GH Transcript Friday 2/26/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/26/21


Episode #14648 ~ Jackie pleads with Finn. Anna confides in Valentin. Maxie and Nina talk about Nathan. Jordan and Curtis have an awkward encounter. Cyrus receives infuriating information.

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[ Laughs ] Congratulations, brother! Look at you. Yeah, come on in. Yeah, thanks. So look at you, man. You're all cool and calm.

[ Laughs ] How are you feeling? Yeah, I don't know about cool and calm. I'm -- I'm okay. I'm -- I'm good. Yeah? Violet's so excited, she's practically levitating. Oh, I can imagine. Yeah. Well, look, I'm happy for you, man. Thanks. I'm glad you're here. You know...

[ Sighs ] You played a big part in this. If you hadn't helped me get my life on the right track a while back, I... no, no, no, no. That's all you, brother. You got sober, you stayed sober, and now you get to live the life you deserve. Still, I'll never forget what you did.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me. Hey! Hey! Hi. This is it! The big day.

[ Door closes ] You ready to spend the rest of your life with anna? Sure. Why not?

[ Knock on door ] Anna? Your official ride has arrived! And your dress has been delivered to the metro court. Oh! You're here. I'm ready... when you are, uh... oh, hi. Um. Just finishing my tea. Forgive me for saying this, but... you don't seem very excited for the wedding. Is everything okay? Yeah. You gonna be all right seeing curtis today? Oh, anna, I don't want you worrying about that. Curtis and I are adults. We can handle showing up at the same social events.

[ Doorbell chimes ] Oh, I'll get that. Oh.

[ Door opens, closes ] I just want the peter August that I believed you to be. Here I am. Jordan: Anna? Anna, valentin's here. I just need a quick word with my bride. You're not getting near maxie. Yes, mom, I got the presents that you left. Open them before the ceremony? I figured. No, mom, it's okay. We're aunt lettie's only relatives, and she needs you. Besides, I have nina here to help me get ready. Okay, I got to go. I love you, too, mom. Bye. Hey, you okay? Yeah, I mean, of course, I would love for my mom to be here, but my aunt lettie, who is really my great-grandmother mariah's cousin, she took a fall, and my mom's staying with her, which I fully support. Well, your mother's being very generous because I'm sure it's killing her, not being here on her daughter's big wedding day. Okay.

[ Breathes deeply ] You told your mom I was going to help you get ready. So where do we start? Nina... are you sure you're up for this? Sam: Oh, excellent. Yeah. You look great. Hi. Thank you. I am actually on flower duty.

[ Chuckles ] I told maxie I would make sure the ballroom looked perfect for her. How are you? I mean, how's -- how's carly after nina's whole meltdown? Oh, um, she's, uh, she's okay. You know, the feds are satisfied that nelle's death was an accident, so at least that's over. Carly is really lucky to have a friend like you. That went so much better than I expected.

[ Chuckles ] You can be very persuasive.

[ Chuckles ] I don't know where you get that from. Cyrus's day is about to get a whole lot worse.

[ Both laugh ] What the hell is this?!

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hey, hey, do you want some breakfast? I can make you an omelet. Oh, uh, thank you. No, I -- that's very nice of you, but I don't think I could manage eggs right now. All right. Well, um...

[ Sighs ] I'm off to go to kelly'S. I picked up some extra shifts because it's midwinter break, so... okay, yeah. Yeah. No, no, no, hold on, man. Before -- before you do that, um... can we please have a conversation about your decision to not go to college? What about it? Well... you have to go to college, cam. It's a bridge to your future. You need to go and you need to practice being amazing so that you can go out and be amazing in the world. The world will still be there after you -- after you don't need my help anymore. I will not allow you to postpone your life. It's your life. All right, well, it's not up to you, okay? Being here is the right thing. How can you even say that after I attacked you?

appened? Franco was asleepwhen I got home last night, but you didn't say anything about an attack. Franco's just being dramatic, okay? He was sleeping, and when I woke him up, I startled him. I almost hurt cameron. But you didn'T. I'm fine. Okay, wait, just -- just tell me what happened. Franco was having a nightmare, and when I went to wake him up, he just grabbed me. I didn't just grab you -- I pinned you down on the couch. And you stopped the moment you realized it was me. Yeah, right after I grabbed you and pinned you down on the couch. I'm fine. Okay, okay. I mean, were you angry when you grabbed him? The point is that I attacked cameron. Can we stop saying "attacked"? Franco, are you talking about moving out? No, no. I was just saying that I'm not going to college. So, how are you feeling? Why does everyone keep asking me that? Does it look like I'm trying to find the exit door? Anna's the best thing that ever happened to me -- except for violet. Or me. Yeah.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, by the way, I invited dad. What?!

