GH Transcript Wednesday 3/10/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/10/21


Episode #14656 ~Jordan meets with Liz. Joss checks in on Cam. Laura reminds Carly to keep her guard up. Scott is infuriated. Maxie makes a decision.


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Laura: I thought you might want to know that the hospital board voted against submitting Cyrus' drug to the FDA.

Carly: Oh. So he won't be able to legally market his drug through the hospital. All right. Well, there's some good news. Or is it?

Sonny: Good news. You know that part we were waiting for? Well, it finally arrived and, uh, it works, and I repaired the dead bolt and the hinges, so, you know, nobody can kick the door down.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you. It's nice to feel that we're making a little progress toward repairing the damage.

Sonny: Well, the worst part's in the kitchen and the storeroom.

Phyllis: Mm.

Sonny: These guys weren't messing around.

[ Door opens ]

Lenny: Mm-hmm, but I'm not asking for a handout, Ms. Vernon. Just an extension on the mortgage. All my cash reserves are going to repair the damage.  Yes, but to bring in more money, I need to get the Tan-O up and running again as soon as possible! Phyllis and I used to take in boarders for extra income, but the room's unAvailable right now, see? It...

Scott: Hey, Elizabeth, I-I gave the boys pizza. Jake and Aiden are, uh, sleeping, but Cameron's doing his homework, but, you know, give me a call when you get this message. Okay? Thanks. Bye.

Cam:  Hey, is something wrong with Mom?

Scott: No, I was just letting her know that, you know, there's no chaos and confusion going on in the house, everything's good.

Cam:  Well, she's normally done with work by now, and she'd text me to let me know that she's on her way home.

Scott: Yeah, well, you know, maybe she stopped at the grocery store or something, her phone died. Who knows?

[ Knock on door ]

Josslyn:  [ Sighs ] Thank god! You're standing on your own two feet.

Cam:  Um... what was that for?

Josslyn:  Well, you weren't at school today, and you weren't responding to any of my texts, so I thought something might have happened.

Cam:  Come in.

Josslyn:  Hi, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Hiya, Josslyn. Okay, I'm gonna let you squirrels have some fun. See you later.

Josslyn:  Why weren't you in school today?

Cam:  Oh, you know, it's just that everything's going wrong and I don't know how to fix it.

Elizabeth:  You did this. You killed him. You killed Franco just like you've always wanted. Are you happy now?

[ Monitor beeping ]

Peter:  How's our little girl?

Maxie:  Britt says the baby's fine.

Peter:  And you?

[ Monitor beeping ]

Carly:  You're the mayor. I'm surprised you're not declaring Cyrus' defeat an official holiday. Sonny would be overjoyed.

Laura:  I know. He fought so hard to keep the drugs off of Port Charles' streets.

Carly:  Is that why you don't look happy? Sonny's not here to celebrate?

Laura:  [ Sighs ] I miss my friend very much, but I am here because I'm very worried about Cyrus. He's wounded. That makes him dangerous.

Carly:  You think he's gonna strike back?

Laura:  He still doesn't know where his mother is. Okay, and now his plans to use General Hospital to launch his own pharmaceutical brand have been shot down. So he's not going to just walk away. I think... Sonny would probably say, 'pray for peace and prepare for war.'

Sonny: Sounds like the bank wasn't willing to give you the extra time to pay the mortgage.

Phyllis: We'll pay it...somehow.

Lenny:  Hmm. Unless you know how to print money, we can't afford to pay the mortgage and get the Tan-O back into shape.

Sonny: You can rent my room.

Phyllis: You're not changing your mind about staying here, are you?

Sonny: Phyllis, the idea was to get you and Lenny back on your feet, not to bring you down.

Phyllis: We may be down, but unh-unh -- we're not out.

Lenny:  I know that look. You've got something percolating. What is it?

Phyllis: You stick to the repairs. I know where to get the money we need.

Cam: Franco's moving out because of me.

Josslyn: Why? What'd you do?

Cam: He was having a bad dream and I-I-I tried waking him up and he grabbed me.

Josslyn: Did he hurt you?

