GH Transcript Friday 3/5/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/5/21


Episode #14653 ~ Mac intervenes. Anna admits her mistakes to Robert. Dante wonders what Sam will do next. Franco gains new insights. Carly finds Nina's behavior intrusive.

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Okay, it's okay. I'm here for you, maxie. Okay? I got this. Mac: Maxie? Hey, hey. Give her some room. Okay, focus on me. What are you feeling? I don't know. Oh, I think the baby's coming. Oh! Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Hamilton, um, what's going on? I-I know the wedding didn't take place. How are you? I'm just -- I'm just here to pick up violet. Oh, uh, harry didn't know how long you'd be, and, um, since she knows him better than me, he took her to his place. Oh. Okay. I'll, uh -- I'll call him. How is she? Uh, s-she's good. Uh, she was disappointed the wedding didn't take place, but she seemed fine. Okay. Harry's really good with her. Yeah. You, uh -- on the other hand, you don't look so good. Would you like to come in? Just for a minute. Violet: Why wasn't there a wedding? Chase: Uh, well... I'm sure your daddy will be able to explain that to you, but, uh... unfortunately, that -- that won't be until tomorrow. So why don't I get you a t-shirt that you can sleep in, and then I'll tuck you into my bed? No. There was supposed to be a wedding.

[ Sighs ] Look, I-I know you're disappointed, but we can have a fun sleepover here. No, no sleep. I want daddy.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah.

[ Gasps ] Is that daddy? Uh, I think it's someone that you'll be very happy to see. Hey. Grandpa!

[ Chuckles ] Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Well, uh, thank you again for including me. Yeah, we'll do it again soon. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just a little surprised. By what? Wiley just said I'm not his real mommy. Michael: What? Has he ever said something like that before? No, never. I-I have no idea where he -- hecould have gotten that idea. Wait, nina, do you?

Hey, franco.

It's andy.

And I need to tell you

a few things.

I'm about to undergo

this procedure,

and it may very well

end all of the memories

that I have of being myself.

And no one knows

how this is going to work out.

I could wake up as -- as drew,

or I could wake up

as -- as franco.

And if I do wake up as you,

then this is the last

you'll ever see of me.

And I fought to stay here.

I did.

Even went to trial.

And I won.

But for elizabeth...

and for those boys

and for you, franco, I do hope this procedure works. Is she in labor? What can you do? Maxie, I'm here for you and the baby! No, no, no, no, you back off, peter. There's nothing you can do for maxie right now. Sam: Wait, dante, dante. Britt is a doctor. She knows what she's doing. The good news is your water hasn't broken. What we need to do is get you to a hospital. Can you stand up? I think so. Okay. Ready? Slow. Robert, you and dante keep peter here. No, I am the father of that child! You cannot keep me from going with maxie! Sure, I can. Maxie, tell them you want me with you! Just leave her alone. Got it? Got it.

Britt: Try to take a deep breath. Maxie, tell them you want me to be there holding your hand! Peter, enough! Maxie is in a lot of pain! The last thing she needs is you! But what if there's a problem? I need to be there, britt! Just stay out of the way. That's the best thing you can do for her. Keep him away from the hospital. Robert: You got it. Maxie. Maxie! Henrik, shut up! How much did chase tell you? Anna never told you that peter wasn't her son. Her sister, alex, is his mother.

[ Chuckles ] You know, life is funny sometimes, all the...parallels we find. Mm, yeah. When, um, harry was filling me in, I couldn't help but bite my tongue at the irony. Mm. You know, since I, um -- I made a similar decision. Yeah, there's one big difference, though. You never -- you never did a test. You don't know if chase is my son. Yeah, w-we're not -- we're not talking about that now. This is about you and anna. You know, it's not just -- it's not just that she lied to me, you know? It's that she confided the truth in someone else. Who did she tell? Robert? No, this -- this guy valentin cassadine. Oh. Grandpa, do you know what happened tonight? Uh, it's complicated, sweetie, as adults like to say. Why? Well, you know, the good news is that you didn't miss anything, because the wedding never happened. Why not? Daddy loves anna. You know, sometimes grown-ups, uh, make these big messes, and things don't turn out like they thought they would. With the best of intentions, they still do the exact wrong thing.

[ Sighs ] I don't think I want to grow up. Franco-as-drew: I did get to

know you a little bit, franco,

just through elizabeth's eyes

and through cameron's eyes.

And they really need you.

And they deserve you.