[ Door opens ] Hey! How you doing? Good.

[ Door closes ] I still can't get over the fact that you and monica worked together on this. We are always going to have our differences. But general hospital comes first. Uh, it's called journalism, part of the free press aspect of our society. It's more like libel! And if you talked to my mother, that makes you an accessory to kidnapping. Florence gave me no indication she was being held against her will. Tell me where my mother is now. Ah. Greetings on this most cursed day. Spinelli. Are you going to be able to handle the wedding? I promised maximista that I would come... to witness what I know will be the worst mistake of her life. When we were all at the cemetery, you, me, and britt, we agreed we're family, right? We did. Okay, 'cause family tells each other the truth. And you just found out that the daughter you were searching for was nelle. That's a pretty traumatic thing to process. Are you sure that you're in the wedding mood? Okay, britt, what did I do now?

[ Chuckles ] Nothing's wrong. Tradition. I can't let you see the bride before the wedding. Oh, that.

[ Laughs ] Of course. What else? Come on, let's go downstairs and get a drink in the lobby. It's 10:00 in the morning. So we'll dress it up with coffee. I'm going to just go ahead and make sure that everything's all sorted out. And I-I just have to talk to valentin. Okay. Don't take too long. No.

[ Wind rushing ] How are you? God... I'm devastated. I'm furious -- at myself mostly, for not seeing what was right in front of my face. But I finally get it -- peter's not the man I thought he was. He's beyond our help. Robert tried to warn me. Jason tried to warn me. I put maxie in harm's way. It's up to us now to make sure that peter never hurts anyone ever again.

 Is this your suit? Yeah. You left it in the bag! Finn, you got to let it breathe. Come on. Chase, it's a suit. It's an inanimate object. Uh, dad, is there is enough coffee in the carafe there? Do you -- you want me to call down for some more? It's fine. Thanks.

[ Cup taps lightly ] I'm sorry. I'm just a little preoccupied about jackie. I've been married to two incredible women. I have two fine sons to show for it. You boys make all the pain and heartache of love worth it.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Excuse me. I don't know florence's current location -- I'm sure they moved her following our conversation. And who set up the interview? Jason morgan? Reporters don't give up their sources. But I will say this -- florence specifically said she does not want to see you. She is an old woman in poor health. She is easily confused. Her mind seemed clear as a bell when I spoke to her. Excuse me. Mr. Renault, the board meeting is about to begin. Here's your agenda. Thank you. We're not done.

[ Door creaks lightly ] Hi. Hi. Oh, you look great. I was just texting anna.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Um... she's not here? I'm sure she's on her way. how have you been?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Excuse me. Uh, curtis... my lawyers have been waiting for the paperwork on the sale. Have yours been able to draw them up yet? Sale? You know, uh, we can talk about this later. You know, I'm sure it was a mix-up. I'll have my lawyer get it to you... as soon as possible. Of course. Sorry. What's going on? Or am I not allowed to ask anymore? Cyrus: Where's the board? We have a vote scheduled. "Had." It's all over. This sounds terrible, but I'm glad that georgie has tonsillitis so she can cannot be here to participate in this farce of a ceremony. Oh, hi, peter, britt. Hm! What is, uh, one of the grooms doing wandering the lobby? Spinelli, I'm glad I ran into you. Could I have a word with you about the wedding, please? Um... sure. I admit it did cross my mind that I will never help my own daughter get ready for her wedding, but that's what makes helping you get ready for your wedding even more precious. I love you. Okay, what present should we open up first? Oh, I'm not going to be able to choose. You pick. Oh! Okay, this one.

[ Both chuckle ] All right, um, let's see. Yeah, that's it.

[ Gasps ]

[ Chuckles ] Of course! Mm-hmm, well, I'm proud of felicia. She took care of the blue and the new. All right, this one? Yeah!

[ Gasps ] Oh! These were my sister georgie's, and my great-grandmother mariah's before that. And there's the old and the borrowed. Yeah, and truly loved. You can't beat that. No, you can'T. I can postpone college, get a job. Okay, but you're leaving out a really important part of this conversation, which is that the college is in california and you've already been admitted. Really? Yes, cameron, really. I got accepted into stanford. Elizabeth: What?! You happy now?

