GH Transcript Monday 2/8/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/8/21


Episode #14638 ~ Nina pleads her case. Ava offers a bit of insight. Valentin questions Peter. Britt has a change of heart. Carly and Joss visit Morgan's grave.

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It's a painless procedure, but after several treatments, uh, some people might experience side effects, such as fatigue. Well, people say I have too much energy, so...

[ Chuckles ] Some people complain of nausea. I could lose a couple pounds. Aiden's holiday baking, right? There could be hair loss. Okay, now you've gone too far. Yeah. Whatever it takes to beat this, we're doing it. Well, let me clarify. Franco baldwin is channeling drew cain's memories, so they're resurfacing. All I know about franco baldwin is that his tumor has returned and that makes him a potential threat. You didn't seem to feel that way when you burst into the operating room to stop the man sent to kill him. Where exactly are you going with this, valentin? I am just playing with the puzzle pieces, peter, seeing what fits. Franco baldwin, drew cain, jason morgan. Ja-- what about him? Oh, it wasn't that long ago you came to me frantic, saying that you'd crossed jason morgan. What exactly did you mean by that? You know, I can't fathom for the life of me why you're asking this. Your life is about to unravel, peter, and you are acting like you don't even realize it. So, where is your mother? In prison. Where you can't shoot her. Mm. Have you spoken to her lately? I already told Finn I haven'T. I'm sure you had plenty to do with siccing him on me. Don't you have a wedding to plan or something? Oh, so there's been no phone calls or letters or...? I have a hospital to run. I want nothing to do with my mother or you. It's just that when she was extradited, you were convinced that she was guilty, and now you just told Finn you don't know. You think that she's innocent. So I just was wondering what -- who changed your mind? Hi, grandpa. Um, these are for you. Just so you know, we love and miss you.

[ Sighs ] Oh, morgan. I'm sure your dad and Mike are with you. I hope you three are happy together. We miss you so much. Say a prayer for us. Tomorrow is Sonny's funeral, and it's gonna be really hard to say goodbye.

[ Sighs ]

[ Telephone rings ] The tan-O. Mike speaking. Did you say the Tan-O? Uh...yeah. What can I do for you? What did you say your name was? Mike. Mike who?

Josslyn: Do you really think that morgan and Sonny and Mike are all together? I do. I do believe that. It's the only thing that makes this bearable. What about you? What do you believe? Oscar and I used to talk about it. He used to tell me to look up at the night sky and...he'd be there. But we don't really know a lot about the afterlife, do we? I mean, I think all we can really do is hope for the best. But I like thinking of them all together. Believing that someday, hopefully many years from now... ...we'll see them again.

[ Sighs ] Would you like to place an order for delivery? No, I-I'm looking for phyllis caulfield. Is she there? And if she is there, can you tell her that nina reeves is calling? Uh, hold on. Nina reeves is calling. Oh. Okay. Hello, nina. Is that you? Thank you so much for taking my call, phyllis.

[ Sighs ] I can't tell you how often I think of you. How are you? I'm fine. I'm fine. But I have a bit of news. I think I know who the other half of my necklace belongs to. You found her, your daughter? I'm almost certain I have. Oh! That's wonderful.

[ Exhales sharply ] Finn. Hi. I was hoping to see you. It's good to see you. It's good to see both of you. Is everything okay? Yeah. You know, we were -- we just wanted to let you know that we can't go to your wedding. Okay. We will be sorely missed. Shall I pass along your regrets to maxie and peter, or are they the reason you're not coming? Obviously. Yeah, it's mostly to do with peter. You know we wish you and anna well, but I can't say the same for the man who published my husband's medical records. I understand. I'M...I'm sorry. I really hope this all turns out alright for you. Yeah. You know, I'm still trying to figure it out. Peter should have never had access to franco's information. In all my years here at G.H., I have never seen this happen. It's a huge security breach. I know how he did it. Oh, nothing is unraveling. I'm about to marry the woman I love and we're welcoming our first child into this world. Which is why you can't spend a second in denial. You've got too much to hide. What the hell are you talking about? Okay, peter, let's start with what I know. You told me yourself you arranged for drew cain's abduction in afghanistan. Now, if franco baldwin has any more of drew's memories, the dominoes are gonna tip, anna and maxie are gonna be forced to learn the truth about you. Britt: I knew it. I let my guard down for one minute and Finn runs to you like chicken little. It's a simple question. What convinced you of your mother's innocence? Because when she left for steinmauer, you believed she was guilty. Well, she didn't leave. She was hauled off because of you, anna. Semantics. She's made contact with you, hasn't she? And she's pleaded her case. Am I not capable of making my own conclusions? Based on what? There is so much evidence pointing towards your mother's guilt. Well, I don't have to answer to you. And like I said, I have a hospital to run. You told Finn you didn't know where your mother is, so that implies you are aware she is no longer in prison, which means that you have obviously made contact with her. Where is liesl now?

