my intention. I didn't want to hurt you any more than I already had. I left because I didn't want to take away your happiness.

Gregory: But you did, Hamilton. Why, you took away my oldest son [Chuckles] by keeping this secret. For a parent, there's nothing worse.

Jackie: You know, um, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.  Regret is a horrible burden to bear.

Anna: Yeah. Oh, yeah, if I could do it all over...

Jackie: [ Sighs ] We can't.

Anna: No. No, we can't.  Guess I just have to learn from my mistakes, you know.

Jackie: How's that going?

Anna: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. I-I think the -- the biggest takeaway I have is that you can't have real l-love, you know, you can't have real communication, family if there's all these secrets buried underneath. It's just not possible. No matter how much you want it to be, it just isn't, because these secrets, they're like... they're like toxic waste buried underground, waiting to bubble to the surface at an inopportune moment. You know?  Which is exactly what happened the night of the wedding.

Jackie: Good luck.

Anna: Yeah, you, too.

Jackie: Okay.

Anna: [ Chuckles ] Here, let me get that. Bye. Bye.  [ Exhales deeply ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Chase: Detective Chase. Wait, what? Do you need me to come in early? Okay. Alright, thanks for letting me know.

Finn: Is everything okay?

Chase: Franco Baldwin was murdered last night.

Josslyn: Whoever did this, it's not Jason. And as of now, he's the only suspect. So of course Cam would rather believe Jason was helping Franco.

Trina: Like I said, Jason helped save our lives, and I'll be grateful for that, as will Cam. But Cam creating this alternate universe where Franco's still alive...

Josslyn: Okay, but that's why we have to help Cam.

Trina: You don't think we can just sit down and level with him?

Josslyn: Would that have worked with you when we were trying to find the truth about your dad?

Trina: No.

Josslyn: We need to do what Cam needs us to do so that he can figure this out for himself.

[ Thud ]

Cam: Ugh! Damn it.

Trina: What's wrong?

Cam: I tried the passwords a hundred times, and my mom must have changed it. How am I supposed to get answers now?

Josslyn: Well... think I might know one way.

Terry: All good upstairs.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you. Thank you for your help.

Terry: I was about to head to work, but if you want me to stay...

Elizabeth: No, I'm fine.

Terry: You sure?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, but thank you.

Terry: I'll call you later.

Elizabeth: Okay. Thank you for this.

Sam: Of course. I figured you could use it.

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, you figured right.

Sam: Well, I do know the feeling. [ Sighs ] Elizabeth. Like you said to me, I might not be your first call if you need somebody to talk to, but I am happy to be your second. And if I hear anything from my sources at the PCPD about who did this, you will be the first to know. I'll keep you in the loop.

Elizabeth: Oh, my god. You don't -- you have no idea, do you?

Sam: No idea about what?

Elizabeth: I know who killed Franco.

Sam: You do?

Elizabeth: It was Jason.

Jason: I didn't kill Franco.

Carly: I know you didn't.

Jason: But I was there. And because I didn't kill him, I cannot control the situation. Carly, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with zero means to protect myself.

Carly: Let's just hope after this first wave of grief passes, Elizabeth will realize you had nothing to do with it.  You are too smart to let something like this happen.

Jason: All we -- all we can do is let the cops investigate. Either the evidence is gonna be there, or it won't be there. What matters is I did not do this.

Carly: Which means somebody else did.

Jason: That's what we need to focus on. Okay? There are a lot of people who didn't like Franco. But there's one person who had an actual motive to kill him.

Carly: Do you know who did this?

Jason: I think it was Peter August.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Sam: Jason? No. No, Elizabeth, that can't be right.

Elizabeth: Yes, it is. Don't you remember the deal they made? As soon as Franco's tumor...

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, I-I remember -- ...made him act violent -- ...but Jason wouldn't!

Elizabeth: He -- he did. I watched him stand over Franco's body while he bled to death, Sam.

Sam: There has to be an explanation.

Elizabeth: Jason hates Franco, and he killed him. That's the explanation.

Sam: Okay, okay, but w-- what if Franco...

Elizabeth: Did something to deserve it? Ohh. Is that what you were gonna say?

Sam: I d-- uh... I'm gonna go.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Sam: Elizabeth, for what it's worth, I know the kind of pain you and your family are going through, and I would never, ever wish it on anyone. I am so sorry.

Carly: So, the voices Franco was hearing --

Jason: No. It was a voice. One voice.

Carly: Okay, the voice.

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Franco wasn't losing his mind -- it was a memory?

Jason: Yes, from Drew when he was in Afghanistan when Helena had him kidnapped.

Carly: So, this proves that Peter was there.

Jason: Yeah, he was there and in on it the whole time.  And then Franco tells Peter that he's hearing his voice.

Carly: So Peter knows that Drew's memories were resurfacing in Franco.

Jason: Peter knows that it's a possibility and that Drew can implicate him on the original crimes. Now, that sounds like motive to me.  What do you think?

Carly: Peter has claimed all along that Helena and Faison coerced him into the kidnapping. That he was a victim, not a perpetrator.  So if Drew's memories prove otherwise, this could blow Peter's life apart.

Jason: I think Peter killed Franco to keep that from happening. To shut him up for good.

Lenny: What kind of arrangement?

Elijah: One that could provide you with financial backing for the time being.

Phyllis: In what way?

Sonny: Don't fall for it. I know a sweet talker when I see one. You knew that Phyllis and -- and Lenny were in trouble. That's why you came here in the first place.

