GH Transcript Thursday 2/18/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/18/21


Episode #14642 ~ Nina turns to Jordan for help. Portia is surprised. Britt confides in Jason. Valentin sees an opportunity for a second chance. Cyrus threatens Brando.

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curtis. Hey, portia. Look, I need to interview a staff member about this case -- look, I-I-I'm really sorry to put you in the middle of this, but I really need to talk to you about your wife. What about jordan? And it also has to do with cyrus. How was Sonny's funeral? Sad. I imagine it was even sadder for you since he died with the two of you estranged. Family's grieving. Loss is loss, but... Sonny and I didn't really have a relationship before I came to Port Charles. Didn't really have much of one after he kicked me to the curb. That's why I'm glad you gave me a job when you did. You might not have one much longer. Okay, so this -- this painkiller's highly addictive. How can cyrus expect fda approval? By lying. What? Oh, nothing. I'm glad you made it on time, at least. You asked me to join you at the Port Charles grill. Here I am. Yeah. And quite surprising -- hmm -- considering you've been avoiding me for weeks now. I have not been avoiding -- why do you have to be so dramatic? I have other pressing issues in my life that I am dealing with. And obviously finding my mother isn't one of them. You promised me weeks ago you would take action. Instead, you've been wasting time with jackie templeton. And if you think she's gonna do anything other than try to dig up dirt on my brother, you are much mistaken. You're the one who involved jackie templeton. And you're the one who made her part of our search for all the good it did. I found your mother. Does that help? How will we recover from this?

[ Sobs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Damn it! They cleaned us out. I think -- I think it's best to wait for the cops. Right. I wasn't thinking. You okay? Here. Have a seat.

[ Sniffles ] I shouldn't be so upset. It's just things. But the level of destruction is so...angry. I'm glad you weren't here. You could have been hurt. Yeah. Where were you? You were supposed to be watching the bar. What the hell happened?

[ Door opens ] I'd like to hear that answer myself. Carly: Diane's gonna be back tomorrow. She wants to go over everything that happened on the cliff with nelle step-by-step. What for? We already told her everything. Because diane doesn't like surprises. She wants to know everything so we can be prepared for whatever. But I hope she's right. Okay. I hope the pcpd will leave well enough alone. Yeah, me too. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm -- I'm okay, considering I just destroyed nina. Okay, nina, I need you to take a breath, okay? The coroner ruled that nelle benson died from a fall. Probably off the cliff just south of the corinthos cabin. No, she did fall, but she wasn't alone when it happened. Carly corinthos was on that cliff with nelle when it happened. See, carly has been lying to us, and she's been lying to the police. And why do you suppose that is, jordan? I want you to arrest carly for nelle's murder.

This whole section touting the early trials of the drug on lab mice is complete fiction. I conducted my own trials, and my results completely contradict dr. Roberts'. Right. That's what you saw when you looked at the slides of morty's brain. Yes. This drug goes right to the dopamine receptors. It's addictive on its first use. Renault must have told dr. Roberts and the team to change any data that would give the board members a reason to vote against releasing the drug. But you still have your research, right?

[ Scoffs ] Yes, I do. And I will print out my findings and show you. Renault made a mistake thinking he could fool the board with falsified data. It's a good thing I ran my own tests. You know, I will prove my results to the board and reveal cyrus for the lying... wait a minute. Son of a bitch. Brando: You're firing me? Putting you on notice. After all, I tasked you with finding my mother weeks ago and you have yet to make any progress. Perhaps you're not as useful as I originally thought. M-mr. Renault, I've been trying to find your mother. I even made some headway. Go on. There was an suv caught on security camera at the long-term care facility when -- the night your mother disappeared. I-I tracked it down and I was able to confirm that it wasn't the one that transported her off the premises. And? T-that's it. That's it? For now. Not good enough. You found my mother? Well, where is she? In vermont, probably. Probably? Valentin: Please explain. Carly corinthos' mother is currently in vermont nursing a private patient. Well, what does that prove? Bobbie spencer was fired from G.H. She needs a job. She could be looking after anyone. No, no, jason and carly are close, possibly coconspirators. It would make sense that carly would involve her mother. Bobbie spencer is a competent nurse and unquestioningly loyal. Still thin. It would explain why bobbie didn't come back for Sonny's funeral. Obviously, the patient is very important. Alright, then. So...let's check it out. When do we leave? According to cyrus, he told jordan that he might refuse to cooperate in the case against taggert now. Oh, I see that jordan hasn't told you any of this. It is the first time hearing of this. Why did cyrus come to you? Because when he made the offer to jordan, she turned him down. Now, for jordan to not take that offer, she must have, I-I don't know, some sort of leverage over cyrus, right? Makes sense. Right. And I don't blame her for not wanting to deal with cyrus. But, once again, she's left me out of the loop regarding something that has direct impact on my family. Yeah, I don't expect jordan to check in with you on a police matter. Come on now. If I can protect taggert from not being prosecuted, from not being sent to prison, then that would have a huge impact on my daughter. Can you just -- can you just please talk to jordan and find out what she's thinking? I doubt jordan will tell me anything. Jordan and I are officially separated. Jordan: You're making allegations in a case that's been closed for months. Why don't we just take it down a notch, okay? You know what? I'm not gonna let people turn a blind eye to protect carly. Not this time. Jordan: That is not what we're doing. Why don't you sit down and start from the top? Okay. I was at Sonny's funeral, and I overheard jax and carly talking. Carly was on that cliff. She heard nelle calling out for help. She "hesitated." Carly let nelle fall, and then she left her there. We have statements from carly and jax. Carly says she fought with nelle in the clearing, and jax says that's where he found carly -- in the clearing. And they both say that they never went to the cliff. Are you accusing them of lying to the police? Oh, my god. And so much more. The truth has to come out. What exactly happened to my daughter? Wait. Your daughter? Yes. Nelle was my daughter.