Nina. Oh. I prayed for this. Yes, I-it's just I'm not 100% sure that I found my daughter, so before I go any further, I would appreciate if I could get some input from you. I-I have some pictures of the possible adoptive father and some other bits of information I'd love to run by you, phyllis. You know, I could arrange to fly you to Port Charles and back again tomorrow, whatever time works for you. I'd love to help you, but this isn't a good time for me to be away. Well, can we do this online? Um, it's -- it's just, uh, I-I-I wanted to talk to someone face-to-face. Someone who remembered and knew my daughter when she was an innocent baby and wouldn't, you know, judge her or judge me. Mm. I hear you, honey, but things here are just a bit, uh... complicated. Right, uh, of course. I just realized what I was asking you. I-it's very, um, presumptuous and it's an imposition. I-I guess I didn't really think it through. It's okay. You don't have to apologize. I-I'll just -- I'll figure out something. Uh, thank you, phyllis. I-I should probably get going. Enjoy your evening.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Hi. Uh, I just came by to see if maybe you wanted to go upstairs with me and have a drink at the metro court. No, uh, I think I'm gonna avoid the metro court for a little while. You want to tell me what's going on? Oh, you didn't h-- you didn't hear? I think I found my daughter. Well, I-I would say congratulations, but it doesn't seem like you're celebrating. My daughter was nelle benson. Have you ever been to nelle's grave? Why do you ask?

[ Sighs ] Well, I know nina put her here at woodlawn, and I just hate the idea of her anywhere in proximity to our family. Yeah. Well, I do, too. Nelle is buried on the other side of the cemetery. I know nina had the best intentions, and she obviously believes everyone has the right to a decent burial, even people like nelle, but no matter how far away nelle is buried, it just feels like our family can never escape her. You know, it's okay that you feel that way after everything nelle did to our family. I would never wish death upon anyone, but I am so glad that she's out of our lives now. I mean, I would be so relieved if I never heard her name again.

[ Sighs ] Josslyn, you will. You're gonna hear nelle's name over and over again, and it's because of me and your father. I thought wsb agents were trained to be dispassionate, analytical, cool-headed. Everything about your pursuit of my mother has been personal -- right up to those trumped-up charges. Why is that, anna? Because you know she poses a threat to me and my family, so I need to know where she is. If my mother is missing. You're a wsb agent. Wouldn't your own agency provide you with that answer? It's been months since I told you about the part I played in drew cain's abduction. Why bring it up now? Peter, for all I know, liesl obrecht is in town right now. She has always maintained that you have framed her for drew cain's murder, the attempted murder of franco baldwin and andre maddox. And yes, I know you killed the assassin before he could do anything, but that begs the question, why did you feel the need to silence him? I should go. Maxie will be worried if -- I am trying to help you. I have my theories. I want to hear it from you. Is there any merit to what liesl obrecht is saying? Does she have proof that you framed her? Because if so, your life is about to explode. You will lose anna. You will lose maxie. Did you frame liesl obrecht? Yes! Obrecht's telling the truth. I did frame her.

