GH Transcript Tuesday 3/9/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/9/21


Episode #14655 ~ Liz is desperate to help. Jason makes a discovery. Alexis asks Val to tell her the truth. Jordan confronts Robert. Maxie does what's best for herself.

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Britt: I'm going to check on Maxie. How about you? 

Valentin: I'm gonna wait for Peter to show up.

Britt: Assuming Jason hasn't already found him?

Maxie: You're saying the man I love is a lie. That the life we built together is a lie.

Anna: What I'm saying is that Peter is a damaged man. He is! He has done -- he -- he will continue to do unforgivable things.

Maxie: And you didn't think to tell me this information before the wedding?

Anna: Well, as soon as I found out what he was responsible for, that he had sabotaged Drew's plane and that --

Maxie: I know what you think he's done.

Anna: Drew wasn't the only person on that plane. Peter sacrificed other people's lives just to silence one man, and -- and they didn't mean anything to him. You understand that? And once I realized that, I couldn't allow him to marry you.

Maxie: But you didn't say anything to me!

Anna: Oh, I know I didn't. I didn't. I didn't. Because I [Sighs] I just -- I made other arrangements.   A-and -- and if Dante hadn't found him, Peter would have been halfway around the world. Nobody would have known where he was and he wouldn't have been able to hurt anyone. And he certainly wouldn't have been at the wedding.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jason: Spinelli, how's Maxie?

 Spinelli: Uh, well, I have not yet been allowed to see her, but I've been assured that she's not in labor and she should be going home soon. But, um, while I wait, I'm attempting to track Franco, per your request. But I have to admit, I'm not functioning at optimal levels.

Jason: If you can help me find Franco, that's great. If not, I'll figure something else out.

 Spinelli: Uh, no, in truth, I'm grateful for the distraction from my worries.

Jason: Well, you just said Maxie was okay.

Spinelli: Well, physically she's in good health. But emotionally, her heart's been shattered and I-I...I fear for how deeply it's been damaged.

[ Computer beeps rapidly ]

Spinelli: Oh, I-I got it. Um, I've been able to track Franco's phone to 22 Talmadge Street.

Jason: His -- his art studio?

Spinelli: Stone Cold, if Franco has truly reverted to his homicidal ways, perhaps you need backup or assistance?

Jason: Okay, thank you, Spinelli. Stay with Maxie. She needs you.

Robert: You alright?

Spinelli: Uh... I am experiencing far less schadenfreude than one might expect. As we feared, the worst has finally come to pass.

Robert: Au contraire, my boy. She never married Peter. She's here. She's safe. That is the best-case scenario right now.

Spinelli: It's a much more productive, albeit coldly analytical way of looking at the situation.

Robert: Spinelli, you, uh, remember some time ago when I said, "When all hell breaks loose, Maxie's going to need you to help her put it all back together"? Well, my lad, it's high noon. I hope you're up to the task.

Scott: Oh, hey. How are you doing?

Cam: Come in.

Scott: So, I got your message. What's urgent? What's going on? What's happening here?

Cam: Well, it's Franco. Mom and the doctors are doing everything they can, but he's starting to lose steam.

Scott: Yeah, I know, I-I've noticed that, and I'm -- I'm a bit flummoxed about how to help him. What, have you got some kind of a plan?

Cam: I do. I need you to help me to force Franco to not quit on us.

Sam: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Sam, are you looking for Maxie?

Sam: Yeah. Do you know how she's doing?

Elizabeth: I just found out she was here.  Wasn't today her wedding day? What happened?

Sam: Oh, my god, where to begin. Well, it was a total train wreck. And that was before Obrecht showed up and objected.

Elizabeth: Obrecht?

Sam: Yes.

Elizabeth: Oh, my god.

Sam: She was released from prison and completely exonerated and had the paperwork to prove it. Obrecht wasn't the one who was responsible for Drew's death. Peter was.

Elizabeth: Wait, are you saying that Peter August...

Sam: He was responsible for Drew's plane going down, and he was the one who hired an assassin to go after Andre Maddox and Franco.

Elizabeth: The one that Peter killed?

Sam: Thereby ensuring his silence.

Elizabeth: Oh, my god.

Sam: I know. Are you okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Y-yeah. It's just a-a lot to process. How's Maxie? I mean, she must be devastated.

Sam: I mean, at first, I don't think she was having any of it, but I'm sure it's starting to sink in. I know. She loves Peter. And to be confronted by all this pain from him, I mean, you and I both know how brutal that can be.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Does Jason know?

