GH Transcript Monday 2/22/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/22/21


Episode #14644 ~ Nikolas promises to keep Ava safe. Franco tries to make light of a bad situation. Jordan is grateful for her time with TJ. Cameron looks to Trina for support. Michael's date is interrupted.

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Ava: Unless you're intimidated by heart and flowers. I'm just really not big on holidays. So you're chickening out? Uh, no. Never. Ava: It's valentine's day. Who would send this and why?

[ Sighs ] Another gift for you, mrs. Cassadine. Oh. Who sent the first gift you gave my wife? It was here when I got to work. Could you do me a favor and ask around, see if anyone knows where it came from? Well, I certainly hope this one is from you. I certainly hope so, too. I don't want that first gift to spoil your evening. I'm not gonna let a roach ruin our night. Of course, I'd like to believe that we can find some way to act as if these last months never happened. But we have to accept that they did and learn from them and use what we've learned to find our way back. That's all I could ask for. Wiley's nanny can't get him to stop crying. She's tried all of his favorite things and nothing's working, so... sorry, but I have to go back to the house. Would you like some company? To hear a crying toddler? Uh...I-I'd hate to ruin your night. I certainly don't want to go out to a bar or restaurant by myself. There is nothing more depressing than being surrounded by a bunch of happy couples while you're alone. I guess I could go back and visit brando some more. Right. You're saying you'd rather go sit with the man who saved your life rather than coming with me to see my screaming child? Is that even a choice? Mm, nope. No choice. I'm coming with you. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Think about how much money we're gonna save on shampoo around here. Did you see this? Oh, wow. Can't wait to tell jake how much I-I like that. It's very warhol. I love it. You taught him well. Aiden baked you a cake. Oh, come on, cam, you're -- you're leaving out the biggest part. What's that? The song you wrote for franco and your mom? Josslyn: Yeah, you should totally sing it for them. I don't think so. Excuse me. Thank you so much for tonight. You know what? The song is over, so I guess we can go ahead and go home. Well, truth is... I don't want to.

[ Both laugh ] Me either. I am so, so sorry. I was sure he was out there parking. It's getting late. Just text him. I'm sure there's a simple explanation. Well, I have texted. He's not responding. What if something happened? Do not go there. Tj adores you, and he wants to be your life partner. That's what tonight is all about. So he will be here. Yeah, I know. But that snarky clerk isn't gonna wait all night. Oh, she -- she will. Why? Did you do something? It's valentine's day. Let's just say that love wins.

[ Door opens ] Tj, you made it!

elizabeth: I'm sorry, girls. It was kind of rude off cameron to just take off like that. It's okay. It's -- it's cam being cam. Sometimes cam has trouble expressing his feelings. Joss and I have learned to read between the lines. Yeah, we got it. Thank you. Can't be upset with cam. There's plenty of grown-ups don't know how to deal with cancer. I just wish it wasn't happening now. It's his senior year. He should be thinking about prom and soccer, not worried about me. Well, I explained to the boys that sickness is a part of life and they shouldn't be afraid of it, and if they have questions, they should just ask. Yes, franco. Okay, so my question is, um...are you still gonna be madly in love with me when I don't have any hair? I thought we already talked about this. Yeah, we talked about it, but it was hypothetical then. And now it's really happening. And you told me every single thing about you, but I have never heard you once mention crushing on a bald dude.

[ Laughs ] I love you with or without your hair. And besides, didn't I already tell you that your hair is not your best feature? Yeah, right. It's my wicked sense of humor. No, it's definitely your butt. You can do this. You have to do this. Not just for franco, but for aiden and jake. Okay, you need to show them that this is not scary or weird. Just need to show them that this is normal. You're the big brother. It's time for you to step up.

[ Knock on door ] Trina: Cam! Did you think we were just gonna leave? Josslyn: Yeah. Have we met? Open up. Oh, nikolas. Oh, it's beautiful. Just like my wife. It's engraved. Oh. June 13, 2016. Well, that's the day we ran into each other on that flight to england. Of course. Oh, yes. When you were pretending that your name was niall carradine.