How's it going? What? Oh. Fine. Slow night tonight. Ever since you got that phone call, you've been in another world. You want to talk about it? And before you say no, you're always checking in on me -- I'm just returning the favor. You might not remember who you are, but you sure know how to use those dimples.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, I'll tell you. That call was from a former patient of mine, a woman I took care of a long time ago when I worked in new york city. Remember I told you about her? Yeah. Nina was pregnant when she went into a coma and gave birth to a baby girl. While she was in a coma? Her mother told me nina's husband was responsible for putting her in the coma. She didn't want him to know about the baby because he was abusive. She arranged a private adoption and had me take the infant to the adoptive parents. I recently learned it was all a lie. Nina's own mother had put her in the coma. I'm sorry. That's messed up. I feel terrible for my role in depriving nina of her daughter. You were lied to. Wasn't your fault. Now, we haven't known each other for very long, but I can tell you right now, you would never hurt another living soul. Jax and carly insist they were only trying to protect me. That's why they kept it quiet for so long. Oh, that old song and dance, huh? Yeah. Thank you for not telling me, "I told you so." You were the one who warned me that jax and carly have an unbreakable bond. Well, I was hoping to be proven wrong. I don't know jax very well. What I know I don't like. And carly, I don't trust her any further than I could throw her. That's what made me bond with nelle in the first place. When the corinthos clan turned against her, I-I gave her a job. She reminded me of myself a little bit. She was pregnant at the time. That's right. You worked with nelle at the gallery. Yeah. She was motivated, nina. She was -- she was competent. I was actually quite fond of her. Uh, until she started blackmailing me. I hired nelle against carly's wishes, too. And you know what? She was really engaging and she was so intelligent, and I don't think that was an act. I think that's a person that she really wanted to be. Nina. Of course those attributes, they were a part of who nelle was or who she could have been. But please keep in mind what she could do, what she did. You think you know how peter accessed your records? No, I don't think I know. I know I know. I went to peter's office to confront him, and britt westbourne was yelling at him and she was accusing him of using her to get access to my files. Maybe peter tricked her into getting the story. I don't trust either of them. You know, your instincts are usually good, elizabeth. I don't know what to think, either. But I'm sincerely sorry this happened to you, franco. I wish you good luck with your radiation therapy. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. Otherwise, you're in really good hands with dr. Randolph. I'll see you around. Terry, we're gonna need a few minutes. That's not going to be a problem. The technician scheduled for franco is refusing to treat him. It was a mistake I made, hiring that hit man. Valentin, I tried to call it off, and when I couldn't, I stopped him myself. I saved franco and andre. Why, peter? Why did you need them dead? Why were they a threat to you? Maddox was trying to recover franco's memories, but there was a risk that he could reinforce drew's instead. And you couldn't have that because it would reveal your pivotal role in his disappearance. You weren't an innocent pawn at all, were you? You were an integral player. Liesl obrecht went away loudly proclaiming her innocence. Is that because you're responsible? You were responsible for drew's death? Liesl obrecht is a demented, sadistic woman. She held me captive. Would you please answer the damn question? Yes! I had drew cain killed. Alright? I made arrangements for that plane to be sabotaged. Well, you're right to be afraid of jason morgan. You stole years of his life and he holds you responsible for the death of his twin brother when he got too close to the truth about you. Yes. I did that. I did all of that and more. Well, yeah, the wsb has not been very forthcoming with information about your mother's whereabouts. There's some level of secrecy surrounding her release from steinmauer, which I have yet to comprehend. Hmm. Maybe they shut you out. Wow. That's interesting. Hmm. You've always been such a hot shot at the wsb, their go-to agent. What does their silence about my mother tell you, anna? Maybe they don't trust you anymore. Ooh, that's tough. So instead of pressing me for intel on my mother, look at yourself and try to figure out why the wsb has left you out in the cold.

Nelle was a broken person who couldn't be fixed. She was violent, nina. She killed her fiancÚ. She tried to kill michael. People tried -- they did -- people tried to love her, and she took that love and she twisted it and she made it into something ugly. That's why you had to speak up on behalf of wiley, right? You had to protect an innocent child. But who protected her? Ava, who protected nelle? No one. She was an innocent child. She was raised without love by an abusive father, and whatever role her adoptive mother played, she was out of the picture by the time her father sold her kidney. And we both know what it means to be physically and emotionally abandoned by your mother. Yeah, all too well. My mother was a nightmare. And I wonder if that overdose of antidepressants she gave me while I was pregnant with nelle, if that somehow didn't impact her brain development, caused her psychosis. No. Come on, nina, there's no way you can know that. No, but I do know this -- it's because of my mother. My mother gave her away because if she didn't, she would have had me. And maybe -- maybe nelle, she would have had a chance because I would have gotten her help. Nina, have you not heard a word I've said? There is nothing you could have done. It was too late for nelle. It's not too late for wiley. Mnh-mnh. I'm gonna be a constant presence in his life. I failed my daughter. But I'm not gonna fail my grandson. Your father and I just wanted to spare nina the pain of finding out that her daughter was dead. And grew up to be nelle.

