GH Transcript Wednesday 3/3/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/3/21


Episode #14651 ~ Finn gets support from Chase. Nina vents to Ava about Carly. Peter confronts Anna. Michael offers an olive branch. Lucy is surprised.


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e collection Sonny started. I, uh -- I talk to him about dad all the time. I love that. And I love that you have Sonny's picture hanging in the nursery.

[ Sighs ] Logically, I know that Sonny's gone. I mean, if he would have survived the bridge collapse, he'd be home, but...

[ Sighs ] Some nights I reach over and reach out for him, and... I have to remind myself that he's gone. Yeah, you miss him. I do. We both do.

[ Sighs ] And, uh, well, nina's meltdown at dad's grave did not make things any better. No. [ Chuckles ] I mean, going to the police commissioner, putting you through an interrogation with the fbi -- look, I-I understand that one way of dealing with grief is -- is to hide behind anger, but she was completely out of line trying to make nelle's death your fault when you had nothing to do with it. Ava: Heya. Hey. I'm so sorry I'm late. I got stuck at the gallery. A client came in -- oh, you ordered my tea. Thank you -- and put down a cool 30g on a painting by a new painter. Congratulations. Thank you. Oh, and I got your message. I'm sorry I didn't return your call. I've been so busy. It's like taking care of wyndemere is a-a full-time job and -- shouldn't you be at peter and maxie's wedding?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I got dis-invited by the bride herself. What on -- I don't believe that. Maxie adores you. Yeah, well, she actually did us both a favor. I'll explain. So, maxie's mother is in texas with a sick relative. So I went to metro court to help maxie get ready for the wedding. And before we knew it, uh, we were talking about my brother. And, uh, maxie said that if she walked down the aisle and she saw me, that she'd be thinking about j, not peter, and that's not fair to anyone. Right. Well, that -- that actually makes sense. Yeah. And she could tell that, uh, even though I was really trying to fake it, that I was still really upset about nelle. Nelle. So did you -- did you hear from -- from the nurse? Did you find out I-if nelle was actually your -- your daughter? Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't tell you. Um, I did. And she was. Well, I'm -- I'm glad that you finally know the truth. I'm so sorry that your story doesn't have a happy ending. Yeah, and the ending's getting less and less happy by the day. Ava, you're so smart. You warned me, and you were right. Jax... he will always choose carly over me. I was outside on a call, and, uh, I saw jackie and gregory, uh, hustling violet through the lobby. What went wrong? Obrecht crashed the wedding. Liesl, I told you I was marrying peter, and there was nothing you could do to stop me. But that didn't stop you from trying, did it? You tried to have peter kidnapped again. I had no reason to snatch peter. Think it was me? It wasn't me. Of course it was you. I don't know why I didn't see this before. I wouldn't let you talk me out of marrying peter, so you resorted to violence. Maxie, you saw obrecht? She's a fugitive. Why didn't you tell me? Obrecht: I am no longer a fugitive.

[ Chuckling ] Mother, do you really have to do this now? If not now, when? They are literally at the altar, or...podium. In five minutes, it would be too late. Too late for what?

