GH Transcript Wednesday 2/24/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/24/21


Episode #14646 ~ Maxie passionately defends Peter to Britt. Alexis looks to make amends with Olivia. Carly wonders what Nina will do next. Obrecht barely avoids a confrontation. Robert laments to Jason there isn't any way to stop Maxie from marrying Peter.

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[ Sighs ]Congratulations. So, the feds didn't buy nina's story, huh?

[ Sighs ] It was jax's and my word against hers. It was. And special agent wilson determined there was no criminal conspiracy, no evidence that proved that I killed nelle or withheld evidence. So in other words, no reason to charge you. Nelle's death is officially an accident. Well, that's because it was. Right. But nina's not remotely ready to accept that. Look, I know it's late. Just wiley was wide awake, so... we thought you'd like a visit from your grandson. Hi, wiley. It's been a while since last we met. I'm sure you don't remember me, but I remember you. I'm your g-- I'm nina. Dante is on the mend, no thanks to alexis davis. And alexis has been arrested and charged. She's not gonna get away with sticking a syringe into your son. No, she will not. What about nedski? Anybody seen him since I stupidly invited him to the hospital to join you? You know, robert, I'd rather talk about you and your life. Well [Chuckles] My life's kind of boring. Really? Hm. Oh, so you've, uh -- you just made peace with maxie and her choice of husbands? Well, you kind of got me there. Mm-hmm. Look, if, uh... if I give my blessing to this wedding, it means... well, it means I'm lying. If, on the other hand, I set out to, uh... stop the wedding, I risk making a martyr out of peter... alienating my niece for good. Well, it's not like robert scorpio to be indecisive. What are you gonna do? Just sit back and do nothing? Now, livvie. You ever known me to sit around and do nothing? Dr. Obrecht: Well, then... ...if I were peter August -- gott bewahre -- where would I hide incriminating evidence? I've never had a sister. Never thought I wanted one.

[ Laughs ] And all of a sudden, I'M... let's call it "linked" to you and nina. It's a surprisingly good feeling. You mean how you, me, and nina, we have each other's backs? Except what if having each other's backs means saying things the other doesn't want to hear? Britt, please, no more advice on how I should marry someone other than peter. How many times do I have to tell you and the rest of the world that I love peter and I want to spend the rest of my life with him? Um, methinks when you stop protesting so much.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, okay. I will make a graceful exit and let you and peter enjoy your date without my unwanted advice. Oh, thank you. Speaking of my date, peter is late. Maybe he got stuck at the office. I think I'm gonna call him and see if he'd rather have a relaxing night at home. Oh! Don't do that! Why not? Peter: Hey. Hi. Got here as soon as I could. Is everything okay? You sounded so serious on the phone. I think it's time you and i face the truth together.

At the very least, nina thinks that I could have saved nelle and I chose not to. And I don't see her letting that go anytime soon. Okay, but what -- what more can she do? There's no evidence to support her story. The feds closed the case. I know, jason, and I'm grateful for that, but nina refuses to see who nelle was and what she did. She only sees the daughter that she didn't have the chance to raise or love. And now there's one more person who nina's connected to through nelle -- wiley. It's my grandson. Who happens to be nina's grandson, too. He's very much his daddy's boy, right? But now I can see he also takes after his mommy. Uh, Willow is wiley's mom, nina. Thank you so much for bringing wiley here to see me. Michael and I thought you might need some cheering up tonight. Um, michael, I am so sorry that I had a meltdown during your father's service at the cemetery. I-I should have taken my problems that I have with carly and jax in a more, you know, private area. Yeah, my -- my mom had her interview with the fbi tonight, and there was no evidence that she had anything to do with nelle's fall. So the case was closed, which is obviously a relief -- a big relief for me and the rest of my family, but, um... well, nina, I just -- I just hope you can find a way to move past your issues with my mom... for wiley's sake. I know that smile. What is your plan to keep maxie away from peter? And how can I help? What do you have against peter August? Besides the fact that he just fired my son? He thinks he can get away without a head of security? He's gonna need a head of security when I get through with him. Uh, no, peter felt like dante was not a "good fit" for aurora. And honestly, I'm just as happy that dante is not working for him. After peter published franco baldwin's private medical records? And -- and, honestly, working for him is what led to dante getting stabbed by alexis trying to -- trying to save franco. And please, please don't tell me how drunk she was. She stabbed my kid with a syringe full of lidocaine and nearly killed him.

