GH Transcript Monday 3/8/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/8/21


Episode #14654 ~ Maxie questions Britt's advice. Jason says he can't ignore the facts. Gregory confronts Jackie. Anna faces Mac. Finn bonds with Violet.

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[ Light clacks ]

Peter: [ Grunts ]

Franco: Oh, look who's up. Hi. This is great. Hi. Yeah. Now we can get started.

Chase:  Do you want a glass of wine? I also have some appetizers on a plate I scored from the reception in the fridge.

Willow:  I'm -- I'm feeling much better now, thanks to you. [ Chuckles ] It just -- it just hurt so much when Wiley said I wasn't his mommy. I know I'm overreacting.

Chase:  No, no, I get it. Listen, you are Wiley's mother. He knows it. He feels it. He just -- he doesn't understand why Nina said what she did.

Willow:  Thank you for saying that.

 Chase:  I said it because it's true.

Willow:  You said it because you're a good man. You know, maybe I should -- I should go. [ Chuckles ] We have all had a tough day. Have you talked to Finn?

 Chase: No. No, I just -- I hope he's okay.

Jackie: Reminds me of the connection we used to have, before, uh -- before you didn't show up for my wedding.

Finn: [ Chuckles ] Well, knowing me, were you really surprised? There's no way I could have stepped foot in that church after what happened the night before.

Gregory:  And what was that, exactly? Please continue. What happened the night before our wedding?

Jason:  So I need you to help me track Franco down.

Spinelli:  Franco? Why?

Jason:  You ready for this? Franco says that he hears Peter's voice in his head, and he thinks it's an old memory of Drew's.

Maxie:  It was Braxton-Hicks, right? Britt! Stop staring at that tablet and tell me. Is my baby okay?

Mac:  Dr. Westbourne is in with Maxie now. We're waiting on some final tests.

Valentin:  Anna?

Anna: Yes.

Valentin:  Are you all right?

Anna: Yeah, I am.  Peter's not in with Maxie, is he?

Valentin:  No. [ Exhales sharply ] And, frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't shown up yet.

Anna: He hasn't? What do you think he's up to?

Peter:  Maxie. Maxie. The baby! I got to get to the hospital! I got to make sure they're okay! Come on!

Franco:  Oh, family's important.

Peter:  Franco, you untie me. Untie me right now!

Franco:  Hey, I don't think you fully grasp the gravity of the situation. I mean, did you even read your own publication?

Oh. That article? It's not important. I... I don't hold you responsible for knowing it verbatim. I have a copy right here. Uh... yeah, uh, "it's not known how many victims Franco Baldwin..." blah, blah, blah. "Diane Miller." Oh, here's a good one, "the tumor made him do it." Okay, here it is. "The regrowth of the tumor in the same section of his brain could possibly cause a resurgence of his murderous impulses." That's a bit much, I think, but... as it is written, so shall it be.

Finn:  I just came by to get Vi--

Jackie:  Finn was looking for -- Finn was looking for Violet, and we got to talking.

Gregory:  Since when have you been able to stand being in the same room with Jackie? And now confiding in her and -- and seeking solace? What was that reference to the night before our wedding?

Jackie:  [ Scoffs ] Let's not do this out here. Uh, come on inside. We'll talk.

Gregory:  Well?

[ Door closes ]

Gregory:  What were you doing here? In the room of the woman that you walked out on me for years ago, because I fell in love with her after your mother's death?

Finn:  That wasn't the only reason why I walked away.

Jackie:  [ Stammers ] He walked away because of me, but not for the reasons you assumed.

Finn:  Do you remember before I introduced you to Jackie? How I would talk about her? Remember, I said I met this girl who was so passionate about her work and who challenged me in ways that I never thought were possible. I... I wanted you to meet her, Dad. I was looking for your approval. I didn't expect you... to ask her out, let alone marry her so soon after Mom had died.

Gregory:  Wait, wait, wait, wait. You were interested in Jackie? You never told me that. Were you two together back then?

Jackie:  No, no, Gregory, we weren't together. We were attracted to each other, but we didn't act on it. I couldn't. He was the subject of my article. I-I couldn't allow myself to get emotionally involved. And then, um, you know, after I met you, we fell in love, and then I created distance.

Finn:  I didn't want to interfere. I saw how happy you two were together.

Jackie:  I was truly in love with you, Gregory. I wouldn't have married you otherwise.

Gregory:  Loving declarations noted. What happened to that distance the night before our wedding?