[ Laughs ] That wasn't even on your list. Okay, it was a reach, so... apparently not.

[ Gasps ] But, cameron, before we have this conversation about a possible postponement... I feel like a gap year is for you to find out what your passion is, figure some stuff out, not for taking on extra shifts at kelly's to unfairly have to help your parents out with financial responsibilities. Okay, can we -- hold on. Can we just put a pin in this very important conversation, just for right now? I need to talk about what happened last night. Yeah, no, we should totally put a pin on it and we will talk about everything, but not now, because there's something else that I have to say. Can't stay here anymore. Peter doubled down on the lie about obrecht framing him, and then, when I confronted him with the incriminating documents, he took them right out of my hand and he threw them in the fire. Burning the evidence. But it was the way he justified it, you know, his sense of entitlement and his blatant disregard for the truth. It made me realize that I was finally seeing him clearly for the first time. I know you wanted to believe in his redemption. We both did. But we both have to remember he was raised by faison. Faison's dead. Peter is a man now. He's responsible for his own choices. A-and people can change -- doesn't appear he wants to. He had drew killed. He almost killed andre and franco, and not out of malice or vengeance -- he did it to cover his own tracks, which means that he will continue to do that. Really, it's up to us, isn't it? Yes. It is. Any hope I had for peter's redemption has... I mean, it just went up in flames, along with the evidence.

Why didn't you call him out on his lies? I just thought I'd give him one last chance. I'd test him one last time to see if he would tell me the truth. But he didn'T. I'm done. I'm done. I-I-I can't delude myself anymore. I mean, peter has to -- he has to face justice for what he's done. Not quite yet. What's so fascinating? Something from anna? Oh, it's, uh... it's an emergency at the hospital. I-I have to leave.

[ Keys jingling ] Don't be ridiculous.

[ Chuckling ] You're the groom. Look, I'll, uh... I'll be right back. It'll take me five minutes to get ready. But, hamilton... save your breath, dad. When Finn's patients need him, he's there. He's a dedicated doctor. I'll be back as soon as I can. Okay, fine. Go on, then. We'll be right here waiting on you. Right, son? Right. Um, the board's supposed to vote today. I haven't heard anything yet, but I've been here. Is there something going on at G.H.? Yeah, I'm just keeping tabs on cyrus. Sam, have you spoken to dante? How's he doing? Fine. All righty. Good talk.

[ Clears throat ] So, uh, can you take me through exactly what made your mom go after franco?

[ Sighs ] Well, y-you know that my mother had been drinking. Right. And she read the article in the invader, and I think that pushed her over the edge and it made her act out. And h-how was franco acting? He was agitated, and at one point he was talking to himself again, the same way when he showed up that night at the penthouse. I mean, I was scared. Okay. Thank you. Of course.

[ Sighs ] I can't stay here anymore. We talked about this, and I'm not gonna be a danger to you or to the boys. Franco, you're not a -- cameron.

[ Sighs ] Okay, if you feel like you are going to be a danger to someone, then, yeah, let's check you into shadybrook. I'm sorry. What?! Just until the doctors can figure out what's happening. Franco's not dangerous! He was having a nightmare, and I-I'm fine! I don't want franco to leave, either, but this is for his own peace of mind. What about our peace of mind?! We need him here! Jake and aiden -- they're still young -- they need franco! I'm still gonna see them. Yeah, just not at home. Am I tearing my family apart? Mnh, no. No, he just loves you. I love him. We all do. I love you. You do understand, right, that that's why I have to do this? And we agreed. Right? We had an agreement... that if I ever acted dangerously... I-I think you were just... startled, franco, and cam woke you up in the middle of a nightmare. A nightmare about jason. Well, I doubt you invited me up for a toast, so I'll just say it -- if you heard what I said downstairs --

[ Door closes ] Peter: Stop talking. I'm so tired of the games, spinelli. I don't want you at my wedding.

[ Chuckles ] I don't want to be here! But I promised maxie, and she and i have a child, so... yes, I've come to grips with the fact that you and maxie co-parent, but I'm not going to have you lurking around my wedding, stirring up trouble. Go away. Now. I admire you, maxie. Yeah, well, I've always had a flair for accessorizing.