[ Laughing ] Honestly the most ridiculous fake name ever. Did you put any thought into it at all? And yet you protected me from the start. I did. Because I thought you were sweet. I thought we had a little spark. I thought so, too. All that time I was gone, I found myself thinking about you. Like you said, we barely knew each other. You were always in my thoughts. And here we are years later, back in the same place. I will always keep you safe, Ava. I gotta hand it to you, this wine is really good. I salute your expertise. Oh, I am a long way from an expert, but it's been fun expanding my knowledge. And of course, michael is insisting on putting in a wine cabinet at the gatehouse. All the amenities. Which is so ironic because the very best thing about the gatehouse is the location. You're just a short walk away from wiley. The biggest perk is that you're so close to your son. Thanks again for coming home with me. My motives were selfish. I didn't want my night with you to end. Well, I feel the same way. Well, um, you can make yourself comfortable. I'm gonna go figure out what's going on with wiley. Actually, uh, it's been a while since I've seen wiley. Do you mind if I tag along? Even if he's melting down? After all I've been through lately, I think I understand meltdowns. Okay. Okay. The goal is to spread a little valentine magic. Yeah, w-why do you -- why do you care so much? I'm the chief of staff. It'S...good public relations. Maybe. But I don't think that's why you're doing it. If this is you implying that you can read me, trust me, you can'T. They're feeling lonely. What? The kids. They're in the hospital on valentine's day, feeling alone... and I think you know what that feels like.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Quit stalling. Let's get to work. I told you he would be here. I'm sorry I'm late. About a million things went wrong. Kristina! Hi! Hey, I'm so glad you could join us. I hope you guys don't mind if I invited a guest of my own. The more, the merrier. Hi. Uh, tj couldn't find a rideshare, so I gave him a lift. I am so, so happy you're here. Hi, sweetie. Me, too. You know, we have stuff to work out, but... it's a start. If we're done with this little family therapy, can we get this show on the road? Yes.Yes.

are you expecting a call? Deciding if I should make one. My client wanted me to let him know the second I got proof that his wife was cheating. On valentine's day, though? I mean, I guess your client was suspicious or he wouldn't have hired you in the first place. But can't you just tell him tomorrow? Or else he's gonna forever associate valentine's day with cheating. Good point. And my client, he's such a good dude. I would hate to ruin this holiday for him. Yeah. I'll tell him tomorrow. Great. Yeah. So what we can do with this precious time is you can tell me what the heck lake trout is...

[ Both laugh ] ...And where they fish for it in baltimore. Here is our paperwork, all filled out. And license. I know it's a horrible photo, but that really is me. This clerk's not very friendly. Yeah, don't get me started. So now all we have to do is just sign the document in your presence, right? Correct. Here you go. Are you ready? More ready than ever. I know you originally wanted to get married, but... doing it this way just feels right. No, it feels right for me, too. I love that you love me and all of my peculiarities.

[ Laughs ] I wouldn't have it any other way.

[ Sighs ] You first. Okay. Congratulations, guys. May your life together always be as joyous as you are today.

[ Sighs ] Were you able to find out who sent that first package? My manager said it was here when he got to work today with instructions to deliver it to mrs. Cassadine. There was also a note for mrs. Cassadine. How's cam? He still upset? He's with his friends, so... you know how teenagers are, they don't want to be with their parents, they want to talk to their friends. And I'm sure between josslyn and Trina, they'll get cameron to talk it out.

[ Knock on door ] Cam, come on! I only let you guys in because I need your help. Doing what? This is important to me, so I don't want any pushback. Cam, you're scaring us. Shave my head.