Elijah: Mike, was it? Mike what?

Sonny: Just Mike.

Elijah: Well, "just Mike"... yeah. ...I appreciate you looking out for Lenny and Phyllis. I owe them a lot. Phyllis rented me the room upstairs when I first got out of grad school and was buried in debt. But you're right. Not about the sweet-talking, but about coming here with an agenda. I'd like to go into business with you.

Lenny: We're listening.

Elijah: Once the spike in vandalism stops, Nixon Falls is going to be hungry for local business again. But not all of them will survive long enough to get over the hump. My company can give the Tan-O some much needed cash flow.

Lenny: And what would you need from us in return?

Elijah: Well, to be blunt... I'd want to buy the place from you.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: Franco's dead?

Chase: He was murdered in his art studio last night. He was shot to death.

Finn: What? By who?

Chase: I don't have all the details. The commissioner just wanted to give me a heads-up. The victim's married -- or was married to Violet's aunt.

Gregory: That's terrible. I'm so sorry.

Finn: I should, uh... I should get over to Elizabeth's. See how -- see how she is, see if she needs anything.

Chase: Please send my condolences.

Finn: Yeah, I-I will. Uh, I'll call the nanny on the way over and -- and tell her I'm gonna pick up Violet.

Chase: Okay.  Hey, you forgot your phone.

Finn: What?

Chase: DNA test results? What's that about?

Finn: Don't you usually need a warrant to search someone's phone, detective?

Chase: I just picked up the phone and it was on the front screen. But... why did you order a DNA test?

Finn: I can't talk to you about that. It's -- it's -- it's for work.

Chase: You're an infectious disease specialist.

Finn: Yeah, I order lab results all the time.

Chase: But that app wasn't on the physician's portal. That notification came from an app the patients use. So I'm gonna ask you again -- why did you order a DNA test? And why didn't you mention that my mom called you like a dozen times? Does it have something to do with what you and Dad were talking about?

Finn: No, it's for work. It's just what I told you.

Jackie: Hamilton. Stop. We can't keep doing this.

Carly: This is huge.

Jason: Yeah, I mean, it could be. But we need proof. And the problem is, none of this is gonna be resolved before I have to meet with the five families.

Carly: About Cyrus?

Jason: Yeah, about just everything. We need to make sure everybody's on the same page and everybody knows that you and the family are off-limits. But if I'm -- I'm facing legal trouble...

Carly: What are you gonna do?

Jason: I'm gonna find some way to be there. I mean, somebody from Sonny's organization has to show up. And I'm the only option.

[ Josslyn screams ]

Trina: Can you help me?

Morgue attendant: What are you doing down here?

Trina: Come quick. My friend fell, and I think she hurt herself.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Elizabeth: Hello?

Terry: Biz, it's me. I just saw Cameron and his friends sneaking around the hospital. I think you should get down here.

[ Objects rattle ]

Phyllis: We're not ready to sell.

Elijah: A-and I hear that, completely. The Tan-O is nothing without you two at the helm. Think of me as a silent partner. The place will be yours to run, but when you're ready to retire, you leave it to me.

Lenny: But what do you get out of that deal?

Elijah: Oh, I'm a businessman. I see an opportunity to turn a modest profit here one day. But only when you're ready. Plus, it'd give me a chance to repay your kindness.  Come on. The Tan-O was supposed to be your nest egg when you retire, not a financial drain. I can help.

Lenny: Phyllis and I will talk it over. That's all I can promise.

Elijah: Fair enough. I'll see you both around. And nice meeting you, just Mike.

Sonny: I'm sorry. I just don't like that guy.

Lenny: He can be a little much.

Phyllis: Oh, Lenny.

Lenny: An intense personality, that's all. But he's a good egg.

Phyllis: We're not really selling the bar, are we?

Lenny: Not like we have kids to leave it to. Could solve a lot of problems.

Sonny: I'm sorry, there -- there's just -- I gotta -- there's somewhere I need to be. Um, don't decide anything until I get back.

Sam: I, um... I went to your house, you weren't there, so I just figured you'd be here.

Carly: I'm gonna go check on Donna.

Jason: Is -- is everything okay with Danny?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, Danny's... fine. Jason, I just needed to hear it from you. The truth. Did you kill Franco?

Jason: No. I found him shot at his art studio.

Sam: Okay, good. I-I mean, I-I wouldn't want anything to come between Danny and Jake. I'm just -- I'm really sorry you're being blamed for this.

Jason: Yeah. I'll be okay.

Sam:  Okay. Do me a favor? Be careful.

Elizabeth: Cameron? Cameron? Cameron? Honey, what are you doing down here?

Cam: [ Shakily ] I thought, um...

[ Door closes ]

Cam: I thought that Franco was protecting us, that he was -- he was somewhere. [ Inhales shakily ] But, Mom, he's... he's gone. [ Crying ] I miss him so much.

Chase: What in the hell is going on here?

Finn: Please don't.

Jackie: I'm sorry.  I don't want what happened between Anna and Peter to happen to us. And no matter what, the one thing that will never change is I'm Harry's mother. I need to make the call on this.

Chase: The call about what?

Jackie: Honey, you need to know the truth. About everything.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Willow (to Michael): I just have to find the right words to tell him.

Nina: You'll never forgive yourself for that.

Anna: Don't end up like your father.

Finn (to Jackie): I hope that when the dust settles, he can forgive us.

Peter: Are you here now to be executioner as well?

Jason: The damage has already been done.

Sonny: I'm in.

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