GH Transcript Monday 2/15/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/15/21


Episode #14639 ~ Jax urges Joss to live life to the fullest. Nina has second thoughts. Olivia feels out of place. Sam, Molly and Kristina discuss Alexis. Lenny proves an unlikely ally.

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hey, there, Mike. How you doing? I'm doing alright. I'm just, uh, you know, getting used to the pills that phyllis had me take.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Damn it.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Quietly ] Come in.

[ Sighs ] I don't think I can do this. Yes, you can.

Maybe Sonny and I were meant to meet later in life. Maybe if we had met sooner, we wouldn't have been as close as we were. Okay, so I don't want to hear you ever again questioning the decisions you made. You and Sonny are my parents. And I'm forever grateful. Ohh. Honey, I am the grateful one.

[ Sighs ] I just wish I could go back in time and tell that terrified 15-year-old me that everything was gonna be okay. This -- this big mistake of mine was gonna be the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Except when you're scaring me half to death being a hero and taking syringes that were meant for somebody else. What the hell was alexis thinking? Well, she wasn'T. She could have killed you. But she didn't, okay? And she -- she even came to the hospital to -- to apologize. And I'm sure because you're you, you probably forgave her, didn't you? But you know what, honey? I got to be honest. You and god and everybody else can forgive alexis. I won'T. Hey, I thought you had class today. I told my advisor there was a death in the family. That's what we still are, right? Family? Thanks for being here. I wouldn't be anywhere else. I was wondering if y-you thought any more about my proposal. Me moving into the gatehouse? Yeah, it'd be you your own space and you'd still be close to wiley. I think it's a great idea. Yeah, you do? It's the perfect solution. So thank you for the offer. I really appreciate it. You're amazing. You know that? Yeah. Well, you aren't so bad yourself for an ex-husband. Oh, wow. She plays the ex card. You gave me the opening. Yeah, I did. Finchley: Phyllis around? She's out of town, but we haven't had any trouble with Mike ever since you found him outside of harper's hardware. It seems he was off his meds, but he's fine now. You sure about that, lenny? What's going on? Someone robbed harper'S. Fred may have to close down. His store's not the only one that's been hit, so it's left me wondering if phyllis' latest stray is responsible. Thank you for coming here on such short notice, phyllis. It was Mike who convinced me -- the man you spoke with on the phone. Oh. And I'm glad I did.

[ Chuckles ] It warms my heart to see you so successful and happy. Well, I'm one of those things. Well, I thought you'd be over the moon now that you found your daughter. Oh, adorable. And look, she's even wearing the necklace. Must be grown up by now. If you want confirmation that she's your daughter, why not ask her? I would if I could. But that dead. Well, you know that every time you or mom leave a room, there's a part of me that wants to yell out, "don't go," because what if something terrible happens? And I'm so not used to being that person, the one who's always afraid, the one who anticipates the worst. You should never be that person. You know, people always say that you're a lot like your mother, but you're a lot like me too. You understand in ways that your mother never has how to play the odds. And it's true that the world is -- is full of horrible things that could happen any moment, but the reality is they probably won'T. So the odds are in my favor? Yes, the odds are in your favor. If that -- if that's not enough comfort for you, then maybe this will be -- all the people you lost, they all wanted you to live life to the fullest because life isn't like money. You can't save it up and use it for a later date. You have to use it while you have it, which is why we say live in the moment. So you -- you can grieve, you can feel the fear, and that's -- that's healthy. It's -- it's -- it's normal. But never, ever give in to it because that is a waste of a life. I have this thing that, um, makes me stand up when it's the last thing that I want to do. You know, it's this part of me. That even when life is horrible, I can find it I-inside and it helps me push through. And so this morning, I got up and I made a cup of coffee and donna and I played with her favorite toy and I came upstairs to take a shower. And when I got out of the shower, I looked in the mirror and I thought about the day and I thought about the funeral and the graveside service... with no body. And yet I have to say goodbye. I have to acknowledge that Sonny is gone and put an empty casket next to my son, who's gone, next to Sonny's father, who's also gone. And I couldn't find it. I couldn't see myself standing there doing that. So this thing, this part of me, whatever it is, it's not there, and I really need it to be there because it's the only way I know how to move forward. My whole life, this is the first time that I got nothing. I don't have a plan, so I sure as hell hope you do. If you have nothing... ...why are you dressed, ready to go?

