GH Transcript Tuesday 3/2/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/2/21


Episode #14650 ~ Dante stumbles upon a crime in progress. Peter is delayed. Maxie is anxious to begin her new life with Peter. Jordan and Chase get to work. Lucy is interrupted.

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[ Classical music plays ] Ah! What is this I see? A usually unflappable valentin cassadine looking ever so slightly flappable. Well, let's just say being peter's best man is a little bit more stressful than I thought it would be. It's his big day. Can't have everything go wrong. Where the hell's peter? I'm sure he'll be here soon. I never should have agreed to this whole double-wedding thing. I thought it's what anna wanted. And anna didn't? No, no, the whole thing got twisted around, and I sort of stammeringly agreed. You? Stammer? No. You know, you're A... a great comfort to me at a time like this. Look, he'll be here soon, okay? Yeah. Oh, my -- I made it. I hit traffic on the way. I was terrified I'd be late. Don't worry, Willow. The whole damn wedding is late.

[ Scoffs and chuckles ] Hey. You wouldn't happen to know where the groom is, would you? There's a saying. Perhaps you've heard of it. Okay. I am not...

[Chuckling] ...My brother's keeper. Wow. Someone is not fun at all. Mm. Another drink before the ceremony. An open bar... is an effective remedy for an anxious audience.

[ Chuckles ] Did you get that from a fortune cookie? No. Me mum. Oh! Well, you're in a good mood for someone who's attending a wedding you adamantly oppose. Mm. You planning to object? Well, if didn't work 100 times, why bother? What's with the grin, then? It -- it's the company.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Right. And it has nothing to do with the wedding being short a groom. -I really hadn't noticed. -No?

[ Glasses clink ] Hi! Sorry to keep everybody waiting! I just needed to get some fresh air and do a little soul searching. Anyway, found it. My breath and my soul.

[ Chuckles ] That was unexpectedly poetic. So, I'm here. Let's roll. Maxie, anna, you both look beautiful. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Let's hope peter thinks so. -Anna? -Mm? Oh. -We might have a problem. -How serious? At the moment... we're missing a groom. Oh, no! Did Finn get called to the hospital?! See, that is the problem with being a specialist. No one can cover for you even when you're getting married. No. Finn's inside. Peter hasn't been found, and nobody knows where he is. Well, there has to be some sort of explanation for that. This is our wedding day. You guys, he has to be somewhere.

Dante, hi. Lucy. Hey, I heard you're -- you're officiating today. Uh, yeah, I am. Um, I wish I'd seen you sooner. I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry to hear about lulu. Thanks. Uh... it's been... pretty rough for all of us, um... but especially rocco and charlotte. But, you know, we're holding onto hope. Yeah. Of course you are. And I know you're being strong for those kids, as you should be. But, um... come on. What about you? You have feelings, too. How are you? Right this second, I was just... thinking about lulu on our wedding day and how she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen in my life. But that was a long time ago. Today, we're here for anna and Finn... peter and maxie.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. We are supposed to be, but they are taking their sweet time, aren't they? Yeah. Mm. Hey, you know what? I'm gonna leave you to your beautiful reverie. And, um... I think it's nice. I think it's really good to think about those that aren't here right now during happy times. So good for the soul, mister. See you later. Alright. Well, you are an exceptionally handsome best man. Why, thank you. I just wish I was better at the best-man duties. Do you have the rings? Yes. Did you throw Finn a bachelor party? God, no. And the moment he asks you for help... he won'T. The moment you sense he needs help and can figure out what help he needs... then I'm on it. So how could you possibly be a better best man? That is the problem. I don't know how to help him, and he's gonna keep going crazier the longer he has to wait for the wedding to start. I wish I had some words of advice to offer. Come on, professor. You don't even have a quote or two? "Could be worse." Shakespeare or nietzsche? Anna could be the one who didn't show up. It's still early. Don't jinx it. Eh, never happen. She's already here. The woman you love is here for you. Not mingling with her ex from before she knew you. Hey. Robert only

dated jackie. Anna was married to him.