Cam: No! He startled me for a second, but now he thinks that the tumor is making him revert somehow. So he's checking himself into Shadybrook tomorrow.

Josslyn: That's...significant.

Cam: It's an overreaction is what it is, and he won't listen. He's staying at The Metro Court now, as if he can't get away from his family fast enough. And he says that he's doing this to protect his family, but I'm starting to think that he's giving up in the fight to beat the tumor and to live.

Josslyn: Okay, one thing I've learned is it's always better to take a positive action, no matter how small, than to sit around feeling helpless. If you're worried about Franco... him.

Jordan: I want you to come down to the station. I need to question you as well as Elizabeth.

Jason: I have nothing to say without my attorney.

Jordan: I figured. Officer Williams, please escort Mr. Morgan to the PCPD.

Maxie: I was a little dehydrated, and my blood pressure was high, but I'm fine now.

Peter: Mac and I never should've gotten into it like that, Maxie. I'm so sorry that happened.

Maxie: My family is protective. The police are looking for you, Peter. They have questions about Valentin's accusations, that you killed Drew Cain.

Peter: Well, let's lay it all out there. I-I'm also supposed to have hired some assassin to kill Franco and Andre Maddox.

Maxie: But why would you kill the assassin to stop him from killing Franco and Andre?

Peter: Valentin's accusations -- they -- they make no sense.

Maxie: I've always stuck by you, Peter. I have defended you... to Spinelli, everyone who thought the worst of you. No one knows how much you mean to me.

Peter: So we can still be married, Maxie. We can still have our happily ever after. We can prove them all wrong.

Maxie: How?

Peter: Come away with me. Now. Tonight.

Cam: You're right. At least Franco will know that I'm thinking of him.

Jordan: Elizabeth, I need your help here. You're a nurse. What would you say to a woman who just lost her husband to a terrible crime?

Elizabeth:  I'd let her grieve.

Jordan: And then?

Elizabeth:  I'd tell her... that she should let her husband go so the police can do their job.

Jordan: Don't we owe the same to Franco?

Elizabeth:  I love you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Franco (recorded message): Hey, you've reached Franco. Talk to me.

[ Beep ]

Cam:  Hey, Franco, it's Cam. Don't get a big head or anything, but I-I miss you. I just -- I just wanted to... tell you that I... have some things I need to say to you, some things I should've said before, and I know you're dealing with a lot of things right now. Call me back anyway, unless Mom has done the right thing and kidnapped you to bring you back home.

Carly: I am confident that Jason is prepared for any move Cyrus might make.

Laura: And I think Cyrus is gonna move very quickly and Jason can't be everywhere at all times.  He doesn't read minds.

Carly: You'd be surprised.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Carly: Something wrong?

Laura: I'm sorry. I...I got to go.

Carly: Laura, wait. Is this about Cyrus?

Laura: I guess you'll hear soon enough. Franco Baldwin was shot and killed tonight.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Scott:  Scott Baldwin.

Mac: Scott, I need you to come downtown to the station.

Scott:  Oh, no, no, no can do. I'm hanging out with my grandkids right now. Call the public defender's office.

Mac: Scott, I need you down here now.

Scott:  Okay, all right. I'm on my way, Mac. Goodbye. All right, listen, Cameron, I got to go. So you mind your business, take care of the house. Don't get in any trouble, okay?

Mac: W-where are you going?

Scott:  Well, you know, a lawyer's work is never done. I'll catch you later, huh?

[ Door closes ]

Maxie: Leave...Port Charles? Leave our family?

Peter: We're all the family we need -- you, me, James, and Lu.

Maxie: What about Georgie?

Peter: I would gladly bring Georgie along, but I doubt Spinelli would allow that. And I know you're gonna miss her, Maxie, but you've lived on opposite sides of the country from her for years, and we will find a way for you to see her.

Maxie: What about all the accusations against you? I don't see Liesl and Valentin and Anna letting this go.

Peter: They don't matter anymore. The past can't touch us, Maxie. I made sure of that.

Peter: Okay! Okay, okay, I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk. I-I-I was there in Afghanistan with Drew when he was taken. All right?