Hey, lucas. It's me. Sorry, it's brad. I know I lost the "it's me" privilege a long time ago. Anyway, I'm in G.H. Yeah, I needed a follow-up procedure after my stabbing. I-I-I saw you with felix. But if you're still here tonight, I'm on the 10th floor. Please. We don't even have to talk. It's just really nice being out of pentonville. So maybe you could, uh... ...I don't know, swing by? Show me some pictures of wiley? Poor wiley. That must have been a really bad dream he had. Yeah, well, he was definitely happy to see you. He stopped crying the moment you walked in the room. Aww, I'm so happy that he remembered me, but I think he calmed down because of you, michael. You've always had that effect on him. You know, I'll take credit where credit is due, but I saw how it went down just now. He, uh -- he lit up when he saw you. He obviously missed you. And, uh, I missed you, too. Knowing how things turned out, I would probably do what I did again, but I am very happy it's behind us. So am I. So how about we just focus on the here and now? Okay, I'm game. It's valentine's day. What did you have in mind? Well, did you save any room for dessert? I couldn't eat another bite. But if you want to order something, go ahead. No, I shouldn't have anything else. Should I get the check? You ready to leave? Yes. And where would you like to go? My name is typed. You swear it's not from you? No, it's definitely not from me. I can only guess it's from the same person that gave you the roach. Mm. What does it say? "Secrets and cockroaches. Those are the only two things that always survive... except for us." Here's chicken broth. It's good for your stomach. Thanks. So not how I envisioned this evening turning out. Really? With a house full of teenagers? Yep, even with a house full of teenagers. It's our two-year wedding anniversary, and I haven't made it up to you for getting married to me in a jail cell.

[ Scoffs ] Never even had a honeymoon. We will. We will. But right now, my life with you and the boys, it's a perfect consolation prize. Mm. Cheers to that. So what's bothering you? I just told you, it's valentine's day. We're supposed to be upstairs with the door locked making love all night or at least...once. Well, when you feel better, we'll get a room at the metro court, or better yet, we'll celebrate our honeymoon. We'll go on our honeymoon. Yeah. But there's no rush. There's no rush. 'Cause right now I'm -- I -- this -- this is plenty for me. It's not. It's not enough. It is. It's enough. So happy valeversary. Valeversary. To the love of my life. Two years is just the beginning for us. Not to sound totally superficial, but you have gorgeous hair, cam. Do you really want to be in your senior yearbook bald? I don't care. Okay? I want to support franco. He's going through the radiation, he's losing hair, and he's obviously self-conscious about it. And I respect the gesture, but there's no way I'm shaving your gorgeous locks. The girls at school would never forgive me. I literally could care less. Okay? I'm trying to be a good big brother here. I'm trying to make this less scary for jake and aiden. I know, but... if your mom was going through radiation, wouldn't you do something like this to make it less scary for avery and donna? Well, I guess I'd have to, since you're setting the bar so high. Look, we have your back and we always will, but can you at least sleep on it for one night? No. It's happening tonight. And if you guys won't help me, I'll do it myself and I'll make a mess out of it.

[ Clippers buzzing ]

[ Buzzing stops ] Last chance. Are you sure? Absolutely. Man, I remembe r when -- whenjordan and I were partners, we would end every shift with an order of lake trout, and then we would just smother it with good louisiana hot sauce. Mmm. Mmm, yeah. Bonding over food and crime. Mm-hmm.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. It was literally the exact opposite for taggert and I. We didn't have work to bond over. Mm. And as cliché as it sounds, we actually just grew apart. And -- and I'm not gonna do this. I'm not gonna spend valentine's day talking about failed relationships. No, no, no. I'm sorry about that. Well, it's a hazard of the holiday. I believe it sets an artificial standard for romance. Not always, no. No, no, no. Sometimes you see couples and you can tell they just -- they just radiate genuine love. Congratulations. The state of new york now recognizes you as domestic partners.

[ Chuckles ] I don't know. I thought it would -- I thought it would feel more special. Well, this is only a document. It's important to have for legal reasons. But just like we didn't need to have a big, splashy wedding, we don't need to have an over-the-top commitment ceremony to feel what's already in our hearts. And once again, she nails it. How did you get so wise, and how am I so lucky? Are you kidding? I am the lucky one. You are my life, tj, and you always will be. Yeah. That wasn't so bad, was it? Seeing little kids' faces lit up? No, not at all. Hey, mister, I was in the bathroom when you came to my room. Can I have a valentine?

