GH Transcript Wednesday 2/17/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/17/21


Episode #14641 ~ Carly meets with Diane. Sam and Dante make a connection. Nina is furious. Portia worries about Cyrus' influence over Britt. Lesley takes a stand.

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Hey. Thanks for coming. I wasn't sure my request would still carry any weight. Sorry. I shouldn't have said that. It's just, it's been almost two months since you've been staying at the metro court. I never thought you would be gone for so long. Well, it's not like we resolved any of our issues. Let's work on fixing it. I made an appointment for us to go see dr. Massey tomorrow. If you don't want to work on our marriage by coming home, then so be it. We can work on it in counseling. No, we can'T. Mr. Renault. Ah, where do you think you're going? Um...well, as chief of staff, I usually circulate through all the departments checking in, troubleshooting, supervising. I told jordan I would withdraw my cooperation from the doj -- without which they cannot prosecute her father. She declined. Britt: Pretty much everything we covered in our interview, when you brought me on board. Whatever those two are up to can't be good. But it means I need to keep moving. Welcome home, phyllis. Why do you have your suitcase? I know. I know. I should have stopped at home to drop off my things. I wanted to make sure you two didn't burn the place down in my absence. Oh, come on. I was joking. No need to get upset. No, it's not that. Um, Mike here remembered something. No, I-I actually remembered someone. I didn't expect to see you here. No. I was visiting nelle's grave, and I walked over here to see if I could find you. Jax, we need to talk. I have to go to the reception first, but we can talk after. No, it has to be now. I-I can'T. Josslyn needs me. I'm sure carly needs you, too. I'm sorry, but yes. Can we -- can we just talk after? No! We are going to talk right now! Nina, I'm sorry. I can'T. I know what you did. I wonder what's going on with nina and jax. I don't know, and I'm not gonna ask. Jax. What's going on? Yeah, jax. Why don't you go ahead? Tell her. No, no, no, never mind. Let me do it. I know what you both did to my daughter.

When did you become too macho for therapy? I mean, you're the one who dragged me and stella to a family counseling session before we got married. And you know what? You were right. It did us a world of good to air our grievances in a safe space. I mean, it even got stella to show up to our wedding. Maybe it can do the same thing for us. Jordan, how are we supposed to tell dr. Massey why we're so far apart right now? All the legal compromises we made? [ Sighs ] How could you expect to open up to a near stranger when you couldn't even open up to your husband? Not to interrupt your perpetual motion, but why don't you step off the elevator so we can have a chat? We wouldn't want to tie it up for the patients. I have called a meeting of the G.H. Board. Yes, I'm aware, and I appreciate that I have an honorary seat at the table. But since I don't actually have a vote, I figured my time was better spent tending to patients. I urge you not to skip out on this one. It's everything the two of us have been working for. Is everything okay over here with you guys? Yeah, everything's just fine. We were just talking about the G.H. Board meeting. And as a department head, I will welcome you to join us, dr. Robinson. And why would I need to be there? Winds of change are blowing through general hospital. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. That's so exciting, Mike. You remembered someone. Tell me everything. I was -- I was here by myself and I was a little groggy, and then I-I dozed off. There was music playing and I was dancing with someone. She had blond hair, but I-I can't make out her face. Mm. We've been wondering about that ring. Maybe it's a wedding band after all. Could the blond woman be your wife, the one who gave you the watch? I don't know. But I do know that it definitely felt like she -- she was important to me. Mm. See, Mike, I told you, as the medication starts working, it should be possible for you to start remembering things about your life. Yeah, but, you know, maybe it's nothing. It's just a dream. You know, it's -- maybe it's not important. We have no way of knowing these things, so... that's not necessarily true. Nina, please keep your voice down, okay? Sonny's friends and family are here. Michael, can you take Trina and josslyn and go? This is not the time or place to do this. We can talk after. Nina: No, no. You had your chance to be honest about my daughter, and you didn't do it. No more secrets. No more lies. I want the whole world to know what you did to nelle. Okay, I don't know what you're talking about, but jax is right. This is not the time or place. Oh, too damn bad, carly. You may have everyone else in this town under your thumb, but not me. Is there anything you need me to do? I don't take your orders. Yeah, can you get everybody else out of here, except diane? Yeah. Nina: And I'm sure as hell not gonna wait. This is the perfect time and perfect place for me to talk about what you both did to my only child. We were just trying to protect you -- no. No, you weren't protecting me. You were protecting her because carly always comes first. It's carly's needs, carly's wants, carly's husband's funeral. And, you know, my child, she didn't even merit a funeral. She just got a lousy prayer at the grave. And if it was up to carly, she wouldn't have had that. You know, I don't know what's worse -- the sheer hypocrisy or the heartless lies. You knew that carly was there when nelle died. You both were there when she fell to her death.

