GH Transcript Thursday 2/25/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/25/21


Episode #14647 ~ Portia pleads with Jordan to keep Taggert out of jail. Curtis confides in Sam that he's looking for a change of pace. Jackie and Martin make strides in tracking down Florence. Laura gives Nikolas advice regarding his relationship with Spencer. 

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Elizabeth: So what do you think? I think... I think cancer really isn't my specialty. I know. I-I know that, but I just got the images, and -- and Terry hasn't gotten back to me yet. And I trust you to be honest with me. I'm not asking you to give franco a prognosis. I-I just want your take. I want to know if the radiation is working. Is franco's tumor shrinking? Peter: Please meet drew cain... please meet drew cain... you know his brother, jason... please meet drew cain... please meet drew cain... please meet drew cain... please meet drew cain... you know his brother, jason... you know his brother, jason... please meet drew cain... please meet drew cain... you know his brother... wow. This is nice. How come I've never heard of this place? Well, probably because you have kids. Ah. [ Chuckles ] I hear that has a way of taking priority. Yeah. I guess. Uh, b-back in the day, this place would have caused me a lot of trouble, though. Yeah. And I'd have been right there with you. Um, I wouldn't say you're so out of the woods, my friend. I mean, I didn't actually mean to notice, but there's a bunch of beautiful women over there... ogling you. Do I need to call jordan so she can save you? Uh, yeah. Jordan has... she's got enough to do saving herself. Can I help you? Oh, I don't need help. But taggert does. So whatever cyrus renault wants in exchange for tanking the government's case against taggert, I want you to give it to him. No, I see it. No, don't do anything... yet. Let's see how this plays out. Mmm! Mm! Mmm! Well, I'd offer you some, but you've already expressed your displeasure for fried chicken several times. To each their own. You should see me around a good gooey cinnamon roll. Well, believe me, I never eat like this unless I'm nervous.

[ Exhales sharply ] It's funny. I just realized -- no one ever made fried chicken like my mama. I'm not surprised. She sounds perfect. She was close enough.

Is. Mm. And if you're wrong about this... I'm not. Bobbie spencer is holed up in that house and the patient she's caring for is your mother. "...Field of diamonds, thousands of tiny wavelets sparkling in the afternoon sun." I'm buying 30 uninterrupted minutes. Friend of yours? Mother! I have been meaning to call you. I wanted to run some wedding ideas by you. Uh, Ava and I want this to be perfect. No, no. Please don't get up.

[ Traffic passing by ]

[ Birds chirping ] Mondays, right? What? I said mondays, right?

[ Chuckles ] What about 'em? Just trying to make conversation.

so, uh, have you set a date? We're hoping late spring, early summer. Good. That gives you enough time to make peace with your son. So, ryan, what medical malady has brought you back to G.H. From your new minimum-security prison? Oh. Bedsores. Well, that's what happens when you let your stabbing and severing muscles fall into disuse. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you, but then I don't really have to imagine it, do I? We both know you're not as helpless as you appear. Why are you so convinced jason morgan has my mother stashed up there? There's been no sign of her or anyone else who might be involved in her abduction. Just lights behind curtain windows. Look in the backseat. Huh.

[ Paper crinkles, bucket thuds ] Yeah. Grab that. You got it? Oh, good lord. What have you got in here? Stinks to high heaven. That's the unfortunate thing about garbage. It has a less than pleasant odor. Yeah. Look familiar? Certainly does. My mother takes this medication. Mm-hmm. And the prescriber? Barbara jean spencer, nurse practitioner. Aka bobbie spencer. But... how did you know that they were here? I did a story on private nursing -- their dedication, long hours. One of the nurses I interviewed owed me. She reached out to her contacts, one of whom turns out was someone who helps bobbie when bobbie needs a break. Yeah, but... ...when did you have time to go through the trash for confirmation? When you were in line for your fried chicken, I took a little trip here. Keep looking in that bag, and you'll find someone has a yen for corinthos columbian roast. No, no, no, no. I-I-I'll take your word for it. Color me impressed, but... jackie, if you knew my mother was here, why didn't you phone the police? And risk putting her in the middle of a shootout between the cops and jason's men? Well, if we're not gonna call the cops, what are we gonna do? We can't just sit here while my mother languishes. Don't worry. You know what the largest newspaper in this country named me? Jackie templeton: Woman of action. Fine. Let's talk. We don't need to talk, jordan. What my family needs is action from you. Cyrus agreed to stonewall the feds' case against taggert. And without cyrus' testimony, taggert could go free. Did mr. Renault also tell you what he's expecting in exchange for his lack of cooperation? Well [Scoffs] He didn't obviously volunteer any information, no. What does he want in exchange for keeping quiet? Cyrus and jason morgan are in a standoff. Cyrus wants jason to give up his leverage, which will leave Port Charles open for a mob war. Cyrus will run his drugs through the ports. We'll see an epidemic of overdoses and deaths. Jason and his men will try to fight back while the pcpd and G.H. Are left picking up the pieces. So, cyrus didn't make that offer in good faith, portia. It wasn't an offer at all. It was a manipulation. It's no surprise that cyrus would want to use the situation to his advantage, but I don't really care why he refuses to testify as long as he refuses. Jordan, it will break Trina's heart if her father goes to prison. And if anyone knows what it means to protect their child's happiness, I know that person is you.