Franco: Mm-hmm, now say what you did. I paid hank archer to abduct Drew --

[ Beep ]

Peter: Goodbye, Franco. Wish I could say it was nice knowing you.

Maxie: What do you mean, Peter? What do you mean the past can't touch us?

Anna:  [ Sighs ] We should never have let Peter in there with her.

Valentin:  Well, it's what she wanted, and we're both standing outside.

Anna:  She doesn't need physical protection from him. He's gonna keep manipulating her. And he lied about his crimes and now he's gonna keep spinning that alternate reality that he's actually the victim.

Valentin:  Sooner or later, objective reality is gonna catch up to him, so...

Anna:  You heard him. He doesn't care about anyone else's standards. He doesn't even care about earning my love or respect.

Valentin:  I did hear him. He's trying to make you feel guilt for the terrible things he did. Don't let him do that. He's made his own choices. He just played you the way he played Maxie.

Anna:  But the difference is... I'm a trained agent. I should have known better.

Valentin:  Well, if it makes you feel any better, we are both blinded a little bit by guilt. And I don't know what that says about us, but it does not absolve Peter, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Mac: Thank you.

[ Door closes ]

Mac: Before I turn on the recorder, is there anything you want to say to me off the record? A man is dead. It's our responsibility to find out who killed him. Now, you can make it easier on everybody, especially Elizabeth, if you tell me what happened.

[ Door opens ]

Diane:  Chief Scorpio, certainly this is just you preparing to interview my client because a seasoned law professional such as yourself would never be interviewing him without me here.

Mac: Ms. Miller, I assume Jason called you.

Diane: Yes! My client firmly believes in exercising his Miranda rights.

Mac: Elizabeth Baldwin lost her husband tonight. Elizabeth, Jason. You two share a son together.

Diane: Okay. If there are no actual pertinent questions, my client and i are going to leave.

Mac: If you feel any sense of responsibility to your boy, his brothers and their mother, tell me what the hell happened.

Jordan:  I know you're in shock. And the last thing I want to do is put you through more hell. But I need to know what you saw at your husband's studio.

Elizabeth: He did it. Jason killed Franco in cold blood.

Jordan:  Did you see Jason pull the trigger? Elizabeth... if you didn't see Jason shoot Franco, why are you so sure that he did?

Elizabeth: Because Franco asked him to.

Jordan:  Here.

Elizabeth: Franco was afraid the reoccurrence of the tumor would bring back violent impulses. He was afraid that it would turn him back into the man he used to be. I told him that that could never happen and that he was a good man.

Jordan:  So Franco wanted a-a kind of fail-safe in case he became too dangerous and he couldn't control yourself.

Elizabeth: Yes.  And that's why he turned to Jason because he knew that Jason wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

Jordan:  And what did Jason say?

Elizabeth: Well, I think his actions speak for themselves, don't they?

Diane: My client has no intention of joining you on your fishing expedition.

Mac: Your client was at the scene of a homicide. He called it in. You didn't see who fired the gun. You just happened to drop by Franco's art studio because the two of you were such great pals, and you found him bleeding out.

Diane: Okay, Mr. Morgan is neither under oath nor obligated to answer your questions.

Jason: I did not kill Franco.

Carly: Jason, I heard that Franco's dead. Laura told me he was shot. You need to call me.

Josslyn: Hi, Mom.

Carly: Hey. Seriously, I need to hear your voice. So, um... were you able to see Cameron?

Josslyn: Yeah, I was gonna give him a hard time about skipping school, but... Cam's really worried about Franco. I guess Franco was having a nightmare and Cam tried to wake him up and he grabbed Cam. Anyway, the whole thing got blown out of proportion. Now Franco's getting himself checked into Shadybrook and it's -- Cam's been taking it really hard. I told him to call Franco.

Carly: Did he?

Josslyn: Well, he left a voicemail on Franco's phone. I mean, hopefully he's either giving him a call back or went home so they can work it out.

Carly: I-it's great that you're so close with Cameron. You're gonna have to be there for him.

Josslyn: What's going on?

Carly: Franco was shot tonight. He's dead.