Finn:  Jackie and I were together.

Gregory:  "Together" can be interpreted a lot of ways.

Finn:  We slept together the night before the wedding.

Britt:  The test ruled out preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Your baby is fine.

Maxie:  [ Sighs ]

Britt:  Once you are fully hydrated, you're free to go home. But you need to avoid stress.

Maxie: Well, that doesn't seem likely, does it? Since my fiancÚ was just accused of murder.

Britt:  It's more than an accusation, Maxie. Peter's done some terrible things.

Maxie: If I recall, so have you.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Anna:  Thanks for meeting me.

Valentin:  I would never leave you to face the fallout alone.

Anna:  So all the loose ends?

Valentin:  I went by Peter's hotel room. I picked up the forged letter saying that he was leaving Maxie, so there's no more evidence to link us to the failed kidnapping. Now, that said, I'm gonna go meet with Jason Morgan. He can keep a cool head, you know, when he wants to.

Anna:  I certainly hope so.

Valentin:  Yeah.

Anna:  Hi, Mac. Were you talking to Felicia? How's Maxie?

Mac:  She's holding her own. Dr. Westbourne is in with her now.

Anna:  Oh, okay. Um, well, when she comes out, I-I'd like to go and see Maxie.

Mac:  You'll do no such thing.

Spinelli:  That's most intriguing. Franco hearing Drew's memories from before he came to Port Charles. I-it further confirms the connection between Drew and Peter from long ago.

Jason:  Yeah. And Sam called me, said that Franco was looking for me. Maybe he remembered something. I don't know. I tried to call him. He's not answering his phone, and I don't like it. So I need you to help me track Franco down.

Spinelli:  You know, Franco could provide the proof we need to take Peter August down once and for all.

Peter:  [ Groans ] Let me go, Franco. Let me go! Maxie needs me.

Franco:  Your article is right. My tumor is back. And that makes me a dangerous man, Peter, because I have nothing left to lose.

Peter:  You have Elizabeth and your boys.

Franco:  You know, it's so sad, but that's done. It's over. I'm just not the guy that Elizabeth married. Not anymore. Those boys are sweet, you know, but I did what I could. And I've come to realize that a man's legacy is really only ever just his work. Thank you so much for bringing a gun. So pretty. Appreciate it. So but thanks, but no thanks, because... I prefer... to use my own tools. Hello, old friends. Seems like it's been forever. It's so -- so good to see you. To tell you the truth, I'm really just so happy to be working again. I think I'm gonna call this piece "Confessional."

Gregory:  You disappeared the day before our wedding. I never asked why. Were you with Hamilton?

Jackie:  Yes. I needed to resolve things with him before I could fully commit to you.

Gregory:  By sleeping with him hours before he was gonna become your stepson?

Finn: Dad, hey, this is my fault. I'm the one that should be apologizing and begging for your forgiveness, alright? We didn't mean for this to happen, but it did. And I wasn't gonna allow my feelings to get in the way of the two of you, so I walked away.

Gregory:  Why? Because you were doing me some great damn favor?

Finn: No, because I was ashamed. I was ashamed of myself, and that shame wouldn't allow me to face you.

Gregory:  Then you're a coward! All this time, I blamed myself for driving you away, when it was you who acted so unforgivably, not me. You let me carry that guilt all these years.

Finn: We both carried the guilt. I hated myself every day for what I had done. The guilt ate me up inside, till finally it became too much, and I came to you to tell you what I had done.

Gregory:  Right. A year later, you show up out of the blue and then leave again, this time for decades. Why?

Chase:  Very nice.

Willow:  Yeah.

Violet:  Where's Daddy?

Chase:  Oh, hey. Remember, uh, he decided that you were gonna spend the night here with me. But guess what -- Willow's here.

Violet:  Hi, Willow.

Willow:  Hi, Violet.

Violet:  Is Daddy sad the wedding didn't happen?

Chase:  Uh...probably, but, you know, it's -- it's okay to be sad sometimes. Are you sad?

Willow:  Do you want to sit with us for a bit? Alright.

Chase: [ Grunts ]

Violet: Are Daddy and Anna gonna get married tomorrow?

Chase:  Um, I'm -- I'm sorry, sweetheart, but probably not.

Britt:  There's no denying my terrible deeds. The whole world knows about them. But you need to open your eyes to who Peter really is. He's been lying to you this whole time, Maxie. He straight-up threatened me and told me to stay out of his way.

Maxie: What? When?