How did you escape from steinmauer? I was released, no thanks to you. So much for your promise to help. Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy. You think I have a gun? That I'm going to kill peter in a room full of witnesses? Show us slowly. Why don't you look surprised? I got to say, nothing much surprises me anymore. This document is completely legitimate. She's exonerated in the attacks on franco baldwin, andre maddox, and the death of drew cain. Any chance it was forged? Would I risk showing up with a forged document, knowing I'd be surrounded by law enforcement and do-gooders of all stripes? Call the wsb for confirmation. Unless, anna, you would like to do the honors? All along, carly was saying that she fought with nelle in a clearing. Then nelle ran away, and then nelle fell from the cliff. But I overheard jax and carly talking at all saints right before Sonny's funeral. And carly found nelle hanging from the cliff. And she didn't do anything to try to save my daughter until it was too late. And -- and you confronted her? Well, I wanted to talk to jax about it. And I tried to talk to him in private, but he kept brushing me off. Oh, nina, I'm so sorry. You know, Ava, I know that my daughter, she was a troubled woman. She did -- she did horrible things, but she was my daughter. And if she lived, I could have helped her. I could have provided some support. And I know that my love would have made her a better person. But I didn't get that chance because carly robbed me of that chance. Instead... she let my daughter fall to her death. Nina is in a weird kind of denial. I mean, she can't accept the fact that her daughter, the one she dreamed of, turned out to be a sociopath. She wants to redeem her. I mean, she wants to turn nelle into some kind of wronged innocent who could have turned out differently if only. Yeah, I mean, I feel bad about the scene that nina created at -- at dad's grave. But, I mean, let's be honest, we've been through much worse as a family. I just -- [ Sighs ] I wish that that would have been enough for nina, right, that she wouldn't feel the need to follow it up with -- with going to the fbi and the police. Well, fortunately, they didn't believe a word nina had to say. Yeah, which means it's over, from a legal standpoint. And nina said she's willing to let it go. Just hope that she means that, because it's not going to be good for wiley if nina keeps blaming you for something that nelle did to herself. And that's exactly the reason I went to nina's office the night I found you, Willow, and wiley there. I just wanted to straighten things out with nina straighten things -- that is a, uh -- that is a nice way of putting it. Come on, mom. Be honest with me. You went there to lay the law down with nina, didn't you? The wsb has indeed exonerated her. She's been given a full release. Jordan: But the evidence against her was airtight. Liesl, why are you doing this? Why are you trying to ruin my special day? Because, my liebchen, new evidence has come to light which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I hadn't committed any of those crimes. Liesl, if you're not responsible, then who was?

I am not privy tothe inner workings of the wsb, I believe they have a suspect under investigation. Happily, the evidence they've uncovered thus far was sufficient to exonerate me. I'm a free woman. Uh, yeah, a free woman creating a huge nuisance. Why don't you find the nearest exit there and leave me to continue joining these most deserving couples in wedded bliss? Mm, trust me, frau coe, no one is getting married today. Liesl, what is wrong with you?! I am marrying peter today, and that's final. You are mistaken, which is no surprise. You've been fed a pack of lies by those you trust most. Can you just go? You're not invited to this wedding. Just get out! What she said. I'm really sorry. Why? No. For what? For caring about your daughter, being upset that her -- that her life was cut short, for being angry that someone might have been able to help her and chose not to? Exactly. Exactly. You know, I complained to commissioner ashford, and she had to notify the fbi because... my daughter's body was found across state lines. And the fbi questioned carly. And even though she lied to the police for months, they cleared her of any wrongdoing. Well, no witnesses, no evidence -- you know, I think that's pretty standard, nina. You know, and she just can't let it go. I'm trying to let it go. She just -- she can'T. She thinks that I'm acting irrationally and vindictively because I want justice for my daughter. And she said that if I continue to spiral out of control, that I would lose everything, including wiley. You know, and she said -- she said that I'd have no one else to blame but myself. Oh, boy. Right. Nina, I hate to say this. I really, really hate to say this, but I think that in this one particular instance, carly might be right. I made it clear to nina there couldn't be another scene like the one at your father's grave, and then I highly suggested she work things out with jax, and then I told her not to dwell in the past. Well, yeah, I mean, all -- all any of us can do is just, you know, try and move forward. Right. That's why Willow and i brought wiley to see nina. We feel it's only right that -- that wiley gets to know his grandmother. Yeah, I get that. But I have to tell you, I was completely blindsided when I showed up at nina's office, and I found you there with wiley.

[ Sighs ] Well, not that I-I couldn't guess, but why don't you tell me anyway? How did that make you feel? I am going nowhere, because I object to maxie's wedding, not yours. If you and dr. Finn wish to inflict your misery on each other, feel free. But you'll need to say your vows at another time. Okay, you need to leave right now, or I'm going to arrest you for trespassing. If you won't listen to me, perhaps you'll listen to anna's twin sister. Alex marick. She's dead. She couldn't hurt anyone anymore. But alex left a little gift. For you, anna. And especially for peter.