But I want you to understand

one thing, my man,

and appreciate it.

You are loved, franco.

Without a doubt.

You are loved. When I realized that I had a g-grandchild, I read up on all these books about how to address sensitive issues with small children and -- you know, like if a child was adopted or if you used a surrogate, and they all say the same thing. You just be honest, so that it doesn't become this secret that traumatizes the child once they find out the truth. It never occurred to you that wiley might be confused by what you told him? I swear to all of you, I didn't mean to -- Willow, I didn't mean to take anything away from you or -- or get wiley mixed up. I was just being honest.

Alright, maxie's gone! Okay, okay, she's gone. You can let me go. She's having a health emergency with our baby. I'm going to G.H. To check on her. It's better than standing around here trying to disprove your lies. They're not lies. Oh, stop pretending. She's gone. Maxie's not here anymore. Ehh. She's the only one that would listen to you. Everyone else here knows the truth. Drew is dead because of you! There's no proof! No proof! If there were, mac would have told robert to arrest me. Are you arresting me? Not today. But the time's coming. And let's hope it's sooner rather than later. Find out what room's Available, and let's get maxie checked in. Sure. I spoke with your ob-gyn. Dr. NAvarro agreed what happened tonight was most likely due to stress. You think? We agreed to run some tests to rule out gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Well, how bad are those? Look, I have to tell felicia something. She may want to decide to come back from texas. Even though nathan's gone, I will forever consider maxie to be my sister-in-law. I promise I will take good care of her. Let's just get the test results back before felicia books a flight home. Maxie, let's just take this one step at a time. Franco-as-drew:

So if this works, franco,

I want you

to do one thing for me.

You need to fight.

You need to fight to keep the life that you have.

Live a long life

with that family.

You need to fight

as fiercely for them

as they fought for you. I don't know how you do it. What's that? Tell a pirate story that's both entertaining but still gets her to fall asleep. I think violet was just worn out. Here you go. Yeah. Well, there was a lot going on today, and not in a good way.

[ Sighs ] I remember when you used to tell me those stories. Y-you'd sit down next to me and put your arm around me, and mom would slip in next to me. Those were good times. Yeah. It seems jackie and i were at our best when we were raising you. You know, your mom and i are very proud of the man you've become. All we want is for you to be happy. Are you happy, chase? Depends on Willow. Willow: I want to get wiley down for the night. It's way past his bedtime. Yeah, I'll help you. Alright, bud. It's lights-out for you. Come on. Look, um, we'll talk later, okay? Nina: Bye!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] We need to talk. Uh, yeah, uh, of course. Uh, listen. Listen, listen. I am sorry that Willow got her feelings hurt, but I'm not sorry for explaining how I'm related to him. You really think that was a good idea to make a 2 1/2-year-old doubt the only mother he's ever known? What the hell were you thinking?

maxie's ob-gyn. They, uh, think stress caused maxie to collapse, but they're running tests to rule other things out. We should get the results back tonight.

[ Monitor beeping ] Oh, wow, this is really sweet. And it's kind of like drinking pure sugar. It's called glucola. And I'm gonna need you to finish that whole cup so we can test your blood sugar in one hour, see if you have gestational diabetes.

[ Chuckles ] Finished it. Ugh. Your blood pressure was high, which is understandable due to the drama tonight. Fortunately, not so high as to make me believe it was a symptom of preeclampsia. Still, we're running another test, just to be sure. So while we wait to test your blood sugar levels, I'm going to do an ultrasound just to make sure the baby's doing okay. How are you doing? You seem calmer. I was so sure I was in labor. I expect what you felt were braxton-hicks. It's not uncommon in the third trimester, especially if the mother is dehydrated, which is why we're running the I.V. But don't worry. Braxton-hicks contractions don't mean the baby is going to be born prematurely. James was. I was so scared for him. But peter was right there. He helped me through it. You know, one thing's for certain. Maxie and her kid will be a lot better off without you in their -- that's my child, robert. I'm her father. Babies need their fathers. Just like you needed faison. Ah, that's on valentin. He's the one that put me in faison's arms. He betrayed me then, just like he betrayed me now. But you, your betrayal -- you knew those lies would break my heart, and you told them anyway. Well, you broke my heart when I gave you every opportunity to admit to what you'd done. But you burned the evidence instead. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. There's no evidence because I did nothing wrong! And maxie knows it! I saw it in her eyes, anna. She doesn't believe I committed those crimes. And you don't need to be my fake mommy anymore! All I need is maxie and her faith in me. That's why I'm going to G.H. Right now. And there's nothing you can do to stop me. Isn't that right? Mac won't let you anywhere near maxie. I'll take my chances!