[ Chuckles softly ] Yeah, but now she's marrying you. Which is the salient point. True. We've gone through a lot to get here. Now we got this.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you're in a good mood. Well, you're the second person to say that, so I guess it's gotta be true. You worried the groom won't show up? If peter doesn't show, maxie will be devastated. If peter doesn't show, it'll be the best thing in the world. She's better off without him. I want you to think about what you just said. Robert, how can you come to maxie's wedding and take pleasure in her misery? Oh, it's not pleasure. It's relief. She's better off without him. Yeah, well, if you don't watch it, people are gonna start to feel that way about you. You're quite a stand-up guy, aren't you?

[ Chuckles ] Dr. Westbourne. Did we wrangle an invitation?

[Whispering] Or are we crashing? Ha ha. Maxie told me you promised to respect her choice to marry peter, just like you promised my mother you'd help her... instead of letting her rot in steinmauer for all the crimes she didn't commit. I didn't break my promise to dr. Obrecht. It's just taking a little bit longer than expected to... work things out. But the one thing that your mum and i had in common... you both hate peter? Well, there'S... two things we have in common. We both hate peter, and we both love maxie. And it's probably a good thing she's not here to see peter break maxie's heart. Maxie, I'm so sorry. We can't find peter anywhere. I've left several text messages and phone messages on his cell. There isn't any sign of him. Okay. I know how important this day is to peter. He wouldn't leave me waiting. Unless... unless what? Is there a big news story happening, like an earthquake or an uprising? Oh, maxie. You know what marrying you means to peter. He would never just take off without calling or leaving a text. Which means that whatever's happened, he just hasn't had a chance to reach out to you yet. So, um...he will. He loves you. He would never leave you hanging. Yet, here I am, twisting in the wind with you and Finn and all of our guests. You know, I think maybe we should just... put a pin in the wedding and focus on finding peter. What?! No, no, no. I do not want to postpone my wedding. Who said anything about postponing?

 wow. Anna. You look beautiful. Oh, Finn. What are you doing? You look pretty, too, maxie. You're not supposed to see her in her dress before the ceremony. Now everything's gonna fall apart.

Now everything's gonna fall -- it's alright, maxi. Really, it's fine. You look really lovely, too. Oh, this old thing? Yeah. Uh, uh, why are we talking about postponing? Uh, we're having a little trouble tracking down peter. Yeah. That's the word on the street. Or in the ballroom, so to speak. Oh, does everybody know? Yeah, they're starting to catch on to the plot, yep. What are people saying? Who's gloating, aside from robert? Well, there's robert, and there's, uh -- anna: Okay. So if he doesn't arrive soon, we will have to postpone. He will arrive. Okay? I don't know what's keeping him, but I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation. And even if I can't marry peter right now, there's nothing stopping you two from tying the knot. I mean it. Let nothing stop you!

[Chuckles] No, really, I mean, this is a double wedding. It won't be one if there's not two weddings, right? Yes, there will be. Okay? We'll just take turns, right? I mean, I'll wait for peter. When he gets here, we'll have our ceremony. And you guys get married. Right now. There you go. You heard the lady. Let's go. Finn, no! I'm not gonna leave you standing out here in your wedding dress. I can't do that. Oh, um, I'm gonna hang out with sam. No, we can't just go on with our day, as if everything is fine. I really think that boat has sailed already, no matter what happens. But we agreed to a double wedding, didn't we? I think bamboozled into a double wedding is the word you're looking for. But listen. She's saying go get married. It's not just about maxie. I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm being selfish. Peter is your son, and I'm sure you're worried about him. Yes. There has to be a reasonable explanation as to why he's not here. H-he got stuck in an elevator or stuck in traffic or his phone died. I'll feel a lot better when I can see him for myself. Okay. You know I want to marry you more than anything, right? You know that. Well, let's do that. Let's do our wedding our way. Maxie can have all these bells and whistles, alright? We can grab violet, and we could get married in the elevator on the way down to the car for all I care. I never needed all of this, anna. All I need is you. -Hey, any word from peter? -No. No. How's maxie? About to have a baby and still missing a groom. It's not a pretty picture. I'll see what I can do. There's nothing I'd like more than to just take you and violet and get married and run off to a tropical island for just a few months. Then let's do that. You understand why I can't, though, right? Peter is your son, and maxie's your goddaughter, and you love them very much and... ...can't leave in case there's trouble. Yeah. It's so convenient, isn't it? Sorry. It's okay. It is. I knew they're a part of the package. Can't blame a guy for taking a shot, though, right? The idea of running away and eloping -- it just sounded awfully romantic right now. Mm, yeah. It's so romantic. You know how much I adore you, don't you? I think so, but I wouldn't mind if I was underestimating.