[ Door closes ] Hey. Josslyn: Hey. Are you okay? Yeah, I was at Trina's trying to do homework, but I couldn't focus. What happened at the cemetery? Why did nina lose it like that? What did you overhear exactly? Well, nina accused you and mom of doing something to her daughter, by which she means nelle, correct? I already explained to josslyn... okay. ...That nelle was probably nina's daughter. So what's she accusing you of? What does nina think you guys did to nelle? I, uh, drove a drunk customer to his motel in his car, and I had to walk back. Leaving the Tan-O ripe for the picking. Did you even bother to lock the damn door? Lenny, you can check the damage to the lock that the thieves left if you want. But none of this would have happened if you'd been here watching the place. Uh...I'm s-- please. How long were you gone? 20, 25 minutes tops. That long to drive to the motel and walk back? Took the guy to his room 'cause I didn't want him to be found outside frozen. Well, you're a regular good samaritan, huh? Well, I can't tell you that 'cause I don't remember. That seems to be your answer for everything. What do you mean by that? What are you implying? I'm not implying anything. I'm saying it straight-up. This man, "Mike," is a liar.

What? What is -- what's wrong? My research, all -- all my -- all my work is gone. It's been erased, even my backups. Cyrus obviously found out what you were doing and covered his tracks. Well, then I'll confront dr. Roberts. I'll tell him I know he's faking data. No, no, no. No, I can't -- I can't let you do that. Haven't we had this discussion before? You don't tell me what to do. Okay, I respectfully request that you hear me out. The smart move is to do nothing. We just need to take our time. Time is something I don't have. Why not? Are you going somewhere? Sorry, martin, we are not leaving for vermont. I work solo. Not this time. We're going with you. Uh, no, we're not. I can't drop everything for a vermont road trip. Why? 'Cause you're busy thinking about elq or obsessing over your ex? Damn it, valentin. Your romantic woes can wait. My mother isn't just missing, she was taken. I need to find her. So find her. I will even pay for the trip. Listen, if you find evidence that florence is being held by bobbie spencer, you go directly to the vermont police department. Well, naturally. I'm not about to try to rescue florence by myself. But this is all moot until we are certain that she's there, which is why we need to keep a low profile. It makes sense for me to go first alone, scout out the location. No. I, for one, am absolutely going with you. End of conversation. Then prepare for abject failure because if you go, you'll ruin everything. We can talk privately in here, okay? Curtis, I'm so sorry to hear that you and jordan have separated. I-I mean, I know that you were going through a rough patch, but I believed that you would work through it. You obviously love each other. Yeah, well, it takes more than love to make a marriage. Are you saying that yours is over? Uh, no, I'm saying it's -- it's on pause. But I-I am tired, portia. You know what I mean? I'm tired. I'M... I'm tired of living a life of lies. I'm tired of the omissions, no matter how well-intended. But isn't that part of the actual job description in law enforcement, though? I know the boundaries of jordan's job. When we worked together in baltimore, I knew more of what was going on in her personal life than I do as her husband. Look, believe it or not, I get it. But I don't think jordan is intending to shut you out, curtis. Well, it keeps happening, and she's so good at it. I keep wondering what else is she not telling me. Well... it gets exhausting waiting for the other shoe to drop. I mean, if we can't be honest, then what's the point? I hear you. Honesty is the backbone to a marriage. I mean, that's why taggert and I didn't make it. Nina: The necklaces match. It's two halves of a whole, jordan. Nelle had hers the entire time, even when she was a little kid. But I didn't know about it until it was too late. I'm so sorry, nina. I know how long you've been searching for your daughter. All this must be devastating. Thank you. I really appreciate you understanding. But now that you know, you can help me. You see, I wasn't a mother to nelle when she was alive, but I can still fight for her. And I understand the instinct to do something, to make a gesture. But as I explained -- no, carly is responsible for nelle's death. She could have saved my daughter and she did nothing. She needs to be held accountable, jordan. Carly is the reason that nelle is dead. So when I got to the cliff, I hesitated. Because I thought it was a trick. I-I-I thought that nelle was going to pull me over. But then finally, I went to take a look, and nelle was dangling. And I lay down there and I reached out my arm and I tried to help her. I tried so hard to help her, but she fell. And I was kneeling there in shock when your father showed up. Yeah, and I-I was afraid that if the police showed up and found your mother on the cliff where nelle had just fallen, that they would accuse her of pushing her. So we went to the clearing and we told the police that nelle and I fought and that she ran off and that that was the last time I saw her. So you lied. I lied. Well, you made the right call. Phyllis: That's an outrageous thing to say, ralph finchley. Mike has been completely open and aboveboard. That's a fact. I had my doubts about Mike at first, but that's before I had a chance to see him in action. He's a hard worker. And with a good heart. Why are you so dead set against him? Because he showed up just as a string of smash-and-grab robberies started, including this one. I told you I wasn't here. There was a patron who had too much to drink to get behind the wheel, and I drove him to his motel. I don't suppose you have a name for this guy? We didn't have a conversation. He was too drunk to drive. Check the motel if you want. Oh, I will. I'm not taking anything you say at face value, especially since I've run your fingerprints.