Sam: I haven't been able to reach him. Has Franco found him?

Elizabeth: Franco was looking for Jason? When?

Peter: Whatever anyone might think about me... Franco, I love Maxie and our child with all my heart.

Franco: Yeah, you do. So prove it. Run.

Peter: What?

Franco: Yeah, man, just leave. Get out of Port Charles. Give Maxie and those kids a chance at the life that they deserve.

Peter: I'm not giving up on Maxie and our child. I'm not turning my back on them. There's no need. There's no case against me, Franco, no evidence. I made sure of that.

Peter: [ Grunting ]

[ Gunshot ]

Peter: [ Breathing heavily ]

Franco: [ Gasping ]  [ Gasping ]

Robert: [ Sighs ] All due respect, Commissioner, I need to be with -- with my niece. She's got a former fiancé out there running wild, and I don't need him upsetting her any more than he already has.

Jordan: First, I need to understand why -- if you believed all along that Peter August framed Liesl Obrecht, why he's been walking free this whole time?

Maxie: Oh, my god. You had Peter kidnapped. That's why you were pushing me to postpone the wedding -- because you knew he wasn't coming.

Anna: Standing you up was the only scenario I could think of where -- where you wouldn't go searching for him.

Maxie: Wow. [ Scoffs ] And how did you plan on convincing me that he hadn't just gone missing? You know what? I don't even want to know. Given how this all turned out, I think the worst part of it is that you comforted me while you were deceiving me.

Anna: Oh, I -- honey. I didn't want you to feel alone while this was all happening.

Maxie: Oh, is that right? Thank you for the support.

Anna: Maxie, you do understand that Peter is a dangerous psychopath. He's every bit as dangerous as his father. He had to be kept away from you and the baby by every means necessary.

Maxie: Who are you? Do I even know you? I trusted you, Anna! I relied on you! And you were willing to protect me from Peter. The man you encouraged me to love by any means necessary.

[ Knock on door ]

Britt: Anna, if you'll excuse me, I need to check on my patient.

Anna: Yeah. I-I'll come back in awhile.

Maxie: Don't bother. I don't need to hear any more excuses about how you played god with my life.

Elizabeth: When did you see Franco?

Sam: A couple of hours ago at the Metro Court. He showed up looking for Peter.

Elizabeth: For Peter?

Sam: Yeah. And then when he found out what happened at the wedding, he suddenly became really agitated. And then he wanted to talk to Jason. And then he asked me if I knew where Jason was and I didn't. And he said that if I found him to tell him that he was still him.

Elizabeth: Okay, I --

Sam: Can you please tell me what's going on?

Elizabeth: I can't explain right now. I really need to find Franco and figure this out. But if you -- if you find Jason, can you tell him that I'm on it and to not touch Franco?

Sam: Mom.

Alexis: Sam?

Sam: What are you doing here?

Alexis: I'm trying to go to a meeting. Aren't you supposed to be at a double wedding?

Peter: How does it feel, Franco?

Franco: [ Wheezing ]

Peter: You can let go.

Franco: [ Grunting ] [ Breathing heavily ]

Robert: I never believed Liesl Obrecht went after Franco.

Jordan: Then why keep it a secret?

Robert: I had no proof. Bits and pieces of evidence, but, hey, Obrecht's a Teflon criminal. She covers her tracks well.

Jordan: Still, we could have investigated.

Robert: Not officially, no cause. So I had to, uh, pursue other methods.

Jordan: You went to Anna with your suspicions.

Robert: Yeah, and my brother.

Jordan: Your brother? Mac Scorpio? As in my chief of detectives?

Robert: Hey.

Jordan: Why didn't he say anything to me?!

Robert: Hey, they both told me to take a hike. And then August goes and confesses to Valentin Cassadine.

Jordan: That's not gonna hold up in a court of law. So in absence of a smoking gun, what was your plan? Wait for Peter to slip up?

Robert: He's not infallible. He will slip up. But when he does, I'll be waiting for him!

Spinelli: J'accuse! How dare you show your sinister visage here?

Valentin: What?

Spinelli: You heard me.

Valentin: What are you accusing me of?

Spinelli: Oh, you know very well.

Valentin: Humor me.

Spinelli: You provided cover for Peter the entire time he was worming his way into Maxie's life, knowing full well the extent of his villainy.

Valentin: Okay, Spinelli, I am sympathetic to your...attachment to Maxie. You have a child together.