[ Sighs ] I thought jordan and my relationship could handle almost anything. Pretty naive, huh? No, I mean, sometimes we think we can handle it all. And then something comes up that we don't anticipate and it just puts a new perspective on it. Yeah, I don't know how much of it is a new perspective, as much as it's just a series of events that just led me to realize that jordan is not the woman I thought she was. Sam, if I could be so wrong about my marriage, what else am I wrong about? You know, Terry, she's a top-flight oncologist, and she'll let you know if franco's tumor is changing. But you can read scans. Please, Finn, I'm desperate. It'd just be my opinion, elizabeth. I-I -- yeah, I'm not gonna sue you if I don't like it. Okay. In my opinion, after franco's initial rounds of radiation therapy, the size and shape of his tumor... remains unchanged.

[ Breathing heavily ] Jason. Jason! Hey, franco. Franco. Hey! Hey! Franco! Franco! It's me! It's cam! It's cam! It's cam!

Have you reached out to spencer since you and Ava have decided to renew your vows? I mean, does he know that you're marrying for love this time? I spoke to spencer. Yeah. I explained everything. His response was, you know... less than enthusiastic. Oh, nikolas. I'm sorry. I know how much that boy loves you. He'll -- he'll come around. Just keep reaching out. For how long? Spencer is stubborn. He's quick to anger, slow to forgive. And sensitive... and big-hearted. Like somebody else I know. So, I don't know. What, I should -- I should apologize for even wanting to marry Ava again? No, no, of course not. Just don't expect him to change his attitude overnight. I believe that when he sees how much you love her and how happy she makes you, he's gonna come around like that.

[ Chuckles lightly ] I am so impressed, ryan. How were you able to communicate to one of your minders that you wanted this lovely gift made for me? Well... you won't be able to give me any more tokens of your affection. Nikolas and i will soon identify your "helper" and put an end to it. The note, though, the note! The note was such a nice touch. Really. "Secrets and cockroaches. Those are the only two things that always survive -- except for us."

[ Laughs ] Oh, I nearly busted a gut with this. Oh, I'm so sorry. Was I not meant to laugh? Did you think I'd be frightened? Oh, no, no, no, no. No, ryan. Not anymore. If anyone ought to be scared... it's you. Scared of me. Oh, cam. Cam! I... d-did I hurt you? No, I'm -- I'm fine. I'm -- I'm, um... yeah, I didn't, uh... I didn't mean to. I didn't -- I didn't know... I-it's okay. I-it's no big deal. Alright, y-you were -- you were dreaming. It was probably a nightmare. No, you -- yeah. You just woke me up and you startled me, and I didn't know that it was you. That's my fault. I'm so sorry. But once again, it's no biggie. I will -- I'll get you some -- some water, okay? I guess it's too soon to expect any progress. Yeah. Damn it. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! Hey. Hey. "His stomach was as rock hard as she'd imagined it would be, especially against the bare skin of her belly... which had become exposed when she stretched up to try to get her check back." Oh!

[ Both chuckle ] You know, my marty used to read to me all the time. Of course, nothing as steamy as this.

[ Chuckles ] He had such a soothing voice... lulled me right to sleep. You miss him, don't you? Yeah. My marty is a good boy. Always looked after me. Well, I promise you're going to see him very soon. I'm gonna get your meds. I'll be right back.