Britt:  After he used me to hack into Franco's medical records.

Maxie: That was weeks ago. Why didn't you tell me?

 Britt:  Would you have believed me if I did? Exactly.

Maxie: If I wouldn't have believed you then, why would I believe you now?

Mac:  Excuse me.

Anna:  Oh, I know you're angry, but you -- I-I hate the way everything played out. But you know I love Maxie. I-I would -- I would never want to see her hurt.

Mac:  How can you say that? You've been protecting Peter at Maxie's expense, watching him grow closer to Maxie, closer to my grandchildren.

Anna:  I know. I-I don't have any excuses. I-I don't, except that I believed him. But when I found out that he was responsible for Drew's death, then I-I tried to do something. I couldn't let him marry Maxie.

Mac:  Anna, you and Finn were at the podium standing right next to Maxie and Peter. The ceremony had already begun when Obrecht barged in and shut it down. I never thought I'd say this, but thank god for Liesl Obrecht.

Anna:  When Peter showed up and Maxie wanted to go through with the wedding, I couldn't -- I couldn't figure out a way out. I just -- I didn't know.  [ Stammers, sighs ] I guess Obrecht did. Suppose I owe her an apology.

Mac:  I guess apologizing to Obrecht might be punishment enough, but the person you really need to apologize to is in there.

Valentin:  Evening, gentlemen. Spinelli, what are you doing here? You didn't get a phone call?

Spinelli:  No. Why?

Valentin: Maxie and Peter's wedding was interrupted.

Spinelli:  Mm. Was it, uh, before or after they said their vows?

Valentin: Maxie and Peter are not married.

Spinelli:  [ Gasps ] Um... so, uh...what caused this most, um... welcome event to transpire?

Valentin: Liesl Obrecht crashed the wedding. She showed everyone a video. It was, uh, Alex Marick confessing that she was, in fact, Peter's mother. Maxie began experiencing pains, and they rushed her to General Hospital.

Spinelli:  Wait, s-she's in labor?

Valentin: Well, last I heard, she was getting tested.

Spinelli:  Uh, thank you for telling me this. Uh, forgive me, Stone Cold, but I may not be able to help you locate --

Jason:  Don't worry about it. Just go to Maxie. Go.

Valentin: Mind if I join you? I got something to say. It's best said without an audience.

Jason:  What do you want?

Valentin: I want to offer you something. Closure.

Peter:  You're bluffing.

Franco:  Am I? Eh, we'll see. So...

[ Tools clatter ]

Franco:  ...The voice in my head is Drew's voice, and it's a memory that he has of you dropping Drew off in Afghanistan, handing him over to Helena Cassadine, and that, I think... is a memory... that you would kill somebody [Clears throat] In order to keep buried.

Peter:  It was Helena and it was my father, Franco. They...forced me to do it. I had no choice. [ Groans ]

Franco:  Okay, I'm sorry, but don't do that again. No -- no more of the self-victimizing thing, okay? With Drew in my head now, I know everything.

Peter: Poor, miserable son of a bitch. You had no choice because we never gave you one. But Helena has assured me you're in good hands. Plan worked perfectly, Helena. I delivered. Is this not proof enough that we could have a fruitful partnership?

Franco: You snatched Drew 'cause that was your in with Helena Cassadine. Right?

Peter: Franco. Please, Franco.

Franco: Admit it. Let me tell you something, man. He wasn't just some miserable son of a bitch. Man was a war hero. And you just handed over his life like -- like -- like I don't even know what. How could you do something like that?

Peter: It never happened. Alright, Franco, you're ill. This tumor, it's messing with your brain.

Franco: Last chance. Say it, Peter. Admit it. Come on, man. It'll feel so good. And I'll understand you. And it's good 'cause it's gonna be so much harder for me to understand what you're saying after I cut out your tongue.

Finn:  When I saw your new family, I knew I could never be part of it.

Gregory: Why? Do you think I was trying to replace you with Chase?

Finn:  It was my own thing, Dad.

Gregory: I would never do that. We didn't even plan to have a family. Chase was a happy surprise. We -- we joked that h-he was just a souvenir from our honey-- oh. [ Sighs ] You two were together the night before our wedding, and nine months later, Chase was born. Is Chase Finn's son?

Mac:  How's Maxie? What did the test results say? Felicia's going crazy.

Britt:  Maxie's given me permission to speak to you about them, but...

Anna:  Oh, no. Yes, of course.