[ Both chuckle ] No, that you had the courage to find love again after losing my brother. You know? A blow like that isn't easy to recover from. Um, james drew me a picture today. It said, "happy wedding day, mommy and daddy." Yeah. Well, what -- what is it? It's just that... that drawing, I mean... we've always referred to peter as "peter." And james, he's -- he's got pictures of nathan in his room. We talk about him all the time. So for james to call peter "daddy," it, um... it got to me. And I don't know why. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. I get it. I get it. If you're feeling guilty or disloyal, maxie, don'T. Because don't you think he would want james to have a father?

[ Voice breaking ] Yes, I do. But I don't know if he would want him to be peter. I went to nathan's grave and asked him for his blessing, and I didn't get it. Are you sure? Usually when I visit nathan, I can... I can sense him, you know? I get, like, a warmth in my chest. This time... all I felt was cold. What's going on here, laura? Well, as you know, my mother is a board member emeritus, and when the board read jackie templeton's article, well, they agreed to meet early to discuss the vote. I can't believe anyone paid attention to that article. It was a hatchet job, sensationalist tabloid garbage! But still, jackie templeton carries a certain amount of prestige. My mother and monica simply suggested that they read it. It was a close vote, but ultimately the board decided to turn you down. And don't bother trying to fight it, either. That drug was developed here at G.H., And G.H. Is not going to submit it to the fda.

You don't want to forget this. Your meds are in it. Thank you. I spoke with kevin, and he said that he'll be there tomorrow morning, help me check myself in. And tonight I'll just stay at the metro court.

[ Knock on door ] I steamed out his suit. I can't believe he spent the night here last night so they wouldn't see each other before the wedding. Who knew either of them were so traditional? It's a way to mark the end of your single life. Take a pause before your life as a married partner begins. Yeah, but you and mom didn't do that, did you? She's anything but traditional. Actually, jackie insisted on it.

[ Chuckles ] I didn't see or even hear from her for 24 hours before our wedding. Part of me started to wonder if maybe she'd changed her mind. Hamilton. Aren't you getting married in a few hours? Yeah, something came up, and it -- it -- it couldn't wait. Wow, what could possibly be -- is this about harry?

[ Breathes sharply ] Jackie, I went ahead with the dna test. The results are in the lab. Once they get them, I'll know if chase is my son. Oh, you can't do this. You and your mother had no right to meddle. G.H. Needs the income stream this new drug could bring. I think you're talking about your income stream. Don't you hold the patent on the drug? This is for the best, cyrus, really. The fda would have done more testing. All we did is save general hospital from public embarrassment. This isn't over.

[ Door closes ] That felt so good!

[ Laughs ] I think you and monica need to team up more often. Oh, well, um...

[ Laughs ] We may not see eye-to-eye on much of anything, but we do agree that cyrus renault is wrong for G.H. And you just handed him his first major setback since he took over as the chairman. Oh!

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I will savor that memory... as my plane takes off. You're leaving? So all I need to do now is finalize the paperwork. I didn't realize you were so unhappy being a P.I. Neither did I. Until recently. I decided that... I need to change my life in a different direction.

[ Indistinct conversations ] So, what are you going to do next? Any ideas? Actually, I'm buying a nightclub. You still want to protect him -- peter -- after everything he's done? Uh, no, he burned the evidence, which is a good thing because you withheld it. That could have gotten you arrested. We have to find proof of his crimes. And let him marry my goddaughter in the meantime? No. Maxie needs to know who she is allowing into her and her children's lives. If you tell maxie the truth about peter, you can get peter killed. Maxie, I had no idea that you were having doubts about marrying peter. Oh! Um... no, no, I was talking about nathan.

[ Cellphone rings ] Spinelli, hey, what's going on? Is everything okay with georgie? Yes, uh, georgie's condition is -- is unchanged. Mine, however, is not.

[ Clears throat ] Uh... yeah, sadly I succumbed to an unfortunate stomach malady, and, um, maxie, I-I-I need to go home. I'm so, so sorry. Wait, what? You're not coming to the wedding?! I'm -- I'm afraid not. But, maxie, please know that I wish you only the best of everything. Your happiness is truly all I've ever wanted. Again, so sorry.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Satisfied? Quite. Now, go home. If you see anyone, pretend to be sick.

[ Scoffs ] I won't have to pretend. This marriage nauseates me!

[ Sighs ] Spinelli just apologized -- he said he's sorry, but he's not coming to the wedding. Oh, I'm sorry.