[ Sighs ] Okay, so what's the plan? You're the "woman of action." How do you intend to sneak us in there and locate my mother undetected? The house was renovated last year. And you know this how? County clerk's office. I got ahold of the plans, committed the layout to memory, so it should make it easier for me to navigate. So that's the plan? We're just gonna go room-to-room, hope we're unnoticed? You told me florence was bedridden. There's a parlor on the first floor. I'm guessing that's where she is. It would make her easier to move if needed. Damn. Huh. Well, what if we've already been noticed? I mean, jason morgan is nothing if not highly competent. What if his henchmen discovered you snooping? They didn'T. Now we're wasting time. The guards are on 12-hour shifts. We have our best window of opportunity at the changeover, which is now. You coming? Uh... one last question. What's the plan if we get caught? There isn't one, so don't get caught. Let's go. Oh, lord. Oh, I'm gonna live to regret this.

.It's fine. It's fine. And the walls are used to it.

[ Chuckles ] Does that happen often? Oh, only since britt westbourne became chief of staff. I take it dr. Westbourne hasn't mellowed on the job. Actually, I'm glad she's here because I need somebody to take my anger out on. I get it. Hard to take out your anger on a tumor. I'm just mad at myself. Come on. What could you have possibly have done? I'm mad at myself for being mad at franco. Thank you. Cameron, I'm really sorry. No, I-it's my fault, really. I-I shouldn't have startled you like that. No, I -- I totally disagree. You can't blame yourself for this ever, okay? I-I-I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. But it's not your fault. You're sick. You were having a nightmare. Do you remember any of it? No. You were talking. You were saying the same thing over and over again. What was I saying? It sounded like "jason." I'm -- I'm sure that your problems with jordan have you questioning yourself. You enter a relationship thinking the two of you are on the same page. Yep. And then along comes a test that just blows up all your assumptions. Or you realize along the way that... you're the one who changed, that you're not the kind of person that...belongs in that relationship anymore. Yeah. You know, I have been rethinking a lot of things lately, you know, including my profession. You know, do you realize that I made a career out of digging through other people's dirty little secrets? Yes. And I never really cared because they weren't

my dirty little secrets. But then I discovered that, uh, my life was full of them, too. Sam, I can't stomach another cheating spouse case or -- or having to tell another client that -- that she was lied to by the person that she trusted the most. Okay. You know, I'm done. I'm done digging. I-I-I get it. I get it. So... what is it that you want to do? You're looking at it. It was wrong of me to bring up tj. That was -- it was uncalled for. I'm sorry. No, it wasn'T. You had it right. Look, you don't need Trina and me to add on to all of your problems. If you can just get me in there to see taggert, I'll handle it from there. You don't need my permission to see taggert. No, but I need taggert'S. He's refused any visitation from me or Trina. I thought it was Trina that didn't want to see her father. Trina was hurt and angry and confused. She didn't want to see her father. She was completely overwhelmed. But that all changed when cyrus dangled taggert's freedom in front of her. Naturally, she's very interested in her father coming home. But now taggert is refusing to see either of us. Okay. Okay, I will speak with him.

[ Inhales sharply ] But? But taggert's not going to change his mind. And he'd be right not to.

[ Whispering ] Jackie, how long do we have?

[ Gasps ] Mom, it's me. It's marty. I've come to take you home. Wrong room.

 I'm angry with franco because he got sick. That's what he did. I mean, we're not perfect, but we had a good life. We were happy. Before the tumor. He didn't tell me about the tumor. He hid his diagnosis, and then he made plans without me. Mm. You know, the desire to hide a diagnosis from loved ones is -- is pretty common, you know. In part to protect them, in part because the patient is in denial. I... I've seen that before. Hell, I did it myself. But franco's denial seemed to have lasted longer than normal. And when he finally told me about the tumor, he ignored Terry's advice to start radiation and he took off to switzerland in search of some unproven treatment. And I can't help but think about how much time we lost. How much bigger did the tumor get because franco did nothing? How much sicker is he now? And is he too sick to even get better? Why is everything always about jason morgan? Mm. There are more interesting people in this world, you know? Well, I-it does make sense that you'd have a nightmare about him since he hates you. I mean, h-he can't forgive you for the things that you did when you had your first tumor. Not that any of that is your fault. Yeah. I hate that you have to think about any of that stuff. Well, that's why he keeps his distance, right? But now he thinks that you're gonna revert back to the dangerous stuff that you did when you had your first tumor. Why do you care what jason morgan thinks? Well, in case I have to do something about it. Trust me, there is nothing anyone in this world can do about jason morgan. The hell there isn'T.