Britt:  [ Clears throat ] The baby's fine, but Maxie's blood pressure remains elevated. She needs to monitor her pressure and try and stay as calm as possible until the baby's born.

Maxie:  Hang in there, sweetie. We'll be just fine.

[ Knock on door ]

Maxie:  Come in.

[ Door opens ]

Valentin:  I may have left something out in regards to Maxie and Peter's wedding.

Jason:  Yeah, like what?

Valentin:  Uh, I told Maxie and everyone else within earshot that Peter had confessed to me his involvement in several very serious crimes.

Jason:  He confessed to you?

Valentin:  He arranged for the hitman who attacked Franco and Andre. He's responsible for the downing of Drew's plane. You don't seem all that surprised.

Jason:  This isn't news to me.

Valentin:  Yeah, that's what Anna said. She said that you've always suspected Peter. Well, he's confessed to me, and now it's a matter of public knowledge.

Jason:  Well, thanks for the info.

Valentin:  Jason. If you're gonna retaliate, please don't.

Franco:  Alright, I'm bored. Let's just get started.

Peter: [ Grunts ] Okay, okay, okay. I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk.

Franco:  Great.

Peter: Alright, I-I was there in Afghanistan with Drew when he was taken, alright?

Franco:  Mm-hmm. Now say what you did.

Peter: I paid Hank Archer to abduct Drew, and, uh, I orchestrated the transfer to Helena Cassadine.

Franco:  Okay. And then when Drew was on his way to Afghanistan, you were worried what he might find there. You...what?

Peter: [ Grunts ] Aah! [ Groans ] I sabotaged Drew's plane.

Franco:  Yes. This is great. And then... when you were worried that Drew's memories might be resurfacing because I was going through my memory procedure, what did you do?

Peter: I hired an assassin to attack you and Andre Maddox at G.H.

Franco:  You did?

Peter: Yeah.

Franco:  Yeah, you did. And then you murdered that guy and you framed Liesl Obrecht for all of your crimes. Am I right? Am I right?

Peter: [ Groans ] Yes, yes, yes, you're right, Franco.

Franco:  Ohh.

Peter: You're right.

Franco:  Why, Peter, that was so honest. Did that feel good? Let me ask you something. After you've done all of those things, tell me that you still deserve to live.

Violet: [ Yawns ]

Willow:  You look tired, sweetie. Do you want to lie back down?

Chase: Why don't you want to sleep?

Violet: I want to go home. I'm sorry, Uncle Chase.

Chase:  Aww, you don't have to be sorry. You know, sometimes -- sometimes we need our dads to make us feel better.

Violet: [ Yawns ]

Finn: I don't know if Chase is my son.

Gregory: You never found out for sure? Never ran a test?

Finn: Oh, it didn't matter.

Gregory: It matters to me and Chase. We have a right to know. We need a paternity test.

Jackie:  Hamilton ordered one. The, uh -- the results came back today.

Gregory: That patient you went out to see this morning. You were going to get the results of the test? Another lie. My, you have become so adept. You listened to me saying how much seeing my two sons together meant to me, and all the while you're going to get the paternity test.

Finn: I never wanted to lie to you.

Gregory: You've had so much practice at it. Chase's entire life, actually. Well, if you know the results, why don't you just tell me?

Finn: Because I don't. I went to G.H., but I ran into Jackie, and she thought maybe it was better not knowing. I never got the test results.

Jackie:  I'm -- I'm thinking about Harry, Gregory. Why blow up his entire life now?

Gregory: Lying to Chase about who his father is may be fine for the two of you, but I won't be a party to it.

Jackie:  What if it's not a lie? There's a very good chance that you're his father biologically as well as emotionally.

Gregory: Or I could be his grandfather. Either way, Chase needs to know.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Finn: That's -- that's from Chase. Violet just woke up and she's asking for me.

Gregory: You should go. A father should be there for his child.

Finn: I'll get the results in the morning.

[ Door closes ]

Gregory: How much more are you going to take, Jackie? I accepted that you and I are over. Now I might lose Chase, too?

Anna:  I just wondered whether I could come in and maybe explain things.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Anna:  I'm really glad, uh, the baby and you... I'm relieved that everything's okay because, uh, you must have been very scared.

Maxie: Don't.

Anna:  Don't what?

Maxie: Don't come in here and pretend to be the Anna that I know and love when it's clear that I don't know you at all.

Mac: I'll keep you posted. I love you.

Spinelli: Uh, I-I came as soon as I heard of Maxie's distress. Is there any news?