The daughter you've been trying so hard to find, she -- I didn't want to tell you over the phone, and in fact, I'm not 100% sure that nelle -- t-the girl in the picture -- was mine. That's why I need you to confirm it. How did she die? It was a terrible accident. She was running from the police and she fell off a cliff. Oh, my god. When I think of all I did for your mother, giving that baby away to protect her from her father.

[ Scoffs ] It was hard enough to learn that was all a lie, but now to hear the kind of life she had and where it led her? It's not your fault, and there's still a slight chance that my baby didn't grow up to be nelle. I'd do anything to ease your mind, nina. And mine. Maybe you can. Well, I know better than to argue with the three of you, so, um, I'm gonna go put on something appropriate. Oh, uh, do you want some help? I can manage, molly. Ohh, god, could I be any more obvious? I might as well have just said, "I don't trust you not to sneak a drink." Well, you don't, do you?

[ Sighs ] Well, no. I stopped by last night to make sure there were no more vodka bottles in the house. I hated doing it, but... it was for her own good. So, my sister, the future lawyer, what are the chances of mom landing a sympathetic judge or jury? Your honest opinion. Uh, well, given mom's history of alcohol abuse and her attack on a decorated ex-cop... not good. You've got the wrong man. No way Mike could have pulled those robberies. You've known the guy less than a month and you're ready to vouch for him? Not to mention you have no clue who he is or where he comes from. Phyllis believes in Mike. And from what I've seen, she has it right. Lenny. I don't need anybody speaking for me. Uh, uh, just take it easy now. Phyllis says you're still adjusting to the meds. Are these meds meant to keep you from doing things you shouldn't be doing? Doctor says I need them. Ask her. I'm asking you. Where were you last night at 11:25 P.M. When someone robbed harper's hardware? You know that piece you're talking about? It's the very first thing I saw on you, carly. I-I guess you can call it, you know, being a survivor. But it's more than that. It's the absolute refusal to quit. An instinct in you that will not give up. And of course, you feel empty right now. You're being asked to let go of a man who loves you when he didn't want to and when you didn't want to love him back. You know who Sonny was at his core, you know? What made him wonderful and infuriating and unique.

[ Sighs ] I know you're just supposed to say nice things about the dead, especially at their funeral, but Sonny was [Chuckles] Complicated, and not always in a good way. Often not in a good way. But I just can't see my life without him. I know. I-I think you and i are gonna be walking around with a huge hole in us. A hole that we can't expect to be filled. You know, not right away. And maybe it never will be.

[ Sighs ] But you're dressed. And you're standing. And you are ready. And you're gonna get through this because there is no other option. This is the life that we made. And you have to come through for the people who love you, because that is you. You never fail people. D-- we can't just jump on your motorcycle and take off. Not today. I have been... standing beside and pushing against and arguing and falling back in love with Sonny for so long, I don't know who I am without him. Okay, let's j-- let's just get through the next few hours. Okay? Let's worry about that and not bite anybody's heads off when they say something stupid about Sonny because they're just -- they're just trying to be kind, okay? I'm just gonna picture Sonny standing there with... that smug look on his face. He loved being the center of attention. One more thing. Sonny wouldn't have lasted this long... ...or had this family... ...if it wasn't for you. You made his life whole. He was, uh... he was my best friend.

[ Sniffles ] So thank you. We're gonna get through this. Yeah.

Can you believe they had one in my size?

[ Sighs ] Let's get downstairs. What are you trying to do, turn Mike into some kind of criminal mastermind? Maybe he's got a whole mob working under him. Is that it, Mike?

[ Laughs ] Anything's possible. So, last night? Last night, um, I worked until late, and then I locked up after phyllis and l-lenny left and then I went to my bed and crawled in there. It was real nice. And those pills that phyllis and the doctor say you need? Well, you can look in the bottle, see how many pills I've taken. Check the prescription if you want. Or you can take me to jail and let the real perp keep ripping people off. It's up to you. Hey. You okay? Um, yeah, I'm okay. I was having a little bit of a rough time, but then dad showed up. You know how that goes. Yeah, your father's pretty incredible. You're the only person who can identify the man who raised my daughter. Do you think that you'd be able to recognize him? I don't know. He's probably changed a lot since then. No, I mean, would you be able to recognize him as he was when you met him, when you gave him and his wife my baby? Oh, yes, without a doubt. His name is frank benson.