[ Clippers buzzing ] Oh, my god. Oh, my gosh.

[ Crying ] It's okay, it's okay.

No, I so did not see that move coming. You're too focused on your queen. Oh! I've never been good at chess. And no surprise, you're a shark. Why no surprise? You've always been a strategic thinker, michael. Weighing the options, coming up with a plan. Are you implying that I can't be spontaneous?

[ Sighs ] You can, if it fits in with the plan. Hee! Okay. If nothing else, chess can be a good distraction, you know? If you dial in, you can lose yourself. In a good way. Why do I feel like there's more to that statement? I don't even know the right way to say this, but, um, I've been having some talks with kristina, and her mom is having a hard time staying sober. And alexis, she really has to fight the urge to drink. And you're wondering if I still have the urge to use? Yeah. I've been, um, doing my sober classes at G.H., And they give a lot of good tips on what to do if you are craving the drugs again. But I haven't thought about doing anything at all tonight. Well, whoever wrote that isn't much of a poet. Well, we're on the same page, right, about who sent it? I mean, the obvious guess is ryan, except he isn't supposed to be able to move. He can't even speak. The only part of his body that he could move where his eyes. Right. A brain trapped in a body that can't move. Last time I saw him, remember, I dug my nails into him. Nothing. He didn't even flinch.

[ Sighs ] So how did he send these here? I don't know. It's ryan. It's got to be ryan. He's got more lives than a cat. Do you think it's possible that he regained movement somehow? And just like that, my baby is all grown up. Oh, please send me these pictures. I'm definitely gonna have to send them to my mom and sam. Yes. Aunt stella will want to see these, too. Can I get in here? Yeah, come on. Of course. Smile.

[ Laughs ] Should we do something more to make this a special occasion? Well, we are making plans to have a big party this summer. Yeah, we definitely want to celebrate. You know, something casual with friends, music, and maybe even a domestic partnership cake.

[ Laughs ] Yes, maybe. But for tonight, this was just perfect. It was exactly the way we wanted it.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. Commissioner ashford. Commissioner, it's nikolas cassadine. Sorry to bother you on valentine's day. That's okay. What can I do for you? Ava and I are having dinner at Port Charles grill, and she got an unusual and slightly creepy gift delivered anonymously. Our first thought was ryan chamberlain, and I am calling to see, has there been any change in his condition? No, not at all. You're absolutely sure? Yes, I am always kept informed on any changes to chamberlain's status. He's too big of a threat for me not to be. He's still completely paralyzed and helpless. What do you think of bahrain? I know nothing of the country. Okay, so, like, beautiful beaches, warm weather year-round, oldest antiquities on the planet, and there is like this -- this 400-year-old tree there. It's called the tree of life. It's in the middle of the desert. Nobody has any idea how the water gets to it. It's got, like, magical healing powers. It's supposed to be good luck. Well, by the time we go on our honeymoon, you wouldn't need luck because you're gonna be healthy. Mm. You feel well enough to kiss me? Absolutely. Trina: Please don't be alarmed. Alright, well, the intention was good, um, though the outcome may be... distressing. What happened? It's cam.

I'm sorry we missed you before, berkeley. Do you get to keep the valentines you don't give away?

[ Sighs ] Nope. We give them all out. But it's a big hospital, so it's a big job. That's why I have my little helper here.

[ Laughs ] Happy valentine's day. Yay! Thank you, mr. And mrs. Cupid.

[ Laughs ] Thank you so much. Hi. I love seeing you this happy, and I am so proud of you and molly for carving your own path.

[ Laug hs ] This is... this is the best night of my life. And, mom, even though I-I probably wouldn't have asked you to be here... I am so happy it turned out the way it did. I'm so glad you got to be here, and I love the fact that you used the police siren on the way over.