[ Tv beeps ] Alex: Hello, peter.

If you're seeing this,

I'm probably dead,

which is so unfortunate.

But I didn't want the truth

to die with me.

wileyshould have a relationship with some point. But I don't think that that bond needs to happen right this minute, especially if nina is going to hold on to the fantasy about nelle, or worse, impose that on wiley. Yeah, but wiley doesn't even remember nelle. Which is why I think it's healthier for everyone involved to just take a step back. Maybe nina can get some grief counseling, and then when she's ready to get to know wiley, it works for both of them. You're on carly's side. Has the world just ended?

[ Laughing ] No. No, it's still spinning. But, nina, if you can do it, if you can stomach it, put yourself in carly's position for just a second. She was at her husband's grave, facing life without him. And you showed up, confrontational, and crashed the party, so to speak, you know? Okay, okay. In retrospect, I probably could have handled things better. But at the time, I was -- you were upset. Of course you were. Who wouldn't be? I'm sure I would have done a lot worse. But then you went to the cops. Y-you got to know how angry that would make carly. I don't care. I don't care. See, I turned my back on nelle when she was alive. The least I can do is defend her in death. Hey, nina, you know, hindsight isn't always 20/20. And sometimes it can obscure what really happened. I'll tell you what happened. I went on that stand, and I testified against my own daughter. No, you told the truth. No. If it wasn't for me and me ruining her chance of getting any kind of custody of wiley, she wouldn't have run off with him. She wouldn't have fallen off that cliff and gotten killed. Okay, well, you know, nina, I'm -- I'm no fan of carly'S.

[ Chuckling ] Everybody knows that. But she is grieving the loss of her husband, and she feels attacked by you. She will fight back. And trust me when I tell you carly will not back down.

I'm on my way to Port Charles this should not be happening at a wedding.

...To confront anna. What do you say we go try to put a stop to it? Yeah.

I'm not sure of the outcome,

but I'm hoping that

this recording is irrelevant,

and I'll be able to tell you

everything in person.

But my sister is quite lethal

when she's threatened,

and you know how

we're all afraid of the truth. Can you just stop? I've already texted everyone a copy of your sister's speech. You cannot stop the truth from coming out. Just don't do it here in front of all these people. Whose fault is that, anna? You didn't tell him, so I must. It is my duty to protect nathan's widow and my grandson from peter.

[ Beep ]

In the event

that the worst happens,

I've left this

with dimitri marick,

my ex-husband, and he's agreed

to send it to you

if I don't return.

Because I have something

very important to tell you,

something that will

change your life,

something that anna knows

but has most likely

neglected to tell you.

I was the one who slept

with cesar faison,

not anna.

And on the night

that we were together,

we created a new life.

You, peter.

Anna is not your mother.

I am.

And if you don't believe me...

[ Sobs ]

...Ask her.

She'll tell you.

[ Sobs ]

Oh, no. Looks like we didn't stop the video soon enough. Is it -- is it true? No. No! Alex was crazy. She hated anna. Tell him. Tell him it's a lie! I can't, maxie. It's true. Alex was your mother. You knew. Why would you lie to me? Why would alex give me to you?! Valentin: Alex hated what she had done. She gave the memory to anna. You -- you knew this, too?! Yes, I did.

[ Gasping ] This is what you meant at the cemetery when you said peter wasn't the man he thinks he is? You knew all along, since the test on faison's dna.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I'm sor-- and you told this guy... what? ...But not me. No, wait, I can explain. I can explain the -- wait, Finn, please. Hold on, anna, anna, let me talk to him. Finn, no. No. Let me talk to him.