[ Chuckles ] You don't see yourself as a hero. I know. But you've rescued me more times than I can count... in, like, big, adventurous ways and... the smallest gesture. And your smile. I love it. It's so radiant, even though you try to hide it all the time. And I love how you fight about who gets to protect whom. You know, that time when we were in, um... berkeley? Mm-hmm. We were chatting on the phone, even though we were just down the hall from each other. It really reminded me of, uh... of something someone said once. "Every moment in our lives leads us to this one." I've made so many mistakes. But they've all led me to this one, and being with you, it -- it -- it really... helps me not regret anything, because it's led me to this moment... and the next and the next. And I don't ever want that to change.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. So, we can tie the knot at a time and place to be determined in the very near future... yeah. ...And then never deal with this again. No. No. We just have to get past this thing with peter, and then... ...get to spend the rest of my life just loving you. Okay. I don't want jason involved! I don't want -- I want peter to face justice, but I don't want him killed in cold blood. So don't we have to wait, gather evidence so the wsb can prosecute him themselves? At -- at maxie's expense? No, I can't live with that. So what do we do? Peter cannot marry maxie. Fine. I'll get him out of town. No, if you do that, s-she's -- as soon as he's missing, she's gonna go looking for him. With who? Spinelli can't stand peter. Well, sam's a pretty good P.I. Sam's another one who believes that maxie would be better off if peter never turns up. So who does that leave? Me. Me. I would be expected to search for him. We need to make it look like he left of his own volition. Can you do that tonight? No! Not tonight. That's too soon. No. Maxie needs to think he left her at the altar. Oh, no. [ Sighs ] She'll be too heartbroken to follow him. Valentin: In the meantime, the wedding goes on as planned.

On the day, you will be

with maxie, getting ready,

I will be with peter,

and once I leave him alone,

my people will grab him. Anna:

Okay, and when they do,

you need to go down

to the ballroom and you need to take your place

as peter's best man. Valentin:

Right. Some best man. Anna: No, this is the right

outcome for everyone involved,

especially maxie. Valentin:

She's gonna be devastated.

Can you handle that? Anna: I don't know.

I'm gonna have to.

While I'm with maxie, you need to go to peter's room,

and you need to clear it out,

make it look like

he left on his own. Valentin:

I'll leave a letter.

I'll make it sound like

he wrote it. Anna: You tell her the truth,

that he loves her

and that he knows

too many secrets

that could put her in danger.

That's why he's leaving,

and that's why

she can't look for him. I have a property where we can hold him. Is it off the radar and untraceable? Of course. Listen, we will keep him there until we can gather enough evidence to formally charge him. But, anna, once the wheel is in motion, there's no stopping it, no sudden changes of heart, no deciding he needs another chance. I know. I know. Given everything he's done, peter needs to be brought to justice. But until that can happen, we have to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else. We've made so many mistakes where he's concerned. We just spent too many years trying to make amends,

and we allowed him to exploit our remorse,

and people died

because of that.

Peter's dangerous. We have to protect maxie

from him. Woman: I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Now, there's skyrizi.