So now that I've made

the choice to disappear,

you have no choice

but to cherish

that family that loves you.

You have no choice.

No choice. Franco-as-drew and peter:

[ Echoing ] No choice. Peter: No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. No choice. You poor, miserable son of a bitch. You had no choice, because we never gave you one. But helena's assured me you're in good hands. Oh, my god. It was peter. It's been peter all along. Peter kidnapped drew. I don't want to hear it. Okay? About how you sounded the alarm on peter while I insisted that he was a changed man. Okay? I don't hear it. I was woefully wrong. You left out the part where, um [Clears throat] Alex was peter's mother. I'm sorry for how I acted.

[ Sighs ] Look. I'm gonna be gracious here, and we all know -- I know -- it's not my strong point, so take advantage. I don't need an apology. Finn, on the other hand, probably should have a big one. I don't think an apology is gonna be enough, honestly.

[ Sighs ] Peter August is a murderer? Mm, yeah. And I always had my doubts about him. Violet and I even moved out onmee ti, you know, but anna was always able to convince me otherwise. How long has she known the truth about peter? Mm, I don-- she said she found out just before the wedding. But, you know, fact is she lied to me, and she confided in cassadine. Cassadine is -- is ex-wsb. Maybe anna felt more comfortable, having worked with him, with her secret. Yeah, I don't know, maybe. I don't -- look, this wasn't some big wsb secret, alright? This is, uh -- this is personal. I-it was intimate. Is -- is peter my son, or is he my nephew? That's what she was dealing with. Okay, so, um, I mean, she lied to you. That happens. I mean, people -- people forgive each other. From what I've seen, you guys are the real deal, with a lot of love and respect. Can't you get past this? I don't know. We just started talking about it, and anna got called away. So, you, uh, gonna let jason know what happened down here today? I'm sure he's gonna find out soon enough. Too many people witnessed what happened in there. But you want peter to pay, right, for what he did to drew and jason? I don't know -- I don't know what I want. You -- I-I don't think it's a good idea... for peter to pay. Nothing good can come from it, not for jason, not for peter. Got one more question for you. What's that? Do you think that they're gonna find evidence that'll connect peter to all these crimes? I-I don't know. You were a cop. You tell me. Peter covers his tracks pretty good. But like anna and robert said, there's no evidence right now. Doesn't mean there won't be at some point down the line. Peter in here? Uh, no. Peter's gone. He left his own wedding? There was no wedding. It's over. Why? What happened? Peter's past crimes have finally come out into the light.

Wiley's family history is very complicated, and, yes, in retrospect, I should have discussed it in advance with michael and Willow so we could have all explained it together. But in the moment, when wiley looked at me and asked me how we were connected, I was thinking about nelle. Nina -- come on! And no matter what she did when she was alive, we can't just pretend that she didn't exist. We can'T. We can't just pretend that she didn't give birth to this miracle of a grandson that we both share. I doubt we'll be sharing wiley in the near future. Wiley was so fussy tonight. I wonder if it's because of what nina told him. Maybe it confused him, and he was acting out. Look, he's so young, right? It's hard to know exactly what's going on inside of his head. But I think it's important that we keep reinforcing that you are definitely his mother, okay? Look, I am so sorry this -- this hit you so hard. Thanks. I'll be okay. I just -- I, um -- I need to get some air, get my emotions settled. Okay. Everything looks fine with your daughter. I wasn't really expecting any problems, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Okay. Did you know? About the accusations against peter?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Sorry. I couldn't wait. How's my girl? I'm fine. Come on in. Thanks. Really? What about the contractions? Oh, uh, britt thinks they were braxton-hicks, so I'm sorry I made such a fuss about nothing.

[ Sighs ] So everything is really fine? Maxie's blood pressure is slowly coming down, but we're still waiting for the official test results for both preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Okay. So we wait a little longer, right? Uh, britt, look.

[ Sighs ] On behalf of the scorpio-jones-devane clan, I really want to thank you for being there to help maxie.