[ Both sigh ] That's -- that's an ongoing investigation. I can't discuss it. I know. I know. I'm sorry. So, let's stick to you and your plan. How are you gonna save maxie from that termite peter August? Oh, and I've got a spectacular bottle of wine that ned was saving for a very special occasion. And don't even think about saying no. Uh, uh, l-livvie, look. I can't stand around and --

[ Stammers ]

[ Doorbell rings ] I'll get it. This is your last chance to have a night out with peter before your wedding. Make the most of this time, okay, because...your due date is fast approaching, and once that little girl comes into your life kicking and screaming, you'll be spending all of your nights at home. I mean, you can't change a diaper at the club, can you?

[ Laughs ] Okay, um... I suppose you're right. Although I don't understand what's keeping peter. He usually calls me when he's gonna be late. What's -- what's really bothering you, maxie? Is it the fact that he's late, or is it the fact that he's late because he's up to no good? If you can't trust peter to make a date before the wedding, how are you gonna trust him once he says "I do"? This isn't about trust, britt. This is about concern. You know, I want to make sure he didn't get into a car accident on his way here or fall and hurt himself in the shower because that's what you do when you're in a committed relationship. You worry. You want to make sure that the person you love is okay. Damn it, peter! Where have you hidden the proof of your wrongdoing? Not in your office -- dante already searched. Not here. Do you have a storage locker in another name? Some office or apartment no one knows about? No matter. I will find it. And your secrets. What you and i decide tonight is going to directly affect the wedding, but more importantly, it's going to affect maxie's future happiness. "What we decide tonight?" Anna, you're scaring me. Good. I want to. I-I want you to take this very seriously, because you're about to pledge your life and your love to my goddaughter. And before you say "I do," I want to know that you're being completely honest with me. That there's no secrets, no lies, no evasions, nothing. So if you have something to tell me, now is the time to do it.

Wiley is my grandson, too. And I owe it to him to make sure nina is emotionally okay to be a part of his life. W-what do-- what does that even mean? It means I don't want nina projecting her fantasies about nelle and who she could have been all over wiley. He is far too young to carry all of nina's grief. The fbi called me as well to tell me that there was no merit to my accusation. So you're right, michael. The only thing that matters right now is this little guy -- to make sure that he is loved and cared for. Hi. Hi, wiley. I am so sorry that this place is so boring. There's no lollipops here. There's no toys here. Um...

[ Gasps ] How do you feel about polar bears? Oh, wiley loves polar bears after seeing a documentary about them. Hey. You know, a few weeks ago, he wanted to be an astronaut, but now we're sure he's gonna grow up to be an arctic explorer. Oh, well, then do you mind? We should get started, young man. Come over here. Okay, I just so happen to love polar bears, too. You want to climb up here? And I just got this really cool app that I have been way too busy to use. So I was wondering if you could help me. What do you say?

[ Gasps ] The first stop, the arctic circle. Hmm. Here, you want to press it? Boop.

[ Chuckles ] Is olivia in? Alexis, you just shouldn't be here. Well, I-I didn't come to make anything worse. That's certainly not my intention. Well, your intentions are neither here nor there. You just shouldn't be around dante's mother. I mean, you almost killed her son. I know. I was drunk and I was afraid that franco would hurt my family. Thank you for that window into your defense. H-here we are, bottle of ned's finest... we agreed to support each other, so allow me to support you as you begin married life with my brother. I don't need support. Everything is awesome with me and peter. Really? Then why do you care so much about what other people think of him, including me? Why do you need anyone to validate your choice of a husband? Unless you're getting cold feet? Marick. Curious, is it not, peter? Anna devane's sister is dead. Yet her ex-husband is sending you an envelope from beyond the grave. I wonder why, hmm? Have you spoken with valentin? Yeah. Yes. He wants you to be happy, you know. He takes great responsibility for you, and he wants you to do the right thing, not go down the path of your father. It's true. Valentin has been the one constant in my life, even before I met you and fell in love with maxie. But, anna, why this sudden talk of secrets and lies? Because... because of this. Um... this paper trail. I-I-it's proof that you worked with the assassin that tried to kill andre and franco. You kept the documents? Why? To protect you. I mean, when I took these papers from the wsb file, I-I was obstructing justice. I was tampering with evidence, but I did that because you convinced me that these papers were misleading and that you were innocent. Becau-- because I am. Peter, please. I'm bringing this up again, because you are going to marry maxie, and then your choices become her choices, and I know you love her very much, but I love her, too. And if -- if these documents are accurate -- if this paper trail linking you to the assassin... I mean, if it's real, then you need to say so. Y-you... I'm giving you a chance to clear your conscience.