Things are getting clearer

yeah I feel free

to bare my skin,

yeah, that's all me

nothing and me

go hand in hand

nothing on my skin, that's my new plan

nothing is everything

Hey. How's maxie? Um, she's holding it together. I think she's more afraid that something happened to peter than she is that... he's not gonna show up to the altar. Peter doesn't strike me as a runner. That guy's got too much to prove. No, I know. I was thinking the same thing. And letting people think that you were the bad guy that everyone thought you were all along doesn't make sense. Dante! Maxie. Hey. Whoa! You look beautiful. Thank you. Brides are supposed to. Brides with grooms look even better. Yeah. Sorry. Are you? Or are you relieved? Hey. Maxie. Dante's your friend. Yeah, well, my "friend" dante also said that the only reason I'm in love with peter is because he's nathan's half-brother. -Did you say that? -Well -- look, I love you. You're lulu's best friend. And what kind of friend would I be if I wasn't being completely honest with you? The kind of friend that trusts me to know my own heart. Okay, but I'm standing here in this monkey suit, ready to witness you marry peter, so... uh, because lulu would want you to be here, and you're not the type of person to blow off this wedding and tell lulu you showed up when you didn'T. Well, I'm also not the type of person to wish you every blessing in the world and every happiness in the world if I didn't truly mean it, and I do. Maxie, we are here because we love you.

Now look what you guys made me do.

[ Both sigh ] Ahh. You think she bought it? I mean, that was totally sincere. Hm. Especially about the part where you wished her all the happiness in the world and you didn't even mention peter's name once. Right. do you really think she really only loves peter because of nathan? Well, I think that's part of it, yeah. Huh. I kind of wish peter was more like nathan. If you say that I said that... said what? ...I swear to god I'll kill you.

You don't trust him, either. No! Of course not.

[ Sighs ] But...

[Scoffs] Who am i to say anything? Look at me. I followed my heart, and look at where it landed me. Mm. You know what, though? Grooms don't just vanish into thin air. I'm gonna go take a look around. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Laura just called. She sends her love. She's sorry she can't be here. Yeah, I know. She's in new york to be with lulu. She also says thank you for that beautiful bouquet. Lulu's my best friend. Of course, she should have my matron of honor bouquet.

[ Sighs ] Hamilton. How you doing? Little pissed off, to be honest. Please tell me you didn't have anything to do with this. I-I swear to you, I didn't lift a finger to make any of this happen. Why would you think robert would have something to do with this? And what is "this" exactly? This. This. I mean, I don't think there's any secret that you didn't want peter to marry maxie. I'm not sure how you feel about anna marrying me. Ergo... "ergo." [Laughs] You sound just like your father. Thanks, but you kill two birds with one stone. Peter doesn't show up, he can't marry maxie. Anna's so worried, she can't marry me. Wow. I wish I'd thought of all of this. You didn't? Well, actually I did. Mm. I-I just didn't act on it. You know why? Hmm? Because you didn't want to do this to anna. No. I would have done it. No. I don't want maxie running around, thinking that peter is a martyr. Uh, yeah, if you could just hold the phone up to her, that'd be great. Thanks, laura. Hey, lulu, it's me. It's dante. I, uh... just want to tell you that I miss you -- a lot. The kids are missin' you like crazy. But I think maybe the person who misses you the most today would be maxie, because it's her wedding day, and I know she would give anything for you to be here with her.

[ Banging ] Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I miss you and, uh...

[ Banging continues ] I'll call you again soon. Is somebody in there? Man:

[ Muffled shouting ] Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Hold on. Hold on. I'll get something -- I-I'll get you out of there. Hang on.

[ Banging continues ] What the hell? Peter.

[ Gasping ] You okay? I think so. Who did this to you? I don't know. They blindsided me. Let's go.