Mac: Maxie and the baby are fine. It was Braxton-Hicks.

Spinelli: Okay.

Mac: The only concern is her blood pressure is high. She needs to avoid stress.

Spinelli: I can think of no greater stressor than Peter August. Has he tried to gain access yet?

Mac: No, which worries me. It doesn't track. But I've got guys on the lookout for him.

Peter: Don't kill me, Franco, please. I'm sorry. It was wrong. I shouldn't have done it. I know.

Franco: It was wrong. But I'm not gonna kill you. Relax. That's just nuts. Man, I... I know right from wrong. Murder's wrong.

Peter: [ Sighs ]

Franco: I did, however, record your entire confession, and...I'm gonna hand it over to the police because you're gonna go to prison because that's where you belong.

Peter: Th-th-th-- that was all an act?!

Franco: Hm. Yeah, it was. Don't act so surprised, man. We all have our schtick. I mean, you've been running around town for months with this whole reformed sinner routine you got going. And the whole time, you were just, you know, a guy who killed a bunch of people, and... hey, man, don't get me wrong. Thought about it. Yeah. Had you in that stairwell, knocked you over the back of the head with a tire iron. And I thought, just, you know, for like one second, "Man, just go ahead, finish the job." I didn't do it. And you know why? Because I thought of Elizabeth, I thought about her boys, and I never want to do anything that would ever disappoint them.

Peter: You assaulted me and you tied me up! Your recording is only gonna prove that this so-called confession of mine was made under duress.

Franco: Yeah, look, we are a long way from a courtroom right now. The important thing to consider here, I think, is what is Maxie gonna think when she hears about all this? Which she will really soon.

Peter: No. No.

Franco: Because I'm calling the cops.

Peter: No!

Franco: If I can just remember their number. It's 9-1... 9-1-something.

Peter: [ Growls ] [ Grunting ]

Jackie:  You must hate me.

Gregory: I'm... I don't hate you, Jackie. I've loved you since the day we met. I couldn't believe my luck that a woman like you wanted to marry me. I wondered if I'd be enough. I was afraid you might wake up one day and realize that you'd tethered yourself to a boring history professor.

Jackie:  [ Scoffs ] Gregory, stop it. I-I-I-I was the lucky one. I knew -- I knew I'd found a good man.

Gregory: But you slept with my son! The night before our wedding! Clearly, you were having second thoughts.

Jackie:  I don't know. I was -- I-I guess I was having doubts, but -- but it wasn't about you. It was about me. That's why I wanted alone time. [ Sighs ] And then -- and then Hamilton showed up. I-I didn't know we'd wind up the way that we did. I just wanted to resolve things between us.

Gregory: And so you did. We just don't know if Chase was the result of that resolution.

Finn: Where's Violet? Where is she?

[ Door closes ]

Chase:  She's in the bedroom with Willow. I finally got her to lie down. How are you?

Finn: I've been better. I'm sorry I wasn't here when she needed me.

Chase:  Hey, Violet's fine, okay? Don't be so hard on yourself.

[ Footsteps ]

Willow:  She went right back to sleep.

Finn: [ Sighs ] I'm -- I'm really glad you were here, Willow. Um, thank you. Uh, I'm gonna go check on her.

Chase:  Yeah. I'm -- I'm really glad you were here, too.

Willow:  Me, too. Even though I wound up staying a bit longer than I planned. I should get going so I can... check on my own little one. Thank you so much for talking me down earlier.

Chase:  Anytime.

Willow:  Good night, Chase.

Chase:  Good night, Willow.

Finn:  Violet's out cold.

Chase:  Well, that's good.

Finn:  You know, Chase, I'm sitting there, I'm looking at her just lying there, sleeping so peacefully, and I just started to wonder... what do I do next? I mean, if she wakes up right now, where do I take her? Do we even have a home anymore?

Valentin:  Jason, my request is you allow WSB to handle Peter.

Jason:  I don't -- I don't trust the WSB.

Valentin:  Well, that makes two of us. Listen, he's gonna pay for his crimes. I hope he doesn't have to die for them. He's going to prison, probably for life. Now, you and I have nothing to do with one another. Don't do this for me. Do this for Anna. You and she have an agreement, right? You stay away from Peter out of respect for her.

Jason:  Yeah, I do respect Anna, but she can't see Peter clearly.

Valentin:  Well, she does now.

Jason:  She does?

Valentin:  Respect Anna's wishes, leave Peter to the WSB.