Cyrus: My assistant is passing out the prospectus. Now, as many of you know, I have been spearheading a research project at this hospital's laboratory. Now, part of the motivation is financial. We were looking for additional revenue so we wouldn't have to gouge the patients. I was inspired by the pharmaceutical developed by dr. Finn a number of years back and the way he very generously donated the patent to the hospital. However, treating blackwood's disease will never be anything more than a niche market. It is our belief that G.H. Is ready to enter the field of pain management, which, as we all know, is an enormous market. Board member #2: If the findings match the summary here, doctors around the world would be interested in prescribing this. This drug could help a lot of patients while also being a financial windfall for general hospital. I am so glad you recognize the incredible potential of this new medicine. Now, with the board's approval, we are ready to present our findings to the fda immediately. I request a motion of unanimous consent. I object. I object big time. You're not being fair, curtis. For starters, a lot of people feel more comfortable opening up to a stranger, especially when that stranger is a trained medical professional. And as for the legal issues, that's covered in doctor-patient confidentiality. And you know that doesn't always apply, especially with the crimes that we would be talking about. Okay, so then we dance around the specifics, but we can still figure out the root of what's going on between us. This is the root of what's going on between us. Jordan, I'm tired of dancing around the truth, okay? I'm -- I'm tired of the secrets and the lies of omission. If we can't talk freely about everything, then we'll never be able to fix our relationship. I'm done with the secrets and the lies. Can't live like this anymore. I don't ha ve much experiencedealing with bipolar disorder, but I have been doing my research. Racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts, those are often a symptom during the manic stage. You mean like the handiwork that I-I tried here? [ Both chuckle ] Don't remind us. Yes. And the supreme confidence that made you think that you never needed to figure out who you were. But as the medication you're on starts to build up in your bloodstream, those thoughts will be less consuming. Like I said, it's possible it'll be enough to lift the fog, let you see clearly, and remember who you are. Maybe so. How was your trip? Yeah. Were you able to give your former patient the answers she wanted? I gave her the answers... ...but not the ones she ever wanted to hear. Nina: Oh, it looks like you're speechless, carly. For once. You're not even going to try to deny that you watched nelle fall to her death? You knew that my daughter was in that river for weeks, and yet you said nothing! You let my daughter rot! And why is that exactly, carly? Is that because you know if you tried to save her, even just a little bit, you could have saved her? Are you done? Because this was my husband's funeral, and you destroyed it. Just like you desecrated my daughter's body by leaving her out there alone? Nelle was a horrible person. A horrible person. She was a killer and a kidnapper. And the day she died, the very day she died, she slashed brook lynn quartermaine's throat. I am not denying who nelle was. She was troubled. But who made you judge and jury? Do you get to decide who lives and who dies? My daughter deserved a little dignity in her death, even though she didn't get it in life. So tell me the truth, carly, if you are capable, could you have saved her? Did you really try? Or was there part of you, even the smallest part, that held back because you wanted to see her die?

The truth, carly.You owe me that much. Could you have saved my daughter? Carly, as your attorney, I strongly advise you to walk away from this conversation. Okay, just listen to diane and just walk away. I will tell you the truth. I tried to save nelle. Despite the fact that nelle tried to kill michael and despite the fact that she kept his son from him for more than a year, I tried so hard to save nelle. I believe that you hated her. I just can't believe that you tried to save her. I don't care! I don't give a damn. Not after the stunt you pulled here today at my husband's funeral. And you know what? You proved the exact reason why jax and i didn't tell you the truth in the first place -- because you can't handle the truth. Oh, wow. Look at you. You're not even sorry that my daughter is dead, that you could have saved her. Look at me. You could have saved her and you didn'T. Nelle -- she didn't have anyone in her life ever. And you -- I heard -- I heard stories about you. You did some horrible things. But you got a second chance, didn't you? Why is that, carly? Well -- well, let's just face it. This whole town is filled with carly enablers. Jax: Alright, okay, that's enough. Oh, and this -- this right here, this is the best part, isn't it, for you? That you got jax to go along with this, that he never really gets to move on with anyone else and he never really gets to be happy with anyone else, that he will drop everything for you? Well, you counted on jax to be your backup. Maybe it's time to bring him up to the major leagues now that Sonny's gone. I remember this side of you. Yeah, I do. The side that drugged Ava and literally cut avery out of her womb. Yeah, when your pain and your grief is so overwhelming, you take everybody down around you. You and nelle aren't so different after all. Phyllis: Nina's daughter passed away a few months ago, and the real tragedy is that my client didn't learn the young woman was her daughter until after her death.