[ Sighs ] I just have to tell robert that you're okay. Then I'm gonna call your mother, let her know that things look good, but we're still waiting on the test results. Um, I'm sorry, maxie, about earlier, when I hit peter. You know how protective I am of you. Yeah, I do. And it wasn't just that. There was a lot happening. Um, and I felt this pain, but it's gone now. I'm fine, physically. Good. It's a lot of information to take in all at once. Um... so, how are you feeling... about peter? What, is that an update from mac? How's maxie? Uh, they're waiting for test results, but the false pains have stopped, so she and the child look like they're gonna be fine. Oh, god.

[ Exhales deeply ] I don't think I could have lived with myself if something had gone wrong with the baby because of everything that took place here tonight. You know... if -- if I'd just had solid proof about peter, like, real, clear proof, then I would have taken maxie aside, and I would have explained everything to her privately. Even if you'd had hard proof against peter, she didn't give a rat's ass about what anyone said tonight. Yeah. You know, I -- I just couldn't get a clear idea of what she might have been thinking prior to the baby trouble. Right, neither could I. It's very concerning how confident peter is that maxie will side with him. Peter had drew killed? He pretty much made a full confession in front of everyone. And peter hired the hit man that tried to kill me and andre maddox. Which peter's denying. And technically, there is no evidence to say that he's done it yet.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Where's peter now? Well, maxie's at the hospital 'cause she's pretty sure to going into premature labor. So I'm -- I'm pretty sure peter's going to the hospital. Why are you even here? What's wrong? The voice in my head? It's drew.

 I'm on it.

Sounds like a plan.

[ Sighing ] Oh, god. I hope maxie accepts the truth about peter. Otherwise, all of this will have been for nothing. Hey. You did the best with what you had on peter. We can only hope that maxie sees him for what he really is. Yeah, but let's face it, robert. She's having his baby. She thinks she loves him. She believes that he is who he claims to be. Who I claimed he -- him to be. I told her that she was safe with him. She wasn'T. I told her that he was a good man. He isn'T. I mean, it's just a mask. It's -- it's a part that he plays. There's nothing good about peter. I don't want to hear that you knew that, alright? I don'T. Hey. Enough, alright? Enough. Yeah, okay. You could have done better. But it is what it is. So will you stop beating yourself up and start thinking about positive solutions? Okay. You didn't have any clue from anna about any of it? No. I'm actually quite embarrassed to say I actually thought I was gonna get married tonight. But anna knew that was never gonna happen. It all fell apart pretty quickly after that. When I first met you, um, you were a stickler for honesty, no matter how much the truth hurt. Uh, that's why I didn't question harry's paternity. Because if it turned out you were his father, there's no way you would have sat on that. You would have divulged that you and I were together that night. Yeah, that night that almost made me back out of marrying gregory. I understand now, how difficult that must have been for you. I thought today... anna and i were gonna start the first day of our lives together, and instead, I found out that we don't even know what we want out of life. And worst of all, I have to explain this to violet. That's gonna break my heart. Uh, hamilton, wait. Don't go. Is there progress with you and Willow? Am I missing part of the story? Well, I-I took her out for valentine's day dinner, and -- and it was great. It was almost like it used to be. But then -- then Willow went home to michael and wiley. Like I told you before, children tend to draw parents together. It's inevitable. You're gonna have to accept that. Oh, I-I do accept that. But Willow's developed feelings for michael, and I think that's what's keeping her from being with me. I thought they had a marriage in name only. Yeah, it started out that way. But like you said to violet earlier, being an adult can be... messy.

[ Knock on door ] Willow. Is everything okay? Come in. Nice to see you, Willow. Hi. I'm sorry. Um, I was just, uh, on my way out, actually. I'll talk to you soon, chase. Yeah. Hey. Hi. Tell me -- tell me what's going on. I know I'm -- I'm probably overreacting, but, um...

[Voice breaking] Wiley said I wasn't his mother. What? Why -- why would he say that? Michael and I decided to let nina be a part of wiley's life. You know, now that we know that nelle was her daughter, it seemed right to let nina spend time with her grandson. But when nina was alone with him, she told him a-about nelle. So when wiley said I wasn't his real mom, it just, like, wrecked me, you know? I couldn't handle it. Maybe because... because -- because of the -- the baby you lost. Yeah. It's all tied back to that. I am so sorry. Everything okay? Michael, I'm -- I'm really sorry. I-I should have discussed it with you and Willow first before I said anything to wiley. And -- and I didn't mean to undermine Willow's relationship with wiley. I would never do that. Not on purpose, but that's what happened. Now Willow is -- is hurt, and wiley is confused. Michael, I warned you this was gonna happen. Michael, michael, I will never do it again. How can you say that when you were just telling me that you cannot erase nelle from wiley's life? Okay, look, we, uh -- we all have the best intentions. But the timing of this bonding experiment, it just -- it's just not working out. For wiley's sake, you need to take a big step back. Franco, slow down. What -- what do you -- what do you mean? Drew is in your head? Where's jason? Um... um, I thought you were looking for peter. Jason needs to know what's going on. Do you know where he is? No, I-I don't know where jason is. Well, if you see him before I see him, please tell him that I'm still me. "Still me." What the hell was that all about?