[ Chuckles ] Nina has a lot to process. But right now, she is furious with me and your father because we did not tell her about nelle the second we found the necklace. Oh, poor dad. But, I mean, he's crazy about nina. Can't he make her understand? He's trying. I just pray that once nina has calmed down that she realizes that jax was just trying to protect her because he loves her. Yeah. Well... no matter how hard you try to keep your loved ones safe... ...sometimes it's impossible. Ohh. You have no reason to feel guilty. Lenny calls me gullible at times. That really bugs me. But in this case, he's right. I took madeline reeves at her word, bundled up that baby, got on a bus, and handed her off to total strangers. A few months ago, a private investigator contacted me saying nina had recovered and was desperate to find her child. I went to see her, but I couldn't tell her much. Now she thinks she's finally found her daughter. I saw you light up when you got the news.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah. This makes me -- oh -- so, so happy. So why don't you want to see her? Is it because of me? The technician had a cousin out west who -- well, he read the article in the invader, and I guess it brought it all back. Brought what back? It's okay, Terry. You can just say it. When I was that other guy, I hurt somebody that he cared about? He refuses to go anywhere near you. What?! It's unprofessional and unacceptable. I filed a report with hr. In the meantime, I've contacted another tech who's on their way, so are you ready? Biz, you coming? I'm gonna wait out here if that's okay. Yeah, sure. Okay, good luck. I'll be waiting. I've got this. I'll take good care of him.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Elizabeth. I heard there's a problem with franco's radiation technician. Yeah, no thanks to you. Why, peter? What did you hope to accomplish? Originally, I wanted to beat my father at his own game. Wanted to take his wealth, his power, leave him with nothing, and I didn't care who I used. I would have crossed over anyone. But drew died long after you redeemed yourself. Yes, but my past kept catching up with me. Fires kept popping up everywhere. I had to put them out. Damage control, valentin. So now franco's hearing your voice. Drew's memories are popping up. That's another fire you have to extinguish. That's why you put out news of his medical condition in the invader. I wanted to discredit him so that anything he said about me would be the ravings of a mad man with a brain tumor. Discredit...or insight someone to eliminate him entirely? You wanted answers, I gave them. Felt good to actually let it all out, to be honest. But now you have to be honest. What are you going to do with this information?

[ Sighs ] I didn't know you'd be here. Uh, yeah, I was just rattling britt's cage about obrecht. Then why do you look shaken? Because she implied that the reason the wsb isn't giving me any information is because they don't trust me anymore. Would the wsb do that? Perhaps. Because of my closeness with peter. They think you're protecting him, which means the wsb suspects peter of something. Whatever. I-I don't need them anyway. And I'm not just gonna stand here and wait for obrecht to strike. I'm going after her myself. When? Today. Right now.

How are we fixed on ice? Uh, plenty of ice, the kegs are tapped, and everything's good. I'm taking my medication, and so you don't have to supervise. The doctor said we have to watch how you react to the dosage. And it's -- it's -- it's going good so far. I'm a little -- I'm a little, you know, down, but other than that, you don't have to hover over me. What if the depression gets worse or you get super energized? Lenny's here. He'll -- we'll deal with it. Phyllis, your patient wants you to go for a day, not a week.

[ Laughs ] And if you don't go, I'm gonna feel bad. And if -- and if you don't go, you're gonna feel bad 'cause you let the woman down. And the last thing I want to do is keep you from what you do best -- taking care of people. Yeah. Take it from me, getting access to a corinthos child is easier said than done. Wiley's my family. He's the only part of my daughter I-I have left. They can't keep me from my family. Well, you're gonna have to have proof of that relationship. And I'm getting it. I was just on the phone when you walked in with phyllis, the nurse that delivered my daughter to her adoptive family. And I want her to identify some pictures of nelle and her father. Well, nina, that's not -- that's not gonna be enough to prove that nelle was your daughter. But, Ava, that is enough of a reason to get a dna test on wiley.

[ Sighs ] I think this could be the beginning of a long and really ugly fight, and before you pursue it any further, think about it. Think about nelle. Think about who she was and the things she did, and ask yourself... "do you really want to know if she was your daughter?"

[ Cellphone rings ] Phyllis. Hi. This is all your fault. How could you give peter access to franco's medical files? I would never do that. He heard you with your brother. Well, he misunderstood because I was definitely angry that peter published that article. Franco's under the impression that you are responsible for releasing his information.