[ Scoffs ] I'm so sorry, honey. I know how much guilt you still carry about that situation. What happened? I, um...

[ Sighs ] Why don't I drive you home and drop off your things? We can talk it over on the ride, huh? Uh, you think you can handle things for a little while? Yeah, yeah, no problem. Just got the one customer. Yeah. Keep his whiskey glass full and you're set. Alright. Thanks, Mike. Yeah. Weroblem.

[ Sighs ] This hospital doesn't need mr. Renault or his drug. I-I-I'm sorry, but who are you to make that determination? You're a board member emeritus. It's an honorary position. Meaningless. I don't get a vote today, but those of you who do, use it wisely. You always knew secrets were a part of the package when we started dating and when we got engaged and when we got married. This isn't about trust between the two of us. It's about doing my job. Right. And if we're being honest with each other, you have to admit that your profession is all about trading in secrets as well. Technically, my job is uncovering secrets. Okay. Point taken. Look, I get that your job requires you to have information that you can't share with me. I get that. But this past year, you've been keeping secrets that went well beyond work. It involved you being compromised to cyrus. It involved my nephew getting kidnapped. It left me blaming myself for taggert's death. All the while, the man was alive and in hiding. So it may have started as work secrets, but still it was about me. And in each case, you made the decision to keep me in the dark. Now, how is that being a team? We can be. I mean, you showed up here today. That's a good sign, right? Especially after I gave you that ultimatum, which now I admit that I was being too harsh. But it felt like the only way to get through to you. Have you decided to come home? Just anyt you want another whiskey? I better get moving while I... hey, hey, hey, hey. ...Can still drive. Okay, listen, you're not driving anywhere. Here. You've had too much to drink. Alright. Give me the -- give me -- then you do the honors. Yes. Thank you. I'll tell you one way I'm different from nelle. I'm not penniless. I'm not an impoverished little girl from florida with one kidney and a bastard for a father. I have resources, and I can stand up for myself against anybody. And I sure as hell can stand up for myself against you and your defenders. Okay, nina, this -- this needs to stop. You already ruined Sonny's funeral. D-did you get what you wanted? Oh, my goodness! You're just proving my point. This whole trio of enablers here. Oh, hello, diane. At least diane's doing her job. It's like I wasn't warned that carly would always come first. Okay, you're done here. I don't know what you were hoping to accomplish, but you failed. Oh, no, no. You're the one who failed, carly. Failure of compassion, failure of honesty, failure to save a life when it was right in front of you. I'll tell you something, carly. You're the worst kind of selfish person. You're the kind of selfish person that goes around in the world thinking that you're so selfless. You know, this past year, giving me all that support and friendship, that was just superficial garbage. Yeah, you can be all nice and sweet until somebody gets between you and your needs, and then you throw them under the bus or over a cliff, in this case. Well, that's oddly poetic justice. Sonny fell to his death... just like you watched my daughter do. Jason. Just -- just -- just -- just let her go. Jax: Nina, wait. No, no. I-I don't even have the words for you. You convinced me that you were this white knight, that you would never lie to me. But you're just like everyone else. You're a liar. You just do it with a tan and a smile. Oh, look. I did have the words. Oh, you're home early. Yes, it's a long story. Oh, your mother didn't cause another scene, did she? No, no. It wasn't her this time. She couldn't make it to the service. Yeah, I was wondering about that. Why is that? You'd think she'd at least want to be there to support kristina. Ds? Oh, danny and rocco and leo are having such fun with video games. I haven't had to do a thing with them. I'll go rustle 'em up. You guys make yourselves at home. Okay. Yes, please. Make yourself at home. Thank you. You want to... oh, sure. Oh, let me, uh, take that off of you. Oh, thank you. Yeah. Uh, not to sound insensitive or anything, but, uh, how's about a drink? A drink? Well, that doesn't sound insensitive at all. It's actually... welcomed. Okay. Uh, scotch or...scotch? I guess it's scotch.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Yeah. So, uh... how are you holding up? Me? Yeah. Are you serious? We just came from your father's funeral. And you were in the hospital because of my mother. I would say that I'm a little bit more concerned about you. Okay. Cheers. I'm not saying you need this or anything, but obviously something of significance went down with your mom today, otherwise she probably would have been there for kristina. My mom just wasn't feeling well, so she thought it was best that she didn't go to the service. Mm. What about you? It couldn't have been easy being at the funeral, and, uh, not with jason. Well, aside from co-parenting, things have been...strained between myself and jason. But you know what? Today kind of crystallized things for me. And I know exactly where I stand. Dr. Webber's dire warnings have no merit. The science behind this new pharmaceutical is on the up-and-up. Isn't that right, dr. Westbourne? You've been privy to all the research. Yes, that's right. I...did verify the scientific research. And while the findings might seem to be impressive, I want to make clear to the board that this is not my field of expertise. Which is why all of our research has been peer-reviewed. And what is the review process that you deem adequate? I mean, given the rumors about your past. That was out of line, dr. Robinson. Our esteemed chairman has spent over a decade in prison on drug charges. It's only prudent to question the validity of his research, especially with such a powerful and possibly addictive narcotic is involved. Do I need to remind you that mr. Renault was framed and is an exonerated man? Vouched for by our very own police commissioner. Cyrus: Your concerns are noted, dr. Robinson. However, as a department head, you have no vote in this matter. That is true. That is true. But I do have the right to block the chairman's motion for unanimous consent. General hospital could use this potential income. Not to worry. You'll all get to have your voices heard when this is brought to a floor vote at our regularly scheduled meeting, which is in a very few days. This meeting, however, is adjourned. Of course I want to come home. But I'm not ready, not yet. Because if I come home, I know nothing's gonna change. Okay, well, what needs to ch but I'm not ready, not yet. Why? Because if I come home, I know nothing's gonna change. Okay, well, what needs to change? Are you asking me to quit my job?