[ Sighs ] Nothing good, that's for sure.

[ Sighs ] No, I don't want to talk about peter, not with you, mac. I know how you feel about him. I would like to talk to you, though. So if you wouldn't mind giving us a minute? Maybe call mom and let her know I'm fine. Okay, I'll be right outside. Okay.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door closes ] Spill. I want to know what you knew and when you knew it.

[ Sighs ] I knew my mother was in town. I had a couple of secret meetings with her, and I knew she had been exonerated. And... according to her, peter had framed her for his crimes, but she didn't have any proof. Wow. You know, I thought that pact that you, nina, and I made at nathan's grave actually meant something. It did mean something, I-I promise you that. Then why didn't you warn me? I told you to marry someone else. Maxie, I wasn't sure that I could believe my mother. I mean, she's definitely lied in the past. But then... peter tricked me into logging him into the G.H. Server. And when he published franco's medical records in the invader, that's when I realized that there was some merit to my mother's accusations. And anna and valentin backing my mother up, I knew it was true. Yeah, but it's like everyone kept saying -- it's their word against peter'S. There's no proof. Maxie, are you actually saying you think peter is innocent?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Thud ]

Oh, I'd like to go see Finn, you know, talk to him, see if I can salvage our relationship. You should do that. Yeah, but first, I've got to go see someone else, unfortunately a bit more pressing. Maxie. Yep, got to go face my goddaughter, and then I'll face Finn. I need to go get violet. Uh, really? Um... you really want to answer all her questions tonight? And besides, she's probably already asleep at harry'S. Talk to her in the morning when you've had some time to process. It's pretty well processed, jackie. The only thing that's gonna make me feel any better right now is to go see my little girl. Remember when I did that story on medical students? I was always in awe of how steady you were. Your ability to soldier on, no matter what was going on -- I've never forgotten about that. And I want to make sure you haven't forgotten it, either. It was one of the reasons I was so attracted to you back then, among many others. Thank you for saying that. Gosh, I knew you would understand, that it -- it wasn't just what wiley said. It's how it connects back to the child I lost. Yeah. Yeah, I-I remember when I told you that wiley wasn't your biological son, that nelle had switched the babies and that -- that your baby had...

[ Sighs ] God. It -- my heart broke for you. And maybe that's -- it's one of the reasons that I-I did what I did with sasha. You know, I -- I-I wanted -- I wanted to help heal your heart. Oh, chase... Willow, I'm never gonna hurt you again. Never. Michael, um, please, don't let this one, little mistake ruin such a beautiful thing. Look, I am -- I'm sorry, nina. I am, but -- but wiley has to be the first priority. He's already had so much upheAval in his life. I don't -- I don't want to -- I don't want to confuse him or overwhelm him. Okay, that -- that's not a problem. How about this? You just set the guidelines, and I will follow it.

[ Sighs ] Look, um... nina, it's best for wiley if you don't see him for a while. No. No, no -- look, it's not -- it's not going to be forever, okay? We just -- we just got to take a pause for a bit until we can figure out the right way to handle this with wiley, okay? about this? Why don't you reconsider? Um, you know what? I will only visit wiley when you and Willow are around. It's not -- it's not you, nina. It's the situation. And right now, I have -- I have a confused son and his hurt mother to consider. I-I was just being honest.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I'm really sorry it came to this. I-I can't see Willow hurt like that again.

[ Monitor beeping ] To be honest, your mom and valentin aren't the most credible witnesses. So I don't know if peter is guilty or not. But I do know he would never hurt me. Are you really thinking of moving forward with peter? Sorry to interrupt, but I have the test results for ms. Jones. Jason? Hey, it's sam. I'm sorry I missed you. Um, I'm calling because all hell broke loose at the double wedding tonight, especially regarding peter, but that's not the main reason why I'm calling. Franco showed up, and he was acting really strange again. And he was looking for you. Look, I don't know what's going on, but... please, just be careful.

[ Sighs ]

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