May I? One bank statement, anna. To david black, the man who tried to kill andre and franco. The man I...stopped from killing them. But this -- this is, uh, proof the payment was made to that man -- that assassin -- from the same company that you both worked for, eurotech. And these payments could be connected t-to me? That I-I could have hired david black to kill andre and franco and then tampered with a -- a plane that went down carrying drew cain? Did you? Did you do that?

[ Sighs ] Anna, let me ask you something. Are there more documents other than the original you showed me? I mean, is there some kind of noose around my neck that I don't know about? Well, if there is, don't you think you should tell me so that I can help you?

[ Sighs ] Whatever is contained in that file linking me to that assassin, anna, is a lie concocted by liesl obrecht. So all the information in this file, it isn't true? We've been over this before, anna. I mean, of course, some of it is true. Did I once work for the company that my father ran, eurotech? Yes. Did I perhaps come in contact with this man who was hired to hurt franco and andre -- david black? Maybe. But in the hands of obrecht, that's a certainty. Okay, so obrecht doctored these documents to make it look as if you worked with the man and you guys were close. Obrecht obviously got her hands on some innocuous records and twisted them in order to make them appear damning toward me. And there's only one thing you can do with a lie like that. What's that? Destroy the evidence. Cold feet? My feet are very warm, thank you very much. And that is all because of peter. I don't want to hear about the foot rubs. Or the back rubs or the emotional support or how much he loves james and georgie or is excited about our baby-to-be? You know what, britt? I am really happy that so many people doubt his intentions -- that will make it all the sweeter when peter proves them wrong. And you're that confident that he will? Look at all he's had to overcome. Coming to Port Charles as a complete stranger, shaking the curse of being faison's child, helping me recover from the loss of nathan, his very own brother. Not to mention, he helped me deliver james. Even with all the doubters and haters, peter revamped the invader and made it a huge success. "Dear peter, in the event of my death, I want you to hear the truth in my own words." And along the way, he discovered anna devane was his mother, the antidote to whatever poison he inherited from his father. That is how I know there is good inside peter. It's been there all along. He gets it from anna. Hello, peter. If you're seeing this, I'm probably dead. Which is so unfortunate. But I didn't want the truth to die with me. Olivia, I know that I have no business being here. But since when has that ever stopped me, right? Uh, why don't we try now? Actually, r-robert... I'd like to hear what alexis has to say. Olivia, this is not a good idea. Robert, I appreciate your concern, but I don't need your protection. I will be fine. Okay, well...I am, after all, just a phone call away. Oh, by the way, how about a rain check on nedski's bottle? I wouldn't miss it for the world.

[ Door opens, closes ] Well... after you. You got five minutes. Start talking. Look at the polar bears! They're ice skating. How fun. Oh, and look, wiley! They're dancing. You see that?

[ Laughs ] Wow, nina, you are a natural. Oh, well, it's -- it's true what they say. You know, grandparents have all the fun and none of the responsibility. You may not agree when we ask you to babysit. Uh, are you kidding? I can't wait. You want to press play? Oh, yes.

[ Laughter ] Willow: Nina, I'm warning you, wiley is just like his dad -- he's a master negotiator. When it comes to story time, if you don't get a firm commitment to three, he will have you reading to him for an hour straight before you know it.

[ Laughter ] Wow, look at that guy.

Do you see the little baby?

[ Laughs ] It's great. Mom? This is a surprise. Yes, for me, too. Willow and michael were kind enough to bring wiley here for a visit. Oh, well, it sounds like you guys are having fun, huh? It is past wiley's bedtime, though, you know? Right, uh... grandma carly's right. Let's save some polar bears for next time, huh, bud? Uh, uh, um...wiley, I had a wonderful time playing with you. Hopefully you can come back here soon, okay? He will. Thank you. Thank you again so much for bringing him here. Our pleasure. Michael: Say goodbye to grandma. Carly: Bye. I'll see you later. Bye! Bye. I hope you enjoyed your time with my grandson, because if you don't play your cards right, it will be your last. I am terribly, deeply sorry for what I did to dante, and I know that my drinking is out of control. You think? You know, I'm actually really surprised that you had the guts to come over here and apologize today. I really would have thought you would be out, um, drowning your sorrows in whatever dive bar is still willing to serve you. Yeah, well... it's always very tempting. But I am wanting you to know that I take full responsibility for what I did. Mm. So -- so, what step is this? Oh, I don't think I'm in any position to explain steps since this is my first day of sobriety yet again. More importantly, you have been a very good friend to me. You even went out of your way to prove that I didn't drive drunk. Just more proof that no good deed goes unpunished. I would really like the opportunity to make this up to you, if I can, and be the kind of friend that -- that you've been to me. I hope that you'll give me the chance. How am I doing for time?