[ Sighs ] I wondered how long it would take the two of you to get out of the car and pay a visit. Then you did know we were here. Yeah. Where are you holding my mother? I want to see her. Now. If I can track bobbie spencer here, so can cyrus. You want to talk to bobbie spencer, feel free. I'll call her phone. I don't give a damn about bobbie spencer. I'm not here to play games, mr. Morgan. My mother is old. She is vulnerable. Please. I need to see her. When -- when martin spoke with his mother on the phone, she claimed she was doing well. He just wants to see that with his own eyes. Show us florence is healthy and okay. Look, I adore spencer, and I will never stop trying to win him over. I highly doubt that he can be persuaded to give his blessing to Ava and me in time for the ceremony, but I will keep trying to get him to participate, for you. For me? No, for you. For you and your son, and for the whole family, really. I-I want family togetherness as much as you do. Okay? Now, speaking of family, uh, what's going on with cyrus renault? His mother is missing and he blames jason morgan for abducting her. That doesn't sound like jason. Mnh-mnh. This is just a guess, but I think this whole debacle may have just started with carly because she leaps before she looks. And now cyrus is holding jason responsible and me, too, in a way. What? You? You have nothing to do with this. But cyrus believes that I have the means to return his mother to him. Mother, stay out of this. Alright? Let cyrus play this game with jason, not you. I would like nothing better than to stay out of it. But cyrus renault is an irrational man who has an obsession about his mother. If she isn't returned to him, he is gonna lash out. And, please, I don't want anyone in our family in his sights when he does. Hey, don't worry. I have enough enemies. I don't need more. Let me make it crystal clear what's gonna happen if you continue to reach out to me. I wouldn't want you claiming I never warned you. The only pest in this room... is you. And this... is what I do to pests.

[ Cockroach crunches ]

You really want my unvarnishedassessment of franco's chances? You know I do. He's just... too damn annoying to die. I don't think death wants anything to do with franco. You know, and then I look at you and I look at those boys and the love that you have for him, and... yeah, I don't think you're gonna let anything bad happen to franco. But it's not just the cancer we're fighting. It's the radiation and -- and the side effects. Hmm. I understand. What he got? Fatigue, nausea? So, we went out for valentine's day and franco wasn't feeling very well. And then his hair. So we, um -- we went home. We went home, and cameron saw what was going on. He could see how sick franco was. Franco tried really hard to cover up his embarrassment. And then cameron ran upstairs...

[ Sniffles ] ...And shaved his own head. That's impressive. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Violet won't be happy.

[ Laughs ] No, she loves his hair. She loves his hair. I know. It's gonna grow back. And so is franco'S. And, elizabeth, looks to me like you got franco covered. Who's covering you? Cameron, no one's gonna hurt me. Really? Really. Sam's mom tried to stick you with a syringe, which almost killed dante. And now there's people at the hospital who are refusing to treat you. How do you know about that? I heard you and mom talk about the tech who doesn't even want to be in the same room as you. It's one person, cam. It's not one person. I see it all over social media how many people think you deserve to die. Oh. Pbht. People who think your tumor makes you dangerous and that somehow gives them the right to go after you? So don't tell me it's stupid to worry or that it's stupid to want to protect you as if I didn't care whether you lived or died! I would never think you're stupid. You are super, super smart and you are a great kid. But trust me, you don't ever want to pick a fight with the crazies, especially not over me. If I don't pick a fight to defend my family... who else am I gonna do it for? So you and taggert believe that his best chance is to stay in the pcpd jail, essentially in protective custody. But for how long? And what if the feds decide that they want to go ahead with their case against taggert? A-a-and then if, by some miracle, taggert is exonerated, cyrus is gonna come after him. By then, I'll have stopped renault. Oh, really? And how's that working for you this time? That's what I thought. So in the meantime, taggert shuts out his daughter, causing Trina no end to pain and heartache. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. Then tell her it's not on her father. Tell her it's on me. I'm sorry. Did I hear you right? You want to buy this nightclub? Yeah. Can't you see it? You do realize that there's gonna be a healthy amount of patrons that are gonna want to unload all of their problems to you, which means that you're gonna have to hear about all of their troubles, which also means, as their server, which you will be, a lot of the times you're gonna be forced to let them stay in the bar and listen to more of their troubles? Right, right, right, right. But the difference is, is that at the end of the night, I get to close up shop and go home. And I don't have to think about any of these people again. And that appeals to you? Not having to produce pictures of infidelity to a broken-hearted spouse or not having to catch some jackass gambling away the child support money that he owes his family? Yeah, that appeals to me. Okay. Mm! I say go for it. Well, I already am. And... ...this is where you come in.