[ Panting ] I need to get to maxie. Anna's right. It's time to call it. No, it's not. Maxie, we can't keep these people here all day. Look, why don't we just make an announcement that the wedding is postponed, not canceled? Peter would never do that to you. Damn right he wouldn't! Look. [ Sighs ] And we have to get you home, okay? All this worrying is not good for you or the baby. Okay. How is taking me home gonna be any better for me or the baby? I'm just gonna worry there like I'm worrying here. I have no idea where peter is, but i know he would not abandon me. He would never do that. Getting married, having this baby, making a family, that means everything to him. I am worried something is wrong. Just trying to keep score here. Do you or don't you approve of anna and hamilton getting married? Look, I want nothing but the best for anna and Finn. Now... can we get on with it? Fair enough, but if you're lying, you're splitting the bar tab with me, alright? And don't go acting like you're broken up about peter being a no-show. I'll be the first to hoist a few if he doesn't turn up. But alas... I had nothing to do with it. Hmm. How'd it go? Exactly as, uh -- good lord. You're stunning. Ohh. You should really marry someone today. Valentin! Fine. In a few minutes, I will talk to mac about having management let us into peter's room. We will find a letter from peter to maxie. The rest will play out as planned. In a couple of weeks, I will leave town on business, and I will check on him. Oh, yeah? What will you tell him? That I promise to take care of those he loves. And that's what I'm doing. Violet's waiting for her cue with the nanny, and she is ready to go. We practiced scattering rose petals until my wrists hurt. I hate to break it to you, but I don't think violet's gonna get the chance. I think Finn's about to announce the weddings aren't happening. Everyone, um, uh, if I could have your attention. I'm really sorry to interrupt. Uh, first of all, anna and I would like to thank everyone for being here. As would maxie. O-of course. Maxie. And, um, given the circumstances and out of respect for maxie and peter, anna and I have decided to... postpone our wedding. This is not the day we had hoped for. But I-if we --

[ Bang ]

[ All gasp ] Peter!Ooh, my god! Where were you? What happened? I was up there. I was just getting ready to come down, maxie, and someone -- someone jumped me. They put a bag over my head, and they -- found him locked in a utility closet in the garage. What can you tell us about who did this? Did they say anything? Mac, I'm on it. You just take care of your daughter. Detective chase. Yeah. Peter, are you hurt? I don't think so. Do you have any idea who did this or what they want? None. I was really scared. I hope you didn't think that -- what? That you would just leave me on our wedding day? Not for a second. I knew something had to have happened to you, but I also knew that you would make it. Yeah. Yeah, I made it. And I'll never leave you again, maxie, and I'll never let anyone keep me from you.

Hey, any sign of the kidnappers? None. I checked with security, scanned footage. Whoever grabbed peter knew their way around the cameras. They're long gone now. In the meantime, I have officers searching the hotel. If they stowed peter in a utility closet, they were coming back for him later. Unless their main objective was to keep peter from the wedding. But what would that gain anyone? I don't know. Let's just not rule anything out yet. Peter, I know I wasn't crazy about you being with maxie at first. Well, you and a lot of other people. But I've come to accept the fact that you're the man maxie loves. Well, I hope it's more than that, mac. I hope you consider me worthy of your daughter. It's clear you love maxie. But I need assurances. I need to know that you can keep maxie safe. I would never hurt her. You have to know that. And what about the people who came after you today? They're not gonna be happy with the fact that you got away. What if the next time they try to get to you through maxie? Mac, I swear to you, no harm will ever come to maxie. You can't guarantee that. I can guarantee you that I will always, always do everything in my power to keep her safe. Dante, thank you for saving peter. Well, if I had known it was peter in that closet, I probably would have just -- stop it! I'm sure maxie has thanked you already. Yeah, she has, but it's completely unnecessary. He's being difficult. No. Dante, you're always the good guy, so stop pretending that you're not. Okay, well, you know what? Just for now, in this situation, if you want me to be the good guy, I'll be the good guy. See? That's so much better. Are you, uh -- you gonna thank me, too? Didn't I? No, we just kind of talked about it. Oh. Right. Thank you for saving peter. Don't mention it. Did you see anything that could help us identify the kidnappers? No. You know what? By the time I got to peter, whoever did it was long gone. Yeah, well, if you remember something, I'd like to hear about it, but later. Right now, I don't care who they were or what they wanted. All that matters to me is marrying the woman that I love. Peter, I think we should wait. Uh, maxie's exhausted. You've been through an ordeal. Anna's right. I want to have a doctor take a look at you. No, no, no. That's not necessary, really. I'm telling you, I'm -- I'm fine. And if you don't believe me, then I'll have my wife take me to the hospital afterwards for a check-up. Valentin, anna, please, you of all people know how long I've waited to get to this day ever since I arrived in Port Charles, it's been the two of you that have managed to bring me to be the man that is standing before you here today, and I ask this of you now -- please do this thing for me. Join maxie and me today. We've waited long enough. Maxie. If you're up for it, I would like to still be married today as we planned. I know that this day -- it would be an understatement to say it's not what you thought it would be. But I believe that what matters most are the promises we make to each other when we exchange our vows. And I don't want to waste one more minute of my life not committed to you forever. I don't want to wait, either, because when you were missing, even though it was only like an hour, it felt like forever. And any doubts I had -- not in you -- in me -- um, they vanished. It's like I realized all over again how much I love you, how safe I feel with you and respected, how you give me the space I need to be myself, even though sometimes it's galaxies.