[ Sighs ] You know what? No, it's fine. It'd probably be too hard for him to watch me marry peter, anyway. Just like it would be too hard for you for different reasons. I mean, you just had your heart ripped out, and you shouldn't be forced to paste on a smile and be in a partying mood. What? Are you kidding? Of course I'm going to be there. Nope, nope. Sorry, nina. Consider yourself uninvited. What?! Is, uh, franco here? Um, it's not a good time. No, it's fine. Come on in. Something you want to ask me?

 I know how you feel about this, and I am sorry, but the test results are waiting in the lab, and I need to know the truth. At any cost? Mr. Renault, a member of the board is on the line to discuss the vote. You haven't changed a bit, have you? It's all about facts, not about people. You don't stop to think about the ramifications. Since when does a journalist say the truth doesn't matter? Not here. Gregory will always be harry's father. No matter what that test says, and you and -- and harry are still family, but if that test says he's your son, you will devastate gregory. You have no idea what harry means to him. They're so close. Harry will lose everything. He will lose everything. Th-the father he's -- he's loved his whole life...

[ Sighs ] ...His mother, who kept this information from him, a brother he's come to -- to care about and -- and adore. Is it worth it, hamilton? Is the truth worth taking all that from harry? You actually thought mom was going to leave you stranded at the altar? What -- were you paranoid or something?

[ Chuckles ] We fell in love so fast. She was younger than me. I kept wondering what a beautiful, intelligent adventurer like jackie saw in a quiet history professor like me. Well, something. She showed up, didn't she? She did. Spent so long in the bride's room, I thought she'd never come out, but once she did, my life was never the same. Did she ever say where she was the day before? No. I never asked. Once we were married, it just didn't seem important. Sam said you were talking to yourself right before alexis attacked you at the hospital. Can you tell me what that was about? What are you doing here? I came to speak to franco. Cameron, we've got this. Just go back upstairs, please. I'll go when jason goes. Hey, cam, your mom says for you to go upstairs. Please, just do as she asks. We're fine. So, cameron thinks you're a threat to me. But his fears are unfounded because that ridiculous agreement you made with franco is off. So, y-you were asking why I was talking to myself. I'm hearing voices in my head. Anna, if you tell maxie the truth about peter, she will tell damian spinelli. Oh, spinelli will tell jason. You know jason. How will he react to this? Oh, god, he tried to warn me about peter on numerous occasions. I didn't listen to him. Would he kill him? God. I mean, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if... if peter turned up dead. We wouldn't be able to trace it to jason, but it would be his work.

I don't want jason involved! I don't want -- I want peter to face justice, but I don't want him killed in cold blood. So don't we have to wait, gather evidence so the wsb can prosecute him themselves? At -- at maxie's expense? No, I can't live with that. So what do we do? I wish we could have more time together, but I am really grateful that you're going to go be with lulu. Don't you worry. I am going to consult with her doctors to make sure that my granddaughter is getting the best possible care. I still keep hoping and praying that she's going to wake up, mom. We have to keep believing. Our girl is strong! Yeah. Like her mama. And like my mom.

[ Both laugh ] I love you, mom. I'm asking you -- I'm begging you to please, please think about the people you love. Think about what they stand to lose.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Okay. Maybe you're right. Maybe today's not the day for this. I... I won't go to the lab and get the results. Thank you. It saves us all a lot of pain. I hope everything works out for you, curtis. You deserve to be happy.

[ Breathes deeply ] Thank you. Save me a table for opening night at your new club. You bet.

[ Indistinct conversations ] I'd better go. Anna's going to be here any minute.

[ Breathes sharply ] Hey, jordan. You look incredible.

[ Crying ] You're hearing voices? Well, just the one. The doctor in geneva thought it was a leftover drew memory, not the tumor. Okay, so this voice -- you recognize it? Yes, I do. It's peter August'S. Not long now, maxie.

[ Knock on door ] Sam: Knock, knock! Coming in! We're ready to put on the finishing touches! Are you still getting dressed? Mm. She's not here. Hello?! Maxie? Maxie! Maxie's not here. She's gone. Where could she be?

[ Wind rushing ] Me again. So, yeah, I'm getting married in a few hours... but I had to come check in with you first because, um... I don't know what to do, nathan, and you always knew the right thing to do. So, please, I... I need your guidance.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, my god! What are you doing here?!

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