Spinelli: Exactly.

Valentin: Make no mistake, I owe explanations to many people in Port Charles. You are certainly not one of them.

Alexis: How about me? Am I owed an explanation?

Sam: Spinelli, come with me.

Spinelli: Are you sure you don't want us to stay?

Alexis: Uh, yeah, I'm sure. I don't want any witnesses right now.

Sam: Come on.

Spinelli: Very well.

Valentin: Alexis, I didn't know.

Alexis: What is it that you did not know?

Valentin: I was unaware Peter was involved with Drew's plane going down. I had reason to suspect that his redemption lacked, uh, weight and depth, but I didn't know what he was up to.

Alexis: And I really need you to be telling me the truth right now 'cause I was kind of fond of Drew.

Valentin: I swear to you, I didn't know.

Alexis: [ Sighs ] I am choosing to -- to believe you because I actually... have grown to like you and trust you, which is not easy for me. So, um, I really need your word to mean something.

Valentin: It does. With you, it always does.  Listen, um, let me ask you something. Are you alright? I didn't see you at the wedding.

Alexis: No, I'm not alright. I'm trying really hard to stay sober. Which is why I didn't go to the wedding. 'Cause that's not easy to do at a wedding.

Valentin: That's probably a wise choice.

Alexis: What about you? You were very close to Peter, and now it turns out he's pathologically evil.

Valentin: I was. I think it's safe to say that's not the case anymore.

Spinelli: Oh, it's a good thing you came when you did. I-I know I should endeavor to maintain a more Zen-like posture with the world. I-I-I regret losing my composure. But when I saw Valentin, I --

Sam: That's okay. T-t-that's okay. You don't have to explain to me. I get it.

Spinelli: I knew you would.

Sam: But... and I say this with love, you cannot fly off the handle like that. Maxie's gonna need us calm and grounded.

Spinelli: You are absolutely 100% correct. And now, having vented my anxiety on a most deserving target, I shall remain steadfastly serene.

Sam: Okay, we're gonna use each other and keep each other balanced.

Spinelli: Sounds like a plan.

Sam: Have you seen her yet?

Spinelli: No. And I haven't figured out what I'm going to say when I do.

Britt: Everything looks good. Your blood pressure's coming down. There's no sign you or the baby are in distress.

Maxie: [ Sighs ] So that's it? The baby's okay?

Britt: Well, you still need to try and avoid stress.

Maxie: Yes, you've mentioned that several times. But given my current situation, no promises.

Britt: I said try. But I guess I have every reason to believe the baby's going to be fine. [ Exhales sharply ] [ Clears throat ] Maxie, when you said earlier about me being a bad person...

Maxie: Okay, I hoped that you forgot about that. Um, look, I was angry. I lashed out. I was being judgy and bitchy.

Britt: No, you were being honest. Seems to me you could use more of that. The reason you're feeling so angry and stressed out right now --

Maxie: Oh, no. I don't think we have time to list all the reasons.

Britt: They all boil down to one thing. You've been lied to by people you love and trust. And you've been lying to yourself.

Maxie: When have I ever lied to me? Okay, I don't mean ever. I mean in this specific situation.

Britt: I heard you and Anna before.

Maxie: Talk about a liar.

Britt: Be honest, Maxie. Come on, ask yourself whose lies were more dangerous, Anna's or Peter's?

Jason: Franco.

Cam: Franco doesn't trust himself around us anymore, so he's checking himself into Shadybrook in the morning.

Scott: Why would he checked himself into Shadybrook?

Cam: There was a misunderstanding. It's -- it's nothing.

Scott: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. When they say "it's nothing," it's usually something.

Cam: It's not important. The point is, is even when I tried to guilt him into staying just one more night with us, he's still gone.

Scott: So you tried to manipulate him and it didn't work.

Cam: Yeah, basically.

Scott: Alright. Well, once we get him back, I'm gonna have to give you a few lessons.

Cam: In manipulation?

Scott: Well, we call it "persuasion."

Cam: Persuasion.

Scott: Yeah. Okay. Now, let me get my case here. Now, what do you think? He's just not fighting? Is that what the problem is?

Cam: Yes. I-I mean, every time I talk to him, he acts as if it might be the last day that he gets to see us, and I-I-I hate it.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, I know. You and me both, kid.

Cam: So my brothers and I, we've made a list. A list of things that we will only do with Franco.