[ Door shuts ] Chase: Finn. Wait up. Finn! Leave it alone, chase. Mother, did you have to play that video here? Now? I couldn't allow maxie to marry a man who's been lying to her from the first. And saint anna's halo needed to be removed. Well, you did it. You stopped the wedding. Actually, britta, my mission isn't yet complete. I wish we had the authority to arrest obrecht. Lies, even for the right reason, always end up hurting someone. Yeah. I know all about that. People really do tie themselves into knots to justify their deception. But there is always forgiveness. Well, I think it's safe to say the wedding is over. Do you want to leave? I'm gonna stick around, check on my brother. You are a good guy. I'm trying to be. I'll call you, okay? But don't you think that the more people there are who love wiley, the better it is for him, right? I mean, I had that embarrassment of riches as a kid. It wasn't so bad. Michael, nina is going to bring up nelle to wiley every chance she gets. She's going to put a spin on her daughter. She's going to tell wiley that nelle was some sweet, sensitive person who got a raw deal, which is only going to make it harder on wiley when he gets older and he finds out the truth -- that his mother was a psycho who gave him away on the side of the road. Okay, mom, as -- as much as we'd like to, we can't protect our kids from knowing who their birth parents are. I'm not suggesting that you lie to wiley -- I'm not -- or remove nelle from his life. When he's old enough to understand the idea of a biological mom, we should definitely tell him the truth -- that his mother died before he could remember her. And then when he is mature enough, we should tell him that she had severe problems. But it's a process, michael, on wiley's timetable, not nina'S. Wiley is my family. I will be a presence in his life. Oh, I get it. I do. I'm just telling you that if you choose to declare war on carly, nina, she will use every weapon in her arsenal to keep that child away from you. There's already a war. The war has started. I don't see any way of making any peace with her, short of giving up wiley, which I absolutely refuse to do. When I left for my trial at the hague, you promised you'd look after maxie. You said you'd keep her safe from peter. You broke your promise. So you decided to turn up here instead and blow up maxie's wedding. There never would have been a wedding if you had proved peter guilty of his crimes. Instead, I had no choice but to bring him to justice myself. I don't see a whole lot of justice here, just a bunch of broken hearts.

[ Scoffs ] You think this is bad? Just wait. More is coming. Now it makes sense, all of the things alex said to me and to peter. She wasn't speaking as his aunt. She was speaking as his mother. None of this is your fault, maxie. What about anna? She's just as bad as alex. She knew the truth, and she lied. Peter?

[ Inhales sharply ] Why did you lie to me? Because you needed to believe I was your mother. You didn't have the right to make that decision for me! No. No. I thought I was protecting you.

[ Scoffs ] Giving you a second chance, moving you on from the horrible life you had with your father, and I thought with my love and with -- with maxie's, maybe you would change, but --

[ Inhales sharply ] Just tell me how long you knew. How long did you know? I always suspected. But I didn't know the truth until last autumn. You kept it secret all this time. Peter, you understand that this -- this doesn't have to destroy your life. You're in control of that. No, not anymore. I'm never going to be the man I thought I was. My god. The man maxie wanted me to be.

 you need to take a careful approach with carly. Apologize for that confrontation at Sonny's grave. Even if you don't mean it, do it.

[ Sighs ] I did apologize to Willow and michael. Well, hey, that's a great start. Yeah, they brought wiley to the office and put me in a very gracious mood. No kidding. It was actually really lovely. I got to play with him. I got to hold him. And they suggested that I babysit him sometime. Nina, that's great. I know! So michael is open to letting you be in wiley's life. Yeah, I thought it was great, too, until carly arrived and threatened to blow it all to pieces. Nina is wiley's grandmother, and I'm not going to deprive her of the right to see him, just like I would never deprive you. Michael, you cannot trust nina not to go off the deep end again. Look, raising a child is all about trust, right? Trust that he's going to grow up to be healthy and -- and happy and -- and do well in school, eat all his vegetables, play well with others. And I especially trust that -- that nina's love for wiley will make him a better person. And I am saying that as wiley's father. And I know that -- that Willow, as wiley's mother, agrees with me. Look, it would just -- it'll make everything so much easier, especially on wiley, if you are on-board with this.