 it's him, isn't it? I wish I could tell you different, but, yes, he's the one who drove up in that big black car. I handed the baby to his wife and they left. I'm sorry, nina. No, don't be. Don't be. I knew it in my gut. You just removed that last shred of doubt, that's all. So nelle...really was my daughter. And we lived in the same town for years. She lived here in Port Charles? Yeah. She's a very troubled woman. She did a lot of terrible things, phyllis. As you can imagine, given the way that she died. But what if she wasn't like that because she was intrinsically evil? What if she was like that because, phyllis, she didn't have anyone who loved her? She didn't have a mom that loved her. I wish I would have known. You know, this might sound irrational, but when nelle died, I was haunted with this idea that she must have been a good person at one time, like there was a chance that was missed. This girl. If someone was just there for her... it should have been me. Can I call someone for you? That handsome man of yours, mr. Jacks? No, no, not jax. He can't help me. Are you sure? He struck me as a very capable man. Oh, jax is a very, very capable man, but he suspected that nelle was my daughter and he chose to keep it a secret. Is there gonna be any trouble because it's Sonny's funeral? What kind of trouble? Well, I don't know -- people who might take advantage of the fact that we're all distracted. Honey, I think jason has it handled. But you know what I need to do? I-I need to get to the church and talk to father reyes about the reading we finally decided on. Jax, can you give me a ride? Sure, I can drive you. Okay. A-and, josslyn, you come with jason later. Yeah, okay. Alright. Gonna warm up the car. Thank you. I forgot my necklace upstairs. I'll grab it. I can grab it. Thank you. It's next to my bedside table. Okay. I need you to do me a favor. Anything. I need you to talk to josslyn. Just reassure her. Don't lie to her. Just tell her everything's gonna be okay. Yeah, sure. Of course. Yep. Okay? Thank you. Alright. Here you go. Come here. I'll see you in a little while. Okay. Okay. Hey, mom. I love you. I love you, too. So much. You said mom's legal chances weren't good -- how do we improve them? Uh, well, first and foremost, we help her stay sober. Done. If her attorney can establish diminished responsibility and demonstrate true remorse, it could lessen her charges or even lead to a suspended sentence. Which would be a good thing. Yes, right. But if the judge has any evidence that mom's sobriety is just a stunt and she has no real intention of giving up drinking... then any claim of remorse would seem bogus and they would throw the book at her. So basically, it's all on mom. Pretty much. Which is a real problem considering we haven't been able to rely on her in months. Come on, Mike. Don't worry. Nobody's accusing you of anything. Sure sounds that way, lenny. Bring me in or get off my case. Hey. Give him a break, will ya? Phyllis says he's still adjusting. I got a gut feeling, lenny. My gut's never wrong. You can't arrest him based on a feeling. If only I had run his prints when I had him at the station the first time, then we might have a clue who this "Mike" really is. Got it? Got it.

 I don't want to be a small, scared person. I want to be okay for my mom and dad. They want you to be okay for you because they understand what you're going through. My mom asked you to stay and talk to me, didn't she? And if it makes you feel any better, I can -- I could take you through all the security measures that I've put in place. Thank you. But I don't need to know. If anyone can keep us safe, I know it's you anyway. And it's not about one particular thing, it's about the big thing -- the fact that we can't control life. That's true. There's no guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen or you'll never lose someone that you love. It's just not possible, you know? It's life. But what is possible... is to live. And not shut down and just be open to whatever comes next and know that you cannot control the outcome. And if you can accept that, you can find a lot of freedom. You've obviously accepted it.

[ Sighs ] And I think your mom and dad have, too. Now might be a good time for you to tell me why you thought joss should stay behind with jason. Because she's terrified. She thinks bad things are going to happen. She's lost so many people, and it's not right. It's just not right. Yeah, I know. We talked about it. You and joss? Yeah. I tried to convince her that bad things probably weren't going to happen. I think I got through to her. I mean, I'm -- I'm still worried about her. I mean, this is more than anyone should ever have to go through, especially at her age. You know, losing dev to a random violent crime like that and then weeks later, Sonny, who was like a father to her. Go ahead. You've more than earned it. Just go ahead. What? This is everything you didn't want for our daughter, everything you warned me about. The cost of Sonny's life, and I dragged our daughter right into it, so you have every right to unload on me right now. Yeah, I'm -- I'm not going to unload on you. I mean, sure, Sonny and i had our differences, but... you loved him, and I will always respect that. For the record, jax didn't know that nelle was my daughter until well after she died, so I can't blame him for any time that we missed out on. But what really hurts, phyllis, is that he kept it from me. He didn't give me the credit that I would want to know. Wouldn't you want to know?