Scott: So basically sort of something for him to just [Sighs] Just look forward to?

Cam: Franco never wants to let us down, and this way, we're gonna get him to promise to live.

Anna: I spoke to Maxie.

Mac: How'd that go?

Anna: Yeah, she's -- she's angrier than I've ever seen her, which is...

Mac: Saying something. I know the feeling.

Anna: I'm so sorry, Mac. I've given you plenty of reasons to be furious with me.

Mac: I'm not angry at you.

Anna: You're not?

Mac: Not anymore. No, I'm angry at myself. I'm the chief of detectives, the former commissioner. Been a cop most of my life. So how did I miss that my daughter is involved with a criminal?

Anna: Well, Peter is very good at hiding his true nature. Even from himself most of the time. And, um... you wanted Maxie to be happy. She loved him. So you wanted to see the best in him, I suppose.

Mac: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, well, that's just it. I mean, I didn't see the best. No father wants to see the best in their daughter's boyfriend. They see the worst. Peter won me over. He delivered James. He made Maxie happy again. When Nathan died, I never thought I would see that. Maxie suffered so much when Nathan died. Peter. [ Sighs ] Peter brought her back to life.

Anna: It's true. He did. He did.

Mac: Peter was gonna be the next big chapter in Maxie's life, right? When Maxie wanted her father's support, you know, I love being a good dad, I wasn't about to let her down.

Anna: Our children... they come to us with their dreams. And we want them to be happy. But their happiness... is our Achilles' heel.  [ Scoffs ] You know?

Mac: Yeah. It sure is. You're being very understanding about this.

Anna: How could I think that there's anything wrong with you wanting Maxie and Peter to be happy when I -- I wanted it just as badly? I did. [ Sniffles ] I wanted it, too.

Elizabeth: Franco, Franco, I'm here, honey. You're gonna be okay. Alright, okay, listen to me. It's really important. I need you to open your eyes and look at me, okay? Know that I'm here and you're here and we are not gonna go anywhere. Do you hear me? Franco, come on. Open your eyes, babe.

Jason: Yeah, there's been a shooting. We need paramedics. It's 22 Talmadge Street. It's male, mid 40s, shot in the chest. He's bleeding a lot. It's Franco Baldwin.

Elizabeth: Franco, open your eyes. Come on. I know you can do it. Please, please, just open your eyes. Oh.

Franco: [ Gasps ]

Robert: I'd love to stand around and be nostalgic, but I've got another family issue. My daughter Robin is very close to August because she thinks he's her brother. And now that he's a psychotic, I need to make a-a call, and --

Mac: Hey.

Robert: How's Maxie and the baby?

Mac: Hey. They're both -- they're both doing okay.

Jordan: I'm glad to hear that.

Mac: Yeah. She needs to avoid stress, which seems impossible at the moment. So I'm gonna stick around so I can be with her at a moment's notice.

Jordan: Well, based on what Robert's been telling me, we need to locate August.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jordan: It's the station. Commissioner Ashford. Okay, I'm on my way. Jason Morgan just called in a shooting.

Robert: Called it in? How quaint.

Mac: I'll go check it out.

Jordan: No, I'll handle it. You need to be here in case August shows up.

Mac: Okay.

Jordan: Give Maxie my best, okay?

Mac: Thank you.  What are you thinking?

Robert: That if we get very lucky, Jason Morgan may solve our Peter problem for us.

Alexis: Obviously, you must be shocked, not to mention disappointed.

Valentin: Yeah, I am.

Alexis: How's that working for you?

Valentin: I don't know. Thank you. Nobody's asked me that.

Alexis: Well, I just want to know what I'm up against next time we play misery poker.

Valentin: Well, I will definitely give you a run for your money next time.

Alexis: Do you suspect that Peter did these things? Or are you certain of it?

Valentin: No, he did them. Which is why Anna and I had hoped to have him detained before the wedding.

Alexis: Detained as in...

Valentin: Detained.

Alexis: I'm not throwing stones. I detained my own daughter when she was involved in a cult. So I'm not judging. In fact, I understand.

Valentin: They weren't exactly my best-laid plans. If they had been, Peter would be properly ensconced in an undisclosed location tonight, so...

Alexis: And where is Peter now?

Valentin: He's exactly where I thought he would be.

Valentin: You shouldn't be here.

Peter: Maxie's here.

Valentin: I just spoke to Jason. He knows everything.

Peter: Oh, should I be scared?

Valentin: You should be terrified!