[ Scoffs ] No, of -- of course not. I've always admired your commitment to your job. But I need something of my own -- my own world, my own life -- because, you know, like you said, I do trade in secrets and lies. So I got to figure out how to make peace with that and -- and -- and figure out who I am outside of being a private investigator. And I don't expect you to wait for me while I figure it out. You said yourself, if I can't commit to coming home and forgiving you, then I need to let you go. That was just the anger talking, okay? I take back the ultimatum. were right. I need to let you go. My hr the people I love. What does that mean, "let me go"? I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose you, either. Then what are you asking for? Divorce? No. No, no, no. Nothing --

[ Sighs ] Nothing that permanent. But we have to learn how to be individuals again. We have to be okay being separate if we ever want to have a chance at finding our way back to each other again. So, um, you want a separation? A separation, at least to me, it means that we both get a chance to clear our head and so we can figure out what we really want. Now, I'll admit, I... I can't guarantee what the ending will be, but I know that we can't go into a separation with a preordained ending. Just wouldn't be fair to either one of us. Curtis. Please.

[ Voice breaking ] Don't just walk away from us. I'm not. I... hopefully not forever. But someone has to see how dysfunctional we've become as a couple and call it out. We are dysfunctional. And the only way we can face it, if we call it by its name, or else we're never...

[ Sighs ] Just can't live like this anymore. Dr. Webber. I'm not sure what that power play was all about. You're responsible for putting my granddaughter in a coma! How do you sleep at night?! Oh, my. You have been listening to rumors. Not from my daughter. You know, the mayor. Y-you may have delayed things a little, but the board members were very enthusiastic about the new medication. And that's how I sleep at night. Diane: I can only assume that there is partial truth to nina's accusations. Oh, come on. Jason, you already know about this? Look, you know what? I -- mm.