You ran my prints? You asked me to run my prints. I-I said no. Which was within the man's rights. How did you get them, officer? When I came back here the other day, I took your coffee cup, which I clearly saw you holding. And so you id'd me, right? So all this time you've been harassing me, do you know who I am? I've proved myself to you over and over, and I'll prove myself again. I will find your mother. I just need some time. Let me be perfectly clear. You were brought on as a source of information about Sonny and his organization, and now Sonny is dead. Jason morgan has no loyalty to you. And that means you need to prove your worth to me in other ways. Find my mother. If you don't, I'll have you terminated. Britt: I have a hospital to run. I have a -- I have a very full plate. I have staff to manage and departments to oversee, and if cyrus has discovered that I've run my own research, he's bound to come after me. I won't let that happen. And how do you plan to stop him?

[ Sighs ] Any way I have to, if it comes to that. And what makes you think it won't? Because I have enough leverage to back cyrus off for now. What kind of leverage? That I can't tell you.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Alright, I got to go. You just be careful, okay? I can take care of myself. I always have. But this I might not be able to fight. I don't know if lying was the right or wrong thing to do, but it was the decision I made in the moment, and now I have to see it through. I understand, mom. You don't want to go to prison for something you didn't do. It's like what happened with nelle all over again -- when you got sent to ferncliff because she said you pushed her down the stairs. You were innocent, and you got locked up anyway. I never want anything like that to happen again. I know, I know. We're gonna do everything in our power to make sure it doesn'T. Yeah. But nina -- okay, nina is grieving. She's grieving for nelle and the daughter she imagined, and she's lashing out right now and she's blaming me, and it's not a lot of fun. But let me tell you, I have survived worse. Okay? I love you. Trust me, I get it. Taggert used to keep so much of himself locked away from me that I felt abandoned emotionally. And of course, then I met you. And then I was the one holding back from taggert, and ultimately the only thing that we shared was Trina. And you know what? Even when he was home from an assignment, we just didn't have enough life together to make our marriage work. A marriage isn't two people making separate decisions, okay? Everybody's got a secret or two. I understand that. But my wife was keeping secrets that directly affected our lives. Tj was kidnapped -- she didn't tell me right away. She knew I blamed myself that I couldn't save taggert's life. All the while, she knew he was safe and somewhere hiding. Now, jordan may have her reasons, but at the end of the day, I don't want to live like this. No matter how hard it is to walk away. I resent your implication. I would never do anything to put my mother in danger. I know not on purpose, but you are too emotionally involved. You'd probably charge in there and try to rescue her the -- the minute you laid eyes on her. I have to know she's alright. You already know she's alright. You've spoken to her. You did? How? When? I received a burner phone with a single number programmed into it. I was able to -- to call and talk to my mother. Well, did she say anything? Say anything about her nurse, call her by name? No, no. Discuss a location? No, it was nothing like that. Just that she was fine. She was being treated well. She liked the food better. Will you excuse me for a minute? We're not finished here. Yes, I think we are. Very well. Good. Then it's decided. You're staying. I'm going. Hi. Hi. I haven't seen you in a while, not since, uh, you learned that jax knew about nelle. Okay, I'm not gonna ask how you know that, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Why? What happened? Well, carly was on the cliff with nelle when nelle fell, and then jax convinced her to lie about it so she wouldn't get arrested. So all that fancy talk that jax was saying to me, how he insisted that he lied to protect me, to protect my feelings, to save me from all that heartache and grief, that whole time, the person that jax was protecting was carly. You warned me, didn't you? But I refused to listen to you. You were right. Jax will always put carly first, and I can never forgive that.