Peter: What is it you're hoping I'll do, Valentin? Turn myself in? Because why? You and Anna accused me of something without proof?

Valentin: At least you'll be safe.

Peter: I don't see why I should run, considering you're the one afraid of Jason Morgan.

Valentin: I'm frightened for you.

Peter: Don't be. You know, all my life, my greatest fear was that I'd turn out like my father. As it happens, my father has nothing on me.

Valentin: Peter, trust me, you've got a long way to go before you're your father.

Peter: Well, then, I better get started.

Valentin: Stop it. Stop it. I know you feel like your path is destiny, but if you stop now, you're still in control of your life.

Peter: Well, that's exactly why I'm here, because I am in control, and I'm going to see Maxie now, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Maxie: No. Britt told me to avoid stress, and that includes you, so bye.

Anna: Oh, I-I'm not gonna stay long. I just don't want to leave things unresolved between us.

Maxie: You know what amazes me about all of this? Liesl was more honest than you.

Anna: Oh, I hardly think her intentions were noble.

Maxie: And yours were? How could you stand there and judge Liesl? I trusted you, Anna. I believed in you. I mean, you're the person that I go to for advice. I confided in you. [ Voice breaking ] You're my godmother. [ Sniffles ] And you could still do this to me? It's like I said, I don't really know you. And I don't want to.

Anna: Oh, come on, Maxie, please.

Maxie: No, no, you said we should finish things. So that's what I've done. We're done.

Cam: So d-did you get everything?

Scott: Well, let's see. I got a road trip cross-country with Cameron, a trip to all the museums in Paris with Jake, an advanced pastry class with Aiden, also in Paris, but not on the same trip, and then a riverboat cruise with Elizabeth, right?

Cam: Yeah, well, except for you.

Scott: [ Sighs ] What about me?

Cam: Well, you have to put your thing on the list, too. What do you want to do with Franco that's -- that's just the two of you?

Scott: Well, I'd like to do what -- what we used to like to do. We -- we watched old screwball comedies from the '40s, you know, laugh it up a little bit, just an average Sunday.

Cam: Just one Sunday?

Scott: No, there's a -- there's a lot of movies to watch, not just -- I would like a lot of Sundays. And I'd -- I'd like to do it with him grandkids.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] Hey. There you are. Have I told you how much I love seeing your eyes? So I can see right into that beautiful soul of yours. And all your love.

Franco: [ Gasping ]

Elizabeth: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's alright. You're gonna be okay. We have a lifetime together. We have a lifetime. Franco.

Franco: [ Gasps ] [ Quietly ] You tell those boys I love them. Okay? [ Gasps ] I love you.

Elizabeth: No. No.

Franco: [ Gasping ]

Elizabeth: No, Franco, you're gonna stay with me. No, Franco. Franco, no. No! Franco! [ Sobbing ] Franco! No! No! Come on. Help is coming. Just stay with me. You have to stay with me. Do you hear me? Franco, wake up! Stay with me!

Mac: Of all the things for you to be right about, why did it have to be Peter?

Robert: Sorry, bro.

Mac: So am I. Sorry I didn't listen to you. Sorry that you and I didn't team up to run August out of town before he could get a smile out of Maxie, let alone get her pregnant.

Robert: Hey, hey. Chief of Detectives, D.A. We're law enforcement. We're not allowed to run people out of town.

Mac: Oh, next, you'll be calling me a man of principle.

Robert: You are, yeah.

Mac: What I am... what I am is a guy with his head in the sand, incapable of seeing what's right in front of him.

Robert: [ Scoffs ] Come on. She's your daughter, and she's in love with this guy. She wants you to see him the way she sees him. Because you're a great dad and that's what you brought to her.

Mac: Oh, nice guy Scorpio.

Robert: No. Wouldn't go that far.

Mac: I would. I would, right? I'm level-headed. I'm always there. You know, I'm the guy who would stop fights instead of start them. Right now, I don't want to be that guy, Robert. No, I want to be the kind of man that would rip Peter August's head off.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ]

Sam: Hi, sunshine. Want some company?

Maxie: Hey. More than anything. It's good to see both of you.

Sam: Oh. You, too.

Spinelli: Where else would we be during your hour of need?

Maxie: I wish it was only an hour. How could both of you show up for me after what Peter was accused of doing to Jason and Drew?

Sam: Hey, I don't blame you for any of that. That was all Peter. It's not on you.