I needed to know. Why do you think that is? Well, he says he didn't want to hurt me. He says that he didn't want me to beat myself up over the person that... that nelle turned out to be, so basically that adds up to he didn't think that I was strong enough to take it, but what really gets me, phyllis, I have a grandson. Oh, you do? I do.

[ Chuckles ] He is the most beautiful little boy. His name is wiley. That's wonderful, nina. It's a chance for me to connect to a little piece of my daughter, make an impact when I still can. Well, that's a beautiful grace to come out of all of this. It is. But jax didn't see it that way. The man that I love, the man that I opened my heart to, didn't consider by keeping this secret, he was also keeping me from my own flesh and blood. Was that a conscious decision? No, he was just caught up with everything else. But it should have occurred to him, shouldn't it? Well, absolutely. Jax clearly made a terrible mistake, but it doesn't seem it was calculated or made out of malice. No. I wonder if.... given time... he would have realized about wiley and he would have told me? Yes, he would have, 'cause that's the kind of man jax is. Just because he makes this choice now doesn't mean that he would make that choice forever. You said you loved him. I do love him. Then don't give up on him. To dad. To dad. You doing okay? I have my moments. You? Yeah, same. You know, our father was far from perfect, but he cared. And we're really lucky he gave us each other.

[ Door opens ] Oh. This would make Sonny so happy. Okay, ma. The two of you guys together, bonding. I... look. Easy on the tears, alright? There's gonna be plenty of time for tears. Okay? Okay. Now to the, uh, real dilemma. I already have Willow's vote. Which one? Blue. Blue. It's not even a question. Told you. Okay, how'd I do? You look great. Love the dress, love the shoes, and love the woman who wears them. Half as much as I love the three of you.

[ Sighs ] Kristina, how you doing, honey? How are you holding up? I'm okay. Really? Yeah, I will be as long as I have you guys. Yeah. We're here for you. Yeah, I mean, just try and get rid of us. Okay, we should head out. Yeah. Yeah.Uh, listen, I left my phone upstairs, so I'm gonna run up and get that. And why don't you guys get in the car and I'll -- I'll be right behind you? Okay. Okay. Here, let's go.

Everything okay? Hey, yeah. Just... I was just remembering it was my -- my dad who taught me how to tie my first necktie. Yeah, I was struggling and, uh, I wanted to use a mirror. And my dad told me that a mirror wouldn't always be around and I had to learn to do it without one. It's good advice. Yeah, my dad's usually was. Well, it looks perfect. Almost. Now it's perfect. Look, your mom and dad want to promise that nothing will ever happen to them. And I would like to do that, too, for all the people that I love. But I can'T. I mean, the only thing I can -- I can promise is that I'm gonna do my best and that I'm gonna live my life to the fullest, because if you think about it, really, that's the only promise that we can keep. My dad said it different, but it was pretty much the same message. Stepping outside of the house is still really scary. Yeah, it is. And most people wouldn't be brave enough to do it. Especially after everything that you've been through. But you are. Come on, ralph. He's a good guy. If phyllis trusts him, I trust him.

[ Sighs ] Any more where that came from? Coffee? Yeah. I'll -- I'll make a fresh pot. Thanks, Mike. Um, excuse me. I-I have some work to do.

[ Sighs ] Jax: I'm not gonna lie. I mean, there were many times I wished for this, you know, for Sonny just to be gone, but that was never a-a solution. You know, I mean, our lives are too intertwined. You loved him. My daughter loved him. So right now, I just want to be here for both of you to try to help you through this. I'm so grateful. So grateful. You know what I'm grateful for? What? I'm grateful that josslyn is still with me and that I get to be her dad. It makes such a difference to have both your parents in your life. Makes a big difference to have your kids in your life, too. Hi. Uh, I was told that I could find jasper jacks here. Yes, he's in the waiting room. Thank you. Mm-hmm. You know, when I think about you and Sonny losing morgan and nina losing nelle... I'm grateful that I don't have to go through that. Nina. What's going on? Were you able to talk to her? No, no, no, no, she still won't hear it, and I don't blame her. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I felt so horrible. I wanted to come up with some kind of plan, you know, to get you guys back together, but I just didn't have it in me. Okay, okay, just -- just -- just take this one step at a time. Alright? Your focus is on Sonny. Yes. Yes. And I'm not gonna think about nelle or what happened that night on the cliff at this funeral because nelle is dead and that night can die with her.

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