[ Sighs ] I get the friendship between the two of you. I absolutely do. But I'm the attorney. And I cannot continue to represent this family to the best of my ability if I'm always the last one to know anything. I have to be the first to know. Always, always, always. So someone better start talking because nina obviously has no edit button whatsoever. So tell me all the gory details. Go. What nina says was not entirely accurate. Okay, that means that some of it was accurate. Explain. I told the police that when I found michael and wiley in the cabin and I knew they were safe, that I went after nelle. That much is true. And that much I know. Now tell me things the police don't know. I caught up with nelle... in a clearing, and we fought and she knocked me down and she took off. And I heard her screaming, and I went after her and I could only hear her voice because she had already fallen over the cliff and she was dangling there. Nina wasn't lying when she said I hesitated because I did, but only for a second. I tried to save nelle. I got down on the ground, I reached out my hand. I was trying, honest to god, I tried to save her. And she fell. Sh-she...she fell. She couldn't hold on any longer. And that's when I found carly kneeling by the edge of the cliff. I was the one that convinced her not to tell the police because there weren't any witnesses to back her up. Mr. Jacks. I understand you advising carly to, uh, alter the truth, and, carly, I certainly understand why you went along with it, but I'm the attorney! And you can't keep me in the dark like this. This family pays me tremendous amounts of money because I'm the only one qualified to know when, where, and, most importantly, how to properly bend the truth to suit your needs. But now you have flat-out lied to the police, and now it's a matter of public record. How bad is it? And what are the ramifications legally for carly? I have no idea. It's too soon to tell.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Is it business? Yeah. Go. You got to go take care of it. Leo's really gonna miss this place. What, miss this place? What are you talking about? Come on, monica. I mean, I -- I don't know what's going on with me and ned. Yeah, h-he didn't just hook up with alexis, he... lied to my face for months, and I-I don't know where we stand, so as nice as you've been to let me be the one to stay here, you know, this isn't my home. Yes, it is. I mean, as long as I have anything to say about it, and the last time I looked, this is my house. Because alan gave it to you?

[ Laughs ] Much to tracy's chagrin, yes. Look, I wasn't born into this family, but gradually, over the years, I became a quartermaine through and through, and so have you, olivia. So like it or not, you're one of us. So what are you saying, you're clear about things after the crazy we saw at the cemetery? No, what -- what I'm saying is if jason and i were still together, things would have played out much differently for me today. Mm. How so? Well, for starters, I would still be at the cemetery helping clean up the mess. Instead, I'M... here with you, having a drink. That's -- that's preferable. That's a win, right? I'm just...not a part of jason's world. So what does that make you? I think you can call me... sam. Youritis. And ta dr. Robinson. Yes, mr. Renault. I wanted you to know I'm not holding the board meeting against you. The pharmaceutical you want to submit to the fda seems like it could be very addictive if prescribed wrong or too casually by doctors trying to turn a profit. G.H. Could be facing lawsuits, and that would cost the hospital. I would question anyone's peer review. So noted. And on a different subject, my offer still stands regarding taggert. You just need to get your pal jordan to do her part. Taggert no longer in jail, no longer in danger. That'd make your daughter happy, right? Curtis. Hey, portia. Hey. Look, I need to interview a staff member -- look, I-I-I'm really sorry to put you in the middle of this, but I really need to talk to you about your wife. How did we get here, curtis? What on earth? What the hell happened here?

[ Exhales sharply ] Who would have done this? I mean, a robbery is one thing... n-o? Sonny: Oh, my god. What happened?

[ Sighs ] Thanks for coming. Is this room secure? Yeah, I checked it out myself after the board meeting ended. I take it it was not a good meeting.

[ Scoffs ] Cyrus ambushed me. He presented his plan for the new pain medication to the entire board. He wants to fast track it. Once the board approves, it goes right to the fda. I had to play along and sing its praises. That's good. You don't want to give away what you know. This is a highly addictive drug, jason. I'll look this over. When does the board vote? In a few days. Much sooner than we anticipated. But obviously, cyrus wants the profits, but why such a fast track? Because Sonny's gone, and cyrus sees an opening.

[ Doorbell rings ] I'm coming. Oh, my god. Hello, monica. It sounds to me like you are embarking on a new chapter. So... yeah. ...Who is this new sam mccall gonna be? I don't know. For the first time in a long time, I don't know, but I got to tell you, I'm pretty excited to meet her. Well, for what it's worth... I am, too. Cheers. I love this remodel. It's so...tasteful. Who was your decorator? Okay, cut to the chase, lester. What inspired this unexpected visit? I'm here about the hospital. I need your help to expose cyrus renault as the monster that he is. How much trouble are we in? Diane: Nina's allegations are all hearsay. She's got no evidence to back up any of her claims, and the philadelphia authorities have already closed the case. So if there's not a lot of pressure, the pcpd may just choose to leave well enough alone.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. Uh, nina, I was just heading home for the night. What -- what's up? Why are you here? I have new information to report about the murder of nelle benson.

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