Spinelli: Yeah. Maxie, we're on your side no matter what.  I'm really sorry that we were late.

Maxie: Spinelli. I almost cut you out of my life over Peter.

Spinelli: Out of your life is one place that I will never be.

Sam: [ Chuckles ]

Maxie: Even when I'm being impossible?

Sam: [ Laughter ]

Spinelli: the clown fish is to the anemone stings... I'm used to it.

[ Laughter ]

Maxie: I feel like I betrayed you.

Sam: Don't. Because I don't blame you, and I don't blame you for loving Peter. He only showed you the parts of him that he thought were worthy of you.

Anna: Oh, I can't let you go in there.

Peter: Oh, I don't see how you can stop me.

Anna: You haven't actually been accused of crime yet, have you?

Peter: As a matter of fact, no, not a single one.

Anna: So that you wouldn't want to risk an assault charge.

Valentin: You certainly don't want to risk two.

Peter: Well, if things get ugly, I could just as easily accuse you both.

Anna: And the fact that I'm a former police commissioner, and friends with the current one would have no bearing on who they'd listen to.

Valentin: Peter, you're not getting in there.

Peter: Maxie! I'm here! Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.

Maxie: I knew he'd get here sooner or later.

Sam: It's okay. You don't have to see him.

Spinelli: Yeah, we'll keep him away by any means necessary.

Maxie: No, I'll be fine. I just need a minute to myself.

Sam: Are you sure?

Maxie: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Okay. Hey, we love you.

Spinelli: Always have, always will.

Maxie: I love you, guys, too.

Sam: Okay.

Peter: I told you, I want to see Maxie.

Spinelli: No. She doesn't want to see you.

Peter: Sure she does, Spinelli. We love each other. We're going to be a family.

Sam: I hope that your daughter has the same relationship with you that my daughter has with her father.

Alexis: Is everything okay here?

Sam: Yes. We were just leaving.

Spinelli: At least she didn't marry you, Henrik.

Peter: Aren't they fun? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see my fiancée now.

Valentin: No. It's not happening, Peter.

Anna: If you truly care for her, you would do the right thing and turn yourself in.

Peter: Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Lock up Faison and Alex's boy forever. Must be such a relief for you, knowing their evil spawn isn't yours.

Anna: Oh, god. I have bent over backwards trying to justify your actions and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Peter: Oh, no, no, no, no. If there was anyone that broke their back, Anna, it was me always striving to be the good son pleading for your acceptance. Always worried I might disappoint you. Well, it turns out in the end, you were the disappointment all along, but now I'm free. Free from you, free from needing your approval. Or your permission. Now get out of my way. Maxie's waiting for me.

Anna: No.

Jordan: Jason, what happened?

Jason: It's Franco. He's dead.

Jordan: Don't take him. Let's give her a moment.

Elizabeth: Don't do this to me. Don't do this to me. I don't want to let go of you. I can't. After everything? We loved each other when the world said that we shouldn't. And you saved me and the boys more times than I can count and I fought like hell to get you back, especially Cameron. So you can't leave him.    [ Crying ] You can't leave any of the boys. They need you. And I need you. And I can't do this without you. [ Sniffles ] I don't want to be here without you.

Robert: You're angry and you're not gonna want to hear this, but I'm glad you never went after him.

Mac: You don't think I can handle August?

Robert: That has nothing to do with it. August is a killer. We got too many of those in the world now as it is, we want a few more good guys, people like yourself that convey strength through common decency.

Mac: Decency? Decency isn't enough. What I want for my daughter is justice.

Scott: Sundays. Alright. Okay. So I'm gonna go draw this up, make a contract, present it to Franco, get him to sign it, and, you know, he'll have something to look forward to. This -- this -- this was a good idea.

Cam: So you think he'll like it?

Scott: Yes. Are you kidding? But, you know, I'm gonna rub your head for good luck, okay? Yeah, he's gonna like it. It's good.

Cam: [ Chuckles ]

Jordan: Elizabeth? I'm so sorry, but can you tell me what happened?

Elizabeth: [ Breathes shakily ] You did this. You killed him.

Peter: Maxie, don't let their lies come between us! I love you, you know that!

Maxie: It's all right. You can send him in.

Anna: Maxie?

Peter: Excuse me.

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Peter (to Maxie): The past can't touch us. I made sure of that.

Josslyn (to Cameron): Why weren't you in school today?

Sonny (to crowd): I think I know what's going on here.

Mac (to Jason): Tell me what the hell happened.

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