Phyllis: Thanks for coming, Mr. Drummond. I know it's late.

Drummond: Not a problem.

Phyllis: This plate is one of 12 and comes with soup bowls and salad plates. How much will you give me for them?

Lenny: He'll give you nothing! Phyllis, I'm not letting you pawn your china.

Phyllis: Mr. Drummond is doing us a favor.

Sonny: What's wrong, Phyllis? Who is this guy?

Lenny: This guy is helping himself to our wedding china, and I won't allow it.

Phyllis: But it will bring in the extra money we need.

Sonny: I think I know what's going on here. You're gonna give this nice lady a lowball offer, and she's gonna accept it because she's desperate, and you're gonna use that nice plate and the rest of her wedding china, you're gonna put in front of your window, 'cause you know it -- it brings in customers. Then when she wants to buy her china back, you're gonna raise the price and make her pay double. It's good business, right?

Laura: So it's true?

Jordan:  I'm afraid so.

Elizabeth: Laura.

Laura: Oh, sweetheart. Oh, sweetheart. Oh. I'm so sorry, Elizabeth. So sorry. Oh, honey. How did this happen?

Jordan:  That's what I'm trying to find out.

Elizabeth: I really need to get home and tell my boys.

Jordan:  I know, and I want to get you out of here as soon as possible, but I still need to ask you a few questions.

Laura: Can that wait till tomorrow?

Jordan: Of course. Officer Williams, can you please drive Ms. Baldwin home?

Elizabeth: Mrs. Franco Baldwin.

Laura:  Do you know who killed Franco?

Mac:  If you didn't kill Franco, do you know who did?

Diane:  You're just assuming my client witnessed the event.

Mac:  I'm assuming your client wants to help us find the killer and clear himself of suspicion. Now, I have motive. I have opportunity. How soon before my people find the means?

Laura:  Jason? Look, I know he didn't like the guy, but why would he go after him now? You know, he's got enough on his plate after Sonny died. It just -- it doesn't make any sense to me that he would go after him.

Scott:  Hey! Hey, what's going on? I just saw Elizabeth getting in a squad car, and Mac told me to come down here. What -- what's happening?

Laura: Would you give us a moment?

Jordan:  Of course.

Scott:  Laura, you -- you look like you got some bad news here. Now, don't sugarcoat it.

Laura: Scotty, I'm very sorry to tell you this. Franco was shot tonight.

Scott:  Oh! That damn Invader. That smut sheet. I knew that some crackpot was gonna come after my son! I knew it! Well, what are we doing here? Let's get to the E.R.

Laura: No, no, no, no. There was -- there's no need for the E.R. He... nobody could do anything, Scotty. He died at the site.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Cam: Hey, Ma, where were you? I-I've been calling you.

Cam: You got my message.

Franco:  I did, and I left something unsaid. There's something I want to tell you now, okay? And I-I want you to try and remember this. Don't you ever forget. You can change the world. You changed me.

Cam: How did I change you?

Franco:  I never thought that I would have children. I didn't want them. I didn't want the responsibility. I was afraid that I would... screw up a sweet, innocent little human life. But you and your brothers and your mom... you helped change my mind. You made me believe that I could be a better... that I could be a better person. And for a while, I think I was.

Cam: Not for a while, you are. Y-you're a great dad.

Franco: Thanks. You're a great kid, and I love you. And don't you ever forget that, either. Okay? Hey.

Cam: [ Sniffles ] Wait. W-w-where are you going? Franco! Wait! Wait! Franco, where are you going? Franco?! Ma? Ma, wh-- w-where's Franco? Didn't -- didn't you see him when he left? Didn't he pass you?

Elizabeth: You were just dreaming, baby.

Cam: No. No, I wasn't. He was here. We -- we had this -- this -- this long talk, and h-he left, but he was -- he was here. What's wrong?

Elizabeth: Cameron. I am so sorry. Something terrible happened.

Jordan:  You should be at G.H. tonight with Maxie. I'll talk to Jason. Maxie needs you.

Mac: Thank you.

Jordan:  Yeah.

Diane: My client has already stated that he did not kill Franco. He has nothing to add.