[ Sighs ] You're off the clock. Keep talking. Thank you for seeing me. What's on your mind? Well... with Sonny gone, I guess, uh... you're now running corinthos businesses. I really wouldn't answer that. Then why'd you bring it up? With these new responsibilities of yours, I'm concerned that you might be taking your eye off what I think is a much bigger prize. Peter August. Bravo! Wow, that was quite an impassioned defense of your fiancÚ. I notice you didn't say "convincing." Because I know a little more about peter's history and family tree than you do, and I have my -- my own reasons to doubt his so-called goodness. Is this how you plan on keeping your pact to have my back? Absolutely. By being honest, even if it hurts. Alright. Well, maybe you're right. I am? I'm sorry. Who are you, and where's maxie jones who just defended her fiancÚ to the death? It's just, clearly something is going on with peter. He's not returning my calls or my texts, and I have a really bad feeling. Think I'm just gonna go home. W-wait, maxie. Maxie. There are a million reasons why peter's missing out on date night. He -- he -- his phone died. He can't find his phone. Uh, he ran out of gas, or there was a wedding emergency with Finn and he's lost track of time. He would still find a way to reach me. Okay, well, I'm going with you because if something awful has happened, you shouldn't be alone. You ready? Ach du lieber, peter. I do believe I've struck the mother lode! Mwah! And I do mean mother.

[ Laughs ] Destroying those documents is the only way to keep obrecht from using them against me, anna. She can't have access to them. What if she can? I have reason to believe liesl obrecht has deceived her handlers and set herself free from steinmauer. And you know as well as I do, she's not retiring to some swiss chalet. She'll come after me. And if she gets her hands on those, she'll turn them over as proof of my guilt. And I don't believe the authorities would believe her, but you know obrecht. She could try and twist maxie against me with more lies and doctored evidence. Is that what you want? I just want the peter August that I believed you to be. Here I am.

 wiley is also my grandson, and Willow and michael get to decide who sees him, not you. I know that Willow and michael are wiley's parents, unlike nelle, who gave wiley away and then told michael that he died. Oh, so that gives you justification for watching and letting my daughter fall to her death? That is not what happened! Just go ask the feds, because jax and i spent the past two hours being grilled by an agent. I am no longer under suspicion, and I didn't commit a crime. And you know why? You lied through your teeth? Because your claim had no basis in fact! You're just trying to get back at me for not telling you that nelle was your daughter. No, you didn't tell me. Oh, but let me -- let me ask you something. How long were you gonna be silent? Six months? A year? Were you just gonna let wiley grow up never knowing that I was his grandmother? Were you just gonna let me go on living in the same city as my only grandson? No. The hell with that. I am his grandmother also, and you are not gonna take away my grandson like you took away my daughter. I didn't take your daughter! And if you keep spiraling out of control -- like you did at the cemetery -- you're gonna lose everything and you will only have yourself to blame. I thought wiley would never fall asleep. He was so excited about his visit to nina. Yeah, I got to say, you were right. Nina needs wiley in her life and our son needs her. Well, as much as I love to be right -- and let's face it -- I love being right a little too much.

[ Chuckles ] Tonight happened because you were willing to make the first move. To reach out to nina for wiley's sake. Good job, dad.

[ Chuckles ] Well, thanks, mom. Alexis: Thank you. I-I hope you know that your forgiveness means everything to me. Who said I forgave you? I noticed you weren't at Sonny's funeral. Why was that? Were you out getting drunk? No, I-I didn't want to embarrass my children with the charges against me, and I was afraid the funeral would become about me and not him. No need to worry about that. I am trying to do better.