[ Sighs ] Okay, look. There was a security breach in this hospital. As chief of staff, I am ultimately responsible for what happens here. Oh, how convenient. Taking responsibility from a distance. Elizabeth, I'm truly sorry for the pain and chaos that article caused. I wasn't willingly involved. I would never wish what's happened on you or franco. Is that an apology? I'd advise you to accept it before I take it back. Terry, how's franco? You know, when this all comes out, this is going to destroy anna. She may even be implicated just through association. You don't think I know that? And what about maxie? You know, the longer this goes, the harder she's gonna fall at the end of this. You can't -- you can't sustain this kind of damage control. You can't keep killing people who discover the truth about -- I don't want to do that! I never did! Well, then stop it. Just stop it. Admit your role. Confess, and liesl has no power over you. I can'T. Valentin, in a few days, I'm marrying maxie. In a few months, we're bringing a baby girl into this world. I'm gonna give that daughter a happy, loving family life, unlike anything I ever knew. She deserves that. And my mother deserves to know she's right to believe in me and have faith in me. And what about me? I know the truth now. I keep your secret, I'm an accomplice. Why should I stay silent when I know how badly you're gonna hurt anna and maxie? Because I am a new man now. And I will make this work for anna and maxie. If you can't keep my secrets for me, then please... ...for god's sake, do it for them. Don't break their hearts. You want to leave town now? I have to find obrecht. You know, when you were on your little search for alex, uh, we had just gotten engaged and you were gone for, what, six months, and now you want to split again a few days before our wedding. Oh. I don't know what choice I have because obrecht is out there. She has peter in her sights, and she's gone after him before. And I'm not sure how comfortable I would feel getting married, not knowing where she is, because I let my guard down with alex and she nearly killed you and she took maxie. And I'm not gonna let anything like that happen again. Okay, I'm not gonna try to talk you out of it. Really? Okay. I'm going with you.

The procedure's under way. So far, so good. Thank you. I'll go wait for him to come out. I have a sensitive matter to discuss with you. A technician refused to treat a patient of mine, franco baldwin. I've already heard from hr. Thank you for filling out an incident report. We've put him on suspension, and I'll have termination papers drawn first thing in the morning. We can't have our staff thinking they get to determine who is or isn't worthy of treatment. I completely agree, dr. Westbourne. Thank you. Liesl obrecht has been released from steinmauer. I have no idea where she is, but if I were you, I would brace for her to exact revenge. I can handle liesl obrecht. But I need your word -- are you going to keep what I told you to yourself? Peter, you can count on me. I promise you, I will do everything within my power to minimize the pain inflicted on those you love the most. You can't come with me. Why? 'Cause you're still recuperating. No, no, I'm fully recovered, or else I wouldn't have been cleared to be at work. Well, there's violet. Mm-hmm. And she would be very upset if anything happened to you. So for her sake, I'm gonna watch your back. And look, my father's been begging me to spend some time with her, and I know she would love it, too, so let's just make this quick. What else you got? I don't know what I'm going to encounter with obrecht. I can take care of myself. Alright. Well, I'm not gonna waste any more time arguing with you because we better get going if we're gonna be back in time for the wedding. Yes. So the faster we get a handle on obrecht, the better, 'cause I ain't real keen on surprises these days. No, not after my sister. I don't want to take any chances because obrecht might not be alex... but she's every bit as lethal. Can I offer you some advice? Sure. No guarantee I will take it, but go ahead. Think long and hard about what you want from this meeting with phyllis. If she can't confirm that nelle was your daughter, how will you feel about that? And if she

can confirm it, what will that mean for you going forward? How will you grapple with all of the missed chances in nelle's life? Ava, I've got to pursue this because in my heart, I don't need evidence -- I know. Nelle was my daughter. She had a child. And what I lost with nelle... I can make up for with wiley. I was just thinking about... how people lie or keep secrets in the name of protecting the people that they love. But the lines feel blurred, like sometimes they're actually protecting themselves. Like commissioner ashford and Trina's dad. I mean, Trina's really struggling with that, and I get why. You're right. I mean, when you set out to protect someone, there is a fair amount of self-protection involved. Sonny was a perfect example of that. He would do anything to protect the people he loved, but he was also protecting himself, you know? From watching them hurt. I'm really sorry Sonny's gone, mom. I know how much you loved him. But I loved him, too. Thank you for saying that. He loved you so much. And I know it doesn't feel like it now, but knowing that we had that love and remembering how much he meant to us... ...that will console us. Come on. It's all set. I'm going to Port Charles, and hopefully I can confirm that my patient's found her daughter. I am glad.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks for convincing me. Glad to help. And maybe at some point you can help me figure out who I am. If nina can find her daughter after all these years, there's plenty of hope for you, Mike.

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