Jason:  Anything else, Valentin?

[ Door closes ]

Britt:  Yeah, don't be stupid.

Anna: I'm so sorry, Maxie. You know I love you, right? And, um, I-I never wanted to hurt you, especially not after everything you've been through.

Maxie: Then why did you lie? Why did you let Peter believe he was your son when you knew that he wasn't?

Anna: I-I didn't know... until last Halloween, when Alex returned. Honestly, I thought that if Peter knew that she was his mother, he would lose faith in himself.

Maxie: That's how you're justifying lying? You thought that your love and my love could save him?

Anna: Yeah. I-I hoped and prayed that it would. But, you know... what he did to Drew and Andre and Franco, it's just -- it's so cold. It's calculating. And I realized that he will do whatever it takes to protect himself, to get what he wants. And I was wrong in thinking that -- that we could change him in any way.

Maxie: That's it, then? You've completely lost faith in Peter?

[ Both grunting ]

Peter: Franco! [ Grunts ] Don't move. Don't move.

Franco:  [ Coughing ] Alright. Cool. You got me. Come on, man, relax. Put that thing down. Here's an idea. Why don't -- why don't we just -- you put the gun away, and then we just walk out of here and get back to our lives?

Peter: No, I wish I could, but you -- you had to go and escalate things, and at the worst possible time in my life. Right when I need to protect it the most. I have a daughter about to be born. Her mama waiting for me right now. Maxie loves me more than I ever dreamed possible, Franco, and I have to be the man that she deserves!

Franco:  Yeah, man, that's right. You do. Are you ever gonna be the man Maxie deserves if you shoot me in cold blood?

Gregory: Sleeping with Finn...It's devastating, no question. But how do you explain the lifetime of lies that came after?

Jackie: Are you going to see Harry?

Gregory: What's the matter? Are you afraid that he'll look at you differently if it all comes out?

Jackie: I only care about sparing him unnecessary pain. Be as mad at me as you want, but please don't involve Harry. His whole world will be turned upside down.

Gregory: I know the feeling.

[ Door closes ]

Chase:  Look, it has been a hell of a day. Why don't you stay here with Violet, and I'll crash on the couch, and then you can be with your little girl?

Finn: I can't do that to you.

Chase:  I'm not taking no for an answer.

Finn: I appreciate it.

Chase:  Okay. Now go to bed, young man. And tomorrow will be a better day.

Finn: I hope so. Good night.

Chase:  Night.

Britt: I realize your first impulse with a problem is to shoot it.  [Chuckling] But there are other options.

Jason:  Well, I haven't shot you.

Britt: Maybe it's because you still need me.

Jason:  Maybe.

Britt: Don't go after my brother, Jason.

Jason:  [ Sighs ]

Britt: My mother has the WSB involved. He's already under investigation.

Valentin:  That is exactly my point.

Britt: Let this play out. If Peter shows up at the hospital, Chief Scorpio will handle it, and the hospital security's already been notified to be on the lookout.

Valentin:  Anna is at the hospital with Maxie. She feels devastated that her inability to see Peter for who he truly is put Maxie at risk. The only thing that's gonna make her feel worse is if Peter disappears and she knows you are to blame.

Spinelli:  Any sign of Peter?

Mac:  None anywhere.

Spinelli:  Well, fear not. Whenever he chooses to make an appearance, he won't get anywhere near Maxie.

Maxie:  You and I, we were Peter's last hope, and you're saying that you've given up on him?

Anna:  Do you still care for him?

Maxie:  Of course I do. [ Sniffles ] We -- we have a life together. We're a family. Me, Peter, Georgie, James. [ Sniffles ] And we have a baby on the way.

Anna:  Oh, god. This is what scares me so much, that despite your love, he just still -- he succumbs to his worst impulses.

Maxie:  You are saying that the man I love is a lie. That the life we built together is a lie.

Anna:  What I'm saying is that Peter is a very damaged man and -- and that he has done and he will continue to do unforgivable things.

Peter: Whatever anyone thinks about me, I love Maxie and our child with all my heart.

Franco:  Then you need to do the right thing right now, man, and just run away.

Peter: What?

Franco:  Yeah, man, just -- just leave Port Charles. Just get out of here, man, and let -- let Maxie and those kids have the life that they deserve.

Peter: I'm not leaving Maxie and our child behind. There's no need, Franco. There's no case against me, no evidence. I made sure of that.

[ Gunshot ]

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