[ Door opens ] Willow: Am I interrupting? Hey. No. Hey. Uh, what are you doing back? Is the wedding over already? Uh, neither wedding happened. Peter August disappeared. Dante found him locked in a utility closet. What? Are you kidding? I wish. Peter insisted he was fine. And the ceremony started to get under way when liesl obrecht arrived. Obrecht? I thought -- I thought she was in prison. She was exonerated and released. She had the paperwork to prove it. There was a lot of back and forth. Maxie told her to leave, and instead, obrecht played a recording made by anna's twin sister, alex. Apparently alex, not anna, is peter's mother. All of this came out at the wedding? Yeah, I know. I felt terrible for anna, especially when Finn walked out. Finn left anna? I guess all the revelations were too much. Finn took off. And chase is really worried about him. Oh, I would have given anything to haul liesl obrecht away in handcuffs. Yeah. Well, when she objects to a wedding, she goes all-out, doesn't she? Yeah. Do you think the apple really falls that far from the tree? Could -- could peter be really like his mother? I mean, I never completely trusted him. He always seemed like he had a secret agenda -- publishing that article in the invader about franco baldwin's brain tumor. Right. Had me questioning his motives, as well. I put that aside, because peter makes maxie happy, and he helped her get over nathan's death. Maybe the wedding can still happen, you know? Does it really matter who peter's mother is? I think it matters more to peter than anyone else. Except doc Finn. You know, he seemed to have no idea that anna was keeping that big of a secret from him. Well, at least it happened before he got married. Excuse me. Lucy: Um... what was that? I mean, it's not my business, but it seems like he was talking about you and him. Um... I lied to curtis, and he walked out of our marriage. I am so sorry. Um, is there any chance of fixing it? Maxie, you must realize the man you thought you were marrying doesn't exist. Back off. Look, at least give yourself some time, maybe a bit of distance away from peter, least till you get the whole story. This is maxie's decision to make and hers alone. I think it's safe to say this day didn't go the way we'd hoped, but at least peter won't be marrying maxie. Yes, that is a consolation. We did our best to save him, anna. Too little, too late. This is a mess, valentin. Well, horrific childhood notwithstanding, he committed his own crimes. He lied to you. He lied to maxie. Okay, what do we do now? I'll deal with peter. How? I will tell you what I told him. I'll do everything in my power to minimize the amount of pain inflicted on those we love.

[ Sighs ] I think it's a bit late for that. Alright, I have to trust you.

[ Sighs ] I got to go find Finn. I appreciate you and my dad taking violet. I just need to get her far away from that situation. I'd like to come get her. No, um, no, let her rest. You're right. She had a long day. When she wakes up, just tell her I love her and maybe give her a glass of milk. She always likes a glass of milk when she wakes up. And, uh, call me, please. The wedding isn't going to happen. I'll tell you later, jackie, I promise.

[ Knock on door ] Chase: Finn, open the door.

[ Knock on door ] I'm not going away. I have to go. I'll talk to you later. Look, I know you don't want to talk right now. You got that right. But you shouldn't be alone. Actually, I really should be. Do you really think you know what's best for yourself right now? Chase, what part of "leave me alone" did you not understand? Okay. But if you change your mind, you know where I'll be. You know, you can be really stubborn sometimes, but I love you, brother.

[ Sighs ] Not exactly the wedding we expected, right?

[ Sighs ] Look, peter... what does being alex's son really mean? You're still you, the man that I love, who's going to make a great husband and father. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] That's your little girl kicking in agreement, asking her daddy to marry her mommy. She just wants us to be a happy little family. And I know neither one of us can say no to our sweet, little lu. I know I haven't said the words yet, not officially, but... I love you, for better or for worse. You are my heart. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, peter August, will you please do me the honor of marrying me?