Jordan:  I'm not here to listen to Jason. I'm here so he'll listen to me. I just spoke to Elizabeth. She told me that Franco asked you to kill him if he manifested his former violent impulses, the kind of behavior that led him to his Francophrenia rampage. Did you agree to what Franco wanted and then decide not to wait? Did you decide to take preemptive action and to kill him tonight?

Scott: I lost three kids. Karen, Logan, Franco. Why is there not a law? There should be a law that says a kid does not die before his parents. Yeah, Franco -- his tumor came back, but, damn, he was fighting! He was fighting, Laura, for his life, and then he just gets shot, murdered?! Snubbed out like some cigarette?!

Anna:  The trouble is, there's no real evidence against Peter. And while we're here trying to figure out Plan B, he's in there trying to convince her of his innocence.

Valentin: Most of the people Maxie holds dear, they don't have time for Peter. They put up with him for her sake.

Anna:  Yeah.

Valentin: And now that he's been exposed as a fraud, I don't see how he continues to paint himself as a victim.

Anna:  Trouble is... I have this feeling that -- that she wants to be persuaded by him... especially given all the secrets we've kept from her.

Valentin: I think you're right. I think we need to steel ourselves for her going back to Peter.

Anna:  Oh, god.

Peter: All that matters now is that we're free of the past and no one can keep us apart.

Maxie: But what does that mean, Peter?

Peter: It means I took care of things, Maxie, like I always will for you and for our daughter.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Peter: Take my hand. Show me you trust me and you still believe in me. You know that we can begin again together, starting tonight. I knew you would choose me. I'm gonna get you out of this hospital and no one can stop us. And then we can put the pain and anguish of these last few hours behind us forever. I promise.

Maxie: My only wish... is that you could feel the pain and anguish I suffered when I thought I was losing this baby.

Peter: I -- o-of course. And I panicked for you -- for us. Thank god our little girl's okay.

Maxie: I'm gonna make sure she stays that way. I am sorry, Peter. [ Sniffles ] I loved you... but the man I loved never existed.

Dine:  Well, if you're going to charge my client, you're going to need some --

Laura: You can't go in there, Scott.

Scott: I knew it was you. You son of a bitch. You killed my son. And now I'm coming for you!

Jordan: Martinez!

Laura: No!

Scott: Let go of me! He's the criminal! Let go of me! He killed my son! Why does he get to live?! Why should I, my son --

Laura: Jason... please tell me you had nothing to do with Franco's death.

Diane: Jason, don't answer that.

Jason:  [ Sighs ] You know me, Laura.

Scott: If they don't stick a needle in your arm --

Diane: Right.

Jason:  [ Sighs ]

Diane: Mr. Morgan understands that Mr. Baldwin is a grieving father and therefore we will not be pressing charges of assault at this time. And now, if there are no further questions, we're going to leave.

Jordan: Last chance -- if you have something to say, say it now, while I can still help you.

Josslyn: Wow. This is gonna wreck Cam.

Carly: I'm sure it will.

Josslyn: I mean, he couldn't stand Franco at first and -- and then they made this truce and -- and Franco saved Cam's life. I mean, after that, Cam was all in. He -- he thought Franco was the best! He loved him so much, and now he's... he's just gone. It's just like Sonny. Do you remember how mad I was at Sonny? How mad I was at you for going back to him?

Carly: You were pretty mad.

Josslyn: Now... I just miss him. I miss him all the time. I'm just so tired of missing the people I love.

Carly: Me, too. [ Sighs ] Me, too.

Lenny:  Phyllis' wedding china is not being pawned. Not today, not ever.

Phyllis: Ugh, you and your pride! We'll be living out of cardboard boxes if you don't back down!

Lenny:  We'll find the money another way, honey. I promise. Good night, Mr. Drummond.

Drummond:  You could always join our weekly card games, Lenny.

Lenny:  And let you and your pals take the last penny I got? [ Scoffs ] Not a chance.

Sonny: Drummond... how much would you give me for these?