[ Sighs ] Let me ask you something, alexis. If you were sober, would you have still picked up that syringe and stabbed dante? I never meant to hurt dante. I know you meant to kill franco. What would have happened if -- if it had been elizabeth, that got between the two to save her husband? What if it had been sam? I never would... what -- what never? You did. You did, alexis. And you're gonna keep hurting people until you get help. Britt: If peter would rather spend the evening gallivanting with Finn than with you, what can you expect from your honeymoon? Maxie: Shh! Could you be any louder? I don't think mrs. Getz in apartment 66 heard you. And for the record, peter is not a gallivanter. He is the last of the romantics. Every day is like a honeymoon with us. If he missed date night, he has a good reason. Peter? Peter, are you here? No sign of him. Oh, well, you know, at least he didn't fall in the shower.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, but if peter isn't here, then where is he? Peter: Hey, listen to me. No more moving backward, alright? All the things that we thought we did wrong, things we might want to do differently -- it's all in the past now, anna. We have to think about our future. You're marrying Finn. I'm marrying maxie. Yeah. That's all that matters now, yes. Yes. The next time I see you is gonna be on your wedding day. Mine too. Can't wait.

I've made mistakes, okay? So have you, and we both have had our reasons, but we have two options here, nina -- we can keep compounding those mistakes and we can go head-to-head constantly with wiley in the middle. Or we can compromise. With me doing most of the compromising. Can you please let go of your bitterness? Just go work things out with jax. Focus on being happy. Don't dwell on what you've lost. I'm sorry. I don't remember asking for your advice. Well, you know what? You should take it. Because wiley needs stability. He needs security, nina. He needs a loving and nurturing home. What part of that do you think I don't understand? Given your performance at Sonny's grave, I'd say all of it. And if you pull something like that again, you will never have a place in my grandson's life.

[ Door closes ] I should go. I have a class in the morning. If wiley needs me in the middle of the night, I'm only a gatehouse away. Okay. Hey, uh... before you go, um... I wanted to apologize. I hope I didn't, you know, ruin your valentine's day by making you watch that movie with me. You didn't make me watch the movie with you. I was glad you asked. I just hope I didn't ruin your evening when chase and i walked in on you and sasha. Oh, no, no, it's -- it's totally fine.

[ Scoffs ] You'll see sasha again? Yeah. Yeah, of course. I mean, you and -- you and chase... of course. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the whole reason we got our marriage annulled was so that we can be with chase and sasha, right? So... absolutely. Yeah. Okay, then. [ Chuckles ] I will see you and wiley tomorrow. Alright. Good night. Good night. I believe that you want to make amends, alexis, but intentions are meaningless without the actions to back them up. And I'm not talking about showing up at a meeting here and there. I'm talking about choosing to make changes without taking any shortcuts. I'm willing to try. Do you have any suggestions? I don't have those answers for you. But I think maybe you took the first step coming here tonight.

[ Door closes ] Maybe I should call the police. Maxie, you're overreacting. Look, if peter isn't home by midnight, I promise I will be the first to organize a search party. In the meantime, all this worrying isn't good for your baby. Lie down. Try to get some rest. Alright. For the baby's sake. Good. And I will keep trying peter. Thanks. Oh, britt? Thanks for bringing me home. I'm so distracted, I wouldn't have been a very good driver. Anytime. All clear. How'd you know I was still here? 'Cause I could sense you. Fortunately, maxie couldn'T. Did you find something? Henrik is as good as dead. Okay, congratulations. I don't want to hear about it. You got to go. You got to go. Come on. I haven't forgotten about peter August. Peter went to a lot of trouble to paint a target on franco. By printing that article on the return of franco's tumor? Well, peter would call that "journalism." It was about more than driving traffic to the invader. I don't think it had anything to do with franco's tumor or what franco did in the past. Now, is it -- is it possible that franco knows something about peter and peter's trying to shut him up?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Trouble? Yeah, but not with peter. You're on your own with him until I get back. Where you going? Just a quick trip out of town.

[ Sighs ] The things I do for you, mutter. Britt? You're still here? Um, yes, I promised to look out for you, remember? Which means staying the night. Thanks. I can use the company.

[ Door opens ] Peter! I'm so sorry you were worried. I just got your messages. Wait, what happened? Where were you? Are you okay? I am now, sweetheart. Everything's just fine. And I promise I'm never gonna make you worry about me like that again.

[ Voice breaking ] Valentin... I gave peter every chance, but you were right, you know. His, um, redemption was just a lie. We've turned a blind eye for just too long...

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