[ Both laugh ] Cameron, what did you do? Am I seeing things? Nope. All gone. We tried to talk him out of it. We warned him how the kids at school are gonna react. Cameron, why -- why? Well, you know, I just figured that, you know, two bald heads are better than one. I am with you, franco. I'm in this with you all the way. Elizabeth: Let me see.

[ Both laugh ] I am so proud of you. Young man, you need to promise me something right now. I get to be there when jake and aiden see this for the first time.

[ Laughter ] Okay, deal, deal, deal. Deal, come on, come on, come on, come on. Come on, come on. Alrighty. Okay. I'll put it back on.

[ Laughter ] You sure you have to leave? I can't interest you in a rematch? It's better if I don'T. Why? I'm having trouble leaving behind what we had together, michael. You say you want to start over, but we were so good together before. That's what I keep remembering, our love for each other, how you believed in me, defended me, actually gave me a second chance when no one else would. Well, that's how much I loved you. So you don't think we could just...go back? Pick up where we left off? I mean, there's, you know, emotional scar tissue. We got to -- we got to deal with that, and I have to learn to trust you again. That's why we have to start over. Can you do that? Yes. I want that badly.

 I'm so sorry. I-I just wanted to check on wiley before chase walked me to the gatehouse. The nanny -- the nanny called, and -- and wiley wouldn't stop crying, so we came home, but he's -- he's fine now. Okay, good. I'm gonna call it a night. Okay, I'll, um -- I'll text you some dates to make up for tonight, okay? I would love that. Okay. Well, happy valentine's day. You know, I-I can walk myself to the gatehouse. Thank you for a lovely evening. Maybe next time, we can make a whole night of it. Yeah, yeah. Whenever you're ready.

[ Door closes ] You think wiley's really okay? Well, so far, so good. So, uh, how was your night? Good. And yours? I mean, wasn't exactly what I expected, but... I guess I should go. You know, if you're, um -- if you're not too tired, I-I found a really good movie. It's called "love actually." Isn't this the movie where everyone's in love with the wrong person? Yeah, that's the one. Nikolas: Commissioner swears there's been no change in ryan's condition. Well, then he had somebody help him. Well, we'll have to stop it, won't we? I look forward to it. Once we take care of that ugliness, we are gonna plan our wedding. And this time, it will be real, one full of all of the meaning that weddings should have. True love. Though our version may be a little different than most, maybe a little tainted. Hey, it's still love. And I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Forever. There you go.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. Well, thank you for partnering with me on this case tonight. You were right. We blended in much better together. Well, I had a good time playing detective.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, yeah. You know, sometimes it's, uh... it's good to step outside your comfort zone. Mm-hmm. Shake things up a little bit. Yeah, it is. You know, I looked this place up online. The owner is having financial issues. You know, this place is actually for sale. Oh. Yeah. Maybe it's time for me to shake things up a little bit. Oh, this song is perfect for your first dance. Mom, it's -- it's not a wedding. Actually, I think I would enjoy a dance with my domestic partner, whom I love with all of my heart. I love you, too.

That fades away with time

no matter what

I will be here with you

no matter what means I won't wake up

one day and change my mind

no matter what

I'll always stay with you well, I know this wasn't your first choice to spend this night, but you made a lot of kids really happy. Well, I definitely have had worse nights. Well, uh, happy valentine's day. Same to you. What are you doing out of bed? Oh, just [Chuckles] Spying on the staff, looking for scandal. Sadly, though, I came up empty. Not completely. Take it back to pentonville with you. The other inmates will think you got lucky.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. Let's try this hat. Oh, I like that. I can't even tell what I have on. Is it good?

Last night I was talking to myself

worried myself to sleep

tossing and turning in my bed

don't know what's wrong with me

then the moon comes out and the sun goes down

and I'm back to dreaming

about another day, take me away

but it's right in front of me

say goodbye to the moonlight

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