you know, in times like this, elizabeth, you really need a support system. Who are you talking to? Who in your family have you reached out to? I have laura. Mm. And bobbie and epiphany. Scott. You know, my career at the hospital. Yeah, that's good. That's really good. But for what it's worth... don't forget about me. How could I? Thank you. Thank you for talking me off the ledge. Oh, and, um, tell violet that cameron's hair grows really fast. That's good to know. I can't very well criticize you for wanting to protect your family. Well, I mean, you're already fighting the cancer treatments. You don't need to deal with vigilantes trying to come after you at the same time. Someone needs to back them off. Okay, just -- if you could try and think of it this way instead -- the radiation treatments are kicking my butt. And if you get into trouble for defending me, where does that leave jake and aiden? Sit down. Those kids, you know, those boys, they -- they -- they really look up to you. Y-you're their role model. That's crazy. It's not. It's wonderful. They're really good kids because they want to be like you, and you're a really good kid. And so I need for you to continue to be an honorable young man for them. At least until you go to college in california. I'm not going to california. I'm staying here. When did you decide that? The other night. On valentine's day. Why didn't you say anything about it? 'Cause you and mom would just argue with me... yeah, that's true. ...And try to talk me out of it. Uh-huh. I just feel that so much has changed since I started doing my applications, and... maybe I just don't go to college at all. Because of me? Because of my brain tumor? You didn't leave me when I was in trouble. Why would I leave you? Are you done with the pi game? Actually, no, I am not done with the pi game. I am ready to take on the work unlike you. I miss it a lot. And I'm not talking about anything dangerous, because I have kids and I know I have to be safe. I'm just like -- I just really miss the act of investigating. I miss it. I miss it so much. And I-I want to help people know the truth, even if the truth hurts them. I see a way that we both can get what we want. Okay. I'm listening. Buy my half of our pi firm. You'll take over ownership, operations. I'll give you my contacts. I'll give you my files, my client list. I'll give you fair market value. And with the money? I will be closing a deal on this place. So what do you say? Buy me out? I say... let the bidding begin. Portia: No, I don't want to do that. I don't want to lie to my daughter. It's not a lie. Effective immediately, I am barring taggert from receiving any visitors. Can you even do that? I-I mean, isn't that in federal jurisdiction? You're local. I liaise with the team that is investigating taggert on a daily basis. They will accept my request. If Trina has a problem with that, you can send her to me. You're willing to face the full effect of my daughter's fury?

[ Sighs ] I deserve it. It's the best I can do for you, portia. At least for now. And I'll take it. But only for now. Good. If you don't mind... and I am sorry to hear about you and curtis. Cyrus really has ruined a lot of lives. Mr. Grey, there's someone who is very eager to see you. Oh! Hey.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, mama. Oh. Aww. Oh, my. I hear you've been expecting me.

[ Laughs ] I must say, you are a radiant sight for these sore eyes. Although, I must confess I'm empty-handed this time around. Well, now that martin knows his mother is here, is there any chance that this can be over? I'm sorry, bobbie. It's too soon to know how jackie and martin will affect this or how cyrus is gonna react. -You've lost weight, marty. -Oh, come on now. Don't worry about me. I just made my way through the better part of a bucket of fried chicken. And you know it wasn't half as good as yours. Of course it wasn'T. You know, you eat badly when you're stressed. Hmm. Have you [Gasps] Have you been worried about me? How could you even ask me that? Of course I was. I haven't seen you for weeks. Oh. I did miss you. But bobbie

and mr. Blue eyes have been taking wonderful care of. Well...this has been fun, hasn't it? Oh! What do you think of my new scent? It was a valentine's gift from my husband, nikolas. It's lovely, isn't it? Here. Would you like -- would you like a whiff?

[ Bottle spritzing ] Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot. You're allergic to perfume, aren't you? Well, I guess you'll just have to sweat it out. Nothing like an itch you can't scratch.

[ Door opens, closes ] Everyone's been so sweet. Martin isn't the only one worried about you, mrs. Grey. Uh, your other son is also anxious to see you. Well, that guy can wait. It sounds like you don't have a lot of patience for cyrus. Sadly, my older son is a -- is a lost soul, willful, selfish and, uh, lacking a conscience. I don't know where his father and I went wrong, but I've washed my hands of that scoundrel years ago. How about you, uh, tell me all about it, hmm?

[ Recorder beeps ] Nice chat? Yes. Hello, laura. Hi. One-sided, I'm afraid. Oh, the best kind. Um, thanks for the advice, mother. I will take to heart. Any time. Bye. The doc will be here soon. Grabbed your mail on the way here. Want to hear it? "From your biggest fan: Heather W. Dear ryan, love your work, I'm your biggest fan."

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