Maxie: All the kindness you showed me... the sweetness, the devotion... all the promises that you had changed, it was all an act. And what makes it worse is you almost got away with it. You had me at the altar. Even when Valentin told me the truth, I refused to see it. Not anymore. I'm not going away with you, Peter. Not now. Not ever.

Anna: Oh, Mac.

Mac: Where's Maxie?

Valentin: In there with Peter.

Mac: Why didn't you stop him?!

Anna: We tried. She wanted to see --

Mac: Get the hell away from her! Get away from her! We got questions for you down at the station.

Peter: Talk to my lawyer. I'm not going anywhere with you.

Mac: Then get out of here! I've already seen one family torn apart tonight. I'll be damned if I let you hurt mine.

Maxie: What? What family?

Mac: Franco and Elizabeth. Franco was shot and killed tonight.

Anna: What?! You have a suspect?

Elizabeth: Franco's dead.

Cam:  No, he's not. He was just here. He came here, and -- and he was -- h-he told me how much he loved me, and he told me how brave I was, and that I was braver than him, which is not true -- but, Mom, he was here. And we're gonna come home and we're just gonna laugh about this. He's out there somewhere.

Elizabeth: It wasn't -- it wasn't the tumor that killed him. He was shot. I know, baby. I know.

Cam:  He w-- he was shot?

Elizabeth: The police are trying to figure it out, okay?

Cam:  [ Sobbing ] It was the Invader article! They -- they said he was dangerous! Somebody shot him?!

Elizabeth: No, no, okay --

Cam:  Who shot him, mom?!

Elizabeth: Whatever -- whoever it was, the truth is gonna come out and we will face this together, Cameron. We -- we are a family, okay?

Cam:  [ Sobbing ] I should have been there! I should have been there!

Elizabeth: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Cam:  No!

Elizabeth: Listen to me. Listen. This is not your fault. Don't think for a second that it was, understand? This wasn't your fault.

Drummond: Where'd a drifter like you get pieces like these?

Sonny: I forgot. How much?

Drummond: How about $250?

Sonny: Write me out a pawn ticket, hand over the cash. That should be enough to pay for a seat at your card game, right?

[ Carly sighs ]

Josslyn: Do you think you'll ever take Sonny's rings off?

Carly: Uh...I don't know. I can't imagine it. You know, I... I still feel married to Sonny. I think I'm always gonna feel married to Sonny.

Josslyn: How do you handle the grief?

Carly: Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I want to scream and cry and crawl into a ball, and sometimes I do. But then I think... the best way I can honor Sonny is just to keep going -- find things to care about, think about the people I love, and just live life to the fullest.

Josslyn: Yeah, uh... I learned that with Oscar, but... living life to the fullest without the person you love... can be really hard sometimes.

Carly: Can be. And it is. But you know what? Having you kids around? It does make it just a little bit more bearable.

Diane: This interview has definitely reached the point of diminishing returns, so in the absence of any actual witnesses or evidence, I'm assuming we are now free to go.

Jordan: For now. But don't leave town.

Laura: Scotty, Scotty, let's go someplace quiet where we can talk, all right?

Scott: All right, all right. All right, Laura, I'll calm down, I'll calm down. I'll calm down, all right? Please. I will, okay? Just -- wait a minute! Wait a minute! Why is he not cuffed and stuffed in a cage?! I'm coming for you, Jason, and hell's coming with me!

Elizabeth:  Are Jake and Aiden asleep? I guess I'll tell them about Franco in the morning.

Cam: We will tell them together.

Mac: Franco was dead when my men got there. We're only at the beginning stages of the investigation. Jason Morgan is a person of interest.

Anna: Jason?

Mac: Why are you still here?!

Valentin: Come on, Peter, for Maxie's sake!

Peter: And only for her sake, I going. I'm not giving up. The past is dead, Maxie. All we have is the future.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Sam: I want to return the favor.

Cameron (to Josslyn and Trina): I need you guys to help.

Gregory (to Finn): You took away my oldest son by keeping this secret.

Anna (to Jackie): I haven't anyone else to blame except myself.

Elizabeth: You have no idea, do you?

Sonny (on phone): The game still on for today?

Carly (to Jason): I cannot lose you. I won't.

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