Come in. Thank you for seeing me. Did I have a choice? Mr. Jacks, I was hoping you might be here. Otherwise, your house was my next stop. What can we do for you, commissioner? I'd like to do this privately. I'm staying here. I need you to go upstairs and check on donna. Okay. Thank you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. You are aware that Sonny's funeral was just a few hours ago. I know, and I'm sorry I had to come here tonight, but there's been an allegation against you. So I'm just going to ask you flat-out -- did you push nelle benson to her death? I am so sorry that it's come to this, curtis. Let's hope that jordan realizes what she's losing and finds it in herself to change. My decision to separate wasn't only about jordan. I need to refocus my own life. In what way? Remember the conversation we had at the gym? Yeah. I realized that I'm tired of trading in secrets. My own and other people'S. Portia, I make my living uncovering other people's dirty laundry -- like blowing their secrets wide open. I need something new. Something... something more. So carly already admitted that she -- she hesitated before helping nelle. I mean, how do we even know that she put in any effort? Huh? With all the bad blood between them? And jax, he just blindly backs her without question. He didn't care enough about me to think that I deserved to know the truth about nelle. So jax didn't even see nelle fall. I don't know. From what I can gather. If jax can lie to me all these weeks about nelle being my daughter, how can I believe anything that carly and jax say about what really happened on that cliff? You can'T. We have no proof that bobbie spencer is looking after your mother. At this point, it's only a hunch. And it's good enough for me. I'll be your backup. I don't need backup. Oh, really? Well, tell me, what happens if you get caught or bobbie spencer catches wind that someone's been asking questions about her? I'll tell you what. Jason morgan will relocate my mother, and we'll be right back to square one. I'm not an amateur. I've navigated war zones, interviewing both sides. I can handle a sleepy vermont town. Cyrus: Planning a trip? They couldn't pull any clear prints off the cup, so we couldn't id you. But if you'd like to agree to be fingerprinted after all of this -- why on earth would he do that when it's plain as day, you'll take any excuse to blame him for something he didn't do?! Fingerprinting shouldn't be a problem if he's got nothing to hide. I'll tell you what's the problem. Fingerprinting a man without his consent, stealing one of my cups to do it! Lenny, I just want to stop the robbers before anyone else gets hit. Sonny: Then look for the robbers. You're not gonna catch them fixated on me. From what lenny said, this has been going on before I got here. Well, not by much. Go upstairs. Check my room. I didn't steal anything. I sure as hell didn't bust up this place. Don't mind if I do. Thank you guys for sticking up for me. He's not gonna find anything up there. Mike, I'm sorry. You can't stay here any longer.

Now that I've realized what I want, I see no reason to hesitate. This job that I'm working on now, it'll be wrapping shortly. And I'm thinking it might be my last one. The nightclub? Yeah, good memory. So I'll be stylin' tomorrow night trying to blend in so I can finish the job and make my money. Didn't you offer to help me with this case? I mean, does that offer still stand? I did not kill nelle, and that is the god's honest truth. I know nina made these allegations. She barged in at the end of Sonny's funeral when we were laying roses on his grave. Now, I get that nina is really upset, but she's making a lot of unfounded accusations. I mean, I know she's in pain, but so is Sonny's family, so am I. And the fact that she had you come here tonight, well, that's just perfect, isn't it, jax? Look, nina is distraught over learning that nelle was her daughter. I'm still wrapping my head around that one. Right. But I have a job to do, and every allegation needs to be investigated. Now, nina said that she heard you admit that you were on the cliff when nelle went over. I reviewed your statements, and that's not what you told officer spencer. Why is that, carly? If this is an official interview, I'm calling diane. Excuse me. That's not necessary. Mr. Jacks, do you have anything to add? I do not. Fine. But before I leave, I have to say something. Sonny: Okay, I-I'll go. I-I just don't want you thinking that, uh, I did this to you. Mike. I'm not asking you to leave because I think you're a criminal. Then what's the deal, phyllis? It's obvious trooper finchley is fixated on Mike. If he stays here, the only way this will end is with Mike behind bars. I don't want that. So do you truly want Mike to go? Of course not. I'm just thinking what's best for him. Alright, I'll stay. I like to think I'm needed here, and I do need you two. And I got to tell you... ...I don't think your troubles are over. I'm sorry that jax betrayed your trust. Well, you knew it was coming. So did Ava. I take no pleasure in being right here. I-I don't like seeing you in pain.