[ Chuckles ] When I look into your eyes, peter, I know how much you love me, and I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life without you. So, yes, peter, I will marry you today, right now. Thank you. So much. Okay, well, now that we're getting married, come on. Uh, you and Finn are gonna get married, too. Oh, don't you think that we should wa-- later. Okay, peter, I need you and Finn at the podium with lucy. And can you tell chase so he and valentin can get their butts up here, too? Oh, anna, let's go to my hotel room and get some makeup touch-ups. Bridesmaids, too! From this moment on, everything is going exactly like we planned -- just a little bit later. Ugh! Well... none of this is what we wanted.

[ Sighs ] Can say that again. None of this is what we wanted. But it's what we got. And you know what? We're not just gonna make the best of it. We're gonna make it perfect. So, what do you say? Let's say goodbye to this nightmare of the day and...I don't know. Let's get on with the dream. Are you sure? I've never been so sure of anything in my life. Okay. Okay, then, everybody, what are we waiting for? We've heard from the brides and the grooms, and so, places, everyone! This wedding is gonna happen.

Falconeri. Once a hero, always a hero. Westbourne. You steal any babies lately, or was that just a one-off? I want to know more about the "not very long-dead" rivalry between you and hamilton. It was a long time ago. The cassadines trying to freeze the world was a long time ago. This seems more recent. Well, suffice to say, it took me A... while to wrap my head around their relationship, but, uh, I've put it all behind me now. Alright. You ready? 100%. I want you to know I meant what I said. If it weren't for you -- everything you've done for me, valentin -- I never would have made it to this day and to my new life with maxie. Thank you. Oh, I'll do anything for you, peter. You know that.

[ "Bridal chorus" plays ] Friends, could you please be seated? [Chuckles] On behalf of maxie and peter and Finn and anna, thank you all for being here to share this amazing moment with them. I was thinking that a wedding is just a one-day event, but a marriage is a journey of days that fills a lifetime. And, boy, today has been quite a day, hasn't it?

[Laughs] It's been confusing and complicated and trying, and, yes, a -- a tad bit anxiety-producing, too. But through all the obstacles and the interruptions, these two couples have risen above it all with love and commitment. They have shown us tenderness and strength, and we have watched their determination to be together grow as they faced adversity. They have proven that they are going to be a sanctuary for each other and they will be for each other, which is far greater than any vows they might speak. So, without further ado, let us join... [Chuckles] Maxie and peter and Finn and anna in the bonds of holy matrimony. Haven't you forgotten something? You must ask if anyone present here objects. Uh-oh.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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