 I decided I needed a dose of wiley to take the edge off the day. Wow. I'm so sorry that it turned out like that for everyone. Yeah. Well, uh, wiley's upstairs playing with a new truck that my mom got him, which will probably end up in the gatehouse with half his other toys. He sees that place as his other playroom. Oh, right. Wow. How are your new digs working out for you? The gatehouse gets more adorable by the day, and I mean that literally. Michael is on a non-stop renovation kick. Yeah, I'm just fixing it up a little. Wiley gets to come and go between his two homes. And when he's not with me, I still have my own life. You should come by and see.

[ Chuckles ] You'll be my first guest. Wiley doesn't count. Oh, no, wait, sorry -- second guest. Chase picked me up there. I would love to check it out, but I can't tonight. I have to get home. Yeah, of course. It was good seeing you, mom. Um, I'll be in touch. Okay.

[ Inhales deeply ] So, before you go see wiley, could you, uh -- you mind hanging out for a second? Sure. What do you have in mind? So, carly couldn't stand to see wiley so happy. He was laughing, having a good time, and she couldn't get wiley, michael, and Willow out of my office fast enough. You know, and she kept saying over and over again, "look at my grandson," it's like, her grandson. And then she threatened that she was going to keep wiley away from me if I didn't play my cards right. Okay, well, then, nina, play them right then.

[ Sighs ] Make peace with her. Do it for wiley's sake. The good news is that -- that -- that -- that michael is willing to let you in wiley's life. Mm.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, michael. Hey, nina. Um, look, I hope I'm not interrupting, but I was -- was wondering, if you had any time, if you would like to come over and see wiley. Um, yeah, I would love to. I'll be right there. Thanks. Huh! Is that good news? Um, it's great news.

[ Chuckles ] Michael just invited me over there so I could spend some time with wiley. Oh, nina, that's fantastic. Yes, because michael understands the importance of family, because I'm wiley's family, and I am the only part of his mother that wiley has. H-his birth mother, though. 'Cause Willow is -- is wiley's mom now. Yes, I promise you that I will remember that, and I will act accordingly. And I'm going to take your advice. Really? Which part? I'm going to apologize to carly. I offered curtis solutions to repair our marriage, but, um, he doesn't trust me anymore. And I think what happened at this wedding between anna and Finn just reminded him of why our marriage imploded. Oh. [ Sighs ] Well, you know, I have had more broken relationships than broken nails. Um, and so I'm probably not the right person to give you advice, but... let me just say I'm sorry. But I also think that whatever you did to make curtis leave, I hope you try to make him come back. I think you both deserve to be very happy. Thanks.

[ Knock on door ] Don't tell me she's proposed to peter. I mean, doesn't this girl know when she's dodged a bullet? Robert, get over yourself. Or do you want me to start to list all the skeletons in your closet? And peter was just as shocked as maxie was to find out that alex marick was his mother. Yeah, well, peter's newfound mum is the least of his problems.

[ Sighs ] Personally, I think they should wait. But right now, my priority is maxie's happiness. Hm, maybe he'll pass up on her proposition. We can only hope. Am I a bad person because I think maxie is making the wrong decision? She's better off without him. I think everyone in this room knows that. Except maxie, obviously. Okay. I'm getting a little nervous.

[ Chuckles ] Why haven't you answered me? Because I just can't believe you still want to marry me. Of course I do. Peter, my love for you hasn't changed just because your mother has. Are you sure? Maxie, please be honest. I don't want your pity. Oh, you know who I pity? Liesl. She's so determined to wreck our lives that she made enemies out of everyone. What you do have is my love, my respect, and my heart. I hope I still have yours. You do. And I will marry you.

[ Chuckles ] This must be stopped. Peter is not who maxie thinks. The face he shows her, the pretense of morality and kindness, it's all a lie. He's a manipulator. He cannot be trusted. And he must not be allowed to go home to my grandson. I owe it to nathan to keep james safe. Mother, what are you doing? What must be done. Maxie and james must be protected. I'm sorry, maxie! I cannot allow this wedding to continue until you learn who peter truly is.

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