[ Chuckles ] That's ironic... seeing how much you hurt me. I would do anything to make that up to you. Hmm. Then prove it. This is cozy. It was. We were just enjoying a cocktail. And discussing vermont. I was looking into martin's allegations that jason morgan kidnapped your mother. You told her about all that. You know me, cy. I would do anything to get our mother back safely. Yeah, I was thinking of taking a trip to vermont and visiting mountain landing long term care to speak to the staff that was on duty when she disappeared. Your inquiries won't be necessary. Hear me when I say I will find our mother. I've got someone on it, and I'm confident that my man understands not only the urgency, but the consequences if he fails. So why did we have to meet? When cyrus told me to search for his mother, I warned you I could only put him off for so long. My time is up. Cyrus is going to terminate me if I do not show results. Define "terminate." Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe he's gonna fire me. Maybe he's gonna kill me. Unless we come up with a solution.

I think the Tan-O is being targeted. We're not the only ones getting robbed around here. The same thing happened to the hardware store. The thieves break in and empty the till. But, lenny, this is the second time this has happened since I've been here. Remember the first time when i disarmed that guy with the gun? Look around. This was more than a robbery. Whoever did this wanted to do as much damage as possible.

[ Door closes ] Room's clean. You can come by and get my report for your insurance in the morning, lenny. Thank you. Will do. Still find your story about driving some drunk back to the motel flimsy. Might be hard to prove since you never got the guy's name. May have checked out by now. I guess law enforcement is harder than it looks. Not if you're good at it. I got my eyes on you. What did I tell you? He's like a dog with a bone. He's not gonna let up on you, Mike. Are you sure you want to put yourself through this? Like I said, I'm not gonna leave you two in the lurch, especially with how, you know, all the kindness that you've shown me. As long as there's trouble here, I stay. Then I guess we best start cleaning up, huh?

[ Light laughter ] I'm your man. Alright. Oh, gosh. Y-you want me to help you with a case? I -- it won't be anything dangerous, I promise. Oh, no, no, I know you would -- you would never put me in jeopardy. Um... yeah, okay. I'm in. What do you need me to do? Be my valentine. Nina's not going to let this go, carly. She wants you arrested. I don't care what nina wants. Carly did not kill nelle. Come on. You know this. Nelle's body was recovered in pennsylvania, which is out of my jurisdiction. With state lines crossed, I'm going to have to notify the feds. You would be wise to alert diane. I'll walk you out. Do you have any promising leads? I think it's best if I keep that to myself. Well, I'm sure you intend to keep me in the loop, right? Oh, I'll keep our mother safe at all costs. Yeah. Enjoy your drinks. I hope you understand, if cyrus finds our mother first, he'll be the one to move her to a new secret location. She'll be lost to me all over again. Jackie, please, I'm begging you. I've got to find her. Okay. We'll track down bobbie spencer and hope she leads us to florence. I'll do anything, nina. What do you need? Help me make carly pay. I changed donna, and now she's asleep. Did commissioner ashford leave? Yeah, she left. Are you gonna be arrested? No, I'm not gonna be arrested because there's no evidence against me, for the simple fact that I didn't do anything wrong. Okay? It's just a formality. Hey. Everything's gonna be okay. Okay? Uh, yes, good evening. I would like to make an appointment with dr. Walsh. Yes, the referring physician is dr. Britt westbourne. Uh, symptoms? Um... intermittent tremor in the right hand. And I'd like the earliest Available appointment, please. I've been doing everything I can, jason, and I'm out of time. I need a solution now. Cyrus is out of patience. You're right. That is a problem. So that's it? You're not gonna help me? Huh?! I did my best for Sonny! I'm on my own now? So be it.

[ Gunshot ]

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